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[color=#green]PU TELEVISED!

[TV Asashi]
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan
Attendance: 2,106 out of 2,005 seats. [Over Capacity]

Start of the Show - Ling (who had been having the worst day of her life) stood at a desk beside the squared circle to announce that the GFP Tag Team Championship match between Killuminaughty and Andrew Karnage along with Murakami Hiroko would be a GFP traditional Grappling Match. Following that HAN moved right beside Ling to yet again undermine her authority by saying that Tag Team Championship match wouldn’t be “traditional anything.” Because “his Yamada-chan” says it’s out dated. HAN declares that the GFP Tag Title match will be an elimination first blood match which both people on a team has to bleed in order to be eliminated. In addition HAN lifts up a brand new championship belt in his hand. Saying that it’s called the World (not GFP) the World Extreme Championship. A brand new concept (thought up by – you called it – Michiko Yamada). Another non GFP style concept. Where the belt could be defended in any federation – on any continent – at any time. 24/7. He then said that the first person to punish Ling will be the champion!

World Extreme Championship Challenge - Ling stood alone at the table as HAN slammed the World Extreme Championship down in front of her. Before the President could react she was tossed over the table by Scarlet Flint! Scarlet began to lay the boots into the President before tossing Ling right into the ring head first. Flint then grabbed the Extreme Title as HAN smirked. Declaring Scarlet the first ever World Extreme Champion as the camera focus transitioned back to the ring.

1. Night Train Ayano defeats Yamato Nakamura via Pinfall (2:01) – Inside the squared circle Night Train would lock up with Nakamura completely out classing him in every way, shape, and form. Slamming his head down to the canvas with a bulldog. Then climbing the turnbuckle to Ride Train on Yamato for the three count and a Junior Cup point!

2. Levi Chambers w/ Sofia King, Scarlet Flint, and Felicity Banks ties with Date Sakuraba (20:00) – There was some bad blood in this match up. The man who was on a decent roll as of late – Levi Chambers – who had picked up SSWA’s Pure Championship was set to compete against the man he made his rival as of late, Date Sakuraba. The brash Sakuraba got in Levi’s face telling him he had to earn his keep. That’s when Levi took a swing. Date ducked. The evasive maneuver was followed with a vicious open palm strike which left Levi grounded. It was all Date in the early goings until he decided to run the ropes for his Goal Kick! Right then the Extreme Champion Flint grabbed the leg of Sakuraba to the fans anger. After the turning point Levi took over hitting a multitude of belly to belly suplexes. Somewhere in there Date looked to come back but Felicity nailed him in the back with one of her three title belts to halt that. At the end Chambers looked to hit his Moneymaker! Date ducked! He then floored Levi with a scoop powerslam! Date then went for his Death Kick! He nailed it then pinned Levi! 1…..2…..BUZZZZ! The 20 minute time limit bell sounded off for this match. Date was so close to getting that point.

World Extreme Championship Challenge - As Scarlet is posing in front of a mirror with her new title belt strapped around her waist Night Train pushes Scarlet right into the mirror causing Flint’s face to bounce off as Train rolled her up for the three! Night Train has won the World Extreme Championship! The Ayano ran off with glee!

3. Aries Armadaist defeats The Holy Ghost via Submission (8:15) – In this match Aries looked on at The Holy Ghost – who didn’t actually exist. Aries locked up with air making it seem as if he was really engaging a powerful force. Aries turned himself upside down for a self-inflicted scoop slam. The Holy Ghost took the offense to Aries with some corner stomps. The Ghost “pulls Aries” from the corner – suddenly Aries turns him around and locks on his Aries Clutch! The referee asks the Ghost if he wants to give in. Moments later the bell rings giving Aries a massive win over The Holy Ghost.

4. Michiko Yamada defeats Yuji Hirota in a Steel Cage Match (10:06) - Hirota Yuji began to have his right arm tied behind his back by the stagehands as Yamada looked on at him with a smirk on her face. HAN then grabbed a microphone saying he had a better idea. It would now be a Steel Cage Match! Something never done in GFP before. A match deemed “too western” until now. Hirota looked up to see a cage fit for Korakuen lowering. Michiko’s smirk grew even wider knowing she had something to do with this match stipulation being introduced. Once the cage was lowered Yamada rammed her knee into the gut of her former Junior Tag Team Championship partner.

