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Topic Started: Apr 6 2015, 08:15 PM (651 Views)
Aria Bankowski

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Kyoto Prefectural Gymnasium
Kyoto, Japan
4/4/2015 [Aired in Japan 4/6]
Attendance: 12,452 out of 8,600 seats. Thousands standing outside of the venue just wanting to be there to pay respects to the deceased. [OVER CAPACITY!]

PROJECT VENOM.....HMM?: All three members of the controversial group Project Venom were seen outside of the venue conversing amongst each other. It wasn't clear what they were talking about.....people simply knew it couldn't have been good news. With Flame not around to fight these guys they were free to cause whatever havoc they wanted. All that COULD be heard was Rin saying it's for "me to claim the GFP Junior Championship....."

KYO'S MISCALCULATION: Fear and Loathing member Kyo could be seen at a desk in the office area of the venue demanding that the Board allows Brutus to leave captivity to wrestle tonight. Upon being told no he stormed away from the desk. Walking down the hall Kyo spotted an office with the label "HARUKO MORI" written on the door. He looked at the camera with a dastardly look in his eye saying he was going to "bash Haruko's skull in!" Kyo kicked the door open to find Haruko sitting at her desk. Apparently alone. She looked at him before stuttering "W-w-w-why won't you just leave me alone?! You made fun of the fire so you s-s-shouldn't be here!" Kyo then said "you useless bitch!" Running towards Mori.....only to be stopped dead in his tracks. Someone was pulling on his hair.....Haruko's face lit up with happiness. Kyo was tossed onto the ground. As he looked up he caught the view of Candy Mitsuyoshi, OOKAMI no Chi, a newcomer in Tequila Ayano, and the person who tossed him...Japanese legend, K*Pro's Cannonball Kayama! She looked down at him. Calling him an murderer who hadn't been convicted.

Kyo's eyes widened with shock. Laurel Anne Hardy's request to keep Haruko safe wasn't taken lightly.

He got up to his feet knowing he was in a very bad situation against a very dangerous individual he opted to take his leave of the office running past the newly debuting Tequila Ayano. Candy stayed with Haruko while Ayano and Kayama chased Kyo. It was fairly difficult for Kyo to run with his heels but he managed to get himself out of the Gymnasium away from the show but not before saying he hoped THEY burned down too! Back in the office Haruko looked up to Candy saying she and Tequila would be replacing Fear and Loathing in the Jr. Tag Contendership battle.

FELICITY, AI, AND MICHIKO'S SEARCH: Felicity Banks, Michiko Yamada, and Ai - dubbed #TheSuperTeam for the night simply because they were three of the best in the world. Felicity and Ai stood face to face in front of the Joshi dressing room. Michiko sat in a chair a few feet away, Ai side eyed Yamada cautiously. Felicity had finished tapping away at her phone before telling Ai and Michiko that she couldn't contact HAN. Now knowing he disconnected his numbers. Ai came to an agreement with Felicity that her father was indeed a coward. But they would find him and get answers eventually.. Michiko simply watched the discussion with a blank expression on her face....After the debate bout HAN the three focused their minds on the #HOPECHALLENGE.


Attention was directed toward flags with the six names of the deceased hung up on the arena ceiling.

Then directed to a NEW GFP concept......the EIGHT sided ring.

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The three tag teams stood in their respective corners the crowd clapped loudly - the thing was, they were all dressed as if it were a special funeral ceremony for the six who passed on in the fire. Kato, Night Train, and the newcomer Tequila kicked the match off for their respective teams. Minoru grabbed hold of Night Train before leaping up and nailing a standing hurricanrana he went for the pin but Night Train kicked out! Minoru then lifted up a compact mirror saying that he was "SEXIER THAN ANY AYANO THAT EVER LIVED!" Not amused, Night Train got up then planted her boot in the stomach of Minoru - once the Mirror Master was kneeled over Tequila pulled him near the ropes. She exited out onto the apron while Minoru was still kneeled over

The newcomer put her athletic ability on display by pulling on the ropes to slingshot herself up past the top rope then land a leg drop to the back of Minoru's head! MacRear came into the picture wrapping his arms around the waist of Tequila from behind!

He lifted up for a German but she landed on her feet! MacRear tried to run at Tequila again she side stepped sending him out of the ring!

As Minoru continued to towards the center of the ring Tequila ran across to the opposite side before coming back to nail a running shooting star press! She went for a pin attempt but Minoru kicked out at two! Train nailed a mule kick on Tequila sending her down. Once Tequila got back up Night Train then locked up with her - causing the fans to cheer on an Ayano vs. Ayano situation! Only to be halted by Candy tagging herself in! Tequila and Candy double Irish whipped Night Train across the ring! They took a swing but Night Train ducked - bounced off the ropes - and came back to dropkick Candy! Merlot nailed a dropkick of her own to Tequila's back!

