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#V E L O C I T Y: DAY TWO!!!!
Topic Started: Jun 1 2015, 12:22 AM (781 Views)
Aria Bankowski


Rupp Arena
Lexington, Kentucky
Attendance: 27,450 out of 23,500 seats. [SOLD OUT OVER CAPACITY!!]
Taped 5/17/2015 at 5:00PM

TV Menu Line Up:







As Ai sat at a desk inside of one her personal locker room in Rupp Arena she shuffled anxiously through various papers. Her phone continued to ring but she had no intention to pick up.

Ai: UGH!

She yelled out loud. The sound of that scream seemed to attract all types of attention. Even the terrible type - Sofia King turned her head around the hall where Ai’s office was located. Eventually reaching it. Barging into the office unannounced Sofia had a big smirk plastered on her face.

SOFIA KING: Holaaaa, muchachie, what’s wrong?

She asked as her smile turned into a worried expression. Though she sounded sincere there were many who saw right through King. Ai spun around in her chair pointing a pen at Sofia.

Ai: (in English) Ugh, Nihon Pro got banned from putting shows on at KBS Hall in Kyoto. That was supposed to be our home base for weekly TV Tapings. Now I dunno where we’re going to go. We drew only 300 people out of 1,200 seats last time and now this?! Damn it! Uh, What’re you doing here, Sofia? Don’t you work for my ex father? Heck! HE probably put my promotion in this position!

SOFIA KING: Si, mami.

Sofia said, folding her arms. Ai raised an eyebrow.

Ai: Soo?

King looked outside of the locker room for a moment to see if anyone was coming down the hall before closing the door behind her. She walked up to Ai - propping herself up on the desk. Sofia grabbed Ai’s hand.

SOFIA KING: Escuchas a me (listen to me). It wasn’t your padre who did it to you, chica. FELICITY ANNE BANKS did this to you. I mean come on, we both know how power hungry she is. How she’ll cross any line there is to cross in order to maintain that little status she has. Do you REALLY think it’s unlikely that SHE would pay the venues off to keep a poor new promotion from booming? Really? SHE did it. SHE wants to put you out of business so ALL the spotlight can be on her.

The Puerto Rican beauty asked.

SOFIA KING: As a matter of fact…...I SAW Felicity ask HAN to help her arrange it in person.

She lied.

SOFIA KING: SAW. THE. BETRAYAL, Ai. You don’t mean a damn thing to that woman, chica. She’ll run you and your whole posse of friends into the ground for her own benefit. Do you understand? If I were you I’d go to her locker room RIGHT NOW. Beat the living shit out of that New Jersey garbage.

Ai: (in Japanese) She was supposed to be my friend...

Ai uttered with a furious expression on her face. King couldn’t understand what Ai said but the look on her face was satisfying enough for El Rey. Sofia put a “caring” arm over the GFP Owner’s daughter.

SOFIA KING: Go ahead, do what you have to do. As for me? I’m going a MI CASA, I’m not wrestling any semi-main event on some joint show that means nada for a contendership I don’t give a FUCK about. You do you, Ai.

Ai pushed Sofia’s arm off her shoulder then barged out of her office presumably looking to find the GFP Openweight Champion. Sofia took her leave - heading for the parking lot to get out of the state. Abandoning her match. People believed the real reason Sofia left is because she knew Felicity would come looking for her soon.


Felicity was seen warming up for her match in the backstage area. While doing so a familiar rival walked up to her…..YUJI HIROTA! The crowd began to pop loudly for them.

YUJI HIROTA: (in Broken English) Uhhh ah, Felicity-chan…….Just ahh saw somzing. Somzing verrry bad, my friend.

He said trying to make hand motions to help Felicity understand what he was saying.

YUJI HIROTA: (in Broken English) You try put Nihon Pro out of biznass…...why?

Felicity stopped stretching her legs out and turned to Yuji, grabbing the Openweight Championship off a equipment crate that it was seated on.

FELICITY BANKS: … I did what?

Yuji’s face hardened, he was not happy about the news he heard earlier. The former World Extreme and GFP Junior Tag Team Champion folded his arms before continuing.

YUJI HIROTA: (in Broken English) Heard you ahhh youuu make ahh wrestling venues ban Nihon Pro! You! Put us out of business! We all just hear…..hear from Ai herself.

