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Location: Rome, Italy
Venue: PalaLottomatica
Network: TNT

The official theme song for SubVersion, "Warrior Inside" by Leader opens the show, ending with the official SubVersion logo

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As the Subversion opening titles come to an end, the unmistakable sound of Harley Davidson engines roaring echoes throughout the parking lot, as the Reapers In Pride arrive at the PalaLottomatica. With Lance Winters leading the pack, followed by Viktor Volkov and then the rest of the Reapers, the sounds of the engines begin to die before they all park their bikes carefully backing them into their allotted spaces. One by one they flip their kickstands out before climbing off their bikes, most of them conversing with each other as they remove their riding gloves and helmets, some leaving them on their bikes, whilst others decide not to.

The Reapers third in command tucks his gloves into his back pocket, letting them hang out as he fist bumps with his tag team partner, Jo Nowak. The Polish wrestling legend points past Volkov, spotting the camera and exchanging a few words with the Russian who merely nods. Lance then speaks, his voice too far away to be heard, though it’s not too difficult to decipher what was said as he begins to walk into the arena, tailed by all of the Reapers, but for Volkov and Nowak who are now making their way towards the cameraman, and Tiffany Jay who stands just outside of the shot.

Cycki Jo grins widely as he approaches with Volkov, extending his arms out.

JO NOWAK: We have the paparazzi!

Tiffany Jay flashes an...uncomfortable smile as they stop up in front of her, the interviewer clearly a little intimidated by the Reapers. Viktor Volkov seems to pick up on this, almost taking amusement in watching her squirm.

VIKTOR VOLKOV: Relax. You don’t have f**ken’ Mario Brothers shit hat on...you will be fine.

The big Russian shares a chuckle with his tag team partner, clearly referring to the attack on the Super Mario Wrestling Brothers two weeks ago at the hands of Jason Boyarski and Chance Frost. Nowak grabs the front flaps of his cut and readjusts it around his shoulders while he stares at the sights surrounding him.

JO NOWAK: Mario Brothers prove how stupid they are last show. They have not evolve since the nineties, and this showed the last Subversion. You see the Mario Twins anywhere?

Nowak continues looking around the parking lot.

JO NOWAK: No you don’t see thees pierdolony piece of gay sh**e? Why? Because Reapers already break them. They beat us one time before, and thees is never going to happen again. We control outcome now, and Mario Lesbian Men know this. They know if they show up to Subversion, they die or come very close to this. They are enjoying their last few weeks as champions because they know they will never see those title championships again. Volkov i ja?

The Polish citizen slaps Volkov across his chest.

JO NOWAK: We own tag team wrestling today, we own tag team wrestling tomorrow, we own tag team wrestling forever.

Volkov nods, pointing at Nowak as if to say ‘good point’.

VIKTOR VOLKOV: But is not just tag team wrestling. Is wrestling as a whole, period. You understand? The Reapers own Subversion, and if we want to we go to Defiance again and own that too. We do whatever we want and nobody is going to stop us from this. So people want to say that Super Video Game Gayboys stand chance at keeping they belts...ha ha.

He shakes his head, almost as if he was embarrassed for them.

VIKTOR VOLKOV: Look at their weak little arm...can barely hold the championship belts that soon will be around our waists. Like I say...is a motherf**ken’ inevitability for this. We saw it last Subversion, and tonight we will see it again. They cry cry cry that they get jump from behind which is why Chance and Boyarski beat their f**ken’ ass - but let me tell you right now tonight it will be more of same thing happen. It will not be surprise to anyone wearing a cut...only to this idiots and all of their fans wearing Super Mario idiot Italian merchandises.

Viktor spits at the floor at the mention of the SMWB’s multitude of fans across the globe, Tiffany taking a quick step back as he does so. Tiffany makes sure Nowak doesn’t spit himself and attempts to ask a question. Just as she raises the microphone up toward her face, Nowak reaches his arm forward and pulls the microphone back to himself.

JO NOWAK: I hear you were Princess Peach for Halloween in 2013. Is this true?

Nowak lets go of Tiffany’s arm and crosses his own awaiting an answer. Volkov does the same thing, all pressure put on the Subversion interviewer.

TIFFANY JAY: How did you…? Why does it…? Okay, my boyfriend and I thought it’d be cute if he went as Mario and i went as Peach, okay?

Nowak shakes his head in disgust, spitting right where Tiffany’s standing. She manages to avoid it once again, but she immediately sees the disdain on the Reapers faces.


The Polish Reaper looks to the side, sees an equipment crate and gives it a straight boot. He proceeds by pushing it across the parking lot and toward the grill of a 2018 Volkswagen Polo. The force behind the equipment crate coming into the front of the car manages to break the right headlight, Nowak turning toward Tiffany Jay while pointing an accusatory finger her way.

JO NOWAK: Ja pierdole. Look at what you do, Peach.

Whilst Nowak is seething, Volkov seems quite calm. The Last Tsar peers over at the broken glass, then to Tiffany Jay.

VIKTOR VOLKOV: Tonight Princess Peach I want you to watch your boyfriends. Heh...Jason Boyarski and Chance Frost are going to tear them limb from limb, break their spirit...but just leave enough for me and Jo to pick up this pieces at Divine Supremacy. Remember I say this.

He points to his eye, indicating that he wants Tiffany to watch tonight, before he slaps Nowak and they begin to leave. Volkov suddenly stops up however, and turns around momentarily.

VIKTOR VOLKOV: Oh. And if I hear you dress up like this Princess Peach again, I’ll cut you so bad you never come to television screen again.

The Russian turns back, catching up with his tag team partner as he leaves a terrified Tiffany Jay in his wake, frozen in fear. We hear the cameraman begin to console Tiffany, who shakes her head in terror, not only at the threat, but at the nonchalant manner in which it was delivered. Just seconds later, the shot cuts elsewhere.

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The door opens to Brian’s locker room as he walks in, flicking the switch for the lights. He rubs the back of his head as he puts his bag down in the locker and starts rummaging through it, taking stuff out to hang. A cold gust of wind hits the back of Stryker’s head, forcing him to turn around after a shutter. He sees nothing, then turns around and looks at the mirror in front him.


Brian’s caught off guard by the appearance of Alexa Corra, the former Bloodlust champion turning around to face his CCP foe. Stryker gets into a fighting stance, Corra moving to the first empty seat she sees.

ALEXA CORRA: You of all people should know that I don’t do backstage brawls.

The Raven sits down on a steel chair and stares up at Stryker. Stryker looks at her before he nods his head and puts his arms down.

ALEXA CORRA: Besides, our story has ended...for now.

BRIAN STRYKER: Alright, so this is a not quite friendly visit….what can I help you with?

He looks at the woman and folds his arm, believing her words of their rivalry being over for the moment. Alexa crosses her arms herself and looks around Stryker’s locker room.

ALEXA CORRA: As you may already have heard, I have been selected to lead Subversion into battle against Defiance at Divine Supremacy. They have even permitted me to choose every member of my team…

She shifts her gaze over to Stryker.

ALEXA CORRA: ...and that is what brings me here.

BRIAN STRYKER: You want me to join up…

He nods his head silently as he looks at Corra.

BRIAN STRYKER: Oh what the hell, count me in.

Brian leaps and holds his hand out to Corra in a sign of solidarity. Corra stares at Stryker’s hand, meets him halfway and shakes it.

ALEXA CORRA: That reminds me. I owe the GM one of these as well.

She jerks Stryker’s hand up and down, turns around and departs from his locker room. Brian looks at his hand then at the door where Corra just left. He shakes his hand a bit.

BRIAN STRYKER: First things first….teaching her to shake hands properly….ouch.

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Beth Keaton's locker room door is swung open, revealing her doing some light stretching ahead of her main event later tonight with fellow Elimination Chamber participant/old rival Lady Magdalena. She places her foot up on a bench, then leans forward to stretch her leg while cheerily singing to herself.

BETH KEATON: Camptown Warhound sing that song! A-woo, a-woo! Camptown Warhound sing that song ---

An individual is seen standing out in the doorframe, their figure partially obscured as they wait to get Beth's attention. Eventually they realize that's probably not going to happen and speak up, while stepping forward.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: All the live long day…

She sings, albeit not very well, before a smirk appears on the face of the former Bloodlust champion. Beth seems surprised by the interruption, but smiles at TCB as she enters the room.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: Good evening, sweetie. Getting ready for The Lady, I see…

Keaton nods her head earnestly.

BETH KEATON: Yep! Dealt with her enough to know this is gonna be a really tough one, gotta be on my game!

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: Absolutely fascinating, sweetie. And can I just say, I’m so impressed at your bravery in the face of … your history.

The word is said in a hushed tone, causing Beth to question the exact meaning of what’s being implied.


THE CRIMSON BARONESS: It’s just … some people might be worried heading into a structure such as the Elimination Chamber - where there are no rules, where brutality lives, where bones and bodies will be broken. The ring surrounded by the unforgiving steel, and the plexiglass in those pods … and you, with your history of concussions…

Beth seems to listen intently, taking that all in. Eventually she perks up and replies, perhaps having missed what TCB was driving at.

BETH KEATON: Well thanks Mrs. The Baroness, but I dunno if I’m any more brave than anyone else. Getting hurt’s part of the risk in doing what we do, and that chamber … isn’t really what I’m at home in, but competing at the highest level-- especially for the Global Title-- is all about being able to push yourself our of your comfort zone!

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: Ah, true. We all take that risk, but, sweetie, we only have one brain…

Pause. TCB takes a step forward into the room, her hands clasped together behind her back as she shrugs her shoulders.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: ...or not, as the case may be. I can’t understand how you’d risk your career, your livelihood … your life, all for a shot at a title. It won’t do you any good if you’re forced to retire right after Divine Supremacy.

Beth does seem to be growing a bit more flustered at this point being driven home, but eventually composes herself and shakes her head.

BETH KEATON: I’ve already had to take a lot of time off before and not been sure if I’d get cleared to wrestle again. The thing is, that just made me realize there was so much more I wanted to do and it made me think of moments I wished I did more with. So I’ve gotta make every moment count, and not spend my time scared to get hurt again, or holding back. It’s a risk, but none of us can predict the future so I have to just make the most of everything and not worry about the ‘what if’ game.

She’s put her foot down by now and is currently standing facing TCB.

BETH KEATON: I, uh, not to be rude but was there anything else I can help you with? Thanks but I’m pretty set on going ahead with this, it’s a risk I’m willing to take and it’s my decision whether someone else in my place would or not.


She hisses, the smirk fading from her face as TCB stares right into the eyes of the Warhound.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: Well don’t say I didn’t warn you, sweetie. If you wish to carry on down this path, risking everything you’ve got, it’s only fair I do my part as well … and show everybody inside that chamber and out … that you don’t deserve that spot!

Her demeanour has soured now, as TCB hisses once again. Beth stands her ground though, not wavering in the face of her future opponent.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: Jensen is pandering to these fans, offering you the spot because you came ‘close’ to defeating Kol. ‘Close’ to becoming the HKW Global Champion. A second chance because he pities you, sweetie…

BETH KEATON: I’m not going to tell you or anyone else what to think. But if I even considered not going ahead with this, or throwing this chance away no matter how or why I got it, then I’d really not be deserving.

She does her best to stand resolute.

BETH KEATON: But I’m not going to prove what I deserve by talking, I need to do that in the ring, so I’d like to get back to getting ready to do that please.

There’s a momentary pause as the two women both stand tall, stoically staring the other down. The impassive stare on TCB’s face breaks, just for the shortest nanosecond as she smirks, taking a step back as Beth continues to stand tall.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: Don’t say I didn’t warn you, sweetie...

She says, waving good-bye to the Warhound as she spins on her heel to leave the room. Keaton breathes a sigh of relief, keeping her eyes on the doorway to make sure TCB doesn’t return as the show cuts back to ringside.

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CLARA MARTINS: The following contest is scheduled for one fall…

Left for ten seconds to their own mechanisms, the crowd can only communicate among themselves. Nothing happened within those ten seconds, causing fans to look among each other for answers. Without warning, all the lights in the arena die out, leaving only darkness over the audience. Lights from camera flashes illuminate the setting before a spotlight fades in. It focuses on the entrance way. The light sound of rain begins, accompanying fog seeping from underneath the stage. In a somber whisper, a voice calls out.

“The blackest night falls from the sky. The darkness grows as all light dies. She craves your hearts and your demise. By her black hand, the dead shall rise.”

Suddenly, obtuse instrumentals blast the audience. The source, “Machine Gun” by Portishead, infuses with the dreary atmosphere generating on the stage. Fog tinted by rich purple lighting starts to overwhelm the stage, but in the midst of it...a silhouette appears. Stepping out of the all-consuming fog, Sophie El hides her face behind a black veil and her body until a lacy black cloak. On her head, a crown of lilacs, a symbol of passing, offsets the funeral colors that she chooses to bear. She starts down the ramp, not giving a single look to any of the jeering audience.

CLARA MARTINS: Introducing first… from Paradise, Newfoundland, Canada… weighing in at 157 pounds….. She is the First Daughter of Subversion….. SOPHIE EL!!!!

Sophie stands at the end of the ramp, standing with her hands interlaced. She continues to the stairs, to which she robotically climbs. Once on the ring apron, she slumps on the ropes, before quickly getting into the ring. The awkward pacing of her entrance shows some sort of discourse in the mind of Sophie El. When she gets to the center of the ring, she removes the veil and the crown. As she places it away, she leans onto her corner lazily, lolling her head side to side. As the lights come back from the baptism of deep purple, Sophie’s gaze is shown. Her eyes are glossed over as if none of the world around her matters.

EL CABRON MALO: I’m hyped as hell for our first match of the night, Willie.

WILLIAM BURKE: Let’s hope it goes a little bit better than the scheduled opening match from Subversion two weeks ago.

EL CABRON MALO: I don’t think we have to worry about that. Alexa Corra isn’t out here right now. And we can all pray that that crazy b word doesn’t show up.

A loud noise echoes throughout the arena as the fog machines kick on, spewing slow-moving smoke up on the stage and all down the ramp. As the smoke begins to rise and spread out, the opening piano chords of Childish Gambino’s “Sober” echo throughout the arena, and the crowd pops loud. As the first words of the chorus kick in, Tommy Evans saunters out onto the stage with a cheesy grin, walking just like Gambino in the music video. Then as the first verse kicks in, Tommy charges forwards and leaps up onto the barricade, squatting down into his signature Suicide Pose.

CLARA MARTINS: And now.. Making his way to the ring hailing from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, now residing in Hamburg, Germany… 'Suicidal' Tommyyy EVAAANS!

Tommy hops down from the barricade into the crowd, pushing his way through as different fans slap his back and offer him drinks of beer. As his name bursts out through the PA System, he hops back up onto the barricade, this time at ringside, holding a fist into the air. In one fluid motion, he hops from the barricade to the middle rope of the turnbuckle, climbing up to point at the other side of the crowd with his Suicide Pose again. He then drops down into the ring, removing his hoodie and handing it to the referee.

EL CABRON MALO: Haha… he should have signed that before he gave it to Clara.

WILLIAM BURKE: I’m sure she’s going to take it home and treasure it forever.

EL CABRON MALO: Don’t be a smart ass, Willie.



