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[color=#f46500][b]DEFIANCE[/b][/color] ל [color=white]LXVII[/color]; Live from Arena Nürnberger Versicherung in Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany | December 17th, 2017
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Sean Sands
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Location: Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany
Venue: Arena Nürnberger Versicherung
Network: TNT

The official theme song for Defiance, "Defiance" by Righteous Vendetta opens the show with it ending with the Defiance logo shining brightly.

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Sean Sands
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13-19 in NABA
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The flatline begins...


Line continues across the screen indicating death.


The redline starts and keeps a slow but steady wave indicating life. The crowd blows up with life as the lights dim to black bringing out their cell phones and long neon lights with his hazardous signs on them.

“I gave you fair warning, beware (beware beware)
I gave you fair warning, beware (beware beware)”

The dark brooding intro of “Beware” by Big Pun from his classic Capital Punishment album waves through the speakers causing hip hop heads to nod as the crowd to go into a full frenzy with the familiar NY Yankees hat starting the entrance video of the Pillar of HKW.

The music continues a neon yellow hazardous sign shine on the stage entrance. As the dark bass continues “El Jefe” Jason Mentez takes a slow step from the dark into the light dead in the middle of the hazardous sign on the stage. Oddly enough he’s wearing his wrestling gear in full coverage with his Adidas ‘WreckLife” t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off leaving his royal blue Adidas long sleeve compression shirt to be seen. The fans brings the roof off as his short cut hair is shown with him looking down at the stage. Suddenly he looks forward and on cue the yellow smoke and vapor emits from the stage and down the rampway. The camera zooms in on the glow from the neon yellow paint covering the long scar on the left side of his face with his brooding expression adding to the mood. A number of more cell phone lights are held up with the neon bars by many fans giving a unique aura to his new entrance. Jason nods with his focused face as he vibes to the music and stands at the end of the ramp. He walks forward the hazardous sign moving over him to fall inside the middle of the ring as he slides in.

Coming to a quick stand after sliding in he keeps giving the German crowd some love while they cheer like crazy. Walking toward Defiance Ring Announcer Whisper Viperi he gives her a quick thanks for her great introduction and she hands the mic over to him which he respectfully thanks her for as she takes her leave of the ring. The crowd still losing their everloving mind seeing one of the fan favorites and the Hall of Famer in the ring although not lined up on the card. “Beware” by Big Pun dies down to a stop while Jason stands in the middle of the ring smiling widely at the reception he receives.

JASON MENTEZ: Damn, am I back in NY. Germany I (expletive) wit yall the long way rite now. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

The crowd goes even wilder at the acknowledgment while Jason smiles while circling a whole look at the Arena Nürnberger Versicherung blowing the roof off.

JASON MENTEZ: Ok so lemme rap wit yall for the minute. As we all know, my day to day battles with plastico patty, Asha Astor.

The crowd boos with complete hatred.

JASON MENTEZ: Yeah yeah, I don’t like dat hoe either. She brought her army, I brought my Famiglia. We got Crowned Royalty around dat corner folks n after dat...after dat...dat Divine. Divine Supremacy. Speaking of it, Asha the challenge been out you gon have to deal with me. You gon pay what you owe Santa *In his Riley Freeman voice*

He points at the camera with a smirk bringing the microphone back to his lips.

JASON MENTEZ: Asha, I got a proposition for you. Come on out. You said we needed to have words on the lovely social media. By way rest in piece AIM. You got me thru a lot of days in juvi. Come out doe. I want to bring dis to you face to face. OR should I say. Face…

He points toward his face with his free hand.

JASON MENTEZ: To balloon rubber...

He gestures toward the back as the crowd ‘oooohhhhss’ wildly.

JASON MENTEZ: Come on now don’t make the good folks of Germany wait. Bring your ass. You too fucking skinny to be taking dis long. Come on now.

The arena goes black as the distorted melodies of Beyonce’s I’ve been on haunt the arena. The lights start flashing a bit before red smoke and lighting builds at the stage. As the operatic vocals begin the titantron lights up with images of fire burning as Asha Astor elevates up from under the stage as she reaches the surface she poses holding a single rose in her hand as she eyes the crowd. She does a simple slow spin basking in all of her own glory. Mason stands behind her with a menacing gaze as she finally makes her way down the ramp.

The fans boo her as she walks in time with the music her long robe drags behind her as she looks around stalking the crowd. She twirls the rose in the hand as she stops at the bottom of the ramp. She hisses at the audience before walking over to the ring apron. Mason enters the ring and holds the rope down for Asha. She climbs on the apron and spreads her arms wanting the fans to admire her.

After she enters through the lower rope she lets her robe slowly drag over the rope behind her as she makes her way to the center of the ring. She slides out of her robe slowly and puts her hands on her hips looking around at the crowd with disgust. Jason gives her a lackadaisical handclap as she comes into the ring waiting for her to get a mic before he starts addressing her.

JASON MENTEZ: I thought awhile bout dis. How should dis be handled...how do we write dis final chapter. I took care of Mason whipping his ass all over from front to back. Here…

He leaves a moment to pause.

JASON MENTEZ: I just want to beat your ass from jump. No need to travel. No need to journey the arena. I want to split yo fucking shit from start to finish and I want to do it with La Pena. I ain't got it with me right now got other plans in mind for dis evening. Bring yo own weapons match Asha. We gon scrap out here. You want me to be a sacrifice, I just want to beat the implants off you. What do you say?

The crowd cheers wildly at that laughing at what Jason said while they await an answer. Asha looks at him slightly unimpressed by his proposition. She gets a mic and smirks at him before she speaks.

ASHA ASTOR: You waited so long to get me and this is the match you come up with? I can’t say I’m too impressed Jason. In fact, I’m somewhat disappointed. I guess it doesn’t matter though, because regardless of the stipulation you put on our match…

Asha moves closer to him in a stalking way twirling her mic a moment as she sizes him up with her eyes.

ASHA ASTOR: Regardless of the stipulation we put in place the outcome will be the same and the prophecy will be fulfilled. You’ll be on your knees battered and bruised like a sacrificial lamb looking up at the future of Defiance. The empire of Asha…

She drops the mic and lunges at Jason attempting to take him down. Jason slams her down immediately trading blows with dark princess. Asha manages to break out and get to her feet, but Jason grabs her and hits his finisher the QB Cripple! Asha quickly rolls out of the ring escaping holding the back of her neck as Jason kicks the ropes begging for her to get back in the ring and get more. Asha holds the back of her neck watching him in the ring licking over her lips as if she enjoyed the attack. Jason’s theme plays on the PA system as the scene cuts with him looking at Asha with complete hatred.

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The shot fades in on Ace Watson walking down a backstage corridor, dressed in casual clothing consisting of a hoodie, jeans and a cap.

Passing some backstage crew, Watson smiles and nods at them. He turns a corner and there he stumbles upon current Underground roster member and current Rey de HELL Champion, Kevin Hardaway, who is dressed in just as casual clothing, consisting of a different color hoodie, the same color jeans, and a different cap as he bumps into Ace and smiles at him for a brief second before getting ready to walk away.

But...wait...something feels off.

So he ends up walking back to Ace and sees that he has done the same thing as the two of them just stare at each other. The both wave to one another at the exact same time before trying to get one up on the other. It’s like they are both looking into a mirror or something.

Ace looks at Kevin, eyes flicking between the Underground wrestler and himself, as if comparing. The whole time a confused and ever so slightly scared frown on his face.

Watson scratches behind his head with his right arm, just as Hardaway does the same with his left…

A backstage crew member walks up to the two of them and after looking at them both for a few moments walks back away again. Muttering something about needing new glasses…

Hardaway feels the faded away scars on his head and neck with his right hand as Ace checks his head and neck with his right hand, Kevin noticing that his facial structure isn’t as bad as he figured after the year he has had, with Ace looking just as concerned...apparently he’s gone through a hell of a year too. Ace grins and shows his teeth at Hardaway as he does the same, the two of them looking so confused as a couple more crew members talking to each other walk past and look at the scene in front of them and stare at them as they walk off.

And then, in unison…



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✦BRIAN MASON: Oh great, here we go.

✦JACK WARREN: You sound disappointed? Why are you disappointed!? Henny is gracing us with his presence!

The Bavarian crowd descends into boos as Bon Jovi’s timeless classic blasts out of the sound system, the arena knowing just who to expect in the coming seconds. Flanked by his bodyguards Big Mike and Nyx, Christian Kane struts his way onto the stage, his trusty (and somewhat dented) GO Briefcase tucked under his arm. Kane takes a short moment to look out at the crowd, smirking to himself slightly before he makes his way down to the ring, cursing out the fans on the ramp in fluent German as he does so. CK laughs all the way down to ringside, where he picks up a microphone and enters the ring alongside his entourage. Handing his briefcase off to Big Mike, Christian Kane ascends a turnbuckle, cupping a hand around his ear to incite an even more negative reaction from the German fans. He chuckles, hopping off the turnbuckle, sauntering around the ring before raising the microphone to his lips.

✦CHRISTIAN KANE: Deutschland! Papa ist zuhause! (Germany! Daddy’s home!)

He grins as the crowd show their disapproval once more, though it doesn’t deter the GO Briefcase holder in the slightest.

✦CHRISTIAN KANE: Sei nicht unhöflich, du weißt, ich war immer dein Vater. (Don’t be rude, you know I’ve always been your daddy.)

Kane audibly laughs down the microphone now before waving a dismissive hand.

✦CHRISTIAN KANE: Enough of that, you guys and girls understand English. Well I know the girls do, I mean, the ones last night at least. And thank god! German safewords are...I mean, they’re too long. I get it a lot but whatever, we’re not here to talk about how I’ve been slaying German poon ever since my plane touched do-- okay well I started before it even touched down but you get the idea. We’re here to talk about how I, single handedly, rid Defiance of Kenshin Takamura. You are welcome.

The voices in the crowd almost gain enough traction to start a Kenshin Takamura chant, but Kane instantly shuts them down by continuing to speak.

✦CHRISTIAN KANE: Now I know what you’re thinking, wah wah, you’re wrong Henny, he’s wrestling tonight, blah blah blah. Well first of all, if that dumb idiot knows what’s good for him he won’t even show up tonight, and secondly, IF that son of a bitch does show up, trust me, Felix Vialpando is going to concuss him for a second time in a month so bad that Kenshin’s notes are gonna look like dumb squiggly lines. Wait...nevermind.

CK laughs...loudly, maybe too loudly, but is offered a fistbump and a “good one boss” by Big Mike.

✦CHRISTIAN KANE: He thought he could come to MY brand and what? Have an easy ride to the top like he did on Subversion? The B show? The B that definitely doesn’t stand for ‘blue’ show? The yucky show? I am Defiance’s heir. Do you people understand me? When Felicity goes down, and trust me, she’s going to go down, I’ll be running the show. Not her, not Kai, definitely not Romeo Price...me. I’ll sit on the throne, with the crown and the jewels and all the royal callgirls and all of that good shit. ME! NOT KENSHIN F**KING TAKAMURA!

Kane moves over to the ropes, staring into the hard camera.

✦CHRISTIAN KANE: Kenshin, I know you’re out there, hiding, watching this feed in complete f**kin’ fear, quivering in your little booties. Listen to me. You come back, I’ll concuss you again. Don’t show up for your match tonight. Don’t show up ever again. I’ll happily cave your skull in until you get the idea. Do not test me, Takamura. Do...not...tes--

Before Kane can finish the lights in the arena go out! CK scrambles into the middle of the ring expecting Kenshin, but ‘Hero’ by Skillet begins to play as the lights come back on in the arena, prompting the GO Briefcase holder to roll his eyes. Defiance’s General Manager steps onto the stage in a three-piece suit, the smallest smirk apparent on his face as he’s taken pleasure in scaring Kane.

✦ROMEO PRICE: I’m being told in my earpiece that I gave you quite a scare there, Mr. Kanensson. Are you okay?


Romeo nods, his smirk now apparent for the world to see.

✦ROMEO PRICE: Quite, quite. I was in my office completing some paperwork and I couldn’t help but hear you come out here and run your mouth about one of my latest Defiance signings. Now that’s fine, but to completely ignore the match you’re in tonight to run your mouth? Now that isn’t fine. At all.

The General Manager shakes his head, stroking his chin for a short moment before continuing.

✦ROMEO PRICE: Balancing egos and talents when creating these matches is an arduous process, but if you feel as if you should be focusing on Kenshin Takamura instead, then so be it, you’ve forced my hand. Now I considered reprimanding you for assaulting Kenshin with your briefcase not once, but twice...but fines, suspensions...they’re too vanilla for someone like you, Christian, and nor does Kenshin benefit from them. So here’s what we’re going to do...

Price takes a quick look at the crowd, before looking back to CK.

✦ROMEO PRICE: At Divine Supremacy, I’m giving Kenshin Takamura an opportunity to exact some vengeance upon you, Kane. A--

Kane quickly raises the microphone to his lips.

✦CHRISTIAN KANE: Good. Fine, I’ll wipe the floor with him.

✦ROMEO PRICE: Let me finish. If Kenshin defeats you in your match, that Golden Opportunity Briefcase goes home with him!!

The crowd explodes at the announcement, which causes Kane throw his microphone to the ground in anger! He goes to pick it back up to speak into it but it’s utterly broken, causing Christian to lean through the ropes to demand another. He eventually gets one and instantly begins to swear.


✦ROMEO PRICE: Yes, yes, that’s good to know. Just be aware that you brought this upon yourself, Mr Kanensson, and if there’s any justice in the world, that briefcase will go to someone with a modicum of honor….Hmph!

Christian Kane angrily raises his microphone to scream at Price once again, but doesn’t have the chance to before being interrupted by the crowd randomly growing louder followed by Big Mike turning to throw a punch at none other than the now challenger for the GO Briefcase, Kenshin Takamura. In one fluid movement, Kenshin dodged the punch then grabbed Big Mike’s arm and used it as a lever versus his right hip to send the large bodyguard’s weight crashing to the canvas.

✦BRIAN MASON: Takamura is here!!

✦JACK WARREN: Awww, man. What a cheap shot!

✦BRIAN MASON: Seriously, Jack?

Nyx, keeping her primary objective in mind (keeping Christian safe), immediately slides out and forces Christian Kane out with her, but not before he snatches his GO Briefcase from the canvas. Unfortunately, this puts them outside the ring to watch the events which follow. Despite having been judo thrown by the former Global Champion, Big Mike doesn’t seem too phased as he gets back to his feet. Unfortunately for Big Mike, as he gets to a vertical base, Takamura is prepared with a spinning back side kick to the gut, doubling Mike over. With the large man doubled over, Takamura looks at Christian Kane for a second before taking toward the ropes, rebounding, and executes Big Mike with the Tiger Strike Ex, Kenshin’s patented Rolling Wheel Kick!

✦BRIAN MASON: Tiger Strike Ex on Big Mike!

✦JACK WARREN: The guy isn’t even a wrestler… come on.

The Japanese fighter is immediately back to his feet as he stares a hole through Christian Kane who is still on the outside looking at the carnage Kenshin just caused while clutching dearly onto his GO Briefcase.

✦JACK WARREN: Doesn’t matter what Kenshin did here tonight, Kane will get him tenfold at Divine Supremacy.

✦BRIAN MASON: How can you be so sure, Jack? Kenshin Takamura defied all odds just a few years ago in the first Chamber Match to become the inaugural Global Champion at Divine Supremacy!

✦JACK WARREN: Yeah, but that was the B show so who cares? Takamura can’t hang with the big dogs like Christian Kane.

