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State of HKW Address; Pls Read If You're In HKW
Topic Started: Dec 7 2017, 06:11 PM (443 Views)
Sean Sands
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Alright, this is going to be a little hard to write, but it’s what we gotta do.

As of right now, Paul will be stepping down as the head of Defiance and I will end up taking over. The transition will, truthfully, not be as smooth as most would hope. It will likely be really goddamn rough and I’m sorry ahead of time if I am not as available as Paul was. I will try to be as available as possible, but I’m also at school or at work constantly so we’ll see.

Now, what does this staff change mean for HKW? Well, it means that we’re going to need help. Right now, Logan and I will be without a #2 and will likely have to bounce ideas off of one another (unless we get someone to be a #2 for both brands or a #2 each; if you think you can be that, cool, hit us up). However, while we can go without a #2 (heheheh #2), we are still gonna need some help. Here’s what we’ll need:

~MATCH WRITERS: Writing matches for these shows is exhausting, I won’t deny this to you. But each week, Logan and I are both going to need match writers for the show. If we don’t get enough, those matches will likely be given a summarized version instead, which is what we don’t want to do, but we’re going to have to do.

-GFX GUY/GAL: Right now, I’d say Von is our go-to gfx guy, but I also know that Von has his own things to deal with and I don’t want to force him into this role. So we’ll be hopefully getting some help in that department as neither Logan or myself are any good at this stuff. So if someone would be willing to be our GFX person, we’ll keep the load work light (only need PPV posters and match banners for PPVs really).

-PATIENCE: It’s going to be a trying time, but I fully believe that this group of writers is so good that we can get through this. And I hope that all of you will stick around after this, which now brings up the changes made around HKW.

Let’s first talk about RISE.

Obviously, you guys know that I run it and it’s pretty much a one man project with the occasional help from Sasso. Right now, it looks like I’m very much gonna keep this cycle very basic with letting the segments write the story, so to speak. After this cycle is where the problem begins and it’s where I’m going to need a lot of help. I’m going to need at least one person to help feud plan and post segment roll call and one person to help write these summarized matches. RISE will still be closing as planned, but I need this help for the next 2-4 months., give or take. If you can give me that time, awesome. If not, then I’m likely shortening these RISE cycles to just three shows for all and not doing much for feuds.

Next, the Underground.

As I am not part of it and it’s primarily run by Lassie with the help of others (including Mina), there shouldn’t be much changing about that branch of HKW. That ship is still going strong as far as I know, though I'm sure if Lassie needs help his roster is very willing to help (which I can definitely appreciate).

And lastly, our out of HKW commitments.

Logan obviously has other feds he is in (FGA, SSWA, HELL, etc.) and I’m sure that he doesn’t want to give up being in any of them for this. Don’t think it will come to that anyway. Actually, I’m pretty sure it won’t.

Now, I run SSWA as well, and no, I don’t plan on closing it. I’ll probably have to go at that a different way, but that’s another long post for another board. I also am in different feds and will likely have to cut down on that as I also will have school to deal with again in mid-January and work will pick back up for me. I will be taking care of that myself and hopefully, at the latest, we shall be feeling good about this change around mid-January.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact myself and Logan. If you no longer want to be part of HKW, please let us know. We won’t hold any hard feelings and we’ll sure as hell understand. And if you just want to talk, I’m sure we’ll both be available a good amount of time to where we can talk.

Thanks for reading, guys.
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