The two combatants circle one another for a few moments, before attempting to lock up, an idea that Sophie El intelligently scraps at the last moment, instead opting for a lightning fast dropkick to Tommy’s knees, dropping the her opponent to the mat, face first. Without wasting any time, Sophie slaps on a variation of an arm bar, while sitting atop the man who is nearly identical in height, but proportionally wider. She yanks back and Tommy winces in pain.
EL CABRON MALO: Ugh. I don’t think an arm is supposed to twist like that.

WILLIAM BURKE: That’s kind of the point.

Her strategy only works for so long, due to the clear disadvantage in size and strength. Tommy finds a way to his knees, which is all the base he needs to power upward, sending Sophie back to the canvas. Tommy follows his opponent’s falter, executing a quick roll up.


WILLIAM BURKE: Tommy Evans nearly stole one there! Oh boy that was a close one.

Sophie gets her shoulder up. Tommy rises to his feet, undeterred by Sophie’s unsurprising kickout, and takes to the ropes again. This time, Sophie is able to come to her senses enough to roll beneath the ring ropes and out onto the apron to regroup. The referee begins his count, but it isn’t long before Tommy has a hold of Sophie, who had been regrouping on one knee. The referee bounces backward to attain better position and avoid any interference from however Tommy is planning to get Sophie back into the ring. With his back turned for just that split second, Sophie punches Tommy straight in the crotch. She then quickly rolls him in and covers him.


EL CABRON MALO: And another near fall, this time it’s Tommy who nearly was put away early on.

WILLIAM BURKE: She hit him in the dick, Malo. It’s a miracle he kicked out at all.

Tommy kicks out of the pin attempt, but barely, as his senses are confounded by the devilish work Sophie just set forth upon him. Within moments, Sophie is back to work, locking Tommy into a ground submission maneuver, the highly effective Dragon Sleeper!

EL CABRON MALO: It’s over! Give her the victory now.

WILLIAM BURKE: He hasn’t tapped out yet. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, Cabron.

Sophie has it locked in so tight, that it’s almost as if she’s supplanted the majority of her weight into Tommy’s upper and middle back! Tommy kicks his feet as the crowd chants his name in support. The referee asks him if he’d like to give up, if he’d like to throw in the towel, if he’d like to say he quits. He is unable to provide a response, due to his air supply being severely hindered, but the movement in his arms and legs suggest that he has not yet succumbed to the deadly submission hold.

EL CABRON MALO: Goodnight Tommy.

As Tommy’s arms and legs begin to move more faintly, the encouragement from the crowd apparently gives him the ability to find and utilize his strength in a moment of deep desperation. Sophie’s 157 pound figure works against her, after all, as Tommy is able to pull off an unlikely, but HIGHLY impressive maneuver! Evans uses his superior leg and core strength to find his way to a bridging position, while he wraps his arms around Sophie’s waist, and in one fell swoop of almost unfathomable athleticism, flips the woman over his chest and down to the mat, head first, between his legs.

After hitting the move, Tommy lays spread eagle on the mat, catching his breath, while Sophie El lies in a heap, just inches away from technically making a cover on Tommy. She begins to stir a bit and suddenly realizes this potential opportunity.


WILLIAM BURKE: She’s almost there...




EL CABRON MALO: Thought Sophie had it there.

As soon as Tommy realized the counting was for him, he was able to roll over onto his stomach. Despite being the one to make the cover, Sophie is still reeling from the sitdown tombstone piledriver. She rests on the mat, heaving for oxygen and desperate for a break. She won’t be that lucky as Tommy gets to one knee, rests for a few seconds, and then rises to his feet. He takes Sophie by the head and lifts her to her feet as well, a decision that quickly backfires, as she delivers a swift kick to the midsection. She then shoves him backward, away from her, and right into the referee. The two slam back into the turnbuckle and Sophie charges forward, leaping into the air and landing a body splash across the chest of her opponent. As Tommy stumbles forward, the referee crumbles to the mat and out of the ring.

EL CABRON MALO: Hope Tommy doesn’t plan on leaving anything to his children when he dies. Those family jewels are devaluing pretty quickly tonight.


EL CABRON MALO: She’s coming for your dick next, Willie. And not in the good way.

Dropping down to a knee, Sophie swiftly brings her arm up in between the legs of the dazed Tommy Evans. His eyes go crossed, absorbing a second low blow in the match. As he slowly falls over to his side, another figure slides into the ring in a referee shirt out of nowhere.

EL CABRON MALO: Hey look another referee! What a coincidence!

WILLIAM BURKE: Who the hell is that?! Is that?!

EL CABRON MALO: It’s JZ Crowns! Man what a swell guy picking up the slack of the subversion referee’s!

Sophie quickly covers as JZ rolls in and makes an exceedingly quick count



A bit surprised by the quick ending, Clara is caught off guard and quickly picks the microphone up to announce the winner.

CLARA MARTINS: Uhhmm… well… here is your winner by pinfall… SOPHIE EL!!!

Inside the ring Sophie celebrates her victory by raising both of her arms in the air. Perhaps it wasn’t the cleanest way for her to get a win, but at the end of the day all that matters is the W next to her name in the record book and she’ll take it.

EL CABRON MALO: That’s an unfortunate way for a hard fought match to end for Tommy.

WILLIAM BURKE: Unfortunate? We’re going to sit here and act like JZ Crowns didn’t just ROB Tommy Evans of a victory here tonight?

EL CABRON MALO: Victory? What match were you watching, Willie? Because what I saw was Sophie having her way and JZ doing a favor for Subversion by filling in wherever he was needed. Right then it just happened to be as a referee.

Finally coming to, Tommy gazes up the entrance ramp to see JZ Crowns backing up it with a big shit eating grin on his face, pointing and laughing at Tommy as the scene slowly fades and changes.

WINNER: Sophie El via Pinfall (9:16)
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The crowd cheers as the Knoxotron flickers to life. The noise in the arena in Rome doubles as they see Celeste. The young starlette sits against a red brick wall. She is adorned in her black ‘Celeste is Awesome' T-Shirt and torn blue jeans from which her bare knees stick out. Her raven hair hangs down past her shoulders and cover her blue eyes. She doesn't immediately look at the camera filming, but begins to speak.

CELESTE: I told you I would be on the show even though I don't have a match. I know this probably wasn't what you guys were expecting. Obviously I'm not in Rome. I'm in Boston, beaming this to you via satellite. I'm sure most of you are aware of what happened between myself and Defiance star, Felix Vialpando.

The crowd boos at the mention of his name.

CELESTE: It's been three days. Three days that I have had to think about what happened. And I have come to the conclusion…I didn't deserve to be yelled at, much less fired from helping you. I came to you as a friend Felix. I stood by you. I was the ONLY one that stood by you these past couple months as you ran through place after place. Empire. SAP. Trying to be better than your brother. And I was STILL there for you when your brother bested you…again. Everyone else laughed. At me. At you. At me for sticking by your side but I did it because I believed we were fighting the same demon. The same obstacle. Both of us are trying to break down the walls of what our family members built before us. I envisioned us accomplishing our goals together. But you threw it all away. In one instant you cast me aside when I was again the ONLY one to come find you after a devastating defeat. That hurt Felix.

Celeste shakes her head and finally looks at the camera.

CELESTE: So I hope you are watching. Even though this isn't your show, you know just as well as I that Defiance and Subversion are headed for a clash. Show versus show. And trust me when I tell you and everyone watching that I will do everything in my power to make sure Subversion stands tall once the dust settles.

The fans go WILD as she make her statement. Celeste remains serious and a bit somber as she continues.

CELESTE: Maybe we will have a chance to meet again Felix. Maybe it'll be backstage? Maybe in a ring? But wherever it is, I want you to know I still want to be your friend. Just please apologize and everything can go back to the way it was. Me and you against the world. I'll forgive you. All you have to do I say you are sorry. Be better than the man people see now. I want to believe that is possible.

With that, Celeste stands. She brushes the dirt off the bottom of her jeans and walks away. The Knoxotron then fades to black.

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The scene opens up backstage showing Ashley Maldano standing backstage pacing back and forth. Not being scheduled to compete tonight, she’s dressed in her #AoTW t-shirt with ripped up skinny jeans, with black sparkly combat boots on her feet. As she paces, her head looks up to the cameras getting in her face. As her head cocks to the side with her eyes glaring, she mutters out in the fluent native language of our host country for the evening.

ASHLEY MALDANO: Sono sicuro che vi state tutti chiedendo cosa sto facendo qui stasera, giusto? Sono sicuro che non ti aspettavi di presentarmi quando non ero stato prenotato su questa carta, no?

Ashley smirks, before running her hands through her dark hair looking visibly annoyed by the words she was speaking herself. The words that were probably true, or for those who could understand her.

ASHLEY MALDANO: Non avrei mantenuto la mia promessa di cambiamento se non mi fossi presentato e avessi detto la mia pace dopo l'ultima Subversion. È già abbastanza brutto che tutti voi siete costretti a guardare delle persone diverse da me, ma va bene. Sono stato un ground breaker in RISE, sarò sicuramente un ground breaker qui su Subversion ..

Before Ashley could continue, she is met by none other than Subversion backstage interviewer, Tiffany Jay. As the blonde bombshell comes walking up to the South Side Slugger, Ashley turns to look at her with a look of clear annoyance before she shakes her head as Tiffany begins to speak.

TIFFANY JAY: Ashley Ashley! I wasn’t expecting to see you right now, but now that I have you here can I steal you for a few moments for a quick interview? That match against Ashley Sullivan…

Ashley throws up her hand stopping her from speaking, shutting her eyes and shaking her head.

ASHLEY MALDANO: È maleducato venire su persone non invitate, non è vero? Non ricordo di averti invitato qui da me per una breve chiacchierata che non è mai stata molto veloce..

Tiffany looks at Ashley slightly confused, before shaking her head not understanding what she’s saying.

TIFFANY JAY: I’m sorry...in english?

Ashley scoffs, looking down at her before talking slowly and looking at her like she’s stupid so she can understand her.


She says with a smirk before flicking her eyes up at her before shrugging her shoulders as she speaks.

ASHLEY MALDANO: I said interviews with you are never short. They are always the complete opposite. You pry in on the lives of people to get some story that you think is there but do you actually really understand what goes on? I bet you didn’t even WATCH the match with me and Ashley number two.

She shakes her head once more before glaring at Tiffany who looks right back in her eyes showing a little bit of anger at the way Ashley is talking to her.

TIFFANY JAY: I actually did watch it. And I saw you get almost close to becoming the new Hybrid Champion...but you weren’t exactly close enough because the match ended in a double count out. I saw it all Ashley. What I’m interested in is how exactly you plan on bouncing back from that. Is Ms. Sullivan still on your radar?

Ashley looks at her with disgust before shaking her head.


She shouts, before inching closer over to her.

ASHLEY MALDANO: It’s people like you that absolutely disgust me. How dare you ask me if I plan on having Ashley number two on my radar. If you knew ANYTHING about me you’d know I don’t run and move on that easily. Look at how long I chased that RISE Championship before I got it. How much petty bullshit that came with it. Look at even before RISE I was after the SAME belt I’m after now my first go on Subversion! And you have the nerve to ask me if I plan on a different path? Are you ignorant or just stupid? Or maybe both?

Ashley shakes her head as she inches closer as Tiffany prepares to answer..


Before she could answer Ashley shakes her head before scoffing.

ASHLEY MALDANO: Don’t you dare answer that. Listen blondie locks, if you have any idea that I’m about to duck and run away from this fight, then you need to reevaluate people before you select to interview them. Let me be perfectly clear, I did NOT lose that match. I was not pinned or anything. Ashley number two has NOTHING over me.

Tiffany looks at her and shrugs her shoulders.

TIFFANY JAY: Except the Hybrid Championship..you didn’t lose but you didn’t win either...you…

Before Tiffany could finish, instead of cutting her off with words or holding up a hand, Ashley quickly tucked her right fist together and quickly out of nowhere let out a quick cheap shot to the jaw of Tiffany, making her stumble back and lean forward grabbing her face.

ASHLEY MALDANO: How dare you...did we not just talk about respect and being invited to speak? Now you think you can cut me off with b.s?!

She shakes her head and shoves her down to the ground, looking down at the fallen body of Tiffany before leaning forward, crouching down. She picks up the microphone that Tiffany dropped as she fell before crouching down beside her, caressing her blonde hair looking at her before tilting her head with her bright as ever red face.

ASHLEY MALDANO: I think you’re interview is over. Allow me to take on the honors of interviewing you, shall we?

Ashley smirks, grabbing her jaw cupping her hand under it making her look up to her in her eyes as she smirks.

ASHLEY MALDANO: Come on camera man! Get her goooood side! Bitches love when their good side is shown! Even the disrespectful ones…

She says, shaking her head looking at Tiffany try and wiggle away.

ASHLEY MALDANO: So Tiffy, how do you feel being sucker punched right in the face by the soon to be new Hybrid Champion? How does it feel to be lying beneath the feet of the SUUUUUBVERSION SLASHAAAA?

She laughs before moving her jaw up and down like she’s talking, smirking as she slams her body down on the ground before leaning up standing tall.

ASHLEY MALDANO: Tiffy Jaaaay signing out!

She says looking down at her, shaking her head as she leaves the scene as Tiffany slowly gets up, shaking her head holding her face watching as Ashley stomps away.

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The show goes to the backstage area, where we see Gnarls Robinson standing by, a big smile on his face and a shine on his bald head.

GNARLS ROBINSON: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, one of the six competitors who will enter the Elimination Chamber at Divine Supremacy...LEVI CHAMBERS!!!

The audience pops as Levi Chambers enters the shot, a big smile on his face as he and Gnarls fist bump.

GNARLS ROBINSON: Levi, let’s get down to the questions right now. You’ve got a match coming up against one of your future opponents in The Crimson Baroness. Obviously, there’s a lot of history there. What do you think of this matchup?

Levi smirks.

LEVI CHAMBERS: I think Jensen knows exactly what he’s doing when he books these shows and when he books these matches. Jensen clearly knows that the last time TCB and I were in the same ring, I beat her. But not only that. The last time we faced in the ring...I wasn’t really myself. I was angry. I was angry at the fact that I had been played with. That I was treated like a puppet in someone’s game. And so, I took the anger that I had against Annie Zellor and threw some of it TCB’s way.

The Canadian lets out a sigh as he keeps talking.

LEVI CHAMBERS: So when TCB and I fought in that steel cage, I did my best to hurt her. I did everything in my power to put her through hell. To make her feel as terrible as I felt. And whether she believes it or not, I do regret what I did that night. I regret that I tried to take her livelihood away from her. I regret that I tried to bring her as much pain as I possibly could. I regret that match in itself and the match I had afterwards with Annie. What I did in those two matches...wasn’t what I wanted to portray myself to be. That’s not me. But that’s the problem with the match that both she and I will have to compete in in just a couple of weeks. We might have to put each other through hell and while she may want some revenge and would enjoy hurting me, I can’t say I feel the same way about any of the five people I’m facing, not even the Global champion himself.

GNARLS ROBINSON: Do you think TCB has improved since your last match?

Chambers nods.

LEVI CHAMBERS: Yes, I think she has. People won’t really give her her props, but I will. While she may still need to perform some of the underhanded tactics that she performs, I personally believe that she’s reaching the potential that she has. But am I the right person to ask that? I don’t know, probably not. I’m not a talent scout. I’m not any of the RISE trainers or even Brett Sands. I’m not any of the HKW scouts. I’m just simply another person in the same profession. But I can at least admit that the TCB I faced a year ago doesn’t hold a candle to the TCB I’m facing tonight.

