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Didn't Think It'd Come To This
Topic Started: Dec 6 2017, 05:25 AM (233 Views)
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...but I'm done with HKW staff wise. It's too much for me, and it's time for me focus on what's important in my life like my daughter and trying to fix my relationship so my daughter doesn't grow up in a broken home. There's just so much shit that I'm going through and as much as I try to keep it close to the chest, it comes out one way or another and the responsibility of fed heading isn't helping.

What's gonna happen to HKW? I have no idea This is my baby and for years I've been the glue that held everything together. I was the one who ended pointless beefs between people. I was the one who put in extra work to make sure shows weren't late. I was basically the guy who made sure everything ran smooth.

... I don't got that in me anymore for a variety of reasons -- mostly personal. This "game"? It just isn't fun anymore. Not when you gotta constantly be reminded of a mistake that you still hate yourself for. Not when you can't enjoy your time playing when you have that constant thought in the back of your mind where you wonder "do I have to write a match?"

Then, when you defend yourself, you get told you went too far. It's just ridiculous.

Jess and Cari. I legit can't explain how much them little twitlongers meant to me and I appreciate you both. But for my own mental health, I gotta go.

I'll stick around until the staff finds someone to run Defiance, but there's a timelimit on that. By January, if a replacement isnt found, I'm still out. I'm sorry, but this is something I gotta do. I need a break from here. A real break.

Now the only question left is what am I gonna do? I'll keep a couple chars here, but I plan on helping Terr with FGA if he still wants it. I just need to get away from HKW for a bit.

Appreciate all ya'll and I love that ya'll trusted me with your creations. I hope when I comeback on the staff side of things you're still here because there's still so many of you I'd love to try push to the next level. Till then? Be good, y'all.
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Brian Stryker

Do what you gotta do man.
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