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Hard Knox Wrestling Matches and Tournaments
Topic Started: Jul 22 2016, 08:50 PM (804 Views)
Hard Knox Wrestling
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In the posts below there will be an explanation of certain matches HKW has that have either been modified a bit, renamed or customized. In the [post beneath that, there will be an explanation of the tournaments and other special occasion event/matches HKW offers and what the winners/rules are of each.
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Hard Knox Wrestling
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-Person must make opponent bleed before a pinfall or submission can be made. No other rules apply.

-Can only win via knockout or submission. No ropebreaks.

-Match that takes place in a caged octagon where you can only win via knockout or submission. No ropebreaks (there’s no ropes), and MMA rules enforced.

-Match begins with seven people, three of which stay in the ring while the remaining four take a corner and stand on the apron until they’re tagged in.

-To get in the match, a person that’s in the ring has to tag someone in. Tags can be made whenever to whomever. Strategy is key here.

-The match is an elimination style match, meaning everyone has to be eliminated until we’re down to one person and that person will be the first AIR Champion of Champions.

-There will be three people in the ring at all times until we’re down to the final two.

-Six person ladder match where the talents fight for a briefcase that guarantees them a title shot whenever they want it.

-Match with two of the top contenders in a division. This is NOT a #1 Contender's match, but it does tell you where you are in the division.

-Think Extreme Rules + some.

-Adapted from Platinum Dynasty Wrestling, this match consists of two cables, connected to metal structures rising from the four corners of the ring, cross 15 feet above the middle of the ring. Similar to a ladder match, an object (usually a championship belt) is suspended from where the cables cross.

- The Mansion of Ruin match is a Bloodlust specific match that signifies the end of the yearly Purge. The Mansion of Ruin match itself takes place in a house bought by HKW in the city of the pay per view event. This house is filled weapons, explosives, and even traps for wrestlers to use in search of the Bloodlust champion. To win this match, a wrestler must find the Bloodlust title, bring it outside the mansion and cross a yellow line that will be taped to the floor fifteen to twenty feet away from the house. The person who crosses the line with the title in their possession will become the Bloodlust champion (and the Purge will be over).
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Aria Bankowski

- Since the beginning of the human race there have been leaders of various kinds. However, hundreds of years ago monarchs stood above the rest - their law the will of God. He or she who is enthroned after winning one of the most prestigious and consistently rigorous cross-brand tournaments in the world - the Crowned Royalty Tournament - has been chosen by God himself to pass judgment on their brand. To compete with an iron fist in any altercation. In addition to being recognized as wrestling royalty this talented individual also gains a lavish Crown to add to their case of accolades.

- In the wrestling business there are few people who ever make it to the mountaintop of a major wrestling promotion. And more often than not; many people never receive the opportunity to shatter the glass ceiling above there heads. However, the coveted All or Nothing Series has changed that. It has dished out opportunities to unlikely faces in the past. This cross-brand tournament has provided a new avenue for competitors aching to make it to the next level. The winner of this tournament gains a Top Tier Championship shot as well as a Medal to remind them of this grand victory.

- Everyone who laces up their boots between a Hard Knox Wrestling ring works every match with the thought of having their own grandiose victory at the biggest event HKW has to offer: Destiny. The Destiny Cup Tournament serves that specific purpose. It's a tournament for rookies looking to build a name and top flight stars with the desire to have their hand raised in front of tens of thousands of screaming aficionados. A goal many aspire to when it comes time to think about Destiny. The victor of this tournament receives a beautiful platinum colored trophy about three feet in length.

- When a wrestling promotion has more than one brand there are always questions related to superiority. Which brand's competitors would topple the other brand's athletes? In the case of Hard Knox Wrestling, there is a single event that allows all of the HKW Faithful's dream scenarios to play out. Two captains: one per brand. Leading a team into battle where the winners capture the right to say their brand is greater!

- Did you think the brand tension stopped with the Divine Supremacy Brand War? No. No. It doesn't end at the Brand War. Wrestlers from both Defiance and Subversion continue their battle in the Interbrand Cup Battle Royal. With any Battle Royal you have to be the last man or woman standing after everyone else has gone over the top rope. The winner of this Battle Royal gains a golden trophy two feet in length. As well as many bragging rights over the opposing brand and pride in defending their brand's honor.

- Tag Team wrestling has long been a priority for Hard Knox Wrestling. HKW has never seen this historic division as a pass time to the main event. Tag Team Wrestling has often BEEN the main event, which is why Lethal Lotto was born to add something devious to the division. Something interesting for fans and wrestlers alike. Random pairings will be selected: some fitting. Others unfortunate for wrestlers whom despise one another. The team who's able to overcome differences in order to mesh well as a unit will gain the ultimate prize. An opportunity for their brand's respective Tag Team Championship.
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Hard Knox Wrestling
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-Former champion has ninety (90) days to get the match for their rematch made. GM's choice on when and where, but talent must inform their general manager when they want to use it. After 90 days, it goes void.

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