Felicity simply laughed at the outlandishness of the statement made by Hirota.


Before she could say anything else, Felicity just shook her head and moved the Openweight Championship to her shoulder.

FELICITY BANKS: Do you wanna remind me when I got that amount of pull in this country? Because it seems like not even two months ago I was doing everything in my power to show everyone here that I wasn’t just some wrestler who could talk on the microphone. Not even two months ago I was disrespected and shit on by just about everyone in this country, and now, two months later, I have enough pull to make sure NPU can’t hold a show at the better venues in Japan?

Felicity squinted her eyes, astonished that someone would even believe that malarky.

FELICITY BANKS: You can’t tell me you actually believe that garbage, do you? Think logically, Yuji. The hell would be the point of me doing something like that? Since when do I have enough power to make that happen? I told Ai from the get go… I hope they succeed. I hope NPU gets big enough to rival PU. I like competition, Yuji. I LIVE for competition. I would NOT do something like that even if I had the power to. I have no competition on the PU roster, Yuji. My only competition is NPU as a whole, and that’s something I need to continue competing at my very best. Can’t get content, Yuji, and without NPU there to rival Puroresu? I probably would.

Yuji didn’t seemed convinced by the things the GFP Openweight Champion had to say. After a few moments of pondering he realized Felicity wouldn’t have the time or energy to sabotage a whole promotion.

YUJI HIROTA: (in Broken English) Ai-chan was talking ahh with hooded brown woman before she tell me what you did, Felicity-chan. Could no make out hooded woman’s face…...but….she have a accent. Still, even if I no listen to rumours everyone else will….Ai no happy at all. How we clear your name?

Felicity rolled her eyes.

FELICITY BANKS: Clear my name? Clear my name?! I’m not worried about clearing my name BECAUSE I DID NOT DO ANYTHING! Really don’t give a fuck who believes me and who doesn’t. Really don’t give two fucks if Ai was talking to Jesus himself and he told her. I...did...not...do...anything.

She shrugged nonchalantly and breathed out a sigh before pulling her hair back in a ponytail.

FELICITY BANKS: Excuses. Clearing names. Alibi’s… all things people who are guilty worry about. Me? I’m not guilty, and I’m not worrying about it. The only thing I’m worrying about right now is kicking Brian Stryker’s ass and proving that he has nothing on me. Toodles.

Felicity waved goodbye and walked past Hirota, clearly not bothered or phased by the claims he had made. As Felicity walked away two more members of the NPU roster by the name of Delmus and Kletus Hauss appeared behing Hirota uttering…..

KLETUS HAUSS: We gon git ‘er Delm, she actin’ mighty guilty……

As the scene faded out.



The bell rang and the first match of the night had gotten underway. Hiroyoshi Suzuki seemed excited about the idea of becoming the second GFP talent to win a Cardinal City Pro exclusive championship. The two locked up, Alyce got Hiroyoshi into a headlock but the Japanese talent spun Alyce around - pushing her forward to get out of the predicament. Alyce rushed forward then was kicked in the mid-section by Suzuki! He then draped his arm around the neck of Karston lifting her up then dropping her right back down with the brainbuster for just a two count!

….Suzuki guided Alyce back to a vertical base.

He ran the ropes looking to take the CCP TV Champ’s head off with a big boot. Alyce ducked under swiftly then ended up behind Hiroyoshi leaping up then nailing a double knee backbreaker on Hiroyoshi for a two count of her own! She yelled out to the referee when The Phoenix kicked out! A few more exchanges, throws, and maneuvers later Hiroyoshi was back in control of the match up!


The referee called for the bell that second, right after Alyce delivered a boot to the manhood of Suzuki! Hiroyoshi fell down in pain. He was declared winner by DQ but he did NOT win the CCP TV Championship! Alyce then looked at the camera yelling (possibly to Richard Callaway) that she wasn’t satisfied with matches like this one, before taking her leave of the ring - the crowd’s hate following her all the way up the ramp.


