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RISE | BREAKTHROUGH #037; 12/06/17
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Sean Sands
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Show Date & Time: Decemer 6th, 2017 at 8PM EST on EVOLVE!
Location: RISE Gym in Detroit, Michigan
Commentators: Cyncity, Eli Zayn

In the backstage area, C.T. Roessler is looking a little down as he fiddles with some plain white sheets of paper. Destiny approaches with the camera following close behind, asking the former number one contender to the Great Lakes Championship how he’s doing.

“I’ve been better,” he says bluntly with a sigh, not looking up to meet the interviewer’s eyes. She cocks her head, and asks what’s on his mind. “Bailey had a lot to say after her last match.”

“That’s actually what I wanted to talk to you about,” Destiny responds, happy to be settling right into interview mode without having to get through a card trick. “Do you have any feelings on what she had to say? Or a response?”

“Well,” C.T. sighed again, as he started to fiddle with his papers a little more consciously, but looked up at the Destiny and the camera now. “Bailey told the world how she feels about me and the stuff I’m made of, but frankly her opinion doesn’t matter, at least not to me. I know what I’m made of, and I know I’m championship material.

“She claims she was taking a breath, a rest, and I guess if that’s the case then I apologize. But it looked to me like she was trying to walk away from the match, and that… is not championship material,” C.T. now stands up, shuffling through the papers without even glancing at his hands as he steps a bit closer to the camera. “I know that she bested me at Seizure of Power, and I gave her the respect she was due on the twitter. If she doesn’t think I was being sincere, I guess that’s, once again, her opinion.

“But I swear, I didn’t walk onto that stage last Breakthrough to insert myself into any conversations,” for a moment, Roessler stops moving his hands and the papers, a sad expression coming to his face. “I’m sorry for getting involved when I shouldn’t have, I definitely didn’t mean to taint any legacies. I just didn’t want the fans to be robbed of a proper finish.”

After a pause, C.T. glances off down one of the hallways with another sigh, before continuing on.

“I do think I’m deserving of the Great Lakes Championship, and I hope the region’s citizens agree with me. But I’m going to work my way back up to earning a shot at it, whatever it takes. I don’t want to take anybody else’s shots or stand in anyone else’s way, so I wish luck to whoever it is that Bailey is facing tonight. And to Bailey herself. She’s a great athlete when she wants to be, and these fans deserve to see her at her best,” finally, C.T. glances down at the papers as he waves a hand over them just once.

“I’ll be watching the match tonight for sure, so I can continue working and preparing for my next shot if and when I earn it,” he says with a nod to the camera, before lifting his hands up toward Destiny and handing her the papers. Confused, she takes them and starts to flip through what was once just blank sheets, but is now several hundred dollar bills. Her mouth falls agape, and she looks up to question C.T. Roessler but, of course, he’s already disappeared.

“Well, it sounds like C.T. is not done gunning for the Great Lakes Championship, and he’ll have his eyes on Bailey’s defense tonight!” The camera begins to fade as it moves in, focusing on the stack of bills.

Cedric Chambers is seen walking the halls, his eyes down on his phone. However, that doesn’t last long as Boaz comes into the shot, tackling Cedric to the ground as the two begin fighting with one another!

The two eventually get to their feet and begin brawling around the backstage area before they end up in Brett’s office, the two brawling all the way until they reach the desk! Brett calls for security and they rush in before they restrain both men.

Sands, sick of their fighting, says he wants it to end. So next show, Boaz will pick an opponent for Cedric and Cedric will pick an opponent for Boaz. The one who beats their opponent faster will decide the stipulation for their match at Its Time 2!

He then has both of them kicked out of the arena, which gets a chorus of boos from the audience.


Bailey Kaitlin Huff © vs Alvin Dante Drexler

She pretty much pulled him into a rear naked choke seconds in and Alvin tapped out quickly. No big deal, though Bailey sure as hell tried to make it seem like one.

WINNER and STILL champion: Bailey Kaitlin Huff (0:16)
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Sean Sands
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In the backstage area, the camera opens on the back of a figure dressed in a white Gucci suit. The figure’s long, slightly-curled, black hair is pulled back into a bun, making it quickly obvious that this is none other than one half of the #1 Contenders to the RISE Tag Team Championships. Instead of turning towards the camera, he carefully places a matching fedora atop his head, and simply casts a glance over his shoulder from behind his Maybach sunglasses.

