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Live Event #3 [TV Asashi]
Shinjuku FACE
Kabuchiko, Shinjuku, Tokyo
Attendance: 580 out of 600 seats.
Ticket Price: 4,819.30 Yen
Total Gate: 2,795,194 Yen

Opening The Show - Kato Minoru is spotted sipping on a cup of tea seated next to GFP legend, executive, and the daughter of HAN, Ai. Those two shared a laugh as well as some chatter about Pokemon. Meanwhile Ling Ling sat - happy as usual that Yamada Michiko was gone. Attention is brought to the ring where the first match up was set to begin.

1. THUNDER Shibata defeats Yuji Shibata and Daisuke Suzuki via Pinfall (19:12) - This match had some good back and forth between all three competitors. Though Daisuke Suzuki looked very dominant throughout the match Yuji took it over from him a few times. The woman whom looked the weakest eventually managed to out quick both of her opponents on route to hitting her THUNDER Arashi on her own brother Yuji for the win!

2. The Manhattan Project defeats Yamato Nakamura and SOUTAAA! via Pinfall (0:24) - Yamato and SOUTAAA are both seen laughing at The Manhattan Project as if she were the biggest waste of time, space, and energy. After Yamato dared The Project to do something the eight year old girl locked a vice grip on Yamato causing him to pass out. She then hit a quadruple powerbomb on SOUTAAA for the win! To the fans' shock.

3. Flame and Rin defeat Caillie Thibedeau and Alex Karlson and Two GFP Legends via Pinfall (43:02) - This was described by many to be the match of the night. Two GFP legends AOI and Keiko Misawa stepped back into the ring for a one night only type of deal. All through the match there were some high top rope spots from the Gaijin team of Flame and Rin. To technical based offense from the Legends. At the end Rin hit the Terminus on AOI for the pin - securing himself and Flame a GFP Junior Tag Team Championship opportunity!

4. King of Darkness defeats Ricky Valero via Pinfall (4:26) - The first three minutes of the match Valero toyed with the King of Darkness having numerous opportunities to put him away that he just let slip by. Once Ricky decided that he had enough fun he went to set up the Franchise Tag. Thats when Chiba Kobayashi - giving Valero a taste of his own medicine - popped up in the Shinjuku FACE gathering a mass amount of claps from the audience. With Valero distracted King of Darkness too his chance lifting Valero up for a quick bridging german suplex pin for the three count! Valero was DISGUSTED. He looked out at Kobayashi who cost him a win against someone way below his tier. Valero then looked over to Ling Ling expecting her to do something. Ling shrugged waving at Ricky as Kobayashi flexed his bicep once for the clapping fans before leaving with his revenge in hand.

5. Candy Mitsuyoshi defeats Beer Beer Ayano and Andrew Karnage via Pinfall (34:00) - This match was plagued by the curse of Candy Mitsuyoshi again. In the early goings Andrew Karnage and Beer Beer had some good back and forth Karnage utilizing his strength while Beer tried to out quick him. Once Candy got into the mix the match slowed down to a few rest holds. Since Candy had no interest in over exerting herself. At the end Karnage hit Beer Beer with a decapitating Lariat! Candy then got back in hitting a missile dropkick right to the chest of the veteran Karnage knocking him far back. Candy then locked in the Sparkling Crab on Beer Beer - moments later Ayano gave up giving Candy the win in her first main event match!

Post Main Event - The lights in the Shinjuku FACE shut off. A scuffle could be heard. When the lights were turned back on Candy was laid out along with Beer Beer. In the middle of the ring stood Levi Chambers, Scarlet Flint, the only Gaijin GFP Heavyweight Champion Jinx, and HKW World, Tag, and GFP Tag Team Champion Felicity standing in the ring (Fran was notably absent). Beer had gotten back up she ran at Jinx. The eerie blonde Jinx leaned forward spraying a red mist right into the eyes of Beer Beer. Scarlet then superkicked Beer in the face - Levi followed that up with a big boot to the back of Ayano's head knocking her out. Karnage had gotten back up - he turned to notice the woman who's title he was after. Felicity then spit out a red mist of her own! Most likely picked up from Jinx! Right into the eyes of Andrew. Felicity then hit Off With Your Head on Karnage! Felicity then picked her three title belts up. Holding the GFP Tag Title above Karnage saying he and Hiroko would never win them as the fans remained silent out of anger. All four of this new Gaijin alliance then stood together looking down at Ling Ling and Ai - two GFP staff members as the show came to a close.


Athlete of the night - Rin
Match of the night - Flame/Rin vs. Karlson/Caillie vs. GFP Legends
Top pops - Andrew Karnage, Flame, Candy Mitsuyoshi, The Manhattan Project, THUNDER Shibata
Top heat - Felicity Banks/Levi Chambers/Scarlet Flint/Jinx, Ricky Valero, Rin

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