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SSWA Episode #016
Topic Started: Feb 3 2015, 04:59 PM (356 Views)
Sean Sands
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13-21 in NABA
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DATE HELD: February 9th, 2015
LOCATION: Bournemouth International Centre in Bournemouth, England
COMMENTATORS: Bill Hall, Kevin Carrey

Dark Match #1: Singles Match
Aiden Mendes Jr vs Shouta Kurosawa

Dark Match #2: Singles Match
VINCENZO vs Liam Johnson

Dark Match #3: Singles Match
John Hanley vs Pun Master


Match #1: Cibernetico Preview Singles Match
Akemi Hayashi (Team Sanks) vs Utopia Vidal (Team Dover)

Match #2: Singles Match
Thomas Mayne vs Joe Jordan

Match #3: Tag Team Match
Levi Chambers & AJ Thomas vs Anya Sands & Suzume Mitsuyoshi

Match #4: Cibernetico Preview Singles Match
Sir Henry Ian Tyson (Team Dover) vs Danielle Vasquez (Team Sanks)

Match #5: Singles Match
Gino Brunelli w/Orrin & Arbie vs Veronica Rae w/London & Aria

Match #6: Cibernetico Preview Singles Match
Rakim Jackson (Team Dover) vs Luke Matthews (Team Sanks)

Match #7: Cibernetico Preview Tag Team Match
Sandon Sanks & Harrison Andrews (Team Sanks) vs Macy Dover & Chelle Harper (Team Dover)

Main Event: Eight Person Tag Team Match
Alexa Corra & The Veterans vs Bestia Non Grata (Smurf, MECHA, Snowball, Thunderbelly)
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