GNARLS ROBINSON: So do you think she can defeat you tonight?

Levi takes a second to think about it, then ultimately decides to give Gnarls a nod in response before giving him the verbal backup.

LEVI CHAMBERS: Yes, I think she has a very good chance to defeat me tonight. Like I said, she’s improved greatly since we last met in the ring and she nearly beat me there. Doesn’t mean I’m going out there looking to take a loss and stall all the momentum I’ve built up at this moment. From ending the series against Sophie El to surviving the gauntlet against the rest of the talent in it, including a former three time HKW World champion. I’m going out there to continue adding to my momentum before I enter that unforgiving chamber.

GNARLS ROBINSON: You and Kol don’t like each other, right?

LEVI CHAMBERS: We sure as hell don’t. I can’t stand him and he can’t stand me.

Gnarls and Levi both laugh before Robinson poses the next question.

GNARLS ROBINSON: Do you think he sees you as his biggest threat in this chamber?

Levi shrugs before he goes to respond.

LEVI CHAMBERS: I think that he-

The Canadian’s thought on this question never makes its way out as the man that he was speaking about, Kol, rushes into the shot and rocks him with a forearm smash that sends him falling to the ground! Gnarls scurries off while Levi tries to gather his wits about him, only for Kol to begin stomping at his head repeatedly, the audience watching this on the tron booing as heavily as they can.

KOL: Surprise! I decided to give you a little gift before your match!

The Global champion, his prized possession not in sight, picks one of his five challengers up before he stares right into his eyes.

KOL: Look at me! LOOK AT ME! Look at the man who you’re going to be stepping into that chamber with and realize that what Alexa Corra did to you at last Divine Supremacy is going to PALE IN COMPARISON to what I do to you!

The New Yorker whips the Canadian into the wall, forcing him to hit hard before he collapses to the ground.

KOL: Do you know the difference between you and I, Levi? Besides the fact that I’m superior than you in that ring, of course.

Kol notices Levi slowly trying to help himself up, so he takes a few steps to the right of him before charging forward and rocking him with a running knee lift, dropping him back to the ground.

KOL: You will never have the killer instinct to take this from me! You will never “pull the trigger” IF the time ever comes. And that’s always going to eat you on the inside.

Levi slowly gets to all fours, but Kol is already taking a few steps back before he charges in and rocks him with a punt, laying him out! The Global champion then kneels down next to one of his challengers, a smile forming on his face.

KOL: The Global championship will remain with me after Divine Supremacy, so do yourself a favor...and get rid of any dreams you have of taking MY championship.

Kol then realizes someone is coming as he looks out of the shot before he backs away, Lady Magdalena appearing seconds later. The two stare each other down before Kol finally disappears from the shot, allowing Lady M to check on Levi, who is counting sheep at this point.

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CLARA MARTINS: The following contest is schedule for one fall.

The lights around the arena go dim as the sounds of a guitar riff begin to reverberate from the speakers around the building. On the screens above the entrance way flash highlights of Elijah Carlson’s tenure in 4CW, with emphasis on his match against Jair and his title defense against Scott Stevens at All or Nothing, as well as his debut in the HKW Golden Opportunity Rumble. As the video clips begin to play on, the vocals of Rise Against's “From Heads Unworthy” begin.

”We are the children you reject and disregard
These aching cries come from the bottom of our hearts
You can't disown us now, we are your own flesh and blood
And we don't disappear just because your eyes are shut
Now tell me”

While the singer's voice drags on the final word of the opening verse, the stage is flooded with bright white lights as Elijah Carlson emerges from the backstage area wearing his usual trunks with his first name written across the back, a crown dotting the I, while a mixture of boo’s and cheers reigning down upon him. Paying little attention to the fans, Eli begins his walk down the ramp toward the ring as the lyrics to the song roll on.

EL CABRON MALO: Subversions greatest signing! Finally we get to see him in action!

WILLIAM BURKE: We got to see him in action last week. Running from Alexa Corra and interfering in a match he had no business in.

EL CABRON MALO: I mean… he wasn’t the best commentator in the world but that’s what we’re here for. To help make guest commentators feel at ho-... HEY WHAT THE HELL?!

When Eli was about halfway down the ramp a figure came charging out of the backstage area and down the ramp, blasting him across the back with a forearm that sent him tumbling forward. Immediately the person hustles the rest of the way down the ramp and pounces on Eli, mounting him and beginning to blast him with hard rights and lefts to the face over and over and over again. It’s all Eli can do to cover up and try to protect himself against the assault. Around the arena the fans are enjoying every second of it, though, seeing the arrogant man get what was coming to him for once.

EL CABRON MALO: Is that… I think that’s Chris Night? Chris Night is attacking Elijah Carlson without provocation!

WILLIAM BURKE: Without provocation? Eli was responsible for Chris Night and Bri Davenport suffering a loss at the hands of Reapers In Pride last week. And I suspect he was responsible for the attack on Chris Night earlier this evening. Footage, I’m told, that we conveniently don’t have at the moment!

EL CABRON MALO: Oh right I forgot that whole innocent until proven guilty thing doesn’t exist here.

WILLIAM BURKE: The blood is on his hands, Cabron! And he’s getting what he deserved.

Eli continues to absorb the punishment until finally he catches Chris by the arm and uses his weight to toss the man off of him. Night is relentless, though, tackling Eli back down to the ground before he can get all the way back up to his feet. From the backstage area, as the men begin rolling around on the ground throwing punches wildly and trying to hurt each other, referee’s and stage hands hustle out and down the ramp, pulling the two men apart. However, they only manage to keep them apart for a few seconds before they simultaneously break free of the hold of the officials and collide, crashing into each other.

Chris quickly slams Eli into the barricade and then moves toward him, only to have Eli toss him over head, over the barrier, and out into the crowd. Wasting no time, Eli jumps up onto the security barrier and dives out into the crowd, crashing into Chris as their brawl spills into the audience. Fans part like the red sea as the men move further and further into the audience, neither really able to get an advantage but more just the two of them beating the hell out of each other.

EL CABRON MALO: Where are they going?! Eli has a match right now!

WILLIAM BURKE: It looks to me like for the second consecutive episode, Elijah Carlson is going to escape without actually wrestling anyone.

EL CABRON MALO: This is all Chris Night’s fault. Punta!

The officials who had rushed out to ringside follow the two men out into the audience but soon they disappear from sight, likely still fighting each other and trying to kill each other wherever they end up out of camera sight.

WINNER: No Contest
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Not long after the come through the curtain, Bri Davenport and Chris Night make it to their Locker room, the expression on Bri’s face giving away her frustration before she even opens her mouth, turning to face him she throws her hands up in the air, shaking her head.

BRI DAVENPORT: What the hell was that!?

Chris turns towards Bri and sighs while shaking his head.

CHRIS NIGHT: Bri… I don’t know what came over me. I’m just sick of Eli, sick of people thinking they can walk all over me. I’m taking back control. After Ambrose and now Eli.. I’m just done.

She frowns and shakes her head, stepping closer to him and looking up to stare into his eyes.

BRI DAVENPORT: So you just… take charge at my expense? How is anyone around here supposed to take me seriously if you’re running in and saving me? I get it, I understand being frustrated, I’m frustrated too, but I would never do that to you!

Chris sighs and shakes his head.

CHRIS NIGHT: No, I would expect you to back me up if it came down to it. Listen, you and me? We’re in this together Bri, always. Who cares what everyone thinks. All that matters is us being on the same page.

She nods, looking down she digs the toe of her shoe into the floor and groans slightly.

BRI DAVENPORT: You’re Right, what matters is that we are in this together… the problem is if you don’t open the book, I can’t see what page we’re supposed to be on.

She leans in and kisses him softly, lingering close to his lips she sighs again.

BRI DAVENPORT: I love you and nothing, nobody or any match will change that… But I need to take a minute to clear my head, okay?

Chris’ eyes widen in surprise.

CHRIS NIGHT: Seriously? You want me to go?

She shakes her head, grabbing his hands and squeezing them.

BRI DAVENPORT: What? Oh god no, that’s not what I’m saying at all, I’m just gonna go take a walk, find my sister and see what she’s playing at around here… just… need to walk it off you know?

She kisses him again, staying leaned in against him she smiles.

BRI DAVENPORT: I always have your back, no matter what. Eli isn’t going to come between us, this doesn’t change anything, I just need to calm myself down, understand?

Chris tilts his head as he raises his brow.

CHRIS NIGHT: Uh… Okay. You do you. I’ll be around.

Chris turns and starts to walk away. She grabs his hand and pulls him back, tears in her eyes now as she looks up into his face.

BRI DAVENPORT: Please don’t walk away from me right now, Chris… Please…

Chris turns and shakes his head.

CHRIS NIGHT: You said you need some air and clearly you want to talk to your sister, not me. So it’s fine. I’ll see you later.

She lets go of his hand, a look of genuine hurt and sadness crossing her face asshs stares back at him.

BRI DAVENPORT: I also said that I love you and that nothing is going to change that, I also asked you not to walk away from me… can you not understand why I’m upset? You keep telling me to have faith, that I can do this and then when it matters, you’re going to walk away because I’m upset?!

She takes a half step back and looks down, shaking her head again.

BRI DAVENPORT: That’s not fair.

CHRIS NIGHT: I’m going to walk away because you asked me too. So I’m walking away now. I love you.

Chris turns and walks away. Bri stares after him for a moment or two, before she turns and walks out of the locker room herself, slamming the door behind her as she goes in search of her sister.

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We cut to an exterior shot of the PalaLottomatica as the evening consumes the Eternal City as it has for centuries, as a few fans brave the dipping temperatures of this November evening to congregate outside -
however, as the camera pans across the scene we hear the all too familiar women's chuckle, soon followed by two of the congregation lowering the hoods of the hooded dresses they're wearing to reveal the two members of Silk & Cyanide are among those waiting outside the arena, and they certainly don't appear to be interested in collecting a few autographs...

SARA MASON: What was it we were told not to do, E?

ERIN MARIANI: I recall hearing some high-pitched bleating about being suspended if we were seen backstage at this very show.

SARA MASON: Well that's a shame...

Mason cannot help but snicker at the thought for a moment, knowing full well it's not as if anyone is in any position to actually do something, as Mariani makes their reasons for being there tonight crystal clear

ERIN MARIANI: Allow me to make this clear to those still fooling themselves into thinking they can control this situation: you will either meet with us here, tonight, for an adult conversation which your employees are all too incapable of making - or you will find out that we don't have to set foot backstage at this show or any of your shows in order to get what we want.

It appears that Mariani has finished...but Mason certainly hasn't

SARA MASON: If we don't see anyone who can give us what we want, those three idiots are going to to find out just how long we're willing to wait for them to show their faces.

With that thought made clear, Mason reaches down towards her knee-high boots, and after a moment she pulls out her trusty crowbar, and with it revealed she casually rests it over her shoulder with an almost gleeful look on her face

ERIN MARIANI: And that is how you make a threat.

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Kol is seen walking the halls, a big smirk on his face as the Global championship is slung over his right shoulder. Before we know it, he’s reached the locker room door of Elijah Black, a smirk on his face as he goes to set the title down, looking to attempt another ambush of another challenger...only to hear someone clearing their throat outside of the shot. Kol stops from entering the locker room and turns around, letting out a sigh as the camera pans over to reveal none other than Jensen Banks.

JENSEN BANKS: May I ask what the hell you’re doing right now?

KOL: May I ask why you are here right now? Shouldn’t you be in your cozy little office, doing your job of booking matches and talking to annoying and whining talent?

Jensen rolls his eyes.

JENSEN BANKS: I’m going to ignore that. I’m also not going to bother and wait for an answer from you because you’d go full lawyer and spin me some lies.

Kol shrugs as he picks his Global championship up before slinging it back over his shoulder, offering his GM a smirk.

KOL: Well, I’m glad that you’re picking up this job well. Don’t let what about half the roster tells you, you might actually be halfway f**king decent at what you do. After all, gotta have a backup after Mason Mannion realizes he doesn’t have to carry an overrated frat bro.

JENSEN BANKS: We don’t need to make this a hostile conversation, Kol. I just came here to talk to you about the attack on Levi. You know, the one where you targeted his head like a full blown a**hole?

The Global champion laughs as he adjusts his title on his shoulder.

KOL: He’s had that coming for quite a long time, Jensen. If you want me to apologize for what I did, then you should know better. You should know that what I did to him was NOTHING compared to what I’m going to do to him once I see him in that chamber.

Kol takes a step towards his boss.

KOL: Levi Chambers and everyone else in the chamber are all going to learn why I’ve been so dominant as champion. They’re going to learn why I’m one of the best in this company. And they’re going to learn why I’m one of the best in this goddamn business. For over 365 days I’ve been your Global champion. The face of your brand. The top dog. King of the mountain. And after Divine Supremacy, I’m going to force you and Sean Sands and every f**king person that I have to call “boss” to admit that without me, this brand does not hold its own against Defiance.

Jensen rubs his chin as he stares at the top champion of his brand. After a second, he chuckles, getting a confused look from Kol.

JENSEN BANKS: I’m sure that you, like a lot of people, think you’re the be all end all of this brand. You think that if you’re not on the show that the ratings might drop. So you know what? I’m going to test this theory out with the remainder of the show.

Banks then snaps his fingers and half a dozen security members make their way into the shot. Kol stares at them before he looks back at Jensen, who smiles at him.

JENSEN BANKS: I’m kicking your ass out for the rest of the show, as punishment for attacking Levi before his match. Now, would you like security to escort you out or are you going to make it easy for them and walk out of this arena instead?

Kol stares at Jensen, then chuckles as he puts his hands up in surrender, walking away and out of the shot as he does so. Jensen motions for security to follow him, which they do, eventually exiting the shot as well.

JENSEN BANKS: I swear, these guys are going to be the death of me.

Shaking his head, Banks heads towards the opposite direction, mumbling under his breath as the show cuts off to elsewhere.

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CLARA MARTINS: The following is a singles match scheduled for one fall!

The opening chords of 'The Devil's Bleeding Crown' by Volbeat begins to play throughout the arena as The Crimson Baroness steps out from behind the curtain; her top hat is tipped forward, covering her eyes slightly as she poses, resting both hands on the head of her cane. The crowd immediately begin booing and jeering, letting The Baroness know exactly what they think of her. She begins her slow walk to the ring, shrugging off the hatred with a sense of non-chalance. She climbs up the ring steps, urging the referee to hold the ropes open for her before she steps in under the middle ropes; The Crimson Baroness removes her hat and places it delicately in the corner next to her cane before she waits for the match to begin.

CLARA MARTINS: Introducing first, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 124 pounds ... THE CRIMSON BARONESS!

Levi’s theme hits and after a few seconds, the young Canadian makes his way out from the back, holding his head in pain as he does so. Levi looks around at the audience before he slowly makes his way down to the ring, trying desperately to shake off the cobwebs as he does so.

CLARA MARTINS: And her opponent, hailing from Red Deer, Alberta, Canada, weighing in at 223 pounds....LEVI CHAMBERS!

Chambers eventually makes it to ringside, looking into the ring at the smirking TCB before letting out a deep breath and climbing up the steps. He shakes his head once more as he enters the ring before backing up into a corner and leaning up against it, trying his best not to let the fact that his bell got rung earlier today get to him. Once the ref is ready, he calls for the bell to start the match!


