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Julian Savell; @JulianSavell
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Julian Savell grew up in Providence, the capital of Rhode Island. Julian has always been a huge fan of pro wrestling and he always dreamed of becoming a pro; even though Julian sees wrestling as a dying sport of sort, because the competitors during this generation have no loyalty. This drove Julian even harder to achieve his dream, so he became an amateur wrestler in high school and then in college at Rhode Island College. Julian only stayed in college for a year before dropping out and deciding to move to Las Vegas to train with Inferno Wrestling competitors Chris Night and Xavier Young at the wrestling school that Chris Night owns. Julian eventually left the tutelage of Chris Night, who at one point, he saw as a mentor. But Julian considered Chris weak, so Julian joined NAW, even though Chris Night told him he was not ready. Julian took NAW by storm with his group, The Elitist and eventually became Tag Team Champions. After getting screwed in NAW by management, Julian decided to take his talents to Pride Pro Wrestling. Pride Pro Wrestling thrived under Julian Savell, who came in and won his first six matches. Julian would then compete for the World Heavyweight Championship against Shawn Mendez, Jr. and two other competitors in a Highway to Hell match.

Julian and Shawn Mendez were the last two competitors and once again, Julian Savell was screwed by management when the referee called for the bell when Shawn Mendez, Jr. had a submission maneuver applied but Julian did not tap out. Julian pounded his fist into the ground in pain but he never tapped out. This was part of the many scandals planned out between Cody Taylor and Shawn Mendez, Jr. After this event, Julian began to form the group the Alliance. First he started it with his former Elitist friend, Tyson Gregory. Tyson and Julian ended several careers in their tirade together, including Xavier Young, who is a former Inferno Wrestling competitor, Chris Night's best friend and one of the other people who trained Julian Savell. Tyson and Julian then began to target Chris Night and they would constantly beat him down over and over again, obviously taunting him. At this time, Chris Night was the Pride Heavyweight Champion. Julian and Tyson would soon align themselves with Robb Hardy, Ahalya Patel and the corrupt Lex Brooks, who was soon kicked out of the group for not earning what he received.

Julian ended up facing Chris Night in a Three Stages of Hell match for the Pride Heavyweight Championship and in the third match, with it being tied one to one, Julian Savell climbed up the ladder and retrieved the belt. Julian ended up leaving a battered and bruised Chris Night in the middle of the ring as he emerged victorious. This in turn ended Chris Night's wrestling career immediately. Julian went on to defend the Pride Heavyweight Championship against JT Midas before leaving the company as it's last Pride Heavyweight Champion. Julian had a stint in Inferno Wrestling as well where he ended up being stuck as Gordon Fury's tag team partner for months on end. Despite the fact that they worked well together as a team, Gordon ended up turning on Julian. When it came time for them to have a match, Julian Savell ending up leaving Gordon in a bloody mess and effectively ended his career. Julian had a decent run in IYHWF, winning the majority of his feuds/matches but the company continued to hold him down due to his negative attitude towards management. Growing tired of Australia, Julian decided to come back to the states and sign a full contract with Fucking Awesome Wrestling.

In Fuckin' Awesome Wrestling, Julian became their inaugural heavyweight champion. He held that belt for half a year, successfully defending it to every challenger who came his way before dropping it to Noah Nakamura. Julian soon decided that he had outgrown Fuckin' Awesome Wrestling and ended up taking a break from competing. During this break, he spent time with his girlfriend, Joey Reyes, and let his body rest up. Julian is now ready to return to the ring after taking a little over a month off and he plans on taking HKW's Defiance brand by storm.