As Christian Kane backs a bit up the ramp, he looks back at Romeo Price who is grinning from ear-to-ear. Off of the microphone, he says “good luck” to Christian Kane causing the GO Briefcase holder to shout obscenities back. In the meantime, “To Die For” by Concerto Moon hits across the arena as Kenshin exits the ring. Meanwhile, back on the outside, Kane and Nyx have taken to exiting via the crowd, not looking to have any unpleasant exchanges with Kenshin Takamura as he simply walks up the entrance ramp to leave, not without verbal exchange though as Christian Kane shouts something at Takamura, who chooses to allow the big man lying motionless in the ring do his talking for him.

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Backstage at the Arena Nürnberger Versicherung, Eli Zayn stands in front of a backdrop reviewing the show itinerary while jotting down notes with a producer. The cameraman then shifts the camera over in the direction of the entrance where talent and crew are seen entering and exiting as Defiance has just gone on the air.

The ITV Champion, Lyza Reyes appears in the frame suited up in her usual ring gear, this time, however, her left hand is wrapped in athletic tape. Cheers are faintly heard in the distance as she makes her way through the corridor with the Interbrand Television Championship around her waist. Eli takes the opportunity to approach the Jersey resident with his mic in hand, ready to go.

✦ELI ZAYN: Lyza! Good to see you. I’m hoping you can answer a few questions before you head out to the ring for your match tonight.

She nods without giving it a second thought, encouraging him to continue.

✦ELI ZAYN: Last Defiance you've sent out a cryptic message to the individuals that set their sights on the ITV Championship. Do you have anything to follow up with in regards to that?

✦LYZA REYES: I'd rather not go into details, as speaking of ideal worlds would make me go into a rant that we do not have time for.

All I want to say is, I'm here, patiently waiting. It's still your move, guys.

✦ELI ZAYN: In just a few minutes we will be getting a preview of Endgame as you take on Asha, do you wish to share your thoughts?

A sly smirk escapes her, as she pats her wrapped hand gently

✦LYZA REYES: Eli, I've been out of action for about a month. I'm more than ready for a fight, but given my opponent’s track record lately, will I get what I want out of it? That's the question of the night right there. I'm sure she's given the homie Mentez a few grays because she's playing these games. Makes you think if there’s a Riley Runnels beneath this newer exterior we’ve seen of late.

I can't say my expectations are high with this chickadee. She hasn't been right in the head for a minute. Regardless, I'm not going to let her state mess with me or cloud my judgment. Refer to Miguel Giovanni from several months back - not pretty. She's still employed for a reason, yeah? For months Asha has been treating HKW like her personal playground for her twisted mind games, while we’re watching like, ‘when will this bozo prove that she's worth taking seriously or is she here as a sideshow act that was edited out of an episode of American Horror Story?’

A shrug.

✦LYZA REYES: I'm all for reinventing yourself, but this poor woman had her wires crossed in a messed up way. Seems like Sid from Toy Story and little Dexter got together in his lab and worked their evil magic on her.

She looks into the camera to engage with viewers, especially her opponent in the event that she's tuned in.

✦LYZA REYES: You're running out of room, Asha. The extra lives, hidden weapons, fortresses are becoming scarce. Be resourceful, as you're about to enter a dimension a Game Stop clerk never told you about.

Enter the code to access The Space Age.

She says the last sentence in a robotic tone before turning her gaze back to Eli. He remains neutral and composed, as Lyza leaves the frame making an assortment of video game sounds from a retro game.


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✦WHISPER VIPERI: The following is a singles match scheduled for one fall!

The arena goes black as the distorted melodies of Beyonce’s I’ve been on haunt the arena. The lights start flashing a bit before red smoke and lighting builds at the stage. As the operatic vocals begin the titantron lights up with images of fire burning as Asha Astor elevates up from under the stage as she reaches the surface she poses holding a single rose in her hand as she eyes the crowd. She does a simple slow spin basking in all of her own glory. Asha then finally makes her way down the ramp.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: Introducing first, she is ASHA ASTOR!!!

The fans boo her as she walks in time with the music her long robe drags behind her as she looks around stalking the crowd. She twirls the rose in the hand as she stops at the bottom of the ramp. She hisses at the audience before walking over to the ring apron. Astor climbs on the apron and spreads her arms wanting the fans to admire her.

After she enters through the lower rope she lets her robe slowly drag over the rope behind her as she makes her way to the center of the ring. She slides out of her robe slowly and puts her hands on her hips looking around at the crowd with disgust.

A black and white video vignette begins rolling on the screens, showing Lyza Reyes dressed as Charlie Chaplin on the moon. There is no dialogue, but simply piano music playing with the pace of the footage. She's caught in the middle of a tug of war match between a U.S. Spaceman, and a small group of miniature aliens. Before determining which side pulls Lyza once and for all, the venue goes pitch black, and "In Distress" by A$AP Rocky featuring Gesaffelstein begins to play.

"I'm something out this world, nothing like the rest..."

✦WHISPER VIPERI: And her opponent, she is the current HKW ITV champion...LYZA REYES!!!

She makes her way down the ramp, tagging a few hands along the way. She walks up the steel steps, and positions herself in the center of the ring to scope out the audience. She points at fans also known as "Lyzanites," in acknowledgment of their enthusiasm and admiration.

Asha Astor vs Lyza Reyes


Asha and Lyza stare at one another from across the ring before Reyes slowly moves forward, looking for a lockup. Astor moves forward as well, and it seems like she will, only to kick Lyza in the right knee, forcing her to drop to one before hooking her head and planting her with a DDT! Asha then quickly goes for the cover, wanting the win over the ITV champion!

✦BRIAN MASON: Asha going for a cover right off the bat!

✦JACK WARREN: You think Mason being MIA might have her wanting to finish this as quickly as she can and get the hell out of here?




Astor quickly gets to her feet after the kickout and looks at the downed Lyza before she hits the ropes to the right of her. The woman formerly known as Riley Lynn then hits a leg drop on Reyes, who rolls around the mat afterwards! Asha then gets back to her feet and waits for Lyza to do the same before shooting forward and jumping up, hooking her head, and planting her with a DDT! Lyza is down as Asha goes for the cover, looking for a quick victory!

✦BRIAN MASON: A leg drop and a jumping DDT by Astor! Does she have enough to take down the ITV champion?!




✦JACK WARREN: Not nearly enough! Gotta try a little harder than that!

The woman from Parts Unknown rises to her feet and takes a few steps back into a corner as she waits for the ITV champion to get to her feet. Once Lyza does, Asha charges forward and attempts a spear, only for Reyes to sidestep her, forcing her to collide shoulder first with the steel post! When Astor peels herself off of the steel post, she turns around and eats a boot to the gut before the Queens native plants her with a facebuster!

✦BRIAN MASON: And just like that, Lyza Reyes is able to take control of the match!

✦JACK WARREN: I gotta give her props there! She’s very good at turning the match around on a dime!

Lyza slowly gets to her feet after that, shaking off the cobwebs from the early attack before she watches Asha slowly get to her feet as well. So she runs forward and drops Astor with a running double axe handle! Asha gets up again, but Reyes moves in once more and catches her with another running double axe handle! A third double axe handle follows a few seconds later, this one dropping her for good! So Lyza quickly takes advantage and pulls Asha up before dragging her over to the corner. Reyes then climbs onto the middle turnbuckles before hooking Astor’s head and planting her with a tornado DDT! Lyza then attempts her first pin attempt in the match as the audience cheers!

✦BRIAN MASON: Tornado DDT by Lyza Reyes!

✦JACK WARREN: And she’s finally attempting a pin!




Asha kicks out, getting a sigh from the audience! But Lyza doesn’t seem fazed by it as she gets to her feet and quickly turns Asha over on her back. Reyes then tries to lock in the Camel Clutch, but Astor quickly slips out and rolls out of the ring, not wanting to be locked in the submission hold! Lyza, however, does not want Asha to escape, so she rolls out of the ring as well before racing around the ring and quickly grabbing Asha around the waist! Astor, not expecting this, tries to flail her arms around, but Reyes hit a German suplex on the outside!


The ITV champion then rolls her opponent back into the ring before sliding in and making the cover!

✦JACK WARREN: Asha may have landed on her damn neck there!




Lyza lets out a sigh after the kickout, but she eventually gets back up to both feet before looking around and then pointing at the corner. Reyes exits the ring and gets out onto the apron before she climbs the turnbuckles. Once at the top, Asha comes in and swipes her legs, forcing her onto a seated position on the top turnbuckle! Astor then hit a dropkick, sending Reyes crashing onto the apron then falling to the ground outside!

✦BRIAN MASON: Oh my god, did you see the bump Lyza just took?

✦JACK WARREN: Holy hell, let’s not start this show trying to cripple people like Aries did Tanner!

Astor slides to the outside and picks Reyes up before irish whipping her into the steel steps! The audience boos as Asha grabs Lyza by her hair afterwards and rolls her back into the ring before she slides in as well. The former Cyber champion then gets to her feet and turns around before flipping backwards, hitting a standing moonsault before hooking both legs for the cover!

✦BRIAN MASON: Standing moonsault by Asha!

✦JACK WARREN: Don’t think Lyza even knows where she’s at!




The audience cheers as Lyza kicks out, but Asha is not impressed. She picks Reyes up and shoves her back into a corner before she begins stomping away at her, eventually getting her down into a seated position! Astor then proceeds to put her foot right into her opponent’s throat, trying to choke Ultra out as the ref begins a count, which Asha abuses until it reaches 4, backing away after that! She then charges forward again, hitting a corner hesitation dropkick before dragging Lyza out of the corner and going for the pin, the audience booing her!

✦BRIAN MASON: Asha is all over Lyza right now!

✦JACK WARREN: Phrase that better before you give these nerds a heart attack!




Reyes once again kicks out, getting an eye roll from Astor, who quickly mounts herself on top of her opponent and begins firing off with punches! Once she feels like she’s done enough damage with that, Asha gets to her feet and drags Lyza to the nearest corner, leaving her lying down. The woman from Parts Unknown then turns around and begins climbing the turnbuckles, reaching all the way to the top before wagging her finger at the audience, leaping off and hitting a moonsault stomp on the Queens native! Astor then goes for the cover, hooking the outside leg as the ref begins to count!

✦BRIAN MASON: Asha with that nasty moonsault stomp! Lyza’s midsection has to be killing her!

✦JACK WARREN: Is our own demon bitch about to pick up the win?!




The audience pops as Lyza throws her shoulder up yet again, getting a sigh from Asha and a shake of the head from her as well. So Astor heads back over to the corner and climbs to the middle turnbuckle before she waits for Reyes to get to her feet. Lyza does do that, getting to a keeled over position, allowing Asha to leap off and attempt a diving fameasser...only for Lyza to move out of the way at the last second!

✦BRIAN MASON: Nobody’s home!

Reyes then strikes, grabbing Astor’s arm as she’s on the ground and quickly putting it into a fujiwara armbar to a huge pop!

✦JACK WARREN: Lyza was so quick with that fujiwara armbar! She might just snap Asha’s arm here if she doesn’t tap out!

Asha bites her free hand, clearly not wanting to tap out as she tries to transfer all her pain in that hand. Eventually, she does get a foot on the ropes, forcing the break from Lyza, who lets her go as soon as the count starts! Astor gets to her feet a few seconds later, but Reyes is right there to catch her with a jawbreaker! The New Yorker then goes for the cover, hooking both legs as the audience counts along with the ref!

✦BRIAN MASON: Lyza with the jawbreaker! Big momentum win coming?!




✦JACK WARREN: Damn, I thought that was it!

Lyza gets to her feet after the kickout, shaking it off as she waits for Asha to get to her feet. The heir to the Astor throne slowly does get to her feet, stumbling around and allowing The Universally Dope to plant her with a frankensteiner!


✦JACK WARREN: But she’s not going for the cover?!

No, she’s not, because Lyza notices that Asha has rolled towards a corner, getting a small smile to appear on the face of the ITV champion! Reyes quickly exits out onto the apron and begins climbing the turnbuckles until she reaches the top! Once at the top, Lyza stands tall, hyping up the audience!

✦BRIAN MASON: Looks like she’s about to go for her shooting star press, Pura Vida!

But before she can launch off of the turnbuckle, Asha rolls away and out of the ring, getting a chorus of boos from the audience!

✦JACK WARREN: Smart move by Asha there! She couldn’t have taken that and survived!

Once Asha gets to her feet, the ref begins his count!




Asha looks at Lyza, who is back down onto the mat and waiting for this match to continue.



✦BRIAN MASON: Why is Asha not getting back in there?!

✦JACK WARREN: I don’t question crazy, Brian. It’s what allows me to continue working with you.

Astor then waves Reyes off, slowly walking away from the ring as Lyza stands in it, looking annoyed and disappointed.



✦BRIAN MASON: Ridiculous!

Asha reaches the stage and takes one last look at the ring.



✦JACK WARREN: Well, not the way we wanted to start the show, huh?

She then smiles and disappears to the back, leaving Reyes in the ring with a small scowl on her face.



✦WHISPER VIPERI: Here is your winner via countout....LYZAAAAAAAAA REYESSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Lyza gets her hand raised after the match to cheers, but shakes her head, clearly wanting a decisive winner for this match. She gets handed her title back and slings it over her shoulder before she exits the ring, letting out a sigh as she slaps hands with some of the fans and even interacts with some of her own personal fans, including a few girls who she speaks to.

✦BRIAN MASON: Asha Astor basically calling it a day here tonight.

✦JACK WARREN: Probably wants to mentally screw with Lyza before Endgame? I don’t know, Mase! Like I said, I like not to think about the crazies!

WINNER via countout: Lyza Reyes (13:59)
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As the cameras turn to the backstage area, the lights begin to eerily dim. Stagehands, stunned by the turn of events and flickering lights begin to back track from the area. The faint sound of footsteps are heard, and the dual figures known as Twin Tragic begin making their way through the halls, holding a brightly lit green lantern bearing the RISE logo. Athena and Minerva, as they often are at shows, are both in matching gear, same to be said of their makeup and their hairstyles. The only true way to tell them apart is the fact that Athena has a cocky, surefire grin upon her face and Minerva looks ready to burst into tears at any given moment.

✦ATHENA ADLER: Calm, sister. You must leave your outside life at the door tonight. We are in hostile territory and anyone and everyone will use this against you.

Minerva continued her walk with her sister, who would be competing tonight against Inferno, Mylo Danvers and Sophie El. Minnie, as she was known in some circles, merely nodded, her eyes scanning the bemused looks from the numerous stagehands and production staff and the occasional member of the Defiance roster who stared evils at the three time RISE Tag Team Champions.

✦MINERVA JANUS: I am aware.

The Daughters of Janus continued down the hall, Minerva beginning to hum a haunting lullaby as she did so, seeming slightly more pale than she normally was.

✦ATHENA ADLER: Today I will make a mark in this war. For me, for you, for us. I will ensure that RISE delivers a bullet shot to each of the other three brands, just like we did these past few weeks in the Underground. They will pay for merely labelling us as developmental, and we will show the world we deserve to stand on our own as an equal brand.

✦MINERVA JANUS: And show Barabbas most of all.

✦ATHENA ADLER: Yes. Most of all him. We will show him his mistaking in dumping us and ignoring us. I will make a statement using Mylo. And I will prove myself against another multi time Tag Team Champion in Inferno… And as for Sophie El, that using and abusing bitch… I have been waiting to face her for a very, very long time.

As if called into being by the mention of her lover, Mora Findlay appears in the hallway, blocking the path of the Twin Terrors. The Scottish beauty has a smirk on her lips and her arms crossed over her chest, her red curls falling wildly around her face.