Levi Chambers vs The Crimson Baroness


The match begins with the two competitors staring each other down before they slowly move towards the center of the ring. Levi goes for the lockup but TCB dodges it and waits for him to spin around before she fires off with a chop! But that just pisses Levi off as he catches her with a knee to the gut, then lifts her up for a powerslam, only for TCB to catch him with an elbow to the head, forcing him to immediately let her go, allowing her to land on her feet and plant him with a DDT!

WILLIAM BURKE: Looks like TCB is instantly targeting the head!

EL CABRON MALO: It’s a smart move, Burke! Levi’s head is still ringing from the attack he suffered from Kol earlier today!

The Baroness keeps on the attack after this, slowly picking up the much larger Chambers and hooking his head before dragging him over to the corner. TCB then climbed to the middle turnbuckle before hopping off and spinning around, planting Levi right on his head with a tornado DDT! Levi is down as TCB turns him over and goes for the cover, the audience booing her!

WILLIAM BURKE: Tornado DDT by TCB! Levi’s head cannot feel great right now!

EL CABRON MALO: No, really?!




Levi throws his shoulder up, getting a round of cheers from the audience and a shake of the head from his opponent. The first ever RISE champion then gets to her feet and looks down at the hurting Levi, mocking his head injury just a bit before she stomps on his gut, forcing him to sit up! The Baroness then hits the ropes in front of the Canadian before she bounces back and catches him with a stiff penalty kick to the head! The audience boos once more as TCB goes for the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: It’s all TCB right now!

EL CABRON MALO: That penalty kick was vicious! Levi should’ve just waved the white flag and not even bothered taking this ass whooping!




Chambers throws his shoulder up once again, keeping the match going, much to TCB’s annoyance. She gets to her feet and looks over at the corner before a smirk appears on her face. The Baroness then exits out onto the apron before she begins climbing the turnbuckles, getting all the way to the top as the audience booed her! Once at the top, the Philadelphian leaps off, looking to hit a diving splash...

...only for the Red Deer native to roll out of the way at the last second, forcing her to hit the mat!

WILLIAM BURKE: Nobody’s home!

EL CABRON MALO: Not a smart move by TCB. She should’ve just kept attacking the head!

As Levi tries to shake off the cobwebs, TCB slowly gets to her feet and turns towards him. She charges right at him, but the former Global Tag Team champion is quick on pulling the trigger and catching her with a snap scoop powerslam before hooking a leg for the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: Snap scoop powerslam by Levi! He might steal the victory here!




EL CABRON MALO: That might have been too close for comfort there!

Chambers doesn’t waste a second, despite the attacks to the head taking a toll on him. He quickly picks TCB up and pulls her in, hitting an overhead belly to belly suplex that sends her flying across the ring! Unfortunately, Levi slams his head into the mat in the process, forcing him to roll around in pain for a second before he gets to his feet and waits for the former Bloodlust champion to get to her feet. Once she does, he charges forward and rocks her with a European uppercut, taking her off of her feet! The Canadian then scrambles over and makes the cover, clearly looking as if he’s in pain as the ref and the audience count!

WILLIAM BURKE: That’s a real chin rocker right there! A European uppercut by Levi Chambers!

EL CABRON MALO: TCB is in trouble, Billy!




Levi lets out a groan as he rolls over onto all fours after the kickout, slapping the mat in frustration from both the pain he’s feeling and the fact that TCB kicked out. Chambers then gets up and stares at The Baroness before he picks her up as well. The Canadian puts her in a half nelson afterwards and the audience begins roaring as it looks like he’s about to go for a half nelson slam! He lifts TCB, but she somehow manages to reverse it while she’s in the air, hooking his head and planting him with another DDT!


EL CABRON MALO: Let’s talk about that reversal, pendejos! She just dropped him on his head!

The Philadelphian slowly gets to her feet after that, but the Canadian can’t do the same, slowly getting to his feet before dropping to a knee! This allows TCB to then rush forward and floor Levi with a Shining Black, laying him smooth the hell out as the audience goes silent watching her make the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: SHINING BLACK! Levi might be done for!




EL CABRON MALO: You know, a lot of people told me Levi was stubborn, but at this point, he’s just trying to injure himself to avoid the chamber and avoid Kol! I’m convinced!

WILLIAM BURKE: You seem to forget that the last time Kol and Levi met in the ring, Kol had the same problem as TCB! He couldn’t put Levi away! Do you remember how that match ended?!

EL CABRON MALO: Why are we talking about ancient history, you pendejo?!

TCB shakes her head once more, truly looking annoyed at her opponent now. She rises to her feet and motions for Levi to do the same, which he eventually does after some stumbling. The Baroness then moves forward, looking to hit a cutter, only for Chambers to shove her off at the last second! She stumbles forward before the Canadian strikes,hooking one of her arms before lifting her up and driving her into the mat with a half nelson slam! Levi then crawls over and makes the cover!





EL CABRON MALO: Woo! I thought that was it, Burke! But Levi just might need one more big move! After that damn gauntlet last show, I guess I should stop counting Levi out!

The leader of Project Continuum slowly gets to his feet, holding his head in pain before he pulls the former RISE champion up. Once again, Levi is looking to go for the powerslam as he lifts TCB over his shoulder, but she rakes his eyes, forcing him to let her go and allowing her to land right behind him! The Crimson Baroness then runs towards the ropes in front of him, bouncing off of them...and right into a discus lariat from Levi Chambers, turning her inside out! Chambers then scrambles over and covers her, hooking both legs as the audience, now excited, counts along with the ref!


EL CABRON MALO: This is looking bad for fake tits!




WILLIAM BURKE: Not enough! Not enough! TCB kicks out again!

EL CABRON MALO: She’s looking to derail that train of momentum of Levi’s!

Chambers sighs after the kickout, but doesn’t give up, quickly grabbing TCB and picking her up as both of them are to their feet. He then kicks her in the gut and hooks her head, shaking off the cobwebs before going to lift her up, looking to hit Spinning Chambers, only for The Baroness to slip behind him and land on her feet! Levi sharply turns around and is met by a jumping TCB, who plants him with a jumping DDT!

WILLIAM BURKE: And again, TCB drops Levi on his head! He can’t take anymore punishment!

EL CABRON MALO: She just might have hit the final nail on the coffin!

The Baroness gets to her feet afterwards and stares at Levi, who slowly tries to get to his feet, only to drop once more. He tries it again...but he just seems way too out of it as he falls to the mat again. The ref tries to check on him, but TCB takes advantage, lifting him up and hooked both of his arms before dropping him on his head again with a double underhook DDT! She covers him afterwards and hooks both legs as the audience boos!

WILLIAM BURKE: DOM’ED! Levi was already not looking good after that but this has to be it!

EL CABRON MALO: He’s definitely got his head rattled. Might even be a concussion! But it’s about to be a win for TCB!






The audience boos as TCB gets to her feet after the match, a smile on her face after picking up a big victory. The ref raises her arm in the air as she begins to celebrate afterwards, allowing the ref to check on Levi after the match.


EL CABRON MALO: Picking up a win over one of your opponents for the Global title? That’s a huge win, pendejos! Right now, she’s got more momentum than most of the people in this match! She just might have made herself one of the favorites in this match!

WINNER: The Crimson Baroness (13:52)
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The scene quickly comes to life with Eli Carlson shoving medical personnel away, his eyes glowering down the long hallway. Truly he’s not in too bad of shape, just some swelling on his face and a few knicks here and there, and a bloodied lip. But it’s clear he’s in a bad mood and as soon as he spots the camera crew he sets his sights on them.

ELIJAH CARLSON: JENSEN! Jensen I know this was you. I know you’re responsible for this. And I’m not going to stand for it. So wherever you are right now, whatever little hole you’re hiding in hoping I don’t find you, just know that in two weeks... I’m going to walk out to that ring. I’m going to pick up that microphone. I’m going to call your little b**ch ass out and you’re going to walk down that ring and give me some answers. I’m done having you try to sabotage me and my career just because you’re afraid of what would happen if you ever had to face me in a ring, under the banner of any company.

One of the medics approached him cautiously, looking at his lip and reaching a hand out to touch the spot that had been broken open likely by the fist of Chris Night.

ELIJAH CARLSON: I want justice. I want to be PROPERLY taken care of like the star that I am. This is NOT the treatment that I was promised when Frankie negotiated my contract for me and two weeks from now, you’re going to look me in the eye in front of everyone and you’re going to apologize to me! And then you’re going to give me exactly what I want. Do you understand me?! EXACTLY! WHAT! I! WANT!

Shoving the medic aside again, Eli then blows past the camera crew, shoving them away as well as the scene fades.

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Bri Davenport heads off down the hall after words with Chris, obviously still irritated by his interference in her match earlier that night and his refusal to back down afterwards. Half muttering to herself as she plays the argument over and over in her mind, she once again isn’t quite paying enough attention where she is going as she barrels straight into the solid and unmoving form of Boyarski. She stumbles back a step or two, looking up she lets out a groan.

BRI DAVENPORT: Great. You. Look I don’t wanna do this right now so how about you hulk on by and I’ll continue on my way, k?

Jason stares down at her and balls up his fist. Before he could do anything a loud chuckle is heard echoing behind him as Lance is heard talking to Jason’s tag team partner later tonight and the Prez’s childhood friend Chance Frost.

CHANCE FROST: Retarded bitch ended up tripping over her own crutches by the time I done with her. Then Jo’s drunk ass…

Frost stops as he sees Jason’s hands balled up into fist as if he wanted to take out some anger on somebody but he couldn't see who or what might of made him mad.

CHANCE FROST: Hey bud, don't worry I wasn't gonna tell boss bout how you just about knocked her friends jaw loose case she touched your ride.


Frost throws up his hands and laughs.

CHANCE FROST: You was checking up on Luke man.

As the two keep walking they now see why Boyarski was in a foul mood.

LANCE WINTERS: Well what DO WE have here?

Bri turns and narrows her eyes at Lance, biting back on her jaw she pulls her shoulders back, ready for a fight if need be.

BRI DAVENPORT: Nothing, it was an accident… I am not doing this with you right now, I’ve had a night already as it is and the last thing I want to do is get into a battle or words and wits with you, of all people, so call off your dog…

She steps up closer to Lance, her eyes narrowing as she tries to keep her composure despite her emotional state.

BRI DAVENPORT: And let me go find my sister.

Lance smiles.

LANCE WINTERS: But why you wanna go a run off from the party for, Bri? WE JUST got here. Don't go just yet HUN.

Lance looks to Jason and pats him on the back.

LANCE WINTERS: Now, BULL here looks a bit UPSET. What you do to him this time HUH?

Jason grunts. She looks up at Jason and then back to Lance with a quick shake of her head.

BRI DAVENPORT: Maybe If your buddy wasn’t the size of an entire hallway, I wouldn’t keep running into him - look, I’m sorry okay? I said I’m sorry, I don’t wanna do this right now so just let me go before things get heated, Alright?

She turns back to Lance and tries to push past him instead, shoulder checking him with intent as she goes. As she does this Lance laughs and Chance was there to step in front of her.

CHANCE FROST: I don't think we're done talking little lady. This party ain't over just yet.

Before Bri can retort, her sister Gabi comes around the corner and steps between Bri and Chance, shaking her head she smiles and holds up her hands.

GABI DAVENPORT: Now boys, there’s really no need for any of this, is there? Bri has had a rough night already…

Gabi looks up at Chance directly and flashes that same smile, keeping her tone soft as she speaks, pushing her sister back a little as she steps back herself.

GABI DAVENPORT: I’m sure you guys don’t want to be going and making a whole mess of trouble for yourselves, right? I mean, you get a little heavy handed, the wrong people get upset and it all becomes a whole mess… So how about you accept my sisters apology and we will be on our way, deal?

Winters giggles and walks over behind Gabi.

LANCE WINTERS: Sweetie, we are those “wrong people” you speak of. Tehehehe. Besides I love a nice QUALITY mess every now and then. Makes sh*t interesting.

Gabi turns and tries to step up in front of Lance but at the same time, Bri steps around her which causes Gabi to trip, stumbling past Lance she slams into Jason, all but bouncing off of him as Bri slaps Lance clean across the face.

GABI DAVENPORT: F*ck, what’s your buddy made of, bricks and protein powder?!

She says this right as Bri slaps Lance across the face, reaching up she grabs at Jason and uses him to yank herself back to her feet, making moves to try and get between Lance and Bri. The former HKW World Champion giggles after being slapped in the face by Bri.


Lance grabs Bri by her hair and tosses her into a wall as Gabi stumbles over trying to stop the assault on her sister, but no! Boyarski grabs her by the back of the neck runs over across the hall so slam her skull into the hard plastered wall. He doesn’t let go as he begins to smash her head off the wall repeatedly. Lance look up watching Gabi be brutally assaulted by the Reaper’s brute. He giggles a little and crouches down to pick up Bri by her chin forcing her to watch.


Bri wiggles free and punches Lance catching him on the jaw. She then runs over to Jason hopping onto his back and locking in a sleeper hold from behind all while punching him as well.


Gabi was starting to stir not knowing what exactly just happened and then shakes the cobwebs off as he then blurred vision begins to clear. She looks to see Bri going at Jason with all her might and Winters rubbing his jaw laughing.

LANCE WINTERS: TEHEHEHhahahoHOHOHOhaha, she packs a nice little punch on her don’t she?

Gabi shakes her head and charges for Boyarksi to help Bri! She punches, slaps and kicks Boyarkski’s body hoping the added help would be enough to bring him down. Nope. Frost was there to yank her off of Jason. The Polish Bull then reaches up pulls Bri off of his back placing her onto his shoulder. He tosses her over to the oncoming traffic of a couple of wrestlers making their way down the hall to see what the commotion was about. Lance was still giggling to himself as he watched the chaos take place before his eyes.

LANCE WINTERS: Something TELLS ME THESE ladies GOT SOME spunk to them. I like that.

Gabi throws some punches at Chance only for him to dodge them and laughs as she misses each punch. Gabi thinks better of throwing punches and kicks him square in the balls forcing Chance to double over. She then lands a punch that makes him stumble over into a stack of crates. Gabi looks behind her and sees Bri be tossed into the wrestlers.


Gabi begins to right back over to Boyarski as he kept his eyes fixed on Bri. But before she could even make it over to her him she’s hit with a….soda can?


GABI DAVENPORT: Ow, that the---

Before she could even finish that sentence Winters sprints over and hits a Clothesline From Hell on Gabi that nearly turned her inside out! Lance looks over to Bri who was trying to get back up but was being held back by the wrestlers, probably for her own good.

LANCE WINTERS: YOU BUCKO’S better hold that C**T BACK OR SHE’S GONNA BE paying a visit TO GRIM…

He then looks down at Gabi was was groaning in pain. His smile slowly fades away.

LANCE WINTERS: Just like her little sister is about to do.

As he looked down at Gabi in disgust he leaned over and pulled her up by her hair.

LANCE WINTERS: Time TO TAKE THIS party, elsewhere, Gabz. I PROMISE it’s gonna ROCK YOUR WORLD.

He punches her a few times, probably breaking her nose with how hard he hit her and blood starting to pour out from her nose. Lance then punches her square into the gut and begins to drag her by the air.


Lance dragging Gabi by the hair is followed by Boyarski and Frost as the cameras follow behind them as far as they possibly could go.

WILLIAM BURKE: Hold on...Are they? No. They’re on their way out here?!

EL CABRON MALO: Gringas should’ve minded their own f**king business!

