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Topic Started: Sep 4 2015, 09:37 PM (468 Views)
Aria Bankowski

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Sato Athletic Hall
Mito, Ibaraki, Japan
Attendance: 1,310 out of 1,250 seats. [OVER CAPACITY!!]
Show Date: 9/03/2015
Video Clips Uploaded: 9/04/2015
Ring Shape: Ai Trademark Eight-Sided
Extra Notes; Live Events aren’t as detailed as the TV shows. They serve as shows just to get more matches under people’s belts.

OPENING MAIN EVENT POSTPONED: Due to Ai having an issue making it back to Japan in order to wrestle due to wanting to stay near her sister figure Laurel Anne Hardy during this serious time to be there in case she needed anything. Both Ai and GFP Openweight Champion - Ricky Valero - agreed to push their highly anticipated match back to a later date.

Board Member Kyo of Fear & Loathing - who sat at the commentary table of the Athletic Hall holding a mug of coffee - expressed that real champions never put their personal lives ahead of a championship opportunity. Ai should be stripped of contendership. He should strip of Ai the chance to finally win the top tier belt in GFP after 12 years. But since he’s a “fair” and “giving” Board Member he’s just going to make it the main event of September’s big Sumo Hall show - #GLORY. Which also so happens to be the kick off event of the prestigious Glory Cup Tournament.

Kyo wrapped it up by saying that it makes him HAPPY that one native talent despite her being in a phase of thinking she’s British is going to be a headliner at GLORY. Step two will be making the people who also work for HKW HAVE to put in the same amount of work anyone who goes there has to put in for opportunities rather than get chances at the door. Regardless of what anyone says. Step three will be an ALL JAPANESE main event. Upon finishing up Kyo sipped his coffee and expressed his wish that the Mito crowd enjoy the show.


In place of the original opening match - Ashley Sullivan came down to the ring with her HKW Bloodlust Championship (now recognized by GFP through the work relationship) over her shoulder. Daisuke Suzuki - the GFP veteran - made his entrance right after Ashley Sullivan. Before the starting bell Sullivan made an attempt to shake the hand of Daisuke but Suzuki reached forward…



He laid a slap right into the face of Sullivan. Saying that he’s “DONE taking back seats to new people. It’s HIS time to be champion.” Obviously Kyo’s words has gotten to this one’s head. Ashley responded with a sharp dropkick to the face of Daisuke! The two traded a variety of holds - and had a very even match before Ashley finished Daisuke off with INTO DUST for the three count! Picking up a solid debut victory! As Sullivan celebrated….Kyo didn’t look very happy about it.



The current NPU KTV Champion - Jax Magnum stood across the ring from Annie Zellor! A newcomer in Japan who connected with GFP through her friends. The organization’s Board expressed interest in working with Zellor as well thus here she is making her awaited debut! A lot of the young girls in the audience were already gravitating towards her. Alex J sat in the audience also clapping for Magnum. The referee called for the bell to kick the match off!

In the match it was obvious that Annie was getting ahead in the match with maneuvers such as a Sitout Jawbreaker followed by her Tara Geki kick! The KTV Champion hung in there. He wanted to prove the doubters wrong badly!

Jax got back in the game with his Belly-To-Belly Suplex! He and Annie traded various holds after - including some rest holds. Magnum then swiftly got Annie over his shoulders and hit the MAGSHOT (Fireman’s Carry Slam)! He dropped Annie down to her back then went for the three count ONE! TWO! THR- NO! Annie kicked out of Jax’s finish! Jax was shocked. Alex J was disappointed as well that her man didn’t pick up the win. After a few more holds Annie caught Jax with a headscissors that sent him right into the ropes! Jax’s chest was right on top of the second rope! Annie ran the ropes then came back nailing Jax with ROUGH N’ TUMBLE (tiger feint kick). Or at least she almost did! Jax BARELY moved out of the way causing Annie’s feet to miss his face by an inch. He then lifted Annie up again for a SECOND Magshot!!....He then went for the cover - ONE! Zellor saw the ropes in reach. Despite taking that second finish she managed to extend her arm to it. But Alex J got close to the ring! Pulling the rope out of Annie’s grasp! TWO! THREE!!!! Jax Magnum picks up the win over Annie! The referee did NOT see Alex J (ironically it was the SAME man who refereed the Ricky Valero vs. Felicity Banks match).

Jax got up as he was handed his belt back! He celebrated. Alex J got into the ring to celebrate with him saying “we’re going to be successful, babe!” Annie sat up with a disappointed look on her face because she knew she was (maybe unintentionally on Jax’s part) screwed out of this match. The backlash to this…. was going to be interesting….


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Aria Bankowski


In Shane Atwater's singles debut for GFP he went to battle with OOKAMI no Chi. OOKAMI proved to be a real test for the new GFP Tag Team Champion but he overcame her with the Kobayashi Maru for the tap out victory over the former four-time World Extreme Champion!



The main event was a hard fought bout between both teams with all four members of each team getting in the bulk of their offense. The match ended with Levi leveling AOI with Spinning Chambers for the three count. Picking up the rare main event match victory for himself and Kojima!


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