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[COLOR=WHITE]Defiance Presents...[/color][color=crimson][b]WAR READY![/b][/color]; Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan | SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2017
Topic Started: Sep 11 2017, 11:24 PM (772 Views)
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VENUE: Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan

The official theme song for Inception, "This Means War" by. Avenge Sevenfold opens the shows video package ending with the War Ready poster.

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Backstage we see Jackson Magnum making some last minute adjustments to his Superman gear. Bringing his sleeve down over his elbow pad.

JACKSON MAGNUM: Fer months now, Miguel Giovanni has been a pain en me arse. He has told thee world tat I am a weakling now, tat thee very tings tat make me an intimidating, I somehow hide those parts ov myself ta be beloved by thee fans..

Jackson turns to the camera, shrugging.

JACKSON MAGNUM: But there is one major flaw wit this logic Miguel. Thee fans see right through et when et is fake. How many wannabe Supermen hafe we seen en this business? A thousand? And how many ov them do thee fans truly care about? Very few, thee fact is tat ef ets fake, ef yer not thee person ye claim ta be, thee fans will boo ye out ov thee building every damned time.They know thee real deal from a fact, and tat’s why they love me. I do nae kiss babies and hang out wit fans fer an image. I do et because I love et, wen I see a kid wit who believes en me, wearing a “Jackson is Superman” shirt, er a fan holding up a sign en support ov me, et lets me know they care about me as much as I care about them. There is nothing fake about tat, there is no amount ov trash tawk tat will change how tat makes me feel. Er tat changes thee fact tat they are inspired by my heart and determination. Ets a connection they would never hafe wit an imposter. Ets tat mutual love tat inspires me ta be thee very Superman they shout fer.

A smile appears on Jackson’s face as he talks about his fans.

JACKSON MAGNUM: But ye tink I am fooling them all, tat I am playing a trick on those fans and everyone en thee back. Tat truly amazes me man, and wat’s worse is ye tink ye hafe me all figured out. Tat ye will somehow shatter tat spirit wit chair shots er insults. Tat ye will beat on me until I am broken, and they stop believing en me. That fear will conquer hope, but I hafe a secret ta tell ye fella.

Jackson motions for the camera to come closer as if he is going to whisper, but keeps a normal vocal range.

JACKSON MAGNUM: Every time I step inta tat ring, I am terrified, and a guy like ye, a guy wit literally nothing ta lose scares me thee most. Ever since Hybrid Hell two, I hafe stepped inta that ring knowing et could be my very last match. Tat my next opponent could hurt me, cripple me, end my career er worse. But thee truth is I know tat, and ye proclaiming et ta thee world just highlights someting I already know. Yet, fer all tat tawk et won’t stop me from stepping inta tat ring. Even wit a heavy burden on my heart, even wit thee spirit ov every fan tat supports possible being broken, and even wit tat fear on my mind at every turn, I will persist.

Jackson places his hand over the Superman symbol on his shirt.

JACKSON MAGNUM: See Miguel, ye tawk about this fearless Jackson Magnum tat ye used ta see. Tat ye looked up ta, a pioneer tat paved thee way fer a guy like ye. Thee truth is tat guy hid behind false bravado and help from others ta git where he did. He wasnae this fearless man ye remember, he was a coward. Which is exactly wat ye hafe become Miggy, a coward who hides behind a steel chair and claims ta fear nothing. There is nothing remarkable about tat, there are tons ov guys who claim ta fear nothing en this business. Know wat is truly impressive? Being scared and still hafe thee guts ta risk et all so tat people hafe someting ta believe en? Tat is true bravery, but et is someting ye can’t understand. And why they will continue ta love me and hate ye. People hafe fears Miguel, and ta night I will give ye someting ta fear. An indomitable spirit, an unconquerable will ta do thee very best I can every time I am en tat ring, and a love ov thee very fans ye demean, tat will give me thee determination ta overcome anyting ye can throw at me. So bring all thee weapons ye can carry wit ye, bring all thee hate ye can muster up, and all thee worst intentions en thee world. Yer going ta need et all, because ta night ye fight hope, love, and inspiration. Ta night ye fight superman. Good luck fella.

Raising his other hand up to his chest he moves them apart as if he is exposing the superman symbol before the scene changes.
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The scene fades into the arena where Whisper VIperi was seen ready to announce the opening match up.

WHISPER VIPERI: Ladies and gentlemen our opening matchup is a singles match set for one fall!!

Cheap pop.

WHISPER VIPERI: And it is for the HKW ITV Championship!!!!!

Another cheap pop.


“Everything Will Be OK” by G-Eazy featuring the talented Kehlani sets the P.A. System ablaze as the feet cuts to the backstage area where Aria Bankowski is spotted heading towards gorilla position!

BRIAN MASON: She wanted this shot at the ITV Championship and she got it. I hope she knows what she got herself into.

Bankowski reached the curtain - taking in a few breaths. Aria pulled the curtain open slightly so the people watching on television at home could hear the cheers.

The energy of the HKW Faithful....

The Darling pushed passed the curtain. She began to walk to the ring slapping hands with some of the fans who were in attendance to see some fantastic action in the (INSERT ARENA HERE) tonight. After giving one of the younger children a hug Bankowski continued to make her way to the squared circle.

WHISPER VIPERI: Ladies and gentlemen making her way down to the ring from West Orange, New Jersey...She is an inspiration to youth across the nation…..Hard Knox Wrestling’s very own DARLING! ARIAAAAAAAAAAAAA BBBBBBBBBB!!!

Once Aria was closer to the ring she climbed up the steps before entering the ring. There she walked towards one of the corners climbing up to the second turnbuckle. As she pointed towards select fans "In Distress" by A$AP Rocky featuring Gesaffelstein took over the tune of Aria’s own music.

black and white video vignette begins rolling on the screens, showing Lyza Reyes dressed as Charlie Chaplin on the moon. There is no dialogue, but simply piano music playing with the pace of the footage. She's caught in the middle of a tug of war match between a U.S. Spaceman, and a small group of miniature aliens. Before determining which side pulls Lyza once and for all, the venue goes pitch black, and "In Distress" by A$AP Rocky featuring Gesaffelstein begins to play.

"I'm something out this world, nothing like the rest..."
She makes her way down the ramp, tagging a few hands along the way.

WHISPER VIPERI: And the opponent, hailing from The Space Age, it's the HKW ITV Champion, Lyza Reyes!

She walks up the steel steps, and positions herself in the center of the ring to scope out the audience. She points at fans also known as "Lyzanites," in acknowledgment of their enthusiasm and admiration.

JACK WARREN: We’re about to get us a new ITV Champion, finally.

BRIAN MASON: I don’t know about that, Jack. Lyza has been an impressive champion.

JACK WARREN: Yeah, but she’s not the man. So...Her reign is irrelevant to me.


Lyza Reyes © vs. Aria B


After the bell rings Aria walks into the center of the ring and holds out here hand. Lyza looks around to the fans who cheer her on urging her to shake the rookie’s hand. She shrugs her shoulders and nods to the fans agreeing with them. She walks into the center of the ring and shakes Aria’s. The two exchange the words before taking a couple steps back. The two circle around for a moment before they tangle up with one another there in the center of the ring. They test one another’s strength for a moment before the veteran pulls away and grabs Banks’ head only to drag her into a knee to the head. After the knee to the head, Lyza hits a Snap DDT! The fan pops for the champion as she kicks up to her feet and looks down at the youngest Banks. She nods to herself as she was satisfied with what she seen. Reyes then runs over and hits the ropes gaining more speed. As she makes is back to Aria, the former RISE Champion was getting back up to her knees and BOOM! She was taking back down with a dropkick right to the face! The crowd pops as the champion gets back up to her feet and pumps up the crowd getting them hype. She smiles as she turns to Aria and steps over her before kneeling down and places her into a Camel Clutch! The referee was right there to ask Aria if she wanted to give up but the tough as nails Banks refused to give up this easily and early in the match up. The fans cheered for Aria encouraging her to not give up. Lyza pulls back a little more on the submission hold. Aria yelped out in pain but she still refused to quit when the referee asked whether or not she wanted to quit. Lyza was impressed by this but that didn’t mean she was about to go easy on her. Reyes releases Aria from the Camel Clutch letting her fall flat onto the ground.

The reigning HKW ITV Champion looks down at her opponent and waits for her to get back up to her feet as she walks across the ring. Aria began to stir slowly getting up to her knees. Aria looks over to see Lyza standing her waving her up to her feet. She reaches back rubbing her back that was still throbbing in pain. She nods over at Lyza signaling that she was okay. The two began to circle the ring again before going to link up in the center of the ring again. This time around Aria was ready. She ducked under Lyza’s arms as she lunged out for her. Lyza turns around and is hit with a surprise Spinning Back Kick that drops the champion! The fans pop as Aria landed the kick. She looks to Lyza as she starts to get up to her feet and quickly placed her into a side headlock. Lyza still is able to get up to her feet and tries to use her strength to hit a Back Suplex on Aria but no! She punches Lyza a few times making Reyes drop her to the ground before Aria takes her to the ground with a Snapmare. Aria was there right back on her locking in a yet another side headlock. The fans cheered for Aria as she had the champion down. She then lets go for the side headlock and transitions into a Figure Four Armlock! Lyza yelps out in pain as soon as Aria locks in the submission hold.

BRIAN MASON: The former RISE Champion has that submission locked in tight!

JACK WARREN: Oh stop, don’t be giving her too much credit now. The man could do ten times better. If it were up to me, Lyza would be tapping like I made Shane Atwater tap like the bitch he is.


JACK WARREN: Something you wanna say, Mase?

BRIAN MASON: Nope, I’ll just let you sound stupid more.

JACK WARREN: That’s what I thought..Wait what?!