✦MORA FINDLAY: Have you never heard, ladies? If you can’t say anything nice, perhaps it’s best not to say anything at all. Or perhaps they’ve not taught you that lesson yet in RISE.

The White Rose laughs and shakes her head at Bobby’s former clients.

✦MORA FINDLAY: Like scorned lovers, the two of you just cannot seem to let go of what happened with my Bobby. You so badly want to prove to him that you can do this without him, and yet his name is never far from your mouths. Now why do you think that is, exactly? Are you really so short sighted? And what exactly do you think is going to happen when RISE looks to face the denizens of the Underground? Do you truly believe that the two of you, who speak in nothing but riddles, can lead a gang of ragtag rookies to victory against those who inhabit the wildest and most chaotic brand in Hard Knox Wrestling?

Stepping into the hall lighting a Black & Mild cigar, UNDERGROUND’s resident Reaper Mylo Danver steps into the hallway and chuckles to himself as he looks over to the pair from RISE.


He takes a pull from the cigar and exhales the smoke through his nostrils as he looks the ladies over for a moment.

✦MYLO DANVERS: I’m not exactly convinced we’re supposed to even be worried about you two. I’m just looking forward to getting my hands on you for what you did the other week...How ironic I get to get some revenge twice in one week.

He laughs.

✦MYLO DANVERS: At least on Friday I won’t have to worry about teaming up with our...captain Gavin and tonight...Tonight I don’t have to work with anybody. I work better alone..

Danvers stares at the two twins for a moment.

✦MYLO DANVERS: You two seem a little too sure of yourselves. Don’t you think--

Athena raised her hand, fury painted on her face as Minerva showed rare emotion as she covered her own mouth, giggling wildly and inappropriately to the gesture.

✦ATHENA ADLER: This is typical, not only of you Outcasts, as you call yourselves, but every other brand. You’ve always looked down on RISE, but RISE is the future, and RISE is the now.

✦MINERVA JANUS: And all we see before us is the Whore and Runt of the Reapers. Are you going to claim to be in the Hall of Fame while she sluts down the Hall of Shame?

✦ATHENA ADLER: We are not here to lead, we are not the Captains. And we will not disapprove of our Captain like you just did, Mylo. We believe in our team, we believe in RISE. We are not here for us, but all of them. And if anything, we are the anarchists of the group. We’re the ones who will venture into hostile territory, we’re the ones who will lay ruin to your laws. We are the true outcasts and you--

It was in this moment that they froze, the enigmatic figure of the Underground Director, Bobby B. Barabbas appears behind Mylo and Mora. Minerva almost runs to him desperately, but is held back by the defiant Athena, who has a face like thunder itself. Minerva nearly weeps at the sight of their former manager, still clearly broken by the rejection the pair experienced, whilst Barabbas merely laughs at the sight of them.

✦BOBBY B. BARABBAS: Girls… you take Reach For The Dead a little too literally, I’m afraid. It seems in this day and age you simply wish to reach for your own death. Your plans… so suicidal. Pair them with your Director’s bold, but stupid move of trying to pit a regular RISE broadcast, without any of it’s supposedly ‘marquee’ stars on at the same time, in the same very hours in our regular slot on eVolve whilst we hosting the Underground Cult Classic finals. It seems that he has taken your philosophy for failure.

✦KITTY SASSO: Will you look at that.

Her voice floats up from somewhere up the hall from Bobby, Mora and Mylo, sing song and a little too calm as she steps into view, her russet red locks loose around her shoulders, her dress a lovely green to contrast with her hair and eyes.

✦KITTY SASSO: You want to call Mora a Whore, as if words only hold power if you say them. As if you are the only two, who deal in... absolutes. Uh oh, oh no.

Kitty's laugh is even more disconnected to her expression as her gentle voice is, as she tsks her tongue against her lips.

✦KITTY SASSO: What if she was The Whore, and this but an echo of Babylon.

✦ATHENA ADLER: Then all of Babylon will fall, pimps, whores and all.

Athena gripped Minerva by the hand, wisely taking steps back as they were clearly outnumbered by the Silver Brand’s team.

✦MYLO DANVERS: Think it’s time you ladies run along now...At least until I rip that smile off your face.

Minerva looked as if she wanted to say something but Athena tugs her arm and pulls her away to lead her down the hallway and away from UNGEROUND.

✦MYLO DANVERS: ...Bitches...

Posted Image

The scene fades out into the arena where fans are seen waiting to see what will happen next on the last Defiance of the year and before the two night Divine Supremacy pay per view event.

✦JACK WARREN: What the hell...Mase did you steal my Nutella?

✦BRIAN MASON: No, I have my own.

✦JACK WARREN: Well where in the hell--

All of the lights in the arena suddenly turn completely off.

✦JACK WARREN: Oh f**k! Now I can’t see anything, thanks guys.

The fans in the arena begin to raise up their phones’ flashlight making it better for them to see. Static begins to playout on the Knoxotron as it then fades into a man sitting on top of a fenced structure as the lighting wherever he was only him as it spotlighted on him. His long dirty blonde hair flowed over his face as he looks down at what appears to be a championship belt. As the camera gets closer to him it is now seen that he is carrying none other than the HKW Bloodlust Championship with Ashlyn De Luca’s name engraved on the nameplate. This could only mean one thing...That this man was the man who stole the championship belt from her last Defiance….Flame!

✦BRIAN MASON: It’s...It’s him! It’s Fl--

✦JACK WARREN: Shut up, he’ll hear you?!

Flame chuckles a little as he rubs his hand on the championship belt.

✦FLAME: Isn’t it...Isn’t it beautiful? You can feel the darkness radiating from it...All the pain that it has witnessed...The blood that has been shed just to be held..It’s...It’s perfect...Isn’t it?

He whips his hair back revealing his face as he looks down at the title.

✦FLAME: You may be watching this wondering...Why do I have it...Why did I take it away from Ashlyn...And the answer is quite simple actually…

He looks up to the camera.

✦FLAME: I have found that neither her nor Emilio Vialpando are worthy of it’s greatness...Not just yet anyways.

Flame says with a smirk.

✦FLAME: Neither of them have truly embraced the darkness inside of them that wishes to be released into the world…

He shakes his head.

✦FLAME: I will no longer wait for the two of them to do so...You both have something in common when it comes to the championship belt. Both of you want it for yourselves but neither of you are willing to do what is necessary to achieve it...And that’s….Letting the darkness consume you...Letting it take control...Release it..You both have failed to do so, so now I must take matters into my own hands and force the two of you to embrace it.

Flame looks back down to the belt.

✦FLAME: If you truly want to be Bloodlust Champion….You must prove to me that you are even worthy of holding it. And how do you achieve this?

He looks back to the camera with a devious grin etched on his face.

✦FLAME: You both must...Survive.

He begins to laugh.

✦BRIAN MASON: Survive? The hell is he talk--

✦JACK WARREN: Will you shut up?! I’m not dying for you, Mase. I refuse to die for you!

✦FLAME: There’s a place you must enter...A special place...A special place that will for sure require for the two of you to dig deep...and release the darkness inside of you…

Flame raises an eyebrow.

✦FLAME: I have a question for you both...Have you ever been to hell? If so...have you ever strolled around to the hospital. It helps those in need...of a certain kind of assistance.

He chuckles.

✦FLAME: It’s a fantastic place to be...Especially when you need to learn how to embrace the pain...And the darkness to even make it through...I want to invite you two to…..Hell’s Asylum!

The camera pans out revealing the large Hell In A Cell structure that Flame was sitting on top of.

✦BRIAN MASON: Oh my God…

He stands up and reaches up to the rope that was hanging down in front of him. He places the Bloodlust Championship belt onto the hood and watches as the championship rises above him. Flame smiles.

✦FLAME: You two want the HKW Bloodlust Championship? Let’s see how much you actually do...Let’s see if either of you are willing to let the darkness consume you so that you can…

He looks to the camera and grins.

✦FLAME: Survive the asylum…..Hahaha!

The feed suddenly cuts out and the lights in the arena come back on.

✦JACK WARREN: He literally wants one of them to die for the Bloodlust Championship…..

✦BRIAN MASON: I..I don’t know what to say about this, Jack.

✦JACK WARREN: Well I know what I’m gonna say about it….Thank the good Lord it ain’t me!

✦BRIAN MASON: Well there you have it folks...If Ashlyn De Luca wishes to retain her championship or Emilio wish to become the next Bloodlust Champion, they both must enter and survive Flame’s patented match...Hell’s Asylum at Divine Supremacy!

Posted Image

Defiance returns from commercial break and the crowd gives a not so warm welcome to the sight of Alexa Corra and Sophie El. They both have matches tonight to promote the brand wars and each seem focused on the task…

At least as much as they can be as none other than Celeste trails behind them as they walk, talking away…

✦CELESTE: This is SO great isn't guys? Here we are, reppin Subversion on enemy territory. A trio of bad asses!

Alexa’s stoic gaze remains on the path ahead while Sophie El can't help but utter a sigh of contempt. The younger Kaiser sister suddenly turns around and glares at Celeste, which stops her in her tracks. Alexa steps in front of Sophie, knowing full well her Brand Wars partner was in no condition to talk or even get angry.

✦ALEXA CORRA: Great. A cheerleader…

Trying her best not to be mean to the Subversion newcomer, Alexa closes her eyes and tries to find the right words. Instead, she blurts out the first thing that comes to mind.

✦ALEXA CORRA: You are only here because Jensen thought it would be good experience for you.

✦CELESTE: I thought I was here to support Subversion and if need be, back you and Alexa up in a fight.

At this remark, Alexa turns slowly around and raises a single eyebrow at Sophie . Not a word is spoken by the raven...her expression says it all. Alexa turns back around and tries to be straightforward without breaking the Subversion newcomers spirit.

✦ALEXA CORRA: Maybe, but you simply are not ready for a war like this. They do not call it Brand Wars because we sit around in a circle and tell each other stories of shopping expeditions. It is a legitimate war.

Celeste blinks while looking from Sophie to Alexa.

✦CELESTE: Hey now...I'm only trying to help.

✦ALEXA CORRA: The best way to do that right now? Is to remain silent.

Celeste bites her lower lip and looks away. Alexa and Sophie continue down the hall. Celeste stands still a moment to put some distance between them before following. It isn't long before she speaks up again.

✦CELESTE: Did we pass catering? I'm getting hungry and I don't know where they put anything for this goofy show.

Alexa’s eyes slowly close and she shakes her head. Sophie mutters under her breath, as if asking the higher powers for more patience. Those prayers go unanswered however. Instead, Alexa spots a way to fix this. She stops and points across the hallway.

✦ALEXA CORRA: Through that door is catering.

✦CELESTE: Sweet! You guys want anything? I'll fix you a plate.

Celeste asks as she heads to the door. Alexa picks up a folded steel chair in the crook of her arm. Sophie shakes her head as she follows behind Celeste.

✦ALEXA CORRA: Water is fine. Stay in there while we go and…

She looks over at Sophie.

✦ALEXA CORRA: Do something.

Celeste nods and opens the door.

✦CELESTE: Why aren't the lights on?

Sophie answers her question with a swift boot to Celeste’s butt, causing the girl to tumble into the darkness. She shrieks in surprise. The shriek is cut off as Sophie slams the door shut. Alexa quickly places the steel chair under the door knob and braces it between the door and the floor.

✦ALEXA CORRA: This is better for her, and yes, I know you wanted to rip her head off. That was my main concern, actually.

Sophie and Alexa share a glance before continuing down the hall, leaving poor Celeste trapped in the closet. The scene fades as the door rattles and her muffled yells leak through.

Posted Image

The scene fades backstage inside the Upper Echelon locker room where “El Serpiente” Emilio Vialpando was seen in an all black suit watching the the television. He hasn’t moved from this spot since Flame announced just what it would take for him and Ashlyn to claim the HKW Bloodlust Championship if they truly desired to call themselves champion. And that was to step into the asylum...Hell’s Asylum to be exact. A Hell In A Cell which you had to escape, climb up to the top of the cell and use of the ladders just to retrieve the championship belt that hanged above the ring. It was frankly utter chaos and a death trap for whoever dared stepped inside with the likes of Flame. The door to the locker room and in comes Tony Capone who looks over to his client that hasn’t moved. Lass Bianchi looks up to see his boss walk in and shakes his head.

✦LASS BIANCHI: He hasn’t said anything since that guy showed up on the telly, boss.

Capone shakes his head.

✦TONY CAPONE: Gesù Cristo…

He walks over to Emilio and sits down next to him.

✦TONY CAPONE: Serpe. Serpe.

He snaps his fingers in front of Emilio’s face.

✦TONY CAPONE: Serpe! Snap out of it damnit!

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: Stop..I’m good.

✦TONY CAPONE: Well you sure don’t look it.

Emilio shakes his head and takes a deep breath.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: Did you hear what the freak said? He said..He said that just for me to bring the Bloodlust Championship back home to Olympia I’ll...I’ll have to enter that...that asylum. Kai nearly died in there breh. Kai breh. Kai.

Emilio looks down to the ground.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: How many people can say they’ve pushed Kai of all people to that point? To that brink...That brink of death...Maybe he’s right. Maybe I have to...Maybe I have to let that darkness or whatever inside of me just take control?

He shrugs his shoulders.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: Ever since Jayden died I...I’ve been trying my hardest just to keep it away...But I couldn’t control it. You know how many time I’ve blacked out and don’t remember or regret what happen afterwards, cuzz? Just like that ni--

Tony holds up his hand.

✦TONY CAPONE: That child deserved what he had coming to him. And all the blood that has been spilled has always been a necessity of the life we live..You did what you had to do. You didn’t do anything wrong or that anyone else wouldn’t of.

Emilio looks to Capone.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: Maybe it’s that side of me that I need to take control in order for me to...To take that championship away from Ashlyn after what happened in Dynamic Duos. Maybe..Maybe it’s that side of me that needs to take control just so I can even survive and beat him.

Tony looks forward now needing to think over the situation himself. He rubs his rugged cheeks and sighs.

✦TONY CAPONE: Might take more than just that, Serpe.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: What do you mean?

Capone sighs and looks over to Vialpando.

✦TONY CAPONE: I mean...That you may need a little help with it comes to Flame.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: But how I’m gonna be there alone, breh.

✦TONY CAPONE: Not necessarily….You do have--

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: Hold on...No. No you are not suggesting I--

✦TONY CAPONE: It’s the only solution to this problem, Serpe. Think about it. She’s probably sitting there wondering just what in the hell is it going to take to defeat that guy. He’s single handedly been handing you both your asses since he shown up. The way I see you both have a similar problem that you both need solving. And only way that problem is going to be solved is that you both take care of that problem...And then…

He shrugs.

✦TONY CAPONE: And lay her to rest like you both did the psychopath that even put you two in this predicament.

Emilio groans and runs his fingers through his hair.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: Puta madres….You’re right. But what if she isn’t up to it? What if she isn’t able to see reason.

✦TONY CAPONE: Then make her see reason, Serpe. If you two want to walk out of that damn Hell’s Asylum you’re both going to have to work together. Sure you both are more than capable to survive whatever is handed to you but...Neither of you have prepared for a man such as Flame. You’re not Drago, Emilio. You wasn’t mentored by an absolute bloodthirsty savage that compares only to the man you have to face just to get the Bloodlust Championship let alone do it in his own match like Kai. You both have to do this if you want to win. Simple as that.

Emilio lets out another groan and nods. He stands up to his feet and sighs.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: I’ll take care of it. I got this.

Emilio shakes his head and begins to head out of the locker room.

✦TONY CAPONE: I sure hope so...For the family’s sake.

