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[color=#f46500][b]DEFIANCE[/b][/color] ל [color=white]LXVI[/color]; Live from The 02 in the Greenwich peninsula in South East London, England | December 3rd, 2017
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Sean Sands
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Location: South East London, England
Venue: The O2 Arena
Network: TNT

The official theme song for Defiance, "Defiance" by Righteous Vendetta opens the show with it ending with the Defiance logo shining brightly.

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Sean Sands
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The official theme song for Defiance, "Defiance" by Righteous Vendetta opens the show with it ending with the Defiance logo shining brightly… Only for the logo to freeze in place as the song rises to a jarringly high pitch. After a few seconds, the Camera Feed to the show cuts out abruptly, filling the screen with static and dead air..

The feed keeps cutting in and out for a few seconds, switching between The Defiance Logo and another location, before the picture finally settles in.

Instead of the loud, raucous fans in the O2 in South East London cheering as the show begins, the camera has cut to a location backstage. The room had no visible light aside from one hanging lightbulb overhead. Below it, one could make out a series of writings and scribbles lining the concrete flooring. The most prominent being the words “NO ESCAPE”, “HELL”, and “ONLY IN THE DARK” all written in bold, dark red letters.

✦????: Oh, the choices we make… and the mountain of consequences that follow along with it.

The voice came from the darkness straight ahead. After a few tense seconds, a shadow emerges from the darkness as Kai comes into view, the grease paint covering his face the only thing visible of The Silent Warrior.

✦KAI: Last Defiance, you chose poorly didn’t you, Felicity…?

Kai’s tone was light, though one could hear the undercurrent of anger as clips of what took place at the last episode of Defiance flash across the screen.

✦KAI: Not because of your set up… not because it took four of you to have any hope of taking me down Felicity, no no.

A soft hiss leaves Kai as he shakes his head.

✦KAI: But because you didn’t finish the job. You thought your hired thugs and a trip through tables and speakers would be enough to stop me from coming back for more. I assumed you would know better, and that was clearly a mistake on my part. But unlike you and your mistake… ? I’ll be of sound enough mind and body to regret it.

Kai’s eyes glinted dangerously

✦KAI: Divine Supremacy will either see my 12 year odyssey of misery and hardship be vindicated, or be my day of reckoning where I take everything and everyone I can with me… but why wait until then to have a little fun?

Kai’s fists clench at his sides as a small, almost sinister smile stretches across his features.

✦KAI: I’ve felt your desperation… that need to see me broken and bleeding and humiliated on the world stage, but I don’t think it’s swirled about in your own head just who it is you’re dealing with when playing these games. So I’ll do you a much needed favor and return the effort in kind…

The camera closes in on Kai’s face.

✦KAI: Before this broadcast ends… before this show goes off the air and the last thing the world sees are the three letters you’ve made synonymous with your name Felicity, you’ll know my pain. And you’ll know it well.

The screen distorts and cuts out for a moment, before The normal Defiance intro continues on, almost as if nothing had happened at all.

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As the scene fades in backstage the entrance doors are seen opening. As they do so men dressed in all black suits flood into the hallway looking around making sure the coast was clear. A large man steps into the scene looking around making sure everything was good and nods to himself.

✦LASS BIANCHI: Clear. Skarface and Serpe are clear to proceed.

A minute goes by and Tony Capone along with his hall of fame client and head of the Upper Echelon family Emilio Vialpando walks step into the hallway both wearing all black suits. One of the guards behind them is seen carrying a Nike duffle bag along with him .Capone looks to Lass.

✦LASS BIANCHI: We’re all good boss.

Capone nods.

✦TONY CAPONE: Let’s move. I have a lot I need to take care of tonight and this man here needs time with Drago. Tell Jorgo we’ve arrived and headed to the locker room.

✦LASS BIANCHI: Sure thing boss.

Lass’ men begin to lead Capone and Emilio down the hall. Emilio couldn’t help but look around nervously. Capone takes notice of this and shakes his head.

✦TONY CAPONE: Stop that.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: I can’t help it. The guy can come outta nowhere. He’s part of the reason mi y Drago got caught off guard by those pinche pendejos.

Capone snickers at the thought and gives Lass a death stare like he was Kobe when D’antoni walked pass him.

✦TONY CAPONE: That wasn’t your fault, Serpe. You need to control yourself.

Vialpando groans and then nods.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: Alright...Maybe after we get our hands on these idiotas I’ll feel better. Everything can go back to normal.

Emilio laughs a little and shakes his head.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: Psh..Normal. Ain’t shit been normal since Jayden died….Can’t trust a damn soul except for my niggas y mi familia nowadays. I got enough people wanting to stab mi en mi back, I don’t need to start worrying about some psychopath wanting to spill my damn blood like my life is some horror movie.

✦TONY CAPONE: I know it hasn’t been easy but Emilio...You need to get your damn head straight. You’re worrying too much, gonna end up having a damn anxiety attack and you don’t even have anxiety problems.

Before Emilio could reply to what Capone said Eli Zayn pops up with a microphone in hand ready to interview Vialpando.

✦ELI ZAYN: Yoooo Emilio! Mind if I---

Eli stops as he notices all the guards now staring at him and his cameraman. Emilio shakes his head and looks to Capone.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: I can’t deal with this right now. I’m headed to the locker room see if Jin is here.

Tony nods and lets Emilio head to the locker room with a few of the guards. Capone takes out a cigar and looks to Eli.

✦TONY CAPONE: As you can see, my client rather not speak to you right now but if you like I can answer your questions Mr. Zayn.

Eli gulps nervously.

✦ELI ZAYN: I um..Sure. Upper Echelon has a tough main event match ahead of them tonight. The World Tag Team Champions and the Bloodlust Champion, three people who have been on Emilio’s radar recently. People who might not like him as much these days compared to others.

✦TONY CAPONE: Emilio isn’t here for popularity or to have anyone here to like him. He’s a member of the elite. The best this business has to offer. Not a lot of people can say that about themselves and surely not a whole lot of people like when people are better than them nor do they like when those said people are unapologetic about being it.

✦ELI ZAYN: Well--

✦TONY CAPONE: The Upper Echelon is what exactly The S-I Connection & Ashlyn De Luca strive to be. The best. Unfortunately that is a luxury that will never happen for them. They know this. You know this. Everyone knows this to be true. The truth hurts sometimes, Mr. Zayn. It can be a very painful pill to swallow but sooner or later you all will have to shut up and appreciate the greatness that is UE.

Capone walks way not letting Eli continue his interview with the rest of his men following him as he lights his cigar.

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The scene opens backstage where Annie Zellor is sliding her elbow pads up over her forearms ahead of the upcoming tag team match. Her ‘#MakePiledriversSexyAgain’ t-shirt on full display for the fans – and for the attention of Aries Armadaist! – when there’s a knock on her door. The youngster looks alert, ears pricked, eyes widened, before she realizes if Aries was going to attack her he probably wouldn’t knock…


She calls out as the sound of a door opening can be heard from off camera. A smile crosses Annie’s face as she sees who it is.

✦DOM HARTER: You read–are you really going to wear that t-shirt?


She nods her head, and Dom can’t help but look a little bit disappointed in it. That is until he opens his leather jacket to reveal his match – albeit white – t-shirt. That familiar crooked grin plastered on his face as Annie giggles to herself.

✦DOM HARTER: Now, you ready to do this?

✦ANNIE ZELLOR: I was born ready, Dommy! Aries won’t know what hit him after tonight.

She feigns a right hook as she shouts out.

✦ANNIE ZELLOR: POW! Right in the kisser!

✦DOM HARTER: Attagirl. But after this, then you’re done dragging me into your sh*t, right? We’ve only been dating a month and I’m already forced to tag with you…

✦ANNIE ZELLOR: You can go back to focusing on Tony after this, I promise. And I really appreciate this, Dommy, I really do.

She says as she leans up onto her tip toes to give Dom a kiss on the cheek. Her eyelashes fluttering as Annie tries to sweet talk her way out of this one, but Dom just rolls his eyes and scoffs.

✦DOM HARTER: That’s not always going to work.

✦ANNIE ZELLOR: I know, but I really do appreciate this. I know you wanted to stay outta this … but I’m kinda looking forward to teaming with you again. We were kinda awesome last time.

She’s referring to the match in FGA in 2015 where <a href="http://w11.zetaboards.com/HKWOnline/search/?c=1&q=%23Donnie&type=post&sort=rel&forum[]=-1&s_m=1&s_d=11&s_y=1990&e_m=12&e_d=5&e_y=2017" title="Results for #Donnie">#Donnie</a> teamed up against two members of the Fratdaddies, Sunshine Scandalous Tony Carmine and Seth Lawless. They did emerge victorious on that evening though, surprising many with their team work. But not those who know them best.

✦DOM HARTER: Yeah, yeah. Look … this is a one-off. Aries crossed that damn line when he told me to put you on a leash.


She feigns a swoon, before giggling behind a raised hand.

✦DOM HARTER: Whatever’s going on between you, with piledrivers, Deathsteaks, the ITV title, the North American title, the Cult Classic…

✦ANNIE ZELLOR : …and our North American title in Underground.

✦DOM HARTER: See, you say stuff like that you’re just riling him up. And I know, I know he started this–

✦ANNIE ZELLOR: –and I’m gonna finish it! But we’re nowhere near done yet; I’m just warming up, Dommy, so if he wants to talk about me being a bitch. Or how his piledriver is better. Or what he wants to do to me when he gets his hands on me … let him talk. But whatever he gives, he’s gonna get back whatever he gives twice as hard! Tonight he’s just gonna get a taste of what's to come.

There’s a momentary pause as the two just stare at each other, before a smirk appears on Dom’s face.

✦DOM HARTER: Attagirl.

He says as he wraps his arm around his girlfriend’s shoulders. Annie smiles to herself as the pair leave the locker room, and the show cuts elsewhere.

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We cut backstage to Eli Zayn, standing by in the interview area with the "DEFIANCE" logo as a backdrop, microphone in hand, welcoming smile as wide as it could be.

✦ELI ZAYN: Ladies and Gentlemen, at this time please join me in welcoming my guest at this time...

Before Eli could even state his name, the boo's rang out from the live attendance, Eli's guest sauntering his way onto the screen, his lip curled into a snarl already. The jeers only grew more severe as Zayn finally announced his guest's name:

✦ELI ZAYN: Aries Armadaist.

The Canadian mad man took a moment as the fans continued to voice their disapproval, adjusting the championship belt secured around his waist in the mean time.

✦ELI ZAYN: Now, Aries--

Armadaist's hand immediately bolted over Eli's mouth to cut him off.

✦ARIES ARMADAIST: Look, buddy. Unless your name is "Lark Robinson," you don't get to interview me. In fact, here...

Aries snatched the microphone from the interviewer's grasp, quickly removing the "DEFIANCE" microphone cover from the apparatus and tossing it aside.

✦ARIES ARMADAIST: Gimme that, and...

He now quickly ducked off screen for a moment, immediately returning with something new grasped in his opposite hand.


Aries now quickly strapped a Guy Fawkes Mask over Eli's face, the mask being synonymous with HKW's outcast brand. He looked the interviewer up and down for a moment before snickering, now turning his attention to the camera in front of him.

✦ARIES ARMADAIST: Ya know, I've thought about this day a lot. The day the Bastard Son of Defiance would come back home. The things I would say... The people I would say them to... The things I would do to those people.. Been festering in those thoughts for a little while, and while this may be only a one night return to the brand , the opportunity to wreak havoc is almost over whelming... BUT, TONIGHT AIN'T ABOUT THAT! Tonight ain't about how Team Underground is going to raze both Defiance and Subversion AND Rise in the upcoming Brand Supremacy. No, I'm not here to fly the flag of that crusade either. Tonight is about a grudge of an entirely different sort. Tonight is the night, on the brand that ABANDONED ME, that Aries Armadaist finally gets his hands around the throat of ANNIE FUCKING ZELLOR!

Aries was quickly working himself into the frenzies he had become known for. The bubbling pot of insanity may have continued to grow more severe...had Eli not caught his attention once again. Looking over at the poor, abused interviewer, he couldn't help but let out an exasperated sigh. Eli had actually continued to just stand there, wearing the mask. Like an ugly coat rack. For reasons only known to him, this seemed to draw Armadaist's ire.

✦ARIES ARMADAIST: Alright... Yeah, no, this isn't working. Just, ah...

Gently, Aries pressed his free palm against Eli's arm... Before giving him a hard enough shove to send the Defiance employee careening off screen, never to be seen for the rest of the segment.

✦ARIES ARMADAIST: Just like I did with my return to this horrendous red eye sore of a brand, this is something I've been looking forward to for what feels like an eternity. Stewing in my own anger and loathing, thinking about what I would do when the day finally came upon me that I would get the opportunity to enact all the horrible, awful, vile things I would do to Annie Zellor. Things that I've spent hours upon days dreaming about. How I would twist, and break, and mutilate that awful little fucking fat faced goblin; how I would hold her down and make her cry out "OH, ARIES, NO, I'M SORRY, PLEASE DON'T HURT ME ANYMORE!" AND THAT DAY IS FINALLY UPON US! UNFORTUNATELY, Dom Harter has decided to attempt to place himself as a road block between me, and THE REVENGE THAT I FUCKING DESERVE! BUT, THERE AIN'T NOTHING DOM HARTER OR ANYONE ELSE IN THE STABLE OF MORONS THAT ANNIE HAD BEHIND HER THAT CAN TOP THIS ONTARIO STAMPEDE! One way or another tonight, Annie Zellor is going to learn two tings: Regret for what she has done to me, and why they call me the MAPLE LEAF MAULER, BABY!

The blonde haired Canadian was beginning to get himself worked up again, pounding his chest with his free hand before grabbing the fabric of his "UNDERGROUND" shirt he had come clad in, obviously drawing attention to the brand he had gained the nickname in.

✦ARIES ARMADAIST: But, the one pressing issue that presented itself was a partner. Aries Armadaist needed a partner for this confrontation to finally happen. HAD I NOT SUFFERED ENOUGH?! HAD I NOT BIDED MY TIME ENOUGH?! WAS I NOT OWED THIS?! Fret not though, loyal viewer, for I shall quell any fears any watching may have. My patients has been rewarded... Aries Armadaist has found his partner. So the immediate question is "who?" Who would be mad enough to team with someone like Aries against the impeccable Annie Zellor? I mean, I don't have to tell anyone watching why anyone would be wary to team up with me. It's been brow beaten into you at this point. But, as I stated earlier this week: The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and luckily for me, her enemy was already my friend. But, Annies enemies are many while my friends are few. Who could I have possibly pulled? Where did I pull them from? Underground? Defiance? Subversion? Hell, did I take a trip to FGA or EPW? I had a world's worth of people at my disposal from Annie's past to use at my discretion, and I can say with absolute confidence that I found the best candidate for the job. I found someone who has truly walked the path of madness to the point they call it home! While Dom and Annie have decided to dance with clowns, I've chosen to run with a fucking devil! LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I WENT LOOKING FOR TROUBLE, AND BOY, DID I FIND HER!

With that, Aries carelessly slings the microphone away, giving the camera one last wide eye'd snarl before making his exit as well.

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✦WHISPER VIPERI: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a tag team match and is schedule for one fall!


The opening chords of “Low Self Opinion” begin to play throughout the arena as the some of crowd begin to boo, while others cheer. After ten seconds or so, Dom Harter and Annie Zellor step out from behind the curtain. He throws his arms out to either side, the ever familiar crooked grin plastered on his face, as Annie poses in front of him; she’s crouched down with her biceps flexed, their matching t-shirts visible for all to see.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing first at a combined weight of 355 pounds ... He is 'The Tenacious Little Bastard' DOM HARTER! And his tag team partner, ANNIE ZELLOR!

They begin to stride down the aisle, soaking in the reaction that are coming from the fans. Annie happily slaps hands with all the fans along the way, as Harter climbs up the ring steps and enters in through the middle rope; once inside the squared circle, Harter climbs up to the middle rope, posing for the fans as Annie ascends the opposite turnbuckle. She removes her t-shirt and tosses it out into the audience, leaving her normal ring attire below in tact.

✦JACK WARREN: A joint entrance? Looks like The Tenacious Little Bastard is pussy whipped already, Mase.

✦BRIAN MASON: It’s just a sign of unity, Jack. But these two have their hands full tonight; Aries and Annie have been waging war across HKW since the Golden Opportunity Rumble. On Defiance, on Underground.

✦JACK WARREN: Until Aries got all up in Dom Harter’s face on the last show, telling him to get his bitch on a leash.

✦BRIAN MASON: That lead to this tag team contest tonight, but we still don’t know who Aries’ partner is.

The fast paced, angry sounding guitars of Mobile Deathcamp's "Negative Minds" begins to play throughout the O2 Arena as the audience instantly begins to vocalize their displeasure. Their jeers only grow louder as Aries bursts out from behind the curtain, fists clenched, and lip snarled as he appears. The angry Canadian wastes no time in beginning his march toward the ring, making a point to mostly ignore the sea of vocalizing fans before suddenly dashing toward them, giving the guard rail a violent big boot, causing the fans to practically jump an entire row back as Aries continues on.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: And their opponents. Introducing first, from Fuckville, Ontario Canada. Weighing in at 236 lbs. He is Ontario’s Favorite Son … ARIES ARMADAIST!

Once the seemingly seething wrestler makes his way to the ring, Aries stops short of actually entering the ring. His glare alternating between Annie and Dom as they pace back and forth in the ring. The music begins to die down; Armadaist never taking his eyes off his opponents as the crowd quieten down, wondering who Aries has got to be his tag team partner.

✦BRIAN MASON: He seems almost restrained at the moment, but we know this is the calm before the storm. Aries wants to hurt Annie Zellor, and he’s finally going to get the chance now.

✦JACK WARREN: But he’s not doing it alone, Mase. I bet he’s got that big Dutch bastard from Underground as his partner, especially after Annie’s antics in Amsterdam.

✦BRIAN MASON: It’s definitely possible. Annie has as many enemies as Aries has friends, so lets see who’s agreed to be his tag team partner tonight.

"I'll get you my pretty... and your little dog too!"

"There's no place like home!"

✦BRIAN MASON: Oh. My. God!

Aries laughs harshly as he watches Annie’s face drop. She knows the music, as do the fans here in attendance. The funky drum beat and riff of 'Phenomena' by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs fills the arena and the quirky yet energetic Salem Cartier appears at the entrance wearing a hooded dark purple leather tailcoat with huge silver buttons, the hood pulled over her eyes. She carries a silver cane, the top a silver claw gripping a dark purple crystal that has a plasma globe effect. She's tapping her foot and bopping her head to the beat...

She raises both hands and motions for the fans to get hyped, swinging the cane, then bops her way toward the ring in time with the song, popping her shoulders up and down, swaying her arms around with a coy smile and wink to the audience.

"Hey! Don't touch, kid; sleep with the lights on
Touch, kid; how you surprise me
Now roll kid, rock your body off!"

She steps up the ring steps, throws her hood back, clutches the top rope and puts her feet on the bottom rope, gazing around and rocking up and down on the ropes...

"You're something like a phenomena
Something like an astronoma'
Now roll kid, rock your body off!"

She slides through the ropes, twirls off her jacket with a flourish and drops to a knee in the center of the ring, extending her arms out holding up the cane and playing to the crowd as the music fades. She takes the jacket and cane to the corner, ready for the match. Aries slides into the ring after her as the referee tries to keep both teams apart until the bell sounds.

✦JACK WARREN: Salem Kaiser is here, Mase, and she’s Aries’s tag team partner for the evening! I know The Witch had some problems with Annie Zellor this time last year, but it looks like those feelings are about to get dredged up again.

✦BRIAN MASON: Annie looks shocked, as does Dom. I don’t think either of them expected this – I certainly didn’t!


Annie Zellor and Dom Harter vs. Aries Armadaist and Salem Kaiser

The bell sounds to start the match as Aries looks set to starts things off for his team. He’s still laughing though, enjoying the sight of a shocked Annie Zellor. She steps out onto the apron at Dom’s behest, leaving the two men to start things off. Both Aries and Dom step towards the center of the ring as the jaw-jacking begins; neither man backing down as Aries can be overheard telling Dom to “LET THE BITCH IN!” before Harter gets slapped across the face!