The referee asks Lyza if she wants to quit which she of course refuses to. Aria pulls back on the arm a bit more but still Lyza refuses to give up. The fans now cheer for Lyza not wanting her to give up. Lyza begins to pull her way towards the ropes only to be pulled back from the by Aria. Reyes cries out in pain as she was now back to where she started before crawling over to the ropes. She then begins to crawl back over to the ropes again. The reaches out to the bottom rope as she was now finger tips away. Aria seeing how close she was to reaching the bottom rope. She let’s go of the submission hold and pulls Lyza back onto to drop a knee onto the arm. Aria holds her back as she gets back up to her feet and looks down at Reyes. She taunts to the crowd motioning the Aaron Rodgers State Farm Discount Double Check! Err..I mean signaling that she wanted the ITV Championship. The crowd cheers for her as she crouches down waiting for Lyza to get up to her feet. As she does, Aria runs over to the ropes and leaps off of them to hit a Sunset Flip right into a pinfall!



Aria looks up to the referee not believing that Lyza kicked out but didn’t try to argue about the count. She instead gets up to her feet and brings the ITV Champion along with her. Lyza begins to connect with several Backhand Chops. With every chop landed the crowd chants the iconic, “Woo!”. After the last chop lands, Aria hits Lyza with the Leg Hook Reverse STO! The crowd pops yet again as Aria gets up to her feet. She smiles to the sounds of of the fans cheers for her and nods acknowledging them. She now takes a few steps back waiting for Lyza to get bet back up to her feet. The ITV Champion slowly begins to stir as she gets up to her knees. She holds her head some and tries to shake off the cobwebs as she gets back up to her feet. Suddenly Aria was seen sprinting towards Reyes going for a Lariat...No! Reyes drops down to the ground dodging the maneuver and rolls out of the ring just in the knick of time!

BRIAN MASON: Veteran champion awareness right there.

JACK WARREN: I think she just tripped on her own foot to be quite honest with you, Mase.

BRIAN MASON: What? No she didn’t she--

JACK WARREN: She did too?! How are you going to tell the man?! She tripped on her own two fucking feet! She has to be the clumsiest champion this company has ever se...I take that back. Forgot Beth Keaton existed.

BRIAN MASON: How the he--

JACK WARREN: Shut the hell up Mase. I’m tired of you shit! I don’t have to answer to the likes of you! I’m the man around here! And what I say is gospel!

Lyza stumbles off to the barricade trying to recalculate after dodging the attack from the former Bloodlust Champion. The fans begin to cheer once the look into the ring and see Aria wasn’t about to give up and let Lyza just get away. Aria climbs up to the top rope and looks down at Lyza sizing her up. She taunts to the crowd giving them a thumbs up before leaping off going for a Diving Crossbody…..NO! Lyza turns around just in time and leaps up into the air to bring Lyza down into a Double Knee Facebreaker! The two ladies lay out at ring side motionless as the fans began to chant.


Lyza slowly begins to sir and pulls herself up with the help of the barricade. She turns and leans up against the barricade resting while holding her arm grimacing in pain. The ITV Champion nods to the fans who were slapping her on her back and pushes herself to stand upright. She slowly walks over to her challenger and picks her up to her feet. Reyes tosses Banks back into the ring and rolls in after her. The champion uses the ropes to get back up to her feet slowly and looks down at Aria. She crouches down and waits for her to get back up to her feet. As Aria slowly gets back up to her feet, Lyza runs over to Aria. She jumps onto Aria’s shoulders then flips her over with her Frankensteiner signature maneuver, Cosmic Voyage! The crowd pops as she hooks one of Aria’s legs for the pin!




Reyes quickly gets back up to her feet after Aria kicks out anticipating for her to get back up to her feet. She starts to stir some and Reyes sprints over hitting a Running Shining Wizard to take her down.

JACK WARREN: Can’t believe this bitch is about to lose to a fucking rookie. Her boyfriend’s little fucking cousin, even. Hahahaha!

BRIAN MASON: What are you talking about Jack? She almost came up with the victory just now.

JACK WARREN: And yet she’s been struggling this entire match! Against a fucking rookie!

BRIAN MASON: Aria Banks is a very accomplished wrestler, Jack. No matter how long she has been wrestling she has had an impressive career. More impressive than yours in fact.


BRIAN MASON: I’ll tell you what, Jack. i’ll think about it and get back to you.


Lyza whips her hair back as she looks down at Aria. She stomps down on Aria a few times onto her back. She then begins to hit several Knee Drops directly onto her back showing no signs of letting up on the recent RISE call up. Lyza then mounts herself on Aria’s back and begins to hit several punches down on Aria as if she was an mixed martial arts fighter who had back control! Once she was satisfied she locks in yet again another Camel Clutch submission hold! The referee asks Aria if she wants to quit but no! She refuses despite the stinging pain running down her spine as Lyza was trying to snap her literally in half! Seeing that she wasn’t going to give up again, Lyza let's go and goes right back to delivering punches down on her. Lyza now stands up to her feet and rubs her arm showing that it was still bothering her. She steps out onto the ring apron and calls for Aria to get back up to her feet. The fans try to warn but as she got up Lyza leaps off the ropes going for a Springboard Tornado DDT...NO! Aria reverses the maneuver and hits a Spinebuster!

JACK WARREN: And yet again...Lyza is on her way to losing the ITV Championship. Pathetic.

BRIAN MASON: Shut up Jack. She’s had control of this match. It’s not her fault that Aria is a tough competitor.

JACK WARREN: Aria is as weak as her.


JACK WARREN: No, I’m just being honest. The man is brutally honest.

The crowd pops as Aria slowly begins to get up to her feet favoring her back. She stomps down on Lyza a few times before getting her up to her feet. She kicks her in the midsection doubling her over. The former RISE Champion now grabs Lyza’s injured arm twisting it with an Arm Wrench. Lyza cries out into pain as Aria then takes her down with a Leg Sweep. Aria now gets back up to her feet and taunts to the crowd. They cheer for her and waits for the champion to get back up to her feet. Reyes does so as she crawled over to the ropes and uses them to help assist her into getting back up to her feet. Banks sprints over going for a Laria hoping to knock the champion back outside the ring at ringside but no! Lyza ducks under and sprints across the ring to hit the ropes. Aria follows going for yet another Lariat but no! Reyes ducks under the maneuver yet again and goes to hit the ropes again. Aria now stops in the center of the ring and when Lyza comes back she holds out her arms yelling out, “WAIT A MINUTE!!!”. Lyza stops in her tracks confused. Aria smirked as she then hits a Bank Shot out of nowhere dropping Lyza! The crowd pops as Aria goes for the pin!





Aria now looked up to the referee and pleaded with him trying to figure out that the count was right.




BRIAN MASON: If a Banks couldn’t do it you sure as hell wouldn’t.

JACK WARREN: The difference between me and any “Banks” is that...I’m The Man. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

BRIAN MASON: I don’t smoke.

Aria shakes his head and turns around to see Lyza was starting to stir. Aria signaled for the end and waited for Lyza to get completely up to her feet. As she done so, Aria grabs her arm and tries to take her down in hopes of locking in the Felony IV….NO! Lyza reverses and hits The Space Age instead! The crowd pops as they watch Lyza slowly crawl over and drape her arm over Banks.




The referee quckly calls for the bell.

The fans cheer knowing they just witnessed one helluva battle for the HKW ITV Championship to start of this crazy night of War Ready. Lyza slowly gets back up to her feet and is handed the belt.


The crowd pops.

JACK WARREN: She got lucky...AGAIN.

BRIAN MASON: She didn’t get lucky, Jack. She’s a fighting champion and will take on all comers. And I’ll tell you right now, she’s on her way to being the company’s best ever ITV Champion in history.

JACK WARREN: Pft, yeah right. Only good thing about her being ITV Champion is her being on Defiance.

The scene begins to fade away as Lyza celebrates her successful title defense.

WINNER & STILL HKW ITV CHAMPION: Lyza Reyes Via Pin Fall (16:31)
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Backstage, a camera finds Ace Watson, who is dressed in casual clothes made up of a black hoodie and grey jeans, with some black and white shoes. He carries a backpack over his shoulder, likely full of his wrestling gear and everything he would need for the show ahead.

He passes Defiance interviewer Lola J, who looks up from her phone as he walks by. She takes a moment to notice who it was before quickly stepping away from the wall she leant on to walk after him.

LOLA J: Ace! Any news on Tuck?

Watson’s beloved dog Tuck had recently gone missing from backstage at FGA Patriot Games, and was later seen with the Pretty Committee as they left the city hosting the PPV. Ace stopped and turned, prompting Lola to move in, the camera framing them as if they were in a usual interview.

ACE WATSON:: Nothing new. Pretty Committee have him. Tonight I end their careers and take him back. That’s all for now.

Watson forces a smile before turning and heading off in the direction he was walking before, his smile disappearing as soon as he turned. The camera follows him on his walk.

He walks through the corridors before arriving at a door signposted “Men’s Locker Room”. He opens the door and walks in. A few wrestlers from the roster were sat around, hanging out before the show kicked off. They all looked at Ace, which he noticed, and returned their gaze with one of his own, but his with a more concerned and narrow eyed look, trying to figure out why they were staring.

He turned away and headed over to a section that was labeled with his name. As he approached the area he noticed a piece of paper taped to the wall. This also had his name on it, and was folded to hide it’s contents. Watson reached out and pulled it from the wall, unfolding it and reading it. The camera moves in to show what it says;

Dear Ace,

Meet us at VIP skybox 7.

Tuck yourself in, you may be in for an emotional rollercoaster!

Ace’s eyed widened, his jaw clenched. He dropped his bag where he stood and shoved the note in his pocket, and pushed past the cameraman at pace, almost knocking the likely very expensive piece of equipment to the ground.

Swinging the door open, Ace sees an arena employee and shouts at him instantly.

ACE WATSON: Skyboxes, where are they?!

The man stutters for a moment before speaking quietly, having been made jump by Watson’s shouting.

