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Topic Started: Feb 9 2015, 09:27 PM (437 Views)
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[color=#green]SATURDAY MINI SHOW!

OOC Notes; Mini shows are filler shows. Not meant to be as full as normal show summaries.

KBS Hall
Kamigyo, Kyoto
Attendance: 982 out of 1,000 seats. [Under Capacity]

1. The Manhattan Project defeats King of Darkness via Pinfall (00:06) – As soon as the opening bell rung the small child ran at the King of Darkness somehow wrapping her hand around the taller man's neck and hitting a jumping chokeslam she called the Atomic Dealt Death for the quick - shocking - pinfall victory.

2. Levi Chambers defeats Aries Armadaist via Pinfall (14:10) – Before the match could start HAN made his way out once more to inform Yuji Hirota that he would be wrestling this match blindfolded. As the ringside young boys tried to hand Hirota the blindfold he exited the ring tackling the owner of Puroresu United down! The former Jr. Tag Champion had enough. Leaving Levi Chambers to take on Aries Armadaist in what was now a singles match. The match was even down the middle until Levi wrapped a dollar bill around his index finger and jabbed Armadaist in the eye leading to Levi hitting Spinning Chambers for the pin victory. Continuing his momentum!

Yuji Hirota/HAN at ringside – Still at ringside Yuji brawled with the older - bigger HAN. Despite HAN's size advantage Hirota had him against the guard railing delivering kicks to his stomach until four young boys came to pull Yuji back off their boss. HAN then pushed himself off the railing to deliver a vicious open palm slap to the face of Yuji. HAN then asked Hirota if he regretted standing up to him and Michiko. Hirota answered by spitting in HAN's face causing the crowd to clap loudly! HAN then laid a harsh knee into Yuji's stomach. Hirota fell to the ground as HAN brushed off his suit telling Yuji that he just made his life that much harder before walking off.

3. The Ayanos defeat Daisuke Suzuki and Katsuo Koga via Pinfall (12:28) – Daisuke Suzuki made it clear from the start that he didn't work well with others. He stood on the apron as Katsuo did battle with Merlot and Night Train. As the Ayanos traded tags Daisuke ignored all of Katsuo's. Leading Merlot to muster up the strength to lift Koga up and drive his neck onto her knee for her Ms. Rainmaker finish to grab herself and Night Train a win! Daisuke then got into the ring as Koga sat up Suzuki hit a shining wizard on him! Following that Daisuke mouthed off that his time was coming to shoot to the top of the GFP rankings.

4. Felicity Banks w/ Sofia King defeats Chiba Kobayashi via Pinfall (22:43) – This was the match of the night between the GFP Tag Team Champion and the brand new Openweight Champion. Chiba had aggression and power on his side as opposed to Felicity using her speed advantage over him. Tied in with her intelligence. At one point in the match Chiba nearly hit the Queen with his famous Lariat but she managed to avoid it by spitting a red mist into the eyes of Kobayashi stunning him for a bit. At the twenty minute mark it was still neck and neck between the two stars until Chiba ran the ropes only to have his legs pulled by Sofia King! Chiba turned to kick Sofia back against the railing he turned once more in Felicity's direction only to run into Off with your Head! To everyone's surprise Chiba still slowly got up after Fel's finisher. Showing the physical specimen he was. Felicity hit him with Off with your Head a second time to get the pinfall win over the Openweight Champion. The fans looked on in horror.

Post Main Event – After hitting the two “Off with your head” attacks, Felicity made her way out of the ring and grabbed a microphone. She ripped her GFC tag title away from the ring announcer, and stared at the Openweight title, finally turning back to Chiba. Felicity laughed into the microphone to a massive amount of heat as Chiba slowly rised to his feet. Felicity made her way up the entrance ramp telling the Chiba and the crowd that the man who has dominated Puroresu is not immortal. He is not unbeatable. Felicity made it known that she only came to Puroresu to expand as a wrestler and to expand her list of accomplishments, and said she wouldn’t mind adding the Openweight championship to that list in addition to keeping her Tag Team title away from Hiroko and Drew.

Felicity told Chiba that the clock was running out, and his reign at the top was coming to an end. She listed all the names in the Rebellion and said it could be any one of them, but told Chiba that she hopes he has eyes in the back of his head because a scorpion could strike at anytime. Felicity dropped the mic as the Japanese crowd in attendance boo’d the GFP Tag champ out of the arena. Chiba shook his head and didn’t seem to care too much about Felicity’s words, still angered by the way he lost.


Athlete of the night - Felicity
Manuver of the night - Merlot Ayano's Ms. Rainmaker
Match of the night – Felicity Banks vs. Chiba Kobayashi
Top pops – Yuji Hirota, Chiba Kobayashi, The Ayanos, Daisuke Suzuki
Top heat – Felicity Banks, Levi Chambers, HAN, Sofia King

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