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Topic Started: Mar 30 2015, 11:16 PM (492 Views)
Aria Bankowski


OOC Notes; Mini shows are sort of filler shows. Not meant to be as full as normal shows.

Notes: People who didn't attend would be able to see individual youtube match videos, result breakdowns online ect...

Ai's Kyoto Estate

Kyoto, Japan

3/22/2015 [Videos being posted on Youtube shortly after]

Attendance: 200 out of 200 seats. [MAXIMUM CAPACITY!]

PRE SHOW RESPECT: As people started to fill Ai's house she, former GFP Tag Team Champion Felicity Banks, and GFP Openweight contender Ricky Valero were seen in the massive backyard of the estate setting up a ring together. Fitted with a pink apron. The three shared conversation and a few laughs before Ai stated that while it would be an honor to face Felicity, it was going to be one of her biggest challenges to date. Felicity simply smiled saying it was the same on Ai's side, that she hasn't faced a single person like The Queen in her career. They traded a few friendly jabs before completing set up. Ai then looked at both Valero and Felicity saying that they may have been Gaijin.....hated by the majority of the GFP Board but SHE saw that they were two of the most hard working people in the promotion. Surpassing most of the natives. Ai then winks at Banks before saying she never thought she would be jealous of a western wrestler's accomplishment before she came around.

Ai emphasized that she watched Defiance whenever she could. Acknowledging that while massively over with the audience she still didn't have the ability to crack another person mentally. Make them feel worthless. Something Felicity had that she wanted. Felicity added that in a fight between two alpha females only one would be coming out on top....and that was her....


Once Date and Ricky made their entrances they awaited their partners. On Date's side Rin made his entrance - even though he had a face mask on we can all assume he was smirking heavily. That imagined smirk faded away when Flame revealed himself to be Valero's partner! He didn't even wait to let the 200 people in estate fully soak in his presence before sliding into the ring. He went straight after his former tag team partner turned biggest rival in Glory For Puroresu nailing him in the mid section with a Fireball (spear)! Flame went for the early pin getting a two count. Judging by the look on Flame's face he was more than happy Rin didn't kick out. The Junior Legend wanted to PUNISH Rin.

Rin got back into it catching Flame with a back body drop. Followed by a standing moonsault! Rin rolled to the corner to tag in Date. Sakuraba got in hitting flame with a forward stiff kick, a snap suplex, and a standing double foot stomp to he chest before picking Flame up and locking him in a sleeper! Flame managed to toss him over. Rin tagged himself back in when Date rolled into their corner! Flame would take the offense to Rin nailing a Tiger Suplex and then moving out to the apron to leap up for a springboard Leg Drop! Still getting the two count. Flame looked over at Valero. These two also having major issues. Instead of tagging Valero's haand The Blazin' One delivered a BACKHAND to Valero. Ricky got in (technically the legal man) and he and Flame began to grab at one another.

Before anyone knew it Date was in the ring as well. Rin stayed in the corrner. Looking out to the 200 people. Rin yelled out. Suddenly his Project Venom members (uninvited) came from out of the crowd and entered the ring. The three members of PV then jumped Date and Flame. Valero slid out of the ring at the last moment. People were shocked. Flame tackled Pierce down to the canvas driving fists into his face but once again numbers game caught up with Flame. Leaving Project Venom to stand tall over The Blazin' One. Retribution for Lin's loss to the legend!

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Aria Bankowski


The second match of the night was something only the richest in Kyoto would be able to see live. Crowned Royalty winner Shane Atwater taking Ai up on her invitation to come compete for her. He entered the ring as the crowd clapped for him. Remembering how impressive he was during Hard Knox Wrestling's tour of their country. He and Hiroko met at the center of the ring. Giving one another a firm hand shake before they both took a few steps back.

Once the starting bell sounded off the two went to lock up with one another. While Atwater still had the strength advantage it was obvious that Hiroko was anything but average. Atwater cut the lock up down soon after taking Murakami down with a one armed DDT. Right as Hiroko's forehead collided with the canvas Atwater turned it into a headlock! The Crowned Royalty winner wrenched away at it before Murakami began to battle her way back to her feet. While Atwater still had the headlock Hiroko pushed him forward a few steps before grabbing him from behind and lifting him up for a german suplex!

It only got a two count but it was still impressive.....

Hiroko would follow it up by running the ropes as Atwater got up. She dropping him right back down with a shoulder block, and then a spine buster. The GFP Tag Team Champion tried to maintain control of the match for the next few minutes with various hard strikes and throws but Atwater had answers, countering with fujiwara armbars, heel hooks, and a surfboard hold. Atwater caught Hiroko in his signature move The Knot (chicken wing octopus stretch)!! But Hiroko didn't tap.

At the end of the match Murakami went for her charging elbow strike but Atwater side stepped kicking Hiroko down to her knees by striking her calves. Shane used his left arm to apply a modified one arm dragon sleeper while he used his right arm to pull Hiroko's right leg up in he air. Leaving her to balance uncomfortably on one knee! This unique unnamed submission hold targeted the neck, mid section, and the leg! It wasn't long before Hiroko had to tap out of this situation giving Atwater a massive win continuing on his road to HKW's Dream On.

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Aria Bankowski


GFP Junior Champion Levi Chambers stood in the ring with his Junior Championship and SSWA Pure Championship slung over his shoulders. Nina Stokes made her entrance with her HKW Bloodlust Title strapped around her waist. She walked in front of a fan who casted an unimpressed look towards Nina mumbling random Japanese curses. Stokes looked at the wealthy fan asking if she "had a problem?" The fan replied "I think you're soft. You no can beat Levi Chambers. I came see if you can prove me wrong." Nina rolled her eyes before walking past said fan.