ARENA EMPLOYEE: Around the corner, and... four floors up… the stairs are to your left…

He gestured in the direction Ace needed to go, which he started walking in before the shaken man had finished speaking. The camera watches Watson storm off for a moment before following and trying to catch up, which the camera operator barely does.

Thundering up the stairs, Watson arrives at the floor he was told to go to. He looks around, his eyes darting from signpost to signpost looking for the numbered skyboxes. He spots a door down the hall which has been left open, and on his way realises the labels are counting up from four, to five, to six, leaving the skybox with it’s door open as number seven.

Ace steps into the doorway, the camera behind him looking in as he does, revealing a dog cage in the center of the skybox, with Ace Watson’s missing dog Tuck inside it. Tuck gets to his feet quickly as Watson rushes to the cage, kneeling down and trying to open it, not noticing the padlock on the door at first. The good boy retriever dog barks a few times at Ace, excitedly, as the camera moves around giving us the view of behind the cage, looking at Ace’s face. Just in time for Veronica Taylor and Bianca Davis to walk in, flanked by two tall and muscular men dressed in all black. One of whom slams the door behind them and puts a key in the lock as the blonde member of the Pretty Committee begins to speak...

BIANCA DAVIS: Well, well look at what the cat dragged in Vero, its Ace Watson... how predictable.

They share a laugh as Veronica soon speaks in her normal tone.

VERONICA TAYLOR: Now boys can you please show this loser what we can expect tonight.

ACE WATSON: You bitches stole my dog!

Ace starts to rise to his feet as he sees the two men close in on him, but before he can get up they start throwing punches to his head and body, knocking him down quickly. Tuck begins to bark and yelp loudly, whining at what he was seeing.

Once Watson was on the ground, the two large men began to stomp and kick him, causing Ace to curl himself up, arms protecting his head from any big boots coming down on it.

VERONICA TAYLOR: The big man can’t handle it, that will teach you to try and ruin Bianca's beautiful looks.

One of the men grabs Ace, picking him up off the floor and onto his knees, holding his arms behind his back, leaving him unprotected to the three hard punches the other man throws to Watson’s face. One of which busts his lip, causing Ace to spit blood. The man drops Ace to the floor in a heap. Veronica walks over to him…

VERONICA TAYLOR: You can have your stupid dog back.

Veronica then drops a key onto Ace’s head, one that looks like it may fit the padlock to Tuck’s cage.

VERONICA TAYLOR: See you out there basic, good luck Acey.

The two men walk away from Ace. One of them opens the skybox door for The Pretty Committee to leave, which they do, the large henchman following just after. Watson tries to pull himself up, a bruise appearing under his eye and the cut on his lip dripping blood. Tuck whines as Ace tries to get to his feet.

Shaken, Watson picks up the key Veronica dropped on him and put it into the lock, before opening the door to Tuck’s cage. Tuck runs out of the cage and knocks Ace down to the floor again. He winces, but smiles widely as he fusses the very excited Retriever dog. The scene fades out.
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WHISPER VIPERI: The Following match is a Hardcore Grudge match! In this match however if Jackson Magnum uses a weapon he will be disqualified!

The arena turns green as a deep grey smoke filters through the entrance way. A bright yellow light flashes on the stage with a green superman signal in it only with a J instead of an S. As Jax walks out into the misty smoke he’s wearing a custom made suit with spectacles. Giving a smirk he looks out into the crowd. He then walks hops off the stage where a phone booth is waiting.

“In a land where people have lost their way, there is one man who has found that through his own methods, this world can be better. His power, his ability, his mere prowess evokes fear into the hearts of them who would oppose him. His talent unbelievable, his accolades undeniable, he is Super. ”

WHISPER VIPERI: INTRODUCING FIRST, From Dublin, Ireland weighing in at 225lbs he is Thee Prince, thee Irish Superman, JACKSON MAGNUM!

Jax steps into the phone booth as a green curtain falls over it. Almost instantly a bright light flashes as the phone booth door explodes open. The sound of Sinead O’Connor and the Chieftains “Foggy Dew” begins to play from the PA system as Jax steps backwards out of the booth. The first thing to come into view is his black cape with a green J within the superman symbol. Turning around Jax shows off his new green and black ring gear, with matching green shades.

BRIAN MASON: Think about everything that Miguel has done to this man over the last few months. Called him out for being weak, beaten him, and constantly taken liberties with a steel chair, busting Jackson up multiple times.

JACK WARREN: That being said, what changes tonight? Miguel can use weapons and Jackson can’t. It could be a very long night for Jackson Magnum.

He jumps back onto the aisle way, turning his head he blows blows smoke that filters into the air. Letting out a primal scream before walking down the rampway and towards the ring. As he reaches the ring he leaps onto the apron in one motion. He then paces on the apron for a moment before whipping his feet off, and stepping into the ring. He spins in a circle as he reaches the center of the ring. Pulling his glasses off he hands them to the referee, then slowly unsnaps his cape. Folding it into a perfect formation leaving the J symbol exposed he instructs the referee to be careful with his stuff.

Then he backs away into the corner waiting for Miguel to make his entrance.

WHISPER VIPERI: And his opponent……….

“Black Heart Rebellion” by Insomnium plays throughout the arena which is in darkness apart from red and white strobe lighting. Once the lyrics kick in, a black heart appears on the screen, beating along to the music. “Blackheart” Miggy G is soon lit up by a spotlight put on him as he stands with his back to the crowd and his arms out wide, a kendo stick in the right hand. Miggy G is met with a chorus of boos, the crowd showing their pure hate for him.

WHISPER VIPERI: On his way to the ring, standing at 6ft2in and weighing in at 205lbs, “Blackheart” Miggy G!!!

The lights go on, the red and white strobe lighting stop. The black heart still beats up on the screen as Miggy G turns around with a sickening smirk upon his face. Making his way down to the ring, he slaps the hands away from him that try to grab him and even spits on the floor in front of the fans. Once at the ring, Blackheart rolls into the ring with Kendo stick in hand, before he slowly removes his vest, then tosses it onto the floor of the outside. He leans back against the turnbuckle prepared and ready for the chaos ahead of him.

BRIAN MASON: Well Miguel isn’t hiding what his plan is, bringing the kendo stick with him to the ring.

Why should he? If you have an advantage use it, and he promised to take Magnum out, this seems like sound strategy.

The referee goes over checking Jackson for weapons, then looks at Miggy who just waves the kendo stick around in his hand, mocking Jackson. The referee then looks to the timekeeper and motions for the bell.

Miguel Giovanni vs. Jackson Magnum


The match begins with Jackson rushing Miguel for a double leg takedown only for Miguel to take a sidestep and nail Jackson in the head with the Kendo stick. Jackson immediately falls face first to the ground holding his head, while Miguel smiles. Miguel walks around the former two time Hybrid champion, who gets up on all fours for a second, only for Miguel to bring the Kendo stick down across Jackson’s back. Jackson grimaces in pain, falling to the canvas again, only for Miguel to swing back as hard as he can and slam the kendo stick across Jackson’s back yet again. Jackson screams in pain, rolling away from Miguel and all the way to outside. Miguel continues to laugh at Jackson who falls to one knee.

BRIAN MASON: I think Magnum might be regretting letting Miguel pick the stipulation in this match.

JACK WARRENI: Yeah, Miguel is clearly not going to hesitate in using the advantage he has given himself in this match.

Miguel goes out onto the apron, seeing Jackson’s right hand resting on the apron he brings his right foot down onto it, with a smile. Jackson looks up at the self proclaimed blackheart , his eyes almost begging for mercy, but Miguel shakes his head no. Miguel raises the kendo stick above his head, but Jackson, reaches over with his left hand sweeping Miguel’s feet from underneath him, causing Miguel to fall back on the apron back first hard. Miguel arches his back in pain on the apron dropping the kendo stick to floor below. Jackson clutches his hand in pain, taking a deep breath, turning back to Miguel. He grabs Miguel by the hair pulling him off the apron, pulling him in tight he slings Miguel’s arm over his head looking for a suplex. Jackson tries to lift Miguel for a suplex, but Miguel blocks it, Jackson tries again, but Miguel tucks his leg inside Jackson’s right foot, and counters by lifting Jackson up sending him spine first into the apron with a snap suplex. Jackson falls hard to the ground, writhing in pain.

BRIAN MASON: I was just about to say Magnum had a great counter to stop the momentum from Giovanni, but Miguel answers with a vicious counter of his own.

JACK WARREN: Magnum was stupid, instead of using the opportunity he had to roll Miguel into the ring, and away from the outside where all the weapons are he tried for a big move on the outside. That mistake cost him dearly.

Miguel takes a look at Jackson who is laying on the ground still writhing in pain. Miguel walks over to the ring apron pulling the cover up, he reaches under grabbing a trash can filled with weapons. Miguel tosses the trash can over the top rope and into the ring, as the trashcan hits the ground it drops to the side with weapons spilling out. Miguel reaches down, grabbing Jackson by the back of the neck and pulling him off the ground. He rolls Jackson into the ring and follow him in. Stomping on his downed opponent in the back of the head repeatedly. Stepping to the side, Miguel makes his way over to the weapons, bending down he pushes a pair of handcuffs out of the way, then finds a box of Magnum condoms in the fray and toss them towards Jackson, bouncing the box off the fallen former Hybrid champion’s head. He reaches over grabbing a street sign showing it to the crowd the words “Dublin, Ireland” are written on it. Jackson shakes his head in frustration, trying to get the cobwebs free, he works his way to his feet using the ropes. He turns and is met with a shot right between the eyes with the sign, the blow drops Jackson to one knee. Miguel shoves the sign in his face and shouts at him.

MIGGY G: Ireland loves me bitch! Not you!

BRIAN MASON: Miguel showing blatant disrespect towards Jackson.

JACK WARREN: Miguel has stated that he is going to destroy Jackson tonight, and he plans on doing that. He is also trying to embarrass him as much as possible in the process.