✦BRIAN MASON: I felt that one from here, Jack.

The crowd “ooh” in unison as Harter holds his cheek. A determined looking Aries Armadaist asking him if he wants more – before Dom fires off a forearm smash! Aries shoots one right back, and the pair go back and forth with forearm shots until Aries finds himself backed against the ropes. An Irish whip follows and Dom knocks his opponent down with a back elbow. An elbow drop follows immediately after as both men scramble to get back to their feet. Aries gets taken down by a body slam, and this time Dom follows up with a driving elbow and the first cover on the contest.



Armadaist powers out before the count of two and, again, both men hurry back to their feet. This time it’s Aries who strikes first, doubling his opponent over with a knee to the gut. Followed up with repeated knee strikes to the gut before Aries whips Dom towards a neutral corner. He charges in after with a running clothesline, followed by a bulldog that brings Dom out of the corner and face first into the mat. On the apron, Annie looks slightly annoyed as Aries stands back up, yelling at her “HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?!”

✦JACK WARREN: She wants to steal his piledriver, looks like Aries can play that game too!

✦BRIAN MASON: A variation of Annie’s ‘I Gots Skillz’ there by Aries Armadaist, and she does not look pleased.

Aries lifts Dom back to his feet by the hair and slams him head first into the top turnbuckle before he tags out to Salem Kaiser. The Witch enters the ring and chops away at the chest of Dom Harter, lighting it up as the English fans “whoo!” with each chop! A rolling snapmare brings Dom out of the corner as Salem kips to her feet and runs against the ropes, coming back with a running dropkick to the face of a seated Harter. Salem hops back to her feet and launches herself upwards with a standing moonsault for the cover.




Harter gets the shoulder up and starts to get back to his feet before Salem grabs him by the head. A few knee strikes to the chest connect before Dom is Irish whipped into the corner again. Kaiser charges in, connecting with a jumping splash as Dom slumps. But he grabs the top rope to bring himself back to a vertical base as Salem runs to the other corner. A handspring hip attack follows – NO!

✦BRIAN MASON: Dom moving out of the way there, and Salem hit nothin’ but turnbuckle!

✦JACK WARREN: Goddamnit, you can’t afford to make these mistakes at a time like this, Salem!

Sure enough, Harter has already set off against the ropes as he sends Salem flying ass over tea kettle with a thunderous lariat! Aries can be heard cursing from his corner as Kaiser stands back up, only to get knocked right back down by another lariat! The British fans cheering as Harter marches around the ring. He grabs Salem in a rear waistlock, using it to bring her back to her feet. But he has to spin her around before tossing her overhead with a belly to belly suplex. Salem sits up, clutching her back in pain as she finds herself nearly face to face with Annie Zellor!

The tag is made and in comes Annie! She peppers Salem with forearm strikes, backing The Witch against the ropes before Annie goes for an Irish whip. Salem hits the far ropes and rebounds, getting caught by a single leg dropkick. But she’s not down for long. Salem kneels up, and Annie is quickly on her, firing off shoot kicks to the chest, ending with a vicious roundhouse kick! The lights are on, but it seems like nobody’s home for Salem Kaiser as Annie takes the opportunity to taunt Aries in the corner, flexing her biceps to show off that physique!

Naturally, Aries responds with anger! He tries to storm the ring, only to get restrained by the referee as Annie turns back to Salem; she grabs The Witch in a standing headscissors, moving towards the center of the ring as the piledriver is set up – NO! Salem still has the wherewithal to counter with a back body drop. Zellor hits the mat and holds her back in pain. She’s quickly back to her feet, however, as Salem runs against the ropes, coming back with a wheelbarrow bulldog – NO! Annie manages to hold her in the wheelbarrow position as Dom enters the ring, drilling Salem with a running knee strike to the face, before Annie brings her down to the mat with a facebuster! And a hook of the leg by Annie Zellor.




Salem throwing the shoulder up in the nick of time, but not before Aries charges in to catch Annie with a boot to the head! The crowd boo the Canadian, and the referee has to try and restrain him as Zellor holds her head in pain.

✦BRIAN MASON: Looks like Aries doesn’t want to wait any longer to get his hands on Annie here.

✦JACK WARREN: Can you blame him, Mase?! She’s done nothing but mock him for months now, even tonight with those t-shirts they wore to come to the ring.

✦BRIAN MASON: That’s just friendly ribbing.

✦JACK WARREN: Then what do you call her costing him match after match in the Cult Classic, huh? The Man has a word for what Annie’s been doing, Mase, and it’s BITCHCRAFT!

Before the referee can get Aries back to his corner, however, he’s knocked down by a Dom Harter forearm strike! The two Canadians tangle, brawling out under the bottom rope as, in the ring, Annie is the first one back to her feet. Salem follows shortly after as she’s met by some forearm strikes. Another Irish whip sends Kaiser towards a corner as Annie charges in – only to be met by a big boot to the face! Zellor stumbles back a couple of steps as Salem staggers out of the corner, holding the top rope to remain on her feet. But she has to react quickly as Annie rushes her, only for Salem to catch her with a drop toe hold. Annie’s sent down throat first across the middle rope as Salem runs against the far ropes, coming back with a leapfrog body guillotine!

Zellor falls back into the ring holding her throat as she gasps for air. But Salem slips out through the ropes, onto the apron as she steadies herself. A springboard moonsault to the outside follows, and The Witch flies through the air to take out Aries & Dom at ringside – but mainly Dom! Aries and Salem both stand back up as he looks down at Dom Harter, and Aries knows what to do here. He picks Harter up and places him in a standing headscissors, taunting the nearby fans who all boo accordingly – before Aries plants Dom on the outside with a piledriver!

✦JACK WARREN: Goddamn, now that one had to hurt, Mase! Aries Armadaist making piledrivers sexy again, and he just took out Dom Harter.

✦BRIAN MASON: That’s going to take some getting over, and that just leaves Annie to fend off both opponents now.

Aries laughs in the face of Dom, bending down to get in extra close before he turns back to the ring where Annie is just getting back up, still gasping for air. Before long, Salem makes the tag out to Aries…

✦JACK WARREN: Finally!

The British fans booing loudly as Aries stalks his prey. That demented grin on his face as he waits for Annie to get back to her feet. She does so, slowly but surely, before turning around and finding herself face to face with the man she’s tormented over recent months. The panicked expression on her face says it all, but Aries doesn’t wait to enjoy the moment any longer! He lunges forwards with a lariat, but Annie ducks under his arm. They both turn around and this time it’s Zellor who strikes first, firing off repeated forearm strikes to the head.

But Aries isn’t fazed. He shoots off a headbutt to the chest in return, sending Annie rolling backwards. She ends up on her feet again, though, just as Aries charges in with a lariat! He picks Annie right back up and drops her with a gutbuster, before laying in the boots. The fans continue booing as Armadaist performs the Garvin stomp, working over all the limbs of his foe. But he’s not done – not by a long way! Aries drags Annie up by the waist band and spins her, doubling her over with a knee strike to the gut before he sets her up for a piledriver.

✦JACK WARREN: Here we go! Annie Zellor finally going to get what she deserves!

✦BRIAN MASON: Aries has her right where he wants her, Jack. This could be it!

He lifts her up for the piledriver – but Annie kicks her legs to block! Aries tries again, and once more Annie kicks her legs – and accidentally catches the referee in the face! Down goes the official, and Annie crawls between Aries’s legs to escape the piledriver attempt. She’s quick to her feet as Aries turns to face her … and she punts him between the legs!


The sentiment is echoed by most of the fans in attendance, except those who seem to find it hilarious. Aries clutches at the family jewels as Annie pauses to catch her breath; she’s leaning against the ropes to remain upright as she watches Aries stagger backwards, bending over in the center of the ring…

✦JACK WARREN: What the–no, she can’t!

He cries as Annie runs forward, taking Aries down with a flipping piledriver! A “holy shit” chant sounding out throughout the O2 Arena, but Annie can’t make the cover. Salem’s in the corner crying out for a tag, but Aries is down. Annie’s down, and crawling towards the corner.

✦BRIAN MASON: Annie desperately need to make the tag out, but she’s not going to like what she finds in that corner.

✦JACK WARREN: She doesn’t even know her partner got taken out a few minutes ago.

Undeterred, Annie keeps crawling. Slowly dragging herself across the ring before she finally looks up … and sees Dom isn’t there. Zellor looks around, but she can’t see her tag partner anywhere.

✦BRIAN MASON: Wait a second!

A hand reaches up and grabs the middle rope, taking Annie by surprise! The Tenacious Little Bastard pulls himself up, climbing onto the apron as he reaches out to make the tag - just as Aries Armadaist sits upright in the center of the ring. An incredulous look on his face as he stands back up, and the two Canadians collide, trading blows back and forth once again. Harter starts the gain the upper hand before Aries ducks a right hook and counters with a headbutt to the chest. But Dom isn’t fazed and fires a headbutt right back! Aries staggers back as Dom doubles him over with a boot to the gut.

Dom tells Annie to start climbing as he lifts Aries up, and Annie helps to deliver a spike piledriver to Aries Armadaist!

✦JACK WARREN: Goddamn, they did it agai--wait!

The crowd fall silent as Aries gets right back up to his feet! Even before either Dom or Annie manage to stand up. As they do so, however, they’re met by an irate Aries Armadaist. “HOW FUCKING DARE YOU?!” he yells before lunging forward with a double clothesline! Annie and Dom are knocked down, but get back up as Salem enters the ring. She catches Annie with a step up enziguiri, as Aries backs Dom into the corner with the Wham, Bam, Thank Ya Ma’m!

The referee’s still down as Aries sets Dom up in the corner, legs either side of the middle turnbuckle. Salem and Annie still doing battle as Aries takes a run up. He’s tuning up the band as Harter struggles to free himself before the Dick Kick! The referee is still recovering from the boot in the face earlier, so he misses it; Harter collapses out of the corner, falling to the mat and rolling out of the ring as Annie finally gets the better of Salem, and knocks her out of the ring with the Sparkle Princess Special!

✦BRIAN MASON: Oh no, what does he have in mind here?

Annie doesn’t see it just yet, but Aries has returned to his corner to retrieve the Underground North American title - the same belt that Annie ‘helped’ him defend a few weeks ago in The Netherlands. The crowd try to warn her, but Zellor turns around and gets the belt slammed into her face!

✦JACK WARREN: Payback! That’s as close as Annie’s ever getting to that title again, Mase, and I bet Aries Armadaist enjoyed that.

✦BRIAN MASON: I bet he did, Jack. He’s a sick, sick man is Aries Armadaist.

The bell sounds though, as the referee sees Aries standing over Annie with the belt in hand.


✦BRIAN MASON: Looks like we have a disqualification here.

✦JACK WARREN: Like that’s gonna stop him!

Indeed. No sooner does Jack say that, but Aries drags Annie back to her feet and sets her up for a piledriver onto the belt! Zellor is driven head first into the metallic plate before she slumps to the mat … and Aries just slithers away. That demented laughter ringing out throughout the arena as Aries exits the ring, and lifts up one of the skirts.

✦BRIAN MASON: Oh, what now? What does he have under that ring?

It takes a few seconds, but Aries finally manages to find what he’s looking for in the form of a leather strap. The crowd boo even louder than before as he holds it up in the air for all to see.

Aries slides back into the ring, yelling at the referee to get out of the way as Aries grabs Annie by the collar of her shirt, lifting her up to her knees. He ties the leather strap around her throat as Zellor comes to life. A panicked expression on her face as Aries cinches the knot, and throws Annie over the top rope!

✦BRIAN MASON: He can’t do thi--oh thank God!

The relief comes in the form of Dom Harter, who drills Aries with a stiff Yakuza kick to the face! The North American champion is forced to release his grip on the leather strap as he rolls out of the ring, apparently not wanting any more of Dom. Annie slumps down onto the edge of the ring as Dom leans over the top rope, yelling down at Aries. The two men both look angrier than we’ve ever seen them, but Aries heads backstage with his title belt in hand as Dom is left in the ring to untie the leather strap from around his girlfriend’s throat.

On the outside, Salem Kaiser comes to just in time to see the aftermath of everything. Her gaze flicks from the couple in the ring, to a retreating Aries Armadaist … and she slides into the ring to check on Annie.

WINNERS: Annie Zellor & Dom Harter via disqualification (14:41)
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The scene fades in as the camera pans the catering area again. Celeste is seated at one of the tables with her head resting in her cupped hands with her elbows planted on the edge of the table. She sighs and has a distant look in her blue eyes. The argument with Felix moments ago weighs on her mind.

Celeste doesn't notice a man walking up behind her. The camera does though. The toothy grin is unmistakable. The boisterous voice catches her attention as the crowd boos.

✦AIDAN COLLINS: Celeste! The least annoying member of the Spirit family has made her way to Defiance!

Aidan notices the gloomy look on Celeste’s face and his grin fades. He pulls up a seat at the table next to her. Celeste looks up, surprised to see Aidan, but too bothered to cheerfully respond.

✦AIDAN COLLINS: Hey kid, what’s the deal? I’m used to you palling around with that dingbat boyfriend of yours, giggling and skipping around--and generally making the rest of us nauseous. But this whole “moping around the stale catering food” thing? That’s just not you.

She manages a small smile. Aidan always had a way with words that made her smile, even when he would be making fun of her.

✦CELESTE: Yeah, I know. I got into an argument with Felix earlier. I'm starting to think he isn't right in the head. But I'm glad to see a familiar face. How are you Aidan?

Aidan relaxes his posture. He’s always loved talking about himself.

✦AIDAN COLLINS: Things are going quite well for me here on Defiance. Been cracking some skulls along with my boys…

Aidan realizes something.

✦AIDAN COLLINS: Wait...You’ve never met James Raven or T Money, have you?

Celeste shakes her head as she perks up a bit more.

✦CELESTE: No I haven't. And I've seen a little of what you've done here since arriving. The...Tribe? Are you still with Seras?

She asks. Celeste takes a sip of her soda from the plain white, Styrofoam cup. There are blue pen marks drawn into the cup. Stick figures and scribblings that indicate she had been trying to occupy her mind...or she was just bored.

Aidan raises his eyebrow, wondering why Celeste is asking about his relationship. He decides not to press, though.

✦AIDAN COLLINS: Yeah, we’re trying to lock down a date for the big day. Aidan Collins, the married man. Sounds about right, eh?

Aidan is relieved to finally receive a smile in reciprocation. At times, it seems only he and Seras believe in their relationship.

✦AIDAN COLLINS: But yes, the name of the group that runs shop here is The Tribe. I have to say that it’s nice to have people that have your back at all times.

Celeste clasps her hands together to go with that smile.

✦CELESTE: How sweet! A wedding! I didn't know. I'm so busy I lose track of things easily. It's crazy how fast people come and go out of your life in this business isn't it? That's great though. You be good to her Aidan and not such a smart ass.

Celeste giggles and punches her fist into his shoulder lightly. He acts like it hurts, playing along.

✦CELESTE: Anyway, yeah, having back up is a wonderful thing. I'm kinda off on my own over on Subversion.

A sigh passes through her lips and the smile fades just a bit. However, Aidan seems inspired by Celeste’s words.

✦AIDAN COLLINS: You know, recently I tweeted about how Tribes make their own borders…

Aidan notices the camera and cuts his thought short.

✦AIDAN COLLINS: But we can talk about that at some other juncture...And you know what, kid? Luckily for you, I’m going to go ahead and spread the wealth tonight.

He reaches forward and grabs the blue pen, signing the cup with his autograph.

✦AIDAN COLLINS: Now you can sell that cup for good money!

Celeste takes the cup back as Aidan hands it back to her. She glances at the autograph and giggles while shaking her head.

✦CELESTE: Typical Aidan…

✦AIDAN COLLINS: See ya around kiddo!

When Celeste looks up, Aidan is already a few steps towards the door with his back to her. He gives a short wave without looking her way. The scene fades on Celeste in a better mood, smirking with the much more valuable cup in her hand.

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We cut to the backstage area, showing a shot of the double doors leading from the arena parking garage into the backstage corridor-- and they are pushed open, when HKW Bloodlust Champion Ashlyn De Luca walks in to a roar from South East London, England. De Luca moves a hand through her hair, gym bag slung over her shoulder, decked in a loose-fitting jacket, black “Shmurda” shirt and multicolored leggings as she marches ahead. She moves past interviewer Eli Zayn, who’d been conversing with one of the crew members before he pushes past them, jogging to catch up with De Luca.



✦ELI ZAYN: Got a second?

De Luca responds tiredly, but doesn’t break pace.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: Ah. Shit, Eli, for you? Days, friend… days…

De Luca says it kind of distantly as she makes her way through the corridors, gaze unwavering as she stares ahead. Eli struggles to maintain pace with the Bloodlust Champion.

✦ELI ZAYN: Tonight, you team up with the Swiss-Italian Connection in our main event for the first time ever to take on Upper Echelon— a team considered to be at their peak right now here in HKW… a group considered to be the pinnacle of--


She doesn’t say it maliciously, but rather calmly… barely audibly. She finally stops, a few feet short of her dressing room and turns back to Eli.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: They’re bad and we know they’re bad. You get enough numbers… you get enough like-minded people and you could build what they’ve built, you know? I mean…

Ash shakes her head a bit, resting an arm against the door as she looks back at Eli.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: At this point, we have a common enemy. And with Emilio being an enemy of mine it means the entire Upper Echelon is against me and… fine, man… but at the very least, Angelo, Markus and I have that common. Maybe we don’t chill too much outside of all this, but I don’t see us having any issue workin together. Do you?

✦ELI ZAYN: I suppose not.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: Suppose not…

Ash nods, thinking about something as she looks past Eli. With a small sigh, her gaze drifts back to him and she continues, shifting her bag onto the other shoulder.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: You don’t have to worry about me and the S-I. We know what we’re after. We know who we’re after…

She pauses, eyes narrowing a bit after she says it.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: ...but I have to take care of something before we meet Upper Echelon.

✦ELI ZAYN: What might that be?

She smiles softly at the interviewer.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: Catch you later, Eli.

She closes the door as she walks into the room, leaving Zayn standing in the hallway with a small frown as we fade.

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Artemis walks down the hallway, having just arrived in the building. As she marches down, many people move out of her way, sensing the steady hostility radiating off her diminutive body. She makes it to her locker room, trying the door. With her hand around the knob, she arches her head up with a belligerent force behind the motion. As the camera pans back, it reveals that Ace Watson stands on the other side of the hallway. Artemis turns her head to him, not following with her body. Instead of facing him, she merely speaks out to him in an irritated tone.

✦ARTEMIS KAISER: You have something to say, Watson?

Realising Kaiser was frustrated brought a smirk to the opportunistic Watson’s face.

✦ACE WATSON: Oh nothing, just wondering where your Force Pro Championship is? Did you not bring it today?

Watson said with a wide grin on his face as he approached her. He was referring to a title the Defiance Team Captain had just lost to Ace’s girlfriend, Carli Davis. Artemis only squints at him.

✦ARTEMIS KAISER: At least I had a championship to bring in the past few months.

Her eyes shoots down and back up.

✦ARTEMIS KAISER: How is that finger?

Watson raises his left middle finger at Artemis.

✦ACE WATSON: Oh it's just fine.

That same grin stays on his face, unbothered by Artemis’ comment on his lack of a title to hold.

✦ARTEMIS KAISER: Good. You best keep it that way and not bother me too much. I’d hate for you to lose out in front of your Defiance faithful.

✦ACE WATSON: I'm sure you'd never let something like that happen to your first pick on the team. Would you… Captain?

Artemis turns fully to Ace, stepping forward to him with an unwavering glare.

✦ARTEMIS KAISER: I believe in punishing any member of my team. Insubordination is unbecoming of the person that I requested to be on my team first. Truthfully, it was convenience, but I can retract your position by dismembering you right here...right now.

She stands up straight.

✦ARTEMIS KAISER: However, you’re needed for a match. You’re not to embarrass me or Team Defiance tonight, Ace. Go get ready instead of trying to goad me over something your girlfriend did--something that you can’t do.

