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[color=#green]PU TELEVISED!

[TV Asashi]
Korakuen Hall
Tokyo, Japan
Attendance: 2,098 out of 2,005 seats. [Over Capacity]

Start of the Show - Two GFP board members that people have come to know and love – AOI and Keiko Misawa – sat at a table reading a stack of papers. Verifying that that popular American promotion - Cardinal City Pro’s co-CEO Richard Callaway had indeed come on a business trip to Japan to discuss a future joint CCP/Puroresu United program. AOI states that only the best that GFP has to offer will be able to participate in the joint show. She verified that a sure fire main event contest will be the GFP Openweight Champion vs. Cardinal City World Heavyweight Champion super match. It will also be the first time PU worked directly with an American based promotion in almost 20 years. Keiko says all athletes wrestling for GFP need to be on their A game if they want the praise that’ll come with participating. More information such as location, date, and more match ups will be discussed in the coming weeks. From there view shifts over to the ring of Korakuen Hall.

1. Yuji Shibata defeats Caillie Thibedeau via Pinfall (13:06) – In the opening contest Yuji Shibata had a hard hitting battle with the woman whom came to GFP with a solid background, Caillie Thibedeau. It was stiff back and forth action up until Shibata hit GTTF knocking Caillie out and picking up a solid singles win.

2. Minoru Kato and Levi Chambers defeat The Ayanos via Submission (19:30) – This tag team match up featured four rising stars of Puroresu United. In the early goings of the match up SSWA’s Pure Champion let Minoru know that he had the money, the titles, and the star power to lead the team. Kato said he was “still prettier” in broken English. While Levi had a hard time with Minoru the Ayano cousins took all kinds of technical as well as aerial offense to them. Even hitting a double hurricanrana on both Levi and Minoru. Despite the dysfunction that Kato and Chambers showed the two managed to single Night Train out at the eighteen minute mark. While Levi literally suplexed Merlot over the third rope and onto the outside floor Minoru hit MT I, followed by running the ropes to drop on Night Train with MT II, lastly locking Ayano in the choke sleeper he called MT III – Night Train tapped the canvas giving Minoru and Levi a big tag team win. Following the match Levi pulled a handful of hundred dollar bills out of his tights and tossed them into Minoru’s face still claiming he has it all. Minoru ends by yelling “a little eyebrow grooming can help!”

3. Alex Karlson and Barry Copper defeat The Elliots and Aries Armadaist/Katsutoshi di Limones to become #1 Contenders to the GFP Junior Tag Team Championship (20:13) – This match up featured three teams who were all hungry to up their status with the promotion. The Elliots put their high flying moveset on display, while Aries and Katsutoshi put their own unique styles out there, Alex and Barry leveled that with technical ability and sheer strength. It seemed as if Aries was about to finish Sean Elliot off but he was driven into the canvas by one Barry Copper’s devastating chokebombs. Leaving Alex Karlson to charge right into Sean Elliot as he got up to hit a stiff Yakuza Kick for the pin and the victory! There Barry and Alex guaranteed themselves a shot at a prestigious GFP throne!

4. Michiko Yamada and Ricky Valero defeat Andrew Karnage and Hiroko Murakami via Pinfall in a special 1,000 Tacks Match (29:01) - Prior to the match starting HAN came out to ringside saying (in Japanese) that he “forgot to mention” that the 1,000 tacks rule only applied to Michiko and Valero. Outlining that GFP Tag Team contenders Karnage and Murakami were left to follow the rules. Michiko poured some of the thumb tacks downwards. They kept up either way – Karnage took it to Michiko. He planted the former Junior Tag Champ down with a Main Event Spinebuster right next to the tacks, wishing he could have slammed her on them! For a while it seemed like Karnage was on his way to a win but Valero delivered a low blow (no rules applied to him). Hiroko clubbed Ricky in the back – even managing to hit a stalling vertical suplex on the Openweight Title contender slamming him onto the clean canvas. His back leaked droplets of blood. At the end of the match Michiko poured more thumb tacks down onto the canvas but Karnage delivered his Nightmare Lariat to her sending her down to the canvas out cold. Valero struck Karnage in the face with a superkick! Hiroko attempted her elbow strike but Valero side stepped it – grabbing Hiroko – He then lifted her for the PinnaclePlex! Murakami landed the back of her head on the tacks as Ricky pulled her tights to aid in the pin attempt…he got the win for himself and Michiko!

5. Chiba Kobayashi defeats Akitoshi Takayama via Pinfall (17:49) – The first main event match up of Kobayashi’s GFP Openweight Championship came in the form of the hardened veteran Akitoshi Takayama. The forty year old veteran was one of the people that came closest to matching Chiba’s physical strength. The two did battle in the center of the ring. At the middle point of the match Takayama hit a capture suplex on Chiba right next to droplets of blood that remained in the ring following the 1,000 Tacks Match. At the end Akitoshi hit the AK Hell Ride on Chiba! He pinned him…




Akitoshi then lifted Chiba up going for a second AK Hell Ride, but Kobayashi landed behind Takayama. The Openweight Champion took a few steps back bouncing his back off the ropes then he TOOK AKITOSHI’S HEAD OFF WITH THE LARIAT! As big as Akitoshi was he nearly flipped over landing on his back as Chiba pinned his shoulders down for a three count and a big win to kick off his championship reign.

Post Main Event – Chiba lifted his Openweight Championship in the air. As he was celebrating the duo of Felicity Banks and Sofia King were seen standing at the entrance of Korakuen Hall. Receiving a negative reaction from the fans. Felicity dual wielding her HKW World Heavyweight and GFP Tag Team Championship belts on her shoulder. Former Heavyweight Champion Sofia stood there looking on at Chiba. The two leaders of the Rebellion knew that Chiba had to take them both on over the course of the next week. Sofia then motioned around her waist that come TV Asashi #7 she’d add the GFP Openweight Championship to her list of accolades as Chiba smirked at her lifting his belt up one more time to get the people of Tokyo to clap loudly as the show comes to a close.


Athlete of the night - Barry Copper
Manuver of the night - MT I-III (Minoru Kato)
Match of the night – Chambers/Minoru vs. Ayanos
Top pops – Chiba Kobayashi, Ayanos, Andrew Karnage, Hiroko, Aries Armadaist
Top heat – Levi Chambers, Felicity/Sofia, Ricky Valero, Michiko Yamada, Minoru Kato

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