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Xiron just wants to say: Hello, and welcome to The Infomaniac's Classroom!

This place may be dead, but we are still the only place in the world that can fix your problem if your Island Xtreme Stunt game crashes for you on a modern system!

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Island Xtreme Stunts Loading Freeze Patch; Fixes Loading Issues on some Computers
Topic Started: Jun 22 2013, 10:04 PM (2,810 Views)
Le717 over on rockradiersunited and I have joined together to make the following ips patch that should fix any loading problems you have. If not, try running it the no-cd way posted by Cyrem posted over at the friendly neighbourhood site rockraidersunited. This patch also makes you able to play discless (else I would not have mention the discless method above). I've been told that it is best to run the game Win 98 compatibility and run as admin. I wouldn't really know because I play it without any compatibility and it works fine, so please tell me what works best for you to confirm this, thanks. If any of this doesn't work, sorry I can't help you. :/

Download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/idthr6han43hhju/IXS_Fix.zip
I take no responsibility for anything you make break.

You will need this small program (which does not require installation) to patch your exe!

Steps to using the IPS Patch


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