The grin disappeared off Watson’s face. That one stung. A slightly forced smile appeared in place of the confident smirk.

✦ACE WATSON: I have no intention of embarrassing Team Defiance. As much as I may mess with you, I still want to do our team proud, and myself proud. You chose me for a reason. You don't mention that reason often, but you did. I won't let Defiance, or myself down.

The smile had disappeared too as he spoke. It was a look of confidence and drive that replaced it. He wanted to prove his worth, as a team member and as a wrestler for Hard Knox Wrestling.

✦ACE WATSON: But yes, I will go get ready. Tonight is a beginning, I still have much to do.

Artemis nods briefly before entering her locker room, not bothering to honor Ace with another response.

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When the scene fades backstage Felix Vialpando is seen putting a referee shirt on in his locker room. He checks himself in the mirror and then reaches back into his back pocket taking out a notepad.

✦FELIX VIALPANDO: Notes, check. I’m ready.

The former Global Tag Team Champion nods to himself and turns to leave the locker room onto to be met by Lola J.

✦FELIX VIALPANDO: Uggghhhhhh, what now?

✦LOLA J: Calm down mister, I just want to ask you a couple questions.

Felix rolls his eyes and groans.

✦FELIX VIALPANDO: Can’t you see I have someplace to be?

Lola looks at his referee shirt and nods.

✦LOLA J: That’s what I’m here to talk to you about. You have a history of being a special guest referee. You debuted here in Hard Knox Wrestling as well as Liberty Pro Wrestling as a referee. Both times you have managed to screw over someone in the said match. Most recently here in HKW you screwed over your own brother Emilio Vialpando ruining his undefeated streak at Destiny.

She shrugs.

✦LOLA J: Some say history will repeat itself tonight. Any comment to that?

✦FELIX VIALPANDO: What the hell do you take me for? Screw people over? I have you know that I do not participate in such things! I am a professional! I am quite honestly the best referee the business has ever seen. I call matches right down the middle with no bias involved. If it wasn’t for me Emilio y Original Jason would still be going at till this day! If it wasn’t for me Shane Atwater wouldn’t have won like he deserved to! And it wasn’t for me Ivy---Never mind. Just know that I take my job as referee seriously. I plan on going out there and giving both Johnny y June a fair match up and I would expect nothing less from the both of them.

Felix holds up his hands.

✦FELIX VIALPANDO: Now I understand they both are trying to have a spot in a battle royal that I am primed to win anyways. If they want this opportunity to lose to me, fine. I don’t mind. I’m standing here the True Brand Supremacy Cup Winner and once Divine Supremacy comes, it will become reality. Now if you excuse me, I have a match to officiate.

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The scene fades out to ringside where Whisper Viperi is set to announce the next match.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: Ladies and gentlemen the next match is an Singles Match for One Fall!

Cheap pop.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: The winner of this match will secure a spot in the Brand Supremacy Cup Battle Royal!

Another cheap pop. With the lights still light there's a loud falcon cry that surrounds the arena before the lights dim to pitch black. Slowly "10 Toes" by. Nipsey Hussle hits the PA System as the letters LAX begin to pulsate on the Knoxtron. As the intro instrumental of the song comes to and end there's a pause....

"10 toes in these chuck t's
When it come down to it
Still getting more money, more bitches
More love than a nigga screaming fuck me"

After these words are spoken there's yet another loud falcon cry as eyes of a Falcon are seen in the background of the LAX lets. They lead into a video package of Felix's highlights of his career. The lights in the arena begin to flash white, pink and grey as Felix is seen standing there on the top of the stage looking out to the crowd with a smirk on his face.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: Making his way to the ring….He is the Special Guest Referee...Representing LAX & PROJECT CONTINUUM...EL HALCóN.....FELIX VIALPANDO!!!

Felix then begins to make his way down the ramp ignoring the fans on the way down to the ring. Making it to the ring he slides and and looks around before popping up to his feet. He sprints over to a turnbuckle hopping on the second rope and looks around for a moment before holding up LA with his fingers. While up on the ropes he looks over to and sees Celeste in the crowd. He balls his hands into fist and shakes his head before hopping down.

✦BRIAN MASON: I smell a screwjob in our midst.

✦JACK WARREN: Yeah looks like Celeste is here to screw Felix over!

✦BRIAN MASON: How can she do that when Felix isn’t even having the match he’s just officiating it.

✦JACK WARREN: Exactly.

✦BRIAN MASON: You don’t make any sense.

The lights flicker around the arena, almost as if they're constantly shorting out as Blood, Sweat, Dust by Lacuna Coil begins to play through the speakers. As the curtain gets peeled back, Johnny Evil steps out onto the ramp wearing (will insert attire here). He looks from left to right, scanning the audience in the arena as fog emerges upon the ramp. Rocking his head from left to right, Johnny takes a couple steps forward on the stage and stops at the foot of the entrance ramp.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: Making his way to the ring... from Detroit, Michigan weighing in at two-hundred and twenty-five pounds... The American Horror Story, JOHHHNNNNNNY EVVVVVVVVIIL!!

He starts making his way down the ramp, continuing to scan around the arena as if he's paranoid and waiting for something to pop off. He makes his way to ringside as the fog trail continues to follow before hopping around a bit and then sliding through the bottom rope. Digging his hands into the ring mat like an animal, he hops up to a squatting position and scouts around before standing up.

Beginning a pace around, Johnny climbs upon the turnbuckles and drops his head forward shaking it frantically for a bit before dropping off the turnbuckles ad lazily resting upon them.

✦BRIAN MASON: Last Defiance Johnny Evil made his bid for a shot to be in the battle royal.

✦JACK WARREN: Yeah and creeped me out while doing it.

✦BRIAN MASON: Yes and if he is able to defeat June Kolby tonight he will get that opportunity!

The riffs of ‘Badass' by Saliva begins to play as the crowd awaits for June Kolby to make his way to the stage. After a flare of pyros June Kolby steps out onto the stage and begins making his way to the ring.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: Making his way to the ring, June Kolby

June slides underneath the ropes and stands in the center of the ring before dropping to a knee and slapping his head back and forth. He gets back to his feet and sits on top of a turnbuckle talking to himself ready for the match to begin.

✦JACK WARREN: Sure hope this kid took some notes cause if not Johnny Evil is gonna ruin his hopes of getting that Brand Supremacy Cup!

✦BRIAN MASON: You might be right. Johnny Evil is no joke and he seems determined to get into that match at Divine Supremacy. But June doesn’t have to just worry about Evil, he has to worry about Felix Vialpando screwing him over too!

✦JACK WARREN: Oh stop, Felix is about to call this match right down the middle like he does every other match he’s officiated!

Felix immediately calls for the bells not caring whether or not either competitor was ready.


Johnny Evil vs. June Kolby


After the bell rings June stares across the ring over to Johnny Evil before he looks over to the referee...Felix Vialpando. Felix paid him no mind as calls for the two to get some action going or some notes will be ticketed. Bothe men rolled their eyes and began to circle in the ring before tying up in the center. Both men fought for control before Johnny let go of June only to drive his knee into his midsection. Evil then begins to deliver some vicious elbows to the back of the head after Kolby doubles over. After the tenth elbow to the back of the head, Evil hits a Implant DDT driving Kolby’s skull into the canvas! Felix slides down on the floor asking June if he wanted to quit but June told him to get the f**k away from him. Felix stood up to his feet and shrugged. Johnny began to stomp down on him before he runs over to the ropes to gain momentum after bouncing off. As he comes back to June he hops up and lands a Running Senton! Johnny goes for the quick pin.



Johnny looks to Felix annoyed by the count and Felix exclaims that he did nothing wrong. Johnny shakes his head and stands up to his feet while dragging June up to his feet with a handful of his hair. Johnny began to land a couple Knife Edge Chops before Irish Whipping June into the ropes. Evil now runs to another set of ropes bouncing off going for a Sling Blade but no! June manages to shove Evil off in midair sending the former 4CW Extreme Champion flying! Evil gets up to his feet quickly but is sent right back down after Kolby sprints overand its a Running Diving Elbow! June stands up trying to hype up the crowd before he looks over to Felix.

✦JACK WARREN: The hell is he looking at Felix for? Felix isn’t his opponent tonight.

✦BRIAN MASON: That may be true but if Felix had it his way, June won’t be in the Brand Supremacy Cup match!

✦JACK WARREN: Neither of these two will, Mase.

✦BRIAN MASON: Hey you do pay attention!

Felix holds up his hands signaling he’s not gonna do anything. June shakes his head and turns back around to be kicked in the midsection by Johnny who stood up to his feet while he was paying attention to Vialpando. Johnny then throws June through the ropes sending him out the ring. Evil looks up to Felix who already began to count June out the moment he touched the floor. Johnny laughs and goes to lean up against the ropes waiting for June to get back in the ring. June manages to get back in the ring at the count of five. He glares at Felix then is blasted out of nowhere by a Running Bionic Elbow from Johnny Evil!

✦BRIAN MASON: Down goes June!

✦JACK WARREN: This kid so focused on Felix and not his opponent. He clearly didn’t take his notes.

June was in a daze and was having trouble getting back to his feet. No worry, June! Johnny Evil will help ya! Johnny pulls him to his feet and then lifts him up to his shoulder only to hit his Powerbomb Lungblower finishing maneuver, Fall From Shangri-La! Johnny goes for the pin!


✦WHISPER VIPERI: Here is your winner….JOHNNY EVIL!!!

Felix stands up with Johnny holding up his arm declaring him the winner.

✦BRIAN MASON: Wow, that was one helluva quick count.

✦JACK WARREN: What are you talking about? That was a normal three count.

✦BRIAN MASON: Yeah right and I’m Chere about to drop a platinum album.

✦JACK WARREN: Always knew you were a bitch, Mase.

Felix lets go of Johnny’s arm as he pulls into his Cradle DDT signature maneuver, Falcon Warning DDT! Felix now stands up to his feet and staring down at Johnny Evil. He takes out his notepad and writes something then before throwing the note down on him.

✦BRIAN MASON: Oh c’mon?! Really?!

✦JACK WARREN: HAHA!!!! You gotta be in it for yourself or nobody at all! That’s what The Man says!

Felix hops out of the ring and begins to head up the ramp telling the fans to take notes as the scene fades away.

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Backstage, the view of a few backstage personnel on the move are seen and as they move out of the way a taller stocky frame in a pair of Black Ice 6-Inch Timberland Boots. The cheers come easy already knowing who it is and the cameras pan up to show London they are right as Jason Mentez takes a leisurely stroll. A slight adjustment of his NY Yankees snapback he looks a little left to right keeping his head on a swivel with his best friend La Pena, his steel blood stained industrial chain around his neck. His Adidas zip up hoodie is open with a gray t-shirt with his Famiglia logo on it. He keeps his easy walk with an obvious difference in his overall posture due to what was done to his ribs last show. It doesn’t stop the confidence he shows though as the crowd finally dies down from their excitement from seeing him. The cameras zoom out when another even larger body fills into the scene…

New signee Jason Jackson can be seen, sitting on an equipment box, as he multi-tasks; taping his hands for his match..while holding his phone to his ear with his shoulder.

✦JASON JACKSON: Yeah… No. I got it. Absolutely. I love you too, I'll see you soon. Okay. Bye babe.

The crowd comes alive again, as the camera records JJ having a conversation with who they can only assume is Bianca Reed. Reaching up with one of his freshly taped hands, Jase takes his iPhone x and hangs up the call… before slipping the phone into the weathered looking leather bag beside him.

Testing his hands by punching his palms with a loud smack, Jason nods contently before his eyes catch sight of his friend Mentez moving toward him. The two don't exchange words, which to some who knew them personally… might be considered odd; instead they give each other a solemn nod and JJ smirks a bit, before pushing himself up off the box to head toward the locker room with his bag.

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The best champion in RISE Pro history finds himself in the hallways. Unlike at Underground, Boaz feels comfortably knowing that he has nothing to worry about on his homefriend. Notable by its absence, the RISE Championship is nowhere in sight, but a figure standing just a few feet away from The Champs catches his attention.


Boaz moves in the direction of the figure, a wry forming on his face.

✦BOAZ KENNEDY: I assume you’re ready for round two?

The camera pans around to reveal none other than Asha Astor. The woman has tormented Jason Mentez since her arrival.

✦BOAZ KENNEDY: Now that I see if you Life Definition… you actually look better than you did before. Want to hit the clubs? Go out for dinner or something?

There was clear sarcasm in Boaz’s voice. Asha turns with a raised eyebrow at The Champs she is surprised that he is speaking to her.

✦ASHA ASTOR: You’re talking to me?

Asha says before smiling softly at him.

✦ASHA ASTOR: I knew you’d come around...I wanted to congratulate you on your spot in that match. I’m very proud of you bro-

Before Asha can finish Boaz cuts her off.


He reaches his hands forward to grab a hold of her shoulders.


Asha stares at him slightly confused before looking down at her feet nodding her head slowly. She looks back up at him as tears rolls down her cheeks and gives him a hard slap across the face. She doesn’t say anything more before eyeing him as she walks away. Boaz runs his hand down his cheek and watches Asha walk away.

✦BOAZ KENNEDY: I know you’re still in there, Riley.

Boaz spits at the ground, turns around and turns around.

✦BOAZ KENNEDY: Someday I will get it out.

Boaz departs, the camera pans to Asha who watches on as he walks away. She speaks under her breath.

✦ASHA ASTOR: Why does he keep calling me that?

The scene as Asha shakes her encounter off going to get ready for her match.

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As we cut backstage we hear the telltale sound of a pair of heels click-clacking their way along the corridor...actually, make that two pairs of high heeled boots click-clacking their way along the corridor, marching almost in sync as the sound gets ever louder

Finally, the source of the footsteps is revealed as the two members of Silk & Cyanide walk into view in the middle of a conversation about this evening’s match

✦ERIN MARIANI: ...yet what I couldn’t help but find most amusing was how they said they were the wrong team to make a statement with, almost as if they fail to understand that the moment they start making such bold proclamations they make themselves the perfect team to make a bold statement at the expense of.

Mariani can’t help but hide a wicked glint in her eye

✦ERIN MARIANI: I am sure that pitiful duo we put through the grinder for as long as we said we would are going to feel upset at losing their most prized accomplishment.

As Mariani chuckles darkly at the thought, Mason takes a sip from the bottle of red wine she’s brought with her - although her facial expression upon taking a sip says it’s not high quality stuff

✦SARA MASON: Why did we have to tour Italy then the UK? No self-respecting Italian would use this Australian filth to clean their windows, let alone offer it to a guest.

✦ERIN MARIANI: I doubt the senior staff will notice they were missing a bottle of wine, so I’m sure you can get rid of it.

✦SARA MASON: I am, slowly.

Mason takes another sip from the bottle, preferring to get the most from her ill-gotten gains, even though there’s a better selection of alcohol hidden away in their locker room

✦SARA MASON: On the subject of things that aren’t worth the effort, do you think Xavier & Friends will be paying us a visit this evening?

Rather than give an immediate answer, Mariani lets out a self-satisfied chuckle

✦SARA MASON: I’ll take that as a yes.

✦ERIN MARIANI: Oh yes, I’m sure their curiosity will get the better of them and, most importantly, once again prove the impotence of those who have deluded themselves into thinking they have any kind of authority.

✦SARA MASON: I guess we should roll out the red carpet then…

Without a second’s hesitation, Mason does just that - by emptying the contents of the bottle onto the floor, an action which catches Mariani by surprise for a moment as the pair of them look at the ever-growing puddle of poor quality Shiraz forming on the floor before Mariani suggests

✦ERIN MARIANI: Was that really necessary?

Mason merely shrugs in response, sidestepping both the question while also literally sidestepping the large puddle on the middle of the floor - at which point she walks towards a staffer who has been watching the scene unfold the entire time and forcibly grabs a handful of his shirt as she snarls...

✦SARA MASON: Clean that up.

Shoving the staffer away as she releases her grip on his shirt, Mason returns to her conversation with Mariani as if nothing happened

✦SARA MASON: I guess we should make sure the three of them feel welcome, then. What kind of hosts would we be if they didn’t?


Exchanging a conspiratory look between the two of them, the pair continue their walk along the corridor - but rather than walk & talk as they were a few minutes earlier, the only sound we hear from Mariani or Mason is the synchronised click-clacking of their heels, almost as if they each know what the other has in mind

With the pair disappearing down the hallway, all that’s left is the lone staffer fetching a mop as he attends to the mess that Sara Mason left behind

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Defiance continues with the fans setting their sights on the Knoxotron at The 02 in South East London after the screen goes from displaying the show logo to a wooded area surrounded by pine trees and bushes. Other than the greenery, there’s nothing remarkable about the location.

The camera now tilts upwards, focusing on the moon - the only Supermoon of 2017. The evening sky has shades of dark pink with hints of orange and indigo. Faint sounds of animals making their calls can be heard in the distance as the camera now lowers to ground level. The person behind the camera has yet to show themselves as they clear their throat prior to speaking.

✦Voice: To my darling Londoners and Hard Knox faithful, although I am not in your company this evening, I am with you in spirit -- and through this feed. This calm before the storm business is beginning to get to me. Either some of you are truly plotting, or you’ve already forgotten about me.

...I really hope it’s not the latter.

Don’t go on and say I’ve made it too easy for any of you. I believe that by now I’ve proven to be more than a novelty at HKW. Your attention span can’t be that short, and if it is, I’m regaining it right now as you’re trying to figure out what in the heck is going on. All you need to know is not to lose interest, and most importantly, do not become complacent.

Are you still in need of a clue? Let’s go for a quick walk, shall we?

Based on the voice, it’s evident that the person behind the camera is female (or expressed feminine qualities.) The feed gets shaky as she briskly walks over foliage and the uneven ground. She stops upon reaching a tree, slightly lowering the camera to focus in on the ITV Championship hanging on the bark with a nail and twine. The camera ends up on the ground, and the sound of footsteps can be heard walking across, now appearing in the shot. Smoke fills the frame, with the scene beginning to fade - but not before getting a final word from the videographer.

✦Voice: Ultra.

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✦BRIAN MASON The action from London continues with Asha Astor looking to welcome one of HKW’s newest and brightest talents, MMA extraordinaire Jason Jackson.

✦JACK WARREN: Asha about to give this bum a Defiance welcome.

✦BRIAN MASON I wouldn’t be so sure on all of that. Jason Jackson isn’t a newbie in that ring.

✦JACK WARREN: But he is a newbie to Asha’s crazy. That is the difference maker. Hell one of our Hall of Famers can’t even handle it.

The arena goes black as the distorted melodies of Beyonce’s I’ve been on haunt the arena. The lights start flashing a bit before red smoke and lighting builds at the stage. As the operatic vocals begin the titantron lights up with images of fire burning as Asha Astor elevates up from under the stage as she reaches the surface she poses holding a single rose in her hand as she eyes the crowd. She does a simple slow spin basking in all of her own glory.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: Making her way to the ring, from Parts Unknown...Asha Astorrrr!!!!

The fans boo her as she walks in time with the music her long robe drags behind her as she looks around stalking the crowd. She twirls the rose in the hand as she stops at the bottom of the ramp. She hisses at the audience before walking over to the ring apron. Mason enters the ring and holds the rope down for Asha. She climbs on the apron and spreads her arms wanting the fans to admire her.

After she enters through the lower rope she lets her robe slowly drag over the rope behind her as she makes her way to the center of the ring. She slides out of her robe slowly and puts her hands on her hips looking around at the crowd with disgust.

✦JACK WARREN: I’m actually interested in what this oversized surfboard is able to do in the ring, it won’t be pretty.

✦BRIAN MASON It never is on Defiance. It’s way too competitive but Asha looks ready and we’ve seen her wo---wait a minute. Looks like something is happening here.

The lights shut off again, and the tron goes staticy before showing a wide pan shot of the now darkened parking garage. Finally, the camera settles on Jason Jackson, who's face is illuminated only by the glow of an ominous red light. He’s rocking a fresh looking black eye, and an evil smile that makes him seem like a different person entirely.

A gruff laugh begins to emanate from deep within the samoan as he looks into the camera and lights a cigar.

✦JASON JACKSON: Asha...Astor. The girl who likes to play mind games with her opponents. Do you think I'm scared Asha? Do I look like a man that would be bothered by smoke and mirrors?

