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Aria Bankowski


NOTES: For the special shows I’ll do talk code segments :D!

Seoul, Olympic Stadium
Seoul South Korea
Attendance: 71,548 out of 69,950 seats. [SOLD OUT!]

LOOKING INTO A MIRROR -- A tape recording from earlier began to air. Felicity Banks was seen standing outside of the massive Seoul Olympic Stadium with masses of fans already entering the building. She made her way inside - she found her way to a locker room which was reserved for her. Upon entering she found a lone Ling Ling sitting on the couch in the lavish locker room still in outside clothes. Banks slammed the door behind her.

FELICITY BANKS: What do you think you’re doing here?!

The Queen asked getting more tense as the clock within the locker room ticked away. There was previous heat between the Global Superstar and The Lingster. A LOT of it stemming back to the early days of GFP reviving Puroresu United.

LING LING: HAN-san and Michiko-chan’s doing again, Felicity-chan. No one else wants Ling around. Everyone was told they’d be fired if they allowed me to change with them. But HAN wouldn’t dare to fire Felicity-chan.

Banks got closer to the seated Ling looking down at her.

FELICITY BANKS: Ling I don’t want you to change with me either. Do you THINK I’ve forgotten everything you put me and Fran through when we first arrived here, peasant? Am I supposed to just forget that happened?

LING LING: People never listened to Ling. THAT’s why Ling had to take measures she took. Listen here, Felicity-chan, if Ling’s not mistaken. FELICITY used to be in a similar spot as Ling in PDW. People in GFP saw Ling as weak. Felicity happened to be in the crossfire at the time. Looks like it didn’t work either way because look at Ling now.

Ling looked down to the floor - still too sad to process the real threat right in front of her.

LING LING: Ling tried hard to blend in with the Japanese. Felicity saw it on Twitter often Ling would conform to be “in” with Suzume-chan and Whiskey-chan. But at the end of the day….neither were there to help Ling when Yamada-chan began to ruin her life. They gave Ling pity. God knows Ling loves Suzume and Whiskey but Ling needed more. Paralyzing her best friend…..Ling is just done. Ling’s just great at covering it up with comedy. Ling apologizes for anything she’s done to Felicity just to be accepted by a country she isn’t ever going to REALLY be apart of.

Felicity just stared blankly at Ling for a few seconds before tossing her knapsack into one of the locker rooms.

FELICITY BANKS: Do not use any of my creams, make up, skin bronzer, anything. Oh, and I don’t want to listen to any of that K-Pop stuff. Kay?

Ling looked up, eyes still extremely red.

LING LING: Gotcha.

Felicity gave Ling a thumbs up and walked away. She felt bad about Ling’s situation, but she wasn’t the type of person who forgave easily. That, and she never forgot either.

FELICITY BANKS: Can’t help but wonder if this is some sort of trap..

Felicity mumbled, but didn’t make it into a big deal as she went ahead and got ready for her big deathmatch.

LING LING: It isn’t any trap…...to assure Felicity that it isn’t here…..

Ling tossed a folded piece of paper over to Felicity Banks. On it read that the card had been rearranged for Banks vs. Hirota to be bumped to the main event while Ling’s match was bumped down.

LING LING: Ling knows Felicity has been working really hard. And was never rewarded for it. On top of that….Michiko doesn’t deserve to close out a show in front of MY REAL people in the Seoul Stadium. Ling’s home city. LING’s people. The 71,000 people already lining up to watch the show...oh no. Ling’s passing that honor on to…..you.

The Korean Star did regret what she had done to the likes of Scarlet Flint, Ricky Valero, Levi Chambers, and the rest of the list that had to suffer because she needed to make examples of people. It took a lot of guts to give up a main event in front of one of the biggest wrestling crowds of the year. It was a sign of respect from a national star attempting to climb higher heights to a world renowned star. Ling and Felicity were never going to be the best of friends but they both broke in the business the same way.

LING LING: First person for this. Felicity….my people deserve a guaranteed show not plagued by HAN. You and Hirota will give it.

Felicity looked down at the paper with her eyes narrowed, but soon looked back up at Ling. She knew how big of a deal this was to her, and to her people. Those thoughts of this being some sort of trap faded away as Felicity walked over toward Ling and scratched her head with a smile.