As Candy and Tequila rolled out to the outside floor Night Train and Merlot positioned themselves before running the ropes, they came back then went for the


Tequila and Candy were down! Minutes later Minoru and MacRear were perched atop two turnbuckles - they came flying down into Night Train, Merlot, Candy, and Tequila! Gathering a loud amount of claps from the crowd! Two managed to crawl back into the ring out of the wreckage: Candy Mitsuyoshi and Minoru Kato! The two locked up once more! Minoru then nailed an arm drag! As Candy got back up Kato went for MT-I!!! But Candy caught his leg! Minoru dropped down to the canvas (right leg still in Mitsuyoshi's grasp)! She turned it around into her SPARKLING CRAB (single leg boston crab with a foot planted on Kato's head)!!! Moments later Minoru tapped! Giving herself and impressive newcomer Tequila the victory! And future Contendership to the GFP Junior Tag Team Championships!

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Aria Bankowski


A clip began to play on the tron (not a titantron, but one big enough so the entire fan base could watch). All four competitors scheduled for this special match were caught on video in a Sushi Bar which had people actually enjoying lunch inside! A referee stepped forward looking at all four competitors - pointing the World Extreme Championship she held in her hands in all directions to show what was up for grabs here. She then shouted to begin! Cavallari ran right into the Openweight contender Hirota taking him down to the hard floor with spear! She wanted to make a name for herself in the promotion at one of the bigger stars - Hirota's - expense.

On the opposite side Gage Kaiser had gotten his hands on the defending World Extreme Champion tossing her over the Sushi Bar counter! Flint's body struck two of the cooks behind the counter on the way down! Gage hopped the counter! He grabbed hold of a big metal spoon - proceeding to dig it into the forehead of Scarlet until he saw blood leaking down. While Flint was down Gage backed up a bit. As the champion got up Gage ran forward looking to take her head off but she ducked him then dropkicked him forward!

Kaiser's nose hit the edge of the bar's cash register! The crowd let out a collective "ooooooah!"

It looked anything but pleasant! It was downright nasty! Kaiser's nose looked as horrible as Flint's cut up forehead. It leaked blood. Scarlet grabbed a handful of sushi before rubbing it into the face of Kaiser. Then pulling his leg out to pin him but wasn't able to get more than two! As Scarlet got up she was greeted by the former World Extreme and former GFP Junior Tag Team Champion Yuji Hirota who leaped over the counter to hit Scarlet with a flying forearm strike! Scarlet flew back - her head hiting the wall! Cavallari climbed atop the counter with a brown chair (non foldable) in hand. Ryan grabbed a handful of sushi shoving it in her mouth with a smirk!

BAM! She dived down bashing that chair across the back of Hirota. Cavallari then grabbed Flint and planted her head onto the hard tiled floor with a DDT! Kaiser then came back ino the match kicking Flint in the stomach! He then lifted her tossing her over the counter with a tiger suplex! Flint rolled on the floor as Gage was still on her! He tried to throw Scarlet again but she reversed it and tossed him into the people sitting down! Kaiser fell with the people, chairs, and tables! Scarlet then picked Kaiser up and hit her Power Shift! Bashing Kaiser's head on a wooden table! Scarlet then pushed Gage onto the table and pinned him right there for the three count!!

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Aria Bankowski

FRACTURE (Andrew Karnage and Hiroko Murakami) vs. PROJECT VENOM (Rin and Lin)

As both Papa Drew and Hiroko handed their coveted title belts off to the official Rin and Lin stood ready to engage them. As a single bell sounded off big Karnage grabbed hold of Rin lifting him up to drop him down hard with a Main Event Spinebuster! Immediately after that Lin revealed a black baseball bat! He struck Karnage in the back four times in a row with the bat. Typically the referees would overlook one strike but they could see Lin had no intention on stopping! They threw the match out! Hiroko got into the ring Pierce (PV's third member) got into the ring to take Murakami down with a hard clothesline! He then lifted her up - dropping the Tag Team Champion down with a hard powerbomb!

The audience booed the utter disrespect. Project Venom not showing ANY fighting spirit in honor of the dead. Pierce and Lin both grabbed the GFP Tag Team Championships lifting them up high. Perhaps signaling that Project Venom had their eyes on the GFP Junior AND Tag Team Championship belts. Instead of giving the belts back Pierce and Lin kept hold of them (essentially stealing them) as Project Venom took their leave of the ring.