Jason shakes his head and blows a billowing cloud of smoke into the camera lens.

✦JASON JACKSON: They always say, where there's smoke… there's fire; aaaand I couldn't agree more. The fact is… there is a wildfire growing here in HKW. A wildfire that will scorch and consume this place from top to bottom; and it is I who struck the match. I'm afraid Asha… that I have to make an example out of you.

Dropping the cigar, Jase grinds it out under his boot and slowly removes his leather jacket, as he walks over to hang it on the handlebars of his bike.

✦JASON JACKSON: So what do you say… we forget the ring this week? How about you come back here? It's like the price is right out ‘chea you kooky bitch… cooooome onnnnn dooooown... and I'll cave your skull in, then paint the parking lot with your brain matter. Bring your smoke and mirrors, bring your hologram entourage… hell… bring a friend! The result won't change any. I can play mind games too cupcake.. so come find me.. unless you're scared.

Asha looks around questioning the seriousness of his statement. She laughs to herself and gracefully exits the ring heading up the ramp and toward the back. As she gets backstage the camera follows her showing as she makes her way down the hall. She bat from the equipment backstage and swings it as she makes her way down the hall. The workers watch her as she heads in the direction of the parking lot.

✦BRIAN MASON Looks like we’re going to have an all out brawl on our hands!

✦JACK WARREN: She’s got her bat with her she ain’t playin’ around!

She walks out into the darkened parking lot and spots Jason Jackson who just smirks at her. Asha points her bat at him and cocks her head to the side before...


BINK!! The sound of metal against skull is heard and obviously it’s the metal that wins as Asha’s body and the bat drops to the floor the camera’s pan and zoom out getting more of the atmosphere catching the full vision of a voluptuous Colombian woman with a tire iron in hand yelling out obscenities in Spanish. The crowd can only “OHHHH!!” at the hard direct shot given seeing Asha hit concrete.

✦BRIAN MASON OH MY GOD!! WH...WHO IS THAT?!? Wait...wait? Isn’t that...isn’t that Felix’s girlfriend? Reiko?

✦JACK WARREN: Ex...EX! Ex-girlfriend. Trust THE MAN. I’ve been thinking about jumping in her DM’s for quite sometime. That shot just made her jump up the scale about 7 Warren poin--

✦BRIAN MASON Waitwaitwaitwait!! It’s not just her!

Suddenly more bodies come into view all of them well sculpted and ready for war. Asha moves slowly looking to get back to her knees. BOOM!! A heavy booted stomp puts her right back down by another highly attractive woman with long dark hair and a scowl out of this world. She points down at Asha after the stomp and she begins yelling Arabic while stomping Asha into the concrete more and more.


✦BRIAN MASON I...I-I don’t know…

The Arabic woman stops the stomps pulling Asha up by her hair and hemming her up in a full nelson giving the other women around her free access to her body. They yell at one another hyping each other up as Asha is helpless in the moment. A very tall woman with wavy brown hair comes up next looking of mixed Cuban descent and rocks Asha with a hard right hand to the face while the Arabic woman holds Asha’s weight up easily.

✦BRIAN MASON Another one…

✦JACK WARREN: She...looks familiar.

Right behind her comes another very tall woman who looks EXACTLY like the one before. The cameras getting a full view of the action now as the lights come in on of them she his Asha with her left hand to the stomach. Again all the while the Arabic woman is holding Asha’s slightly folding weight.

✦JACK WARREN: TWINS!! I knew it!! Those are the twins that play in the LFL!! Th-The Del La Reye Twins!! This is way too much sexy for an evening. What are they even doing here?!

✦BRIAN MASON What kind of gang is this? What in the name is going on?!?

The crowd is confused like crazy but cheering the roof off the place seeing Asha getting beat down. Then a shorter woman compared to the twins with crazy curly hair walks up to the leaning Asha. The bat that Asha once carried in her hands and she lines the bat under Asha’s chin. Asha’s barely able to stay on her feet as the last woman of the group pulls Asha’s head up with the bat making sure she sees her eyes. The camera’s zoom in a little more on the face of the bat-holder.

✦BRIAN MASON I know her!! S-She’s a singer!! That’s Madisin Sandoval. She even sang the national anthem at Unstoppable 8 for FFW.

✦JACK WARREN: There’s five...there’s five of them. My dreams, oh my carnal dreams.

✦BRIAN MASON: My daughter loves her!! I even know some of her songs she sings them so much!! But why?

Madisin lowers the bat and SLAP!!! She slaps the taste out of Asha’s mouth first and then grips the bat going low giving her a home run to the midsection once again wide open with the Arabic woman holding Asha hostage. Madisin brings Asha’s head up again with the bat as Asha’s eyes open slowly as some of the swelling is already starting to show along her face.

✦MADISIN SANDOVAL: You shouldn’t of messed with my bestie…

With that the Arabic woman strongarms Asha easily grabbing her by the back of her ring gear and full rushes the wall of the O2 Arena parking lot area throwing her like a dart to a dartboard right into the sidewall. Asha crumples as soon as her body meets the brick. The 5 ladies rush even after that all of them putting a stomping on her to the point they dent hell’s ceiling.

The crowd is shocked a bit at the overall aggressive behavior of these women but soon walking is heard with a light hint of a chain swinging back and forth. The camera’s pan out to catch Jason Mentez with a easy going smile on his face chewing on a plastic straw walking up to the scene. It’s obviously he’s not full strength with the way he leans while he walks but with such swagger it’s just easy for him to play it off anyway. He walks up to the front of the ladies looking at the down and out Asha Astor coming to a knee. He shakes his head and ‘tsk, tsk, tsk’s still with a smile on his face making it look far from genuine. He taps Asha on the shoulder with his chewed up straw as if she could even hear him before pointing back toward the women standing tall behind him.

✦JASON MENTEZ: You have your army eh? Meet my family. Dey don’t like it when you mess wit dey brother you know? I mean I don’t trust anyone in dere...

He says pointing toward the backstage area of the O2 Arena.

✦JASON MENTEZ: But this here...dis me. Till the heart stop ¿Tú entiendes? N dey ride for me too.

He points toward the five of them and comes to a stand to turn towards them. He gingerly gives them all hugs and saying gracias but stops once he thinks of something else.

✦JASON MENTEZ: Just be glad wifey pregnant cause yo, dat rite dere...¡Ea’ Diantre! Make yo burial plot Plastico.

He throws the chewed up straw on her body. It hits her side and falls to the ground while he turns around wrapping arm and arm with the ladies. They all join arm and arm Kharma and Madisin closest to Jason making sure they are gentle against Jason’s ribs.

✦JACK WARREN: The man reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy needs to become Mentez’s new best friend.

✦BRIAN MASON: What? You want them to beat you up like that too?

They all walk off joking with one another toward the other side of the parking lot behind Jason Jackson’s bike where their limo is waiting. Another light nod of salute from Mentez to Jackson… and JJ gives an 'innocent’ shrug, before the scene fades on Asha’s beaten body.
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Backstage, we see Zack Jones, one half of Team DLC and one of the members of Team Defiance for Brand Wars, putting white wrist tape on as he seems focused. Suddenly, he looks up and sighs as Lola makes her way into the shot, clearly looking to interview him.

✦ZACK JONES: Oh swell. I was wondering where you or Eli were. Didn’t seem right that neither of you would try to find either myself or Inferno after what happened last Defiance.

✦LOLA J: Well, at least you know why I’m here. So, you guys originally decline Artemis because you didn’t want to be involved in these attacks and whatnot...then get attacked. Are you just in this to get back at Team Underground?

Jones shakes his head.

✦ZACK JONES: No, of course not. We’re part of this team because Underground forced our hand, sure. But they also showed us something. It’s very clear that the Underground brand wants to be the one that stirs s**t and starts all the attacking. They want to prove that they are the superior brand. Unfortunately for them, they also opened up our eyes as to just how important brand wars is. Winning brand wars at Divine Supremacy legitimizes what this entire roster has been saying this entire time; we’re THE brand in this company.

Zack chuckles.

✦ZACK JONES: Team Underground felt the need to attack us because, well, just look at the clown board of directors member running the brand and that’ll tell you all you need to know. They like to consider themselves a brand of the forgotten or maybe overlooked, but now all of our attention will be on them and the other two teams, so they get their wish.

✦LOLA J: May I ask where Inferno is?

✦ZACK JONES: Yeah, he’s setting up the Dragonzord to make sure there’s no stupid invasion tonight.

Lola J begins to laugh, but then realizes that Zack is not doing the same, getting her to blink twice before questioning the former World Tag Team champion again.

✦LOLA J: You can’t be serious, can you?

Zack shrugs.

✦ZACK JONES: I guess you’ll have to actually wait and see if Underground or RISE or even Subversion tries something.

✦LOLA J: Okay, one more question. Your opponent tonight, Mora Findlay. What do you think of her?

Jones chuckles.

✦ZACK JONES: I could be nice here and say that she’s got a lot of talent. That she’s got a bright future. That she could pull off the upset…..but f**k that, I’m going to kick her head off of her shoulders and send her back to UG letting them know just how dangerous I can be.

The Philadelphian then brushes past Lola, disappearing out of the shot. Lola then turns back to the camera.

✦LOLA J: Back to you, guys.

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In a dark locker room area, Nest stands still in the middle. Dressed in his gear, he’s breathing heavily before suddenly his breath ceases.


Banahan, Cole, along with Charlie Valentine, approach Nest from behind. Cole is shouting commands into a laptop that Charlie is carrying. After a few moments, a robotic woman responds with “NONE FOUND.”

✦BANAHAN,COLE: Alright. He is one hundred percent. Tonight, Valentine, we are where we belong. The main event.

✦CHARLIE VALENTINE: Well technic--

✦BANAHAN,COLE: Go on Charles. Make a quip, chap. I dare you, sport. You will be back to shady venture capitalism, extorting local Arizona officials for free parking spaces in downtown Phoenix after peaking in the bushes of their offices and caputuring photographs of them getting felacio from their secretaries. IS THAT THE LIFE YOU WANT TO GO BACK TO? I THINK NOT! In conclusion, you will let me have this moment. NEST is the main event. Besides, who cares about Upper Echelon? It is only a matter of time before that gang of egomaniac miscreants implode. We can only contribute to this by stripping that Abercrombie model, Queen of his Dynasty championship. Because the only Dynasty that reigns supreme around here is ou--Wait...

Valentine looks up at Cole, who is looking around the room, with a raised eyebrow.

✦BANAHAN,COLE: Where are our caramel macchiatos?

✦CHARLIE VALENTINE: Pemberton must be stuck in traffic.


The robotic woman responds with, “sorry, I don’t understand that command.”

✦BANAHAN,COLE: Oh shut up Keyshia. How am I supposed to program Nest for his match when I do not have my caramel macchiato. Charlie, you are going to have to complete this mission yourself. There is no time for you to go to Starbucks...Belvedere Road is a nightmare. We will just have to settle for that garbage they have at catering.

Charlie puts the laptop down on a nearby bench.


As Charlie turns around and heads for the door, a deep voice chimes in.

✦NEST: ...Snicker bar…

Valentine turns around with a face that says “really?”

✦BANAHAN,COLE: You heard him! Now hurry up and come back so we can prepare.

Charlie shakes his head and walks out into the hallway. Adjusting his lapel, Charlie Valentine waits until he is far down the hall to mock his boss.

✦CHARLIE VALENTINE: Perhaps, Valentine, you would not mind extracting my crown from me hind quarters.

Suddenly snickering is heard. Charlie stops and sees three beautiful women eyeing him up and down, smiling.

✦RAT A: Oh em gee, papi. You’re funny.

✦RAT B: And cute!

✦RAT C: You’re not gay are you?

Caught completely off guard, Charlie fumbles all over his words.

✦CHARLIE VALENTINE: Uh...I uh..um..No I’m not...I’m umm…

“Licking your private parts and I know you loooove your privacyyyyyyy”

The singing from around the corner causes the ladies to perk up.


Charlie turns to see Sunshine Scandalous Tony Carmine coming down the hall, draped from head to toe in pink fur with black shades on. The women run up to Tony, who notices Charlie standing still mesmerized by the hos. The Scandalous One looks Charlie Valentine up and down before taking off his shades.

✦TONY CARMINE: Don’t I know you from somewhere?

After taking a nervous gulp, Charlie shakes his head.

✦CHARLIE VALENTINE: Nope. Well unless you see me with Banahan, Cole and Nest.

Tony rolls his eyes.

✦TONY CARMINE: Oh you mean the cliche Dr. Frankenstein thing? You’re apart of that whole thing? What do you even do?

Slightly offended, Charlie adjusts his suit.

✦CHARLIE VALENTINE: This is what they don’t tell you. I hold the key to Cole’s power. The whole boss, protege dynamic is good for television. In reality, we are equals apart of the same...I guess you can say family. It’s like Upper Echelon, but you know...actually real.

Tony’s eyebrows raised as he let out a chuckle.

✦TONY CARMINE: Well excuse me. If you knew all that you say you did, you would know who I am is not a persona. I don’t live a double life. When you see The Scandalous One on Defiance, it is the same man that you will see at Neiman Marcus on a Saturday night.

Charlie smirks.

✦CHARLIE VALENTINE: Are you sure about that, compad--

Tony grabs Charlie by the throat.


The Scandalous One let’s go of his grip.

✦TONY CARMINE: This is what’s going to happen, sweetheart. You’re going to stand up and gather yourself. Then you’re going to act natural. You’re going to tell me about Dom Harter and how you and your boss were stupid enough to let him beat that monster of yours. Got it hun?

Charlie quickly nods. He stands up straight adjusting his suit and hair. After taking a few gulps and controlling his breath, Charlie leaned against the wall.

✦CHARLIE VALENTINE: Look, Harter got lucky that night. It was the one of the biggest nights that HKW does. He was on a high horse. It was nothing but momentum! Besides, we hadn’t mastered the programming for Nest. We were in the process of deprogramming him actually. If that match were to happen today, different story. To prove it? Watch what Nest does to Jackie Fowler. Then watch Nest tear your boy Jaxon up and take his belt. Then maybe one day you’ll be ready to take on a beast like Nest, who knows?

From his peripheral, Charlie notices the man himself, Dom Harter, in the distance coming down the hall. This gives him some added confidence.

✦CHARLIE VALENTINE: That’s only if you can even beat Dom. You never could. I don’t think Dom’s scared of some fake Italian pimp…

Dom Harter gets closer, and Charlie Valentine gets louder.

✦CHARLIE VALENTINE: But he’s definitely scared of monsters.

Charlie laughs as he looks directly at Dom. Tony turns around and notices his Divine Supremacy opponent.

✦DOM HARTER: My ears are burning, you guys must be talking about me.

But the usual Harter smirk is missing after the events of the opening contest. The Tenacious Little Bastard doing his best to suppress the anger bubbling under the surface as he glances from Tony to Charlie.

✦DOM HARTER: And I heard monster, so I assume you’re talking about Nest and not anyone from UE.

Carmine rolls his eyes and makes the ‘talking’ gesture with his hand.

✦DOM HARTER: You got something to say to me, Tony? Or are you just waiting for the rest of UE to jump out and beat me down...that’s how these next few months are going to go, right?

✦CHARLIE VALENTINE: Don’t flatter yourself, bud. We were talking about something more relevant until you came down the hall. Mr. Scandalous here just wanted to know how you managed to beat Nest.

The emboldened Charlie spits out, causing Carmine to glare at him out of the corner of his eye. Harter still doesn’t smile though; his gaze remaining on Tony until the UE member turns back to meet the stare.

✦DOM HARTER: Hard work, tenacity, and this unholy wrestling ability I possess. Hell of a challenge, hell of a competitor. But I’m Dom Harter, and I did whatever it took to win the Destiny Cup...same as when I beat you for that Pride title, Tony.

✦TONY CARMINE: A lot can happen in two years time. From the looks of it, it doesn’t seem like you’ve changed too much, though. Besides like two weeks ago you basically admitted you don’t even know what you’re getting into at Divine Supremacy.

That one forces Harter to crack a smile as he runs a hand through his hair.

✦DOM HARTER: True. You’re an enigma right now. But you’ll have to step into the ring soon and show what this South America trip did for you. So we can see how much Tony Carmine is now. How much faster he is, how much stronger he is. And whether he has what it takes to beat the man who’s beaten men and monsters before…

Tony steps closer to Dom, getting right in his face.

✦TONY CARMINE: Everything about you and your career has to do with the word “before.” You were a world champion...before. You were a force to be reckoned with...before. You were on top of the wrestling world...before.

The Scandalous One turns to Charlie Valentine, almost contemplating his next comment.

✦TONY CARMINE: You actually smashed a hot chick...before. But now everything about Dom Harter is...is...give me one of those SAT words you ivy league suckas use Charlie Boo.


✦TONY CARMINE: Facts. You’re just a mojito who’s about to step into the ring with straight cognac and I’m not talking about Henny. We don’t need to see who hits faster...stronger...harder. The answer is obvious, sweetie.

Harter chuckles to himself, his hands on his hips as he turns away for a moment.

✦DOM HARTER: You’re going to talk sh*t about Annie tonight? Really? Ok, I see your trips taught you how to get under my skin…

With that Dom gives Tony a shove. Sunshine Scandalous is pushed back a step, but returns with a shove of his own. In the background Charlie Valentine can be seen scarpering, running for dear life as some backstage staff arrive on the scene to try and break them up.

✦TONY CARMINE: Go play Doctor, Dommycakes! Make sure your little girlfriend’s all healed up.

The staff have managed to separate the pair as Tony makes a kissy face from across the room. Dom struggles to break free, but the staff manage to restrain him as Tony can be heard laughing from across the room.

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The cameras opens up backstage, showing a group of stage hands and ring technicians all walking following the show’s opening, chatting amicably as they turn down the corner that leads to catering. As they’re walking, the don’t notice one of their own slip away and continue walking straight, towards one of the unattended exits of the arena.

Once he was far enough away and out of sight, the man gave a sneer of disgust, before removing the Defiance Brand hat and T Shirt, revealing himself to be The Black Delegation’s Xavier Asher Daniels.

✦XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: They want it to be one way…

He shakes his head, wanting to laugh at the “Threats” made by their General Managers that coincidentally didn’t happen until after he and his brothers returned the favor for Silk & Cyanide’s visit the first time around and how effective they’ve been so far.

But there was time to laugh later. They had business to handle.

Reaching the door, Daniels looks around to make sure he hasn’t been followed, before giving two hard knocks. A few seconds later he heard two sharp knocks in return, causing him to nod before he unlocks and opens the door showing his fellow TBD Members, Akeem Burrows and Isaiah Jones, on the other side.

✦ISAIAH JONES: Did anybody see you, Brother Xavier?

Daniels shakes his head. Isaiah looks back to the large Akeem Burrows and smirks before looking back to Xavier.

✦ISAIAH JONES: They thought they could hold us down. They thought they could stop the revolution that we bring. Not anymore.

✦AKEEM BURROWS: Lord have mercy on their corrupt and delusional souls.

The three men nod and begin to head down the hallway as the scene fades away.

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✦WHISPER VIPERI: The following match is scheduled for one fall and it is a Brand Wars preview match!

Whisper then points to Mora Findlay, who is already in the ring, warming up.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: Introducing first, from Inverness, Scotland, representing the Underground....MORA FINDLAY!!!

"Earthquake" by Labrinth blared throughout the arena as the lights go off and Zack Jones steps through the curtain, dressed in a silver glow in the dark hoodie. He bobs his head before the beat kicks in and Jones turns around, revealing his name in gold on the back. The lights then slowly come back on as Zack looks back at the audience, a big smile on his face. Jones then quickly races down to the ring, slapping hands with as many fans as possible. He then slides into the ring before quickly getting to his feet and racing towards a corner. Jones then hops on the turnbuckles and removes his hoodie before dropping it to the outside of the ring. He then points at different members of the audience before dropping down and leaning up against his corner, a big smile on his face.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: And her opponent, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, representing Defiance....ZACK JONES!!!

