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[color=#green]SHOOT FOR THE STARS!

Televised Show #2 [TV Asashi]
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan
Attendance: 1,869 out of 2,005 seats.

Prior to Match 1 - Ling Ling announces that she's happy that Puroresu United is back in the iconic Korakuen Hall. On a regular basis for that matter. She says that more people have eased into attending the shows. That if the talent keeps up the work rate they should be doing big numbers in no time. Ling also announces that she tweaked Yamada Michiko's three on one pure grappling match. Stating that in order for Michiko to win she has to pin all three of them. Not just one. From there Ling exits so the show could begin.

1. Yuji Hirota defeats Rin via Pinfall (15:03) - This match was a nice opening treat for the fans in attendance. Throughout the match it was clean cut even. One half of the GFP Junior Tag Team Champions - Yuji - was obviously a bit more aggressive in his strikes than he typically was because of what happened in last week's championship match. Rin also showed that he was by no means a soft wrestler. This mysterious entity took it to Hirota with some perfectly executed slams. Rin showed that he had the potential to be a future champion. At the end of the match Hirota quick as a bolt hit Deus Ex Machina on Rin for the pinfall victory! And another point for Hirota in the Juniors Cup!

2. Date Sakuraba defeats Candy Mitsuyoshi via Pinfall (28:31) - Date Sakuraba - fresh off the performance of a lifetime against Cruserweight legend Flame - stood across from K*J talent Candy Mitsuyoshi. In the early portion of the match up Date held nothing back cornering Mitsuyoshi with devastating open palm strikes blended with superb canvas wrestling. In the middle portion of the match Candy showed the audience a tiny burst of her immense talent catching Date with a multitude of complicated technical manuvers as well as managing to german suplex Date from the top turnbuckle. At the end of the match Candy's effort lessened again for some reason. Leading to her being caught by Sakuraba's DK! Which gave Date his first win in the Passion of the Juniors Cup.

3. Daisuke Suzuki defeats Chiba Kobayashi via Pinfall (57:20) - This match arguably stole the show. From the start Kobayashi could not be resisted. He easily over powered Daisuke with his 290 pound frame. Running through Suzuki with various powerslams, suplexes, and some deadly chops sprinkled in there. Daisuke didn't allow himself to give up. He showed all of Japan that he was one to watch in the Openweight Determination League.

Cameras caught a specific shot of Daisuke dropping Kobayashi with a perfect Exploder Suplex. Near the end of the match up Chiba took back control. But Ricky Valero walked into the Hall. Throwing off the flow of a match. Something that was popular in WESTERN wrestling. Which was the biggest NO NO in Puroresu United. As Chiba looked out to Valero with anger in his eyes the tide shifted back to Daisuke who caught the powerful Kobayashi with a quick Owari for the win!

3. Caillie Thibedeau defeats Barry Cooper via Submission (16:02) - Caillie seemed very excited to be back in Korakuen. She presented herself as one of the few Gaijin whom appreciated being there. The awkward looking Barry Cooper stood as a question mark for the Nihon fans. They didn't know what to make of him so they just watched....from afar. Barry showed that he had raw power as well. Perhaps even close to the strongest wrestler on the roster: Chiba Kobayashi. Eventually the MMA disciplined Caillie managed to fight Barry off with a barrage of kicks as well as a few takedowns before getting to lock on her Fade submission. Barry gave in giving Caillie a point in the Openweight League!

4. Akitoshi Takayama, Andrew Karnage, and Aries Armadaist defeat Michiko Yamada in a Pure Grappling match via Pinfall (10:19) - Despite the odds GFP Junior Tag Team Champion Michiko still seemed confident as Akitoshi, Andrew, and Aries stood in their corner debating who'd be getting in with Michiko first. Ling - as always - sat on the outside of the ring with a few legendary old timers in the world of Puroresu (none of whom liked Michiko) watching very closely. The A Team decided that Aries would go in first. He was outwrestled by Michiko after two minutes. Mainly because Michiko was fit for grappling. Aries was a headbutt artist. Or at least that's what the Nihon fans loved about him now. Aries then tagged Akitoshi in who also had a rough go of it with the bitter Joshi. Ling then yelled out demanding that all three get into the ring. It didn't take long for all three of these big men to overwhelm Michiko. Which the fans liked - they thought Michiko lacked respect for the sport that put food on her table nightly. Andrew ended it with the Divine Strake then got the win for the A Team. Thereafter all of the 80-90s GFP Heavyweight and Junior Heavyweight (back when Puroresu United were strict about weight rules) Champions that sat with Lingster got up out of their chairs clapping for what they had seen. Ling was seen pointing at the downed Michiko saying that she should learn now.

6. Killuminaughty (Felicity Banks and Francesca) defeat Yuji and THUNDER Shibata to retain the GFP Tag Team Championship (44:09) - Killuminaughty came into the contest believing that they had nothing to worry about. But they were more than wrong. Although Yuji and THUNDER had their problems they managed to mesh together even for a short period of time if it meant marking their names down in GFP history. Per Puroresu rules both members of each team were allowed to be in at the same time for an extended period. Towards the middle of the match THUNDER and Yuji Shibata had the upper hand. Delivering stiff blows, throws, and slams to both Fran and Felicity Banks. During the match Fran was seen tossing herself in Felicity's way absorbing most of the punishment that was intended for the HKW World Champion. In all of the carnage Felicity managed to catch THUNDER with Felony II for the pin to retain the GFP Tag Team belts!

Post Main Event - Ling came back out to the ring with her entourage of Glory For Puroresu icons whom have competed all over Japan. In some cases all over the world. She declares that Ricky Valero has committed one of the biggest disgraceful acts that she had ever seen in her life. That could NOT go unpunished. And that Valero had to be punished accordingly. By taking away the one point he had earned last week at the Tournament Fever live event. In addition she stated that she was disappointed home grown talents couldn't reclaim the GFP Tag Team Championships. But it wasn't all bad because Michiko "learned her lesson." Ling finally informed the audience to buy tickets for or log on to Puroresu United's website to see the Hatred Colliding live event.


Match of the night - Chiba Kobayashi vs. Daisuke Suzuki
Top pops - Chiba Kobayashi, Yuji Hirota, Daisuke Suzuki, Puroresu Legends
Top heat - Ricky Valero, Michiko Yamada, Killuminaughty
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