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Aria Bankowski



The next match of the evening was scheduled to happen between the brand new GFP Asia Tag Team Champions and the current CCP World Tag Team Champions! The team of Jaxon Queen and Colton Sterling seemed ecstatic to be defending their championships on such a big stage. Once the match kicked off Candy Mitsuyoshi and Colton started for the respective teams trading swift armdrags,

….Colton then kicked Candy in the stomach and attempted the bionic elbow! But

Mitsuyosi weaved out of the way then nailed a surprise german suplex on the much larger Sterling! The two traded holds until Mitsuyoshi took over taking Sterling down with a dragonscrew! She then rolled over to Tequila who pulled down on the rope - launching herself up with a slingshot leg drop to Colt which got a good reaction from the fans in attendance. Ayano threw herself on top of the CCP Tag Team Champion hooking one of his legs!

….Only getting a two count!

Colt tagged Jaxon in and he would nail Tequila with a series of vertical suplexes before tagging Sterling in. Candy was brought back into the match where she got Sterling down and amost locked in her Sparkling Crab! But couldn’t quite get it on! At the end Sterling managed to fight to his corner to tag Jaxon Queen back in! He then measured Candy then nailed her with JAXED for the three count to retain the CCP World Tag Team Championships for the Squared Circle Aces!

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Aria Bankowski



Merlot Ayano vs. Chayce Payne vs. Jay Harris vs. BRUTUS vs. vs. Ren Shizuka vs. Bella Brooks-Robinson

The six combatants who were battling it out for the brand new North American Championship were all in the ring, but conspicuous by her absence was one Michiko Yamada. The announcers made a mention of Michiko not being there, letting the viewers watching at home know that Michiko WAS in fact scheduled to partake in the match, but they figured she had a change of heart.

Without any further adieu, the referee rang the bell and the battle royal for the North American Championship began!

Brutus started off the match by letting out a big grunt, getting the attention of the five others in the ring. Ren Shizuka looked at the others in the ring and pointed over to Brutus, motioning that all five of them should work together and take him out first. Brutus shook his head from side to side and made sure to let them all know that he was a luchador, and could fly. Jay Harris laughed at Brutus’ comments, shrugged his shoulders, and then went right after Brutus and kicked him in the midsection! He started wailing away with clubbing blows to the back, and that’s when Chayce Payne joined in on the action and started hammering away with rights and lefts to Brutus’ midsection. Merlot Ayano ignored the attack on Brutus and went right after Bella Brooks-Robinson, the two of them exchanging right hands.

Ren looked like he was ready to go after Brutus with Jay and Chayce, but Brutus let out another monstrous and pushed both Harris and Payne away from him. Harris stayed back, while Chayce went right back at Brutus only to get gripped by his throat and thrown over the top rope for the first elimination of the match!


With Chayce gone, Brutus looked around the ring and saw Merlot and Bella still going at it, changing his focus over the man who attacked him first in Jay Harris. Brutus charged forward and went right after Harris, but he got stopped dead in his tracks by a running calf kick from Ren. Brutus stumbled back against the ropes and Harris came charging forward, connecting with a running dropkick that nearly sent Brutus over the ropes, but the big man hung on!

Back on the other side of the ring, Merlot finally gets the advantage on Bella, spiking her head to the mat with a nice leg snap DDT. With Bella down, she turned her attention to Brutus and went right at him with body shots. Ren and Harris kept their distance and watched at Merlot went to work on Brutus, but Brutus would not go down! Merlot start kicking away at the tree trunk sized legs of Brutus before she ran off the ropes and went for a crossbody, but Brutus caught her and then executed a fall away slam to eliminate Merlot Ayano from the match!


Brutus let out another roar, looking directly at Harris and Ren. Both men looked at one another got ready to attack, but before they could, Bella Robinson came out of nowhere with a running elbow smash right to Brutus’ face! This made the big man groggy, getting him near the ropes once again. Harris, Bella, and Ren all looked at one another and immediately charged at Brutus, lifting his legs off the ground, and mustered whatever strength they had to pick Brutus up and toss him over the ropes for the elimination!


The match was down to three competitors. Bella glanced at the two men in the ring with her, but Harris went right after Ren! Harris pushed Ren back against the ropes, and Bella came into help, showing that there was at least a small alliance amongst the CCP talents. They did everything in their power to toss him over the ropes, but the desperate Shizuka did what any person would when they’re on the receiving end of a two on one attack…

...he poked Bella in the eye!