Posted Image

The cameras return to the ringside area where Athena Janus, Mylo Danvers Sophie El, and Inferno are already in the ring with Whisper Viperi standing in the middle of the four HKW brand representatives. She appears ready to introduce the Brand Wars competitors until Mylo charges across the ring and levels Athena Janus with a lariat! Whisper scatters out of the ring just before Sophie moves toward Mylo and Athena, only to catch a running front dropkick from Inferno!


Athena Adler vs Inferno vs Mylo Danvers vs Sophie El


The referee calls for the opening bell, watching as chaos ensues around him! Mylo tries to put the boots to Athena, but Janus twin stands up to her feet, catches one of the boots from Underground’s Ripper and delivers a dragon screw leg whip! On the other side of the ring, Inferno and Sophie El are exchanging shots, Sophie getting the better of the strike-fest with a spinning back fist! She follows that by tossing Inferno out of the ring and turns around to face Athena Janus! The two move toward the center of the ring and appear ready to throw down until Mylo reaches his feet and pushes Athena straight into Sophie El, knocking the first daughter out of the ring and onto the slowly recovering Inferno! With Athena’s back still turned, Mylo drops to the mat and rolls her up with a schoolboy and grabs a handful of tights!




Athena kicks out and scrambles up to her feet!

✦BRIAN MASON: High stakes match right here, and Mylo Danvers is going to work!

✦JACK WARREN: You mean AFTER he got his knee shredded by Athena, right? Don’t start your bias now, Mason! You’re supposed to be rooting for Inferno!

✦BRIAN MASON: I’m calling the action! Though the rest of the brand commentators may be biased toward their own, I have a sense of class! A sense of professionalism!

✦JACK WARREN: And a sense of douchebaggery, am I right?!

Mylo swings wildly with a right hand the second Athena get vertical, but the Janus Daughter ducks underneath it and hits a jumping DDT! Athena crawls toward Mylo to make the cover, but Inferno dives into the ring with a double foot stomp straight to Athena’s back! Athena rolls out of the way, allowing Inferno to pin Mylo!



Sophie El rips Inferno out of the ring and pushes him face first into the steel ring post! The Subversion star slides inside the ring and tries to bring the attack to Mylo Dover, but Danvers sweeps her legs and executes a picture perfect jackknife pin!



Athena Janes comes out of nowhere and lands her own double foot stomp right to Mylo’s midsection, sending straight into Sophie’s face and upper body!

✦JACK WARREN: Are these people stupid? None of them have nearly done enough damage

✦BRIAN MASON: I don’t think it’s going to come down to that, Jack. All four of these individuals are immensely talented and the only way I see any of them winning is unexpectedly.


✦BRIAN MASON: I disagree. I see this one ending a lot sooner than that. There’s too much on the line at Divine Supremacy, and after what occurred on Subversion? None of these teams want to go in with a team member injured

✦JACK WARREN: Tell that to Sophie.

Athena looks ready to mount and pummel away at Sophie El’s face, but Inferno slides in the ring the ring and executes a precise dragon suplex along with the bridge for another quick pin attempt!




Despite having enough time to get the three this time, Athena rolls back and her shoulders up to get out of the bridge. She rolls underneath the ropes and Inferno goes to grab her, but Sophie El spins him around and nearly decapitates the former tag team champion with a thrust kick! With Inferno down, Sophie turns her attention to Athena on the outside, but Mylo Danvers spins her around and levels her with an elbow! Sophie fires back with a front kick to the knee, but Mylo catches her off guard with a jumping knee attack that staggers her, followed by an STO!

Still showing signs of injury from her last match, it takes Sophie a bit to stand up to her feet, Danvers looking around to see Inferno still down and Athena on the outside. He focuses his attention on Sophie El and sees her pulling herself up to her feet and charges forward to clothesline to the outside...but Sophie ducks underneath it and sends--


✦JACK WARREN: Wait, nope! He’s on the apron.

The Underground star luckily lands on the apron and grabs a hold of Sophie’s hair! He rips her over the top rope and out of the ring, forcing her to join him on the apron! Mylo attempts a snap suplex onto the hardest part of the ring, but Sophie kicks his left out and delivers a vicious DDT onto the apron!


✦BRIAN MASON: That was a tough landing for Mylo.

✦JACK WARREN: Mylo? Sophie’s insides might have fallen out of her belly button.

✦BRIAN MASON: That’s not a delightful mental image…

Inferno finally stands up to a vertical base and immediately notices Mylo seemingly knocked out, and Sophie gasping for air and writhing in pain from the drop onto the thin protective pad. Knowing that Athena had been out of the match for a while, Inferno moves toward that side of the ring and looks ready to bring Athena back inside the ring, but the demented Janus lifts her up to reveal…


✦BRIAN MASON: That’s Minerva!

The difference is evident by the makeup covering Minerva’s face, the Janus sibling having her face painted like an undead Zombie-like creature. This even gets the normally calm and cool Inferno to stumble back, but he stumbles right back into Athena rolling him up, the referee in a perfect position to make the count!





✦WHISPER VIPERI: Here is your winner! ATHENAAA JANUS!!

“Reach for the Dead” fills the arena speakers, Athena immediately rolling out of the ring and joining her sister on the outside. Inferno looks over at the referee and holds up two fingers, but the referee shows him three. Inferno shakes his head in disappointment, turning his attention to the Janus Daughters.


✦JACK WARREN: Whoa. What happened to them being great competitors?! Calm down, boy!

✦BRIAN MASON: I AM CALM! And I’m not denying their talent, but that Twin crap doesn’t fly here! They won’t have the chance to do that at Divine Supremacy because they’ll both have to be in that ring!

✦JACK WARREN: And they’ve done that before...becoming the most winningest tag team in RISE history!

✦BRIAN MASON: When did you become the cheerleader for the enemies?!

The Janus Daughters simply stare down to the ring, proud to defeat a former World tag team champion.

WINNER: Athena Janus via pinfall (7:12)
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We return backstage, where Ace Watson and Kevin Hardaway are STILL staring at each other, dumbfounded and confused by their physical similarities.

A few moments pass, when a fan who found their way backstage approaches them excitedly, pen and paper in hand.

✦FAN: Oh my god! Ace Watson! Sign my-

The fan stops dead in his tracks as he looks between both Ace and Kevin, head turning left to right as if he was watching tennis, trying to figure out who was Ace and who was Kevin.

✦FAN: Um… nevermind…

The fan walks away, defeated.

As the two of them keep staring intently at one another, almost in a dead cold sweat from what the both of them have been through almost this entire show.

That is until Hardaway blinks and suddenly, Ace is the first one to open his mouth.

✦ACE WATSON: HA! You blinked! I win!

Kevin smirks and admits defeat immediately.

✦KEVIN HARDAWAY: Damn. You’re really good at that.

✦ACE WATSON: Obviously. How’s the family?

✦KEVIN HARDAWAY: Good. Kim is like really excited for Christmas this year.

✦ACE WATSON: Wonderful! Should probably go get ready for our match now.

Kevin nods.


✦ACE WATSON: This was a fun bit. See ya later!


The two then walk off screen past each other, leaving the shot. But only for a moment, as they both then walk back across to the other direction, just being on screen again long enough to hear them say;

✦ACE WATSON: That's the wrong way.

✦KEVIN HARDAWAY: I need to be over there.

Before disappearing off to prepare for their Brand Wars preview match that would be taking place later tonight.

Posted Image

The Knoxotron turns on, revealing nothing but static. As the static transitions into the scenery of a rundown, vintage looking living room, Dream A Little Dream by Ozzie Nelson is heard playing on an old record player. At first nobody is in the scene. It is nothing more than a living room left in decay from years of neglect. The wallpaper is almost unrecognizable. The couches in the living room are stained and torn. The windows to the living room are shattered and caked with debris. It’s almost a perfect setting for a scene out of an old cult classic horror flick.

Suddenly, Johnny Evil pops into view of the camera. So close that his face is almost pressed against the lens. His eyes are bloodshot and wild looking. It looks as if he had just woke up from a deep sleep. They say the eyes are the key to anybody’s soul, but if you took the time to examine and fully stare into these eyes at this particular time you might find the devil holding a sign saying no soul available. A smirk exposes his teeth, showing them to be clenched as his tops grind across his bottoms. It isn’t long after that, he speaks.


Johnny raises an eyebrow in almost a concerned state as if he’s looking for life inside the lens of the camera. He blows upon it, causing it to fog up as the record player abruptly stops. He then uses the bottom of a clenched fist to rub the fog from the lens, which he follows up with three soft taps upon it with his pointer finger as if he’s still checking for life.

✦JOHNNY EVIL: You made two mistakes a couple of weeks ago the first mistake was counting the pinfall and punching my ticket into Divine Supremacy. Sure, there was some fuckery involved but it was expected. Not just was it expected… it was expected of you. You think anybody really thought that you were going to be a fair official after what you did to June Kolby two weeks prior to my match with him? C’mon, it was the same cliche thing that people in this business are used to seeing over and over again…

Evil slaps himself in the face, causing it to echo the grungy living room. He then claws at the top of his head viciously as if he is a wild animal before shouting...


He breaks out with a quick, sinister chuckle as he runs a trembling hand through his hair with an unsure look growing across his face. Evil then shakes his head and points upon the camera.

✦JOHNNY EVIL: Fuck… I don’t know if you thought that June Kolby was a threat to you or if you just had something against him. Either way, your instinct wasn’t calculated you simple minded fuck. The only person that you screwed over that night was yourself, because if you thought that I was just another slouch to enter into the mix at Divine Supremacy, you were wrong. You basically fucked yourself from what otherwise might have been another chance to stand in the spotlight for you.

Again Evil smacks himself with an open palm before spitting a thick mucus filled loogie upon the floor.


Closing his eyes, he inhales… most likely taking the stench of mold and rot with it due to the environment. After a moment, his masculine posture drops and his shoulders become relaxed. He paces away from the camera, and the camera zooms in, taking notice of the black wedding dress in which he is wearing. This might be bizarre to Johnny, but it sure as hell wasn’t to Dahlia.

He turns his head away from the camera for a moment, and once he turns the back, his eyes are now less narrow, but more wide open. He bats them a couple times as he runs his hand along his shoulder in an ever so gentle manner.

✦JOHNNY EVIL: That’s right Felix… You just made your job at Divine Supremacy ten times harder, because Johnny’s going to win the whole damn thing and you will be nothing more than a memory to HKW after that. You will fade into the darkness, the blackest depths of wrestling history… while Johnny on the other hand begins to write his scriptures in this company and cement his legacy as the new future of HKW.

He paces around almost as if to do a little dance. Placing his finger upon his lips, he silences himself for a moment. Pulling his finger away, he then lets off a playful laugh before continuing…

✦JOHNNY EVIL: Sure, it might not be a future that some would like, as his path to stardom won’t be lined with the typical yellow brick roads, but narrow paths of cluttered filth, and fractured remains of all who oppose him. The future he brings to this company will be etched with bodies sprawled out and impaled upon a crimson, wet, stained battle ground with fractured dreams and shattered hopes of his victims… Sadly, you will be one of them Felix!

Johnny then drops to a knee and lets out a yell of pain as he massages his temples. The camera then zooms in directly on his face as he looks back up into the camera. His eyes are now more narrow once more… His eyes are now more ‘evil’, so to speak…

✦JOHNNY EVIL: Yea, you allowing me to enter Divine Supremacy… that was mistake numbero uno, primo!

He laughs as if to stress how stupid that idea was on Felix Vialpando’s part…He itches his neck for a moment and then proceeds to mention Felix’s second mistake...

✦JOHNNY EVIL: Then you wanted to take a cheap shot??

Johnny claws at his head before reaching up and pulling upon his blonde locks. He releases his hair from the grip of his hand as it falls over his face. He then clenches his fist and punches himself wildly upon the cheek while shouting in anger…


He continues to talk as he pulls himself up to his feet, walking aimlessly around the abandoning living room.

✦JOHNNY EVIL: You attacking me after the match, that didn’t give you leverage. That sure as hell didn’t make you look nor feel superior to anybody else but yourself. What that did do is make you a target. That night two tickets got punched. Not only did I punch my ticket to a great opportunity, but you punched your ticket to one hell of an ass beating! If you don’t know about me, or haven’t seen by now, ask about me. I’m not just some wrestling guy. I’m the living, breathing definition of a Horror Story!

Evil glances back at the camera once more as he stops pacing. Evil with the hair in his face, you can still see that sinister grin beginning

✦JOHNNY EVIL: It doesn’t matter though, because you made your bed and now you have to lie it. Felix, I’ll see you soon...

Evil begins to chuckle as the record player then turns back on, giving an eerie feel to the environment once more. It’s at this point, the camera takes notice of the filthy, neglected living room once more, panning from left to right as the Knoxotron cuts to static...

Posted Image

Our cameras cut toward the small backstage gym area where we open up on a shot of Eli Zayn. He flashes a smile to the camera before he speaks into his microphone.

✦ELI ZAYN: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time-- the r…


Eli looks curiously toward his guest.

✦ELI ZAYN: ...reigning HKW Bloodlust Champion, Ashlyn De Luca.

The audience roars as the camera pans out a bit, allowing the belt-less Bloodlust Champion to appear in frame-- just as she finishes taking the chain off of one of the bench presses in the small gym. She slides the chain into her boot and Eli blinks rapidly.

✦ELI ZAYN: What are you doing?

Ashlyn simply doesn’t respond. Dressed in her gear already, her gaze drifts past Zayn, arms crossed. She doesn’t say anything, simply shrugging as if she didn’t hear the question. Zayn looks anxiously toward the cameraman, then back to the champion.

✦ELI ZAYN: Um. Anyway. Ashlyn, it’s been a rough couple of weeks for you as I’m sure a lot of the HKW faithful are aware. Not only did you lose the SSWA World Championship in a war against Anastasia Starling… but after a main event of epic proportions here on Defiance two weeks ago, you were assaulted by the very man you’d called out earlier, Flame… and he left London with the Bloodlust Championship belt. Your Bloodlust Championship.

Boos resonate through Nuremberg, though there is a small, isolated pop at the mention of Flame. Ashlyn’s jaw tightens and her eyes narrow as she finally looks at the interviewer. She still remains silent until Zayn hesitantly raises the mic to his lips again.

✦ELI ZAYN: Any insight on how you’re gonna get it back?

Ashlyn sighs and looks away from Zayn again, shaking her head a little. Eli looks toward his cameraman again with a small shrug.

✦ELI ZAYN: Nothing? No… no plan of attack? No-- no ideas? What about the match Flame proposed just a few moments ago? You have to have some reservations about stepping foot in the Asylum.

The crowd roars at the mention of the match but Ashlyn’s gaze narrows again, possibly out of annoyance toward the interviewer, whom she still doesn’t look toward. Eli Zayn waits patiently for several seconds before he slumps his shoulders in defeat.

✦ELI ZAYN: Alright. Well. Maybe we can come back to that. Let’s move onto tonight. Tonight, you’re in an interesting tag team match. You’re teaming up with--

✦DOM HARTER: —the STAAAAAAARRRRR of Defiance, the Tenacious Little Bastard himself, Ontario’s Favorite Son, the Most Humble Man in Wrestling, and Tag Team Wrestler Extraordinaire! DOM HARTER!

The crowd pops as Dom strolls onto screen, announcing himself in the most grandiose fashion as he does so. But his demeanour is in stark contrast to that of Ashlyn De Luca; the crooked grin plastered across his face does little to warm Ashlyn’s icy heart as the two stand either side of Eli.

✦ELI ZAYN: Welcome Dom. Tonight you’ll be going up against Christian Kane and Tony Carmine in tag action. Two men you know incredibly well due to your previous matches with them.