Mora Findlay vs Zack Jones


The match begins with Mora catching Zack off guard right off the bat, dropping him with a running forearm to boos from the audience! Mora then waits for Zack to scramble to his feet before he turns around and eats a roundhouse kick to the head, dropping him to the mat and allowing Findlay to go for the cover, looking to pick up a quick victory!

✦BRIAN MASON: Mora’s caught Zack off guard!

✦JACK WARREN: And she’s whooping his ass! Artemis wanted this guy on our team?! She should’ve asked The Man!




Findlay gets to her feet after the kickout, giving the ref the evil eye before she picks Jones up, then drops him with a short arm clothesline! Mora then begins stomping away at Zack, who tries his best to cover up as the audience continues to boo her, getting her to wave them all off.

✦BRIAN MASON: Mora needs to stop letting the audience get to her if she wants to pick up the upset victory.

✦JACK WARREN: How is it an upset when she’s been wrestling for 12 years?! Because Zack has a very nice SSWA World championship reign? Get the hell out of here!

The UG wrestler then picks the Team Defiance member and irish whips him into a corner! She then charges in, but he catches her with a boot to the face, sending her stumbling back before he rushes in and drops her with a quick clothesline! Mora rolls to her feet again, but as soon as she’s up, Zack drops her with a dropkick, sending her rolling out of the ring.

✦BRIAN MASON: That’s not where Mora wants to be right now...

✦JACK WARREN: Why the hell n-?

Jack’s question is answered almost immediately as Jones runs forward and sails through the ropes, taking Findlay out with a suicide dive! The audience pops huge as Zack then picks up Mora and throws her back into the ring, then slides back in and makes the cover, looking to pick up the victory!

✦BRIAN MASON: Now it’s Zack with the cover after that suicide dive! Are we getting something going for Team Defiance?!

✦JACK WARREN: I hate Zack Jones, but he better win this goddamn match! I refuse to be embarrassed during brand wars!




Zack sighs after the kickout, but kicks on the attack, getting Mora up and pushing her back into a corner before he fires off with multiple kicks to the chest, forcing Mora to groan out in pain before Zack pulls her out of there. Jones then attempts a suplex, but she slips behind him, then clips the knee that once had suffered from a torn ACL.

✦BRIAN MASON: Oh, that’s just low!

✦JACK WARREN: Good thing she didn’t use a weapon, right?

Jones drops to the mat, allowing Findlay to quickly put him into a kneebar! Zack howls out in pain as Mora has his knee locked in tight, but she’s far too close to the ropes, allowing the Philadelphian to grab the bottom rope and force the break, only for Mora to hold until the count of 4 before releasing him!

✦BRIAN MASON: Mora using that count loosely!

✦JACK WARREN: Can’t blame her for that! I would do the same thing!

Mora waits for Zack to get to his feet again seconds later, wanting to drop him again. When he turns around, she runs forward and drives him right into the mat with an STO, the audience continuing to boo her for the most part as she went for the cover again!

✦BRIAN MASON: Mora with an STO! She might have it here!




✦JACK WARREN: If she had gotten the three count, I would have said that we just got embarrassed on our own damn turf!

Findlay is furious, telling the ref to learn how to count faster as she then gets to her feet and stomps on his face, forcing Jones to roll around the mat in pain. Mora then decides she’s had enough, grabbing Zack once more and slowly getting him up before driving him into the mat with a straightjacket neckbreaker! She then goes for the pin, looking to pick up a big victory!

✦BRIAN MASON: Straightjacket neckbreaker! Jones is out cold! Findlay is about to pull off an upset!

✦JACK WARREN: Stop calling it an upset!




Jones powers out, getting a huge pop from the audience and nothing but pure frustration as she got right into the ref’s face about the count, stating it was too slow! After arguing with the ref for what seems like forever, she turns back around and runs right at Zack, who drops her with a superkick to a huge pop!

✦BRIAN MASON: Superkick! Zack Jones may have just put Mora to sleep!

✦JACK WARREN: Now pin her, you idiot!

But Zack isn’t done there, refusing to go for the cover as he picks her up, remembering that she was part of the attack on him as he leaves her in a standing position, then hits the ropes in front of her before coming back and dropping her with spinning sitout shoulder jawbreaker! Zack then goes for the cover as the audience counts along with the ref!


✦JACK WARREN: That’s ball game!






Zack rises to his feet after the three count and looks down at Mora before his arm gets raised in victory to another round of cheers.

✦BRIAN MASON: Great win by Zack Jones! Artemis must feel real confident in this pick!

✦JACK WARREN: He is still our weakest link! I refuse to believe otherwise!

Jones then goes on to celebrate, exiting the ring and high fiving and hugging fans as he does so.

WINNER: Zack Jones (7:43)
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The camera cut back to the ringside area, just in time to pick up a commotion coming from the crowd. The view switches, and the entire arena erupts into a chorus of boos as Subversion’s The Black Delegation are shown making their way through the sea of fans towards the ring. Security tries to crowd the three, but get bowled over with ease as all three members hop over the barricade and into the ringside area.

Grabbing a few chairs and tossing them into the ring, the trio climb inside as the boos from the crowd grow louder, but they didn’t seem to care.

Daniels walks around the ring for a moment, before he unfolds one of the chairs and sits down, bringing his mic up as he begins to speak.

✦XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: Now… to pick up from where I left off after my “Wise” General Manager cut me off on Subversion…

Xavier spat out the word “Wise” with as much contempt as he could.

✦XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: The three of us? We’ve obviously accepted the offer to show up tonight to see if they were truly - TRULY about the words and threats they seem so very very fond of. And yet as I look around…

All three members of TBD make a little show of looking around the arena.

✦XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: … The two demons that so called themselves making the demand that we show up tonight are not present.

The three members of TBD pace around the ring, gesticulating as they demand to know where Silk & Cyanide are, yet in spite of this there is a complete lack of a response from the two women

✦JACK WARREN: How dare they come here polluting the Defiance airwaves! Where the hell is security!? I sure hope Red ain’t back there stuffing his fat ass face and not doing his damn job?!

✦BRIAN MASON: This isn’t going to end well for them if they stick around. Silk & Cyanide are gonna come out here and turn their lives upside down if they keep waiting around!

✦JACK WARREN: No f**k that! All of Defiance will! Hell The Man might do something about it him damn self!

✦BRIAN MASON: Sit down Jack.

As the crowd start to jeer The Black Delegation for holding the show hostage, jeers which only serve to rile the three of them up further, we suddenly hear an oddly out of place sound. It almost sounds as if somebody has clicked their fingers, and as the three members of TBD look at one another to try and work out what the hell is going on we hear it again - only this time Mariani and Mason slink their way onto the entrance ramp

✦ERIN MARIANI: So generous of the three of you to accept my offer. Of course, you can tell yourselves that you were accepting my offer, but I think deep down you are fully aware that…

Holding up the microphone, Mariani clicks her fingers next to it once again

✦ERIN MARIANI: ...I clicked my fingers, and the three of you obliged willingly.

Running a thumb along the side of her index finger, Mariani admires her blood red-painted nails for a moment and smiles, before looking up once again towards The Black Delegation

✦ERIN MARIANI: You are correct, Xavier, I did invite you to talk - but when issuing my invitation I clearly stated talk like adults. Are you so willing to violate the terms of our agreement?

Something about Mariani using the word “violate” causes a wicked grin to form upon Mason’s lips

✦ERIN MARIANI: But we must be gracious hosts for our patriarchal guests, even if they failed to put any time and effort into finding some suitable attire for our little soiree.

Mariani gestures towards the Defiance t-shirts that Xavier is wearing with a mocking expression on her face, less towards the men themselves and more for anyone who believes that is in any way acceptable to wear a garment as low-rent as a t-shirt to the sort of event where you need to be invited first, as the pair of them slowly begin to approach the ring. Isaiah looks to Xavier and Akeem.

✦ISAIAH JONES: Can you believe this sh*t? “I clicked my fingers and you three obliged willingly”. The hell kind of Sunken Place BS is that?

Jones looks to Erin and Sara.

✦ISAIAH JONES: You two got helluva lot of nerve to run your mouths like that to us.

Burrows sucks at his teeth.

✦AKEEM BURROWS: Like you’re entitled to something. You two aren’t entitled to a damn thing last I checked.

XAD drags a hand over his face, not even bothering to mask his chuckles of disbelief.

✦XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: It’s funny… you think we came here because of you specifically. No, it’s hilarious in fact. No, your invitation, thumbing your nose at the rules set in place by the powers that be as always, just for the illusion that you’ve got some power over us? That you’re under our skin or that you’re our betters?

Xavier leans forward in his seat.

✦XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: We knew you couldn’t resist flaunting that privilege and went along with it. Why? Because it’s been nothing but smoke from the two of you. My Brothers and I have given chance after chance for the two of you to back up the threat you made when you first decided to throw stones at our door. And yet the worst we’ve gotten is the same tired spiel as the first time. All sizzle, no flavor or substance behind it.

Xavier shakes his head, never taking his eyes off of Mariani or Mason.

✦XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: You’ve been nothing but talk and the barest minimum of that talk. You are we who we said you are. Deep down, if push came to shove? This isn’t what you want. My brothers and I are the last thing on your brand or ours you want to play games with if you want to take us or our cause in dragging that ugly lie that our peoples have been fed at the hands of you and yours for jokes. Your General Manager knows it. The BOD know it… and so do you.

Looking over to Mariani, Mason cannot help but hide her delight at what she sees in the ring

✦SARA MASON: I do like it when they get feisty.

For a moment she giggles to herself...and then the smile immediately drops from her face as if it was never there

✦SARA MASON: Didn't we tell the three of you that, if we demanded it, we would get you in the ring? And look where you are right now.

To underline her point, Mason gestures towards the ring the three of them are standing in

✦SARA MASON: Do I need to start talking backwards before you figure out that you stepped through the red drapes, willingly I hasten to add, and are now standing in the Black Lodge?

She raises an eyebrow

✦SARA MASON: We can throw pop culture references around too, Isaiah.

Before she can continue with her line of thought Mariani places a hand on Mason’s shoulder, and after looking towards the ring with a hint of disappointment in her eyes she takes over

✦ERIN MARIANI: Let me remind the three of you that we haven’t laid a finger on a single one of you, a courtesy that many of the roster wish we had extended to them, yet you have neither been thankful for your good fortune nor thought to ask why that is.

With a shake of her head, Mariani’s demeanor turns from one of mild disappointment to something altogether more ominous, and as her demeanour changes the pair of them finally slide into the ring to stand face-to-face with The Black Delegation

✦ERIN MARIANI: Although if you continue to push your luck, we would gladly put you out of your misery. If that’s what you want, just say the word and we guarantee it will happen…

✦AKEEM BURROWS: What’s gonna happen is we gonna get you white privileged sanctified ladies exactly what it is you’re asking us for. A humbling experience via a good ol ass whooping.

Akeem shakes his head.

✦AKEEM BURROWS: You two have done more than enough talking. I’m tired of hearing it. Y’all either step in here and do something.

Burrows looks to the two others then back to Silk & Cyanide.

✦AKEEM BURROWS: Or we will.

Isaiah steps forward, but before he could enact on any kind of revenge for what the ladies have said members of the security begin to walk out from the back and onto the stage. The three members of The Black Delegation look around watching the security officials surround the ring after marching down the ramp.

✦ISAIAH JONES: Oh look’a here boys. They about to Rodney Jackson us live on television. Ain’t this a damn shame.


The loud ground echoed throughout the arena and out from behind the curtains and onto the stage walked out Defiance General Manager, Romeo Price! The crowd pops as the General Manager walks out onto the stage staring down at the Subversion stable that stood there in his Defiance ring.

✦ROMEO PRICE: I’m pretty sure I was clear when the statement was put out about you three showing your face on Defiance but why am I not surprised to see that you three did not take heed to my warning.

Price shrugs his shoulders.

✦ROMEO PRICE: Not to worry, you’ll soon be freed of the place and out of my sight. Secur---


The audience cheers as Jensen Banks steps out from behind the curtains, a mic in his hand. Price and Banks stare at each other before Jensen speaks into his own microphone.

✦JENSEN BANKS: If I’m not mistaken, The Black Delegation was invited to Defiance tonight. So, unless you want to be known as a terrible host, Romeo, I don’t think that they should be getting kicked out of this arena or be in any trouble for this!

Mason cannot help but snicker as she watches Banks puts Price in his place

✦JENSEN BANKS: So unless you want to have security remove me from the arena too, The Black Delegation are going to stay exactly where they are.

Knowing that there isn't anything he can do, Price takes a moment to pace back and forth as he tries to figure something out, trying to ignore that he doesn’t just have fives sets of eyes glaring in his direction from the ring, but he also has his opposite number from Subversion stood a few feet from him

After deliberating for a decent amount of time, Romeo looks towards his ring, before he looks towards Jensen Banks

✦ROMEO PRICE: I refuse to stand by and watch as you tear each other apart in a Defiance ring...

The crowd loudly jeer Price as, once again, they won’t be able to see the two teams go at it with one another


Hearing the crowd’s response to his last comment, Price holds up a hand to say he hasn’t quite finished what he was saying

✦ROMEO PRICE: ...but as for the ring at Divine Supremacy…

As soon as Price mentions Divine Supremacy the crowd let out a loud roar of approval, waiting for the long-overdue confirmation that the match will finally take place, and as the two teams look on from the ring Price looks over to Jensen Banks to make the match official

✦ROMEO PRICE: ...what do you think?

Jensen Banks nods in approval

✦JENSEN BANKS: Let’s do it.

✦ROMEO PRICE: You’ve got your match.

Once more the crowd roar with approval as Price and Banks look towards the ring and watch the members of The Black Delegation and Silk & Cyanide exchanging some heated words inside the ring, so heated that price’s security team rush out and head down the ramp to surround the ring to prevent the situation from escalating even further than it already has

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Felicity was disgusted as she dropped her equipment bags to the floor and scowled at the employes working next the exting.

✦FELICITY BANKS: You know what I truly don’t understand? How Underground, the brand with the least financials in this entire place manages to find GOOD stagehands and GOOD production workers. You people? You’re fucking idiots.

Felicity picked her equipment bags up and moved toward her locker room. She felt her phone vibrate, ignoring the call with no desire to hear from the person on the other end of the call. Finally she reached her locker room and pushed open the door. She tossed her equipment bag to the floor and dove right on the loveseat positioned in her couch.


Felicity closed her eyes and hoped to get a quick nap before her match later tonight, but little did she know….

✦???: Not quite.

The deep, familiar ominous baritone echoes off the walls of the locker room, causing Felicity’s eyes to snap open. She bolts up to a sitting position and looks around for the source in a panic, but there’s nothing else in the room with her. Her eyes turn towards the door, left open slightly ajar after her entry.

Before she can try to close it, the lights overhead flicker on and off… before darkness engulfed her entire view as the lights shut off completely.

✦???: Trying to dream a little dream, Your Highness…?

The mocking voice came from the direction of the door, causing Felicity to slowly turn her head and look. Her door had been opened fully, revealing the silhouette of someone… or something, leaning against the doorframe, staring straight ahead.

The trench coat and the white, almost ghoulish looking painted features visible in the darkness were a clear indicator of who it was that she’s talking to.

As if on cue, he turned towards her, the grease paint being the only thing Felicity can make out of him as his lips curve into a cruel smile.

✦KAI: Unfortunately for you, there’s no time for rest… we have much, much to discuss tonight.

Felicity shot open her eyes, and right in front of her was her archnemesis, Kai.


Kai places a hand over his heart, pushing off of the wall and standing upright as a dark chuckle leaves his lips.

✦KAI: Is that all? No catty response or quip about how you and your errand boys leaving me for dead last show? After going through the effort to set all of that up for me personally. I’m hurt, Felicity. Truly, truly hurt.

He takes a step forward, his expression changing on a dime to deathly serious as he grips the door as his eyes glint dangerously.

✦KAI: But don’t worry, your highness. I’m not the only one in this room that’ll be feeling a little pain when it’s all said and done.

He makes a move to slam the door shut behind him as he steps all the way inside of the room…


She throws her hands up.

✦FELICITY BANKS: It doesn’t have to be like this. YOU’RE the one who said do my best, and I d--

A split second later, Felicity grabs the nearest lamp in Kai’s direction. However, the lamp crashes into thousands of pieces into the door. Felicity squints to make sure she was seeing what she witnessed and slides her hands across her head.


Taking a seat, Felicity throws her hands over her face, knowing full well that she may have been going insane.

✦FELICITY BANKS: Reeeeeeee-fucking-laaaaaaaax.

The scene cuts ringside.

Posted Image

The scene cuts to the announcer’s table where we find ourselves looking at Brian Mason and Jack Warren as they chat amongst themselves.

✦BRIAN MASON: Moving right along. At last Defiance, Kenshin Takamura was able to pick up a huge pinfall victory for his team...

✦JACK WARREN: Oh, great... More of your ranting and raving about the has-been from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Mason acknowledges Warren’s comment with a simple irritated shake of the head before turning his attention back to the viewers.

✦BRIAN MASON: Takamura suffered a concussion after being struck in the head with the Golden Opportunity Briefcase by Christian Kane.

✦JACK WARREN: Couldn’t have happened to a better guy, if you ask me…

✦BRIAN MASON: Romeo Price insisted that Kenshin take tonight off as he makes his way through the concussion protocol held by Hardknox Wrestling. Fortunately, I was able to sit down with him earlier this week...

Posted Image

The lights in the arena die down just a bit as the Knoxtron powers on. Brian Mason is sitting in a lounge chair across from none other than Kenshin Takamura who is clad in a very business-oriented suit.

✦BRIAN MASON: Thank you for joining me, Kenshin. Congratulations on your tag team victory alongside Jackie Fowler. The two of you seemed to work well together. Any particular reason why?

✦KENSHIN TAKAMURA: Fowler and I were both on a mission. I can very much assure you that he and myself were much more prepared for the match. A team is only as good as its weakest link. Nest may have wanted to win the match, but when you look at his partner, the weakest link reveals itself.

A bit of a troubled look crosses Mason as he immediately decides to press Takamura for his questionable comments about Christian Kane.

✦BRIAN MASON: Christian Kane is the Golden Opportunity Briefcase holder and many believe, including myself, to be a future HKW World Champion. Are you insinuating that Christian Kane isn’t a talented wrestler?

Accustomed to press conferences and the like, Kenshin doesn’t even miss a beat as he answers.

✦KENSHIN TAKAMURA: Not at all, Brian. In fact, I believe Christian Kane to be a very impressive wrestler, but he only cares about himself. You need only to watch our match. Kane had no regard for Nest or anyone else in or around the ring. If you asked Mr. Kane about his feelings toward me suffering a concussion at his hands, how do you think he would respond?

Takamura stares a hole through Brian as he bluntly directs his question at him.

✦KENSHIN TAKAMURA: If you are in any doubt, Brian, you have no idea who our esteemed GO Briefcase holder is. Honestly, I do not even truly know who Christian Kane is, but I do know he has no dignity. Everyone knows he has no honor. He proved that at last Defiance.

✦BRIAN MASON: Will there be any retaliation to Christian Kane getting the proverbial last laugh?

✦KENSHIN TAKAMURA: You say last laugh as if the record books will show that rather than Jackie Fowler and Kenshin Takamura defeated Christian Kane and Nest. We won the match, and I pinned Christian Kane. Unlike some wrestling organizations, victory holds meaning in HKW. To answer your question more directly, I do not think Christian Kane is free of me.

✦BRIAN MASON: Thank you, Kenshin. I think I speak for most when I say, I hope you have a speedy recovery from your concussion, and we see you in the ring again very soon.

Takamura bows his head graciously.

✦KENSHIN TAKAMURA: You will. Thank you.

With that, the scene cuts back to the announcer’s table where Jack Warren seems very uninterested while Brian Mason is speaking.

✦BRIAN MASON: Can you please take this seriously?

✦JACK WARREN: Why? That dude is always talking about honor this, honor that. I’ve heard it before. We get it. Takamura thinks Kane lacks honor.

✦BRIAN MASON: Get over yourself!

Posted Image

✦WHISPER VIPERI: The following match is a one fall to the finish tag team match.