Yamada punished Yuji with strikes to the ribs until he used his strength to push her back. The audience clapped for Hirota. Wanting him to overcome the odds. He did for a few minutes. Taking Yamada down with elbow strikes – and even a one arm powerslam. Attempting to force his will on the smaller Yamada – but one arm only allowed Yuji to do so much. But it didn’t last long she took out Yuji’s knees. Once Hirota bent down Michiko hit the double foot stomp to the back of Yuji’s head. Yamada then positioned Yuji placing the back of his head in between her side and right arm to lift him and spin hitting her Oculus Ex Inferni to knock him out cold. Michiko then kicked Hirota In his exposed side multiple times doing as much damage as she could until the referee told her it was enough. Yuji coughed up a little bit of blood as the audience sat livid. Yamada walked slowly then exited the cage through the door to pick up her return win. Looking back at the downed Hirota – who put in his best effort. Yamada left with HAN after being handed her G/P Championship belt.

World Extreme Championship Challenge - As Night Train continued to celebrate kissing her first championship in the company she was met by a cold hard steel chair from Sofia King! Whom had Felicity Banks standing beside her. The two main event level competitors had a dilemma on their hands. Who would take the pin? Suddenly both Sofia and Felicity dropped on Night Train as the same referee came up and counted the three. Thought for a confusing moment….and declared both Sofia and Felicity to be the NEW co-World Extreme Championship holders. Sofia and Felicity got up as they were handed the belt. Sofia draped it over her shoulder as the two continued on down the Hall.

5. Hiroko Murakami and Andrew Karnage defeat THUNDER Shibata and Candy Mitsuyoshi via Pinfall (19:24) - Next up we had the #1 contenders to the GFP Tag Team Championships taking on two women who could be considered singles specialists. Murakami started with Candy. Both were athletically sound – so it made for an interesting technical contest. Both trying to one up the other with Japanese arm drags. Northern Lights Suplexes. Quick pinning combinations but nothing would stick. Karnage and THUNDER got involved. To everyone’s surprise Candy and THUNDER adapted quicker than expected hitting off a double gut buster on Karnage. At the end of the match the tag team experience of Murakami and Karnage came together as the hit a double spear to THUNDER taking the wind right out of her. As Hiroko pinned THUNDER Andrew held Candy down! Giving the #1 Contenders the win and some momentum heading into that First Blood Elimination Tag Match.

World Extreme Championship Challenge - This time around Sofia told Felicity she was headed to the vending machine. Fel offered to accompany her due to the circumstances that surrounded the Extreme Title. Sofia said no one would dare attack her and made off. While grabbing a soda – Aries Armadaist came back! Taking Sofia down with a flying headbutt! The shock alone allowed Armadaist to keep her down for a quick three count! As Aries jumped up taking his World Extreme Championship - Sofia stood up looking on in disbelief that someone like him could take a belt off her. Felicity came through looking at a fuming Sofia informing her that peasants can’t distract her from the tag team match.

While Aries walked down the hallway Ricky Valero a man who already had a chance at gold bashed Aries in the face with a garbage can before pinning him for the three! Valero lifted up the World Extreme Championship draping it over his shoulder. He then thought about it – handing the belt back to Flint. Saying that he didn’t need it since he would be picking up the big gold later tonight. Making Flint a two time World Extreme Champion.

6. Sofia King and Felicity Banks defeat Flame and Rin via Pinfall (25:01) - Rin started off this match against Sofia! These two locked up. For five minutes they had back and forth action until Felicity got in and clubbed Rin in the back. The two icons picked Rin up Irish Whipping him across the ring. He came back strong – Felicity and Sofia went for the double clothlesline only to have one half of the GFP Junior Tag Team Champions duck. Rin attempted a jumping spin kick but his leg was caught by Sofia! She locked him in the Ankle Lock she called the Disintegrator! Felicity added her own Dragon Sleeper onto that. The two women were practically bending Rin into a pretzel until Flame got in dropkicking Felicity down. Before the Blazin’ One could get any real offense in Felicity and Sofia both at the same time spat out a red colored mist. Blinding Flame! For the next few minutes of the match Rin and Flame took over! Flame landed his mind blowing set of maneuvers including a shooting star press! But wasn’t able to put Felicity away. Despite being blinded Flame also landed a picture perfect dropsault on Sofia. Rin and Flame executed a perfect double springboard DDT to the legend and the global star. It seemed as if the GFP Junior Tag Champs were going to close in on a massive win until Sofia battled her way back up and dropkicked Rin out of the ring by landing her feet on his back. As she did that Felicity hit a drop toe hold on Flame only to run the ropes and strike him in the nose with Off With Your Head for the three and the big win over the Junior Tag Champs!

