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Topic Started: Jun 16 2015, 10:12 PM (635 Views)
Aria Bankowski

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Sagano High School Cafeteria
Kyoto City, Kyoto, Japan
Attendance: 127 out of 150 seats. [UNDER CAPACITY!!]
Ring Shape: Small Four Sided.
Taped: Sunday 6/14/2015
Aired: 6/16/2015


A hooded figure entered one of the classrooms inside the high school. The person underneath the hood also had a ski mask covering their face, startling the camera crew members that saw him or her enter. In their hand was a briefcase, but the contents of the briefcase remained unknown. The hooded figure looked around the classroom and finally set the briefcase down on the teacher’s desk, grabbing a pen and a sheet of paper afterward. They wrote something down on the piece of paper and folded it in half, setting it directly on top of the briefcase. The hooded figure dropped the pen, and with the pen, a set car keys fell out of the hooded figures pocket. They bent down and grabbed their keys, and placed the pen back on the table before exiting the classroom.

The hooded figure walked down the hallway and slid the hood from their head, taking off the mask afterward to reveal long, black hair in a ponytail, obviously a female. She walked down the hall and toward the exit until Zelda Rune popped in front of her, causing the person who left the briefcase in the classroom to stop their pace.

ZELDA RUNE: I see nothing, dahlin’. I'm albino. Bad eye sight.

The mystery woman nodded her head and exited the high school with Zelda Rune curiously looking on with a smile on her face. The pale woman entered the classroom without permission. She then looked down to the ground - spotting the paper that the mystery person left. And a keychain on the ground. Zelda picked the keychain (that could have detached from the person’s keys) up in order to examine it. Rune giggled a bit more.


Ai was seen walking alongside the Asia Tag Team Champions - the second Ayano/Mitsuyoshi pairing that was becoming famous in their own right.

Ai: (in Japanese) It doesn’t matter anymore, girls. Haven’t we all been through worse situations than this? I mean, it’s only a TV deal we’re in danger of losing. Who cares? Remember back in the 70s when Rei Satou was one of the biggest names in the business at that point he didn’t need television to do it.

AYANO TEQUILA: (in Japanese) Eh….can I be blunt with you?

Ai nodded.

AYANO TEQUILA: (in Japanese) I was going to anyway. In Lucha Libre there are a shit TON of companies, when it comes to the biggest ones they’ve had a few splits like Puroresu United and Nihon Pro. Here’s the thing, no successor company in the history of wrestling KEPT the identity of the promotion they wanted to cut ties with. For example, what am I carrying on my shoulder?

Ayano pointed at her title belt.

Ai: (in Japanese) GFP Asia Tag Team belt.

AYANO TEQUILA: (in Japanese) Exactly. We have the same governing body as PU. People already consider most of us PU rejects because “bigger stars” are there. Or so they say. If you want my honest advice, friend to friend, you need to break off with GFP completely. DON’T kiss the foreigners asses because they claim they’re “big names.” I even think Jax Magnum expects MVP treatment because he’s from the states. Well no. They work their way up like everyone else here. It’s really a turn off when someone who isn’t from here gets treated like they’re above the people who’ve held Japanese wrestling up. Two, cut off the GFP title to our championships. Hell, we don’t need even a governing body. Just call it Asia Tag Team Championship. You get my point. If we don’t want to be in this position we can’t be PU-lite anymore.

She said shrugging.

AYANO TEQUILA: (in Japanese) Also…..You’re talking like you lost hope, Ai-chan.

Ai shifted a look over to her friend.

Ai: (in Japanese) No. Just preparing for the worst is all. Something I’ve always had to do. I guess you’re right though. Kinda feel bad now.

MITSUYOSHI CANDY: (in Japanese) Ayano has a point! Don’t feel bad about the constructive criticism. We need more honest people in this sport. OH. And Good wrestling is good wrestling, they can’t hold us out of the big arenas forever if we put on great displays of athletic ability wee-

Ai: (in Japanese) This is completely false. Well, it COULD be true. Meh, Natsumi-chan you could shoot to the top so fast if you put all of your effort into this good wrestling you speak of. You two go wait in my office….classroom. I need to ummmm take a call. Ugh that’s embarrassing.

As soon as Ai pulled her phone out Tequila ran back to the doorway with an excited expression on her face. She grabbed Ai by the wrist.


Ai: (in Japanese) OH!

All three women caught view of Zelda Rune sitting on a desk. Right next to her: a mysterious briefcase.

ZELDA RUNE: (in English) I dunno if they can understand me, Ai. But, sweet pea, I think a guardian angel’s lookin’ down on you.