Get down
On the ground
Don't move, make a sound
No more
No control
You do what you're told

Mariani and Mason appear at the top of the ramp, Mariani looking towards the ring in disgust while Mason looks to the ring like she's waiting for an excuse to start a fight, and after a moment's pause they look to one another and share a knowing nod off approval, at which point they begin their walk towards the ring

Stand up
Sit back down
Your lies
Comes back around
Times up
Close your eyes

✦WHISPER VIPERI: Making their way to the ring...at a combined weight of 248lbs, they are the team of Erin Mariani and Sara Mason...they are SILK & CYANIDE

As the pair reach ringside Mariani ascends the ring steps and climbs the ropes so she's stood with one foot on the top turnbuckle and one of the middle rope to allow her to look down upon the crowd, while at the same time Mason climbs onto the ring apron directly beneath Mariani and gives a dismissive laugh to those within earshot, at which point Mariani vaults into the ring while twisting mid-air to face the opponent, swiftly followed by Mason ducking between the ropes to get into the ring

Listen to the sound of my big black boots

As the duo stand in the ring Mariani stands in their corner of the ring with a look of purse disdain on her face directed at their opponents, as Mason drops to a crouch before Mariani as she beckons their opponents to come a little closer to see what'll happen

✦WHISPER VIPERI: And their opponents

A single dark purple light begins to swirl through the arena as the words “over and over” are repeated for the intro.

As the main riff kicks in the stage glows in a dark purple and a heavy fog begins to fill the stage. Slowly Tyberius King makes his way through the fog wearing a sleeveless long black jacket covered in black feathers, followed down by Jackson Magnum who rips his suit open showing the superman suit he wears.

[align=center]Sometimes I feel like I'm dying at dawn
and sometimes I'm warm as fire
But lately I feel like I'm just gonna rain
and it goes over, and over, and over again, yeah[/align

King makes his way down the ramp avoiding eye contact with the fans as his head faces the ground. Magnum is still behind him high fiving the fans.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: Tiberius King and Jackson Magnum, the BLUE IRRRRRRRRRISH

[align=center]Too many flames, with too much to burn
and life's only made of paper
Oh, how I need to be free of this pain
but it goes over, and over, and over, and over again[/align]

He walks around the ring before climbing up onto the apron. King then scales to the top rope and looks out at the crowd. He jumps into the ring and then sits on the bottom turnbuckle waiting for the match to start, as Magnum steps through the middle rope locking eyes with Silk and Cyanide.

The two teams decide on who will start as Magnum and Mariani step out onto the apron,meaning King and Mason will start the match. The referee signals for the bell.

The Blue Irish vs Silk and Cyanide


The match begins with Tiberius King and Sara Mason in the ring. The two tie up in the middle of the ring, King turns isolating Mason’s right arm and tossing her overhead with a quick judo throw, he holds onto the arm, and applies an armbar from a kneeling position. Mason manages to turn onto her side and up to one knee before getting to a vertical base. Mason throws a short forearm that catches King on the jaw, forcing him to loosen his grip on the hold, allowing Mason to connect with a cross chop to King’s throat, forcing him to grab at his throat. Mason takes the opportunity to step up into a snap hurricanrana that flips King onto his back. King arches his back in pain, but Mason gives him little time to rest. Grabbing him back the back of the head to get him to his feet, before Irish whipping him into her team's corner.

✦BRIAN MASON: King is in a really bad position to start this match. In his opponents corner.

Mason tags in Mariani who steps into the ring. Mason snap mares King out of the corner, allowing Mariani to follow up with a kick to King’s spine, while Mason steps out. Reaching down with an eye rake to King’s eyes, and dropping a knee onto his forehead. The crowd boos heavily as Silk and Cyanide take control.

✦JACK WARREN: This might be an ongoing problem for King and Magnum, they just do not have the chemistry of a team like Silk and Cyanide, also your ring awareness has to change during tag matches.

Jackson Magnum is in the far corner riling up the crowd in support of King. King gets up to his feet, however Mariani puts him in a front headlock,bringing a series of stiff knees up into his midsection. King however, lifts Mariani off her feet, elevating her into the air, sending her crashing to the mat stomach first. King clutches his ribs, but manages to make his way over to Magnum, making the tag. Magnum steps into the ring, much to the delight of the crowd. Mariani gets to her feet only to catch a running clothesline from Jackson. Mariani gets back to her feet quickly, only for Magnum to turn trying to connect with a 540 elbow but, Mariani ducks to the side and catches Magnum with a knee to the gut which doubles him over. Mariani turns bouncing off the ropes and connects with an elbow tackle that drops Magnum to the ground.

✦JACK WARREN: Mariani with the nice takedown of Magnum.

Reaching down Mariani lifts Magnum off the ground, placing her shoulder in his mid section she drives him back into the corner back first. Mason reaches over the top rope tapping Mariani on the shoulder and tagging herself in. Mason comes into the ring and connects with a blistering right forearm to the face of Magnum, who is dazed from the impact. Mariani feels him go limp and takes a step back grabbing him by the wrist and pulling him into a short armed clothesline. Holding onto Magnum’s wrist she pulls him into a seat position. Mariani steps out of the ring and onto the apron. Mason hits the ropes and comes off at full speed connecting with a sliding clothesline, hooking Magnum’s leg, she goes for the cover.




Magnum manages to roll his shoulder off the mat. Mason looks over at the referee holding up three fingers, but the referee says it is only at two. Mason shakes her head, as Magnum gets up to one knee Mason grabs ahold of a headlock. With Magnum in a headlock, Mason dives out of the ring to snap his neck over the middle rope. Magnum holds his neck after he bounces off the middle rope.

✦BRIAN MASON: Mason with Lorelei to Magnum, who is down yet again. Silk and Cyanide have absolutely dominated this match.

✦JACK WARREN: The worst part for Ty and Jackson is the complex styles of Erin and Sara. They are such a hard combination to adjust to. Erin’s brilliant strikes, and Sara’s rush type offensive assault have both off kilter.

Mason slides back in the ring, to a chorus of boos from the crowd, Magnum slowly begins to get to his feet, while Mason waits on him. Magnum turns only for Sara to jump straight at him looking for a lou thesz press. Magnum however catches her in midair driving her spine first into the canvas. Sara arches her back in pain, while Magnum falls to the side, in pain. Ty slaps the turnbuckle, screaming for his tag team partner to make the tag. Magnum rolls onto his stomach and closes in on, Mason reaches out for Magnum’s but Magnum lunges forward making the tag, before rolling onto the outside.

✦BRIAN MASON: This could be a game changer.

✦JACK WARREN: Ty has been waiting for Magnum to make a tag for a while.

King hits the ring, just when Mason pops up, he ducks under a big forearm and grabs ahold of her, tossing her overhead with an exploder suplex. King gets to his feet, only to see Mariani coming forward, he kicks her in the gut, before dumping her on the back of her head with half hatch suplex. King turns his attention back to Mason who is getting to her feet. When she turns King lifts her into a fireman’s carry position, but Mason continues to fight, elbowing King in the side of the head.

✦BRIAN MASON: Mason will do anything to avoid Kingdom Come from Ty.

Mason manages to stun King and wiggle herself free just as Mariani is getting to her feet, Mason grabs King by the back of the head, and runs forward, Mariani see this and drops down allowing Mason to bulldog King onto her knee.

✦JACK WARREN: The Vow by Silk and Cyanide. That might be it.

Mason lines herself up behind King. as Mariani stands in front of him.

✦BRIAN MASON: They are looking for Devil in the Flesh, I believe.

King is struggling to get to his feet, but as he finally gets up, Jackson Magnum comes flying into the ring, nailing Mason with an explosive sick kick to the side of the head that she never sees coming. Mason goes down hard, in a heap. Mariani goes for a bicycle knee but King moves at the last split second. King runs by her, rebounds off the ropes and catches her with a busaiku knee kick that drops Mariani to the ground, and ends up rolling out of the ring.

✦BRIAN MASON: The high impact offense of the Blue Irish on full display here. With Magnum hitting the Blue Blur and King connecting with the Eye Of Horus.

Magnum reaches down grabbing Mason sending her directly towards King who lifts her into a fireman’s carry position once more. He then throws Mason off to the left and connects with a superkick as they are coming down

✦BRIAN MASON: Kingdom Come, Kingdom Come!

King drops down hooking the leg, making the cover on Mason. Mariani tries to come in to break up the cover but Magnum cuts her off, holding her back.





✦WHISPER VIPERI: Here are your winners… THE BLUE IRISH!

Magnum let go of Mariani go giving her a nod as she the two stare each other down. Jackson still favoring his back walks over to King as they raise their hands in the air, as Mariani checks on Mason.

✦BRIAN MASON: Magnum and King showing respect for Silk and Cyanide here.

✦JACK WARREN: They should as they were dominated through most of this match by them. But somehow The Blue Irish managed to pull off a huge upset here.

The Blue Irish start heading up the ramp celebrating their victory, as Mason gets up shaking her head in disbelief.

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When the scene fades backstage the speed demon duo of Upper Echelon in Jinzai & Emilio Vialpando are seen walking with one another along with their security detail. Emilio was returning a text to someone while Jinzai was playing a game on his Nintendo 2DS.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: As long as that freak doesn’t show up tonight and butt in on shit that don’t involve him we’ll be fine. Can get out our hands on those pinche putas that somehow fooled you guys from doing your damn jobs..

He says with a grunt looking up to the security guards.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: ...That shit last week wouldn’t have happened.

✦LASS BIANCHI: Em I told you we--

Emilio holds up his hand as he slips the cell phone back in his pocket.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: Yeah well that doesn’t fix my Armani suit now does it? We got made fools of because of you guys’ mistake!

Emilio stops to look at them.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: How the hell could you guys get taken advantage of in your own damn country huh? Now I gotta go out there and take care of your mess because you all f**ked up! I got enough on my plate as is, I don’t need to be doing your jobs for you!

Jinzai, who had been quiet throughout the entire exchange, cuts off the rebuttal Lass has with a glare from over his 2DS.

✦JINZAI: Lemme guess the next words out of your mouth. You’re sorry, right? Same hollow apology bullsh*t we’ve been hearing for the last two weeks, right? You wanna know what I wanna hear from you?

✦LASS BIANCHI: What… what do you want to hear…?

Jin lowers the DS, leaning forward with an evil look on his face.

✦JINZAI: I wanna know which part of EVERYTHING that happened you shipdits are sorry about.

Jinzai stands tall, listening off everything that happened with his fingers.

✦JINZAI: The part where you guys got outsmarted by a couple of f*cking kids? The part where your f*ckup allowed US, YOUR MEAL TICKETS, get assaulted in the streets of Italy? The part with Hebi getting thrown into some cesspool of a river and me getting attacked WITH GODDAMNED, MOTHERF*CKING PIZZA?!?

Jinzai is seething at this point, glaring murderously at Lass

✦JINZAI: NOW? Now we’ve had to listen to these little pukes run their mouths for the last two weeks like they’re us and the entire wrestling world joining in. Why? All because you two got duped.


Emilio and Jinzai both turn away from Lass, looking right at Angelo Sands and Markus FK, both men with their titles around their waists. FK is smirking while Sands is absolutely beaming, taking a step forward, almost trying to get either member of Upper Echelon to make a move.

✦ANGELO SANDS: Give the guy a break, Jinzai. He made a mistake, just like you two made a mistake by attacking us like a pair of...well, c***s is a really fitting word here, to be quite honest.

Both Em and Jinzai clench their fists, Angelo noticing as he chuckles.

✦ANGELO SANDS: Damn, guys. It’s not that serious. Markus and I just wanted to give you a real taste of Italy. You got to take some good pizza, Jinzai, and you got to taste our finest waters, Emilio!

The audience can be heard laughing as Angelo continues.

✦ANGELO SANDS: And who the hell are you calling kids there, Jinzai? Aren’t you younger than both of us? Also, don’t think you’re allowed to call anyone a kid when the only hair you can grow on your face is your eyebrows, buddy.

✦MARKUS FK: That’s a burn. And speaking of burns, Emilio, buddy...pal...Armani? Really? Is that what the story is? Because I was up close and personal with you, and I could swear that was a last minute bargain bin grab. And look I--...I’m not lobbying any accusations here, but I’m pretty sure the buttons were on the wrong side too, if you catch my drift.

The audience laughs along with TSIC at the insinuation that Vialpando was wearing a women’s suit on the last Defiance. Markus shrugs, adjusting his championship belt before continuing to speak.

✦MARKUS FK: Look boys. We could do this all day, but we’re just reminding you both what happened last time you screwed us over, just to make sure it never happens again. Ever. We may be infinitely newer to the business than the both of you, but we’re resourceful. Kicking your asses around Milan was us nicely telling the both of you to cut the shit.

Emilio shakes his head and adjusts his suit as he look at the World Tag Team Champions.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: What do you two want? A pat on the back? A “Hey you guys you got us back real good!”? Maybe even us saying we’re gonna take it easy on you guys? Maybe you’re expecting us to say we’ll fall back on the idea of taking your titles away from you.

With a light chuckle Emilio shrugs.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: Is that what you’re hoping for here? Sorry to be the one to break it to you boys but...We’re not gonna be doing any of that. I don’t who the hell that was or how you got the crossed eyed f**k to pull that off but just know if I see him ever again it’ll be the last breath he’ll take on Earth.

Vialpando looks at the two men for a moment letting silence surround the hallway for a moment.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: I’m glad you two finally got a little chip on your shoulder. Wanting to prove something. Wanna prove to everyone you’re as good as you may believe. “We’ve carried all three tag team belts in Hard Knox Wrestling, we’re the best ever”. No you’re not. You’re no where close to being the best tag team that this company has ever seen. You know why? Because your name’s aren’t Emilio Vialpando nor Jinzai. You aren’t a member of the Upper Echelon. You don’t reside in the heavens and looking down to the peons that walk on the land we rule.

He looks to the titles now and smirk.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: Those belts...Those are ours. You may be in possession of them right now but we all know you two are on borrowed time. Time that you both are losing with each and every second that goes by until it is time we claim those belts for ourselves.

Jinzai sneers a little.

✦JINZAI: You two think a little get back in Italy is enough to put you on level with us? You nutted up for a day or so and sent a message, cute. More than we can say for half the people in this company, but I wanna level with ya, guys.

His eyes dart down towards the tag titles, before he looks back up at Markus and Angelo.

✦JINZAI: That what you did? It was clever. Pat yourselves on the back, go home and tell your girlfriends - in Angie’s case here, I use that term as loosely as possible - that ya managed to get one over on the guys running this business and hang it on the plaque. Get your chuckles in and SAVOR this moment for all it’s worth, ‘cause ya wanna know why?

Jinzai gestures between himself and Emilio

✦JINZAI: What did that do in the long run? All it did was piss us off. When you get into the ring with us, the laughter, the mind games, this “a little fun for me, none for you” crap ends and the reality of who it is you’re dealing with sets in. You’re not in there against any of these run of the mill, “happy to be here” assclowns. You’re up against the absolute BEST this company has to offer. World Beaters, Hall of Famers, Franchise players, the motherf*cking greatest this company - THIS BUSINESS, will ever see or ever know.

Jin pauses, then gives a small, arrogant smirk.

✦JINZAI: And you’ll know that as fact when the bell rings, you’re looking up at the lights and we’re standing over both of you, holding up what used to be your tag team titles while those same fans that love you today realize you couldn’t hang with the REAL best Tag Team today.

Markus’ eyes go wide as he nods in acknowledgement, even going as far as to hold his forearm out to all three men, showing his goosebumps.

✦MARKUS FK: Wow. That was special. No really. Tough talk. I mean, almost too much tough talk for someone who was running around backstage playing Pokémon a--

The Swiss’ eyes spot Jinzai’s 2DS.

✦MARKUS FK: Nevermind.

Both Emilio and Jinzai look utterly unimpressed as Markus and Angelo share a slight chuckle.

✦MARKUS FK: But if we’re talking about reality, let this reality set in. We’ve never claimed to be the best tag team to ever step foot in this company...but our rapsheet doesn’t lie. Time and time again we’ve beaten the odds, and when it comes down to just the four of us...we’ll beat the odds again. That’s what we do.

✦ANGELO SANDS: Y'all talk hella slick about us but when you look at us, you see two fighters. When we look at you?

Angelo points at Emilio.

✦ANGELO SANDS: I look at a guy who quit on this company once and will likely go running off again when he doesn't get his way.

The audience lets out an “ooh” before Sands points to Jinzai.

✦ANGELO SANDS: And a guy who, no matter how hard he tries to be the bad guy and a mean SOB, will always be the punching bag of the Upper Echelon. Will always be a temporary champion for the next guy, just like you were as Hybrid champion and as World Tag Team champion.

Sands taps his title.

✦ANGELO SANDS: Keep your words, we'll just enjoy holding onto these babies for as long as possible and continue to make history.

Angelo and Markus then walk off, both men taking one last look at their future challengers. Emilio snarls as he watches the World Tag Team Championship duo make their leave.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: At this rate, they’re gonna regret ever breathing or even looking at those titles.

Jinzai shakes his head, evil intentions already forming in his mind.

✦JINZAI: They wanna make history, Hebi. Well why don’t we help them out with that, yeah?

Jinzai’s eyes gleam dangerously as he and Emilio began speaking in hushed tones, plotting on what happens next between them and the World Tag Team Champions as the screen fades.

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“Paper Planes” hits the PA system to an immediate roar from the audience. The multicolored lights strobe through the arena with the camera focusing on the top of the ramp, anticipating the champion’s arrival.

✦BRIAN MASON: Here comes the Bloodlust Champ! Ever since she defeated Artemis Kaiser to regain the HKW Bloodlust Championship, she’s been stalked by “The Blazin One” himself, the returning Flame, who’s made his intentions all too clear.

✦JACK WARREN: Yeah, but he’s sending shivers down Emilio Vialpando’s spine too. The Man doesn’t get shook like most, but I’ve seen the look of fear in Vialpando’s eyes. I’ve seen the confidence completely escape our fine ass Bloodlust Champion. Flame has that… that factor that I can’t explain.

✦BRIAN MASON: And we’ve seen De Luca holding onto that title a little harder-- a little tighter for a variety of reasons; Emilio, Flame, and then we saw the fans voted for the return of the Purge on Twitter!

✦JACK WARREN: I’d tighten my grip on it too! But where the hell is she?

A few more moments pass with no sign of the Bloodlust Champion on the ramp… until a section of the audience pops! A spotlight drifts over to them, revealing Ashlyn De Luca moving through the audience to get to the ring, Bloodlust Title hoisted high above her head. She bumps fists and slaps hands with a few fans as she makes her way down toward ringside, but she already has a microphone in the pocket of the black “SHMURDA” hoodie she sports. The music fades as De Luca reaches an open section on the floor of the arena, walking steadily toward the barricade.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: I think we’ve been playing these games for a long ass time…

Ashlyn walks around to the timekeeper’s area, grabbing the empty steel chair that sits beside him. She steps through the booth and to ringside, tossing the chair over the ropes and into the ring.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Ashlyn kneels down, reaching under the ring apron, retrieving another chair. She tosses it over the ropes, into the ring.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: I know Emilio has a crowd of people he can surround himself with. He can wait around for you to strike first. He’s got someone watching his back at all times, but…

Ashlyn reaches beneath the ring and launches a third steel chair over the ropes and into the ring.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: ...but I don’t have that luxury. I don’t have Capone and Friends lookin out for me. I can’t sit around and wait for you to turn the goddamn lights off and then come at me, because it’s just me.

Ashlyn grabs a fourth steel chair, throwing it into the ring with the others. She holds the title above her head once more as she walks up the steel steps and onto the apron, looking out into the roaring masses. Ashlyn raises the microphone with her free hand and steps through the ropes, gazing toward the closest camera, kneeling down so the lens is only a foot from her face.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: So instead of playing the same tired ass games for another week… instead of poppin up in the middle of a match… why don’t you drag your hazy ass out here and try to get hands on this championship? Try it.

The audience pops at the challenge but Jack Warren seems beside himself on commentary.

✦JACK WARREN: What the f..WHY?! She still has to compete in our main event against Upper Echelon!

✦BRIAN MASON: She feels she has something she needs to prove, or this is gonna keep happening.

✦JACK WARREN: Out of her goddamn mind.

