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[color=#green]TOURNAMENT FEVER!

Live Event #1 [Streamed]
Sendai Gymnasium
Sendai, Japan
Attendance: 3,207 out of 5,705 seats [56.2%]

Prior to Match 1 - Attention is brought back and forth to two separate trophies. The Passion of the Juniors Cup and the Openweight Determination League's trophy. The images spoke for themselves. Puroresu United talent were fighting for the opportunity of a lifetime. The ring then comes into view. It was time to get the first match of Tournament Fever underway!

1. Akitoshi Takayama defeats Beer Beer Ayano via Pinfall (15:51) - One half of the Ayanos - Beer Beer - was as in her own dimension standing up against a turnbuckle as the rugged veteran Akitoshi Takayama was ready to make an impression after having what he would consider a disappointing outing the previous week. Akitoshi did not make the mistake of extending his hand out to any part of Beer Beer. During the early outing of the match Akitoshi man handled the much smaller Ayano. Grounding her to the canvas. As Beer Beer managed to slip out of Akitoshi's grasp she was reeled back in! In the process the much older veteran delivered a multitude of different explosive suplexes such as a bridging german suplex and a gut wrench suplex that had Beer Beer dazed for a good amount of time but it was not enough for the Iron Ogre to pick up his first win in Puroresu United.

Akitoshi was not a happy man.

He was also able to out wit her for a good chunk of the match up due to the vast amount of Puroresu knowledge he had. But it got to the point where Beer's endurance benefited her. She caught the veteran with some flashy moves such as a head scissors takedown followed by a series of springboard leg drops. In the later part of the match Beer Beer proved to be too quick for Akitoshi but the 40 plus year old ring warrior found a way around it. Once Beer went for the diving crossbody at the end of the match she was caught in mid air by Takayama. Akitoshi then tossed Beer up in the air and caught her only to drop her with a mid air AK Hell Ride! From there the Puroresu veteran got the hard fought victory over the tough Ayano.

2. Rin defeats Yamato Nakamura via Pinfall (1:25) - As the single defined bell rung throughout the arena the ever so mysterious Rin circled the ring with Yamato Nakamura. Yamato reached out - so did Rin. This set up the pace for the first thirty seconds of the match where Yamato (a grappling specialist) was out grappled by Rin. The two did some classic chain Puroresu wrestling on the canvas. Leg locks, arm locks, any and everything you need to hurt your opponent. Rin was in charge. At the end of this lightning quick match Rin got up before Nakamura and hit Nakamura with a low superkick!

The boot connecting with Yamato's chin echoed through the arena as all of the audience began to clap for the impressive strike from Rin that ultimately allowed Rin to cover Yamato to collect himself the win in this match and the first point of the Passion of the Juniors Cup B block.

3. ??? defeats Date Sakuraba via Pinfall (26:46) - The King of the Darkness was supposed to be making his way out to the ring. Once he turned up missing President Ling Ling entered the ring to announce that King of Darkness was not competent enough to be in the Passion of the Juniors Cup and that she didn't want the Cup to be plagued by low tier wrestlers. That he was officially removed. And that he would be replaced in the tournament by a hungry young competitor: Date Sakuraba who entered the ring. After Ling exited the ring the mystery competitor revealed himself to be a man whom had some experience in Japan: FLAME. As Flame entered the ring he looked out to the fans who responded to him with those claps. Date jumped right on top of Flame. For the first few minutes of the match up Date shoved Flame into one of the corner turnbuckles and punished Flame's chest with a serious of stiff kicks and open palm chops.

Flame knew he had to get back into it.

Towards the middle of the contest Flame fell down to the green colored canvas. Right there Date pushed his left foot forward quickly for the DK! Flame managed to drop back to the canvas. Avoiding the DEADLY kick by the skin of his teeth. "OOOOAH!"

Flame got up and grabbed Date looking for the Pyro Breaker but Date managed to block that one himself before hitting Flame right in the neck with a spinning back fist. A minute or two after Flame was tossed out of the ring. Date followed Flame out but Flame slid back into the ring only to slingshot himself back out for a plantcha to Date! The audience appreciated both men's performances for Tournament Fever.

The Blazin One managed to get back into the match dropping Date with a standing tornado DDT when they both got back inside of the ring. As well as a unique handspring transitioned to a leaping moonsault which made the Japanese people happy! But it sure didn't beat Date. The two both got up trading strikes. Date went back to the open palm strikes. Flame spun for the mid torso spin kick every time Date connected with a chop. Date then changed the pass by tossing Flame into the turnbuckle. Minutes later Flame was on top of the turnbuckle with Date climbing up attempting a throw from the third turnbuckle. It was stopped by Flame who tossed Date down to the canvas. Flame then leaped up hitting the Blazin' Splash for the win and the first point of the Passion of the Super Juniors A Block!

