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Topic Started: May 19 2015, 02:17 AM (639 Views)
Aria Bankowski

OOC; Sorry if this isn’t up to par with the usual. I have to rush through the TV tapings with shorter matches. Way behind because of College hell week(s). Will make up for em with the next set of shows.

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KBS Hall

Kamigyo, Kyoto, Japan

Attendance: 327 out of 1,500 seats. [UNDER CAPACITY!!]

Ring Shape: Eight Sided.

Taped 5/08/2015

Ai’s WELCOME: Cameras cut to an unidentified office in Kyoto, Japan where Nihon Pro Universal’s owner - Ai - was laid off across her couch. Still dressed in a nightgown. People knew for the longest that she was as anti-corporate as they got. Turning her head towards the camera Ai sat up with a panic! Realizing she overslept. She yelled at the cameramen asking why they “started filming while she was still sleeping!?” Shrugging it off Ai shuffled a few papers that were mashed under her back. She examined the papers before letting out an annoyed moan. Bitter that a little over 320 people came to a 1,500 seat venue. It was to be expected by the young veteran, people were fiercely loyal to HAN’s branch so it would take some time. Ai smiled - thinking that it was a perfect way to see who in NPU would be able to handle the pressure of bringing the promotion to brighter days. The scene faded on Ai claiming that she was counting on everyone to put on the best in-ring product the country’s seen in years. She wanted to see some of Chiba’s power, Tequila’s ability to take flight just as her mother Aiko did 20 years earlier. She wanted to see what everyone had to bring to the table!

TEQUILA AND CANDY’s DILEMMA: The brand new team of Tequila Ayano and Candy Mitsuyoshi were faced with a huge problem. Two problems actually…..

1) Due to Ai splitting from HAN the team of Ayano and Mitsuyoshi STILL didn’t get the chance to challenge for a set of Tag Team Championships. Which was a bit of a pain to them. Especially Candy, who’s been with the promotion from December. Wanting to get that championship opportunity HAN prevented her from getting for so long. On the other hand Tequila wanted to break in with a bang after being in the right place at the perfect time. But that didn’t quite go as planned.

2) Their partner Ryan Cavallari requested release from Nihon Pro Universal for reasons unknown to the public. While NPU, Candy, and Tequila wished Ryan the best with her career that still didn’t change the fact that Tequila and Candy needed a partner for the night or else they would be outnumbered! Suddenly…..Haruko-chan?! Popped up - dressed in a rainbow ring attire said she had to repay Teqandy back for protecting her before somehow (which was half true, she also ran away from PU because she missed her friends & wanted to avoid creepy Kyo). Mitsuyoshi was hesitant about allowing Haruko-chan to team with them based off the fact that she was still training in the Kansai Star Dojo. Tequila wasn’t against the idea, she just wanted to get out there. Eventually they made the decision to let it happen.

....: A shadowy figure stood in a location people couldn’t quite make out. It was dark, foggy, and unwelcoming. Moments later a small flow of fire could be seen (somehow) shooting from out of the shadowy figure’s sleeves. Cameras tried to capture the figure’s face but it didn’t go well for him. The scene fizzed out before anyone could see what happened.



Tequila Ayano, Candy Mitsuyoshi, and Haruko-chan won the match in what was thought to be a good tone setter for Nihon Pro Universal. Early on BANKSUUUUU and Bunny double teamed Haruko seeing her as the easy target of the opposing team. Haruko took a ton of punishment, but due to her Kansai Dojo background she managed to tough it out in order to deliver the tag to Ayano who lit Sakura up with two straight roundhouse kicks followed by a Tornado DDT! During the mid point of the match the Ayano/Mitsu/Haruko team performed a number of impressive team maneuvers. Despite being 19 Haruko was fairly tall standing at 5’7” which made it easy for her to drop Bunny with her snap scoop powerslam!

With Sakura down Tequila would nail the slingshot leg drop!

…..Followed by running the ropes and hitting a standing shooting star press on Bunny! Candy then flipped Bunny onto her back to hit a deadlift german suplex! The combinations got the crowd into the match up.

Towards the end of the match BANKSUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU caught Haruko with the BANK SHOT-OAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! But he couldn’t capitalize on it! Candy got him up and lifted him on her shoulders to nail the GO TO SLEEEEP! With Banksuuuuuuu on his back Tequila nailed a dropkick knocking SOUTAAA! back off the apron. Candy then grabbed the downed Blandon pushing him up to one of the turnbuckles. Haruko got up with him and dropped him off the third turnbuckle with the SUPER-DUPER-PLEX (Superplex)! Blandon and Haruko landed on the canvas. Tequila was positioned on another turnbuckle in position! She jumped off landing the TWIST OF LIME!!!! (corkscrew shooting star press) for the three count and the win!