Ashlyn paces the ring a bit, kicking the chairs into a pile in the center, championship belt raised as a weapon as she tosses the mic aside, screaming in every direction for Flame to come out and face her. Suddenly the lights go out in the entire arena!

✦JACK WARREN: Aaahh!!!!

✦BRIAN MASON: What the--!! Hey get off of me?!

Pyro burst from all four ring post and the lights come back on. Ashlyn has picked up one of the chairs, placing her title down in one of the corners in anticipation. Fans erupt in the arena as the man the Bloodlust Champion was looking for was sitting in a corner with his head hanging low causing his hair to flow down in front of his face.

✦BRIAN MASON: She asked for em, she got em! “The Blazin’ One” is here!

✦JACK WARREN: Sure wish I wasn’t. I have no plans of dying or watching Ashlyn’s fine ass die tonight!

Ashlyn still grips both legs of the chair, looking uneasily toward Flame. The audience grows loud in anticipation, but Flame doesn’t look toward Ashlyn… head continuing to hang. Ashlyn raises the chair a bit to a pop from the masses, prepared to strike… but she stops herself, muttering beneath her breath. She runs a hand through her hair and turns, marching back to her microphone, bending down to pick it up, still wielding the chair in one hand.


The audience roars at the confidence in the voice of the champion and the camera pans to Flame once more. Flame slowly begins to lift his head to look up to her. He brushes his hair back with his hand and stares up at Ashlyn. He studies her for a moment and smiles before the lights suddenly go out.

✦BRIAN MASON: Where the--

The lights come back on and Flame was now standing behind Ashlyn with a microphone in hand. Ashlyn sighs loudly, but slowly turns her head a bit, looking at Flame out of the corner of her eye as she continues to grip the chair with one hand. The crowd cheers watching in excitement.

✦FLAME: Here I am…

Ashlyn turns, glaring at Flame as she looks between him and the steel chair.


The audience steadily grows louder in anticipation. De Luca looks conflicted for a few moments before raising the mic.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: I’m not running anymore. I’m not duckin around corners, freakin out about the lights blinking, trying to surround myself with the arena crew anymore while I wait for you to do something. I’m… done with that, man… I’m not gonna keep running. Not gonna hide.

She narrows her eyes at Flame and lets the chair fall from her hands onto the mat, using both hands to bring the mic to her lips as she glares up at him.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: Not gonna be afraid of you anymore.

The audience roars in support of the champion and Flame stares at her plainly. He tilts his head and smiles some.

✦FLAME: There's no need to fear me Ashlyn...At least there wouldn't be if you learned to embrace the darkness that already consumes you…

Flame begins to walk around the ring studying Ashlyn, while her face contorts into one of confusion. Her eyes drift down toward the steel chair she’d dropped while Flame continues to move around her.

✦FLAME: I have given you every opportunity to embrace the real you but you have yet to do so...Why is this? Why must you run from the darkness inside of you?

He now guides his gaze down to her championship belt, prompting her eyes to follow, growing visibly more defensive.

✦FLAME: Don't you want to be champion that title deserves...Be the champion that you could always be? To bathe the title in blood and give it strength like never before…

Flame pauses for a moment.

✦FLAME: The true meaning of Bloodlust...And every bit of darkness that comes with it.

The audience grows restless as Ashlyn stands there, looking at the championship which had been placed down in the corner earlier. She contemplates his words, remaining unmoving for a few moments until she finally shakes her head, glaring up at him.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: It was never about hurting anyone else. I wasn’t out here looking to end someone’s career or-- or give this title a reputation at someone else’s expense, know what I mean? Being the Bloodlust Champion means you can thrive in any condition. It means that while you’re holding this title, you’re in a position to stand out and make moments that these people are gonna remember forever. Means you can outlast and surpass any opponent, and yeah, it’s brutal , but it’s not about taking dudes out. It’s not about embracing darkness .

She walks over to the title, kneeling down to lift it up onto her shoulder before she turns back to Flame.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: It’s about surviving it.

The audience pops for the champion as she moves toward Flame.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: And I intend to. For a long ass time.

The two stare at one another as the crowd roars around them. The former World Crown Champion takes a step forward.

✦FLAME: I'm gonna help you learn that it very much is embracing it...And trust me you will Ashlyn...Whether you like it or not…

Flame drops the microphone and the lights go out in the arena. The lights then come back on and Flame has vanished! Ashlyn stares at the spot where he vanished, looking frustrated as the audience buzzes among themselves. She lets the HKW Bloodlust Championship belt slide down her arm and into her grasp as she looks at the unused pile of chairs and then around at the audience, a look of uncertainty written across the face of the champion. The entire screen abruptly cuts to black as we end.

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Tyberius King is seen pacing up and down the hallway outside of the dressing room still coming down from his match against Silk and Cyanide. He takes some deep breaths and nods his head along with the music coming from his phone as one earbud is in place while the other dangles freely. As Ty turns the other way to walk he doesn’t see T-Money and James Raven turn the corner. The two attack King from behind and send him to the ground. King slides his phone away from the fight as T-Money rolls him over. Ty times it right and connects with an up kick from the guard that sends T-Money falling back to his ass. King gets up quickly and is attacked by Raven. Ty manages to grab his shirt sleeve and his collar and drives his hips into him flipping him over to the hard floor. T-Money is back up and goes after Ty again. He presses King up against a wall and Ty uses a headbutt as desperation to get T-Money to back away. It isn’t much help however as James Raven goes right on the attack after.

Jackson comes out from the locker room after hearing a scuffle on the outside and jumps into the fight to help out his friend. With Jackson being the freshest it gives him and Ty a bit of an advantage as they seem to be holding off T-Money and Raven. What they don’t see is that Aiden Collins has now turned the corner with chair in hand. Collins swings it back and as Ty turns around he sees it coming but so does Jackson.


Jackson dives in the way at the last second taking the full brunt of the chair shot right to the head. Jackson hits the crumbles to the ground in a head. The chair bent, hanging over his neck as he falls to the ground. Ty turns around and grabs a chair that was leaning against the wall and begins to swing it at wildly at the members at Collins who backs off. T-Money and Raven takes a step forward but Ty swing the chair towards them as well. The members of the Tribe back away laughing looking pointing at Magnum who is laying on the ground bleeding from the forehead.

Posted Image

✦WHISPER VIPERI: This singles match is a defiance vs subversion showcase and is scheduled for ONE FALL!!

Get down with the victim
We both know you need them
You’re stuck in the middle
Of all irrelevance
And your heart is beating
'Cause you know that you gotta
Get out of the middle
And rise to the top now

The lights dim, and the opening riff of “Friction” rings out over the speakers. As the verse hits, the floor lights come up slightly as Shane Atwater steps onto the stage, tinting everything with a bluish hue. He pauses there a moment, head bowed before he looks up, throwing the hood on his vest back and looking out at the crowd as the heavy guitars of the chorus hit, before stalking to the ring with purpose.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: Introducing first, representing Subversion!!!! From Los Angeles, California...standing six feet, three inches tall, and weighing in tonight at two-hundred-forty pounds...SHAAAAAAAAANE ATWATER!

Atwater makes his way to the ringside area, stopping to look around before climbing up onto the apron. He kneels on the apron gripping the top rope with one hand, taking a moment to hype himself up before he climbs into the ring, immediately heading to mount the middle turnbuckle, taking in the positive reaction of the crowd for a moment and nodding before climbing down.

✦JACK WARREN: Oh boy, looks like the mystery opponent is none other than Shane Atwater! He looks so arrogant, coming in here thinking he is going to beat Ace on his own turf!

✦BRIAN MASON: Ace does have home field advantage, but Shane Atwater is a legitimate threat here! Don't be so quick to dismiss him.

Shane makes his way to his corner, a look of grim determination on his face as he waits for his opponent.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: And his opponent!

"Rusty Halo" by The Script begins to play and the fans start to cheer as Ace Watson then steps out onto the stage. The reaction brings a smile to Watson's face as he starts to walk down the ramp, exchanging banter with the fans at the sides of the ramp as he makes his way down.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: Representing team Defiance!!! From London England, weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds, ACE WATSOOOOON!!!

Ace climbs the nearest ring steps after slapping a few high fives to some fans. Standing on the apron, Ace turns to the crowd and waves his arm upward to bring out a louder cheer from the audience. Pleased with the reaction, Ace steps between the ropes and walks across to the bottom corner of the ring, where he climbs the turnbuckle and raises an arm into the air, prompting another loud cheer from the fans. Ace then removes his Shootcamp t-shirt (which causes a few female crowd members to audibly react) and throws it into a sea of outstretched arms. Ace then turns and hops down into the ring again, where he then watches his opponent closely.

✦JACK WARREN: Listen to that crowd Brian! They have been anxiously awaiting this match all week, waiting to see who Ace’s opponent would be… and we have none other than mmmm Shane Atwater here!

✦BRIAN MASON: So have I Jack!! This gives all of us a preview of what we can expect leading up to the war that is coming with The Brand Supremacy Cup!! Like I said before… this won't be a walk in the park for Ace. His submission defense had better be on point because Shane is going to bring it.

The two men come face to face in the center of the ring, and the referee separates them… forcing them back into their respective corners before calling for the bell

Ace Watson vs. Shane Atwater


The two men come out at the sound of the bell and lock up in the center of the ring. Ace presses Atwater back into the corner, and Shane puts his arms into the air drawing the referee to step in for the break. Ace doesn't step back immediately, instead he washes Shane’s face with his forearm and the ref begins the count… warning him to break the hold.


Ace finally steps back to stop the count, and Shane gets a little breathing room. Using this to his advantage, he steps forward to hit Ace across the chest with a loud knife edge chop. Ace answers back with a stiff forearm to the face, then whips Atwater toward the opposite ropes.

Shane rebounds with a full head of steam and ducks a clothesline attempt! Rebounding again, he keeps the momentum rolling and lands a crushing dropkick to the legs of Ace Watson… dropping him to the canvas.

✦BRIAN MASON: Both men starting out really aggressive here!

✦JACK WARREN: No kidding, it's sure to be a very competitive match from bell to bell. Ace seems to be underestimating Shane here…This could be his downfall.

Shane circles the downed Defiance standout, like a shark circling a meal… but only for a second. Lightning quick, he drops an elbow into the lower back of Watson and then snags an arm, using a chicken wing to try and soften up the limb of his opponent.

✦JACK WARREN: Atwater looking to cause some damage to that arm and shoulder of Watson here early on… setting up the playing field for a submission no doubt.

Ace looks to be in considerable pain as his arm is wrenched in the center of the ring. Knowing that he had to get out of the situation, he powers himself to his feet and throws a hard elbow to the gut of the subversion wrestler. Reversing the hold, he grabs Shane’s arm and pulls him toward him… before leveling him with a hard lariat!

The crowd gives a loud pop, and Ace drops down for the first pin attempt of the evening.


✦BRIAN MASON: Not sure what made him think that would be enough to put the man away… but Shane kicks out after barely a one count!

✦JACK WARREN: Crazier things have happened Brian! You don't know unless you try!

Ace stands and pulls Shane to his feet again with a hand full of hair. Leading him over to the corner, he pushes Atwater back into the turnbuckles again and steps back to taunt him and the crowd.

Charging forward, Ace looks for a running European uppercut… but Shane has it scouted and answers with a forearm of his own this time!! The sudden strike stumbles Ace… and Shane uses the opening to trap his arm again in the chicken wing position… before dropping him onto it with a high angled back drop!!!

✦JACK WARREN: Just like that, Atwater is back in the driver's seat here in a match that has proven to be as back and forth as a game of ping pong!

✦BRIAN MASON: He's really working that shoulder and arm of Ace Watson here.. seems like he's done his homework and knows that Ace has a history of problems with that shoulder.

Shane lifts Ace back to his feet, and wrenches the arm again… causing a howl to escape the lips of the defiance star as he grips his shoulder. Lunging toward the ropes out of desperation, Ace utilizes the rope break… but Shane holds on! Torquing the arm harder as the ref starts his count


Shane kicks the shoulder of Ace, and lets the hold go to avoid disqualification. Not wasting any time, Shane keeps the momentum rolling and hits the ropes on the opposite side quickly to gain some steam; looking to clothesline Ace over the ropes and onto the floor.

Seeing him coming however, Ace drops down and pulls the top rope with him…Causing Shane to dump himself over the top and out to the floor.

It's now Ace’s turn to hit the ropes, and he comes sprinting back as Shane makes it back to his feet…

Using the momentum to propel him, Ace takes Atwater back down with a brutal baseball slide to the face!

✦BRIAN MASON: Holy Hell what a kick to the face! That will really ring your bell! I’d say this crowd is on the edge of their seat wondering who's going to win here… but there isn't a person in this building who is still IN their seat right now. This crowd is on it's feet!

✦JACK WARREN: Except the person I saw in a wheelchair earlier… you stupid idiot.

✦BRIAN MASON: Oh man… then I hope they didn't hear that! Sorry!

Rolling outside of the ring, Ace makes his way over to Shane as the ref starts his count… but pauses to argue with a fan ringside with a poster that reads “Tuck or no Tuck, Ace still sucks”




Watson snatches the poster and rips it in half, but the distraction is enough to allow Shane to make it back to his feet. When Ace turns around to go back to work, he's smashed with a hard running forearm that dazes him!



Grabbing Watson quickly, Shane takes off at a full speed run and slams him into the steel ring steps, shoulder first!


The crowd echoes out at the collision and Ace rolls around in intense pain, holding his arm as Shane rolls back into the ring.




Shane stays grounded inside the ring, using the break to regain some stamina…

On the outside, Ace can be seen crawling toward the ring… using the apron to pull himself back to a standing position.



With no time to spare, Ace rolls himself back into the ring to keep the match alive! The crowd comes to an absolute roar as both men, completely exhausted, pull themselves back to their feet.

Meeting in the middle of the ring, the two warriors begin exchanging European Uppercuts… each teetering on the edge of collapse.

✦BRIAN MASON: What a match!! This one was almost over with a count out but Ace keeps his chances alive and now they slug it out in the middle of the ring… what is it going to take? What will give one of these men the edge they need to put this match away?!

Finally, Shane receives his opportunity when one of his uppercuts turns Ace away from him… exposing his back. Without missing a beat, he sprints up behind him and looks to put him away with Parabola!!!

Shane swings Ace into the air… but by some divine miracle… he spins to escape and lands on his feet!!!

Seizing the opportunity, as he landed behind Atwater in the reversal, Ace quickly locks in the full nelson and drops Shane with the replay!!!

Completely exhausted, Ace rolls the subversion competitor over and drapes an arm over him for the pin.





✦WHISPER VIPERI: Here is your winner....ACE WATSON!!

Ace’s music hits again, and he pushes himself up to his feet with the ref’s help… as Shane rolls out of the ring to the floor.

✦BRIAN MASON: Wow… just wow. What a show from these two men here tonight. If you weren't hype for the Brand Supremacy Cup before?? I can almost guarantee you are now.

✦JACK WARREN: Ace gets it done here at home. Score one for team Defiance! This is going to be one hell of a war when these teams go at it Brian. I can not wait.

The ref raises Ace's arm into the air, and he winces… jerking his hand away to rotate and rub his shoulder. Shane makes it to his feet, and makes his way up the ramp slowly… shaking his head.

WINNER: Ace Watson via pinfall (10:45)
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Jaxon Queen is seen backstage, talking to Tony Capone as they are surrounded by some of Capone’s soldiers, both speaking in hushed tones.

✦TONY CAPONE: I just don’t think it’s a good idea.

✦JAXON QUEEN: It’s not a good idea. It’s a great idea.

Capone sighs.

✦TONY CAPONE: What if it backfires on you and you’re stuck having to compete in some bullcrap?

Queen begins to laugh, motioning for the soldiers to do the same, which they awkwardly begin to do.

✦JAXON QUEEN: Come on, Tony. You know damn well how things are run around here. I’ll honestly be shocked if this backfires and they want to do something about it.

✦TONY CAPONE: Don’t you say that I didn’t warn you, but we’ll go with your plan. Need a few of my soldiers to help with the plan?

Jaxon shakes his head.

✦JAXON QUEEN: Absolutely not. I will take care of this myself. You and these guys just make sure Emilio and Jinzai don’t get jumped by Ashley’s boy toy or his stupid tag team partner. Make sure Kai doesn’t keep trying to torture Felicity either. I want them to not be getting f**ked with at all tonight. Especially not in a s**thole like this.

The audience boos before Queen realizes this, then turns to see that a cameraman has been recording them this entire time.


The cameraman can be heard cursing under his breath before he quickly races off, the view now being of the ground as he runs off, the feed eventually cutting out.

Posted Image

Just before her main event match, Felicity found herself in the comfort of her locker room. She slid her compression pad onto her arm, pulled up her kneepads and grabbed the HKW World championship from the nearest chair. She took in a deep breath and stood up to her feet.

✦FELICITY BANKS: Stop letting this… fuck! Mess with your mental, Fel.

She took four steps forward and looked in the mirror. She immediately noticed how tired she looked, tucking her head down in shame.

✦FELICITY BANKS: Furthest thing from pretty right now.

Shaking hands reached out for the faucet as Felicity closes her eyes, trying to get in the right state of mind for the six person tag team match.

✦???: A feeling you should be all too familiar with by now, your highnesss...

Felicity’s eyes snap open at the soft, sibilant hiss that made itself known right next to her ear. For a few seconds, she didn’t make a move, just convinced that she’s hearing things. That she’s allowed herself to get too worked up and now her mind is playing tricks on her.

But the reflection in the mirror staring back at her… the bright green eyes, twinkling in delight at the expression on her face and the cold smile stretched unnaturally across it’s painted features, decided end that line of thought for her.

✦KAI: You know… I wondered what would be the first to break in this little game of ours when I finally decided to play along with you. Mind, Spirit or Body. And yet here we are…

Kai makes a grand sweeping gesture between the two of them as he tilts his head curiously, staring straight back at her.

✦KAI: And all before I’ve even laid a hand on you. Pity.


The World champion scoffs.

✦FELICITY BANKS: Better people have tried to break me, and better people have failed. You wanna lay a hand on me? YOU WANNA FUCKING FIGHT?!

Felicity drops everything she’s holding and holds out her arms.

✦FELICITY BANKS: Jump then, puppet.

Kai gives a grim chuckle and runs a hand through his hair.

✦KAI: Then what do you call this, My Dear Felicity…? Picking a fight with the man in the mirror, the shadow that’s been looming over your head for the last three years. Look at what’s become of you, the so called Supreme, because of me.

Kai places a palm right against the mirror, his eyes staring unblinkingly into hers as the smile on his face becomes more unnerving.

✦KAI: It goes beyond me having a nice little residence inside your head, Ickle Felicity. I’ve burrowed under the skin and picked you apart at the synapses to the point where every corner you turn down, every dark corridor you see, my image pops up in your mind, watching every single move you make.

Bringing a finger up, Kai taps the side of his head tauntingly.

✦KAI: Whatever you think you or any member of UE can do to me physically, I’ll return it with an all out assault on the senses and take away a little piece of you with me along the way. I’m a living shadow of the mind, Felicity. Your mind. Tonight’s just a taste of what’s in store for us because until I get what I’ve broken necks for, piled body upon body and dragged my body across this planet to fight for, I’ll never rest…

Kai takes the finger he’d tapped his head with, pointing it right at her.

✦KAI: ...And neither will you.


Felicity grabs a vase that was resting in front of the mirror and tosses it straight at it! The mirror smashes into thousands of pieces, no sign of Kai in sight. Felicity begins to breathe heavily, a look of concern on her features as she backs away slowly.

✦FELICITY BANKS: I can’t deal…

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Charlie Valentine walks out on stage and stops mid-ramp. The opening to Deftones' "Cherry Waves" plays as a small screen of smoke cover the ground of the stage. As the first rift blasts through the venue, Nest walks through the curtain breathing heavily, keeping his head down. Valentine walks around to ringside. Nest looks out to the crowd briefly before eyeing the ring ahead, making his way down the ramp with an alarming sense of urgency. Nest stops right before he gets to the apron and gives a loud roar. He rolls in the ring and starts cracking his knuckles as the music dies down.