7. Chiba Kobayashi defeats Ricky Valero w/ The Gaijin Rebellion via Pinfall to become GFP Openweight Champion (44:18) - This was the match everyone was looking forward to. The highly anticipated bout for what was currently one of the top championship belts in all of Japanese wrestling. Valero stood with all of the Gaijin Rebellion members in his corner. While the Chiba Kobayashi had no one in his corner with Ling down and out. Valero and Chiba watched on as the referee held the prized GFP Openweight Championship up in the air.

In the first ten minutes of the match both men moved in to feel one another out. Here Ricky boldly challenged Chiba to a test of strength which wasn’t the best thing to do against the strongest man on the roster. As Kobayashi slowly but surely pushed the former World Extreme Champion downwards. Valero then revealed his plan planting his shin right into the thigh of Kobayashi. Chiba fell down to one knee. Valero then planted a foot into the face of Chiba sending him onto his back!


Following his harsh statement he began to lay into Kobayashi with the Legs of Jupiter. Back to back standing leg drops until he went for the pin attempt to no avail. Kobayashi was too big and too strong of a man to stay down from that combination. He battled his way up. Valero took a few steps bouncing his back off the ropes. He rushed forward only to be caught in Chiba’s grasp and lifted up for a belly to belly overhead suplex! That wasn’t enough to get the three count on Valero. Kobayashi laid in the grounded forearms on the Gaijin before wrapping his arms around the waist of the grounded Ricky. Chiba then deadlifted Ricky off the canvas. SLOWLY. Pulling him back, all the way up and dropping Valero back with a German Suplex to the back of the neck! The audience were shocked as always by the amount of strength the High Tide had in his limbs.

Reaching the thirty minute mark Valero had taken a beating but assistance from the Gaijin Rebellion began to tear away at Kobayashi. A chair strike to the back from Sofia. Thrown into the guard railing by the HKW World Champion and HKW & GFP Tag Team Champion - Felicity. Another chair strike from Scarlet. Levi’s Moneymaker! None of which had any consequences since HAN was at ringside instead of Ling Ling. As Chambers tossed the worn out Kobayashi into the ring Valero had a huge smirk on his face. Right then and there Valero thought he had it won. He covered Chiba….





Kobayashi actually managed to kick out of the pin attempt a millisecond before the three!

At the fifty minute mark both men were wondering what they had to do to get the win in this Openweight Championship match. They began to trade strikes! Valero the open palm strike. Kobayashi his chops. Chiba began to get the upper hand until Valero went for the low blow! Drawing more heat from the audience. Valero then attempted to lock on his Rally Killer! But Kobayashi kicked him off. As Chiba got up Valero went for the Franchise Tag but it was reversed! Ricky was lifted into the air. Chiba holding both his palms against the neck of Valero!


Chiba hooked both legs!




Chiba Kobayashi has become the first ever GFP Openweight Champion! Marking his name down amongst the legends of Japanese wrestling! Fans were now standing up out of their seats clapping loudly. Some even yelling with approval (which wasn’t common in the culture) the stagehand helped Chiba up.

Post Main Event – Chiba Kobayashi waited – standing next to a massive trophy – and holding a big bouquet of flowers as his brand new GFP Openweight Championship was wrapped around his waist. Confetti began to fall down from the ceiling of Korakuen Hall. Flame, Andrew Karnage, Date Sakuraba, Candy Mitsuyoshi, and Hiroko Murakami then ran out to celebrate along with Chiba. Karnage and Hiroko even lifted the massive Chiba onto their shoulders. The Openweight Champion looked down at a pissed off Gaijin Rebellion and Valero saying that the saga between himself and Kobayashi wasn’t over by a long shot!


Athlete of the night - Chiba Kobayashi
Manuver of the night - Hiroko/Karnage Double Spear
Match of the night – Yuji Hirota vs. Michiko Yamada Steel Cage
Top pops – Chiba Kobayashi, Yuji Hirota, Flame, Night Train Ayano
Top heat - Ricky Valero, Michiko Yamada, Felicity Banks and Sofia, HAN

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