THE MITSUYOSHI/AYANO REWARD: Following the match Ai (still in that green nightgown) was seen speeding down to the eight sided ring with a big yellow bag in hand. Her eyes puffy red as if she finished tearing up. She leaned forward to Candy that this match was just what NPU needed to make the right impression. For Haruko, she was awarded an opportunity to be a regular for NPU under the condition that she keeps working hard in the Kansai Star Dojo. For Candy and Tequila’s performance - on top of losing their GFP Junior Tag Team Championship chance - they have been declared the NEW GFP ASIA TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Pulling the beautiful belts that date back as far as the early 70s (pre-GFP). In addition they would have the chance to win DOUBLE gold by representing NPU against CCP’s World Tag Team Champions at Velocity. Candy and Tequila took their new championship belts - wrapping them around their waists - as Haruko-chan jumped up and down happy for them.
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Aria Bankowski


As Katsutoshi di Limones stood in the ring awaiting Minoru Kato cameras discovered that Kato was seated within the small audience of over 320 people. He then grabbed what looked like a microphone COMBINED with a compact mirror (??!?!?!?!?!) So everytime he got on the microphone he’d be looking at HIMSELF. Minoru said that he expected change when he got to NPU, not to still be booked on the opening two matches of a card. He then claimed that until he got the CHANGE he thought he would get when he jumped ship people would never see THAT FACE get it on in the ring. He wanted the chance to be in main events. Semi-main events. Compete for CHAMPIONSHIPS. Minoru said he saw Ai as a friend, but she needed to be better than her father is at booking. At that Minoru left, Katsutoshi stood in the eight sided ring disappointed about not getting to compete.



In the third second matchup of the night the brand new upstart Ren Shizuka came in to a loss against a hardened veteran in Yuji Shibata! But the newcomer Ren impressed a lot of people with some of the moves he had to bring to the table that night. Such as a diving leg drop….

….Then an attempt to choke Yuji out with the Guillotine.

Shibata managed to work his way out of it - making a comeback. At the end of the match Yuji would drop Ren with an exploder suplex. He then grabbed Shizuka to drop him with the CHRONO-DRIVER (gutwrench piledriver) for the win! The veteran has picked up the win on the first edition of NPU on KTV! Ren slowly got back to his feet after Yuji was declared winner. He attempted to show Shibata some respect but Yuji slapped Ren’s hand away. This seemed to rub Shizuka the wrong way as he glared at Yuji who was now taking his leave of the eight sided ring.

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Aria Bankowski



It had been announced earlier in the day that Night Train Ayano would be in no condition to compete in the semi-main event of the KTV taping. As Yuji was waiting in the ring JAX MAGNUM made his entrance - though the Japanese crowd didn’t know him all too well he was making a name for himself in the United States. Still, those United States didn’t make much of a difference in this match! Jax would be going up against one of the top tier stars in all of Japan, former World Extreme and GFP Junior Tag Team Champion - Yuji Hirota. Jax brought his A game to the match - showing why he deserved to be there with moves such as his superkick and his SHATTER (reverse frankensteiner) only getting a near fall! That near fall meant everything. He wanted people to know he could be a major player for NPU…

He really showed the people that he wanted a place in a Japanese ring but he was defeated by Hirota.

The main event level star in Hirota took the match over after some back and forth…..

At the end of the match Yuji hit a devastating death valley driver onto the knee - dropping Magnum neck first on that knee! Moments later when Jax found himself back up Yuji took him right back down with the DYNAMO ULTRA (duck under into an exploder suplex) for the win in this match! Following the match Yuji got up soaking in the applause of the people. It had been so long since he had been able to have a moment like this. He soaked up every moment.

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Aria Bankowski




We’ve finally reached the main event of the first ever NPU event! All of the participants in this athletic contest were already making history by simply being booked for the event! The lady referee stood in the center of the ring with an elegantly designed championship belt. Chiba and Zelda stood on one side of the referee. OOKAMI stood on the other. That’s when FLAME finally made his entrance! It’s been weeks since anyone has seen Flame in a ring. People began to clap loudly for The Blazin’ One as he got into the ring.

That’s when the action broke loose! At first Chiba and Zelda went head to head! Early on Chiba teased the LARIAT but pulled back. Laughing in the face of Rune - who seemed furious about the situation. Chiba was confident as always. Flame had taken OOKAMI down with a Tiger Suplex! All four would have back and forth exchanges for the next ten minutes will many near falls. It seemed as if Zelda was going to win the title. Then Chi. Then Flame. Then Kobayashi.

The first ever GFP Openweight Champion - Chiba Kobayashi was laying in hard knife edged chops to the returning Flame moments later! There was a spot early on where Chiba grabbed Flame - wrapping his arm around the throat of the Blazin’ One with one and forcing him to the top turnbuckle before shoulder tackling Flame to the outside floor!

….He landed hard!

OOKAMI and Zelda were on the other end going at it! Rune nailed her Shield Parry but Chi got back up, Zelda went for it again! After ducking the second attempt OOKAMI ran the ropes hitting a spinning heel kick! Chi then went to the top rope trying for a moonsault but Zelda rolled out of the way! OOKAMI landed on her feet! All four participants found themselves back in the ring knowing it was one fall to the finish! Flame got his retribution on Chiba when he hit the step-up Enziguri! Which left Chiba standing dazed! Zelda and OOKAMI found themselves a foot away from Chiba! Flame leaped off for the FIRE STAR (shooting star press)! Landing on top of Zelda, OOKAMI, AND Chiba! Rune and Chi rolled away as the audience clapped louder Flame jumped to the top turnbuckle again. He leaped off….


He covered for the pinfall victory and the win! Flame had overcome a former four-time World Extreme Champion, one of GFP’s deadliest brawlers, and a former GFP Openweight Champion to lay claim to his new prize: the GFP KTV Championship. The title was wrapped around the waist of Flame. Though he had worked in front of much bigger crowds than the 320+ NPU struggled to draw it was still a moment he’d remember following his marriage. Who was then handed a big bouquet of flowers (Puroresu tradition)! Flame smirked as he patted the main plate of his new title before leaving the ring.

Following the match people were expecting that “major signing” people were talking about a week ago but apparently it wasn’t to be just yet since the show faded to the Kansai Telecasting Corporation logo!

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