“I’ve decided to start something tonight, something I think this brand desperately needs. A forum for the elite,” he pauses to point at himself, and then off camera, at which point the scene pans out revealing the hulking figure of Goliath not far away, looking nearly as dapper in black dress pants and a skin-tight wife beater. “To interview those beneath us, and figure out just what makes them think they deserve to mingle amongst us.”

With a clap of his hands, Trent finally spins around, taking a step towards the camera as Goliath makes a motion to grab something off the floor. He steps towards Trent and places his black fur coat on his shoulders, as Trent smiles and tilts his head down, glancing into the lens above his frames.

“Tonight marks the beginning of Breathe Easy, my very own talk show. And our first guests? The vile nerds that call themselves Witch Hunter Robin,” he winks, before tilting his head back up and walking off, calling back over his shoulder to add one more thing. “Tune in!”

Zola Star is seen walking backstage looking around with her camera crew closely following behind her. She crosses her arms and stops in front of Brett Sands who’s eating a snack at the catering table.

“There you are Brett! If I didn’t know any better I’d think you’re avoiding me.”

Zola said before laughing to herself watching Brett.

“Look, I think you should reverse the decision that made Brylee Number one contender. I had her beat! But she cheated...and it’s not fair.”

Zola says crossing her arms while Brett gives her a confused look.

“Forgive me if I’m wrong, but the last time you and Zola were in the ring together, before this #1 contender’s match, didn’t you cheat?”

Star tries to say something but Sands stops her.

“In fact, I vividly remember Brylee being upset that Malyn got involved in her match and thus allowing you to win. So how is what happened that first time any better than what happened this time?”

“This is nothing like how I beat her last time! You know what...if you want to be that way...fine. FINE! But you’ll regret not giving what your STAR what she wants!”

Zola says before knocking some things on the floor storming away from him as her camera crew follows behind.

Alonso Hughes & Charlie Christchurch vs Josiah Weber & Reed Buchanan

This was actually a surprisingly good tag team match. Reed and Josiah worked very well while Alonso and Charlie had their problems, yet still brought the fight. Eventually, Reed speared Alonso while Josiah hit Charlie with Fire At Will, covering him afterwards and picking up the win!

Reed then looked for a handshake after the match, trying to solidify his partnership with Josiah...who smiled and reached forward, the two shaking hands!

Buchanan then grabbed a mic and stated that now that both he and Weber are on the same page, it’s time that they go after some big dogs. So next Breakthrough...they’ll be calling out the Daughters of Janus!

WINNERS: Josiah Weber & Reed Buchanan (8:43)
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Sean Sands
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A very satisfied looking Bailey Kaitlin Huff has a bounce in her step as she makes her way through the hall backstage. After spotting the camera crew, she wipes her brow and takes a deep breath before approaching it. She volunteers that it was a real tough test having to face a highly accomplished amateur wrestler. But that's what elite athletes do, they seek out other great athletes and take them down with killer instinct. That's just what she does, there weren't any parlor tricks or turning herself into doves. This was a perfect display of athletic prowess, which is what she's bringing to the Great Lakes Title and RISE as a whole. Speaking of Killer instinct, that's one of the three main principles of BKH: Breathtaking skill, Killer instinct and Humility in victory.

As Bailey is in the middle of her monologue, Juan Ramirez walks in and tells her he's glad she's feeling confident because he's got a title defense lined up for her at It's Time II. And he's got an idea for how to set up her challenger. Since she doesn't feel C.T. is worthy, maybe he can prove his worth. He'll face the other half of WRESTLENIUM next show-- since BKH made the great point that they are top of the line worthy former amateur wrestlers-- and if he can beat him? He'll be facing her for the belt.

The smug grin has disappeared from BKH's face and she deadpans back "Actually that's a terrible idea."

Ramirez disagrees, saying it's a great one that he'd like to thank her for her help with. And to make it even better, if C.T. wins? Their match will take place with No Countouts or Disqualifications!

On that note he walks off, leaving the Great Lakes Champion behind.

Aric Hardy vs Tatum Momo'a

Nice back and forth match before Tatum got the victory via countout. Legendary then tried attacking her afterwards, but she bailed the ring, wanting nothing to do with the three men in the ring.

WINNER: Tatum Momo’a (6:54)
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The cameras cut back to the ring and “What It Worth” by Dominique Young Unique plays over the speaker system and Kenni Killswitch walks out from the back. The young girl is dressed down from her normal appearances in RISE. She has a grey hoodie pulled over her head and a pair of black baggy sweatpants on. She makes her way to the ring not engaging with the crowd at all. The entire way there her face is frozen in a determined stare even as she slides into the ring. She waves for a mic and then paces in the ring for a little while. She stops at one of the corners of the ring and sits on the top turnbuckle before bringing the microphone up to her mouth.