4. Yuji Hirota battles Night Train Ayano to a 20 minute Time Limit Draw (20:00) - The second of the Ayano cousins - Night Train - hoped to have some luck tonight as she stepped into the ring with one half of the GFP Junior Tag Team Champions - Yuji Hirota - in a Passion of the Juniors Cup B Block match up. This one had a 20 minute time limit to it. Night Train appeared to be one of her funny moods. She was all over the place waving to the audience and smiling as wide as possible. Yuji had an utterly serious look on his face because he knew he had a long night ahead of him. In the first five minutes Night Train caught Yuji with some moves that were pretty impressive.

..........Pretty impressive indeed......

Such as the mule kick which knocked Yuji completely off balance. Night Train would dance around after every one of her crowd pleasing maneuvers. Causing the audience to cheer respectfully for Night Train.

Later in the match Night Train was seen standing on the apron. She would leap up for an attempt at hitting a slingshot clothesline. Only to be caught in mid air by Yuji and suplexed down! It didn't end there Yuji came back with a vengeance. Keeping his eye on the clock as there were three minutes left in the match up. Yuji would hit two big power moves in the powerslam as well as the death valley driver to Night Train but he couldn't keep the Ayano down. (Of course the GFP Junior Tag Team Champion didn't know she was still in the match because she was wasted and couldn't feel much pain at that particular time). At the end of the match Yuji would yell out that it was over! He positioned Night Train and lifted her up in the air to hit his favorite move he called Deus Ex Machina! He covered Night Train. Once the referee slapped the two count the time ran out! Yuji looked up at the referee. This surely wasn't how he wanted the match to end. It was decided after the match ended that both Night Train and Yuji would receive one point each in the B Block of the Passion of the Juniors Cup for their performances. As Yuji looked to the entrance he saw Michiko standing with both GFP Junior Tag Team Championships over her shoulders (clearly disobeying Ling's order to hand one over to Hirota). She shook her head mouthing off (in Japanese) that it was a shame her partner couldn't finish off a drunk before heading back to the dressing room of the Sendai Gymnasium.

5. Candy Mitsuyoshi defeats Levi Chambers via Submission (19:12) - Levi Chambers stood across the ring from Candy Mitsuyoshi. He did not seem afraid of a much smaller woman. The crowd did not appreciate Levi. As he taunted out to them they didn't respond. On the other hand Candy pointed out to the fans and generated some claps from them. Candy and Levi then locked up. Their technical bases meshed well together as they both caught each other with repeated Japanese arm drags. Up until Candy slammed Levi down to the canvas and held his arm in her grasp wrenching away at it looking for the submission. Chambers did not give in. He fought back to his feet. Pretty easily since he had the strength advantage in the situation.

Levi then swept Candy off her feet with two double underhook suplexes followed by a powerbomb! Candy still managed to kick out by the grace of everything that is good. Levi was livid. Minutes later Candy managed to take back control of the match up. Candy had leaped up to drive her foot in the side of Levi's head sending him down to the canvas. Candy then climbed to the top rope. She looked down........the audience began to clap VERY loudly for the talented young woman.

.....And then climbed right back down from the top rope deciding that doing whatever she planned to do would take too much out of her. That it wasn't worth it. The Japanese people were LIVID. They thought what she had done was gutless. That choice alone almost cost Candy as Levi floored her with a jumping knee to the face. Levi bent down to attempt something but Candy flipped Levi over and grapped for his left leg to lock on the Sparkling Crab! Levi then slapped the canvas a few times signaling his submission as Candy picked up the point in the A Block of the Juniors Cup.

6. Scarlet Flint and Levi Chambers defeat Michiko Yamada and Yuji Hirota (c) via Disqualification in a GFP Junior Tag Team Championship Match (14:08) - With Levi Chambers still clutching his leg in the ring after his bout with Candy Mitsuyoshi - Scarlet Flint made her way down to the ring it was clear that she was excited to have another chance to get some gold around that waist of hers. Yuji then came out, still thinking about what had transpired earlier. Michiko Yamada then made her way out. And as expected. Ling took a seat in the front row next to some Puroresu Magazine reporters to keep an eye on Michiko. The referee raised both of the GFP Junior Tag Team Championships up high. Signaling the first title defense match since Puroresu United last aired in 2004. Flint called Michiko out. The two then began going at it. For the first four minutes they went at it. Michiko hit a brain buster on Scarlet - and was so confident she placed her palm on Scarlet's forehead expecting to secure the victory to retain her titles.....

But it didn't.

Scarlet was back on her feet. At one point Flint nearly secured the Junior Tag Team titles for herself with an unexpected Northern Lights Suplex to Yamada. Flint then tagged Levi. But unlike American wrestling Scarlet didn't have to leave the ring right away. Flint and Levi displayed a series of tag team moves like a double backbreaker followed by a double elbow drop to Yamada. Yuji got into the ring planting a kick into Levi's head. As Yuji tried to fight off both Scarlet and Levi - Yamada moved over to the corner of the ring where both Junior Tag Team belts were sitting next to the turnbuckle. Michiko grabbed one and then nailed Flint right in the head. Levi was shocked. So was Yuji (who was more so angry than shocked). Michiko then knocked both Levi and Yuji down with her title belt! The referee then disqualified Michiko. But in Puroresu anything but a decisive victory meant you lose your title.