Miguel raises the sign over his head again ready to nail Jackson again, but Jackson connects with a left hand to the midsection of Miguel, causing Miguel to double over with the sign still in his right hand. This allows Jackson to stand up bounce back against the rope hitting Miguel with a high knee. The blow staggers Miguel, forcing him to drop the sign to the ground. Jackson takes the opportunity to spin and connect with a 540 elbow to the jaw of Miguel dropping him to the ground.

BRIAN MASON: The Jax-El elbow right to the jaw of Miguel. This give Magnum an opportunity to take advantage. He unloaded with one of his biggest shots on Miguel.

JACK WARREN: After the amount of abuse Jax has taken in the early going, he needs to do something with this opening. This is an opening that allows him to follow up, but this might be a better strategy by Magnum!

Jackson reaches down grabbing the sign and throwing it into the crowd. Then staggers over to the pile of weapons. He grabs a couple more signs and throws them into the ground, then a wooden board into the crowd. He looks over at Miguel who is starting to get to his feet, Jackson reaches down grabbing the trash can and tossing it out of the ring in a hurry. Jackson hobbles back over to Miguel, who is now up to his feet. Jackson kicks Miguel in the gut takes a step back, before stepping forward into a swinging neckbreaker that puts Miguel back on the ground holding the back of his neck. Jackson winces in pain himself, turning slowly as he reaches back holding his back. Miguel leans forward only for Jackson to pull him back and make a lateral press.



TH-- NO!

Miguel pushes Jackson off with relative ease.

BRIAN MASON: Only a two count by Jackson, but he has to take advantage now, with almost all of the weapons out of the ring, he needs to keep the match here.

JACK WARREN: And he can’t let Miggy get back on the offensive, or get more weapons into the ring.

Jackson gets to his feet holding his back in pain, looking down at Miguel, urging him to get up. When Miguel gets to his feet, Jackson steps forward throwing a forearm that connects to the side of the head of Miguel. However, Jackson’s shot doesn’t have it’s normal explosion, allowing Miguel to recover quickly from it. Rolling to his feet as Jackson turns, Miguel catches Jackson with an enziguri to the side of the head. The Irish Superman falls to the ground in a daze, Miguel looks over at Jackson while standing back up. He grabs Jackson by the left arm, pulling the Irish superstar to his feet. Reaches his hands around Jackson’s neck, the blackheart gets Jackson in a muay thai clinch. He buries his left knee into Jackson’s abdominal area, then his right, as he backs Jackson into the corner. He alternates between his left and right knee, connecting with shot after shot to the ribcage of Jackson. Then he blasts Jackson with a stiff elbow to the side of the head, forcing Jackson’s head to snap to the side. Miguel lets go of the Muay Thai clinch, and keeps Jackson on his feet by tossing his arms over the top rope. Jackson slouches forward, clearly a bit out of it.

BRIAN MASON: Everytime Magnum seems like he is able to get some momentum, Giovanni strikes, and the early damage he did with the Kendo stick is still affecting Magnum.

JACK WARREN: Well yeah Mase, being hit with a kendo stick hurts like hell, and can do a ton of damage.

Miguel reaches up getting a different grip around Jackson’s neck and pulling him out of the corner, he drops straight down with a diamond cutter driving Jackson’s face into the canvas. Miguel turns over almost immediately grabbing Jackson in a front chancery. Instead of locking in the submission, he lifts the Irishman up to his feet. Miguel takes him over to ropes and throws him throw the middle rope but holds onto Jackson’s head. Pulling him through the ropes with just Jax’s feet on the ropes Miggy twists and drives Jackson head first into the mat.

BRIAN MASON: Comatosed from Miguel! That might do it.

JACK WARREN: Miguel’s offense is so brutal, it seems like any move he hits could end a match.

Miguel turns Jackson onto his back, he hooks the leg and pulls back stacking Jackson up.



THREEEEEEE------------------ NO!

At the last instant Jackson manages to squirm his left shoulder off the mat. Miguel looks to the official, then down at Jackson with a laugh. Miguel stands up and drives the heel of his boot into Jackson’s head. Jackson grabs his head as he rolls to his side. Instead of following up Miguel walks away from Jackson. He steps through the middle rope and to the outside. Once he is outside, Miguel walks over to the timekeepers table, he grabs the bell from timekeeper, then takes a microphone off of Whisper Viperi. He takes a look in the ring, seeing Jackson is still down. He walks over to the ring, pushing the ring bell into the ring, he drops down lifting the apron cover up, he pulls a grey steel chair with a black heart paint on it out. He slides the chair into the ring, then rolls under the bottom rope himself. He holds the microphone in his hand as the fans boo loudly.

MIGGY G: Shut up! All you had to do is stay down, but instead you have to keep fighting. Why? For these fans? They do nothing for you. They are just going to shorten your career, in fact I might just end it tonight.

Miguel reaches down grabbing the ring bell, watching as Jackson uses the bottom rope to start pulling himself up. Miguel drops the microphone, tapping his feet while Jackson pushes himself up to his feet. Miguel runs at Jackson who turns right into a blistering shot from the ring bell. Jackson falls to the canvas in a heap, as blood starts to flow down his face. Jackson looks like he is unconscious on the ground. The crowd continues to boo, while Miguel looks at the crowd and flips them the bird. Walking to the other side of the ring Miguel picks the microphone back up, then reaches over grabbing the steel chair.

BRIAN MASON: What is Miguel thinking? He has this match won!

JACK WARREN: I think Miguel is trying to end Magnum’s career here tonight. That is the only thing that makes sense.

MIGGY G: No, you do not get out of this that easily. You want to keep fighting, to be their hero right! Be there hero Jax, get up, fight for them.

Miguel sets the chair up in a seated position, right above Jackson. Leaning down he slaps Jackson in the face with his free hand multiple times.

MIGGY G: Come on bitch boy, you can do it, get up.

Miguel slaps the bloodied Jackson in the face again, stirring the former two time Hybrid champion. The crowd cheers for Jackson who somehow gets up onto one knee

MIGGY G: That’s it cheer your superman on! Come on superman you can do it! They believe in you!

Jackson looks up at Miguel through the crimson mask of blood that covers his face. Miguel turns the microphone over hitting Jackson in the head with it, causing Jackson to sway backwards.


BRIAN MASON: Well I am guessing that is a shout out to Boaz from Miguel.

JACK WARREN: I think this whole match is a flat out statement from Miguel.

Miguel throws Jackson head first into the mat, standing up he folds the blackheart chair back up and blast Jackson across the back repeated. Once, twice, three times, then a forth, and then raising it up over his head one last time he slams the chair down one last time. Jackson lays on the ground motionless, while Miguel tosses the steel chair to the side. Miguel laughs, walking over and picking the microphone up yet again.

MIGGY G: Normally, I would just pin you and be done with it. But honestly, you don’t deserve it. No, you deserve a fitting end Superman. Today, you meet your doomsday. So, I am going to end this I am going to end you tonight. I am going send you home to your wife and kid as a mutilated cripple!

Miguel keeps the microphone in his hand and steps out onto the apron. Dropping down, onto the outside he walks over to the steel steps, and pushes them over.

MIGGY G: This is how we end it Jackson, this is how I end you.

Miguel bends down grabbing a power drill that was laying on the ground. Miguel presses the button as the sound of the drill echos throughout the building. The camera pans out to the fans, some of them crying as they realize what Miguel is planning on doing.

BRIAN MASONI: He can’t do this! This isn’t right, someone needs to stop this!

JACK WARREN: Are you going to stop him? Because I don’t see anyone else stopping him.

BRIAN MASON: No but someone has to stop this.

Miguel slides under the bottom rope as Jackson crawls towards him on all fours, Reaching out Jackson grabs Miguel by his legs and pulls himself up to Miguel’s waist.

MIGGY G: Any last words?

Miguel puts the microphone to Jackson’s lips, while revving up the powerdrill


Jackson shoots his left arm up hitting Miguel with a uppercut low blow so vile that it lifts Miguel off his feet. The microphone and power drill fall harmlessly to the ground. Miguel falls to the ground himself holding his groin region and coughing.

BRIAN MASON: That is illegal! Magnum is not allowed to do that!

BRIAN MASON: Well technically the only rules for this match are that Magnum can’t use weapons, that means low blows are fair game.

Jackson falls forward onto all fours his eyes open, crawling across the ring leaving a blood trail behind him. He extends his left arm out taking the pair of handcuffs that have laying in the ring since the beginning of the match. He turns on a dime wincing in pain and crawls back towards Miguel feverishly. He reaches Miguel, placing his left knee on the back of Miguel’s head he grabs Miguel’s left arm putting him in a hammerlock and slaps one of the cuffs on Miguel’s left wrist, then does the same to Miguel’s right wrist, but this time Miguel tries to fight him off with his right arm. The problem is with Jackson’s knee in the back of Miguel’s head he can’t stop him from cuffing Miguel’s hands behind his back! Jackson falls to the side exhausted and weak from the blood loss.

BRIAN MASON: Magnum has handcuffed Miguel’s hands behind his back!!!

JACK WARREN: Okay I get the low blow is not using a weapon, but how in the world is handcuffing a man’s hands behind his back legal? He is using a weapon.

BRIAN MASON: Are handcuffs weapons though? Or are they just a tool to restrain someone.

JACK WARREN: Come on Mase! That’s bs and you know it! If Miguel had done that to Jax you would flip out!

BRIAN MASON: True, but then again Jackson never tried to drill into Miguel’s head with a power tool.

JACK WARREN: Fair enough.