Kenni: HKW’s Seizure of Power. November 9th 2016. 8 o clock on the dot. The McGuirk Arena. Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. A young girl who for the last few weeks had been training. Getting her butt kicked. Working out. And toootes preparing for this date. That night she walks out, in front of those people, In front of an entire community. In front of like the whole world. And time stops right before she steps out? She thinks to herself, Can I really do this? Can I prove to an entire arena, to all those fans at home, to all the trainers and to all the other wrestlers in that lockeroom behind me? That I’m cut out for this. That I belong. That I deserve for them to know my name? Or… Should I defi just like turn around and run. That girl chose not to run. She totes chose to woman up and Seize Power. She walked out there and told everyone who she was and why she was here.

The hardcore Princess hops down from the turnbuckle and sits on the ring apron.

Kenni: Then, November 23rd, of that same month, that same girl had her very first match and she showed that she was meant to be here. She wrestled and put on a good match. But then she went even further. She chose to Break Through. She beat one terrible, poor, sorry excuse of a wrestler down so bad that it defi made you remember her. She showed that judging her based off her looks was not a good idea. Hit the fast forward button a little bit and we end up at March 29th, 2017. This exact same girl, comes up with this plan to get noticed even more than she already has. She enacts this briiiiliant plan knowing it’ll get her allllll the spotlights. But it would be at the expense of a girl who thinks they’re friends. What does she do? She goes with the plan regardless of who gets caught in the Crossfire.

Kenni stands up and steps through the ropes. She continues talking as she walks to the other side of the ring.

Kenni: Fast forward again to just a few months ago. August 16th.

She stays inside the ring, this time leaning forward against the ropes.

Kenni: THE SAME GIRL obvi had another great match. This match she gave it her all. She put blood sweat and tears into getting ready for this match. She put on a classic. A match that one day you’ll look back and tell all your little ugly grandbabies about. A match where she LOST PART OF HER TOOTH! A match that she got kicked out of the RISE Pro gym for. But didn’t come out the winner. But that’s okay. She may not have come out the winner, she may have not been let back into the gym, but she Emerged letting everyone know that she was totes a Platinum Star. A Platinum star that almost beat the RISE Pro Champion. A Platinum Star that’s now on Team Rise Pro, Regardless of not being in the gym. A platinum star that WILL be RISE’s money maker. A platinum star that WILL boost ratings through the roof. A platinum star that WILL be a champion. A platinum star that WILL own Rise Pro. A platinum star that WILL DEFINITELY make a name for herself.

The blonde female backs up to the center of the ring and stares into one of the cameras at ring side.

Kenni: That Girls name Is Kenni Killswitch. And I WILL become the Next HKW vs. Rise Pro Cup Winner. It’s my destiny to be great. I’m a third generation hardcore future legend. It’s in my genes.

Killswitch turns towards the entrance way.

Kenni: So on January 3rd, everyone in this arena Tonight, Everyone watching at home, everyone in the K Woe Hit Squad should be watching. Because It’s Time To remember the name Kenni Killswitch.

She motions for someone to come out with her free hand.

Kenni: So whoever it is you loooosers have back there for my next opponent, bring them out. I’m Waaaaaaaaaaaiting.

A few moments pass after Kenni calls out whoever her next opponent is. Finally the Tron lights up and fades into a close up of a dog's paw. A slightly confused jitter can be heard from the audience, who were not entirely sure what was going on with the video feed.

The camera tilted up, revealing that the paw belonged to none other than worldwide canine sensation, Tuck. The crowd cheered loudly upon realising who it was, just as a hand came into shot and ruffled the top of the dog's head. Pulling back, the camera revealed Ace Watson standing beside his retriever companion. The grin on his face told the audience that starting off the video in that way was his idea.

Ace Watson: As sure as I am of the fact that Tuck could put on a five star wrestling match with you Kenni, or likely anyone in HKW or its affiliated companies, Tuck is not the one who will be facing you in the HKW Vs Rise Cup. That honour, falls to me, Ace Watson.

Ace smiled wide as the crowd cheered loudly, their disappointment that Tuck would not be competing forgotten already.

Ace Watson: And at the next show I'll be paying a little visit to RISE, with the intention of scouting you out, Kenni. To sort of, get an idea of what you're capable of. I'll see you soon.