FELICITY BANKS: I was gonna bow or what but I learned that you guys don’t really do that here. Give you a nice head scratch instead.

Felicity continued scratch Ling’s before backing away.

FELICITY BANKS: Really though. This means a lot. Knowing you of all people noticed these things means I’m doing exactly what I intended on doing. And now - knowing that you feel this way...this little Rebellion thing?

Felicity shrugged her shoulders.

FELICITY BANKS: Seems kinda pointless, doesn’t it?

She waved off her words and sat down next to Ling.

FELICITY BANKS: Not important right now. Right now what’s important is making sure we close out this tour with a bang. Blood, sweat, and more blood, right?

LING LING: Ye, One hundred percent, Banks. No matter what happens tonight the people should go home satisfied. That’s true star power. Not having an old man up your vagina.

Ling extended her hand out to Felicity offering the shake. Felicity met Ling halfway and shook her hand as the scene came to a close.


The former Extreme Champion and GFP Openweight contender Valero stood in front of a glass case inside of an empty room. Zooming in on the glass case - there sat what was to be the new design of the GFP Openweight Championship.

Posted Image

RICKY VALERO: 2-0, Chiba. 2-0. Tonight's the night that belt finally ends up where it's belonged this entire time. Tonight I'm wrapping up this series. 3-0. That's a promise.


Before the show begun, Felicity Banks made her way toward HAN’s skybox. She made herself welcome with HAN going in for a hug, but Felicity pushed him back.

FELICITY BANKS: You smell like booze, HAN. Annnd, I need to make sure you’re not planning anything slick tonight for my match.

HAN: Felly-chan....Things are more complicated than you understand.

Felicity’s stare almost penetrated a hole through HAN.


She laughed evilly.

FELICITY BANKS: ..do not get involved in my match. This will make me mad, and if you make mad - you’ll make me your enemy… you don’t want me as your enemy...believe me.

As Felicity walked away HAN stared evily at her.


Posted Image

The match starts with Katsutoshi and Thunder in the ring. The two exchange blows as Katsutoshi as they battle back and forth. Katsutoshi eventually takes control after catching Thunder with a Leg Lariat as she came off the ropes. He follows up with a side Russian Leg Sweep. As he gets to his feet Katsutoshi breaks into dance off situation which gives Thunder time to recover which leads to her hitting a samoan drop on him. After following it up with a full nelson slam Thunder looks for a spear but Katsutoshi moves out of the way causing Thunder to hit the corner hard.

Katsutoshi quickly makes a tag into Aries who goes on the attack with a series of headbutts to Thunder. Aries goes for a brainbuster but it's well scouted as Thunder reverses it into a snap suplex. Thunder then makes the tag to Candy who comes in hitting Aries with a flurry of offense before the match breaks down with Thunder and Katsutoshi on the outside trading blows as Aries and Candy go at it on the inside. As Katsutoshi hits a series of knife edge chops on the outside. Candy assumes control, hitting a back-flip kick but as she goes for the enzurigiri Aries ducks causing Candy to hit the canvas. He follows it up with the Aries Clutch to pick up the win.

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Aria Bankowski

Posted Image

Posted Image vs. Posted Image

Kyo seemed to be trying to tell Murakami that she could do a lot better without wrestling alongside Andrew Karnage. Kyo stated that if they ever had a rematch Hiroko should consider ditching the “selfish” GFP veteran Karnage and joining Fear and Loathing. Instead of replying verbally the GFP Tag Team Champion did so by laying in one of the hardest knife edged chops you’ll ever hear sending Kyo back a few steps.


Hiroko repeated it. For the next four minutes Murakami punished Kyo with relentless moves like knee strikes to the stomach, a flying dropkick into the turnbuckle, and a stalling vertical suplex. Kyo brawled back in the last two minutes elbowing Murakami in the face then nailing a backflip kick to the top of Hiroko’s head. Kyo then ran the ropes - leaping on to the second rope then jumping back to wrap his arm around Murakami’s neck….