✦DOM HARTER: Previous victories!

Harter corrects him, but the playful banter is met by a blank stare from Ashlyn. Puzzled, Dom turns to Eli and asks.

✦DOM HARTER: What’s her problem?

✦ELI ZAYN: Well she recently lost the SSWA World title, her Bloodlust title was stolen by Flame on the last Defiance, and—

✦DOM HARTER: Yeah, yeah, I know all that. But we’ve got a match coming up soon, De Luca. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks too, but you don’t see me moping around! Chin up, chest out, we’ve got work to do.

Ashlyn blinks a few times at Dom’s wording, but rolls her eyes away from him, silent for another few seconds before Eli speaks up ahead of her.

✦ELI ZAYN: Ashlyn, you’ve never been involved in direct competition with Tony Carmine, so while that could play a huge factor-- we also have to acknowledge your longtime friendship with Christian Kane? Doesn’t that present a conflict of interest?

Ashlyn’s gaze falls downward. The camera pans in on the Bloodlust Champion again and for a few seconds, she simply bites her lip… but she looks up at Eli and speaks up.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: Christian isn’t my friend during that match.

The audience pops at the proclamation, and Ashlyn slowly turns to look at Dom Harter. She looks up into his eyes, but the champion’s gaze remains oddly unfocused.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: I’ll pull my weight out there. You should just… make sure what Tony said doesn’t hold any.

She narrows her eyes again, clearly focused on Harter-- but softly recoils as if slapped with a sudden realization.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: He said that everything about you took place before. Called you diluted. I mean, dude busted out the ‘R’ word… said you weren’t even anything relevant… and you took it all. You turned it into a third grade shoving match, like that was gonna go somewhere. Because that showed him. And at the end he was still talkin sh*t. And now here we are. We look uhhhmaaazing going out there right now. Right?

She smiles bitterly, shaking her head a little, her next words coming out coldly.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: But. Yeah, I mean… chin up. Word.

All parties are quiet for a few moments, with Zayn slowly moving the microphone in Harter’s direction, preparing for the inevitable. Harter chuckles to himself as he strokes his stubbled jaw. A moment of silence passes before he speaks again.

✦DOM HARTER: Is that why I shoved him? Because he called irrelevant? Because I’m coasting on my old achievements from two or three years ago - like completing my second Grand Slam, or getting inducted into a Hall of Fame, or winning the Destiny Cup, or headlining three HKW pay-per-views, or headlining three other supershows this month alone…

Harter shrugs nonchalantly.

✦DOM HARTER: No, you see, Tony wants to get under my skin. And after watching my girlfriend nearly get choked in the ring, I might’ve, maybe, let him get under there. But also because he...he has a really punchable face, and I’m still working through these issues from War Ready. But you, Ashlyn?

He says, playfully slapping her on one cheek before leaving his hand there to cup her face. Ashlyn jerks her head away, eyeing Harter with caution as he steps forward.

✦DOM HARTER: You’re not supposed to buy into his bullshi*t. Because tonight I’m getting what I want; I get to see what Tony has learned during his travels, what new tricks he has in his bag. And, God willing, I get to punch him square in the face! So chin up, Ashlyn, because I need your help for this.

It does earn another pop from a majority of the crowd. Ashlyn look at Dom uneasily for a moment before folding her arms again and shaking her head.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: I don’t. I don’t buy into what he says. Just…

She offers the smallest, faintest smile-- probably a forced one.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: Making sure you’ve got more for him than a little push when we get out there. That’s all.

✦DOM HARTER: You know what they say: Harter hits harder!

He boasts, earning another pop from the crowd as Harter places a hand down across Ashlyn’s shoulder.

✦DOM HARTER: Plus I haven’t been dropped head first on the concrete tonight, so I’m in better shape.

Ash glances at his hand on her shoulder for a moment but raises a brow and looks at Harter again.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: Good to know. Try to keep it that way… at least until after the match.

She calmly pulls his hand off of her shoulder as she begins to move down the corridor.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: In the meantime though… I gotta handle some things. So I’ll meet you out there.

She disappears from frame and Dom turns to Eli Zayn, who’s still standing at the back with the microphone in hand. A sheepish look on the face of the interviewer, which is in contrast to the grin Dom’s wearing.

✦DOM HARTER: I could’ve been a motivational speaker you know, Eli. I’ve picked her up from the slump she was in, and now we’re going to get the job done together! And if you see Tony or Christian before then, tell them we’ll be ready.

With that, Dom walks away in the opposite direction to Ashlyn, as the show cuts elsewhere.

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The show cuts backstage. Felix Vialpando turns the corner with notepad in hand. He is studying his notes, tapping a well-worn pencil on the spiral edge of the pad. His attention is soon averted to the sounds coming from a closet door with a steel chair braced against it.

Felix puts the notepad in his back pocket and returns the pencil to its place behind his ear. He approaches the closet cautiously as it rattles from the pounding behind it. A female voice can just barely be made out through the thick wood. Felix grasps the steel chair with both hands. He hesitates for a moment. The door shakes again. Then Felix rips the steel chair out from under the knob and holds it in the air, ready to swing immediately.

The door flies open. Celeste comes tumbling out and spills onto the floor along with some toiletries and cleaners. She looks up at Felix as he looks down at her in total shock.


✦CELESTE: Uh...hi


Celeste jumps to her feet and dusts off her pants while responding.

✦CELESTE: I can't help it if the other kids are mean to me.

Felix lowers the chair, letting it settle on the floor. He walks past her and starts looking in the closet.

✦FELIX VIALPANDO: Is CJ in there too, huh?

Not seeing Celeste’s boyfriend Felix turns to his former Note Taker.

✦FELIX VIALPANDO: What are you scheming this time, hm? Trying to interfere yet again in my match tonight now that I actually have one? Hmm? What are you up to?

✦CELESTE: CJ isn't here and I'm not planning anything! Just like last time, I'm supporting my Subversion teammates...even though they decided to stuff me in a closet. Its like, what did I ever do to you? Same with you, I only supported you but noooo, you had to go have a hissy fit.

Celeste rolls her eyes and places her hands on her hips.

✦FELIX VIALPANDO: You turned your back on me is what you did! You dared call yourself my friend when all you wanted to do was turn your back on me like your father did wh---


The echo of Celeste’s hand travels through the hallway. The crowd falls silent. Felix’s face remains turned to the side after she slapped him. Celeste stares daggers at her former friend and her voice adopts an infuriated tone.

✦CELESTE: Don't you EVER mention my father to me again!

Felix frowns a little.

✦FELIX VIALPANDO: Celeste...I'm...I...I didn't…

Felix shakes his head.


Felix turns, looks at Celeste a bit concerned, but turns away storming down the halls wanting to get away from her as fast as possible. Celeste watches him go, breathing slowly to try and calm her nerves as the scene fades out.

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✦WHISPER VIPERI: This next match is a singles match and it is for one fall...

The iconic chords of "To Die For" by Concerto Moon hits across the arena, sending the fans leaping from their seats to their feet in a frenzy. As soon as Kenshin Takamura emerges from the entrance tunnel, they get even louder and more raucous. With a smirk on his face, he steps to the edge of the stage and raises his index finger into the air as many people in the crowd mirror him. He examines the excited fans before nodding and continuing down toward the ramp, slapping a few hands here and there.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: On his way to the ring, weighing in at 228-pounds, hailing from Tokyo, Kantō, Japan...

Takamura backs into the corner of the barricade where the fans embrace him and pat his back.


✦JACK WARREN: Kenshin’s going to have his hands full tonight!!

✦BRIAN MASON: Not if Felix Vialpando lets his arrogance get the best of him!!

As his name is announced, he raises his index finger into the air as the fans behind him mimic his pose. He then jogs up the stairs, grabbing the ring post with a single hand and slingshotting himself around it before walking across the apron, directly to the far turnbuckle. He pulls himself up on it from the outside and raises his index finger into the air as the fans mirror him. After dropping his arm, he drops down into the ring and takes his corner to do some stretches before the camera focuses back in on the entrance ramp...

✦WHISPER VIPERI: And his opponent!

After these words are spoken there's yet another loud falcon cry as eyes of a Falcon are seen in the background of the LAX lets. They lead into a video package of Felix's highlights of his career. The lights in the arena begin to flash white, pink and grey as Felix is seen standing there on the top of the stage looking out to the crowd with a smirk on his face.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: Making his way to the ring...From Compton-Los Angeles, CA...Weighing in at 200 lbs. and standing at 6 feet tall...Representing LAX...EL HALCóN..... Felix VIIAALLLLLPANNNNNDOOOO!!

Felix then begins to make his way down the ramp ignoring the fans on the way down to the ring. Making it to the ring he slides and and looks around before popping up to his feet.

✦JACK WARREN: My guy, Felix Vialpando!!

✦BRIAN MASON: Felix is scum… Just look at how he’s been treating June Kolby!!

With both men in the ring, Felix walks out toward Kenshin and then shrugs him off to a tremendous amount of heat before the opening bell...

Kenshin Takamura vs Felix Vialpando


As the match starts, Felix rushes out with arrogance and attempts to drive a knee into Kenshin’s ribs, but Kenshin blocks it off and then delivers an elbow into Felix’s chest. He grips Felix by the wrist and slings him toward the ropes. Felix rebounds and ducks a spinning elbow by Kenshin, rebounding off of the adjacent rope. Darting back toward Kenshin, Felix stops short and delivers a rake to his eyes. Kenshin grabs at his eyes blinded for the moment as Felix hops over him with a sunset flip in an attempt to win the match early, but the pin is nothing short than a quick kick out before the official can even drop to the mat to make a count.

✦BRIAN MASON: Felix is not going to end a match early on Kenshin Takamura like that!!

✦JACK WARREN: Hey, will you pipe down? It doesn’t hurt to try… you’re looking at greatness right there!

Both men roll their feet and dash toward one another. Felix hops into the air and delivers a dropkick to Kenshin’s chest, causing him to fall against the ropes. Not wasting any time, Felix springs back to his feet and runs forward again, clotheslining Kenshin over the ropes, causing him to tumble outside onto the ringside floor. Looking back at Kenshin, Felix paces around the ring and wipes his hands clean in cockyness to a massive onslaught of boo’s from the HKW audience.

✦BRIAN MASON: There’s that arrogance I mentioned earlier. I hate the way Felix carries himself!

✦JACK WARREN: Do you really think Vialpando cares about your opinion, Mason??

Kenshin climbs to his feet using the ring apron and stares back into the ring at Felix who is now running toward him. Felix slides through the bottom rope trying to connect a baseball slide to Kenshin’s chin, only to have Kenshin scout it and roll to the side. As Felix gets caught on the apron under the bottom rope, he scrambles to move out of harm's way, but Kenshin darts forward and hopes to the apron and then drops down upon Felix’s chest with double knees, sending him dropping to the ringside floor.

✦BRIAN MASON: That’s what happens when you’re over confident!

✦JACK WARREN: Those knees gotta’ hurt. You know I once heard a story that Kenshin Takamura can break cinder blocks with a single leg kick??

Kenshin reaches down and lifts Felix to his feet and spins him, driving him back first into the steel steps. With Felix leaned against the steps, Kenshin backs up and does a finger gun point, running forward and driving a knee into his face. He reaches down and pulls Felix to his feet locking him up in a suplex, lifting and dropping him back first onto the ringside floor. As Felix rolls onto his back wincing in pain, Kenshin climbs on the apron. Looking back for a moment, as Felix climbs to his feet, Kenshin hops into the air and knocks him back to the floor with a moonsault.

One! Two! Three! Four!

Kenshin stands to his feet and begins to hype up the crowd before reaching down and pulling Felix to his feet by the wrist. He rolls Felix into the ring and slides in after him. Felix rolls onto his stomach and begins a crawl toward the other side of the ring, but Kenshin keeps the pressure on, stalking him and reaching down, lifting Felix to his feet. Felix desperately sticks a thumb in Kenshin’s eye and gets warned by the official as he does. With Kenshin tending to his eye, Felix kicks him in the stomach and locks him in a DDT, driving him head first to the canvas.

✦JACK WARREN: A beautifully executed DDT from Felix Vialpando!! With that one, he’s back in the driver’s seat!!

Felix climbs to a knee and wipes the sweat from his brow before standing up and rolling Kenshin onto his back. Felix reaches down and grabs Kenshin’s leg, lifting it up and bending it, slamming it down and smashing his knee into the canvas. Kenshin rolls over and holds his knee as Felix bounces off of the ropes and springs back into Kenshin’s direction. Hopping into the air, Felix lands across Kenshin’s stomach with a running senton. Felix quickly rolls onto his stomach and crawls onto Kenshin for a pin.




Kenshin kicks out and Felix hops to his feet. He paces around for a moment as Kenshin climbs to his feet. Felix stalks around behind Kenshin and as he stands, Felix runs forward and hops into the air, locking Kenshin’s head under his arm and driving his face into the mat with a bulldog. As Kenshin hits the mat he rolls onto his stomach clenching his head. Felix takes a breather for a moment before coming back to standing position.

✦BRIAN MASON: Felix is beginning to find a bit of a rhythm!!

Felix walks over to Kenshin and lifts him up by the hair, taunting him. It was all scouted though as Kenshin gripped the back of Felix’s head and dropped to the mat, executing a sit-out jawbreaker counter. The move doesn’t bring Felix to the mat, it causes him to stumble back, holding his jaw in pain. Kenshin uses this opportunity to rush forward and pump kick Felix into the corner. Kenshin somersaults backward and then runs forward delivering an elbow to Felix’s chin while he’s in the corner. As Felix comes staggering out from the post, Kenshin then rolls Felix up, looking to end the match.




As Felix kicks out, Kenshin rolls onto his back and sits up looking around as he watches Felix use the ropes to make a slow pull to standing position. Hopping to his feet, Kenshin runs forward and locks Felix up, drilling him to the mat with a saito suplex. Coming to his feet and brushing his hair from his face, Kenshin waits for a winded Felix Vialpando to climb to one knee. Walking over to Felix, Kenshin lifts him to his feet and irish whips him against the ropes. As he comes forward, Kenshin catches Felix, leveling him out with a sling blade. Both men lay on the mat taking some much needed recovery time.


Kenshin comes to his feet first and lifts Felix to standing position. He fires a knee into Felix’s ribs and then locks him up in a suplex. Kenshin lifts Felix into the air, but Felix kicks over it and lands on his feet, locking his arms around Kenshin’s waist. Felix then transfers one hand to Kenshin’s wrist and ripcords him forward, delivering a ripcord variation of a bionic elbow. Kenshin stumbles back and hits the ropes. He stumbles forward and Felix rushes forward with a flying knee.

✦JACK WARREN: Flying knee to the face of Kenshin!!

Felix does a slow climb to his feet. He paces around the ring and begins laying on the trash talk for a moment. He stalks behind Kenshin for a moment, as Kenshin uses the ropes as a crutch to pull himself to his feet. It’s not long before Kenshin makes it to his feet, and Felix runs up behind him, attempting to lock him in a full nelson. Kenshin begins firing elbow after elbow back into Felix’s ribs to block him off. The shots cause Felix to stagger back and Kenshin turns around, firing a kick into his stomach. Reaching out, Kenshin lifts Felix into the air, spinning him upside down and drilling him to the mat with a Takamura Driver.



An exhausted and tired Kenshin, rolls onto his back unable to make the pinfall right away from the toll the match has taken on him. Taking a moment, Kenshin rolls onto his stomach and crawls toward Felix, pushing him over onto his back with his shoulder. Kenshin drops on top of Felix and hooks the leg in the air for a pin.