Ai: (in English) Tequila speaks English. Natsumi-chan, not so well. What’s in there?

At that Zelda lifted the briefcase open. Revealing stacks of cash. Ai’s face lit right up. She instantly thought of ways that money could go into the product. Ai then saw a keychain sitting on the lap of Zelda. She snatched it off before lifting it to her face. Reading out…..

Ai: (in English) 267FAB? Okay. This person clearly thinks we’re fabulous. Niceee. The money’s a bit more important now though.

Ai tossed the keychain into the garbage. Then closed the briefcase as the scene faded out.


The opening match of the night kicked off with Jax Magnum starting off in the ring against big Kletus Hauss, who had previously wrestled in AIR. In the early goings Magnum attempted to use his speed against the bigger man. He nailed Hauss with a flying forearm then went to the top rope hitting a big moonsault so early in the match but only got a two! A minute later when both were back to a vertical base - Kletus would go for a big boot but Magnum would duck under, Magnum bounced off the ropes then made his way back leaping up for the crossbody but he would simply bounce off the stomach of the near 300 pound Hauss.

Kletus then ran forward driving his back right onto the stomach of Magnum with a jumping senton for a two count because OOKAMI no Chi jumped in to break up the count by laying in boot to the back of Hauss’ head. OOKAMI then went back to the apron. Jax tagged her in properly. Kletus got back to his feet then was double irish whipped by Magnum and OOKAMI to the ropes - Delmus happened to be standing there so he tagged himself in!

OOKAMI and Jax were both unaware of this!

Once Kletus came back OOKAMI jumped up nailing the hurricanrana! Kletus didn’t flip though he just stumbled forward into a superkick from Magnum! He fell! As Jax got back to his feet Delmus spun - taking Magnum right out with a discus clothesline! He then shoved his fingers into the mouth of Magnum locking in the Camelback Claw (mandible claw)! His signature submission maneuver!

Magnum could barely yell out in pain!

Unfortunately for Delmus, it didn’t matter if Jax tapped. He wasn’t the legal competitor. Chi grabbed Delmus from behind locking in her Blood Moon (camel clutch with body scissors) hold! The former four-time World Extreme Champion locked it on tight until Delmus had no choice to tap himself giving OOKAMI and Magnum a solid win!


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Aria Bankowski


One half of the Asia Tag Team Champions - Candy Mitsuyoshi - stood in the middle of the ring; some of the high school students along with faculty and parents cheering her own. Still, Mitsuyoshi seemed to be disinterested in the idea of competing tonight. Her opponent for the evening didn’t seem want to make his way out to the ring. Attention was brought back to the classroom area…….

RICKY VALERO: (in English) Listen to me, Ai. You know damn well that you’re my friend. Being that friend you should have been aware that the Kyoto Sports voted Most Valuable Player of Japanese wrestling doesn’t wrestle in dumps like this high school. On a card that isn't stable enough to host more than three matches. I WON’T wrestle against Candy Mitsuyoshi tonight. I’m not signed so I don’t have to.

Ai: (in English) This was my high school, Ricky…..

The multiple time champion responded with a sour look on her face.

RICKY VALERO: (in Engish) Oh, well that’s besides the point anyway. You’re one of the bigger names in Japan so you KNOW the feeling of not wanting to be relegated to….to….mediocrity. This is essentially backyard independent level! Maybe below that. Ai, you’ll always be adorable, but I’ll be honest. LeBron’s don’t always translate to Phil Jackson’s if you know what I mean. Maybe this isn’t for you!

He said as he pulled on Ai’s cheek.

RICKY VALERO: (in Engish) Michiko is….Kobe. Let’s go with that. She HATES GFP, HAN’s somehow unaware still, but Mich isn’t starting her own place. I know it would kill you if NPU failed then all of this talent were left on the street with nowhere to go. I can cut you a deal though….Give me a shot at whatever the hell NPU’s top belt is then I can help lift this place up. My time isn’t up…..I STILL want my spot.

In the middle of Valero and Ai’s conversation the other half of the Asia Tag Team Champions walked into the picture.

AYANO TEQUILA (in Engish) What the hell are you doing?

She said. Annoyed at Valero.

RICKY VALERO: (in Engish) Who are you? Nevermind. I know who you are. But WHO ARE YOU to the MVP? See this right here? This is something someone like you could never win no matter how hard you tried. So I’ll ask again. Who. Are. You. To. The. M. V. P?