Jackson uses the ropes to pull himself up to his feet, he uses the ropes to makes his way towards Miguel, who is up to one knee. He uses his other foot to push himself to a vertical base, but once he is up to his feet he realises the predicament he is in. His eyes meet Jackson’s, whose eyes are blank, the normal light in them is gone. Miguel shakes his head no, but Jackson pushes off the ropes and moves forward. Miguel throws a right legged kick out but Jackson sees it coming and catches it in his hand. Jackson then drives his right foot into Miguel’s family jewels again! The crowd gasps at the impact. Jackson lets go of Miguel’s foot causing the blackheart to fall forward into Jackson who can barely hold Miguel’s weight due to the beating he has taken. Jackson leans on Miguel which forces Miguel up against the ropes. Jackson’s blood flows onto Miguel’s chest and body; Jackson takes a step back throwing a big right hook that connects with the left side of Miguel’s face. He follows the right up with a left cross to the jaw of Miguel, causing Miguel to fall back against the ropes dazed. Jackson stumbles back a step following to on knee. Miguel staggers forward a step, only for Jackson to jump into the air and connect with a left handed SUPERMAN PUNCH to the face of Miguel.


JACK WARREN: To a defenseless man who has his hands cuffed behind his back, it isn’t that impressive.

Miguel crumbles to the ground seemingly knocked out cold, but Jackson falls to his knees, screaming in pain. He places his hand on his back, but manages to the fall onto Miguel for the cover.




The crowd cheers loudly the referee hand hits the blood covered canvas a third time. He stands up and calls for the bell, but it doesn’t ring as Miguel took it from the timekeeper. A security guard makes his way around to the timekeeper with the bloodied bell in hand.


WHISPER VIPERI: The winner of this match Jackson Magnum!

Medics make their way down to the ring as neither man has moved at all since the match ended. Half the medics are looking at Miguel, while the others are checking on Jackson Magnum.

This was a brutal, violent, and destructive match. For months Miguel has been begging for Jackson to show this side of himself. Tonight, he got to see it and it was not pretty at all.

But at what cost? Miguel had Jackson beat tonight,say what you want, but Miguel decided to try to end Jackson’s career, and it cost him. Jackson was damn near destroyed tonight, but I guess Miguel’s mistake did lead to a bit of redemption for the former Hybrid Champion.

The medics help Jackson to his feet, but the Irish Superman can’t even stand on his own. Jackson does manage to put both hands to his chest and move them apart exposing his blood covered Superman symbol much to the delight of the rockus crowd. While doing so he almost falls down, but the medics help him stay up. Throwing his arms over their shoulders and helping the Hybrid Champion towards the ropes.

BRIAN MASON: There’s nothing left to say, this is not the ending either man planned on, and while I am sure that Jackson loves picking up this win, and possibly ending this rivalry. Where does he go from here?

JACK WARREN: No idea, but Miguel’s stock has definitely gone up with his performance. He is a dangerous man, that will be someone to contend with in the future.

As the medics sit Miguel up, the other set of medics help the bloodied Magnum out of the ring.

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The HKW World champion, Felicity Banks, is seen moseying through the halls with sorrow taking over her features. The HKW World championship is nowhere to be seen, Felicity leaving it at home to prevent a cash-in attempt by her longtime rival, Kai.

FELICITY BANKS: Best idea you ever had, Fel.

She forces a laugh and then stares down at her long tights, the #UE sign gone and replaced with the date of her son’s birth. Letting out a sigh, Felicity continues down the hall and squints her eyes once she spots something she didn’t expect to see.

FELICITY BANKS: What the hell?!

Felicity picks up the pace and goes face to face with none other than the iconic Cardboard Dom.

FELICITY BANKS: Jesus Christmas, Jackie! This isn’t gonna help matters!

Felicity begins looking around for her teammate, but jumps and turns back around once she hears a familiar voice.

DOM HARTER: Helllllloooooo sexy…

The Tenacious Little Bastard calls out from a distance as he approaches a perturbed looking Felicity Banks. Already dressed in his ring attire, as well as the leather jacket and a ‘Brett Sands Is My Dad’ t-shirt (available from Irish Whip Clothing!) underneath. He wraps an arm around Fel’s shoulder as the scene settles down.

DOM HARTER: ...and you, Felicity.

FELICITY BANKS: Cute. Very funny.

DOM HARTER: I thought so.

Dom shrugs, removing his arm from Fel’s shoulder as he looks Cardboard Dom up and down. Harter strokes his own chin.

DOM HARTER: Very lifelike. Let me just try something, see if it’s as therapeutic as other people make it out to be…

He says, jerking his right hand out with a clenched fist. Harter manages to punch the head off Cardboard Dom, knocking it clean off the cardboard shoulders. As it drifts down to the floor, Dom breathes a sigh of relief.


DOM HARTER: Punching me in the face is very relaxing. I can definitely see why people are so keen on it.

There is the sound of a door opening and the pair turn to the commotion coming from the far side of the room. Jackie Fowler already in his ring gear, is seen pacing out of the bathroom. Over the top of his gear, he wears a Luke Wisia t-shirt, a statement made for his comatose former tag team partner and rival. He tokes on his e-cigarette, blowing thick plumes of vapour out into the air as he paces in, stopping suddenly as he sees the damage done to Cardboard Dom.

JACKIE FOWLER: What in the blue moon fuck is going on ‘ere?

Fowler scoops low to pick up the decapitated head of his cardboard accomplice, holding it lovingly in his arms as he stares right at the actual Dom with fire in his eyes, speaking quite loudly and brashly in his broad, Northern English accent.

JACKIE FOWLER: Seriously, man. Was there any reason for that? I was gonna get him laminated and shit, take him down to War Games and shove him up Felix’s arse, give him internal papercuts and shit. What was the point of doing this?

DOM HARTER: Bygones…

Harter says, curtly as he turns to leave - only to get swung around by the shoulder! Fowler getting up close to The Tenacious Little Bastard. The Ripper is practically fuming as Harter just brushes his shoulder off.

DOM HARTER: Don’t touch me. Don’t ever touch me.

JACKIE FOWLER: Aye, and what ya gonna do about it if I do, eh?

Jackie says as he pokes Dom in the forehead. Harter chuckles to himself, looking off to the side where Felicity Banks is just standing, staring wide eyed at the rarely seen confrontation unfolding before her. That’s before Harter shoves Jackie back against the wall, his forearm pressed up against The Lad’s throat.

DOM HARTER: Let me make one thing very clear for you, Jackie. You don’t matter to me; nothing that you say or do, none of it will ever matter. So stop yapping and begging for my attention because, trust me, you don’t want it.

Harter lets go, backing up a step as Jackie laughs to himself, rubbing his throat where the forearm was just pressed up against it. Felicity looks on with her eyes wide and mouth agape.

JACKIE FOWLER: So this is what it comes to, eh mate? Yanno, I been tryin’ to get your attention ‘cause we’re on a team, we’re goin’ into this as a team, we’re supposed to be fighting as a team. But I can’t even get a single word from you apart from this sack of balls, not even a fucking tweet to set up some shit about a game plan. You don’t mean shit to me either, you should be smart enough to know that, but skipping off and hiding away from the whole shindig is the biggest pile of bull I’ve ever known.

Felicity goes to say something, but...

DOM HARTER: I don’t mean shit to you?

He scoffs, looking over at the recently decapitated life-size cardboard cutout of himself that Jackie had made up.

DOM HARTER: You’ve got a strange way of showing it, Jackie. Maybe if you got more likes on a tweet I’d believe a word that comes out of your mouth. Maybe if you didn’t basically dedicate your entire Young Guns Cup performance to me, taking shots at me every step of the way, then I might believe you. If you didn’t feel the need to throw things that I’ve done in FGA in my face, and use them against me as if they mean a damn thing here. If you didn’t stalk my Twitter to know when I’m talking about War Games. Maybe if you didn’t cart this sexy monstrosity around with you for the last month, it might be believable!

JACKIE FOWLER: It’s called getting someone’s attention, Harter. If you weren’t so wrapped up in your own little world, you might actually open your eyes and see the bigger picture. And when the frick did I dedicate my Young Guns performance to you? A performance in which I outdid you, by the way.

Harter laughs harshly at the statement.

DOM HARTER: And I told you, you don’t want my attention. But you don’t care about that, you just want to be included in all this, don’t you? The fourth member wants in. Because it doesn’t matter to you that I’ve been going over the game plan with the other members of our team, does it? It doesn’t matter that I’ve been here front and center since Destiny, fighting UE alongside Felicity and Emilio. Because that doesn’t involve you, and this has to be the Jackie Fowler show, right?

FELICITY BANKS: Guys this isn---

JACKIE FOWLER: The actual fuck you on about? Talking like I just suddenly appeared in all this shit out the blue like that Frankenfurter dressed fuck Kai. I’ve been here front and centre alongside Fel and Emi as well, but this is a team of four, not three. I’ve backed them up all the way, and I’ve even tried to back you up, but you’re too blind to even see that. If anyone has been trying to exclude me from this, it’s been you. We’re a team of four, and if you cut one leg off we’ll limp into War Games without a fucking chance.

DOM HARTER: No, you’ve been here. I know that. Trying your best to take that belt from Jaxon, and failing to get out your own way. But you can’t even remember Defiance 60, can you? Cast your mind back, Jackie, think if things were any different between us then than they are now … go on, I’ll wait. Because I pulled your ass out the fire that night, and I’ll do it again tonight if you’re about to cost us this match. I don’t need to like you, Jackie, I don’t even need to talk to you. Because this isn’t you and me, this isn’t about our issues. This is about removing UE from HKW, and removing that cancer before it infects us all. So call me blind, Jackie, but I know what I’ve got to do in the grand scheme of things. I know my role, what I need to do in order for us to succeed. And it doesn’t involve feeding your constant need for attention and gratification....

Seeing that things aren’t getting better, Felicity backs away just in case hands start flying. Fowler is right in Harter’s face now, nudging him back a step as the Englishman’s famous right hand clenches into a fist, unknownst to the Destiny Cup winner.