Hiroko was down after that Springboard DDT leading to a near fall! Kyo looked to pick up a win of his own following Brutus’ big win over Andrew Karnage. Kyo went to the top rope. He positioned himself at the top rope looking to do some serious damage. He would flip off for a special 450! While Kyo was still in midair Hiroko would pop right back up to her feet with a look of determination on her face that told the story of a woman who just wanted to inflict punishment…..


Murakami nailed Kyo in the face with her famous elbow strike as he was dropping down for the 450! Loathing crumbled down to the canvas out cold after the devastating elbow as Hiroko hooked the leg for a pin and a little retribution for Karnage’s loss! Hiroko would stand back up on her feet with her arms raised high after the victory. Lifting her championship belt up as the crowd cheered.

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Aria Bankowski

RIGHT HAND MAN -- Barry Copper was seen holding a paper in his hand with a menacing smile on his face. No one knew exactly what ran through the big man’s mind but it sure was going to be something dangerous. Barry left us with one message before departing down the hallway with a bit of information unknown to the public buried in the depths of his mind….


The former three-time World Extreme Champion then stormed off into the distance.

Posted Image

STUDENT’s LESSON -- We once again recieve a tape of the ultra-talented Ricky Valero from earlier in the day. He was seen yelling at one of his students.

RICKY VALERO: You missed a spot...polish it again!

The frightened American student nodded his head quickly.


He wasn’t intentionally being a jerk to them. He was teaching his student tough love. Because Valero knew there wasn’t a single soul in the world of wrestling who wouldn’t turn their backs on you for their own personal gain. He tried to teach all of the Valero Fight Club students that lesson. An extremely pale woman came into view. South Korean workers looked curiously at Zelda - they tried to get closer and touch her skin and hair snow white hair. Valero shoved them all away to stop them from making Rune uncomfortable.

She spoke in her faint Southern accent.

ZELDA RUNE: See, Rickeh? This is why I didn’ wanna come. They treat a girl like she’s a tamed creature.

RICKY VALERO: Get over it. If you want to do this you’ll have to get used to people reacting the way they do to you. Take their attention off the way you look, redirect it to your skill in the ring. Take my colleague Felicity for example. At first glance she’s a pretty small lady. But when she wrestles you forget any of that. You only notice how dominant she is in between the ropes.

The young woman pondered. However, she still did not seem all too convinced that it’d be that simple.

ZELDA RUNE: Wish I looked like Feliciteh. Naace skin tone...perfect hair….Alrahht then. I’ll show them sumin’ in the ring. I’ll try. Aye, you aren’ afraid of that Chiba boy are you?

Zelda smiled lightly. Following it with playful laughter. Ricky’s face darkened. He pulled Zelda’s ear.


RICKY VALERO: Don’t ask foolish questions. That guy was never a real match for me. I need to go get ready now. Don’t get bullied around here.

The pale woman sighed as Valero left the scene.

Posted Image



Akitoshi took one of the students down with a spinebuster. The student got back to his feet breathing heavily. It looked as if he fought both Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao at the same time in one ring. The young boy pleaded with the elder Takayama.

YOUNG BOY: Please! Takayama-sensei! We’ve taken 600 arm drags, ran 30 laps, done 500 push ups, and now this!? We didn’t sign up for this!

Akitoshi grabbed the young boy and lifted him up dropping him down on his back again as he yelled out. Akitoshi them dropped down for a grounded chin lock on the young boy who tapped signaling he wanted to get out of the hold. Akitoshi only tightened the grip.


Takayama then let go of his grasp. Looking out to all of his students.

AKITOSHI TAKAYAMA: These days you pay some money for “wrestling training” now all of our athletes are JOKES. NOT. ON. MY. WATCH! NOT IN THIS DOJO! GET UP! ALL OF YOU! YOUR REWARD FOR HIM SPEAKING OUT IS THIRTY MORE LAPS!

The students groaned as they exited the Dojo to attempt completion of the laps.

Posted Image


A video package aired of Kobayashi bench pressing 500 pounds with a smirk on his face. It shifted over to him being crowned the first GFP Openweight Champion back in the later portion of January. With it brought sponsorship deals and mass appreciation from the Japanese population. Clips of all of Kobayashi’s lariats are shown. Leaving a big question…..would Valero receive the Lariat again?