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Aria Bankowski


GFP Junior Champion Levi Chambers stood in the center of the eight sided ring confident as ever. Explaining that he would beat whoever came out, then lifted his belt up high. His expression changed drastically when former AIR Heavyweight Champion - SHO KOJIMA - made his entrance. Levi looked confused as to why he would be there then it dawned on him that Sho STILL had a joint contract with AIR and GFP so he could appear for Puroresu United whenever he wanted. Sho got into the ring coming face with the GFP Junior Champion. The fans clapped loudly for Sho having made his mark in Mexico and was doing the same in the United States.

It didn't stop Levi from taking a swing!


Levi threw a swing that was as hard as any swing could get. Sho had caught the attempt! Turning to the camera to smirk! He struck Levi with a throat thrust then lifted him up for a snap suplex! From there the two battled back and forth! Levi hitting a discus lariat, spear, and his Liger Bomb! But unable to get the win. Sho showcasing his barrage of strikes including nine deadly kicks to Levi while he was on his knees - followed by a hard roundhouse! Momentum turned back to Chambers later in the match leading up to him attempting Spinning Chambers! But Sho reversed it lifting Levi up and dropping him with the SKULL CRUCIFIX for the three count! Sho has defeated the GFP Junior Champion!

Kojima was handed a microphone. He looked down to Levi saying "despite beating you I have no interest in your belt." Sho made it perfectly clear that he only challenged men he RESPECTED to throne matches. He didn't RESPECT Levi Chambers as a professional wrestler. Therefor taking a belt from him would have no value. He told Levi "impress me and THEN we'll headline a major show for that championship." As Kojima took his leave Levi looked on. Knowing he his road to gaining a top Japanese Superstar's respect had just begun!

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Aria Bankowski


Both teams were well positioned in their corners. The referee lifted up six golden medals high. Names, birth/death dates of the six victims engraved. It was as big as any accolade in he professional wrestling industry could get. The massive MASSIVE 661 pound Shiroboshi walked forward offering himself to kick off the match for his team. On #TheSuperTeam's side Ai walked forward......only to be booed heavily?! The people from her home town of Kyoto really let Ai have it with the heat. Simply for being the one who hosted the show that took six of their residents. It might have been "too soon" for Ai to compete in her home country. Both Michiko and Ai handed off their GFP Junior Tag Team Championships.

Mood apparently ruined Ai stepped forward looking at Shiroboshi...

She ran forward to hit a running crossbody....but her 119 pound frame bounced right off Shiroboshi's stomach falling down to the canvas! Right there it dawned on Ai that Shiroboshi was the ultimate answer to her technical ability. She couldn't be lightning quick. Didn't have the top rope or springboarding ability. How would she deal with him? Ai got back up. Shiroboshi then grabbed Ai by the throat lifting her all the way up!


He slammed her right down with a chokeslam! He grabbed Ai by the hair before throwing her onto his shoulders to nail a running powerslam but only got a two count on the pin attempt! Shiroboshi took his 661 pound body to the ropes slowly bouncing his back off them. The entire eight sided ring shook as he reached Ai - attempting a leg drop! She rolled out of the way! While Shiroboshi was still sitting up she nailed a quick low dropkick to his face! Shiroboshi was now laying flat. Ai then moved to her corner tagging Michiko in! Felicity was told to get in as well. Individually there was not much the three could do to Shiroboshi from a physical standpoint. Felicity ran to one of the eight sections of rope - bounced her back off to come back....hitting Shiroboshi with Queenknee 2.0! That did some damage to Shiroboshi! Michiko then climbed to the top turnbuckle!

Ai and Felicity looked on as Shiroboshi turned onto his stomach. Trying to regain his vetrical base! Michiko jumped off nailing a diving double foot stomp to the back of Boshi's head planting his face onto the canvas! Barry Copper and Daisuke Suzuki got into the ring now. At the point the crowd was clapping loudly. The referee didn't bother with worrying about legal tags, he let the athletes go!

Daisuke nailed Banks from behind with a jumping high knee strike! He picked Felicity up looking for the german suplex but she landed on her feet! The former GFP Tag Team Champion caught Suzuki with an armdrag! He got back to his feet! At the same time Copper grabbed Michiko and landed a pulling piledriver on her! Neither could grab the win! Ai moved behind Barry rolling him back with a wrist clutch schoolboy for a two count! Copper then grabbed Ai taking her down with a short arm clothesline!