Bella backed up and moved away from Ren and Harris, but the two men started battling it out against the ropes until Ren got the better of the attack and hit a spin kick to Harris’ midsection. With Harris groggy, Ren backed up a few fight and then charged right at Harris, clotheslining him over the rope!

...but Ren goes out too! Luckily for both men they landed on the apron and started throwing haymakers at one another from a seated position. They continued throwing punches at one another until they were both standing up on the apron. It looked like Harris was getting the better of Ren after a kick square in the chin, but it still wasn’t enough for him to go down! Ren clung to the ropes while Harris charged up another kick, when out of nowhere Bella Robinson came charging toward the ropes and hit both Ren and Harris with a running front dropkick, knocking them off the apron to win the match and the North American championship!!! Two for two!!! CCP raked them all in! The stagehand handed the beautiful silver belt to Bella. She was the North American Champion!

...or so she thought!

KYO made his way out! Holding a microphone in hand.

KYO: (in Japanese) Since we all know HAN isn’t allowed to PERSONALLY dabble in matches it doesn’t count if the FELIKILLLLLLAHHHHHH does it! You see, GOD HAN has given me the power of a GFP BOARD MEMBER! The first thing I want to do is PLEASE god HAN. By inserting HIS MUSUME into this match! Despite her not wanting to be in it I managed to convince her that it’d be worth her while! Get em Yamada-chan!

“Antiproduct” by Strapping Young Lad blares through the Rupp Arena P.A. System as Michiko walks down the ramp with a sinister smirk on her face. Once she got into the ring she stood up. Bella seemed frustrated understandably. She had worked hard. She WON the entire thing. Now this? She charged towards Michiko only for Yamada to stop Bella dead in her tracks with a vicious roundhouse kick! The tired Bella crumbled to the canvas like a back of bricks leaving Michiko to lift her up then toss Bella right over the top rope! As soon as both of Bella’s fit hit the floor the referee called for the bell….




Michiko was the ….North American Champion? The US fans weren’t too keen on that fact. Especially in Kentucky. Yamada snatched the belt that Bella dropped in the center of the ring looking at it for a brief moment then proceeding to exit the ring. Kyo stepped in front of Michiko with his arms wide looking for an appreciation hug. Yamada pushed him to the side - causing him to stumble - as she took her leave.

As a joint promotional champion…..


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Aria Bankowski


DAISY: I can’t wait to get out there, Sho-sensei! I think I’ll have more fun when we go back to Japan. So much stuff I’d like to do there.

The adorable blue haired girl stated. One of Nihon Pro Universal’s newest acquisitions. Her mentor - Sho Kojima - looked over to her with a smirk, he held a paper in his hand.

DAISY: What’s that?!

She asked with a tone of curiousity.

SHO KOJIMA: Your first match.

He said with a smirk.

DAISY: Well….who is it against???

She said nearly jumping out of her shoes.

SHO KOJIMA: …..The GFP KTV Champion…. Flame.

The newcomer grabbed the paper out of Kojima’s hand staring at it. Realizing that she didn’t have one match to her name but she was about to step in there with a wrestling legend (and perhaps one of the most dangerous men in wrestling) on the next episode of KTV…..
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Aria Bankowski


The winner of the next match would be crowned the superior champion of the two brands, the absolute best of the best. The fans were in a fever pitch as the introductions were done for the champions of both sides. On one side stood the recently crowned Glory For Puroresu Openweight Champion, Felicity Banks, having won her title from Ricky Valero just weeks ago. On the other stood Cardinal City Pro’s new World Heavyweight Champion, Brian Stryker. Much like Banks, Stryker won his title very recently, having beaten Liam Reilly at World’s Finest less than a month before.

The referee looked at both champions, before holding their belts up high above his head as the fans cheer loudly, knowing that they were about to be in for an excellent match between the two top stars of both companies.

The two circled around one another as the referee rang the bell, kicking off the Main Event as the crowd was white hot from the get go. Banks didn’t waste any time in going right on the attack, smashing Stryker right in the face with a hard forearm and staggering him. She goes to follow up with another, but Stryker counters out of it and goes for a roll up, but Banks rolls through! She bounces off the ropes as Stryker’s still on the mat, looking to end it quickly with Off With Your Head - Stryker ducks it and kips up to his feet as she passes.

