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Xiron just wants to say: Hello, and welcome to The Infomaniac's Classroom!

This place may be dead, but we are still the only place in the world that can fix your problem if your Island Xtreme Stunt game crashes for you on a modern system!

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How To Make An Active Community
Topic Started: Nov 16 2014, 04:57 PM (171 Views)

Here is where you list ideas.

1. Sticking to child-like toys such as Mario/Yoshi/LEGOs will target younger kids, so older kids will likely not be attracted. Younger kids might have stricter limitations/filters... leading to fewer having access to this forum.
2. Use Social Media / Youtube to advertise.
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@1. It is proven that sites based on kid oriented products like Mario and LEGO can be popular, examples for LEGO are Rock Raiders United, BZPower (never been there), and more, examples for Mario is Mario Fan Games Galaxy, the Mario Kart Forum, and many other Mario based sites that get frequent visitors. So I don't think that point as is, is fully valid.

Yes, social media helps, though I hate advertising my own stuff in such a way as 'I made this thing, you should go check it out!', I like to be more casual about my stuff. A video of the Island Xtreme Stunts patch, which is the only thing this place is known for, I was in the works of making a video for at one point.
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1: While I believe that... The point was about finding ways to maximize opportunity, under a Community that wants to maximize their frequently visiting audience. Either way, it was an idea. Like a WIP idea, type of thing.... ; I think it's also important to stick with niches that you like, as well.

[Social Media] - I meant more like creating a Group for your thing... and posting updates there. Other people can Follow if they are interested in your news. Helpful if people like your site, but just can't get in the habit of visiting it. ; Posting directly on people's pages might seem a bit more obnoxious, though.
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