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Cory Chevelle; Chevelle's GFP Application
Topic Started: Feb 23 2016, 09:13 AM (635 Views)

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Applying for - Cory Chevelle

Bio|Character History:
He grew up on his grandfather's farm in Northeast Missouri. Cory Chevelle is a three time NCAA wrestling champion, an Olympic gold medalist, four time MMA Heavyweight champion, and a veteran of pro-wrestling. His list of accomplishments and title reigns go on and on, including four hall of fame inductions. “The Silverback” as he's called, has wrestled and competed nearly all his life. He's a strong, brutal, no questions asked, lay em to waste type of guy who loves nothing more than a good knock down, drag em out, kind of fight. Where ever he goes, what ever he does, Cory Chevelle is there to conquer whoever and whatever stands in his way.

Character Info
Full Name: Cory Chevelle
Nickname: Chevy
Date of birth: 11/29/1979
Hometown: Kirksville, MO
Height: 6'4
Weight: 279 lbs
Nationality: American
Division: Upperweight
Theme Song: "Devil Gets Your Soul" by Nick Nolan
Twitter: @CoryChevelle

Physical Description

Picbase: Brock Lesnar
Trunks Color: Black
Other Vital Appearance Info: Comes out with Olympic Gold medal, black gloves.

Mixed Martial Arts Information

Martial Arts Style: Greco-Roman Wrestling/American Kickboxing/Brawler
Fighting Out Of: Northeast, Missouri
Team: Camp Silverback
Trainer:Frank Leary
Strengths: Freak of an athlete, excellent shoot wrestler, hits hard and fast for a big man, can take punishment.
Weaknesses: Left shoulder is weaker to submissions due to an old injury. Same as right ankle. Bad temper. Weakness to submissions
Fighter Strategies: Don't waste energy, test the waters, line the shot up and smoke em! Or, take em down and club em/ or take knees to the body. Over whelm the opponent. Control the fight.
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