Felix Vialpando rolls a shoulder up at the last possible second. Kenshin climbs up to a knee and looks around in disbelief. He begins to make a slow and drawn out climb to his feet as Felix rolls back over onto his stomach. Kenshin stumbles back into the corner and waits for Felix to climb to a knee before raising his arm into the air and pointing into the sky. Kenshin then makes a cut throat gesture as a groggy Felix Vialpando stands to his feet.

✦BRIAN MASON: It looks like Kenshin could be going in for the kill!!!

Kenshin comes forward and fires a Tiger Strike, but somehow Felix ducks under the kick. The kick swings wild and connects against the side of the officials face, knocking him to the ring mat. Kenshin looks down at the official in a concerned state. While Kenshin is distracted with what has just happened, Felix creeps up behind him and lifts him into the air, rotating him upside down and spinning him around before dropping him with a Falcon Call.


✦BRIAN MASON: But the referee is down, Felix ducked that Tiger Strike from Kenshin and the referee caught the impact with his face!!

After Kenshin’s head spikes upon the mat, Felix falls to his back. It takes a moment, but Felix eventually comes to a knee and as he does… the lights begin to flicker throughout the arena. A power surge of sorts. It isn’t long before the arena goes completely dark and the Knoxotron flickers on to the sound of a light bulb exploding. Static rolls across the screen showing giving off a sense of disturbance and an almost vintage feel. The sound of a chandelier swinging wildly can be heard, and it’s followed by the flick of a zippo that ignites a single black candle placed upon the old rotting hardwood floor.

✦JACK WARREN: What the hell is this??

The HKW crowd erupts as the flame from the candle sways and flickers around causing Johnny Evil to become visible, sprawled out across the floor in the same living room he was seen in earlier in the show. The black wedding dress is now shredded to pieces and stained with a substance assumed to be the same crimson substance that is plastered and dried upon his body… remnants of a blood bath!

✦JOHNNY EVIL: Felix… Johnny’s gonna’ kill you…
Johnny’s gonna kill you…
Johnny’s gonna kill you…

The chant begins to grow silent, as Johnny laughs in his Dahlia Black personality before the Knoxotron cuts to static, giving an annoying sound to eardrums. As the screen cuts off the lights return to their original state throughout the arena. The roars only grow louder as Johnny Evil is standing behind Felix Vialpando in street clothes…



Felix turns around and Evil fires a kick directly into his gut, grabbing him by his hair and shouting into his face, before stuffing Felix between his legs in powerbomb position. Evil hoists Felix into the air and drives him to the mat, sitting out and drilling both knees into his back executing a Fall From Shangri’ La!!


As Felix rolls off of Johnny Evil’s knees, Johnny kips up to his feet and looks around, looking down at Felix before dragging Kenshin over and laying him atop Felix’s chest. As Evil rolls out of the ring he back peddles up the entrance ramp watching it all unfold as the referee comes to and makes a slow crawl over to the competitors. Dropping his hand down to the mat in a groggy state, he starts the pin count…





Kenshin Takamura’s music hits the speakers and Kenshin sits up. He looks up the ramp at Johnny Evil still confused about what just transpired. Kenshin looks around for a moment and then stands up shaking his head a bit upset at how he won the match as Johnny Evil walks backward through the stage curtain.

WINNER: Kenshin Takamura via pinfall (10:12)
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Somewhere in the arena, the newest RISE tag team known as The Sav Bros are spotted with burgers and fries in their possession. Lo takes a bite of his and chews it up, his eyes lighting up once his taste buds savor the taste. He slaps his brother Si in the arm and bounces up and down in his Jordan’s.

✦LO SAVEA: YOOOO! Who knew burgers in this bih tasted like they do in America?!

Before Si has a chance to answer, the crowd roars to life as the camera cuts to none other than Jason Jackson. He's standing nearby with his arms folded across his chest, shaking his head.

✦JASON JACKSON: I swear to Samoan baby Jesus. I can't leave you two alone for five minutes, can I? ARE YOU EATING MY FOOD?

He sighs and steps closer, putting his arms around the shoulders of both of his cousins as he pulls them close.

✦JASON JACKSON: Listen, I'm not booked for a match tonight but! I've got a big announcement to make. So, how about you two accompany me to the ring and we get two birds stoned at once… that's how the saying goes right?

Lo looks over at Si, the two brothers simply shrugging their shoulders as they turn toward their well-known cousin.

✦LO SAVEA: Two peas in a pod?

✦SI SAVEA: Two wrongs make a right?


Lo slaps Si in the arm.

✦LO SAVEA: Two ducks in a row! Thass it! Bird - duck. Two - two.

Lo places his plate down on the nearest equipment crate and rolls his neck around in a circle while gyrating his shoulders up and down.

✦LO SAVEA: Real speak, though. We down for that. We throwin’ fists with some bozos or naw? Cause I been ready. They ain’t really givin’ us much to work over in RISE right now, but…

Si sets his plate down right next to Lo’s.

✦SI SAVEA: Don’t think we’re gonna be there for long. Nothin’ bad either, but we ain’t some clumsy rooks. We don’t need that shhhhhh.

Si notices the camera team right behind Jason.

✦SI SAVEA: We allowed to curse in this bih?

Jason laughs and shrugs, before stealing a fry from the plate to pop it into his mouth. He looks as though he's in deep thought for a second before a light bulb seems to come on.

✦JASON JACKSON: I just remembered. I don't give a fuck. I do what I want.

Dusting the salt off his hands, Jason scoops one of the drinks off the table and takes a drink…a grimace forming on his face.

✦JASON JACKSON: Dr. Pepper. Disgusting.

Tossing the cup over his shoulder nonchalantly, JJ nails a production assistant with a shower of Dr. Pepper. The camera gets a shot of the Sav brothers’ shocked faces, and Jason just shrugs it off as he continues speaking, Finally addressing Lo’s question.

✦JASON JACKSON: Uhh... I don't think we'll have to fight anyone tonight, but you never know. This is Defiance after all, and I'd imagine Asha Astor is a little heated about last week. Either way, it will be good to get you both some face time on the big show…you know, let the fans get a little taste of what's to come?

Lo, and Si lock eyes, nod their heads and turn toward their cousin.

✦LO SAVEA: Less get it.

Lo picks up his plate, Jason immediately grabbing another fry. Lo’s eyes widen as he moves his left hand to his hip and cocks his head to the side.

✦LO SAVEA: Really nigga?!

Lo grabs a handful of fries from Si’s plate and puts it on his own.

✦SI SAVEA: Really nigga?!

Jason stops and looks at both of them before picking up the half-eaten burger off Lo’s plate, taking a bite. Arching an eyebrow, he smacks the plates out of their hands and watches as the fries hit the ground.



✦JASON JACKSON: Really. My hand slipped. You want this?

He offers the small bit of the burger that’s left, then shrugs and eats it himself.

✦JASON JACKSON: You weren't lying. This burger is fire. Let's roll ohana.

The trio pushes past the cameraman and make their way down the hall as the cameras transition to another part of the arena.

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We cut to the backstage area once again and the Nuremberg audience pops as the belt-less HKW Bloodlust Champion makes her way through the corridors. She approaches a trio of unmarked dressing room doors, raising a hand to knock on the first one… but stopping and pushing it open by the handle instead.


She flips the lightswitch, illuminating the room… but it’s empty. Ash sighs, pulling it shut. She opens the second door, peering inside, turning on the lights, but again, it’s empty. Ashlyn pulls the door shut and pushes open the final door, already looking defeated-- but a cry rings out from the inside! Ashlyn recoils a bit from the sound, but the cameras pan around to reveal Christian Kane to a thunderous mixed reaction from the mainly-unsupportive audience.

✦CHRISTIAN KANE: Close the f**ing door! What are-..what are you doing!? Crazy bitch.

Ashlyn blinks in confusion, looking in both directions before she steps inside and pulls the door shut behind her-- and the camera guy.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: What-- are you hiding?

Kane peers around for a moment before running a hand through his hair.

✦CHRISTIAN KANE: Yes I’m hiding. Jesus. Goddamn detective over here. Kenshin is karate-ing people to death, did you see what he did to Big Mike? I want no part of that. No part at all. I’ll wait for him to take his anger out on Felix.

Christian then moves back into the corner, looking around once more before taking a seat.

✦CHRISTIAN KANE: Until then, I’m staying right here. Wait. Why are you here? What do you want?

Ash takes a moment to respond, studying Christian for a second after he’s done speaking before shaking her head a bit as if dismissing whatever thought had crossed her mind.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: I was looking for Emilio. Door wasn’t marked so I figured he’d be in here. Wasn’t trying to like… blow up your spot or anything.

The Bloodlust Champion turns and starts to make her way back to the door, but pauses, lingering for a moment before she pivots on her heel, turning back toward Kane.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: Hm. You know-- when you go out there with Tony for the tag match, you’re gonna be totally exposed. If someone wants to go out there and… karate you to death, there’s not much stoppin them. Know what I mean?

Ashlyn leans back against the wall, looking up as some drywall falls down onto her shoulder. Ashlyn turns curiously, knocking a fist against the wall, allowing some of the off-white powder to drift down into her hand. Kane stares blankly at Ashlyn for a moment before responding, choosing to ignore the weirdness.

✦CHRISTIAN KANE: What are you saying? That we should blow off the match? Stay here and smoosh booties?

He shrugs.

✦CHRISTIAN KANE: I’m game if you’re game. Cameraman, f**k off.

CK instantly begins to undress himself, removing his shirt and throwing it over the camera before he (presumably) begins to take off his pants. There is an audible mixed reaction from the live audience-- but the shirt is ripped off of the camera lens and curled into a ball by De Luca before being chucked at Kane’s face. Christian recoils as the shirt wraps around his neck and falls onto his shoulder. He frowns, trou half dropped, standing in briefs.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: I’m sayin… you’re not safe from any angle if you go out to that ring tonight. As a friend, I wanted to make that clear while we were face to face.

A small smirk crosses Ashlyn’s face-- a genuine one for the first time of the night, recalling her new favorite catchphrase.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: ...Millimeter Peter…

The comment earns a pop from the fluent English-speakers in the crowd but Kane angrily throws his shirt back at her in response.

✦CHRISTIAN KANE: You goddamn bitch! Shut the hell up! You know it’s not true! I’ve been in every orifice your body has to offer and you DARE to use that catchphrase? Not only that but you’re talking about hurting me...me! It’s one thing to knowingly team with Dom Harter, but to do that against me? Honestly, Ashlyn, my heart is sort of breaking right now.

He finishes pulling up his gear, angrily tying it before looking back to her.

✦CHRISTIAN KANE: I can’t decide if it’s because you didn’t want to bang or because you told me I’m not safe tonight. It’s both. Yep it’s definitely both. Why don’t you just...f**k off out of my damn HQ. Comin’ in here rejecting my advances, that’s not how girls get down in my locker room. Ess Em Haitch.

Ash sighs and turns, pulling the door open with one hand, lazily throwing Christian’s shirt to him a second time with the other.


She pauses in the doorway, drumming her fingers against the door handle before turning back to Kane again, pointing up to the blank spot where a name or number would typically go to mark the door.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: Should I put your name up here in case somebody needs to find you, or…?

✦CHRISTIAN KANE: Just...go. And Ashlyn, I swear, I’m going to dickslap you for this.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: Bring it.

Ash closes the door behind her and rolls her eyes before taking a few steps down the hall-- and slowing to a stop as someone just outside of the frame catches her eye. The camera pans out, revealing Emilio Vialpando walking down the hall towards her.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: ...well. There you are.

The head of the Upper Echelon family looks at Ashlyn a bit confused.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: Wait...What’s going on here? Isn’t you’re locker ro--

Emilio stops and looks at the nameplate on the door-- white tape which has “C KANE” crudely Sharpied on it and pasted on by the cameraman, earning a chuckle from Nuremberg-- and smirks. Ashlyn rolls her eyes and takes a few steps back to the door to rip the makeshift nameplate down before walking back up to the amused Emilio.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: Oh! I see what’s going on here. Hey, you have no judgement from me!

He says throwing up his hands as if he was innocent. Ashlyn folds her arms and gives him an annoyed once-over, looking ready to launch into a retort, but she just shakes her head.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: I was looking for you. We need to talk about our situation. Now.

She narrows her eyes a bit.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: And we both know damn well we have mad similar situations right now.

Emilio sighs and nods seeing that she was serious.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: You’re right...I was actually looking for you too believe it or not.

Emilio looks down not wanting to admit it.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: So I take it you...You seen?


Ashlyn states it coldly, dryly, looking as if she doesn’t even want to confront it-- but her expression changes a moment later and she offers a small shrug.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: But we knew this is the kind of sh*t we might be getting into, right? So…

Ash sighs, again, looking uncomfortable at what she’s about to say. She lowers her voice, going on, not quite making eye contact as she speaks to Emilio.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: So I think we know what we gotta do from here, til the moment it comes down to you and me for that title, know what I mean?

Emilio reluctantly nods.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: Yeah...Yeah I guess we do. Not the first thing I wanted to do but with the light of our situation we don’t have much of a choice.

Emilio looks to the Bloodlust Champion and holds out his hand.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: We’ll take him down...Together. No matter what it takes. We’ll end him once and for all. Get him the hell out of our hair and get back to where this all started. Mi y tu.

Ashlyn looks down at his hand for a few moments, gaze unsteady… but she nods and reaches forward, taking Emilio’s hand in a handshake to a thunderous mixed reaction from the audience. We slowly pan in on the handshake between the two before fading away.

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Once the ringside area has been cleared, the fans inside the Arena Nürnberger Versicherung have their attention drawn towards the Knoxotron as we see Eli Zayn chairing a sit down interview with the two members of Silk & Cyanide, and judging by the muted lighting and the fact Mariani and Mason are sat on more ornate furniture than the usual folding chairs, it appears the interview is being firmly conducted on their terms

✦ELI ZAYN: Good evening everyone, I am here with the two members of Silk & Cyanide, Erin Mariani and Sara Mason, who have requested an interview this evening to clarify their reasons for calling out The Black Delegation for the past few shows.

As she listens to Eli’s introduction, Mariani can’t help but smirk in barely-concealed amusement

✦ELI ZAYN: So if I can cut to the chase, on the last episode of Subversion the two of you made an appearance and claimed that you had manipulated The Black Delegation into doing your bidding. Do you stand by these claims?

Instead of answering Zayn’s question directly, Mariani takes a long drag on her shisha pen and holds the contents in her lungs for a few seconds before she exhales a cloud of aniseed-scented vapour

✦ERIN MARIANI: They were no mere claims, Mister Zayn, they are a statement of fact. Do not attempt to fit what we have done into the narrative you have been told to use by your so-called superiors as they try to mask their embarrassment at being just as easy to manipulate as those three fools who blundered into our web. It is unbecoming.

Having said her piece, Mariani takes another drag on her shisha pen, rolling her eyes at the thought of Zayn’s line of questioning as she does so - which causes Eli to nervously cough as he attempts to stick as close to his line of questioning as possible

✦ELI ZAYN: One question a lot of people have been asking is why you singled out The Black Delegation. There are a lot of theories being posted online, some which suggest…

✦SARA MASON: Suggest what, Eli?

✦ELI ZAYN: Well they suggest that what The Black Delegation have been saying is true.

Rather than answer that question, Mariani merely scoffs at the idea - although Mason certainly has her own feeling on the subject

✦SARA MASON: That right there, that’s why we knew they’d be easy to manipulate into giving us what we want. It’s always a conspiracy with them where there’s always somebody to blame, so all it would have taken was a gentle nudge and it would have taken them minutes to talk themselves into doing something stupid.