He spins her around and hooks her arm, going for the Stryke-Out, but Banks comes up with a counter of her own as she sends him overhead with a Jackknife Style Pinning combination!

On- Stryker kicks out at one!

The two went to lock up, but Stryker was the one to duck away as he began throwing kicks right at Banks’ legs, backing her into a corner as he tried to kick the Openweight Champion’s legs out from under her.

On- Banks kicked out at one and a half!

Banks gained control of the match after a thumb to the eye, before she began to wear Stryker down with headlock aided knees to the face, followed by a snapmare. She bounced off the ropes and went for a knee to the face, before popping back up into a handstand and connecting with another right onto Stryker’s face, hitting the QueeKNEE!

Stryker fought back into the match, knocking Banks back with a short shot to the midsection, before he went for a heel kick - Banks ducks it and sends him over the top rope. She tries to capitalize, but Stryker retaliates with a brutal spin kick while on the ring apron!

Banks staggered towards the middle of the ring, dazed from the kick as Stryker bounced around on the ring apron, waiting for her to stand. As soon as she leaps, Stryker leaps up to the top rope and springboards in - Banks manages to catch him right as he lands with a Felony Assault, landing flush on Stryker’s jaw! Stryker laid motionless in the middle of the ring, while Banks made the cover.



Thrrrr- Kickout by Stryker at two and a half!

Banks kept control, working over the knee of Stryker, chop blocking him as he made it back to his feet and went on the attack. She dragged him to the middle of the ring, stomping away at the damaged limb. At one point, Banks looked towards one of the nearby corners, perhaps thinking of going for the XACL - She looked away for too long and Stryker tried to capitalize and kick her away! Banks walked towards Stryker, looking to continue to take apart the knee - Stryker suddenly bounced off of the mat, wrapping his legs around her head and taking her over with a Kip-Up Rana, hooking her leg on the way down and trying for a pin!



Thrrrrrrre- Banks barely, just barely got the shoulder up, allowing the match to continue!

Both were running on fumes at this point, driven by the desire to prove that they were the champion of champions. Banks got back up first and nailed Stryker with a hard right hand, sending him staggering into the ropes. Stryker retaliates with one of his own, sending her down to a knee. She returns the favor, and the two begin trading blows in the center of the ring! Felicity looks as if she has the upper hand and goes to whip Stryker towards the ropes. He spins out and pulls her in, before connecting with a jaw rattling jumping knee right on the jaw! Banks slumps down to the ground liftelessly as Stryker immediately dashes over to the top rope!

Stryker leapt off going for the Air Stryke, but Banks moves out of the way! Stryker lands on his feet and turns as she’s charging at him, before throwing a clothesline - Banks ducks the clothesline and wraps him up with the crucifix - FELONY II! BANKS CONNECTS WITH THE CRUCIFIX DRIVER!




Felicity won the match for GFP! Redeeming the loss from Velocity Day one! She got back to her feet raising her arms up high as the stagehands started to bring her a trophy. That's when AI snatched the trophy out of the stagehand's arms! She slid into the ring then got right into the face of Felicity - looking as if she were ready to slay a dragon. She yelled at Felicity without a microphone in hand.

AI: (in English) You're trying to starve me and my wrestlers, Felicity! We can't run shows ANYWHERE besides a few PARKING LOTS NOW. How is anyone supposed to have faith in me now? This isn't right....I would have NEVER done anything to wrong you because you were my FRIEND.

Ai looked down at the trophy.

AI: (in English) You know what?

She then tossed the World Champion's Cup trophy onto the canvas then stomped on it multiple times until it was dented.

AI: (in English) Sofia SAW you. When we all starve remember it was you.

She pointed at Felicity, before exiting the ring. The members of the audience were all very confused by what they saw. Felicity raised an eyebrow at the mention of Sofia then just stared in Ai's direction - still obviously feeling as if she didn't NEED to prove her innocence in this situation.

.....And she sure didn't need a trophy to prove she was better than Brian Stryker.

THE QUEENNNNNAH kicked the dented trophy to the side out of the eight sided ring as the program came to an end.

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