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Joey Miles
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I've been doing match writing eFedding since 2004, but only started RP fedding in 2012.

As I mentioned in the review for House of Pain: Malice, I take pride in my match writing. I know there's not a lot of things I'm all that good at, but match writing is one of them. If I have to rush or some other obstacle makes it hard for me to write a good post, I still try to do the best I can.

I've won 8 World Championships, all in match writing eFeds. Technically, I have 9 World Championship reigns, but my most recent one was one character giving the belt to another character, so I don't count that OOC.

I constantly choose storylines over championships. I've been in numerous situations where I could have a chance to win a championship, sometimes even a main title, and I've turned it down because it didn't fit with my storyline plans. One example is in XWA, when using Dominik Diveraz and Takumi Sanu, they had a full-fed points based tournament. Whoever had the most points by the end wins the World Heavyweight Championship, which was vacated at the time. I won, but I wanted to do a feud between Dominik and Takumi (Which I feel is one of the best feuds I've ever done) and it wouldn't be fair if I feuded with two of my characters for the WHC, so I had Dominik get disqualified from the tournament.

I'm very critical of my RP fedding work. While I usually like how my matches come out, it's mostly the exact opposite with my non-match RPs. I just don't feel like I'm all that good at RP fedding. I've only won one Championship in RP fedding, which is the FGA Mid-Atlantic Legacy Championship. Although, I think part of the reason for that is because I've always been in RP feds for a week or two, before leaving, because I just can't get into it. FGA has changed that for me. I've been having a lot of fun over there, even with my God awful record.

Some may know this, but neither Joey Miles nor Mirage were originally my characters. Joey was a commentator for 2WWF, a fed I was in from 2005 to 2011, and he was created by a fedder whose real name I never knew, but he used a character named Kallus. Kallus is the IC brother of Joey Miles and was the first ever 2WWF World Champion. He stopped fedding in 2007, I believe, and we haven't heard from him since. As for Mirage, he originally started as a split personality for a character named Riddler. He then went to Ace Acid and, finally, Danny Diamond. The story was basically that after feuding with Riddler/Mirage, Ace started to lose his mind and start seeing and hearing Mirage in his own head. Then, the same happened to Danny when he feuded with Ace. Since then, one other person used Mirage, and that was Sean Young, though that didn't last very long and he went back to Danny. Danny has been Mirage the longest, by far.

My first ever character I used was Thomas Barnez, originally known as The Giant, because I was 11. >_> I still use him occasionally to this day and even created a son for him, that I use in XWA BattleZone. Thomas is pretty much the only main character (as in someone I used a lot and not just a character I barely used) to have the same picbase now as when he started in 2004. I did change his picbase a couple times, but I always went back to Rhyno.

My favorite non-match RP I've ever written was the one against Chaz Holiday in FGA where I won the Mid-Atlantic Legacy Championship and my favorite match I've written was Danny Diamond vs. Rob Chapman, 60 Minute Hardcore Ironman Match. Me and him wrote it in the turn-based style, so I wrote a portion, he wrote a portion, I wrote a portion, he wrote a portion and then the winner (him) wrote the finish. My favorite match that I've written by myself was Dominik Diveraz vs. Takumi Sanu, Two out of Three Falls Japanese Deathmatch.

I have two characters in the WWA (fed I started out in) Hall of Fame. Jarad Johnson and Thomas Barnez. Dominik Diveraz is also in 2WWF's variant of the Hall of Fame, called the League of Legends. It's likely that Danny Diamond will be going into XWA's Hall of Fame in June, this year.

I agree with the general consensus that my best character is Danny Diamond/Mirage. I also agree with the general consensus that my worst character is Jarad Johnson. He's just a generic thug. I've tried making him better in recent years, since I haven't used him actively since, like, 2007, but I can never get the ball rolling with him.
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