✦ERIN MARIANI: If you pause to think for just a moment, you’ll soon discover how easy the patriarchy are to control. A smile here, a promise that we never intend to keep there, and before long they’ll be crawling at our feet in the vain hope of hearing a few words of validation from our lips. Yet in spite of this they continue to delude themselves into believing that they are in control.

Mariani can’t help but chuckle to herself

✦ERIN MARIANI: This is why the three of them were so easy to twist into the shapes we wanted them to make for us. On the one hand they take any chance they get to tell themselves how they’re not in control, yet at the same time they pretend that they’re automatically superior because of one single chromosome.

✦SARA MASON: And because their minds couldn't cope with all that hypocrisy swirling around in there, all they could do was follow the path that was clear to them - and they failed to see we were leading them along the path the entire time.

✦ERIN MARIANI: I could almost, almost take pity on the three of them for being so helpless in the face of their impending damnation - but then I remember that they had to be so borish the entire time, and I realise that they deserve everything that is coming their way.

✦ELI ZAYN: But what about Jensen Banks and Romeo Price? As you said, they were just as much a part of the plan as The Black Delegation.

✦ERIN MARIANI: I am sure they will get over their disappointment.

✦SARA MASON: You seem to think we didn’t plan for this. Do you think that Romeo Price will care that he was little more than a part of our game when he gets some bragging rights over Jensen Banks? Of course he won’t, he’ll pretend that things worked out fine and act as if nothing happened - and if Jensen Banks is upset about that, I’m sure he’ll be content to air his grievances to the Subversion talent that let him down on the night. And who do you think that will be, Eli?

✦ERIN MARIANI: The fact that you are yet another person who failed to even consider that we had a plan from the outset says all we need to know. The patriarchy are having trouble letting go of their outdated ideas, but that’s why we’re here: because nobody is willing to stamp onto the fingers that are grimly clinging to the ledge of their ivory tower. Nobody, except us…

Rather than chuckle at the thought of what she just said, Mariani looks deathly serious

✦ERIN MARIANI: Of course those three fools will be remembered when we have finished with them, but not for the reasons they are no doubt telling themselves they will. No, they are no doubt telling themselves they will defeat us, never comprehending the fact that we don’t care about a mere match - we are far more interested in making an example out of every single member of the locker room who lacks the common sense or even the common courtesy to bow as we pass them backstage, to beg that we leave them alone, or if they're particularly unfortunate they will thank us for the punishment they are about to endure because they will have been blessed by being granted the attention that so many dare to dream of.

✦SARA MASON: Present company included.

Mason flashes a particularly wicked smile in Eli’s direction, and as Eli shifts uncomfortably in his chair he spies Mariani taking just a second to look him up and down as if she's already got something in mind for him, which further freaks him out - which only serves to make Mariani and Mason laugh at his expense, at which point Mason hands Mariani a €10 note

✦SARA MASON: A bet’s a bet, E, and he didn't pee his pants...

Quick as a flash, Mariani folds the note in two between her thumb and index finger and slips the note into the bustier of her dress before returning her attention towards Eli

✦ERIN MARIANI: Do you have any further questions for us, Mister Zayn?

Before Zayn can muster up the courage to respond, a fourth voice cuts him off, coming from right next to Marini and Mason.

✦????: Oh! OH! I think WE have a question that the two of you can answer!

All three heads whipped towards the source and were shocked to see the three members of The Black Delegation, all dressed as reporters, standing right behind Silk & Cyanide. Xavier pushed the pair of comically oversized glasses he wore back as he holds the mic uncomfortably close up to both women.

✦XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: How many times can the two of you prove my point until Divine Supremacy, ladies? How many times are we gonna see you profess to the world at large the propaganda that is you having any sway over our thoughts? I mean… we’ve given ample opportunity for you to show that you were more than words, and my brothers and I remain untouched and sound of mind.

Xavier shakes his head and looks up towards Eli Zayn

✦XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: Even young boy Eli here thinks you’re just talk and nothing more now. Isn’t that right, Eli?

Eli goes to speak, only for XAD to wave him off dismissively.

✦XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: Nevermind… I forgot who I’m talking to. You’ll stay on code to save face for them despite them punking you out earlier because they’re like you. Let me ask an unbiased party.

Xavier then turns to both Akeem Burrows and Isaiah Jones, ignoring the indignant look Zayn shot him.

✦XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: My brothers, what’s the verdict? Are Silk and Cyanide REALLY about that action as they claim to be? Or have they been pull hiding behind mics, talking themselves in circles this entire time?

Rolling her eyes at the interruption, Mariani straight up ignores the three members of The Black Delegation and returns her attention towards Eli Zayn

✦ERIN MARIANI: It is in your best interests to recognise members of the company you are working for in situations such as this, Mister Zayn.

The two members of Silk & Cyanide continue to ignore The Black Delegation stood a few feet from them, and instead share a look and nod to one another - at which point they stand up and walk away, with Mason telling Eli in passing...

✦SARA MASON: We’re done here.

✦ISAIAH JONES: Oh what? You bitches just think you can up and leave? After spreading all this bullsh*t all around here? Nah...Nah you ho’s gonna clean up this here mess!

As soon as Isaiah Jones says this, Mariani and Mason stop walking and slowly turn around to face The Black Delegation, and the look in their eyes says that they’re really not in the mood to play any further

After a moment of uneasiness in which Eli Zayn is quick to back out of the way of any potential confrontation, Mason approaches the three members of The Black Delegation until she’s stood mere inches from the three of them and looks Isaiah in the eye to say…

✦SARA MASON: You shouldn't play with fire, boys, because fire always wins.

Having issues her warning, Mason slowly backs away from the three of them with a twisted grin on her face as she maintains eye contact the entire time, while behind her Mariani aims an ice cold glare in their direction to make it clear she wholly supports her partner’s intent. With a blink of an eye a brawl ensues in the room started by the firecracker of Isaiah Jones who sprinted over and took down Sara with a tackle. Eli Zayn watched in fear of his own life as the brawl was getting more intense as it went on.


It didn’t seem as if anyone heard Eli’s cry from help until Head of Security Lonny Ohno and his men come bursting into the room. It took them a few minutes but they were able to pull the two teams apart.


The scene fades away with Lonny carrying Jones over his shoulder as he carries him out of the room with Akeem and Xavier being pushed back into the hallway and both Erin and Sara being held back.

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The cameras cut backstage and Kenni Killswitch is seen walking around. She seems to be looking for something. A smile appears on her face and she makes her way over to a corner. She spots her Opponent for Its Time 2, Ace Watson and taps him on the shoulder. Ace turns around and Kenni raises a hand up to his face.

✦KENNI: Oh Ace. Before you even get started let me tell you to just shut up for a minute, geeeeeessh. I’m trying to talk here. As you obvi knooooow by now. You have the honor of facing me for the HKW vs. Rise Pro Cuuuup. And since you made it clear as my pretty little face, no seriously. Look. No acne.

Kenni leans in real close to show Ace her Flawless skin.

✦KENNI: Proactive has this really great….

Killswitch looks up at Ace and shakes her head.

✦KENNI: Sorry. I’m toootes getting sidetracked. Since you made it clear that you’ll be watching my next match at Rise Pro, I figured that I could take the time off and come see you in action. It’ll make it easier for me to embarrass you when I make a name for myself in our match. I’m Defi like a great learner. So I’ll be watching suuuuuuper close at ringside.

The girl backs away and flips her hair before smiling at Ace.

✦KENNI: But totes no pressure or anything.

The Rise Pro Wrestler leans back against the wall and laughs. The whole time Kenni spoke Ace looked at her with a polite and definitely not sarcastic smile, his eyebrows raised pretending to be really interested in everything she said.

✦ACE WATSON: Are you... are you done?

Kenni doesn't reply, bringing a sigh of relief out of the British wrestler.

✦ACE WATSON: Brilliant! Now then, I hope you do pay close attention to my match, because then you'll truly be able to see what you're getting yourself in for.

Watson nods along with his words.

✦ACE WATSON: But, seeing as you're here now, I'll give you a couple hints. For one, there won't be any embarrassment of Ace Watson at the HKW vs RISE Cup. Not just because there's not much left that can embarrass me, but also because I know it's about time Ace Watson picked up some accolades again!

Watson grinned, confidently.

✦ACE WATSON: So yes, watch closely, you'll see all the evidence that shows I'll beat you when it comes to our match. But don't for a second think for a second you'll be going into that Cup match as the underdog who I'll underestimate, cause that's just not how I play.

Ace walks off leaving Kenni standing there fuming and pouting to herself.

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Whisper Viperi is seen standing in the ring.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: The following match is set for one fall! Introducing first, representing Underground!

The lights go out. Complete blackness, with the only lights shining being the random cellphones and a few cameras going off. An odd hush fills the crowd as the beginning guitar riffs of "Devil's Calling" by Parkway Drive begin playing. The crowd isn’t restless, sure, but they’re concerned at what’s going on as finally when the song reaches it’s first major crescendo, the lights fully come back on and standing at the entrance ramp without any sign of coming through the curtain, is none other than Kevin Hardaway, just looking on at the crowd, a hoodie on over his gear as he smiles at the crowd and starts the long walk down to the ring as the lyrics start up.

As the chorus hits, Kevin walks up the ring steps and climbs on top of the turnbuckle. Usually in past iterations of himself, he would perch up on it like a hawk looking for his prey. This time however, he doesn’t perch. He just stands on top, looking out at the crowd with a grin and a smirk as he jumps down into the ring and walks over to the corner...either awaiting the ring of the bell, or his opponent to walk down to the ring.

Ready for war.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: From Baltimore, Maryland. Kevin HARDAWAY!

"Rusty Halo" by The Script begins to play and the fans start to cheer as Ace Watson then steps out onto the stage. The reaction brings a smile to Watson's face as he starts to walk down the ramp, exchanging banter with the fans at the sides of the ramp as he makes his way down. Ace climbs the nearest ring steps after slapping a few high fives to some fans. Standing on the apron, Ace turns to the crowd and waves his arm upward to bring out a louder cheer from the audience.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: From London England, weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds, representing Defiance. ACE WATSOOOOON!!!

Pleased with the reaction, Ace steps between the ropes and walks across to the bottom corner of the ring, where he climbs the turnbuckle and raises an arm into the air, prompting another loud cheer from the fans. Ace then removes his Shootcamp t-shirt (which causes a few female crowd members to audibly react) and throws it into a sea of outstretched arms. Ace then turns and hops down into the ring again, where he then waits for/watches his opponent.

Ace Watson vs Kevin Hardaway


The bell rings as Kevin and Ace shake hands real quick. The Defiance representative Ace getting the crowd going as the Brand War preview match. The two grapplers circle each other as they try to feel each other out. Kevin starts off locking up Ace in a elbow and collar as the fight back and forth. Ace pushes Kevin into the corner as the ref starts to count to 5. At 4 Ace let go of Kevin as he backs up, letting Kevin catch his thoughts.

✦BRIAN MASON: Ace starting off with a little mind games. Trying to keep the Underground wrestler off balance.

✦JACK WARREN: Ace is gonna show this punk why Defiance is the better brand.

Kevin lunges at Ace trying to catch him with a surprise knee but Ace counters into a hip toss and puts Kevin into an Armbar. Ace is playing with Kevin as Kevin easily gets out of the armbar. Kevin sees that Ace is playing around and yells at him to be serious. Ace shrugs as he tells the crowd to make some noise.

BRIAN MASON: Ace is a confident kid tonight. He’s strutting around like a big shot.

✦JACK WARREN: He helped take out the Subversion captain Alexa Corra AND former Bloodlust Champion Brian Stryker. That’s two names I’d be happy to have under my belt.

✦BRIAN MASON: True but pride comes before the fall. Don’t get to cocky before it’s all over.

Kevin takes another run at Ace who ducks this time and hits an uppercut when he comes back up. Kevin stumbles back into the ropes as Ace grabs his arm and whips him into the opposite ropes. On the rebound Ace lifts Kevin into a scoopslam. Ace hooks the leg and goes for a pin.



Kevin powers out as he’s not gonna let Ace beat him with an easy move like that. Ace grabs Kevin by the waist and holds him down on the mat, lifting himself up and using momentum to swing down and drive both knees into the side of Kevin’s back. He does it again, forcing the air out of Kevin. Kevin starts to grabs Ace’s hands and breaks their grip on him as he starts fighting back to his feet. Once both men are on their feet, Kevin elbows Ace in the stomach, forcing him free. Kevin grabs Ace and drives his knee into the center of Ace’s forehead. Dazing the #ShootCamp wrestler, Kevin hits a dropkick that knocks Ace into the corner turnbuckle. Kevin takes the opening and grabs the two top ropes, forcing his shoulder in Ace’s stomach.

✦BRIAN MASON: Kevin taking it to Ace. Those shoulders have to hurt.

✦JACK WARREN: If you can be beaten by a shoulder, you deserve to lose.

Each shoulder thrust keeps Ace in the corner as the ref counts to five. On number 4, the ref tells Kevin to back off. Kevin holds up his hands before grabbing Ace and driving his shoulder one more time. Kevin grabs Ace and places him on the top turnbuckle. Kevin follows him and stands on the second rope before leaping off and using his legs to toss Ace across the ring with a top rope Frankensteiner! Kevin takes his chance and pulls Ace to the center of the ring and hooks his leg.




Ace got his shoulder up as he rolled away from Kevin, creating some separation to get himself some air. Pulling himself up on the ring apron. Kevin comes over and goes to grab Ace, but Ace counters by grabbing Kevin and dropping him throat first across the rope. Kevin falls back holding his throat, and Ace climbs to the top rope. Diving off, he hits a hard splash on Kevin as he pumps the crowd up in his favor!

Ace looks at Kevin yelling at him to get up. Once Kevin does, Ace locks in a Full Nelson and looks for the Replay, but Kevin fights it! Kevin swings his arms back and forth and finally breaks Ace’s grip. Kneeing Ace in the stomach doubles him over and lets Kevin lift him up in a vertical suplex looking to hit the End of Heartache! Kevin yells at the crowd that Underground is better, before pulling Ace down and driving his knees into Ace’s back! Ace crumples to the ground in agony as Kevin goes for the pin




The crowd goes nuts as Ace Watson manages to kick out at the last second. Kevin is shocked and looks at the ref in disbelief. Ace is holding his back still in pain as Kevin looks at Ace. Kevin grabs Ace and goes for another pin.




Kevin pins Ace again.




Kevin yells at Ace to stay down and pins him again.




Kevin yells at Ace as he starts to choke him hard, slamming his head into the mat over and over. The ref yells at him to get off and even pulls him off but Kevin pushes the ref down and starts clubbing Ace with forearms to the skull as the ref calls for the bell.


✦WHISPER VIPERI: Here is your winner via DQ...ACE WATSON!!!

✦BRIAN MASON: Kevin Hardaway just lost this match by DQ! He is a man possessed!

✦JACK WARREN: He wants to end Ace before anything even begins!

Ace is trying to protect himself from these clubbing blows when the crowd starts cheering as Zack Jones comes screaming out from the back. He makes a B-Line to Kevin and tackles the man, knocking him off Ace and out of the ring. Kevin is fuming as he yells at Zack and Zack yells back to get in the ring and face him like a man. Kevin elects to retreat for now, still shouting that he was gonna get them and there was nothing he can do about it.

✦BRIAN MASON: Zack Jones coming to the aid of his Brand War partner just in the nick of time. You have to think Defiance will have some form of retribution against Underground in mind after this.

✦JACK WARREN: You don’t mess with Defiance we always will have the number games!