JACKIE FOWLER: This ain’t about gratification, dickhead. Do you even know what we’re going to find out there when we get down to it? This ain’t a simple tag match like last time we sided, ain’t gonna be as simple as me just running off Queen. But… You know, fuck it, if you wanna switch from the Tenacious Little Bastard into a Petty Little Bitch th--

Dom smirks to himself, balling up his fist as he looks as if he was going to go for the swing but no! None other than Emilio Vialpando himself dressed in his ring gear along with a Nike Japan x Serpent t-shirt quickly darts in between Harter and Fowler before that could even happen. He pushes both men back and then darts his eyes over to Felicity who stood there.

EMILIO VIALPANDO: The hell are you doing? Were you just going to fucking stand there and let them tear each other apart?

FELICITY BANKS: I thought it be better if they got it out of their systems now instead of it happening inside the freaking match!

Emilio shakes his head and looks at Harter and Fowler.

EMILIO VIALPANDO: Seriously you two? The first time we can even get you to in a room with each other rather than someplace where you’re saving one another...You’re in here at each other’s throats? You kidding me?

The hall of famer groans.

EMILIO VIALPANDO: This isn’t the fucking time for that. I don’t give not a single ounce of a fuck about whether you two don’t like one another.

He points at Fowler.

EMILIO VIALPANDO: I don’t care about how you feel about him.

He turns to point at Dom.

EMILIO VIALPANDO: I don’t care about how you feel about him

Looking at both men now.

EMILIO VIALPANDO: And I sure as hell don’t give a damn how you feel about mi y Felicity. This shit here is uncalled for. Especially when we’re moments away from going to war against Jinzai, Jaxon, Felix y Kai. We don’t need this egotistical dick measuring competition right now. You two wanna take out all his frustration out on somebody? Then take it out on Jinzai for screwing you over during your World Championship match with Jaxon. Take it out on Jaxon for plotting with Capone to screw you out of winning that damn Cage Match for the Dynasty Championship. Take it out on Felix y Kai for even agreeing to team up with the two of them. Not each other. Not on each fucking other. Christ.

Emilio shakes his head and looks down seeing he was standing on Cardboard Dom’s head.

EMILIO VIALPANDO: Breh...Who the fuck killed Cardboard Dom?!

Felicity shrugs and looks over at Dom, who just shrugs his shoulders.

DOM HARTER: Bygones…

Emilio looks at Dom and sighs shaking his head waving off the thought.

EMILIO VIALPANDO: Fine. Fine, whatever. Bygones. But I need you two to work together in this. We...We all need each other in this war we are about to take part in. We need to trust each other in this. We can’t go in there looking over our shoulders wondering whether or not somebody on our own team is gonna get a bright idea and attack us from behind. Over some random as beef that nobody knows about.

Harter shakes his head dismissively as Emilio reaches down and picks up Cardboard Dom’s head.

EMILIO VIALPANDO: The last thing we need...Is to go tearing each other’s heads off before the match even begins.

DOM HARTER: Fine, lets just do this and get rid of UE once and for all…

He says, walking away backwards before turning around to walk forwards. Harter leaves the other three behind. Felicity flails her arms to the side and forces a smile.

FELICITY BANKS: Well! I think we made some progress there, fellas.

Jackie looks over at Felicity, breaking into one of his common brash and broad bouts of laughter, before picking up his e-cig again and taking a long toke on it. He pats both Emilio and Felicity on the shoulder before giving them both a curt nod.

JACKIE FOWLER: Progress makes me fired up, fucked off, and ready to start some shit. All ready to watch UE get shat out one after the other, until they’re all in there refreshed, renewed and ready to collectively fuck themselves in the face repeatedly live on air for all the shite they’ve done over the past few months. I’m with ya, no worries.

Jackie then paces from the room, mocking Jinzai by crying out “I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD” at the top of his voice. Felicity and Emilio stand back, both of them looking at one another as if they were saying “This situation is fucked.”
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As the cameras come back to ringside, we see a fellow standing in the center of the ring. Slicked back blonde hair and a face that only a mother could love, he patrols around the ring with a microphone in hand. He waits for the crowd to die down before he begins to speak.

JACK WARREN: Who is this mook?

BRIAN MASON: Uh, one of HKW’s more local talent--

JACK WARREN: We’re in Japan and he looks like he crawled off the Hills Have Eyes set.

The audience hushes down enough for him to speak.

JAKE MERRICKS: I travel all the way out here to Japan to speak my mind about my mistreatment in HKW. I’ve been used for any nefarious purpose they want, and I’ve had it! So until I get the proper respect I deserve, I’m holding up this show. If Kane and any other “main event” star can do it, I can sure can! This is an open challenge and I demand it! I demand it because I’m--

The lights suddenly go out.

On the screen, in its classic format, one of the ending scenes from the Wizard of Oz plays.

Static overtakes it as a maniacal laugh sparks out. The woman who laughs is familiar to the HKW audience, and has not been heard of since she first made her return a few months ago. There is a buzz among the crowd as they start to recognize just by the aesthetic of who is about to appear.

“Back in Black” by AD/DC starts to play as the cameras pan to the entrance way. Strolling onto stage with a black leather jacket, fashioned with witchcraft and Satanic symbols, Salem Cartier makes her reappearance. She’s ready in wrestling gear with a devilish smirk dawning on her cute features. She strolls down the ramp, radiating a clear confidence in herself.

WHISPER VIPERI: Introducing his opponent...residing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada...please welcome back...SALEM CARTIEEEEER!

Salem enters the ring with her eyes set on Jake Merricks, who walks around the ring, getting ready. He stops midway through his preparations, telling her that she’s nothing to him. He doesn’t care about her returns or anything. Salem shakes her head, warning him that things aren’t going to go the way he wants. Jake, in response, demands for the bell to ring.

Jake Merricks vs. Salem Cartier


As Jake turns around, satisfied with the bell ringing, and immediately gets struck down with a buzzsaw kick. He falls to the mat, one knee at a time, before sprawling out on the mat. Salem looks down at him, chuckling to herself. However, the joking nature of the woman dies out in lieu of a sinister expression replacing it. She rests down next to Jake, wrapping her fingers through his hair and proceeds to batter the hell out of him.

Until he cannot move.

Until he’s bleeding.

Until the referee pulls her off.

Salem stands up, throwing her now-bloodied hands up as Jake tries to crawl to his feet. He puts up a hopeful fighting stance, but Salem merely glares him down. She looks around the audience, seeing their shocked faces and sticks out her tongue. She takes a good start before leaping up and ending him with the New Hampshire Handshake. Jake hits the mat, and doesn’t move at all. Salem tells the referee that he should get him a doctor as she starts to exit the ring.

With a careful eye, the referee calls for the bell.


WHISPER VIPERI: Here’s your winner by TKO...SALEM CARTIER!

Salem gives a gentle bow before she heads to the back.

BRIAN MASON: I have never seen Salem do something like that...uh, Jack--

JACK WARREN: So I have a new issue. I used to think that Salem was beyond unattractive. A sliver of that is gone now. I’m scared, Brian.

BRIAN MASON: Of her? If Salem’s...if she’s like this, then we do have something to be scared of.

JACK WARREN: I mean, I’m scared of me!

The camera catches the paramedics aiding the bleeding Jake to his feet, who needs good help making it to the back. His pride is shot along with the amount of blood he was losing.

WINNER VIA TKO: Salem Cartier (1:23)
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As the cameras pan across the Saitama Super Arena to show the super no vacancy crowd the image on the Knoxotron flickers and distorts, until suddenly it gets replaced with a test pattern quite unlike anything that anyone would have ever seen

Posted Image

After a few seconds the image is replaced by footage from Eli Zayn's sit-down interview with the Swiss-Italian Connection that took place at House of Pain: Titletown, with Angelo Sands

ANGELO SANDS: You know, Eli, ever since we’ve been professional wrestlers - ever since we’ve been in this company...we get to sit in these semi-comfortable chairs and talk to you about how...we go to the back of the line...

As the picture and audio continue to warp, Markus FK weighs in with his opinion

MARKUS FK: I’m not going to say anything which could bite me in the ass further on down the line, but...blinded by our own success...failure is inevitable.

ANGELO SANDS: I want to...refuse to respect anything about us...You know this and so does everyone else.

At this point Zack Jones' opinions are head loud and clear

ZACK JONES: We’re not the type to pick and choose...lives are on the line and we need to win.

ANGELO SANDS: Sometimes wrestling gives you those problems...

MARKUS FK: It’s been a really rapid ascent...we’re going to jump...and we’re just excited by all of the prospect

ZACK JONES: I think I can honestly say that

INFERNO: Silk & Cyanide are always dangerous...

ANGELO SANDS: ...we can respect their talent

Once again the audio and video flicker and warp, but this time the image breaks up leaving nothing but white noise on the Knoxotron for a few seconds - that is until it's replaced by an image of the members of Silk & Cyanide standing in a darkened room, where Sara mason snickers while Erin Mariani wears an expression that combines bemusement with contempt

ERIN MARIANI: It took some time, but the four of you have proven the theory about apes and typewriters to be correct.

Mason cannot help but let out a cackle at the last comment, and as she laughs the scene shifts from the darkened room to the Saitama Super Arena's interview room, where Mariani nonchalantly sits in a chair with her feet placed on the desk while Mason foregoes the chairs entirely and sits on the edge of the desk

ERIN MARIANI: How long have you been telling one another, or telling yourselves, that the pair of us don't have any talent? And yet when you have Eli Zayn sat in front of you you’re suddenly on your best behaviour and are singing our praises.

SARA MASON: If I didn't know better, I'd think they were hiding behind one of these...

To illustrate her point, Mason slides an Oni mask she bought on her travels around Japan and holds it up to the camera between a couple of her black-painted fingernails

ERIN MARIANI: Which begs the delicious question about when you were wearing the mask. Was it when you had somebody standing just off camera watching your every move while listening to every word to make sure you were on your best behaviour and maintained a thin veneer of professionalism?

SARA MASON: ...or was it when the four of you were looking for a ruler so the four of you could have that dick-measuring contest you are so determined to have?

