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Teddy Sinclair; @xoTeddySinclair
Topic Started: Jul 27 2017, 04:57 PM (100 Views)
Bobby B. Barabbas
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- Theodore Clark "Teddy" Devine

- Teddy Sinclair

- The Stonewall Riot
- The Space Oddity
- The Last Young Renegade

- 06/04/1994

-6ft. 0in.

- 175 lbs.

- Hell's Kitchen, New York

- Essentially, the comedic relief to any show. Teddy Sinclair is a character who fights for what he believes in: individuality, creativity, and diversity. He wishes to become an inspiration for LGBT+ wrestling fans, as he is openly gay.

- 8 – Teddy is loved for his comedic nature, and as such, he will try to win the crowd over any way he can. He is known to be a cheat sometimes, but only out of desperation. The only time he gets any real ‘heat’ he draws would be from the bigots in the crowd.

- A High flying, fast-paced, showman who will go to great lengths to thrill the world.

- Determination: Teddy prides himself on his determination: no matter how badly he’s beaten, he’ll always try to finish the fight ahead of him. Even coming off a loss, he’ll always find a way to turn it into a win.

- Frequent Flyer: though he doesn’t wear a mask, Teddy has trained with some of the best luchadors before debuting for a major company. As such, he’ll flip, dive, and jump off anything at any given time.

- Pace: due to his size and young age, Teddy is pretty agile and quick on his feet. When he’s up against a methodical opponent, he’ll use his agility to get the best of them.

- Playing Possum: Teddy is a trickster at heart, and as such, he’ll often make his opponents believe that they have the upper hand. When they least expect it, he’ll go right back on the offense.

- In-ring Experience: with only two years of experience, Teddy will often find himself outskilled when up against a veteran opponent.

- Showboat: Teddy will find any and every opportunity to taunt his opponent and/or the crowd. As a result, he could end up losing focus of the match ahead of him.

- Strength: because of his lanky figure, Teddy easily finds himself being tossed and held by anyone who’s bigger than him. He’ll often try to outmatch a bigger opponent with his pace, but if that doesn’t work, he’ll struggle to finish the match.

- Your Typical Spot Monkey: Teddy will go to great lengths to leave his impression on the crowd. Diving off the top turnbuckle? No problem. Hitting his finisher from a ladder? Not high enough. Teddy takes his chances, and if his opponents manage to move out of the way before a big dive, it could cost Teddy the match.

- Jack Sexsmith

- 'Knights of Cydonia' by Muse

- A minimalist diagram of the planets in orbit on his inner left arm.
- An equality sign on his right arm.
- A butterfly just below his chest.

- Black galaxy print trunks, bearing this design on the back
- Black galaxy print kickpads and boots, the right boot reads “SINCLAIR” going down vertically
- Black kneepads
- Rainbow colored arm tape, with an “=” scribbled on the right arm
- Rainbow colored armband on his right arm

- Anything that reflects his in-ring persona: flashy, vibrant, and colorful. Typically dresses up like a rejected children’s show character.
- Examples: [x]

- 2 years (since July 2015)

- N/A


1. Devine Consign (Corkscrew shooting star press)
2. Spirit of Geminga (Inverted G.T.S.) [PREVIEW]

1. Fifth Dimension (Forward somersault cutter, sometimes from the top rope)
2. Beam Me Up, Scotty! (Turnbuckle climb into a rebounded corkscrew senton to a standing opponent)
3. Paradigm Shift (Springboard hurricanrana DDT; main setup to the Devine Consign) [PREVIEW]
4. Castor & Pollux (Sling blade followed by a phoenix splash)

1. Multiple kick variations
2. Tossed Salad (Bronco buster)
3. Knife edge chop
4. Victory roll
5. The Family Jewels (Testicular claw)
6. Low blow
7. Crossface
8. Diving meteora
9. Pioneer (Rope-assisted enzuigiri)
10. Kissing (whilst facing a male opponent; typically used as a way to draw heat)
11. Thesz press, followed by mounted punches
12. Springboard moonsault
13. Kneeling Fujiwara armbar
14. Diving seated senton
15. Stinkface


Teddy Devine lived a modest upbringing in Manhattan, New York. At the age of 8, he and his family moved to the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood. Growing up, Devine was teased for his flamboyant mannerisms. At the time his only escape was science fiction novels and video games. His father introduced him to professional wrestling by taking him to a local indie show, and from then on, he saved up all his money to attend wrestling school.

After graduating from the School of Visual Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, he began training for wrestling. He trained under the wing of Corazón Valiente, a retired Mexican masked wrestler. Valiente molded a lucha libre sensation out of Devine, all that was left to do was find the right audience.

When Devine created an arsenal filled with fast-hitting maneuvers and breath-taking stunts, he was then asked by Valiente to create a luchador persona that would match his moveset. Devine politely declined, saying that he would “just simply be himself” – under the ring name Teddy Sinclair. And for two years, he has been thrilling crowds all over the United States with his charismatic nature.

Match Tactics: Sinclair likes to make his opponent dish out any and all damage very early on in a match, often playing possum to fool whoever he’s facing. Around mid-match, he’ll snap out of it, delivering a devastating strike out of nowhere. When he’s done playing to the crowd, he’ll most likely try to finish the match with one of his high-risk maneuvers. If things aren’t quite going his way, he’ll attain victory via a cheap tactic (victory roll, schoolboy pin, hooking an opponent’s tights, etc.). Regardless of his position of power, Sinclair will always try to taunt his opponent to psych them out.

- Makes a heart with his hands over his head - done before hitting the Devine Consign and before his match starts.
- Laughs at his opponent whenever he is in control of the match.
- Moonwalks after a match if he wins.
- When facing a bigger opponent, he’ll scurry to the bottom rope in fear
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