Ricky lifted up the plaque to Tequila

AYANO TEQUILA (in Engish) You know…..someone who’s a better worker than you are. Someone that can succeed without the machine being behind her advertising her every move. Someone that doesn’t need to prey on her mentally scarred friend to get ahead in a new company. Someone who can keep a championship on her shoulder for more than a week….Does that clear things up, Mr. MVP?

Tequila said - shrugging her left shoulder (title shoulder) - up twice to flash her title belt to Pretty Ricky.

RICKY VALERO: (in Engish) You’re just another Ayano is what you are! Nothing but a glorified, talentless, drunk…. Now scram! Can’t you see that I’m about to get my second top tier belt in this damn country?

AYANO TEQUILA (in Engish) That’s the thing….there is no “top tier” title in play here at Nihon Pro yet. And even if there was, why not try your hand in the Asia Tag scene? It’s the champion that makes the belt. Not the belt that makes the champion. Right now, I’m questioning your entire career in Puroresu. I think you’re a coward that got lucky because someone had a hard on for outsiders with a little name value.

Ricky then slapped Tequila down to the ground. Her belt fell off her shoulder. Ayano got back to her feet then got right in the face of Valero. She then slapped him right back in the face! Ai got in between them to stop the conflict pushed them both away from one another!

Ai (in Engish) STOP it right now! Both of you.

Tequila then spat in Ricky’s face! Showing him the ultimate sign of disrespect! That the natives wouldn’t be overshadowed anymore. Ricky looked as if he were about to snap! Tequila didn’t run. Valero was angry to the point where he even pushed Ai into a wall! School security stepped in - grabbing Valero. Tequila walked over to Ai - who seemed to be angry about being pushed herself.


Ricky said to the security.

RICKY VALERO: (in Engish) I’ll be back here alright, Ayano. With a partner of MY choosing. I’m gonna take those belts from you and the other one….Candy. You can bet on me sending you both back to obscurity!

He then was walked away from the scene by security. By now Candy reached Ai and Tequila.

Ai: (in Japanese) Sorry, Natsumi-chan….I know you expected things to be better.

Candy rubbed Ai on the shoulder to signal that she forgave her.

MITSUYOSHI CANDY: (in Japanese) What happened?

AYANO TEQUILA: (in Japanese) Long story, just know that we aren’t being overlooked any fucking more ok?

Candy nodded to her championship partner as the scene faded.


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Aria Bankowski


DAISY w/ Sho Kojima vs. FLAME ©

Falling short of the one hour mark of programming it was time for the main event for the Kansai Telecasting Corporation’s own sanctioned title match! Flame handed his prized KTV Championship belt over to the referee who brought it over to Daisy so she could see what was at stake here. Daisy looked out to Sho Kojima - who sat at ringside. It was her debut match. And already a chance to become a champion! Flame got his usual cheers while Daisy got…..not much of a reception aside from a handful of high school girls who loved her hair (<3)! She was both young and Gaijin. Tough combination.

The bell sounded off!

Flame kicked the match off by nailing Daisy with a quick running clothesline! While she was down Flame chuckled to himself while pushing the bottom of his boot against the head of the newcomer. It was clear that Flame didn’t care too much for Daisy. Sho could be heard mouthing off some instructions to PandaHugz…

The KTV Champion grabbed hold of Daisy’s hair…

He dragged her to the corner - laying her out in front of the turnbuckle. Flame pressed his back up against the turnbuckles then leaped up to the second one. Looking downward at Daisy. He leaped off looking for the second rope leg drop! Daisy managed to roll out of the way! Flame landed on his backside! Daisy ran forward nailing a low dropkick to the face of Flame! She then struggled to pull the body of the KTV Champion towards the center of the ring. There she hit a standing moonsault on Flame only getting a one and a half on the pin attempt!

She waited for Flame to get back up! He did! She ran towards the KTV Champion leaping up for the monkey flip! She flipped Flame forward but he landed on his feet! As Daisy turned around Flame flipped backwards clocking her in the forehead with a backflip kick! But Flame’s flashy maneuver only got him a two count!

Later on in the match Daisy managed to climb to the top rope and leap off towards a standing flame! She landed her legs around his neck looking for the diving seated senton but Flame caught her! In powerbomb position! He ran towards the turnbuckle tossing her against it! Turnbuckle powerbomb! DaisyPandaHugz stumbled forward! Flame grabbed hold of her then nailed the Fire Starter (Ranhei)! He held Daisy in place for the pin getting the three count to retain his title! Flame got back to his feet taking the KTV Championship out of the referee’s hands. Lifting it up high. As Daisy rolled out of the ring Sho went to tell her that it was as good as any debut could go for a rookie against a veteran. Daisy also earned a few more claps than she received to begin with as the show came to a close



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