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SSWA Supercard #4
Topic Started: Feb 10 2015, 09:33 AM (384 Views)
Sean Sands
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13-21 in NABA
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DATE HELD: February 23rd, 2015
LOCATION: Echo Arena in Liverpool, England
COMMENTATORS: Bill Hall, Kevin Carrey

Pre-Show Match #1: Singles Match
VINCENZO vs Blaine Rhodes

Pre-Show Match #2: Singles Match
John Hanley vs Jack McMatthews

Pre-Show Match #3: Trios Match
Mill Road Massive vs The Machinas

Match #1: SSWA Rising Star Championship
Cibernetico Match

Team Dover (Captain Macy Dover, Chelle Harper, Rakim Jackson, Utopia Vidal, Sir Henry Ian Tyson) vs Team Sanks (Captain Sandon Sanks, Akemi Hayashi, Danielle Vasquez, Luke Matthews, Harrison Andrews)

Match #2: Trios Match
No Disqualification Match

Fade 2 White vs The Diirtyy South

Match #3: SSWA Pure Championship
Pure Wrestling Rules Match

Levi Chambers © vs Anya Sands

Match #4: Trios Match
Losers Are Banned From The Arena

The Veterans vs Bestia Non Grata

Match #5: Liverpool Street Fight
AJ Thomas vs Suzume Mitsuyoshi

Match #6: SSWA Trios Championships
Trios Match

The Mayne Men © vs The Cistern

Match #7: Singles Match
Clue Wins Shot At World Title Should He Win

Clue vs Prince Wadjethotep

Main Event: SSWA Heavyweight Championship
No Holds Barred Match

Alexa Corra © vs Kickass Smurf
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