Raising an eyebrow, a knowing yet malicious glint flashes in Mariani's eye

ERIN MARIANI: Although if we hear one more disrespectful comment from Angelo, all he would be good for is holding the ruler.

The scene shifts again, and now Mariani & Mason are walking through one of Kabukicho's many side streets, bathed in the otherworldly glow of a million flashing LED signs for everything from bars and restaurants to clubs and karaoke dens to the seedy underbelly of Tokyo nightlife, and as they walk it's hard to miss the Guinea Pig DVD set that Mason is carrying under her arm

ERIN MARIANI: I cannot believe that nobody has explained to those insects that there are six teams in this match, not us, them and Team DLC. It's as if they only know two things: who the champions are, and the duo who possess their thoughts for every waking moment...an obsession which some might call "unhealthy" but we understand it fully, because we've seen it many times before.

SARA MASON: Never listen to that meek little voice in the back of your head that tells you not to give in, because your pride is only going to get you hurt.

The smile that crosses Mason's lips as she says this is almost as unnerving as her choice of viewing material

ERIN MARIANI: Spare a thought for Zack Jones, who is fighting for My attention and you keep standing between what he wants and what he has. Think about the other teams who are involved in this match, who you have paid mere lip service to - and that is something that all four of you need to consider.

SARA MASON: After all, are you trying to say that the belts you're fighting for are bigger than those the Super Mario Wrestling Brothers hold? Just how many rulers do you need?

Once more the scene shifts as the duo are sat in the shade under a tree in the Imperial Palace's east garden, and peeking out of Mason's black ouija board-patterned tote bag is the unmistakable face of a plush Nekobasu

ERIN MARIANI: There is far more at stake for us than the amusement of grinding what is left of that pathetic due into dust, so much more. There is the fact so obvious that even that ape Markus could see that Zack and Inferno hold the titles, and yet there is still much more at stake. After all, the...

Rolling her eyes in contempt, Mariani sighs and has Mason take over for her

SARA MASON: ...the Super Mario Wrestling Brothers have their own pedigree, and while Team DLC talk of visiting one company followed by another what that really means is they are copying what Knight and Powers are already doing. A little originality goes a long way, boys.

ERIN MARIANI: As...that team have a pedigree, they too are a valuable scalp to have, and then there is the Daughters of Janus who are so desperate to make a good first impression, and on a personal note I have to say that we should make an example out of them for the simple reason that we wouldn't want any other team to be able to say they are the superior female tandem in this company. That would be...inadvisable.

SARA MASON: Only somebody with a low IQ or a high testosterone level would think this match is both the beginning and the end, when a victory over the right opponents is better than a victory over whoever happens to be lying down for a few seconds. If we were to beat the Swiss-Italian Brain Trust, that would prove what we have said all alone beyond a shadow of a doubt - yet that is not the be-all and end-all of the match for us, because we could always keep them dangling on a thread to put out of their misery on whichever day we deem fit.

The scene finally switches back to the interview room that we were in a few minutes ago, although this time it's decorated more to Silk & Cyanide's tastes with the room thick with the scent of burning candle wax and smouldering incense, and rather than the spartan everyday chairs and desk instead there's some ornate chairs and a black coffee table with Mason's Oni mask propped up upon it

ERIN MARIANI: For us the match is not about a mere pair of titles, it's about proving that we can bend this roster to our will. Doing so would take time if we faced one team after another...

SARA MASON: ...but we're not facing one team after another tonight, are we?

At first Mariani looks amused at the thought...but then the smile drops

ERIN MARIANI: Sometimes I feel that people want us to hurt them, just so they will learn...

As soon as that last thought leaves Mariani's lips, the picture is swallowed up by more white noise as the Knoxotron feed returns to normal once more
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WHISPER VIPERI: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a last person standing match!

Hopped up out the bed, turned my swag on
Took a look in the mirror, said what's up whats up '? Yeah
I'm gettin' money yeah

Hopped up out the bed, turned my swag on
Took a look in the mirror, said what's up? Yeah
I'm gettin' money oh

“Turn my Swag On” by Keri Hilison hits over the pa system as the lights begin to flash all over the arena, and the fans give a loud chorus of boos. A makeshift runway appears, and soon a red carpet is rolled on top of it as, out from the back steps Veronica Taylor with outstretched arms as the fans boo her, before grabbing her mirror and blowing herself a kiss. After, a few moments she begins to do a model like strut on the red carpet runway as a few photographers appear to take her photos, as she poses arrogantly. She then takes a look around her grabbing her perfume from Veronica's Secret and sprays it around to get rid of the "stench" in the arena.

Veronica then stands at the end of the entrance ramp, doing some more poses. Before, raising her arms in the air as the fans fill the air with more boos. Before she mouths to the camera "So damn first class baby", before blowing a kiss to the camera. As, she then moves to the ring apron, yelling at the referee to lower the ropes for her, which he does as Veronica enters under the bottom rope. As, she then stands in the center of the ring raising her arms in the air, before lowering them slowly. Then, she grabs out her perfume and sprays it all around killing the stench in the ring. As, Veronica then takes off her diamond necklace and hangs it on the corner, as she grabs her compact mirror and makes sure her makeup is done flawlessly. As she fluffs her hair, and blows herself a kiss.

WHISPER VIPERI: Introducing first. From West Palm Beach, Florida, The First Class Model, VERONICA TAYLOR!

BRIAN MASON:Do you think she knows what she’s got herself into here, Jack? With the revelation that it was the Pretty Committee who stole Ace’s dog, Tuck; with the backstage assault we witnessed earlier this evening?

JACK WARREN:That just means they’ve been one step ahead of him this whole time, Mase. The Pretty Committee are known for their mind games, and they’ve got permanent accommodation in his mind.

BRIAN MASON:And what about what Ace Watson did to Bianca Davis a few weeks ago?

JACK WARREN:That’s something he’ll have to answer for tonight!

“Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da” Instrumental by Rammstein hits and Ace lets the song play for a few moments before stepping out from behind the curtain, where he is greeted by cheers from the crowd.

Ace starts to limp down the ramp, his focus on the ring and his opponent. He ignores the fans completely, keeping a stone dead look of focus on his face as they continue to chant his name at Ace from behind the barricades.

He reaches the ring steps, where he grimaces in pain; Ace takes a moment to finally look at the crowd, where he finally acknowledges the fans. Then he turns back to the ring and limps up the stairs and onto the apron. Ace steps underneath the top rope and into the ring, where he makes his way to the center of the ring and stares daggers at Veronica Taylor, who responds with a wicked smirk as Whisper steps up.

WHISPER VIPERI: And her opponent, from London, England, weighing in at 220lbs, ACE WATSON!

BRIAN MASON:Look at that busted lip, Jack. Those henchmen that Veronica and Bianca hired earlier tonight really did a number on him.

JACK WARREN:And it’s only gonna get worse for him from here! If Ace thinks he’s had it bad with Tuck going missing, and having his sex tape leaked, then he doesn’t know the worst is yet to come.

Ace Watson vs. Veronica Taylor


Both competitors step towards the center of the ring as Ace glares at his opponent who, in return, is mouthing off at him about how ‘basic’ he is. A cheer goes up as he lunges forward, but that beat down earlier has made him sluggish; Veronica is able to duck and fire off a bitch slap that causes Ace to turn away!

BRIAN MASON:That might not be the best idea for Veronica Taylor.

The crowd “ooh” in unison as Ace holds his cheek … before he knocks Veronica down with a huge right hand! The crowd pop as Taylor goes down, but she gets right back up. So Ace knocks her down again. Taylor staggers to her feet, stumbling backwards towards the ropes as Ace runs in with a clothesline that knocks her over the top rope all the way to the outside.

Watson holds his ribs as he paces around the ring, feeding off the crowd’s energy as he rolls out of the ring to lift Veronica back to her feet. He bounces her head off the apron as she stumbles away again, so he follows her in with a clubbing blow to the back that sends her staggering forward again. Ace follows close behind, grabbing Taylor for an Irish whip – NO! Veronica manages to reverse the move, sending Ace shoulder first into the ring steps!

BRIAN MASON:The great neutralizer.

JACK WARREN:Ace just got stopped in his tracks, Mase. And with that attack earlier tonight, we both know those ribs of his are hurting.

The crowd boo as Veronica grabs Ace by the head, slamming him face first into the steel steps as he slumps to the ground. She demands the referee count that basic out!





But Ace is already sitting up as Veronica stomps her foot in dismay. She delivers a kick to the spine, causing Ace to howl in pain before she delivers another kick to the spine. Taylor grabs her opponent by the head again, lifting him to his feet with a front facelock applied. She waves goodbye to Ace before going for the implant DDT on the outside…

But Ace counters! He charges forward, sending Veronica back first against the ring apron as the crowd applaud his efforts again. He falls to one knee as Veronica yells out in pain, but Ace is quick to follow up. Punches, elbow strikes, European uppercuts; the strikes fly thick and fast as Watson peppers his opponent, before rolling her back into the ring.

BRIAN MASON:Finally, the action is back in the ring.

Taylor is on her feet, albeit staggering, as Ace tries to climb up the apron. But he opts against it, and instead has to climb the steps. He’s in the ring before Veronica charges, but Ace ducks the clothesline and backs her into the corner with another barrage of strikes. The elbow strikes finding their mark as Watson unloads. A discus elbow connects, sending Veronica out through the ropes and onto the apron as Ace backs away to hold his ribs in pain again.

Before he moves in, Veronica has managed to get half way into the ring – the perfect position for a knee lift to the face! Taylor is reeling, stuck halfway through the ropes as Ace grabs her again, and he delivers a rope hung DDT to a loud cheer from the crowd!

JACK WARREN:Goddamn, I felt that one from here, Mase!

BRIAN MASON:Ace Watson has a lot of frustration to vent, Jack. I wouldn’t be surprised if he stopped any of the counts before the ten, just so he can inflict more pain.

The referee gets in between them, forcing Ace back; he’s holding onto his ribs in pain as he stares down at the unmoving Veronica Taylor.