Posted Image

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Aria Bankowski

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Posted Image vs. Posted Image

Flame stepped in between the ropes with a certain look on his face that told the Seoul crowd that there was about to be some trouble. The referee attempted to go through all of the pre-match rituals. The Blazin’ One pushed the referee out of his way - the ref fell right on his backside - Flame started running towards Lin with everything he had he leaped forward driving his shoulder into Lin’s stomach with the spear he called his Fireball! For the first seven minutes Flame took his offense (which was attractive to the eye) all the way to Lin as Rin encouraged Lin to keep fighting on the outside floor. Lin would come back with a Thez Press leading to a diving elbow drop! It wasn’t enough to put Flame away!

Lin grabbed Flame pressing him up against the ropes. Lin then ran in the opposite direction bouncing his back off the ropes and rushing back attempting to clothesline Flame over the top rope - but The Blazin’ One ducked lauching Lin out to the hard floor!

Lin ended up landing on his back outside of the ring. Flame pulled down on the third rope - leaping up and balancing his feet on the third rope. He smirked wide as he balanced himself - looking down at Lin (and Rin whom happened to be standing next to Lin). Flame leaped off the third rope flipping backwards in the air for the (shooting star press) FIRE STAR landing on both Rin and Lin drawing cheers from the crowd.

Minutes later with Lin down on his back in the middle of the ring Flame was free to do whatever he wanted. At the fourteen minute mark Flame exited the ring - ducking under the third rope to stand on the apron. Flame began to climb the turnbuckle. Placing his feet on the first of the three, and then the second. Lin ended up on the apron with Flame. While Flame was standing on the second turnbuckle Lin grabbed Flame positioning him for a falling neckbreaker! Instead of dropping Flame….Lin ran forward!


Lin hit a running neckbreaker right on the ring apron! Flame held the back of his neck in pain. Lin rolled Flame into the ring getting a two and three quarter count to the surprise of many! Lin then lifted Flame up - bending him down to hit In Memoriam! Flame reversed it and flipped Lin forward with the Fire Starter! Trapping Lin in a pinning predicament to get the three count! Flame has won the match on Night Seven and gotten a little retribution on Project Venom! As Lin rolled out of the ring Rin was not a happy man. He pointed at Flame warning him. But Flame soaked up his win and the crowd!

WINNER - FLAME (27:18)
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Aria Bankowski

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Posted Image vs.

Next up was a grudge match between bitter enemies. HAN stood on Michiko’s side of the ring while Ling stood surrounded by family, friends, and her former K-POP group - they all maneuvered themselves to the outside of the ring barking at Ling to put an end to Yamada. Michiko smirked at Ling mouthing off that it was the end. Ling looked out to her people raising her arm to create an “L” sign as the fans blew the roof off the Stadium with cheers for the hometown girl chanting "JI-MIN" which was Ling's birth name. The referee checked both Michiko and Ling for weapons. Soon after she called for the starting bell.


Right as the bell ring Ling turned to look down to her family members, mother, sisters, and her K-Pop group for blessing - while doing so Michiko neglected all respect and clubbed Ling in the back of the head. During the first few minutes Michiko would stomp away at Ling even delivering that stalled brainbuster her father won so many championships with - receiving massive heat for it as the crowd chanted “Nihonjin garbage.” Yamada would line her enemy up and hit an exploder suplex to the turnbuckle! Ling ended up in a tree of woe position as Michiko stepped back and hit the low dropkick to Ling’s chest!

Still in control of the match Michiko waited for Ling to get back to her feet. Once Ling was there Michiko measured then leaped up for the Leg Lariat...only to be caught in powerbomb position by Ling - who notably put on a lot more lean muscle in the months leading to the match.


Ling drove Michiko right onto the canvas with every ounce of strength she had utilizing a sitout powerbomb. Michiko was then lifted onto Ling’s shoulders in fireman’s carry position as Ling tossed Yamada up and planted the back of Yamada’s neck onto her knee! The crowd popped. Ling grabbed Yamada - once again tossing her up on her shoulders for a running powerslam but Michiko slipped out of Ling’s grasp landing on her feet! Michiko nailed a sharp roundhouse kick sending Ling forward landing her neck on the second rope. HAN planted his fist right into Ling’s face knowing he would lose the empire he built for more than twenty years if she managed to win - in response Ling’s family and even some of the crowd swarmed HAN delivering their own justice onto him with a beating he wouldn’t soon forget. Nose bloodied Ling got back to her feet.

