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Placing the Blame.; Gabi Davenport & James Magnum Jr. CD
Topic Started: Dec 6 2017, 02:46 PM (102 Views)

Tuesday the 28th of November. - Subversion Fallout Continued.

J-R in the hospital room, his head down looking at the floor. He sighs heavily, looking over at Gabi who is still unconscious in the hospital bed. Two days he has been waiting for her to be coherent. He lifts his hand up placing it on her forehead.

J-R: Hey, I am going to do something but if you ever tell anyone I did it, not only will I deny it but I will say you are delirious and need help.

He smirks ever so slightly as he starts singing.

J-R:Some people live for the fortune, some people live just for the fame. Some people live for the power, some people live just to play the game. Some people think that the physical things define what's within. and I've been there before, and that life's a bore. So full of the superficial, some people want it all. But I don't want nothing at all. If it ain't you baby. If I ain't got you baby. Some people want diamond rings, some just want everything, but everything means nothing. If I ain't got you.

About half way through the song without his knowledge, a female nurse walked behind him and stood at the doorway. As he finishes up up she stands there smiling over his shoulder. After a moment,

Gabi’s eyes flickered softly, opening as she looked up and then turned her head to look at him with an obvious confusion written all over her face. She tries to turn slightly to look at him properly but pain shoots through the left side of her body and before she can say anything a whimper from that pain precedes her.

Gabi: J-R?

She poses his name more like a question as she rolls her neck trying to loosen the tightness she feels through her entire body. J-R gets to his feet, standing over her, in order to make sure she doesn’t have to move to see him.

J-R: Hey there, I am right here goof, I will come to you, no need to move around too much.

He reaches over her body grabbing her right hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

J-R: You look very nice by the way.

He says trying to raise her spirits a bit. She laughs slightly and the action causes her to wince as it jostles her ribs.

Gabi: I somehow doubt that…

She squeezes his hand softly, her eyelids drooping slightly thanks to the pain medication coursing through her veins.

Gabi: But I like that you said it.

He walks over to the other side of the bed never letting go of her hand, getting on her left side. He leans down beside her seeing the nurse. He sighs.

J-R: Well, you look very beautiful for a woman who basically went through a car crash, a nurse is here, and I am guessing it is not to see me. I have kept my shirt on this whole time, so I don’t know why she would be here to see me.

He gives Gabi a wink. She laughs with a wince again and flicks her glance over at the nurse.

Gabi: I feel like a few cars hit me.

She squeezes his hand as she looks back to him with a soft sigh.

Gabi: Thank you for keeping your shirt on, I think the heart monitor would embarrass me if you took it off.

He lets out a chuckle for the first time in a long time. He nods, feeling a bit better about the situation. Still worried, but at least she seems somewhat like herself.

J-R: If you would like I can leave.

The nurse interjects herself quickly.

Nurse: Your husband can stay if you want.

J-R bit down on his lip looking over Gabi, he sighs.

J-R: It is totally up to the wife.

Gabi frowns for a minute, confused before she catches on and shakes her head.

Gabi: Stay, please… I don’t want you to leave unless you have to.

She pulls on his arm slightly with some effort via the hand he’s holding.

Gabi: Not ever.

He looks down at her, bending down into a kneeling position beside her.

J-R: I am not going anywhere honey, sooner they get you checked out, the sooner we can get out of here, and I can take care of you.

The nurse comes over checking the machines.

Nurse: How bad is the tpain?

Gabi draws in a breath and offers up a neutral expression to the nurse.

Gabi: It’s fine, I can tolerate it… I honestly don’t think I need to still be here, I can rest just the same back at the hotel.

The nurse checks her blood pressure and a couple of other things.

Nurse: The doctor will not release you until at least tomorrow, due to the concussion and he wants to keep an eye on you for at least another day.

J-R: But she is okay.

A look of slight concern sweeps across his face.

Nurse: It is normal, we are keeping her for observation, but if everything comes back good, we should be releasing her tomorrow.

JR smiles, leaning in to kiss Gabi but stops short.

J-R: I won’t break you if I kiss you will I?

She smiles and stares up into his eyes for a moment, sighing out another smile.

Gabi: Even if I would, it would still be worth it.

She turns her head to lean in with minimal effort to kiss him softly, her eyes closing as she kisses him, inhaling to take in his scent with the kiss,

Gabi: Yeah, would definitely be worth it.