Watson grinned and nodded goodbye as the tron faded to black and the RISE logo took its place.

Antoinette Sands & Rebecca Webber vs Hidden Leaf Clan

Hidden Leaf Clan were actually heavily controlling this match. It seemed like they were well on their way to victory until Ant rolled up Pocoscole, hooking his tights as the ref didn’t see for the three count!

Ant and Rebecca then bailed the ring, taunting HLC with a 1-1 motion after they did the same thing to them that HLC did last show.

WINNERS: Antoinette Sands & Rebecca Webber (11:22)
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As the show returns from a commercial break, a wide shot of the arena shows that it looks slightly different. Rather than the regular canvas, it’s covered in a golden carpet, and the ring is filled with furniture. A glass coffee tables rests atop a white tiger-pelt rug, a luxury, black-leather loveseat sits on the long side of the table next to a matching chair on short side. Trent is sitting in the chair, pouring through notes as Goliath stands behind him like a bouncer or a personal bodyguard.

That’s when Fever Ray’s “If I Had a Heart” begins to play over the sound system, causing the big man to snarl and tense up. Trent, on the other hand, barely moves, only raising his eyebrows as he glances over the top of his frames, just in time to catch the RISE Tag Team Champions step onto the stage. Robin Carnegie and Alistair Hart stand shoulder to shoulder, though they’re in more casual attire tonight as they aren’t booked. Robin looks particularly nice in a flowing dress that hits about mid-calf, and Alistair’s jacket looks decent if not designer. Despite that they have their tag team titles around their waists, and Robin pauses to pose about halfway down the ramp as the fans give her a warm reaction. They finally make the steps and Alistair comes up first, keeping a weather eye on Goliath as he holds the ropes for Robin. She wipes her shoes on the apron before sliding through, and she in turn holds the ropes for Alistair. Once inside, the pair unhook their belts and they hold them up for the fans, who applaud approvingly, as expected. They then in a mirrored fashion place the belts on their shoulders, and both of them stare right at Trent.

Trent simply smirks, having abandoned his stack of papers to look at something on his iPhone. When things seem to quiet down, he glances up and realizes his guests have finally made it to the ring, so he clears his throat and stands up, lazily clapping and ushering them to have a seat on the couch. He waits for them to - warily - move to sit down, before he too reclaims his seat and throws his feet up on the coffee table, leaning onto his hand as he smirks across the ring at them.

Trent asks the duo several loaded, unfair, and even demeaning questions until the Tag Team Champions begin to look very tense. The host notices, so he jumps to his feet and saunters to the ropes in front of the champs, several yards away from them, lifting the microphone once more.

“I can see you guys aren’t enjoying your time in the hot seat so we can wrap this up, but I made sure to bring you both a gift! It’s a courtesy in my culture for hosts to give their guests gifts, and I know the both of you are going to love these. OG, would you?” For the first time in the interview, Goliath moves from his position behind Trent’s chair. The champions hop to their feet at the sudden movement, Alistair just in front of Robin who looks toward Trent with narrowed eyes, but Goliath holds a hand up toward the champs, showing his open palm, letting them know he’s not trying anything funny, as he reaches down to grab two boxes that were wrapped with a bow on the coffee table. He steps toward Robin and Alistair, handing them each a box.

Alistair stares at the big man cautiously, as does Robin, but they each reluctantly look down at the boxes to begin untying the bows, and that’s when the massive boulders that Goliath call fists collide into them, sending the gift boxes flying. Goliath focuses on Alistair, grabbing him by the shoulders and tossing him over the couch, but as the giant of a man moves to follow and continue the attack, Robin hikes up her dress to her thighs and whips around in a beautiful calf kick! It staggers Goliath only for a moment but the moment is enough for Alistair to get up and hit him with an over the couch cutter! Goliath’s forehead hits the back of the couch but unfortunately for Alistair, he’s now in Goliath’s giant ham size hands! Robin hits some wicked kicks on his sides and legs despite her dressy outfit - right until she is suddenly yanked backwards away from Goliath and Alistair!

During the scuffle, Trent had pulled something out of his pocket. Now that Robin is unaware he pulls her to ropes and, after an eye rake for good measure, wraps her arms around the top rope, fiddling with whatever he pulled out. After a few seconds, he steps away with a shit-eating grin as it becomes apparent he handcuffed the tag team champion to the ropes! She screams at him, but is unable to move aside from sliding along the rope.