She and Michiko traded blows - the dazed Ling kicked Michiko in the stomach then lifted her looking for the dangerous and devastating GANSO BOMB which was specifically intended to break Michiko’s neck but Yamada slipped away again locking on her greco roman knuckle lock Yamada rolled back with Ling on a monkey flip - she proceeded to lift Ling’s head up and stomp it back down she repeated this multiple times with no sign of forfeit from Ling one of the DOUBLE DOUBLE members tossed in the towel for Ling giving Michiko the win via her new Anti-Product finisher. The crowd booed extremely loud - and even tossed their drinks down angered by HAN and Michiko costing Ling her job as President of GFP. Han - busted lip and all - was smiling happily as Ling’s family rushed in to check on her!

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Aria Bankowski

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In the co-main event of the evening both Ricky Valero and Chiba Kobayashi met in the ring once again to add another chapter to their already storied rivalry. Staring back when both men were attempting to burst onto the Japanese wrestling scene when GFP relaunched Puroresu United. Valero and Kobayashi couldn't come to common ground costing them both the chance to win the highly prized GFP Tag Team Championships. That ice breaker lead them to today - Valero a former World Extreme Champion and Kobayashi the first GFP Openweight Champion doing battle in a best of five for the most coveted championship in all of Asia. Both men stared at the new GFP Openweight Championship design sitting in the glass case - even Chiba - despite holding his current design tight against his shoulder.


The referee extended her arms to take the Openweight throne away from Chiba. He looked down at it for a long moment knowing that tonight could be the night he lost that treasure. For if Ricky Valero were to extend the score to 3-0 the best of five series would come to an end. They locked up - Chiba began to push forward - Valero took a few steps back.


Could be heard coming form both men as they pushed and pushed looking to gain the upper hand. Valero took one more step back then dropped down - taking Chiba down as well with a basic double leg takedown. For the next few minutes Valero tamed the powerful Chiba with grounded headlocks. Transitioning to hammerlocks as well. Really utilizing the ground game to tire the High Tide out. Valero wasn't known to use ground game often but in a big time environment the big players pulled out any and everything to win. Chiba took over and rolled the situation around to where he had a basic leg lock - pulling back on the tip of Ricky's boot. It looked like Kobayashi was attempting to snap the ankle of Valero but Ricky turned it back around - rolling out of it.

Valero got back to his feet - Chiba reached his knees before.....


Ricky hit his lucky superkick to a kneeled Kobayashi! but that wasn't enough because the massive Chiba only landed on his backside holding his head in pain.


Valero delivered another superkick! Chiba was STILL upright!


A THIRD superkick and Kobayashi was finally down on his back! Ricky went out to the ring apron. He would springboard himself up to the third rope and leap off hitting a double foot stomp on the mid section of the GFP Openweight Champion but it wasn't enough to get a three on the pin! Valero then went to springboard once again but Kobayashi found himself standing up! He caught Valero in bear hug position! He nearly squeezed the life out of Valero before turning around and delivering an overhead belly to belly suplex! Ricky landed in the corner with his foot on the bottom rope. Chiba grabbed Valero and lifted him up to the top turnbuckle.

Both men stood at the top turnbuckle. Chiba slapped his palm against the neck of Valero and leaped off slamming Ricky down with a HARD chokeslam onto the ring apron all the way from the top turnbuckle! Chiba landed feet first on the outside floor as Ricky rolled inside of the ring. Chiba slid in. The match was over...after perhaps the most devastating chokeslam ever delivered...he went for the pin....




Ricky got his shoulder up! The crowd cheered - trapped in the moment they lost track of who was the good guy and who was the bad guy. It was simply an amazing match being put on between two great athletes. Chiba lifted Valero back up to a vertical base. Valero was wobbly. Chiba took a swing but Ricky caught his arm and managed to lift the massive Chiba onto his shoulders to drop him down with the SAMOAN DROP! Valero then got Chiba up and managed to somehow lift him up and drop back with the PINNACLE PLEX! And the pin!