The nurse finishes up and leaves the room, allowing for J-R to circle that bed once more.

J-R: You want me to get ahold of Bri? Or Paul? Or anyone for that matter? Just to give them an update. They haven’t exactly been too polite since you have been in here. Between there arguing and you being in here. Ugh.

He takes a deep sigh collecting himself.

J-R: It has been a little difficult on me. I don’t need you to be concerned about that though.

She pushes up on her elbows, letting go of his hand to pull herself up to slightly more ofs sitting position, she helps slightly but pushes herself up just the same so she’s sitting up more, reaching out for his hand again.

Gabi: You should update Paul, I’m sure he’s just worried and is letting that get the better of him, most people don’t have the control that you do.

Her eyes stay trained on him as she sighs softly.

Gabi: I can’t imagine this is too easy for you either, but you have no idea how much it means to open my eyes and see you here… even if I was apparently not woken up by you singing to me...

He blushes slightly turning his head away from her.

J-R: I have no idea what you are talking about. I am far too intimidating and manly to ever sing to you in the hospital.

Grabbing her hand, he laughs.

J-R: Seriously, never tell anyone about that. Please, I will never hear the end of it, but yeah it has been a little rough for me. But I have been dealing with everything, taking care of all your stuff, and mine. I got this.

She smiles up at him and squeezes his hand once more.

Gabi: I like that it’s a little secret between you and I. Has Bri been insufferable? I’m a little surprised she isn’t here, but she had things to take care of I guess...

He pauses, not sure how to respond in this moment.

J-R: I really can not say. I know she is worried, but if she wanted to be here she could be. Paul and her have been fighting nonstop. At some point I am going to handle that as well, but right now. She has been about a six on the pain in the ass scale. Which is not too bad for me, considering I did threaten to kill her.

He trails off as he says the last statement. Gabi’s eyes widen slightly and she sits up without thinking, actually crying out as she pulls her hand away to grab at her ribs, sucking in a pained breath as she rests back against the pillows, returning her hand back to his.

Gabi: I’m sorry… you did WHAT?!

She frowns, perplexed as to why he would do that, she immediately lowers her tone when she shouts though, looking a little sheepish.

Gabi: What… What happened, I don’t even remember anything after coming through the curtain.. what?

He sighs deeply, knowing that if he told her, she would be upset even before her reaction. He takes a moment, then begins to talk.

J-R: I did not even know what happened, I had just gotten to the arena when I saw you on a stretcher. Basically, she promised to keep you safe and she didn’t. Then decided to tell me I was not going with you in the ambulance. Yeah, I was mad, lost my cool, and threatened her.

He folds his arms, leaning back away from her.

J-R: I honestly do not feel that bad about it. She made a promise and broke it. If you were Chris…

He stops not wanting to continue further. She sighs and nods slightly, pulling her hand back she wraps her arms around her middle and looks down, shaking her head.

Gabi: I’m sure she just…

Gabi wants to make an excuse for her but can’t think of anything so instead she just allows her words to trail off, her tone dropping to barely above a whisper.

Gabi: Thank you for being here… and for taking care of things.

J-Rs expression changes a little, a frown appearing on his face.

J-R: I get that, I just hate that she talked about Paul and myself the way she did. She repeatedly said we weren’t safe for you to hang out with, but we had you for two weeks and nothing happened. She gets you for less than two hours and this happens, and if this happened to Chris, you know we all would be here for her.

He waits for a moment, then continues.

J-R: You are her sister, she should be here.

She nods her head, still looking down as she licks at the edge of the blanket with her one working hand.

Gabi: Why would she be..? She hasn’t been here for me my entire life J-R, this isn’t any different and fuck her for saying that.

Her tone gets an edge to it as she bites back in her jaw, despite the pain the action causes.

Gabi: I don’t even want to hear from her right now if that’s the kinds of things she’s been saying!

Turning his head J-R smiles a bit, mostly because he is tired of hearing how horrible he is from Bri. Not to mention, her constantly claiming that J-R would end up getting Gabi hurt in one way or another.

J-R: I get the concern on her end, but I know this would not have happened if Brutus, Paul, and I would have been there. They might have hurt us, hell they might have done what they did to you to one of us. But any one of us would have sacrificed ourselves for you.

He turns back to Gabi, leaning down and kissing her on the forehead.