We put this festival on you bastards, with a lotta love.
We worked one year for you pigs
And you want to break our walls down?
And you want to destroy us?
Well you go to hell!!

The crowd gets rowdier by the moment as “Fucking in the Bushes” by Oasis begins to play. The theme belongs to only one man. Jackie walks out from the back of the crowd, his eyes scanning the rambunctious crowd. He heads for one of the ledges, standing up on it with a latent pride. A cheery but cocky grin spawns on his face as he amps the crowd up, screaming for them to get the fuck up! The crowd gleefully obliges him as he makes his way down the stairs.

However, much to the shock and joy of the crowd, Fowler takes an immediate dive into the crowd, surfing the wave for a moment, before allowing them to drop him off near the middle of the walkway down. From there, he looks around the arena, seeing the fans, seemingly possessed by the gritty and hooligan nature that he bears. It brings a smile to his face, furthermore he whips a false tear from his eye as he continues his way down the stairs.

His rowdy antics, including him flicking out some fans and playfully arguing with them, only gets them even more behind him. He slaps the hands of more fans on his way down, but as soon as he slaps one hand, the person grips onto them.



Jaxon Queen rises from his seat with a wide grin on his face. Before Jackie can try to get a blow in, Queen hurls him down the stairs. Jackie hits each step, bouncing off of them until he hits the end of them. He holds himself in agony as Queen walks down the stairs, taking a drink from one of the fans as he does. He gets over to Jackie and pours the beer down on top of his enemy. With a shake of the head, he goes to pick up Jackie once more and drag him back towards the stairs. Giving a look to NEST, Queen enacts his vile purpose.


Jackie sprawls out as the referee rushes out to tend to him. Queen looks at NEST and wags his finger mockingly before returning up the stairs.

✦BRIAN MASON: He ruined it! Once again, Queen comes out here and messes everything up! He has to stopped!

✦JACK WARREN: It’s called preserving your reign. No one ever said you had to defend it through matches. You can defend throughout brute force alone, and Queen got more than enough to spare!

The shot shows Fowler nodding his head as the referee asks him about any concussive symptoms. Finally, it rests on NEST, who squints his eyes at Queen’s departure. Charlie Valentine tends to him, telling him about getting another shot and that everything was going their way anyways.

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Defiance cuts backstage to show Subversion star, Celeste, walking through the catering area. The crowd give a mixed reaction. Defiance supporters obviously do not want a Subversion star featured on their show. She eyes the tables full of food, oblivious to the crowd's reaction. But before she can take up a plate a familiar voice booms throughout the catering section.


Celeste spins around, a bit shocked by her previous employer's yelling. She eyes him sternly. These outbursts are something Celeste has grown used to over the past few months as his note taker.

✦CELESTE: I am here supporting my brand.

She says proudly and ‘defiantly’. Felix storms right up to her. The crowd buzzes as they lock eyes.

✦FELIX VIALPANDO: You don’t freaking BELONG here, Celeste! Go home! Get out of my freaking sight! You don’t do anything but ruin every single moment in life when you are around!

He shakes his head.

✦FELIX VIALPANDO: Only reason you were even out there was because you wanted to get in my head! You wanted to distract me from displaying my superior reffing skills!

Celeste's mouth drops open as she can hardly believe the words coming out of Felix’s. She fires back.

✦CELESTE: I don't ruin anything! You did that for yourself. And superior reffing skills my butt! Everyone saw what you did out there. I have no reason to get in your head, you aren't champion anymore!

Felix groans.

✦FELIX VIALPANDO: IT DOESN’T MATTER! I got my eyes on the freaking Brand Supremacy Cup, which is should already be MINE! How dare you even mention me losing that title! Some friend you are...Wait, YOU’RE NOT ONE! You’re not a true friend, Celeste.

He takes out a notepad from his back pocket and writes ‘Not A True Friend’ on a piece of paper. Felix then tears out the paper and throws it at her.

✦FELIX VIALPANDO: It’s in the notes, so it’s true!

Celeste reaches down and scoops up the piece of paper. She tears it into four pieces in front of him while glaring right at his face. Then she tosses the pieces up and lets them fall like confetti around her.

✦CELESTE: That's what I think of your notes. Okay, fine. I really came here to see if we can mend. If you would apologize for what you did and said to me. But now I see that's not going to happen. I wanted to be your friend Felix but I see you are too full of yourself for that. Don't you worry about the Brand Supremacy Cup. Because it's coming home to Subversion with me!

Felix looks down at the tore up paper like he was appalled at the sight.


He looks up at her.


He frowns and then shakes his head to be mad at again at her.

✦FELIX VIALPANDO: I wanted to be your friend too...Until you turned your back on me.

✦CELESTE: Turned my back on YOU?! Are you serious right now? I did nothing but support you! How do you figure I turned my back on you Felix?

Celeste huffs. This is an outrage. She crosses her arms over her chest and waits for an answer.

✦FELIX VIALPANDO: THE MOMENT YOU DOUBTED ME?! Of all people I never thought it would be you!

Felix looks her up and down in disgust.

✦FELIX VIALPANDO: Unbelievable. And you call yourself my friend. Get outta here, Celeste. And stay the hell out of my way. That Brand Supremacy Cup is mine y MINE only.

Celeste begins to speak...only to be cut off by a shoulder bump from Felix as he storms past her. She spins around and stomps her foot. Glaring and gritting her teeth in the direction he went. A door slam echoes promptly, leaving Celeste to seeth while the scene fades to black.

Posted Image

The scene fades back out to ringside where Whisper Viperi is seen ready to announce the next match up.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: Ladies and gentlemen the next match is our main event of the evening!!!!

Cheap pop.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: This will be a six man tag team match set for one fall!!

Another cheap pop. "Stick Em Up Kid" by Zebrahead blares throughout the arena as Angelo Sands and Markus FK exit out from behind the curtains to a huge pop!

✦WHISPER VIPERI: Introducing first…weighing a combined weight of 440 pounds...The HKW World Tag Team Champions….they are the team of Angelo Sands & Markus FK, THE SWISS-ITALIAN CONNECTION!

The two fist bump at the stage before Angelo races down to the ring, slapping some hands, then sliding in. Markus takes a slower approach and walks down, slapping hands with the fans as well before he heads up the steel steps.

Once both men are in the ring, they run the ropes some before running towards one another and hitting a chest bump, then turning to the audience and pumping them up some more! Once they are finished, they head back into their corner and the two go over any last minute gameplan.

✦BRIAN MASON: I really like these two young fellas, Jack.

✦JACK WARREN: Are you gonna go ask them to pull their tights down so you can pucker up those lips? Jesus Christ, get a hold of yourself.

✦BRIAN MASON: You wanna know what I like about these two? No matter who is standing across from them they are ready for a fight. And they have the championship resume to back it up!

✦JACK WARREN: *kissy face sounds*

The wavy entrance to “Paper Planes” plays over the PA system, while green-and-blue strobes dance throughout the crowd. As the song finally bombards the arena, Ashlyn De Luca emerges through the curtains, black hoodie pulled up over her head, a casual stride to her step as she looks out into the audience.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: And their partner…hailing from ASH-Lanta, weighing in at one hundred and thirty-eight pounds...she is the HKW Bloodlust Champion….ASHLYN DE LUUUUCA!

She walks down the ramp at a leisurely pace, but pauses before breaking into a half-jog, running toward the barrier closest to the hard-camera. She leaps onto the barricade, motioning for the camera to “catch her good side”, flashing THE MOST MARKETABLE SMILE to the audience at home before slapping the hands of those closest to her in the front row. She finally hops down from the barricade and pivots, sliding into the ring. She hits the ropes just once before coming to a stop in the center, smirking back out to the crowd as she pulls her hoodie off, tossing it aside as her music fades.

✦JACK WARREN: Hello beautiful!

✦BRIAN MASON: Oh now you’re in a happy mood.

✦JACK WARREN: Of course I am. You know who didn’t cause her any harm earlier tonight so I’m glad to see her breathing.

✦BRIAN MASON: You know who?

✦JACK WARREN: Don’t speak his name, Mase. You know the rules. You seen what happens when you speak his name.

As the scene fades back at ringside, the lighting goes pitch black as “Upper Echelon” by. Travis Scott feat. T.I. & 2 Chainz fades in. On the titantron a series of animal faces flash on the screen. As the horn sounds the lights being to flash like strobe lights until the actual song hits.

Pull out the zip, pull out the ride (roll out)
We so high, upper echelon (Straight up)
We so fuckin' high, upper echelon

The camera pans down at the stage and there stood the tro of thee Upper Echelon, Jinzai, Emilio Vialpando and Felicity Banks! In the middle of them was their manager Tony Capone.

Pull out the zip, pull out the ride (roll out)
We so high, upper echelon (Straight up)
We so fuckin' high, upper echelon

The Upper Echelon looks out to the fans listening to their boos for a moment before they began to make their way down the ramp. Tony Capone fell back and followed behind them as they led the way. Emilio laughed at the fans as they booed them while Jinzai was heard talking trash to the fans.


The crowd boos them even more as they watch the elite team begin to make their way into the ring. Capone walks around to ringside giving his clients a round of applause. Emilio, Jinzai and Felicity climb up on opposite turnbuckles taunting towards the crowd mocking them even. Once they hop down to the mat they walk over to their corner and talk with Capone until the match begins.

✦JACK WARREN: Bow the hell down, Mase! We are now in the presence of Gods!

✦BRIAN MASON: I most certainly will not! I hate all three of them!

✦JACK WARREN: How dare you! This is why you aren’t getting presents this Christmas.

Posted Image

Upper Echelon (Dragon, Scorpion and Snake) vs. Ashlyn De Luca and The S-I Connection


The raucous South East London crowd are on their feet as the bell finally rings. The reaction gets even louder as they've just realised that Banks and De Luca are both going to represent their respective teams to start this match off. The crowd is heavily in De Luca's favour but there's a small contingent in this rebellious crowd cheering for the HKW Hall of Famer.

✦JACK WARREN: The man feels like this is one helluva big fight feel tonight.

✦BRIAN MASON: You have one of the most despicable clans in wrestling today going up against some of Defiance’s beloved. It's hardly a surprise.

✦JACK WARREN: I wouldn’t say Ashlyn and S-I Connection are despicable but hey.


The two ladies begin to circle the ring, not taking their eyes off each other, still talking trash at one another, still keeping the intensity high. The circling gets quicker as they start to try and work out what they other has planned, the intensity increasing along with the noise level in the building. Ashlyn charges forward but Felicity ducks, De Luca charges the other way and Felicity ducks again, tagging in Jinzai as immediately the crowd responds in jeers. With a smirk and a wag of the finger, Banks mouths the words, "On my time", before exiting the ring allowing Upper Echelon's Dragon to step inside the ring. De Luca is visibly annoyed, shaking her head before squaring up with Jinzai. The two immediately lock up in a collar and elbow, Jinzai immediately takes control with a headlock, thanks to his height and weight advantage. De Luca tries to pry his arm off of her skull but Jinzai persists, even going as far as wrenching down on her head and grinding his forearm deep into her cheekbone.

Jinzai throws her over with a headlock takedown, but Ashlyn catches his head with her legs, causing him to release the hold. She's got him in a grounded headscissors now and Jinzai pushes against the mat in an effort to try and escape but to no avail. De Luca slaps Jinzai hard on his back causing him to writhe around, his head still stuck like an ostrich's head in the sand. Drago manages to throw his legs up in an effort to distract De Luca before throwing his weight back down and snapping his head out and immediately responding with a kick to De Luca's chest that echoes throughout the O2. A collective "Oooo" comes from the live crowd as Jinzai immediately drops for a lackadaisical cover.



The pin wasn't so much to win the match but more so to maintain control over De Luca. Jinzai gets back up to his feet and rolls Ashlyn off the mat, soaking in the jeers from the crowd before De Luca breaks free of his grip and fires off a series of stiff European Uppercuts! Jinzai is stunned for a moment as De Luca stomps on his foot before kicking his other leg out from underneath him, dropping him on two knees before she hits the ropes. Jinzai drops down in an attempt to trip her but De Luca hops over and continues her momentum, hitting the opposing set of ropes, on her return she ducks under Jinzai who leapfrogs over her and hits the ropes himself. Jinzai goes for a flying forearm smash but De Luca side steps sending Jinzai into the ropes, on the rebound she leaps up and slings Jinzai across the ring with a huge Hurricanrana! Jinzai scrambles back up to his feet just to get taken down again with a running Elbow Strike from De Luca, the defiant Drago rolls back up on his feet and ducks under a Spinning Heel Kick attempt! He spins back around and throws a hard double palm thrust into the chest of De Luca before looking to finish his famed combo with the Snap Kick but De Luca backs off on instinct and falls on her ass. We have ourselves a stalemate! The audience roars in approval of the heated action as Jinzai winks at De Luca before backing off slowly.

✦BRIAN MASON: Nice match up we’re having here against Jinzai and De Luca, Jack. Both showing some real speed and skill here.

✦JACK WARREN: True but Jinzai has the advantage here I think. He’s quicker and stronger than Ashlyn for sure.

✦BRIAN MASON: Pssh, Ashlyn has the brains.

✦JACK WARREN: No, she’s just pretty. She has the toughness but I wouldn’t say smarts is her strong suit. She called out Flame earlier for f**ks sake. That’s not smart. OH MY GOD I SAID HIS NAME!!!!!??!? No! No please don’t haunt me tonight!

With some motivation from her tag team partners for the night, De Luca cautiously makes her way back up to her feet where she is greeted in the most arrogant of manners as Jinzai raises a hand, gesturing for a test of strength. De Luca looks up at hand with a half chuckle before glaring out at the crowd, their response mixed with some encouraging her to give the test of strength a shot despite the obvious weight disadvantage and some having a sneaking suspicion about the offer. Jinzai goads her on before she shakes her head, insisting that she isn't planning on playing his game. Jinzai drops his hand for a moment and ponders before suddenly hacking up as much saliva as possibly and spitting right in De Luca's face! The disrespect garners an immediate response from the London crowd as they rain down Jinzai with boos. He has a shit-eating grin on his face as he slowly raises his hand back up again, De Luca wipes the spit from her face and ABSOLUTELY TEARS AT JINZAI'S CHEST WITH A THUDDING OPEN HAND CHOP!

✦BRIAN MASON: Ouch! That’s gonna leave a mark!

✦JACK WARREN: I don’t appreciate this spreading for germs, Mase. And by germs I mean your excitement for the blatant disrespect of Jinzai!

✦BRIAN MASON: Are we watching the same match?

The crowd roars in approval as she raises her hand with a smug grin on her face, now she's the one challenging Jinzai to a test of strength. Jinzai raises his hand in response before immediately catching De Luca off guard with a knee to the gut, before he hoisted her up and DROPS HER DOWN WITH MOTHERFUCKING DEATH BY KONAMI (Vertical Drop Brainbuster)! He immediately floats over for a cover




Jinzai wastes no time in picking De Luca back up and dragging her back to his corner as Emilio tags in to even more boos from the crowd. Jinzai hoists De Luca up as Emilio hops in and delivers a superkick right to her head before Jinzai brings her down with a Spinebuster! Jinzai rolls out of the ring as Emilio viciously jumps onto De Luca's chest with both his feet! He drives his heels into her chest with the help of the ropes before hopping off and rolling her up to her feet. Emilio talks some trash to her before lightly slapping her across the face, De Luca suddenly bursts to life with fires off some forearm shots before she hops up for a Tornado DDT attempt but Emilio counters into a Firerman's Carry position before dumping her head first across his knee! He lays in a few stomps to the chest before scaling the nearby top rope. He maintains his balance before leaping off with a huge Frog Splash...BUT DE LUCA GETS HER KNEES UP! The high risk pays no dividends for the HKW Hall of Famer as he writhes around, clutching at his rib cage. De Luca slowly rises to her feet, looking to make a tag at long last, Emilio scrambles up to his feet and practically throws himself at her but she dives under him and makes the tag to Angelo Sands! Sands comes in like a house on fire and drops Emilio with successive right hands over and over, Vialpando keeps getting up just to get knocked down. Emilio rises to his feet once again and swings at Sands who ducks under, hooks both of his arms and dumps El Serpiente on the back of his head with a brutal Tiger Suplex and manages to hold a bridge!





Markus immediately charges the ring and hits a low dropkick to a seated Jinzai's face as Felicity enters the fray and drops Markus with a Space Jam DDT (Jumping DDT) as he's getting back up to his feet! Jinzai rolls back up and holds Banks back before putting the boots to Markus himself kicking one half of the Tag Team Champions to the outside and making chase. Emilio and Sands are both on their knees trading blows once again but Fel interjects herself in that exchange with a BANK SHOT RIGHT ANGELO'S JAW! The impact of the kick sends Sands to the outside as Emilio smirks and gingerly crawls out behind him leaving Banks alone in the ring. With Markus and Jinzai trading blows on one side of the ring and Emilio and Angelo trading blows on the other side, Banks comes to a realization that someone is missing. The crowd roars in excitement as Banks turns around and is face to face with Ashlyn De Luca. Banks is hesitant for a moment before she hypes herself up and seems ready to go to war with De Luca now.

✦BRIAN MASON: Here we go! This is exactly what that bitch Felicity denied us earlier! A match up between two of our female singles champions!

✦JACK WARREN: You really wanna see Ashlyn fail so bad.

✦BRIAN MASON: Felicity is overrated, Jack.

✦JACK WARREN: Says the guy who wiped his tears with her panty collection once upon a time.

De Luca and Banks goe nose to nose, the intensity in the arena at an all time high and just as they're about to go blow for blow and rip each other apart...The lights go out! There's a buzz in the crowd, not quite a hush but more confusion if anything.







De Luca herself is taken aback, as she takes two steps back but backs right into Flame himself!


Flame spins her around and the two begin to trade blows in the center of the ring as the O2 comes unglued. Banks is frozen, possibly in shock or even in fear but suddenly she turns on her heel and dives for the ropes in effort to get the hell out but Kai grabs hold of her, spins her around and sends her out the hard way with much more force than she would've liked! He dives through the ropes, picking up Banks and sending her right into the steel steps hard!

In the ring, De Luca swings for Flame ducks under and hooks both of De Luca's arms before twisting around and standing up vertically but dropping down with a PYRO BREAKER! Emilio finds his way into the ring and charges at Flame who side steps and sends Vialpando off into the ropes, Emilio comes back and is speared out of his boots with a Fireball! Flame isn't done with him yet as he lines him up before scaling the top rope and CRUSHES VIALPANDO WITH A BLAZIN' SPLASH!


On the outside Kai is absolutely laying into Banks before he hoisted her up AND DROPS HER WITH A KAI BOMB ON THE ENTRANCE RAMP!



All that's left of Upper Echelon is Jinzai and the crowd are roaring for him to get his ass handed to him as he tees off on Markus FK. Jinzai fires off a series of knees before hooking in a front facelock, attempting a vertical suplex but Markus reverses the momentum and hoists Jinzai up instead, Sands has made his way around to his team mate, he calls out to him and Markus drops Jinzai's legs onto Sands shoulder and THE Y DROP HIM WITH ALL AROUND THE WORLD ON THE OUTSIDE!


The crowd is in a fit at the sight of Upper Echelon's demolition here tonight! Flame stands over both Emilio and Ashlyn, Kai stands over a broken Felicity Banks and The S-I Connection stand over Jinzai!

Flame walks over to the announce desk and picks up the Bloodlust Championship, he looks at it for a moment before slinging it over his shoulder.

✦BRIAN MASON: Now wait a second. What the hell do you think you are doing with that?!

✦JACK WARREN: Shut up Mase or we’ll be next damnit!

He looks up to the ring where both Ashlyn and Emilio laid motionless. He then looked through the ropes to the other side of the ring where Kai stood over Felicity. Sensing his gaze, Kai looks over his shoulder slowly at his once foe Flame who held the Bloodlust Championship over his shoulder. Flame stared hard at Kai for a moment before whipping his hair back and nodding towards Kai. Once Kai nods back to him the lights go out in the arena. Once they come back on Flame and Kai were gone leaving S-I Connection standing over Jinzai. The two World Tag Team Champions now look at the destruction and shrug as they turn to the fans hyping them up as the scene begins to fade away.

WINNERS: No Contest (15:03)
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