Once Nina got into the ring the fans began to chant her name (over Levi Chambers who was always a hated man). After a single bell rang Nina and Levi grabbed at one another. Levi took the advantage hitting a surprise discus lariat! He would then grab the HKW Bloodlust Champion to drop her with a full nelson slam but couldn't get more thn the two.

Nina and Levi would then trade holds for some back and forth action....

Belly to belly suplex from Levi followed by a DDT, STO from Nina and then her top rope splash! But neither could put the other away. They would trade more holds for the next few minutes tiring one another out until Levi kneed Nina in the stomach. Then lifted her for SPINNING CHAMBERS! But Nina wiggled out and ran the ropes! She then came back and took Levi out with Death By Harley! Going for the pin she got the three count over the GFP Junior Champion! Following Nina's win she looked back the fan who only pouted....looking away now that she had been proven wrong.

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Aria Bankowski


Defending G/P Most Brutal Champ Michiko Yamada stood in the ring. The known woman, dressed in pink jeans, a black Yoshimi & Yuka "Flower With No Color" T-shirt with the sleeves torn off, barefoot, random streaks of glitter paint on her arms and face.... who chose to use he Saiko Yunokawa name in Japan stepped out of the crowd walking up to enter the ring. Apparently she decided to bring her own set of weapons to the show.

Yunokawa tossed all of the various weapons into the ring then got right in the mix. She and Yamada started off strong trading Armlock DDTs, a bridging dragon suplex, and a back thrust kick from Saiko. Yamada hit her hurricanrana - causing Saiko's back o collide with the light tubes Saiko herself brought to the match! Michiko then hit her brianbuster onto a rectangular chunk of glass. Possibly from a table. As Saiko's head hit the glass it broke, splitting her forehead in the process.

As Saiko climbed onto the apron Michiko kicked her right down to the grass.....the two worked their from the yard of he estate into the actual house fighting through the living room Saiko tossed Michiko over the counter knocking all of the fruit plates down. Saiko turned the water of the kitchen sink on once they reached. Making sure the water was boiling hot she attempted to push Michiko's head under. Yamada got Saiko under instead! Yunokawa yelled out in pain at the boiling water made contact with her bleeding forehead. After wrecking Ai's living room and kitchen they worked their way back out.

One of the Kyoto residents who lived next to Ai's estate held a water glass in hand. Michiko grabbed it, breaking it over Saiko's head. From there the champion rolled Yunokawa into the ring. Saiko fought her way back into it despite blood leaking all the way from her cut up forehead to her shirt. She caught Yamada with a spear, and then her Battlegrounds signature move and then a gutwrench suplex onto a wooden arm chair taken from Ai's own living room! Michiko crashed through the chair breaking it into smaller pieces.

Saiko then dragged Yamada over to the pieces of bloody glass in he middle of the ring and locked on a scissored armbar. Bashing Michiko's head into the canvas with her knee three times. Now Yamada's was was leaking blood from being cut up. Yunokawa got Yamada back to her feet....before she could do anything Michiko kicked her in the mid section looking for Oculus Ex Inferni but Saiko wiggled free. She then kicked a heating pipe up to her hands. Laying into Yamada's chest with it. Michiko fell down to her back. Saiko then climbed to the top rope before leaping up and hitting TSUNAMI WILDFIRE (corkscrew double rotation shooting star press)! The crowd cheered loudly as Saiko went for the pin getting the three and becoming the new Most Brutal Champion!!!

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Aria Bankowski


It was time for the main event of the exclusive event. The select few....the wealthiest in the country paid a good amount of money to secure one of the 200 spots available to see two stars collide. Felicity stood dressed in her third attire. While Ai stood on her side of the ring wearing her own attire. One half of the GFP Jr. Tag Team Champions in Ai was searched by the referee. He then moved over to Felicity searching her for any weapons. He then rang for the bell to start the match!

Felicity and Ai locked up - soon after Ai lifted Felicity high up for a modified sitout hip toss! Dropping Fel onto her back before leaping up and dropping an elbow on the chest of Banks. Ai went for the pin but only got a one count! Ai got up, so did Felicity. Ai smirked at The Quick, Banks then hit a spin kick to Ai's mid section - Fel then spun Ai around and hit a jumping neckbreaker! Going for the pin attempt but Ai kicked out at one and a half!

As they got back up the crowd of 200 were vocal about the match. Cheering them both on. That's when Fel sniffled a few times. So did some of the people in the small crowd.....they turned from the ring to Ai's house itself which had caught fire!! Some of the people attempted to put it out themselves but the fire only grew bigger. People then began to flee the scene in all directions. Running out of the yard. Hiroko Murakami, Date Sakuraba, Shane Atwater, the bloodied Laurel Anne Hardy, and Nina Stokes were trying to help the people to safety! A handful of people were stuck in the house screaming.....

....It was gruesome sight to see......

There wasn't much anyone could do! Felicity picked up a child who was coughing in the crowd. The Queen soon noticed Ai gasping for air. Felicity bent down yelling at The Princess to get to her feet. Ai continued to gasp reaching her arm out to Felicity weakly grabbing at Fel's arm with tears streaming down her cheeks...up until Banks remembered Ai suffered from asthma. The smoke had done her lungs in.....Felicity grabbed hold of Ai....essentially saving her life. As most people successfully got away they wondered about the select few stuck in the house.....Some turned back to watch the big house.....which was now completely engulfed in flames as fire fighters finally poured onto the scene....

Still people were left to wonder....

......Who started the fire in the first place?....

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