But Veronica starts to move. Only just, then Ace is on her like a lion on a gazelle! He drags her back to her feet and sets Veronica up against the ropes. Some stinging knife edge chops connect before he goes for an Irish whip, catching Taylor with a snap powerslam upon her return! But that move appears to have taken enough out of Ace that he has to pause before continuing. He assumes a mounted position, wailing away with hard rights.

Ace brings his opponent back to a vertical base once more, sending her towards the corner with an Irish whip. Veronica hits the turnbuckle hard as Ace takes a moment to soak in the crowd’s cheers. He charges in with a running clothesline – NO! Veronica dives out of the way, and Ace hits the turnbuckle chest first!

JACK WARREN:Nobody home! Looks like Veronica is still one step ahead of him, Mase.

BRIAN MASON:There’s still a long way to go in this one.

Watson staggers back a step, before Veronica pulls him in close for a hair pull backbreaker! Almost instantly, Ace howls in pain as he clutches at his back in agony. But Veronica doesn’t follow up straight away. She sits up and wipes some blood from her mouth, a wound seemingly inflicted from those elbow strikes earlier. The crowd boo again as Veronica rolls out under the bottom rope, where she searches under the ring for something.

JACK WARREN:Looks like we’re about to go hardcore!

BRIAN MASON:We thought it might be Ace Watson looking to inflict pain, but Veronica Taylor is out for blood tonight as well.

Veronica holds up a steel chair, drawing another chorus of boos from the crowd as Ace is still down in the ring. He manages to get to all fours before Veronica slides in with the chair in hand, and she delivers a couple of shots down across the back. Each one causing the crowd to boo again, and causing Ace to howl in pain. But he remains on all fours as Veronica drops the chair underneath where his head is; she sets off against the ropes – NO! Ace pops up and counters with a back body drop, sending Veronica up into the air and down back first across the chair!

The crowd applaud again as Ace leans against the ropes to support himself; his opponent is down in the ring, holding her back as she screams in pain. But Veronica is quickly back to her feet as Ace lunges forward with a clothesline! And another when she gets back to her feet again. That’s followed by a backbreaker, and this time Taylor is a little slower to her feet. But Ace is ready; he dives around the back and applies a full nelson, before drilling Veronica with The Replay! And he rolls away, moving towards the corner as the referee starts the count again.








BRIAN MASON:Not quite, Veronica is stirring again.

JACK WARREN:Ace doesn’t have what it takes to put her away, Mase. He’s gone soft since the breakup, caring more about that stupid dog of his than about winning matches.

BRIAN MASON:The Pretty Committee have gone out of their way to make Ace Watson’s life hell, Jack. From humiliating him, blackmailing him, leaking that sex tape, and now they stole his dog. They deserve everything they get, and Ace Watson is more than capable of dishing out that pain.

JACK WARREN:He just needs to make another mistake, and Veronica will be right back in this one…

Ace wastes little time in continuing. A knee lift to the midsection doubles Veronica over, before Ace lifts her up for the Alabama slam … only for her to slip down the back for a sunset flip. But there’s no pinfalls in this one! Ace manages to roll through and catch Veronica with a dropkick to the face as she’s sat there. The crowd cheer as Taylor rolls away, clutching her face as she crawls towards the center of the ring. Ace manages to get back up, still holding his ribs in pain as he runs in with the ZG Kick! And down goes Veronica; the referee pushes Ace back again as he starts the count out.









No, Veronica starts to stir again as the crowd boo her. But Ace is undeterred; he drags Veronica up by the hair and brings her towards the corner, slamming Taylor head first into the top turnbuckle repeatedly. The boos turn to cheers as Veronica slumps backwards in the corner, and Ace takes a moment to play to the fans. They applaud him politely as Ace runs in with a forearm smash to the face! A few swift hits to the side of the face have Veronica reeling, but Ace can feel his adrenaline surging. He lifts Veronica up onto the top turnbuckle – but she reaches down with an eye rake!

BRIAN MASON:There’s still signs of life there.

Ace staggers back as Veronica tries to recompose herself. He moves in again, but this time Ace eats a boot to the face. He stumbles away, and this time Veronica has enough time to gather her bearings before she leaps off with a desperation tornado DDT, driving Ace head first onto that chair!

JACK WARREN:That’s what he gets for thinking Veronica Taylor was done for, Mase!

BRIAN MASON:A desperation move by Veronica, but that might buy her enough time to think of what to do next.

The crowd applaud the move as both competitors are down momentarily. Ace’s eyes roll back into his head as Veronica starts to stir. Slowly, sluggishly, holding her back in pain. But she manages to crawl towards the ropes, where she slides out of the ring. She yells at the Japanese fans, telling them that she’s had enough.

JACK WARREN:What’s she doing now?

He asks as Veronica tries to dismantle the steel steps. The top half is removed, and Veronica struggles to slide it into the ring. It take a couple of goes, but she manages to do so, just as Ace is beginning to stir.

JACK WARREN:Why wasn’t he being counted out, Mase?

BRIAN MASON:…you’d have to ask the referee.

Veronica slides back into the ring as well, as she grabs the steps and lifts them up. The Japanese fans watching on in anticipation as Taylor manages to get the steps up high – only for Ace to cut her off with a boot to the gut! She drops the steps and Ace grabs her in a double underhook, before dropping her with the Fightbreaker!

BRIAN MASON:What a move! Veronica driven head first into the mat, and this one may be over, Jack.

Ace sits up in the corner as Veronica remains down in the ring, and the referee starts the count again.




She still isn’t moving after that double underhook facebuster…



JACK WARREN:Get up, Veronica! Don’t let him win!



Veronica is stirring, barely moving, but there’s signs of life there.



She’s up! Veronica forces herself to all fours and the referee stops the count! The crowd boo her for it, but Ace can’t quite seem to believe it.

BRIAN MASON:Ace has to be wondering what he needs to do, Jack.

JACK WARREN:He’s been wondering that for weeks, and THE MAN knows, Mase! THE MAN knows that Ace Watson doesn’t have what it takes to put Veronica away right here.

Ace stands there in disbelief as he watches Veronica use the ropes to pull herself back to her feet. He leans down to grab the steps, wincing in pain as he lifts them up. Ace lies in wait for Veronica to turn around, and he charges in! The steel steps bounce off Veronica’s head, and down she goes!

The crowd stay silent as Ace drops the steps down on the mat. But he’s not done. He brings Veronica up by a handful of hair, applying an inverted front facelock as he’s heard saying “this one’s for Tuck”, before hitting the Anglian Driver onto the steel steps! Taylor rolls away, slumping to the mat as Ace sits there, staring down at her. The referee has no choice but to start the count.












WHISPER VIPERI: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match, ACE WATSON!

“Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da” starts playing again as Ace stands back up. The referee goes to raise his arm, and the crowd cheer and applaud his efforts tonight.

BRIAN MASON:He did it, Jack. Ace Watson has defeated Veronica Taylor! He’s beaten The Pretty Committee!

JACK WARREN:But he had to dig deeper than he ever thought he’d have to.

Ace steps over the unconscious body of Veronica Taylor before he leaves the ring, clutching his ribs in pain as he heads back the aisle. The crowd continue cheering him as he goes, never looking back as Taylor lays there unmoving.

Winner via count out: Ace Watson (13:24)
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Onyx is shown walking down the hall all geared up and ready to go head to head with Annie Zellor. She begins to adjust her elbow pad when Eli Zayn walks up to her, but she pays him no mind as she keeps walking like she’s on a mission. The veteran interviewer keeps up however and stops the former HKW World champion with one simple question.

ELI ZAYN: Onyx, are you ready to go up against Annie here tonight?

This causes Onyx to stop in her tracks and quickly turn to Eli questioningly as he startles back at the abrupt turnaround.

ONYX PAYNE PERELLO: Am I ready? I don’t think that’s a question you should be asking me. I think you should be asking Annie if she’s ready. Because while she was wrestling in tag team and Tower matches, I was preparing for our match here tonight. I know when I step into that WAR READY ring I’m going in there fresh as a daisy. Annie, on the other hand, is going in with wear and tear. You see, I’m not a workaholic like Annie. I don’t put my work above everything else. If she spent as much time as she does in the wrestling ring as she did her marriage, maybe she wouldn’t be going through a divorce right now.

Onyx takes a step closer to Eli causing him to lean back as her eyes pierce through him.

ONYX PAYNE PERELLO: All this is happening because of her. I don’t think she understands that. If she would have just seen the silver lining as she did in her one tag team match at whichever place she is employed at. We wouldn’t be here now. Things didn’t go the way she wanted then, but she still got her title shot. So it was ok. Our match? Didn’t go down like she wanted it to, but she still won. Instead of just seeing the silver lining in our match she decided to start a war. To me, there is no difference between what happened to her over there, to what I did to her at Control. All I did was make things even. She turned her back on me. So I turned my back on her. We could have ended it on those terms, but no. She just had to keep pushing. She wanted a reason. She wanted to come after me. So tonight I am giving her exactly what she wanted, but she still has the audacity to complain about the stipulations that I have set.

Looking up, she rolls her tongue over her teeth as she smiles.

ONYX PAYNE PERELLO: She thinks I made our match a no DQ because I want her to take it easy on me, and because apparently I’m stuck in two thousand fifteen. The reality of the situation is that I COULD have had any type of match I wanted. I could have put us in a cage, in the streets, or on the rooftop of the tallest building in Japan, Abeno Harukas. I made it a No Disqualification match because I didn’t want any rules to stand between us. I didn’t want to have anything stand between me hurting her the way she hurt me. If anyone is taking it easy on anyone, it’s me taking it easy on her. Annie overworks herself. She always has. I could have used that to my advantage, but I didn’t. I wanted to make sure she had a fighting chance so there wouldn’t be any excuses. Now if you excuse me.

Shoulder blocking Eli out of the way, Onyx continues down her determined path.
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