Ten minutes later after some back and forth action between both teams in the match #TheSuperTeam got back into it Felicity hit her SpaceJam DDT on Barry Copper planting his forehead onto the canvas. Michiko hit a dropkick to Daisuke's knee! As he dropped down she ran the ropes hitting the Boma Ye to Daisuke's face, she then locked on the Muta Lock! Daisuke refused to tap!! Ai was still trying to battle Shiroboshi! He took a hard swing at Ai but she ducked - then leaped up on Shiroboshi's back to lock on Fatal Orbit (sleeper hold)!

Shiroboshi fought it! He moved about wildly!

Michiko hit another one of those hard dropkicks to the knee! Shiroboshi started to fade away - dropping down! Ai released the hold when he was down on his rear end. Banks ran the ropes once more - came back and connected with OFF WITH YOUR HEAD! Shiroboshi was flat on his back! Felicity jumped on top of Shiroboshi! Michiko pressed her hands on top of Felicity's upper back as Ai laid on Fel's lower back - all three team mates pinning Shiroboshi for the three count!!!

The audience clapped more! Michiko, Ai, and Felicity, despite being at each other's necks at times came together as a unit to overcome some GIANT odds in this match up! The ringside crew walked in with the six coveted medals. Cameras caught a lot of the people in the audience crying streams of tears for the fighting spirit they had just witnessed in honor of those that passed on. They were a passionate collectivist type of people. Ai had two of the medals wrapped around her neck, Felicity had two wrapped around her's, and so did Michiko! No matter where these three women went in their careers this was an accomplishment they would carry with them forever!

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Aria Bankowski


As the GFP Openweight Championship belt was lifted up as high as possible by the referee the audience had yet another blockbuster match to send them home happy. The main event of the evening. A final battle between two men that had been at one another's necks since the revival of Glory For Puroresu's main body Puroresu United! The opening bell was sounded off as the official start to this rivalry ending contest between two of GFP's big time stars!


As the bell sounded, Valero ran right out of his corner and hit a dropkick on Chiba. Chiba fell back into the turnbuckles, allowing Valero to pop right up to his feet. He hit Chiba with a knife edge chop, but this only angered the GFP Openweight Champion as he grabbed Valero by the head, and tossed him back into the corner. Chiba connected with his own knife edge chop that echoed throughout the arena and followed it up with a fallaway slam into the corner!

The fans got behind Chiba as he lifted Valero up and lifted him up for the stalling vertical suplex. The crowd counted the seconds Chiba held Valero in the air, but Valero used his long legs to knee Chiba in the head, allowing him to wiggle out of the suplex and catch Chiba with a huge superkick! Chiba fell back and out between the ropes. Valero waited for Chiba to get to his feet, and when he did, Valero went for suicide dive, but Chiba moved out of the way!

Chiba immediately picked Valero up, locked his arms around his waist, and hit an overhead belly to belly suplex, sending Valero directly into the protective guardrail! Chiba got Valero back in the ring and made the cover, but only got a two.

As the match progressed, Chiba attempted his patent “Tidal Stretch” but Valero elbowed himself free and hit Chiba with a big Samoan drop! Valero went for the cover, but only got a one count . Valero held control for good portion of the match, hitting the legdrops of Jupiter and “Burying the Hatchet” but Chiba continued kicking out! Valero thought he had Chiba right where he wanted him, and looked to add insult to injury as he set up for a lariat.

Valero waited for Chiba to get to his feet, and when he did, Valero went for the lariat, but Chiba ducked underneath it, spun Valero and hits the Tidal Bomb! Chiba went for the cover, but Valero just got his shoulder up at two! Chiba stared at the downed Valero then turned his attention to his arm, signaling for the LARIAT! He waited for Valero to get up and swung his arm as hard as he could, only for Valero to duck out of the way and hit the PinnaclePlex!!!

Both men were down, each of them doing their best to get back up to their feet. Once they were there Kobayashi reached over to Valero looking to drop him down with the Tidal Bomb!!! But didn't connect! Valero landed on his feet, facing the side of Chiba Kobayashi! Ricky grabbed hold of the GFP Openweight Champion before holding him in position to hit THE FRANCHISE TAG! With Chiba down Ricky went for the pin laying across the chest of Kobayashi. Exuasted.




New GFP Openweight Champion! The crowd began to clap simply because the two men had put on an amazing match. After so many months RICKY VALERO had gained one of the most prestigious thrones in all of Japanese wrestling after the clinic with his most hated rival! Various Valero Fight Club students made their way out. Valero had the Openweight Championship wrapped around his waist - his students collectively lifted him onto their shoulders as the show faded on the new champion's celebration!


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