Posted Image

The cameras transition out onto the stage where Gabi comes flying out onto the cold hard steel. She tries to crawl up to her knees as Lance, Boyarski and Frost come walking out onto the stage. The Italian crowd boos them but some were heard cheering for them. Typical Hard Knox crowd. Lance looks around the arena and opens up his arms laughing. He then looks over to a crew worker and demands a microphone. Once he gets the microphone he lets out a light chuckle.


He nods to the crowd as they deliver their reaction to his introduction.

LANCE WINTERS: Yes, I know. I know. YOU’RE ALL SO HAPPY TO SEEEEEEE MMEEEE. Wait...How RUUUDDEEE of me. I am joined by my GOOD FRIENDS Chance Frost and the Polish Bull, Jason Boyarski! And out guest? THE WEAPER GABBBBIIIIII DDAVVENNPPOORRTTT!!!

Lance hops up and down happily.


He then turns to Chance and Jason.

LANCE WINTERS: Fellas, I think it’s time we get to tonight’s FESTIVITIES.

Frost chuckles and nods as he walks over with Boyarski. The two begin to stomp down on Gabi until Jason picks her up to her feet. Frost begins to unleash a boxing combination before Jason tosses her over to him and Chance delivers a devastating Death Blow he calls, Cold Day In Hell! Lance looks down a bit unsatisfied. He walks across the stage and looks over the edge. He sees some table set up and smirks.


Boyarski picks Gabi back up and drapes her over his shoulder carrying her over. He looks to Lance who gives him an emphatic nod. Boyarski drops Gabi to the ground then lifts her right back up in a powerbomb position. Lance looks up at her and grins.


The fans seemed to know the answer and this made The Prez chuckle. He looks around trying to telling them to be quiet as he placed a finger to his lips shushing them. He then stands on his tippy toes trying to get close to Gabi’s face as close as he could.


Jason leaps off the edge going for a Sit Down Powerbomb as Lance hops off the edge along with him laughing hysterically as he hooks the back of Gabi’s head hitting a Reverse Cutter as they came down crashing the the tables….Reaped.


EL CABRON MALO: Just another dead gringa Burke. Nothing to see here.


Chance ran over to the edge of the stage looking down to check on his Reaper brethren. Both Jason and Lance slowly get up to their feet but Gabi was motionless. Jensen Banks, security and paramedics led by Dr. Toby Galloway come running from the back and go straight to Gabi to check on her. Jensen then turns to the giggling Lance and the brooding Boyarski.

JENSEN BANKS: Get outta here! Get the hell outta here! You’ve done enough damage here! Go!

Lance throws up his hands trying to act as if he was innocent. He then leads Boyarski to the back and Chance shrugs as he heads to the back as well and the scene fades away.

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The knoxotron lights up and gets an initial pop from the audience. On the knoxotron is a man with curly brown locks, a suit covering his body and his back turned to the camera. A chuckle is heard at first, followed by:

???: It’s been a long time, baby!

The man turns around to reveal Mo Shots, the agent of Subversion’s Brand Wars team captain, Alexa Corra. Mo flashes a toothy grin, reaching into his pocket to grab his custom-made flask.

MO SHOTS: I’m sure A WHOLE LOTTA you have been wondering where your boy Mo has been lately, and I gotta tell ya! BUSINESS has been BOOMING! Haha! Shots Shots Shots Inc now has SIX AGENCIES ACROSS THE GLOBE, AND WE’RE REPRESENTING SOME OF THE PREMIER ATHLETES in this BUSINESS! From baseball players to wrestles all the way to FIELD HOCKEY STANDS OUT, BABY! YEAH!

Mo clears his throat with a sip from his flask.

MO SHOTS: But, folks! I’m not here to talk about me or SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS INCORPORATED! NOPE! I’m here to talk about the festivities in front of us! One of the BIGGEST NIGHTS -- TWO NIGHTS -- IN HKW’S CALENDAR YEAR! You know what I’m talking about, don’t you?

Mo takes another sip from his flask.

MO SHOTS: That’s right, worms! I’m talking about the annual Divine Supremacy event! SOME EVEN SAY THAT IT’S BETTER THAN DESTINY MONTH, BUT MO BABY IS NOT HERE TO PLAY FAVORITES! NOPE! Mo’s here to thank Jensen Banks for making the only decision there really was by letting my client, the former GLOBAL WORLD AND GLOBAL WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPION, ALEXA CORRA!

Pop from the crowd at the mention of the Raven.


Getting tipsier by the second, Mo takes a third sip from his flask and begins stumbling around.

MO SHOTS: Tonight was the night that she planned to pick her entire team, but WE RAN INTO THE PROBLEM, FOLKS! We were walking around back there looking for the fifth and final member, and then we heard the word: “Shane Atwater isn’t scheduled to be here tonight.”

A disappointed scowl forms on the brash agents face.

MO SHOTS: At first, I was a bit disappointed. I was upset that a former CHAMPION OF SHANE’S CALIBER WAS NOT PRESENT FOR ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT SUBVERSION’S YEAR -- but I understood it. I know that we all need a little time off, and WHO AM I OF ALL PEOPLE TO JUDGE THAT, BABY?!

Mo takes one final swig from his flask and tucks it into his blazer.

MO SHOTS: So we came up with an idea, SIR ATWATER! Defiance has already scheduled the match! ACE “PEOPLE TALK MORE ABOUT MY DOG THAN THEY DO ME” WATSON against a TEAM SUBVERSION MEMBER, and you know what?!

The agent points at the camera.


Mo takes one step forward, adjusts his blazer and stares into the camera.

MO SHOTS: Fight.

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CLARA MARTINS: The following contest is scheduled for one fall…

As the riveting beat of DJ Snake’s “Ocho Cinco” remix blasts, the energizing flow pushes forth Tristan Martinez as his red jacket glows from the lights that shines down upon him on the stage. The fans roar, cheering him on first sight. His head pops up, hoodie pops off, he unzip out of his jacket, tossing it to the side before his bare-chested self zooms down the ramp, slapping as many fans hands as he can slap before sliding with flare underneath the bottom ropes.

CLARA MARTINS: Introducing to the ring, from Calabasas, California ... Standing six feet, one inch and weighing in at one hundred and eighty-two pounds, TRISTAN.....MAAARTTTINEEZZZ!!!!

Popping up onto his feet, he jumps up and down, throwing up his hands with the heart shape to the fans as he finishes with a quick prayer before heading to his corner to which the music fades out.

EL CABRON MALO: Hey. Willie. Wake the hell up we’ve got another match.

WILLIAM BURKE: I wasn’t asleep you idiot. I was just resting my eyes. You should try it sometime. Might help take the edge off all that coke you do.

The familiar, gold symbol appeared on the large tron, and the arena was bathed in a dark purple light. The sound of a the intro to Michael Jackson's "Dirty Diana" began to play as someone began to rise out of the stage, a guitar in his left hand and his silhouette being the only thing visible under the dimmed lights. Just as the guitars kicked in where the chorus would be, the individual began to play and the lights come up, flanked by two other individuals

Xavier Asher Daniels steps off of the platform he'd been standing on as the strobe lights flash and moved over towards the center of the stage with The Black Delegation flanking him on either side as he continues playing the guitar along with the song. He gave a small smirk and glanced around at the arena before turning his attention to the ring. He stops playing as the music continues, before he steps down off of the risen platform and begins walking down the isle way.


Daniels carefully shrugs off his jacket and folds it neatly underneath his guitar, handing both items to a stage hand and telling him not to dirty or scuff either object before he slides inside underneath the bottom rope to enter the ring. XAD bounces off the ropes slightly as the song dies before leaning against the far ropes, staring up at the tron while he waits for the match to begin.

EL CABRON MALO: Bruh. I don’t do coke. I just have a healthy affinity for life. I’m full of vigor and

WILLIAM BURKE: Yeah whatever.



As both participants are ready to go, the referee signals for the bell as Tristan Martinez is squared up, ready to go as he looks at the facial expression and the eyes of Xavier Asher Daniels, whom looks to stare a whole straight through Tristan’s head. Bad intentions stirring inside of it. Tristan rushes and goes to tie Xavier up but Xavier isn’t for all of that as he pushes Tristan’s attempt off. Tristan’s eyes widen as he got shoved back into the ropes. Tristan hits Xavier with a straight kick right to the gut that sent Xavier backwards. Tristan followed with a stiff knee to the gut, as he went for another tie-up, which was successful and in turn led to a quick, snap suplex, putting Xavier on his back.

Xavier immediately rolled over, slapping the mat with much anger. Tristan rushes in, delivering a melee of foot stomps to the back and side of Daniels, doing his best to try and keep him down but all it does is just anger the man even more. Daniels got back up to his feet as Martinez was looking to stay on him, giving him no space to do much. Tristan went for the uppercut with that European flair to it. He got it in twice. Trying for three didn’t pan out well as he got stopped. Xavier had blocked his attempt, holding his arm, squeezing tight as he stared and smiled at Tristan. Daniels just took his free hand and ‘swatted’ Tristan, spinning him around. Xavier lifted Martinez up and planted him with a powerful body slam, shaking the ring.

EL CABRON MALO: These matches where everybody loves everybody kind of bore me, you know? It helps when you have a bad guy that the fans can boo.

WILLIAM BURKE: If you were good at your job you could sell ice to a snowman instead of complaining.

Xavier looked down, a slight smirk on his face as he had Tristan on his back. Tristan tried to roll out of the way but Xavier’s foot paused any actions like that. Pressing down all his weight on Tristan’s chest, Xavier delivered a foot stomp, looking to put a severe dent in the right side of Tristan’s chest. Followed was Xavier’s second foot as he now was standing with all of his weight on Martinez as you could hear him groan. Eventually the ref stepped in and forced Xavier to step off, which he quickly obliged.

EL CABRON MALO: But why the hell would anyone sell ice to a snowman? Snowmen are inanimate object

WILLIAM BURKE: For Christ’s sake it’s a figure of speech.

Rolling back to his feet, Tristan tried to collect himself while Xavier closed in on him once more. Martinez ducked under a hard right from Xavier and sent him sprinting into the ropes. However, Xavier managed to hold onto the ropes and halt his momentum. A bit irritated, Tristan takes off at full speed at Xavier but before he can collide with him, Xavier drops down and lifts Martinez high up over his head, sending him flying over the top rope and down to the outside of the ring.

Rolling out of the ring to continue the attack, Xavier goes to pick Tristan off the floor when he’s distracted by a commotion from the crowd, allowing Tristan a moment to fire off a couple of right hands to Xavier’s midsection before Xavier cuts him off with a kneelift. With his opponent back on the floor, he goes to pick Martinez up once more, only to spot the members of Silk & Cyanide standing in the crowd, both looking on with a mix of amusement and derision


WILLIAM BURKE: Whatever gave you that idea, Cabron? The fact they’re members of the Defiance roster?

Without missing a beat, Akeem and Isaiah make a beeline in the direction of Mariani and Mason, jumping the crowd barrier to give chase through the crowd while leaving Xavier to fight on alone. When Xavier turns back around he’s met with a stiff forearm shot from Tristan who then quickly rolls him back into the ring. Martinez follows suit and is back up to his feet first, just in time to catch Xavier around the neck, quickly hitting LAST BREATH, a beautiful shiranui that plants Xavier down to the mat. Covering his opponent, Tristan hooks the leg and looks to the referee as the fans count along.



Martinez pops up to applause from the crowd, holding his arms up high in the air celebrating his win as Clara announces his victory.


He doesn’t spend long celebrating his win, instead retreating from the ring and heading backstage, leaving Xavier to slowly gather himself and push himself back up to his feet. It’s clear there’s disappointment in his face. He thought he had the match won, but no such luck. Everything had been going well in his favor until the momentary distraction, and Tristan had capitalized. Staring down at the mat and shaking his head, he considers what he did wrong, not yet leaving the ring.

EL CABRON MALO: Luck was on Tristan’s side tonight.

WILLIAM BURKE: Indeed it was, but Xavier put up one hell of a fight. That is, until all the nonsense started taking pl-... what’s that out there?

Once more there's a commotion among the crowd, a commotion which causes Xavier to look out to try and see what's going on, although it soon becomes clear as Mariani and Mason emerge from the crowd and stand at ringside, yet there's no sign of Isaiah or Akeem

For a moment the two women merely stare at Xavier as he stands on his own in the ring, but that doesn't last too long before Mariani and Mason make their move towards the ring - but rather than enter the ring immediately, the pair of them each grab a chair before they slide into the ring and approach Xavier.

EL CABRON MALO: See, this is why you get out of the ring and head backstage right after your match. That’s the regulations. That’s the rules. Only bad things happen when you don’t follow the rules.

WILLIAM BURKE: You’re the only person in the world who could possibly make this… tense situation… Xavier’s fault.

Just as it looks as if Xavier is going to have a bad night, Mariani sets up her chair and sits in it, crossing her legs as she makes a sweeping hand gesture in Xavier's direction as she raises a microphone to her lips

ERIN MARIANI: Take a seat.

At first Xavier isn't sure what Mariani is talking about, that is until he looks behind him and sees that Mason has set up the chair she was carrying and she's already crossing the ring to stand beside Mariani

ERIN MARIANI: As you can see, your partners are not here so you are free to say and think as you please, rather than repeat everything they have told you what you think you should say. So now is your chance to prove you are capable of speaking like an adult.

XAD looks between the two women warily, knowing all too well from experience that the numbers game is gonna kill him the second the two women feel like attacking. Despite that, Daniels holds his ground and shakes his head as he uneasily backs towards the chair.

XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: I’m not sitting or discussing anything with the two of you until you tell me what you did to my Brothers.

When he got no answer in return, XAD took a step towards Mason with fire in his eyes.

XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: Where are they? If I find out that either of you demons did them wrong, I swear to God I’ll -

Daniels’ angry diatribe is cut off by Mason.

SARA MASON: They attacked us, so we acted in self-defence. Sit.

Levelling a heated glare her way and making sure to keep an eye on Marini, XAD turned the chair and sat down with a mic in hand, waiting expectantly for what was to come.

ERIN MARIANI: As should be clear to you, Xavier, calmer heads prevail. Think about the next time your “brothers” poison your mind with their lies and their prejudice.

Mason snickers as she stands beside Mariani, which causes Xavier to aim a fiery glare in her direction

ERIN MARIANI: It is clear to us that there is only one thing holding the three of you back, and that is the people who spend every single day telling you DON’T. They tell you DON’T speak your mind, DON’T do what you want, as you only serve to remind them who is in control without extending the common courtesy of agreeing a safe word beforehand.

Pausing for just the tiniest fraction of a second, Mariani raises a knowing eyebrow

ERIN MARIANI: So I shall put it to you that, if you want to exercise your independence, you should consider paying the pair of us a little visit on Defiance to show us you can behave like an adult. Don’t worry, you can bring your friends along with you - as long as they behave themselves.

XAD glares spitefully up at both women, but makes no move to attack as he raises his mic up to speak.

XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: So the two of you think… you think you can walk onto our brand and interrupt my match, lay your putrid, filthy hands on my brothers, have the nerve to hurl insults towards the three of us and speak down to me like I’m a child in need of having everything explained to me.

Daniels runs a hand along his face as the anger and annoyance sets in.

XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: And now… you two. YOU TWO, you think you’ve got the juice to try and play us like this, and bait us into coming over there just like that?

