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- I don't remember the majority of BB's career. I remember enough to know that I been through the woods and back with dude, but I don't remember small feuds, specific details like dates and ppv names where matches happened, feds I've had short stints in, etc.

- I ain't had alt characters until like right before I left FTW. I mean, they were always there but I never 'played' them or whatever actively until right before I left FTW. For a good 5 years it was just BB for me.

- I done had 3 or 4 matches back with BB and I'm already bored of him =[ Think it's time I retire the dude.

- I change my themes here on HKW at least once a week but I always change them back.

- I won't use my cell phone for anything fedding. No docs, no twitter,no aim, no nothing. I'll use tablet though
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