J-R: But it is okay now, I am not going to leave you alone for stuff like that to happen anymore. I think you know what is best for you. Even if your sister thinks you’re just a foolish kid, and follows through with her threat to send you back to South Africa, at least that is what she told Paul she might do.

Gabi’s Head shoots up and she stares at him clearly speechless for a few minutes before she scoffs and shakes her head.

Gabi: She said she was thinking of sending me back? … She doesn’t care at all, does she?!

J-R puts his hands up in the air, innocently.

J-R: I do not know, Paul said she tweeted it and threatened him via text with it. The real problem is if she does decide to do it. There is not much we can do. Paul is looking into ways to stop it, even trying to get your papers put in his name, but even if he does. With the current politics in America, you have a span of time where you can be basically deported, and you sister has the power to send you back.

J-R folds his hands together, then walks to the bottom of the bed. His expression is one of pain and contempt. Clearly upset by the prospect of her being sent back home.

J-R: But basically she thinks the S.O.S is the issues. Blames us for all of this, and thinks we are controlling you. I honestly, just want you to be safe. Bri seems to be the one that wants to control everything.

Gabi leans back into the pillows for a moment, running her one good hand through her hair with a soft flinch at lifting her arm too high, her face is like thunder, her eyebrows knitted together in a frown and her complexion flushed red with anger.

Gabi: All she wants is to control me! She never cared about what I wanted and now she can’t stand that I can be happy without her, she’s the most selfish.. insufferable… ignorant people I have ever known…

She bites back on her jaw again, as she huffs out a breath her voice becomes almost a growl with her words.

Gabi: She thinks I’m insipid and helpless, treating me like some stupid little kid who doesn’t have control over her emotions or her actions. Fuck her, you know what?

She looks up at J-R with an arch of her brows and a small smirk on her lips.

Gabi: Let her think it… let her believe that I still need her, why not, right? I’m the long run having her close right now might be the smart move, it’ll make it all the more powerful when I show her exactly how much I don’t now and have never needed her.

The numbers on the machine start to raise as she gets more aggravated. J-R walks over to her placing his hand on her right side.

J-R: Calm down, please, just breath.

He leans down kissing her on lips passionately, before pulling away.

J-R: All in good time, right now you just need to stay here. Listen to her if you must, I really do not want to fight this from a legal point of view. She will probably win, the only way we win is if I marry you.

He softens his voice incase one of the staff walks by. Knowing that the only reason he was allowed to stay this long is they think they are married.

J-R: So, let’s focus and make sure we give her no reason to call us a cult, or anything that will make her too upset. We can work with her for now if that is okay with you?

Gabi sucks in a breath and steadies herself, nodding her head.

Gabi: Okay, I can do that… I can bite my tongue and do what she asks, for us. But please, get me out of here as soon as possible?

JR smiles softly.

J-R: I think I can do that, but no more crazy stuff until you are all healed up. That means you stay in bed, and no more shows until further notice. Last thing I want is anything going wrong again. We tell your sister this incident completely turned you against the wrestling business if need be. Then we work on getting you back to feeling like yourself. I can be as pleasant as I need to be to her. But you are going to have to talk to her. At least convince her you can not be moved while you are recovering.

She huffs slightly and pouts at him, jutting out her bottom lip as she folds her arms.

Gabi: That seems like an awfully long time to stay in bed… What about when you go back to school? And go to shows and the gym.. and I’ll miss you if I have to stay in bed the whooollllleeeeee time!

J-R: Not fair! That is cheating!

He glares at her.

J-R: We will talk about it when you get home and feel better. Okay? I am just worried at the moment.

She bats her eyelashes as she juts her lip out again.

Gabi: Okay, fine.. just please take me home!

J-R rolls his eyes.

J-R: The thing is that we need to make sure you are well enough to be home. Last thing I want is to end up back in another hospital. I will take you home soon. Promise.

She nods and lies back against the pillows with a soft yawn, the monitors around her final start to return to a calm level as the exhaustion of the last few days mixed with her pain medication starts to win out over her desire to keep pleading her case.

Gabi: Okay, maybe I just need a little nap first anyway…

She yawns again, her eyes starting to flutter closed as a soft, tired sigh leaves her lips.

J-R: I will be right here when you wake up.

He walks back over to his seat, sitting down he looks at her smiling before leaning back and closing his eyes.

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