Daniels leans forward, eyes darting between both members of Silk & Cyanide as he thinks for a moment. His eyes light up briefly as an idea hits him, before he then pushes himself up and goes to answer.

XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: You know what? We -

Before XAD can get the words out, the fans booed heavily as both Akeem Burrows and Isaiah Jones come running through the crowd, much to the chagrin of Marini and Mason. Silk & Cyanide and TBD stare down as the situation becomes more tense, looking as though the two sides will come to blows at any second as the fans cheer them on.

Before either team can throw the first punch, security comes running from the back and slides into the ring. They waste very little time in separating the two teams, causing the fans to boo loudly in protest.


With the crowd baying for blood - not for the first time in Rome's history - we hear the voice of Jensen Banks as he emerges at the top of the ramp and he looks livid at the scene unfolding in front of him


Needing a moment to calm down so he can speak, Banks stands at the top of the ramp and points towards the various wrestlers currently standing inside his ring

JENSEN BANKS: I thought it was made clear to the pair of you that, if you were seen backstage at this show, you would be suspended immediately.

Breaking away from the phalanx of security in her way, Mason jumps onto the ropes and audibly yells “We were never backstage” in Banks’ direction, before security drag her down

JENSEN BANKS: As for you, Xavier, there is no reason for you to be in the ring when two people who are not Subversion talents want to make a name for yourselves. The ramp’s right here, walk away and let security do their job.

The last comment elicits a huge boo from the crowd, and more than that it causes TBD to turn their ire in Banks’ direction at being told what they can and cannot do when in a Subversion ring, leading to security doubling up on them in case they try to rush their GM - an opening which allows Silk & Cyanide to slip out of the ring and make their way back into the crowd, with Mason giving a sarcastic wave in Banks’ direction before they leave.

WINNER: Tristan Martinez via Pinfall (7:12)
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As the cameras cut to backstage, it seems that there is a minor commotion, and the scene picks up in the midst of an argument between one of the Elimination Chamber participants, Lady Magdalena, and her infamous manager, Bobby B. Barabbas.

LADY MAGDALENA: Sir Robert, you had best not be planning any of that nonsense here tonight.

Lady is straightforward and firm, attired in a gorgeous emerald green, looking both beautiful and terrifying as she towers over her manager. The elfin beauty points at her manager with an accusing finger pointed in his direction.

BOBBY B. BARABBAS: My Lady, what ever could you mean?

Barabbas, the Pied Piper of the Underground, dressed in his traditional black on black attire, the Underground logo stitched into his blazer breast pocket feigns innocence at his client’s questioning.

LADY MAGDALENA: Do not play the fool, you know exactly what I am referring to. That little invasion of yours on Defiance? Bringing your… ‘Accused’, or however you refer to them.

BOBBY B. BARABBAS: Battlelines were drawn, my sweet Lady.

LADY MAGDALENA: And you walked right through them.

The Frenchwoman does not seem best pleased as she references the recent attack last week on Defiance, when Barabbas’ music hit and his motley band attacked the Red Brand, causing quite the storm in Hard Knox Wrestling when they announced themselves for Brand Wars.

LADY MAGDALENA: Making a statement is one thing, Sir Robert, but in that single move you’ve practically turned this into outright war. Every single person is watching their backs, especially the Brand representatives, all half expecting another brand to leap up out of nowhere to commence a fight. I have never seen such a wary sort in my life.

Barabbas, smooth as ever, applauds his own handiwork.

BOBBY B. BARABBAS: Then our visit to Defiance has been a rousing success.


The Fair Lady sighs as she brushes her dark curls from her eyes, shaking her head in disappointment.

LADY MAGDALENA: I am preparing myself for the biggest match of my career, a shot at reaching the top of the mountain once more, to be in a place in this business that I haven’t been to in so long. To challenge for the most sought after prize in all of Hard Knox Wrestling. That in itself is not without risks, and I have five very capable others seeking the same result… but...


LADY MAGDALENA: Everyone knows that you are my business representative. You’ve been by my side since I entered this company. And in doing what you did, leading your team to that… downright unnecessary assault last week, I am in turn asked far too many questions. I have eyes watching me to see if I am involved somehow, and even upper management seem dreadfully concerned. Many believe I may have had a hand in said arrangements, and I could be held responsible if anything of this sort would be to happen on SubVersion. I simply can not have that, not when so much is at stake.

Barabbas drops to his knees in apology, using his smarts and wicked tongue to voice his opinion, making lavish promises to his client.

BOBBY B. BARABBAS: My Lady, I swear on my own eyes that I will not encourage any move that could be detrimental to your most honourable cause.

LADY MAGDALENA: Don’t touch me. I am still appalled by your behaviour in recent weeks, Sir Robert. And I swear that if you attempt to involve my darling Anastasia in any of this mess, or make a move against Sophia...

Barabbas drops to both knees, pointing to his own eyes, and then his throat as he tries to convince Lady of his intentions.

BOBBY B. BARABBAS: I swore on my eyes, and I swear on my voice that no move will be made.

LADY MAGDALENA: Well, that is a relief. Thank you kindly, now...

Magdalena did seem a little relieved, taking the often distrustful Barabbas by his word...


… But she raises an eyebrow for this disclaimer.

BOBBY B. BARABBAS: As promised previously after Felicity Banks signed… your daughter to a contract with Underground, I have been kind. Her points deduction in the Cult Classic was warranted for her assault, and no argument can be made there. But I do have need of her as a representative of the Underground.


She tapped her foot impatiently, folding her arms as she does so.

BOBBY B. BARABBAS: Whilst she has never won a Battle Royale before, her recent performances in there have been nothing short of exceptional. Fourth place in the Golden Opportunity, the highest ranked member of my roster. Twice she has come third in Phoenix’s Boats N’ Throws event, she was a standout in the World Cup Battle Royal earlier on in the year and her performance in Royal Battle in England has become something of recent legend, an Iron Woman performance and cruelly robbed of the winner’s podium by unfair means. As Underground’s first representative in the Brand Supremacy Cup Battle Royal, I have high hopes for her.

LADY MAGDALENA: This is the first time you have openly complimented her. Neither of you have ever gotten along. Why the change of tune?

Lady seemed generally confused, but somehow pleased at the productive words he uttered about her beloved Songbird.

BOBBY B. BARABBAS: I support my roster. In many ways, they are as much clients as you are… Though you do stand high and above all others.

Lady nodded, smiling not in her usual wicked way, but a smile of pride.

LADY MAGDALENA: Do not involve her in any of your scheming, Robert. I do warn you of that. And the same can be said of myself. Now, I must prepare for tonight. This Global Championship chase is like dealing with a pack of hyenas, and I have the She-Bitch to face tonight. Irritating as she is, she is proving to be quite the talent since I last faced her, and I must double my efforts if I am to be successful in my quest. And now I must depart. Pray, do behave yourself, Sir Robert. And do not involve yourself. Please.

The Fair Lady turns on her heels and departs the area, Barabbas watching on with a knowing smile, and a devilish twinkle in his eye. This is, until he notices a green lantern, very similar to the one that appeared on Underground during what seemed to be RISE’s own attack on his brand, believed to have been orchestrated solely by his disgruntled former clients, the Daughters of Janus. He loses his cool, smashing the lantern like he had before, then he too leaves the scene as an advertisement for Divine Supremacy plays on.

Posted Image

The show cuts to the medical room, where we see Levi Chambers being checked over by the doctors. They flash a light in his eyes, trying to make sure that there’s no injury that they need to worry about as they do so, while Levi holds an ice pack on top of his head. Once the doc turns the light off, he lets out a sigh before speaking.

DOCTOR: Alright, Levi. It doesn’t seem like too much damage has been done but you’ve definitely gotten your bell rung tonight.

LEVI CHAMBERS: It’s what happens when you get punted and planted on your head.

DOCTOR: Right. So I’m going to request that you take it easy for the next few days. Don’t do too much and certainly don’t do anything that could see you hurting that head of yours.

Levi nods.

LEVI CHAMBERS: I’m sure once my girlfriend sees this, she’ll make sure I don’t. Thanks, doc. I appreciate it.

The doctor nods before he steps aside, allowing Levi to hop off of the medical table. However, before he can take another step, the door to the medical office swings open and in enters the Subversion general manager, Jensen Banks. Jensen looks right at Levi, who lets out a sigh as he stares at the Canadian.

JENSEN BANKS: Before you say anything, I already took care of Kol. He’s been banned from the arena for the rest of the night.

Levi looks annoyed at this, removing the ice pack from the top of his head and tossing it onto the table.

LEVI CHAMBERS: That’s not good enough for me. Sorry if that little slap on the wrist for our Global champion isn’t enough for me. He f**ked me up tonight, and I won’t forget that. But that’s where his problem is now.

Chambers then takes a step towards Banks.

LEVI CHAMBERS: Because the next time I see him? I’m not going to break his goddamn jaw.

The audience pops at this statement.

LEVI CHAMBERS: I’m going to break his nose.

They cheer again.

LEVI CHAMBERS: And I’m going to straight up beat his ass.

They pop once more.

JENSEN BANKS: Levi, you don’t need to do this. Just...save it for the chamber. You’ll get him there.

LEVI CHAMBERS: Hey, I get it. You’re not supposed to tell any of us to go out there and start brawls. So I’m going to do you a courtesy and tell you what I’m going to do next Subversion. I’m going to find that p***y and I’m going to beat his ass. It’s as simple as that.

Banks sighs.

JENSEN BANKS: Fine, whatever. At this point arguing with anyone on this roster is a nightmare. We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it but for tonight? I want you to get your bag and get out. Go to the hotel and rest, you’ve gone through some s**t tonight. Can you at least do that or are you going to try and fight me on that too?

Chambers stares at his boss for a few seconds, then finally relents, walking past him and out of the office. Jensen lets out another sigh as he shakes his head.

JENSEN BANKS: I’m going to need some damn gelato after this show.

We then fade out.

Posted Image

The shot is entirely filled of the gilded surface of the HKW Hybrid Championship’s front plate as a video from backstage begins to play. A pair of hands flank it on either side as they hold it steady while a woman’s voice immediately recognizable as the Hybrid Champion Ashley Sullivan begins to speak from off camera.

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: This is what you want isn’t it? You’d do anything for it. Endure any trial. Cross any river. Fight anyone. All in the chance of getting just a little bit closer to it. I know the feeling. I know the kind of heartache it is to come so close just to have it snatched out from under you. But I persevered. I kept going. I dug down deep and found the strength to finally get to it. You and I, we’re a lot alike.

The holds holding the championship belt shift before it disappears from view entirely. Standing behind the belt was the Hybrid Champion Ashley Sullivan herself sitting on a backwards chair, leaning forward as she now holds the previously held title belt over her right shoulder.

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: The difference? I’ve never taken the cheap route. I’ve never ambushed anyone to screw them out of their opportunities so I could sneak in and take it for myself. You have. I’ve never tried to frame someone for anything I’ve done just so I can appear to be innocent. You have. Like you, I’ve known failure. And while I’ve gotten so close to letting my anger get the better of me, I’ve lashed out with my frustrations and attacked someone just doing their job. You have. What you fail to realize, Ashley Maldano, is that if you take the low road on the way to your destination, every bit of pride that you might hold when you finally get there will be for nothing. It’s an empty hollow victory. My bumpy road these last four years have made me a stronger, they’ve made me a better person, and most important when it comes to the title that I have here, it’s made me a better champion. That’s the one lesson you need to learn before you can finally get to where you want to be.

Looking down at the title belt over her shoulder, Ashley taps the golden face with a finger as she points at it.

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: And being the champion I need to be, I have to teach it to you myself. We have unfinished business. I need to fix what happened last Subversion. My first defense of this ending the way it did leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Divine Supremacy is going to be my palate cleanser. You want to keep chasing after this and I want to prove myself as a great champion. We both have our white whales, and we’re both going to have to go through Hell if we’re going to catch them.

Ashley gets up from the chair and walks away, leaving the camera’s view empty except the steel chair she was sitting on. Behind her the entire time was a wall of steel link chain fence that was looming over everything as Ashley was speaking. The fence stands in its ominous silence as the video fades to black.

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CLARA MARTINS: The following is a Texas Tornado tag team match scheduled for one fall! All four competitors will be allowed in the ring at the same time, thus making all of them legal to be pinned at any time!

Here I Stand
Helpless and left for dead

The lights in the arena go completely out as Dance With The Devil by. Breaking Benjamin hits the PA System. As the base kicks in the lights begin to flash silver, white and black as if they were strobe lights surrounding the arena.

Close your eyes
So many days go by
Easy to find what's wrong
Harder to find what's right

The camera then pans towards the crowd as Chance Frost and Jason Boyarski are seen standing at the top of a stairways on opposite sides of the arena of each other looking out to the fans. They begin make to slowly make their ways down the stairs.

I believe in you, I can show you
That I can see right through all your empty lies
I won't stay long in this world so wrong

As fans reach out to try and touch them they pull their arms away and push the fans away. Chance even threatens the fans that tried and reach out. After being separated from the fans by security they continue down the stairs to the barricade.


Say goodbye
As we dance with the Devil tonight
Don't you dare look at him in the eye
As we dance with the Devil tonight

They stop looking around the arena and towards the ring then hops over the barricade. Slides into the ring and steps into the center of the ring walking around as if they owned the joint. They look over to the announcers desk giving them a hard cold stare before turning away from them setting their eyes towards the crowd.

Crawling across my skin
Feeling your cold dead eyes
Stealing the life of mine

They shake their heads and look towards the ramp waiting for whoever to come out to their ring.

"Rockit" begins to play over the speakers as the the lights in the arena dim. Two individuals step through the curtains wearing jackets that flash red, blue, green and yellow colors. At the 28 second mark, the lights come back on, revealing the SMWB to a positive reaction from the crowd. Max Powers and Landon Knight slap hands with the fans on their way down the aisle.


After sliding underneath the bottom rope and into the ring, they push themselves up and head into opposite corners. After climbing up onto the second rope and throwing their index fingers in the air, they climb to the top turnbuckle and backflip off, landing safely on their feet in the ring to cheers.

Reapers In Pride (Chance Frost and Jason Boyarski) vs Super Mario Wrestling Bros


As soon as the bell rings, Jason charges right at Max and Landon, looking to clothesline them both, only for the two tag champs to duck underneath his massive arms! They both then kick the back of Jason’s knees before Chance comes up from behind and catches Landon with a half nelson suplex, folding him up like an accordion! Max then runs forward and catches Chance with a hurricanrana, sending him flying! But when Powers get up to his feet, he is dropped with a (really) big boot from Boyarski, giving RIP the upper hand!

WILLIAM BURKE: SMWB have a huge challenge ahead of them tonight! Just look at the size of Jason!

EL CABRON MALO: Where the hell is he from? Wisconsin? I slept with a big chick from Wisconsin one time. They call her average over there!

Jason grabs Max off of the ground, his hand around Max’s throat as he stares at him, Powers desperately trying to swing at Jason, none of his punches doing any damage. Boyarski then decides to toss him like a rag doll, sending him over the top rope and out onto the ground outside! The big man then picks his partner up and lets him go after Landon, Chance stopping away at one half of the tag team champions! Frost then picks him before he looks over at Boyarski, then hits a northern lights suplex on Knight, covering him afterwards as the audience booed!

WILLIAM BURKE: RIP seems hated worldwide, Malo.

EL CABRON MALO: Who cares? Did you see that northern lights suplex? Looked almost as good as mine!