At this time, Goliath has reclaimed a vertical base, and brings Alistair up to his feet by the head. He casts a glance at Trent, who turns with that grin and nods. Goliath hoists the other half of the tag team champion into the air, carrying him back over the couch and slamming him back-first through the glass table.

Robin screams out helplessly as Trent laughs, and Goliath picks Alistair up again, this time hooking his arms through Alistair’s. He glanced at Trent once more as if waiting. Trent walks closer to Robin, that sickening grin on his expression, saying something inaudible to her. She spits in his face, causing him to recoil with a disgusted expression. He stares at her with that disgust, and screams “DO IT!”

And with that, Goliath lifts Alistair up and plants him with the Highridge Driver right into the broken glass. Robin screams out again, yelling Alistair’s name, but he seems lifeless as Goliath plants a hand on his chest, using the fallen champion’s torso to push up to his feet and roar in rage. Trent bends down and picks up the discarded Rise Tag Team Championships, looking at them with that sick grin as the camera fades in the carnage.

The screen is filled with nothing but the front plate of the RISE Evolution Championship. Below all the glitz and glamour lays one name on a smooth golden plate. Gio Amauri. As the camera pans out you see Gio standing on the left side of the title as it sits on a wooden bench in the locker room. He stares off to his right as standing on the right side of the title staring back at him is the person he will be defending his title against. Brylee Brawler.

GIO AMAURI: How’s it going, Brylee?

He greets her with a grin, appreciating a visit from someone other than Destiny Bogdani or a member from production. Still, being that she was his opponent for the evening, he kept a bit of a distance.


She says nodding her head with a smile on her face as her gaze falls to the Evolution title briefly.

BRYLEE BRAWLER: I just thought I would come by and let you know that no matter what happens tonight, we’re still on the same team. We’re here for the same reasons, and we both want the same things. It’s what we bond over, what makes us great competitors, and sometimes even better teammates. I’m not going to hold anything over your head as long as you don’t hold anything over mine. We can’t let tonight define who we are going to become come Brand Wars. So...

Sighing, she takes a step forward while putting her hands on her hips and knotting her brow.

BRYLEE BRAWLER: Gio, should I be worried?

The Evolution Champion keeps his eyes on the contender, remaining still as he lets her speak.

GIO AMAURI: I am happy to hear that, since I believe that we can surprise the other teams at Brand Wars. As leader, I’m looking to ensure that we can work together and truly represent RISE as a brand not to take lightly.

After she asks a question she may have dreaded to ask, though needed to, he slowly shakes his head no.

GIO AMAURI: That’s the last thing you should be feeling. Number one: You earned your shot and I will not ruin that for you. I’ve been there before, and it’s infuriating when people do you dirty. Two: I’m not ready for ass-kicking number three from a biker. Don’t ask. And three: being worried takes you nowhere, and that’s not going to do anything for me. I want to see you at your best, Miss Brawler.

Brylee couldn’t help but chuckle.

BRYLEE BRAWLER: You do realize when you tell someone don’t ask… it makes them want to ask right?

Looking at his expression, she smiles and holds up her hands.

BRYLEE BRAWLER: But I’m not going to ask, and trust me you’re going to see me at my best. I don’t care who you are. That’s all I got to give. Just as long as you don’t take me lightly.

Holding out her hand she raises her eyebrows as though she was expressing the question “Deal?”

GIO AMAURI: I could see how that would happen.

He chuckles in relief as she left it at that. Without hesitation he extends his hand towards her to shake on it.

GIO AMAURI: You won't be taken lightly, trust me.

They shake hands in understanding before Brylee parts away and back down where she came as the camera again zooms in on the plate of the evolution championship.


Brylee Brawler vs Gio Amauri ©

Great back and forth match between challenger and champion. Many near falls happened, both competitors damn near half a second short from becoming champion multiple times. The two nearly exhausted every piece of offense they could before Brylee found an opening, dropping Gio with a DDT!

She then rose to her feet, looking to put an end to this match, only for ZOLA STAR to enter the ring and drop Brylee with the Zola Zinger! She then quickly raced over and grabbed Gio before hitting the Zola Zinger on him as well, the ref having already thrown out the match!

Zola then exited the ring, snatching the RISE Evolution title out of the timekeeper’s hands before she walked away with it, the audience booing as the last shot of this show was of Zola disappearing to the back with the Evolution title while a wounded Brylee and a wounded Gio can do nothing but watch her leave.

WINNER: No Contest (15:38)
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