The referee snatched the belt away from Michiko. Ling then could be heard saying "Bend the rules once! Let Yamada keep them! Yamada will not get off that easy! This woman will remain in the Junior Tag division!" The referee seemed confused as Michiko snatched the belt back out of the referee's hand. She then grabbed hold of the laid out Yuji's half of the titles - making her way out of the ring.

7. Ricky Valero defeats Daisuke Suzuki via Pinfall (28:31) - Ricky Valero got into the ring. Just as many Puroresu enthusiasts expected he was already one of the most hated Gaijin whom ever set foot in a Nihon wrestling ring. Primarily because he cost Chiba Kobayashi (one of the Japanese people's own) a chance to stitch his name into the Glory for Puroresu governing body record books. Popular wrestler Daisuke Suzuki was Ricky Valero's opponent for the contest. As per the Japanese culture Daisuke offered a bow of respect (even if he was badass) it was the way things worked in Japan. As Daisuke bowed Ricky kicked Daisuke in the forehead to kick off the match.

"We don't BOW in my country!"

Ricky blurted out. Drawing disdain from the people. Actual disdain. For a moment it seemed as if the Japanese fans wanted to leap into the ring and tear Valero apart. Ricky pounced on top of Daisuke. For the first six or so minutes of the match it was all ground and pound. Ricky would trap Daisuke in a camel cluch position while continuously pounding away at Daisuke's face with forearm shots.

Later on in the match Daisuke managed to get back to his feet. For the following minutes after that various fans could be heard yelling out "DAISUKE!" One by one. Considering the Nihon fans never got rowdy. Suzuki came back with some big time manuvers of his own such as an (unseen to this point in time) tilt-a-whirl neckbreaker that he made up on the fly. He followed that up with a few more slams and then a Gotch style piledriver! It nearly got Daisuke the win but Valero was tough. Towards the end of the match Daisuke nearly hit his OWARI to a kneeling Ricky. But Ricky ducked - managing to get behind Suzuki to hit his Franchise Tag for the win and the first point of the Openweight Determination League B Block!

8. Chiba Kobayashi defeats Aries Armadaist via Pinfall (34:02) - Aries Armadaist came into the ring with a chip on his shoulder. Before the announcer could finish the introductions properly Aries was already in the face of the man who was quickly standing out as one of the more loved wrestlers in Puroresu United. Saying to Kobayashi that he was not a joke. Instead of responding Chiba lifted Aries up and dropped him right back down face first to the canvas with what could be called one of the highest flapjacks ever seen in professional wrestling anywhere in the world. Chiba dropped down. Sitting on Aries' back in the middle of the ring. Chiba then delivered some of the stiffest cross face strikes. Kobayashi delivered fifteen of them in a row as claps started to build because the onslaught.

Aries managed to get out of it by bringing some of his experience from the North American wrestling circuit with him........

He jabbed Chiba Kobayashi right in the eyes. Which was taboo in Puroresu. The Japanese people had no tolerance for what that considered "dishonorable." Or a "lack of fighting spirit."

As Chiba stumbled back holding his eyes - falling to one knee. Aries followed up with the Skidmark Wizard. Striking Chiba in the face and sending him down. For the next couple of minutes Aries tried desperately to put Kobayashi away. At first he attempted two running sentons thinking that would do the trick to bag himself some points. He tried a flying head butt and then a pin attempt. He tried a 360 head butt that didn't even work (even though the fans had to clap for Aries after that one since they had never seen anything like it)! Aries even went as far as to climb to the top rope and attempt a moonsault HEAD BUTT. All completely innovated forms of one basic strike. Chiba moved out of the way of the moonsault head butt causing Aries to crash and burn onto canvas.

Following that vital mistake Chiba found his place behind Aries deadlifting him up and dropping Aries head first onto the canvas with a very impressive deadlift german suplex. Following that Chiba got to show off his raw power with a variety of guerrilla press slams as well as one of his QUICK choke slams for near falls. Chiba lifted Aries for one more choke slam towards the end of the match but Aries managed to block it and land behind Chiba to push him forward. Chiba bounced his back off the ropes. As he made his way back Aries was tuning up the band. By this time both men were getting claps for the performance. Chiba then went for the Dick Kick but was met by a VICIOUS Lariat from Kobayashi! This caused Aries (as big of a man as he was) to flip in the air then land on his back. Chiba then got the three count and a point of his own in the A Block of the Openweight Determination League!!

Post Main Event - Chiba celebrated in the middle of the ring. While he nodded and accepted the claps from the fans Valero did another terrible thing by Puroresu culture standards. He cut in on a moment. Standing at the entrance staring Chiba down. Kobayashi looked on towards Valero with a glare as the live event came to a close.


Match of the night - Flame vs. Date Sakuraba
Top pops - Daisuke Suzuki, Chiba Kobayashi, Yuji Hirota
Top heat - Ricky Valero, Michiko Yamada, Akitoshi Takayama
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