WILLIAM BURKE: You’re sounding like Jack Warren right now.

EL CABRON MALO: Don’t ever compare me to the B show commentator!




Landon shoots his shoulder up, getting a round of cheers from the audience. Chance, who seems to be leading this team, tells Jason to bring Max back into the ring, getting a nod from Jason. The big man then exits the ring and grabs the SMWB member before hoisting him over his shoulder and throwing him back into the ring. Once he’s in the ring, Chance grabs Max and lifts him up to his feet before hitting the ropes and coming back to floor him with a lariat! Chance then goes for the cover, the audience continuing to boo!

WILLIAM BURKE: What a lariat by Chance!

EL CABRON MALO: Damn near took him out of his boots!




The audience pops after Max kicks out, getting an annoyed look out of the RIP member. Chance then gets to his feet and looks over at Jason before motioning to Landon, who is slowly helping himself up using the ropes. Boyarski nods before he runs right at Knight, only for Landon to duck and pull down the ropes, sending Jason over and out onto the ground outside! As Jason is getting to his feet, Chance runs right at Landon, who lowers his shoulder and sends Frost flying to the outside, crashing right into Boyarski and laying his own partner out!

WILLIAM BURKE: SMWB might have found an opening here!

EL CABRON MALO: That’s not what you want to give those two pendejos!

Max is slowly getting to his feet as he watches Chance help himself up on the outside. Powers motions for Knight to move out of the way, which he does, allowing the Super Mario Wrestling Bro to sail through the ropes and catch Chance with a suicide dive! Max, wanting to capitalize, rolls Chance back into the ring, allowing Landon to go to work and rock a stumbling Chance with a running knee strike! Landon then goes for the cover as Max enters the ring!

WILLIAM BURKE: SMWB is on fire right now! Do they have the win here?!




EL CABRON MALO: Not enough, Burke! Phew, almost thought these NERDS had them!

Landon rolls away after the kickout, allowing Max to step forward. Turning his back to Chance, Powers flips backwards, landing a standing moonsault on his opponent before following it up with a cover of his own!

WILLIAM BURKE: Standing moonsault by Powers! Frost is in trouble!

EL CABRON MALO: Kick out, Chance!




The audience lets out a sigh along with Max after the kickout. But Powers notices that Boyarski is slowly getting up on the outside and points to him, alerting Knight. So Landon quickly moves over towards the ropes and hops over them, looking to hit a plancha...only to get caught by Jason! Jason then swings Landon over his shoulder before running forward and driving him skull first into the steel post, busting him open!



Landon rolls around the ground in pain, holding his face while Max watches on in disbelief in the ring. Jason then gets on the apron and enters the ring, going over all the ropes one leg at a time before Max comes racing forward and catches his right knee with a dropkick, dropping him on it! Powers then decides to hit the ropes in front of Boyarski, bouncing off of them before running right into a massive chop to the chest, courtesy of the meaty right hand of Jason Boyarski! This drops Powers, who then writhes around in pain holding his chest!



The big man then gets to his feet and shakes off the pain in his knee before he picks Chance up, then hooks his head and lifts him up in a vertical suplex position, only to drop him on top of Max! With Frost on top of Powers, the ref slides down and begins the count!

WILLIAM BURKE: What an interesting tag team maneuver there by RIP!

EL CABRON MALO: Pretty sure that Chance is still out of it. Don’t think he had to do much of the work there!




Boyarski shakes his head after the kickout before he watches Chance roll off of Max. This allows Jason to pick Powers up again and throw him back into a corner like he’s a small child! Jason then runs forward and attempts to crush him in the corner...but Max moves out of the way, forcing Jason to his the corner! Boyarski stumbles backwards, so Powers runs towards the ropes in front of him, bouncing off of them before jumping right at him, catching him with a forearm that sends him back a step! He attempts the move again and it sends him back a step! The third time seems to be where Max tries something different, bouncing off of the ropes and attempt a running crossbody...

...only for Jason to catch him in his arms! Powers waves his arms around, helpless as Boyarski runs forward and crushes him in a corner while he’s in his arms, then sends him flying afterwards!

WILLIAM BURKE: Almost thought Max was going to be able to drop Jason there!

EL CABRON MALO: Then you’re on more drugs than I am!


EL CABRON MALO: I’m sorry, did I say drugs? I meant...candy?!

The Polish wrestler then begins motioning for Max to get up, but what he doesn’t notice is that Landon, whose forehead is cut open, is climbing the turnbuckles behind him! Once at the top, Knight leaps off and catches Boyarski in the back with a missile dropkick, sending him stumbling forward and out of the ring to a huge pop!


Knight then kips up and fires up the audience before he turns around...and eats a Superman punch from Chance Frost! Landon hits the mat with a thud and Chance desperately goes for the cover, the audience booing him!





Chance is furious that that wasn’t a three count, screaming at the ref to learn how to count! Frost then gets to his feet and looks over at Powers, who is still trying to shake off the damage done to him by Boyarski. The Salt Lake City RIP member hurries over and picks Max up, looking to cause some more damage...only for Powers to catch him with a jumping knee strike, dropping him on his ass!

WILLIAM BURKE: Chance just got rocked with a knee! This might be the opening SMWB needs!

EL CABRON MALO: Don’t tell me they are about to pull this off too!

Max looks around, staring at the still downed Jason on the outside before looking over at the downed Chance. Powers quickly grabs Frost after and drags him towards the corner, setting him up for something off the top rope! The SMWB member then turns his back on Chance and begins climbing the turnbuckles, getting all the way to the top. He rubs his chest, still feeling some pain in there before he leaped off, looking to hit his imploding 450 splash!


But Jason pulls Chance out of the ring, forcing Max to hit the mat with a thud instead!


Boyarski lets Frost down on the ground before reaching into the ring and pulling Powers out by his hair! Max can barely stand on his own feet as Jason smiles, clearly enjoying the hell he’s put both members of SMWB through. Landon, knowing he needs to save his partner, sails through the ropes and sends Jason stumbling with a suicide dive...but Jason is still on his feet after that!



Landon gets to his feet and looks right at Jason, who then floors him with a nasty big boot! Knight is out and Boyarski seems to be looking for the other member of SMWB, though he doesn’t spot Powers until he sees him leaning up against the barricade! So Jason runs right at him, looking to spear him through the barricade....only for Max to move out of the way, forcing Jason to go right through the barricade, laying himself out!



Max sees what just happened in disbelief before he turns around and eats a European uppercut from Chance Frost! Chance, not wanting to waste any more time, throws Max in the ring before sliding in himself and going for the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: Chance Frost from out of nowhere!

EL CABRON MALO: There is hope yet!




Chance slaps the mat in frustration, but doesn’t give in just yet. He quickly picks Max up and lifts him up before planting him with a small package piledriver before going for the cover again!








Landon scrambles to his feet after breaking up the pin and waits for Chance to scramble to his! Frost then charges right at Knight, who plants him with a flapjack! Landon then rolls outside to the apron before quickly racing up the turnbuckles, reaching all the way top the top before leaping off and hitting a frog splash! The audience pops huge as Landon covers Chance after, the ref counting right after!

WILLIAM BURKE: Frog splash!!!







Landon gets to his feet after getting the three count, the audience now popping huge as he walks over and helps Max up, the two raising each other’s arms in victory! The ref then hands them back their titles and they quickly bail the ring, clearly not wanting to stay around for the rest of RIP to come down...or for Jason to wake up for that matter.

WILLIAM BURKE: What a win by SMWB! They really had to fight hard for that one!


WINNERS: Super Mario Wrestling Bros (17:24)
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WILLIAM BURKE: Still plenty of more action to come from Rome, Italy.

EL CABRON MALO: Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing more women to coo---

‘They say form follows function….And if you just function properly then things will form themselves’

Lupe Fiasco’s voice blasts through the PalaLottomatica bringing heavy amount of boos and jeers from the HKW fans. Moments later the HKW’s Lionheart Champion DeMarcus Gresham walks causally onto the stage dressed to impress as he’s known for doing. “Form Follows Function” continues to play as DeMarcus stands looking left to right at the crowd booing him right off. A smirk hits DeMarcus’ face as he taps the Lionheart Championship belt around his waist over his slacks. Microphone already in his right hand he takes time with his left wiping off the front of his Stefano Ricci dress shirt as if wiping off the hate and high volumed boos from the Italian crowd.

WILLIAM BURKE: Booy, the really don’t like this guy.

EL CABRON MALO: They never do like the best ones. Stupid culeros. They should appreciate the Gift even coming out here to them tonight.

A tap upon the microphone signs the music to cut as the boos get even louder as DeMarcus stands bringing the microphone up toward his lips.


The crowd boos to a fever pitch and he’s only said two words.

DEMARCUS GRESHAM: The nerve of you all giving me such a vile welcome when I unlike 95% of those in the chambers behind me are here for your benefit...for your enlightenment. Yet, here you are booing and breeding with venom toward your epicenter. Your salvation. Your purest example of what this profession is and should be. The nerve...I say it again...the nerve.

The boos continue with even moreso with his reaction and with a smug look he can’t help but to laugh at their sheeplike nature.

DEMARCUS GRESHAM: Allow me to beg your indulgence for just a moment. Boo as you please for once I am done speaking your enlightenment will cause your own silence. Understand that while you boo your Gift who two weeks ago put the challenge out there to one and all under the Subversion banner, two weeks later. A full two weeks later, here I stand...no response. No reply. No acceptance from anyone. As you boo realize who I am as your fighting Lionheart Champion while many others duck and dodge their challengers looking for the easiest route. As you boo realize there has been no one willing to take their shot at this pedestal. A worthwhile pedestal. A challenging pedestal. They are all back there right now looking forward to their simple challenge of menial worth. Realize Rome, that as you boo me...none of you in front of me or in back of me are willing to come forward and make your presence known. As you continue my dear unenlightened ones I ask you one question...what becomes of your time here without those willing to challenge? Dare I say, Are you not entertained?

The crowd’s booing volume begins to decrease as more ears are listening.

DEMARCUS GRESHAM: Yes, Rome...Your Subversion brand has seem to come up short with the demand of worthy gladiators. My first defense against Tristan Martinez went so well that now I stand here a willing fighting Champion with not a whisper of willing participants. Meanwhile, you cheer these yellow bellied borborygmis...who take away from your hard earned cash from scrubbing toilets and folding the soiled laundry of others. They take away from your enjoyment and still you buy their clothes and invest in their time to come away with nothing. Congratulations Rome, you are a city of strumpets. Round of applause indeed.

The sarcasm is deep with Gifted actually giving the crowd a less than inspired round of applause. The crowd still boos but the volume continues to lessen as they start to slightly understand.

DEMARCUS GRESHAM: I do not speak of this as your change of heart. I have no investment toward your cheers or boos. It does not change what happens in that ring. It will not change my dominance inside that ring. I am merely your shepherd to realization. Your Augustus to Enlightenment. Everyone in the back isn’t enthralled in problems or issues. Everyone here is NOT as busy as you think. I’ve seen numerous challenges answered and accepted. The main focus is and always has been that very place.

Gresham pauses as he points toward the ring. He has the crowd’s full attention now. No boos to be heard.

DEMARCUS GRESHAM: That is the reason for all of us gathering here. That is the reason television screens around the world turn on every Sunday night to TNT. That is our coliseum and the fact of the matter is…

He turns toward the nearest camera on his left side making sure he’s heard.

DEMARCUS GRESHAM: HKW as a whole has no gladiators willing to see Enlightenment. You may all begin your pitiful excuses now.

He looks toward the HKW fans giving them a gentleman’s bow before bringing the microphone back up.


Gresham drops the mic as the crowd is actually not booing nearly as much. Some are actually seen nodding understanding what point he made. He pulls his Lionheart Championship belt from waist throwing it up in his hand and makes his way backstage.

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Hidden away in the depths of the PalaLottomatica, far removed from the crowds or even the backstage staff, we find Elijah Black sitting on a set of stairs with a sullen look on what little of his face we can see peeking out from under his hoodie

At first he is relatively silent, the only sound being the deep breaths he takes through his nostrils as he attempts to keep some semblance of order - but it's clear this cannot last long...

ELIJAH BLACK: I am sure that, for just a few seconds, Colton Dominic Chase thought that he was safe. There is no doubt that he had convinced himself that by stealing a match from under me that there was no reason for him to ever worry about me ever again, and he was free to live his life telling himself that he wasn't a piece of shit. Tick tock, tick tock...and then reality came to break his face.

Pausing for a second, Black lifts his head, but he remains shrouded under the hood of his sweatshirt

ELIJAH BLACK: Just as he thought he’d escaped, he finds out that he’s got to face me once again. And I know one thing was going through his mind in that moment…

Once again Black raises his head slightly, but this time he lowers the hood to reveal his face – and in doing so he reveals he’s got an almost murderous look in his eyes as a sinister chuckle emanates from somewhere deep within Black’s being

ELIJAH BLACK: He realised that he’s going to be locked inside that chamber with me .

Pausing to rubs his tongue against his lip ring, Black cannot help but picture a few scenarios going through his head

ELIJAH BLACK: So was it worth it, Colton ? Your attempt to get away with another stolen victory has only served to get me into that match, and I am very, very determined on ending you when I get into the match. Not ending your title reign. Ending you . In fact, the Colton Stirling Memorial Championship sure has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? And I can’t think of a more fitting person to hold that title under its new name than I – and to make the belt nice and authentic, I will insist they do not clean the bloodstains off of the title.

Black leans forward a little, maintaining a fixed stare right down the camera lens the entire time

ELIJAH BLACK: You need to understand that you didn’t just poke the bear, you thought it was a smart idea to tweak on Satan’s tail just to see what would happen. You’ll find out soon enough that, when somebody pushes me that little bit too far, I am the devil and I intend to do the devil’s business. And that’s not just a warning for you, Colton , that goes to every single person who is setting foot in that match, and each and every one of you got a taste of what I am willing to do. Because here’s the problem you all have: I’m sure a few of you might say the Global Championship is worth dying for, but because Colton had to be a bitch one time too many you’re going to discover that it’s a belt worth killing for .

As he says the last part, a smirk forms on the corner of Black’s mouth

ELIJAH BLACK: So I’ll ask you again, Colton: was it worth it? Because if you think that stealing one match justified everything that’s coming your way, you are one stupid mother*cker and I’d almost – almost – be doing you a favour by hitting you so hard you’ll be little more than a stain on the canvas when I’m done.

Posted Image

The scene fades back out to the arena where Clara Martins was set to announce the next match up.

CLARA MARTINS: Ladies and gentlemen this is the main eveeenttt!

Cheap pop

CLARA MARTINS: It is a singles match set for one fall!

As the arena goes dark, the Knoxotron lights up with a panoramic view of the Miami Skyline.

Lights start strobing, as Beth Keaton makes her way out onto the stage. She looks around, appreciative of the ovation she's receiving from the HKW fans in attendance, before beginning her trek to the ring.

CLARA MARTINS: Making her way to the ring, hailing from Coconut Creek, Florida, this is Beth Keeaaatonnn!!!

Keeping a brisk but controlled pace, she zigs and zags, taking her time to high five as many fans as possible. She slides under the bottom rope once she reaches the ring, then pops up to her feet. After climbing the nearest turnbuckle, playing to the fans, she performs a backflip and lands on her feet. The lights come back on, and she takes her corner to await the start of the match.

WILLIAM BURKE: Here is The Warhound! It’s pretty obvious to say Lady Magdalena and Beth haven’t always seen eye to eye.