THRE-KICKOUT by Kobayashi!

Both Kobayashi and Valero were tired out. Ricky went to the top rope he leaped off looking for a double foot stomp once again only to recieve THE LARIAT! Kobayashi floored Valero with that signature Lariat! He hooked the leg...




After a grand effort by both men the GFP Openweight Champion managed to keep hold of his Openweight Championship! Kobayashi celebraed bringing the series to 2-1!

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Aria Bankowski

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Posted Image vs. Posted Image

We reached the main event of the evening to wrap up the highly successful set of South Korea tour tapings! Bestowed onto the audience (who were very sour following Ling's loss, but had spirits lifted a bit the following match). It was the last act from Ling as President of Glory For Puroresu selecting a global star to go head to head with the fastest rising star in all of Japanese wrestling. Felicity had a serious expression on her face as did Yuji Hirota - both have had some ups and some downs in the promotion now their paths crossed.


Weapons were littered all over the ring. Chairs, wooden sticks, kendo sticks, light tubes, tables, LIGHTERS, barbed wire, and just about everything else under the sun you could find in Seoul. Yuji kicked up one of the hard wooden sticks and ran towards Felicity - this would be no wrestling match.....This was going to be a blood bath! Fel ducked a wild swing of he stick from Hirota! Yuji turned again this time catching Felicity in the back with the stick! Yuji then began to choke Felicity with the stick - she slipped from under and then leaped up - wrapping her arm around the back of Hirota's head!


She planted Yuji's forehead right on top of three light tubes that were below them - shattering the green tubes. Now Yuji's face had a nice stream of blood going. The next few minutes Felicity and Hirota traded holds such as arm drags then transitioned to a spinning heel kick from Banks! Then a Dynamo Beta dragon screw to take Felicity back off her feet! Hirota would attempt a belly to back suplex on Banks driving her onto a garbage can that sat in the middle of the ring. Hirota grabbed some barbed wire wrapping it across the forehead of Felicity for a barbed wire aided crossface. The world traveled star didn't give up! Yuji continued to apply pressure to the hold even though it was hurting his own hands.

He didn't care....

It was about proving himself against an established superstar on this night. In a main event at a sold out stadium in front of 71,000 people

Despite her own blood leakage starting Felicity fought back to her feet breaking free with the help of her Scorpio Spike headlock driver right onto the already flattened garbage can! Felicity found satisfaction in it before grabbing hold of a lead pipe! She used that pipe to aid her in her Cattle Mutilation submission maneuver which did major damage to the arms of Hirota! Felicity pulled on the pipe. You could feel it. Any moment Hirota's arms ready to snap!

Yuji managed to break free. He got to his feet. He and Fel got into another lock up leading to Hirota hitting the DYNAMO ULTRA suplex on Fel landing her onto multiple chairs...




Felicity got out of the pin before the three count! Shoulders up! Hirota lifted Felicity up looking for another big time move only to by Felicity's Felony ASSAULT! With Yuji down Felicity set up THREE tables on the outside of the ring. Pouring gasoline on all of them. Then lighting them ablaze! Felicity grabbed Yuji guiding him to the top rope. Felicity grabbed Hirota's head - possibly looking for a SUPER Scorpio Spike from the top rope to the flaming table. But Yuji fought! The two began to punch, elbow, and slap away at one another till they knocked each other off the third turnbuckle ALLL the way down to the flaming tables outside of the squared circle! Both Banks and Hirota crashed through!


The crowd went nuts! Some questioned if Yuji and Felicity were still alive after that. But they were. Three minutes after gathering themselves. Hirota rolled into the ring. Felicity limped there with barbed wire wrapped around her bloody knee now! She ran the ropes then bounced her back off them coming back to nail Hirota in the face with a barbed wire OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! Hirota was down and Felicity covered!




Banks has won the match up! This was perhaps one of the best death matches of all time! Felicity barely sat up bloodied from head to toe and shivering from burns - as was Hirota! Felicity has shown that she can BRING it in the Japanese main event picture and Yuji Hirota was now a made man after this, undeniable. Both gained a lot after this classic! Confetti fell to the ring to honor the two warriors of the ring,

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