Full Name: Julian Savell
Ring Name: Julian Savell
Nickname: Jules
Date of birth: December 16th, 1990
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 218
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV
Born In: Providence, RI
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Alignment: 1 (Scummiest of heels)
Wrestling Gimmick: What is there gimmick on screen? He thinks he a wrestling God. Everyone else is beneath him and they aren't anywhere near his level. The way he talks about himself can come off ridiculous at times but that's his whole thing, he's outlandish and controversial.
Character Personality: What's their personality like when the cameras aren't rolling? He's an asshole, through and through. He doesn't give a shit what anyone thinks about him on or off camera unless it's someone who he truly cares about and trusts. This list is small. Tyson Gregory, Ally Gregory, Ashleigh Grimes and Joey Reyes are probably the only people he truly trusts at the moment.
Wrestling Style: Technical/High Flyer
Years Pro: Four years
Previous and Current Employers: NAW, Pride Pro Wrestling, Inferno Wrestling, ECWF, Fuckin' Awesome Wrestling
Twitter Handle: @JulianSavell
Ring Technician
Uses others to achieve his goals
High IQ level, he might be ridiculous at times but he's savvy and smart.
Ruthless. He won't stop at anything to end his opponent.
Athleticism. He takes care of his body and is always in tip top shape. He might be a ring technician but he can also do a lot of high flying moves as well.

Undermines opponents
Taunts his opponent
Argues with the referee


Picbase (If anything is different please say so):
Ring Gear: White wrist tape, black tights, black knee pads, black knee pads.
Out of ring gear: Fur coat (black, brown or white), a black suit and tie, a pair of sunglasses and an umbrella.
Entrance Attire: A Fur coat over his ring gear and an umbrella in his hand.
Scars/Notable Markings/Tattoos: None

Entrance Music: "Black Honey" by Thrice

Normal Entrance Description:
"Black Honey" begins to blare over the PA system when Julian Savell appears at the top of the entrance way. The fans begin to shower him with boos. Julian pops the collar of the fur coat that he's wearing as a sly smirk runs over his face. Julian is also carrying his patented umbrella and is wearing sunglasses to go along with his wrestling trunks. Julian walks down the ramp while repeatedly raising his hands in the air, telling the fans to get louder with their boos so they oblige. Julian then walks up the steps and dusts his feet off on the top step before stepping through the middle rope. He climbs up to one of the top turnbuckles and then raises his hands in the air horizontally with the umbrella still in his right hand. Julian then jumps down from the turnbuckle, takes off his fur coat and sunglasses and hands them to one of the staffers outside of the ring. Julian then awaits for the match to begin.

Announcer Introduction: Coming to the ring... Residing in Las Vegas, Nevada and weighing in at 218 pounds... He is "Your Own Personal Savior"... JULIAN SAVELL!!!

Champion Entrance Description:

Announcer Introduction: Coming to the ring... Residing in Las Vegas, Nevada and weighing in at 218 pounds... He is the (blank) Champion... "Your Own Personal Savior"... JULIAN SAVELL!!!


1A. The Unsaved (Curb Stomp)
1B. Savell Splash (Phoenix Splash)
SUBMISSION FINISHER: Savell Breaker (Sitting Fuijwara armbar)
SUPER FINISHER (NO KICKOUT): Curb Stomp with opponent's face resting on top of a standing chair.

Signature Moves (3-7)
1. Superkick to kneeling or standing opponent
2. Labell Lock
3. buzzsaw kick
4. Belly-to-back suplex lifted into a double knee backbreaker)
5. Helluva kick

Regular Moves(10-20)
1. German Suplex
2. Snap Suplex
3. Sitout inverted suplexslam
4. Huricanranna Driver
5. Tornado DDT
6. Step Over Spinning Kick (Kick counter)
7. Suicide Dive
8. Leaping side kick
9. Diving Knee to head (Off top rope)
10. Crescent kick


Championships Won
FAW Heavyweight Champion
Pride Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion
NAW Tag Team Champion w/Tyson Gregory

Awards Won



Match Tactics/Strategy: He'll do whatever it takes to win or get his way. He'll cheat, he'll hurt the referee and he'll even betray teammates. Whatever is the most beneficial to Julian and his way and ideals.
Poses/Taunts: Will flip off the crowd and his opponents. Will get into his opponents face and scream at them and do whatever he can to get in their head.
Other Need to Know Information: Nope
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