EL CABRON MALO: That’s an understatement….Wait hold on.



WILLIAM BURKE: I hate you.

The lights begin to dim before flashing out in brilliant reds and greens as the haunting ‘Ahhhh Ah. Ahhhh Ah’ sounds out from the P.A system. The bright lights dance seductively to the classic Annie Lennox tune ‘Little Bird’, glittering strobe effects accompanying it. A tall feminine figure slowly slides out from behind the curtain, all wrapped up in long feather boa that complements her outfit perfectly. She pauses, simply standing there at the top of the ramp with her head bowed. Her only movement is her impatiently tapping her left foot to the beat of the music. She lifts her head slightly, revealing the sly smile of wrestling’s ‘Black Swan’, Lady Magdalena.

CLARA MARTINS: Hailing from Lourdes, France… Weighing in at 154lbs… “THE BLACK SWAN”, LADY MAGDALENA!

The music kicks into high gear as Magdalena begins strutting down the ramp as if she was upon a Parisian catwalk, stretching out the feather boa over her shoulders as if she was carrying a cross. The hesitation she had before seems to be slowly fading away as she swings her hips down towards the ring, her head tilted back in some form of religious ecstasy. She reaches the ring apron and with a move taken right from the royal ballet, pivots on the spot then struts up the stairs towards the ropes. She uses her long legs to climb through the middle ropes, pausing for a second to flash her smile and give a cheeky wink to the cameras. Her sense of doubt is seemingly subsiding as she enters the ring. She climbs up one of the turnbuckles, wrapping herself up in her feather boa once more as she flutters her eyelashes at the camera. She then drops her boa to the ground, letting out a maniacal laugh that resembles the wail of a banshee as she drops down from the turnbuckle and begins to ready herself for her match.


WILLIAM BURKE: This should be a fun matchup, Malo. Two former champions. Two strong willed women who want nothing more than to become Global Champion. I can’t wait to watch this.





Beth Keaton vs. Lady Magdalena


Once the bell rings Beth is seen pointing to the crowd getting them chant “AWOOO” every time she points in a different direction. She then playfully points over to Lady Magdalena trying to get her to join on the chant. Lady nervously looks around and shakes her head. She stomps down onto the mat and demands that Beth focus on their match. The crowd boos at this notion and Lady looks around to the crowd and crosses her arms. She looks back over to Beth and gives in as she gives a small shy Awoo! Chant. Beth hops up and down like the happiest little girl a in a Barbie section at Wal-Mart or some shit. The fans pop as the two begin to circle around the center of the ring. Beth was still hopping up and down some as she was probably hyper after drinking a Orange Crush Smoothie. The two lock up in the center of the ring and Beth overpowers Lady locking her up into a side headlock. The former Hybrid Champion slips out of the hold and when Beth turns towards her, Lady drops her with a Spinning Elbow! Lady looks around to the fans then down to Beth. She helps Keaton up to her feet then delivers several hard Knife Edge Chops before Irish Whipping her into the ropes. Lady runs over to the ropes to gain more momentum. As Lady reaches Beth she hits a Running High Knee! Lady then goes down grabs Beth’s arm to lock in a Omoplata!

Keaton yells out in pain as she reaches out with her free hand for the ropes. She wasn’t anywhere close to them so there was no escape from Lady’s submission hold. The referee was there to ask Beth if she wants to quit. The Warhound shakes her head denying wanting to quit even with Lady applying more pressure. The fans begin to cheer for Beth wanting her to get back up to her feet. She listens to the support of the crowd and slowly begins to get arm free from around Lady’s leg. Lady tries to grab ahold of her arm again to lock in a armbar but no! Beth pulls her arm away and quickly gets up to her feet. Lady goes for a Spinning Heel Kick to try and drop Keaton once more but no! Beth ducks under and lifts Magdalena up to hit a Inverted Atomic Drop! Keaton then drops her with a Standing Dropkick. As she stands back up she lets out a “Awooo!” with the fans joining in with her.


WILLIAM BURKE: Nice back and forth action here between two former champions whose looking to become the next HKW Gloabl Champion.

EL CABRON MALO: Beth failed her first chan--

WILLIAM BURKE: We both know Beth could’ve easily walked ot of Inception the champion.

EL CABRON MALO: But she didn’t now did she?

Beth waits for Lady to get back up to her feet and as she does she pays back the favor with her very own Knife Edge Chops. With each chop landing the fans chant AWOO!!! She speeds up her chops then ends the combination with a European Uppercut! Lady stumbles back into a set of ropes and Beth takes a couple steps back to taunt to the crowd. The fans give a cheap pop as Beth walks back over and Irish Whips Magdalena into nearby corner. The former ITV Champion walks over to the corner and begins to deliver some punches before going for a Corner Spinning Heel Kick. No! Lady ducks out of the corner and hits a Bridging German Suplex!



Lady slowly gets back up to her feet rubbing. She shakes off the cobwebs and gets looks to Beth as she began to get back up. Lady begins to delivers some hard kicks picking Keaton apart as each one lands in different sections of her body. Lady then lifts her up and delivers a Elevated Gutbuster. Beth yelps out in pain holding her midsection as Lady stares down at her. She starts to stomp down on her before picking Keaton back up to her feet. Magdalena hooks her arms looking to connect with her signature High Impact Butterfly Suplex, Lunatic High. No! Keaton gets free of Lady’s grasp then hits The Bethsploder (Inverted Exploder Suplex) out of nowhere! The fans pop as Beth slowly gets back up to her feet while using the ropes to assist her do so.

WILLIAM BURKE: Huge Bethsploder there! Can she make the cover!?

EL CABRON MALO: C’mon Lady! C’mon! Get up!

WILLIAM BURKE: What the heck Malo! You’re supposed to be unbiased here!

EL CABRON MALO: I support all the titties, Billy. I’m as unbiased as you can get!

Beth now up to her feet looks down at Lady seeing that she was slow at getting up. Keaton looks over to the turnbuckle and points at the top one. The fans pop as she walks over to the corner and slowly climbs up to the top. She waits for Lady to get back up to her feet and even calls after her to do so. Lady slowly begins to stir and gets up to a knee. She looks around trying to figure out where Beth was but couldn’t figure out where she was. As she gets up to her feet she cringes in pain and turns around to see Beth flying off the top turnbuckle to hit a Diving Axe Handle but no! Out of nowhere Lady lands her secondary finishing maneuver, Our Lady Peace catching Beth with the kick in midair!!!!




WILLIAM BURKE: I hate to agree with you but that looked pretty damn bad!


Lady stumbles over and makes the pin while hooking the leg for good measure.




The fans pop as Beth is able to kick out after taking a kick that should've knocked her out! Lady looks to the referee then Beth then back to the referee in disbelief. She shakes her head gets back up to her feet. She paces and back forth trying to figure out how Keaton managed to kick out of that devastating Bicycle Kick. She looks over to see Beth starting to stir. She climbs over to the ropes and starts to pull herself up slowly. Lady walks over to her and turns her around to deliver a series of punches. She kicks Beth in the midsection forcing her to double over. Lady backs up into the ropes and runs back over to leap up and goes for Whitechapel’s Fall (Knee Drop Bulldog)...NO!!! Beth shoves Lady off of her in mid air. Lady like a cat lands on her feet and spins around to punch Beth..NO! Beth ducks under and hits Lady with a STO Backbreaker. She then stands back up and hits a Neckbreaker Slam! The crowd pops as Beth slowly gets back up to her feet and stumbles back into the ropes. She rubs her head where Magdalena landed her kick. She could still feel the pain throbbing in her head then looks around to the fans to chant AWOO!!!

WILLIAM BURKE: Beth Keaton is back in this!

EL CABRON MALO: You ask Sway how and he won’t even have the answer to this travesty?!

WILLIAM BURKE: Yeah you’re so unbiased.



Beth starts to hop up and down psyching herself up as she was looking to hit her finishing maneuver, Avalanche Sheer Drop Orange Crush Smoothie '91 once Magdalena got back up to her feet. The former Hybrid Champion slowly began to stir as Beth started to walk closer to her as she did. The cheers from the crowd soon turn into jeers as former HKW Bloodlust Champion The Crimson Baroness hops over the barricade and slides into the ring.


Beth turns around in the knick of time and was able to catch TCB with a European Uppercut. But that didn’t matter as TCB reached into her pocket and turned around sticking Beth down with a pair of brass knuckles!!! The referee quickly calls for the bell.

EL CABRON MALO: Whoa….Hey now I don’t condone her actions...BUT I DO CONDONE THOSE TATAS!!!!! AYIYIYIYIYIYIYIYI!!!!!

WILLIAM BURKE: You’re unbelieveable.

TCB began to stalk Beth as she crawled over to a pair of ropes and blood dripping from her forehead thanks to the brass knuckles. Before TCB could continue her assault while Beth leaned on the ropes trying to pick herself up, Elijah Black hops over a barricade and runs over delivering a vicious running Elbow Strike to Beth. The crowd boos as Elijah looks around to the fans who now boo him and TCB.

WILLIAM BURKE: What is going on?! What the hell is going on?!

Elijah looks into the ring at Baroness and gives her a slight nod. She nods to him as well as if they had a understanding. He rolls into the ring and he points over to Lady Magadeleba who was starting to get back up to her feet in the corner.

EL CABRON MALO: There's nothing wrong with getting a nice alliance going on before the chamber match. This is good strategy is you ask me.

WILLIAM BURKE: Of course you do.

Lady turns around and sees that she wasn't just inside the ring with Beth Keaton now. She was now joined by her other two Elimination Chamber opponents. Elijah Black and The Crimson Baroness. Lady looks over to see Beth was out of it while hanging over the apron. She puts the two together and looks to the intruders. She rushes over to Elijah first but he dodges her Running Knee Strike and then she is hit with The Crimson Kiss from outta no where! The former Lionheart Champion shakes his head and brings Lady up to her feet and lifts her up to deliver his finisher maneuver Manufactured Consent (fisherman's buster over the knee)! The crowd boos as he gets back up to his feet.

WILLIAM BURKE: This is just sickening. And I thought Kol was the worst thing to happen to the Global Championship. Imagine if one of these two get their hands on the title.

EL CABRON MALO: Not a bad idea to me. And Kol isn't that bad. He's been a great champion.

Elijah calls out to the the fans who boo him and points to Lady telling them this was going to be their fate sooner or later. Before he knew it Black drops to his knees while grabbing his family jewels. TCB stood up to her feet and smirked after low blowing Elijah. She looks down at him and shrugs her shoulders.

WILLIAM BURKE: So much for that alliance huh Malo?

EL CABRON MALO: It was gonna happen sooner or later.

TCB begins to laugh as she looks around to Elijah and Lady proud of her efforts here tonight. She then notices that Beth was nowhere to be found. Where was she? The fans start to cheer as they see Beth behind TCB with blood on one side of her face. Baroness slowly begins to turn around noticing she made the grave mistake of taking her eyes off The Warhound! As turns around Beth leaps up and delivers the Avalanche Sheer Drop Orange Crush Smoothie '91 (Jumping DDT)!!!!


WILLIAM BURKE: Shut up, Malo.

The fans pop as Beth gets back up to her feet. She looks around to the destruction around her. Beth then looks around the arena and motions a belt around her waist then holds up a finger….”AWWOOOO!!!!!!”. The scene then begins to fade away.

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The cameras return to the backstage area where Viktor Volkov and Jo Nowak are spotted slamming Peroni beers. Nowak is first to finish his, smashing the empty off the floor once he takes the first sip.

JO NOWAK: HAHA! You make joke about my age but I still am able to pound beer faster than you.

An unpleasant burp comes out of Nowak’s mouth while Volkov continues gulping down his beer. Nowak runs his hand around his belly and sits down on the nearest crate. His face turns as white as a sheet after a second burp follows, this one containing a bit of puke.

JO NOWAK: Oh, shite. That taste like psie gówno…

Nowak turns his attention to Volkov and catches him finishing his beer. The Russian finally finishes his, then throws the glass bottle at a nearby wall.

VIKTOR VOLKOV: Argh! F**k this mocha voda! Piss water.

He burps unattractively.

VIKTOR VOLKOV: Too many f**ken’ bubble. Drink a real drink!

Viktor shakes his head, opening his cut and pulling out his flask. He quickly unscrews the cap, popping it off before gulping down what can only be assumed to be Russian Standard vodka. RIP’s Sgt. At Arms takes a long glug, finally pulling the flask away before letting out a loud sigh of refreshment. Wiping his mouth dry with the back of his hand, he makes a point to show Nowak the flask.

VIKTOR VOLKOV: There you see cyka, real motherf**ken’ drink!

JO NOWAK: I do not drink the vodki. Not anymore.

Shuttering at the memories of his experiences with vodka, Nowak walks in the direction of the door that leads to the parking lot. He turns around and sees Volkov still swigging from his flask, pushing the door open with his shoulder once he gets close enough.

JO NOWAK: We should have hung the Super Mario huje by their suspenders. I am tired of Chance and Chef Boyarski having all fun. They do good work, but Mario World is our opponents, not them.

Nowak reaches into the inside of his cut and pulls out a pack of Marlboro Reds. He opens up the pack, pulls two cigarettes out and slides one behind his ear while popping the other into his mouth.

JO NOWAK: American wrestler. All very…

He slides his pack of cigarettes back into his cut and pulls a lighter out.

JO NOWAK: ...gimmicky? I think this is the word.

Volkov nods to confirm.

VIKTOR VOLKOV: If you were them you will do same, to forget who you really are. Is pathetic, video game nerd but I do not blame them.

He laughs loudly along with his tag team partner before tucking his flask back into his cut. The pair of them then turn the corner into the parking lot, only to be horrified by the sight before them!


The camera quickly follows their eyes to see the Reapers’ bikes ablaze! The whole row of bikes have been set on fire, with some of the tires popping under the intense heat of the blaze. Both Volkov and Nowak desperately look around for a fire extinguisher of some sort, but neither of them can seem to find any! Nowak turns back towards the blaze, throwing his hands on top of his head as he watches the destruction.


Nowak spins around, tugs on Volkov’s arm and the two Reapers go running across the parking lot. They dive behind a stretch limo, just before the:


The Reapers bikes explode, particles from the bikes flying all around the parking lot! Volkov and Nowak peek their heads over the limo’s hood and see the destruction in front of them.

JO NOWAK: Son of a bitch…

Viktor Volkov tentatively rises to his feet from behind the limousine, silently seething before he takes a step back and boots the window, shattering it!


He steps forwards towards the bikes, now entirely incensed, but Nowak reacts quickly to pull him back by the arm, just in case.

JO NOWAK: Bądź ostrożny...

The Russian grunts, acknowledging him as he comes to a stop, backing away slightly as he suddenly notices something glimmering below his feet. He whips out a glove and slides it on before reaching down to pick up a steel Reaper In Pride emblem, presumably attached to the side of all of their bikes. Viktor stares down at it as it rests in the palm of his gloved hand before he clenches his fist on it, shaking his head as he looks to his tag team partner.

VIKTOR VOLKOV: This is on us, brat. I am finish f**ken’ around with them. We are going to end them. Their careers, and their lives. No one burns the Reaper and lives to tell this tale.

Nowak nods in agreement, then turns his attention to the fire just a couple of dozen feet away. The camera’s focus in on the fire itself, small pieces of the Reapers bikes visible in the sea of flames.

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