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Sean Sands
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13-21 in NABA
-I've always thought about just not having a Twitter for any The Family members.

-I'd be willing to give someone Tanner Sands just so I could have one less character.

-Brett Sands is my favorite character, but he's had the least amount of success in RP fedding in the past year or so. Disappointed that I just can't seem to get him to the level I want him at.

-If a character of mine is in a tag team with yours, I either trust you, or I trust people who trust you. Jaxon Queen, Aries Armadaist, Riley Owens, etc. Handlers I trust. Brian Gun's the only one I didn't know enough to trust.

-I have a way that I'll get rid of all of my characters when the time comes for me to walk away.
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