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SSWA Supercard #12
Topic Started: Feb 10 2016, 03:06 PM (336 Views)
Sean Sands
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13-21 in NABA
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DATE HELD: February 22nd, 2016 at 3PM EST LIVE on EVOLVE! Network
LOCATION: Echo Arena in Liverpool, England
COMMENTATORS: Bill Hall, Kevin Carrey


Match #1: Singles
CruZe vs Kickass Smurf

Match #2: Trios Match
Dirty Waters vs The Cistern

Match #3: SSWA Rising Star Championship Match
Last Man Standing Match

Adam Adonis vs Boyd Garrison ©

Match #4: Tag Team Match
Clue & Reville Kaiser vs Damon Alexander & Elizabeth Lannister

Match #5: SSWA Pure Championship Match
Pure Wrestling Rules Match

Anastasia Starling vs Casey Black ©

Match #6: Singles Match
Nem vs Steve Lenton

Match #7: SSWA Trios Championships Match
Ladder Match

Mill Road Massive vs Reinado ©

Match #8: Contract vs Mask Match
Singles Match

Izzy Anders vs Prince Wadjethotep

Main Event: SSWA Heavyweight Championship
Hardcore Match

Danielle Vasquez © vs Macy Dover
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