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TV ASASHI EPISODE 4; Televised Show #4
Topic Started: Jan 17 2015, 04:48 AM (460 Views)
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[color=#green]PU TELEVISED!

[TV Asashi]

Korakuen Hall

Tokyo, Japan

Attendance: 1,786 out of 2,005 seats.


1. Rin defeats Minoru Kato via Submission (12:09) - From the start Minoru took control of the match up (with his bestie Ai sitting at ringside chanting his name). Kato struck Rin right in the chin (that rhyme is sexy you know it) sending him down to the canvas. Making sure not to lighten up the offense Minoru jumped down pulling Rin’s arm up into a Kimura. To no avail. In the later parts of the match Rin managed to drop toe hold Minoru down to the third turnbuckle face first. The mysterious Gaijin then pulled Kato into some demonic modified camel clutch - instead of the general method Rin pulled on the forehead doing more damage to the upper neck. The ref saw was Kato slapping the knee of Rin giving the Gaijin another win in the tournament. Post match Ai ran in to check up on her tea party partner.

2. Levi Chambers w/ Sofia King, Scarlet Flint, and Felicity Banks defeats Flame via Pinfall (18:20) - As Levi made his entrance with three women behind him Flame didn’t wait for them to make it to the ring. Leaped over the top rope hitting a senton on all four of the rebellious group. With the three women down Flame grabbed onto Levi pushing him back into the ring - running the ropes to hit a low dropkick to Levi’s chin. Towards the middle of the match a low blow gave Levi the edge. Letting him slow the pace of the match down to his favor. Getting a deadly trio double underhook suplexes in - rapidly. With almost no breaks in between them. Chambers looked out to his group mates - the three looked on with approval - once the ref spotted them they swore they wouldn’t get involved. At the late poinr it looked as if Levi was poised to finish Flame off lifting the veteran up and hitting Spinning Chambers but the Blazin’ One managed to stay alive at the two count - showing that fighting spirit. At the end of the match Flame hit a backflip kick on Chambers. He then climbed to the top rope looking for the Blazin’ Splash - only to have Scarlet jump on the apron pushing Flame off so he’d land hard on his back. He slowly got up stumbled only to be met by Levi - who took Flame down with the Moneymaker for the tournament win!

3. Ricky Valero defeats Caillie Thibedeau via Disqualification (3:10) - From the start of the match up Ricky backed up into the referee sending him out of the ring. Levi then pulled a pair of brass knuckles out of his tights. As the referee got back into the ring Ricky tossed them to Caillie who caught them. WHAM! Valero dropped down onto the canvas back first (purposely) as Caillie held the brass knucks confused. Once she realized and her eyes widened the referee had seen. He called for the bell giving Ricky the extremely cheap win as well as another point in the Openweight League. As Valero left the ring with a smirk Caillie looked at him angrily.

4. Aries Armadaist defeats Merlot Ayano via Pinfall (25:02) - Armadaist came out the gate right away looking to clothesline the newest Ayano addition’s head right off her body. Merlot ducked showing off the agility she had. She then grabbed Aries - holding him in a three quarter nelson position. Ayano then suplexed Aries back slamming him down the canvas right on the back of his head. For the next ten minutes Merlot was able to show off some incredible technical prowess blended in with acrobatic ability. Aries got back into the match in the mid point catching Merlot with a catch northern lights suplex and then a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Aries then dominated with his strength taking Merlot down with his signature flying headbutt. Aries went for the diving variation but missed landing on his face. Merlot then jumped up to the top rope to hit her imploding 450 splash! But Aries got the knees up! He then rolled Merlot into a pin and the three count!

Post Main Event - Post match Valero barged out to the ring to the audience’s misfortune - claiming that he didn’t care if the people didn’t like promos or any westernized “sports entertainment.” He said that he would do whatever he wanted to do and that Ling Ling can’t make him wrestle pointless matches or disrespect him anymore. All Valero wants is a fight with Chiba Kobayashi. He then warned Chiba that he’d be right at ringside during Saturday’s five on five deathmatch tomorrow to make sure people actually buy tickets since he’s the biggest star in PU. After he finished he threw the microphone in one of the stagehand’s face (drawing negative reactions from the people). The show ended with Valero staring coldly into the camera.


Athlete of the night - Flame

Manuver of the night - Rin’s Demonic Camel Clutch

Match of the night[/color] - Levi Chambers vs. Flame

Top pops - Flame, Merlot Ayano, Caillie

Top heat - Ricky Valero, Levi Chambers, Aries Armadaist

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