Zack yells at Kevin Hardaway some more as Ace starts making it to his feet. Zack checks on him as once he sure he is okay, he grabs Ace’s hand and raises it up as the crowd cheer loudly for the hometown favorite.

WINNER via DQ: Ace Watson (9:22)
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The scene flashes backstage where Jackson Magnum is sitting in his locker room, head down, hands on his head. He is breathing heavily as Ty walks in the room. Jackson puts his hand up not even letting King speak.

✦JACKSON MAGNUM: Dude, I know, truth is that I need handle stuff tonight though. I can no deal with Aidan and his rag tag group of thugs ta night. They can wait.

Ty walks over taking a seat beside Jackson. Jackson is now biting down his lip trying to force back tears.

✦JACKSON MAGNUM: I know I hafe been a little crazy lately. Gitting drunk and arrested, going a bit insane over thee slight ting. Thee truth is tat I do want tings ta work out. I need them ta, I just do nae know anymore. I do nae know wat is wrong wit me. Why everyting I want en this sport eludes me. I feel like I should be past this, tat big matches should nae make me nervous ye know? But I can nae shake this feeling ov doubt, tat I am going ta come up short against Fel, hell et isnae even Fel. Et is every big match, maybe I am not good enough. Maybe I should listen ta her, just go away inta an abyss and nae come back ye know? Either way, even ef I beat Fel will et be enough fer me? Does anyone tink tat I will truly change anyting?

Magnum doesn’t even give Ty time to answer the question, as he shoots up out of his seat.

✦JACKSON MAGNUM: Really do nae even know anymore man. Really do nae, is et even worth et? I guess I hafe ta see fer meself. Anyways tanks fer thee tawk, let’s just hope I am good enough fer one great match at Endgame, no matter thee outcome.

Ty almost looks on in shock, as Jackson leaves the locker room not even letting his Blue Irish teammate get in a word before leaving.

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When the scene fades out to the arena “Hero” by. Skillet hits the PA System. The fans immediately pop as Defiance’s General Manager walks out onto the stage. He looks around the arena for a moment and nods to himself as he was satisfied with what he was seeing.

✦BRIAN MASON: Well this isn’t every day that we get to see Romeo Price come out here to address the crowd.

✦JACK WARREN: He must be coming out here to give me a promotion.

✦BRIAN MASON: What? Why in the hell would he give you of all people a promotion.

✦JACK WARREN: Cause The Man is good at his job, Mase.

Price walks down the ramp not really acknowledging the fans who were cheering him on.

WHISPER VIPERI: On the way to the ring...From Los Angeles, CA….Defiance General Manager…...RROOMMMEEEOOOO PPRRRIICCCCEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

The former PDW Superstar looks around to the crowd once more as he reached the steel steps. He then makes his way up the steps and enters the ring. As he does so he is handed a microphone by Whisper. Price waits for the fans’ cheers to die down so that he can speak.

✦ROMEO PRICE: It’s pretty obvious that we all know who will be representing the number one flagship brand at Divine Supremacy in January in the Brand Supremacy Cup. Felix Vialpando.


✦ROMEO PRICE: Johnny Evil who earned his spot into the Battle Royal last Defiance.

✦ROMEO PRICE: And June Kolby who lost to Mr. Evil resulting in him entering the match up.

Light cheers.

✦ROMEO PRICE: Finally, we have one spot left. Ms. King, Mr. Elliott and myself have looked at our roster up and down seeing just who was available and worthy of representing us in such a prestigious match up at Divine Supremacy. And one name...One name rose to the top of that list. You all might know him from his very brief stint over on Subversion which led him focusing on a phenomenal mixed martial arts career….Ladies and gentlemen our final entrant into the Brand Supremacy Cup Match!

The lights dim and Death Before Dishonor begins with the opening lines… as Jason Jackson steps out onto the stage with Lo and Si Savea, all three hidden by the darkness. The crowd goes wild at the sound of the music, and the reaction brings a smirk to the lips of the massive Samoan powerhouse.

”Excuse me your honor… but it's death before dishonor…(laughs)”

The song opens with the chorus as the arena is bathed in neon green lighting, finally illuminating the three men at the top of the ramp. Jason takes his sunglasses off and tosses them to the crowd, before turning to nod at his cousins confidently.

”I run to the flame, reachin’ in the fire, standin’ at the altar...am I preachin’ to the choir? Loyal to these streets, they lead me to the slaughta… excuse me your honor but it's death before dishonor..”

✦JACK WARREN: Can you believe this?! This guy? Really? What he did to Asha last show was absolutely despicable… and now they have the audacity to make him a member of team Defiance? We have to protest this… we have to start a petition.. we--

✦BRIAN MASON: Would you please shut the hell up? Listen to that crowd! Jason Jackson is what's best for business, and he will undoubtedly be a valuable asset for Defiance in the Brand Supremacy Cup. He is a pure juggernaut, a damned samoan tank; Team Defiance's chances of winning just increased tenfold. What I’m curious about though is his escort. That’s the Sav brothers from RISE Pro. What are they doing HERE?

✦JACK WARREN: Isn't it obvious? Jason Jackson is a coward, plain and simple Mase. He's afraid of the backlash from what he did to Asha, so he's brought in his cousins to watch his back. Get them out of here!

The Family make their way down the ramp, playing to the crowd along the way. Once they reach the ring, The Sav Brothers climb through the ropes and take a seat on opposite turnbuckles as Jason rounds the outside. He pauses to hit Jack Warren with the “I'm watching you” look, before grabbing a microphone and making his way inside to join everyone else.

✦JASON JACKSON: Woooo! Hallo Deutschland!! It's good to be here!

The crowd comes alive again and Jason looks from his cousins, to Romeo with a shrug...waiting for them to die down again. Finally, the fans quiet down and allow him to speak and Jase paces back and forth in the ring as he continues.

✦JASON JACKSON: The last time you saw me on Defiance, I did what some may consider a horrible thing. I lured poor little Asha Astor into a trap… but you see, I did it out of loyalty. Jason Mentez and I have been friends for a good while now. He’s a stand up guy. So when he came to me asking for help, stating how he couldn't trust the snakes on this roster? Well… I found myself unable to say no. Ladies and Gentlemen, I told you two weeks ago that a wildfire was coming to sweep through Defiance and I meant every word. We are what will come to be known as a purifying flame. No more will corruption and underhandedness go unpunished. No more will cheap shots and sneak attacks go unanswered. We are the voice of karma. We are The Family… and the purifying flame has been ignited.

✦JACK WARREN: Can you believe this guy? Purifying flame? Is he nuts? Jason Jackson is no white knight… everyone knows that

✦BRIAN MASON: Well obviously moron, he's Polynesian… not Caucasian. To be honest, I'm interested in seeing this unfold. We need more people like this guy around here. He's like Defiance's own punisher!

✦JACK WARREN: HA! Punisher?! Do you hear yourself right now? He's no Frank Castle.

Jason pauses in front of the GM, and looks the man in the eyes as he brings the mic back to his lips with a smile.

✦JASON JACKSON: Mr. Price. You have made a very, VERY wise decision instilling your trust in me. I give you my word that I will expend everything I have to ensure that Defiance reigns supreme in the Brand Supremacy Cup. It doesn't matter who stands in front of me in January… Friend, Foe or well, even closer than that. I promise to dismantle anyone who attempts to stop me… US… from bringing home total and utter victory. There is just one thing that I need from you.

Jason fixes Romeo’s pocket square and dusts off his suit jacket, before offering his free hand for a handshake.

✦JASON JACKSON: I need your word, that when… not IF… WHEN, I bring home this victory and solidify Defiance as the dominant brand? Lo and Si Savea have a permanent spot on this roster. You scratch our back and we'll scratch yours. It's that simple.

Price not amused by the proposition looks over to the two twin brothers who await for his answer. He looks them up and down then back to Jackson.

✦ROMEO PRICE: Hmph...If they prove worthy of being part of the flagship brand of Hard Knox Wrestling while down in RISE, then why not? As long as Coach Lassie & Mr. Sands approve of their abilities I see no problem with having them both here on Defiance with you Mr. Jackson.

He nods with a smirk.

✦ROMEO PRICE: It’s just that simple. Do we have a deal?

Jason looks as if he's deep in thought for a second, but eventually nods and shakes Romeo's hand. Pulling back from the handshake after a few seconds, Jason raises the Mic back to his lips.

✦JASON JACKSON: I don't have to question their worth, and soon you won't either. They are toto… blood, Romeo. How does that saying go? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree? Or… would it be pineapple since we're Hawaiian? Either way… you'll get your Brand Supremacy Cup… come hell or high water. I'm a man of my word. You just make sure you pay real close attention boss. You're looking at the future.

With a snap of his fingers, Jason signals his cousins to exit the ring and he follows behind them; but he pauses halfway through the ropes, almost as if he'd forgotten something. Stepping back inside, he makes his way over to the GM and holds up a finger.

✦JASON JACKSON: One more thing pule. I'm pretty sure you aren't paying me all this money to walk around and look pretty… although I'm damn good at it. So, I'll take the night off tonight, but with all due respect? I'd appreciate not being overlooked the next time matches are booked. I'm here to wrestle the best talent in sports entertainment… not sit on the sideline. Sekia?

Jason hands Romeo the microphone and it picks up the Samoan's voice saying “good talk, trust me… I got this.” As he pats the GM’s shoulder gently. Making his way out of the ring, he stops to sign a few autographs and takes a selfie with a younger kid, before heading up the ramp with Lo and Si to disappear through the curtain.

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After those words appear on the tron, Angelo Sands and Markus FK, the current HKW World Tag Team champions, are seen sitting in an interview room. Opposite them is none other than Eli Zayn, who is also seated and a has a good amount of cards on his hand, presumably with questions. Both Angelo and Markus are seen smiling as they look over at the Defiance interviewer, who looks at the nearest camera.

✦ELI ZAYN: Hello, I’m Eli Zayn, and sitting with me here is none other than Angelo Sands and Markus FK, our current World Tag Team champions and members of The Swiss-Italian Connection. Welcome, gentlemen.

✦ANGELO SANDS: Thanks for having us, Eli.

✦ELI ZAYN: Thank you for coming on. Now, it’s very obvious that you’re here because we obviously need to speak about this rivalry that’s slowly starting between yourselves and two specific members of the Upper Echelon, Emilio Vialpando and Jinzai.

✦MARKUS FK: Jinzai and the guy who buys his suits from Chinese shops on eBay and calls them Armani. Sure.

The comment causes Angelo to laugh and Eli to smile before he asks his first question.

✦ELI ZAYN: Why do you think Emilio and Jinzai tried to strike first?

✦ANGELO SANDS: Because that’s what pussies do. North Korea is out here testing missiles for America because their leader has a f**king millimeter peter. He’s got no balls or he’d be straight up about what his plans would be for that missile instead of saying he’s testing it like a f**king b***h. He’s a pussy, just like Emilio and Jinzai are.

Angelo shrugs.

✦ANGELO SANDS: Are they talented? Absolutely. Doesn’t excuse the fact that instead of being men and just telling us they want a fight, they tried to pick one with us instead. They thought attacking us first would force us to cower. But instead, all we’ve done is smack them around like we’re the Harlem Globetrotters and they’re whatever team of white guys faces them nowadays. They tried to pick a fight with one of the best teams in the business and now they’re going to get their jaws rocked.

✦MARKUS FK: For supposed legends, or whatever they’re calling themselves...it hurts to see them resort to such bullshit tactics. It’s like, these guys have done it all in this company, for so long, and that’s how they try to play us? They try to treat us like we’re still the same two rookies who rocked up to the RISE gym in Detroit.

✦ELI ZAYN: Okay, it’s very obvious you guys don’t like them. Would things be different if they hadn’t jumped you first? If things were just kept to words?

✦MARKUS FK: You’re damn right they would be. You treat us with respect and you get treated with respect in return. That’s how we want things to go, and that’s how it should’ve been. We’re sick of being disrespected and being attacked from behind.

✦ELI ZAYN: Okay, so is the match official? Will we see you two defend against Emilio and Jinzai?

Sands nods.

✦ANGELO SANDS: As of earlier today, the contract has been signed for a good old fashioned tag team match! We defend these beauties-

Angelo and Markus both slap the main plate of their tag team titles.

✦ANGELO SANDS: -against the Emilio Vialpando/Jinzai pairing of Upper Echelon. And when we’re done with them, they’ll know exactly why we’re one of the best tag teams in the world.

✦ELI ZAYN: One final question then. If you do beat this pairing as well, what’s next? I mean, Silk & Cyanide may get a shot at those belts again.

✦MARKUS FK: We’re not looking ahead of our opponents. Hey, we might hate them, but their talents are obvious. We’ll deal with them first, then come whoever may.

✦ANGELO SANDS: Yeah, we’re going to focus on Emilio and Jinzai first, then consider the future. Champions that don’t focus on the task ahead are champions who end up losing their titles. And we don’t plan on losing these anytime soon.

✦ELI ZAYN: Well, thank you for your time, gentlemen. Best of luck at Divine Supremacy.

The pair nod at Eli, slight smiles on their faces as the scene slowly begins to fade out.

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✦WHISPER VIPERI: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!

When "Solarflare" by Yung Lean suddenly hits, the lights dim and the crowd begins to jeer. Pink and purple strobe lights start to flare. Once the bass drops, Scandalous Tony Carmine emerges from the curtains with his arms spread out, accompanied by 3 full-figured women following behind him. He pops the collar on his furry vest before turning his back the ring and utters something to the women behind him. Suddenly he swings back around and slowly struts down the ramp, repeating the lyrics.

"The molecule that's me won't go without a fist
I'm a molecule but I stand in the mist
Bitch don't cut your wrists, I'mma kill to live
Solar flare, I can see the skies opening, I'm almost there"

Tony starts filing his nails while taking his sweet time to get to the ring, as he instructs the females to have the ropes held for him by the time he gets to ringside. With the ladies seated on the middle rope, Tony ignores them and walks up the steps and into the ring on his own. Tony laughs as he stands on the middle rope and looks out to the fans while slowly and seductively taking his furry vest off and throwing it to the group of females as they step off the apron. He backflips into the ring as his music slowly fades.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: Introducing first, from Boca Raton, Florida. Weighing in at 154 pounds, "Sunshine" Scandalous TONY CARMINE!

There's a brief silence as Tony awaits his tag team partner, until...


The guitars and drums of this timeless Bon Jovi classic kick in throughout the arena as pyro goes off above the Knoxtron, raining white sparks down onto the stage. It's here that Christian Kane makes his way through the curtain, standing in amongst the shower of sparks for a few moments before slowly stepping out of them, slapping his leg before throwing his arms out to his sides. After holding the pose for a few moments, Kane confidently looks over his shoulder, smirking as Big Mike and Nyx make their way out from the back, two emotionless faces as they stop up behind their employer.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: And introducing his partner, accompanied by Big Mike and Nyx. Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and weighing in at 225 pounds, this is CHRISTIAN KANE!

Kane then proceeds down the ramp, jawing with most of the fans leaning over the guardrail, although as the women who accompanied Tony Carmine strut by, he and his employees stop to stare at the booty walk. Christian turns back to the ring and gives a smirk at his partner waiting in the ring; a brief moment of mutual respect for each other's tastes. As the huge 430 pounder intimidates the jeering crowd, Christian and Nyx resume to ringside, where Christian begins climbing up the steel steps.

From the apron the Canadian scales the turnbuckle, his left foot planted on the second rope whilst his right is on the turnbuckle. He then begins to casually shrug off his jacket, allowing it to slide off his body to the floor before holding his arms out to his side again and tensing his muscles, inciting an extremely loud negative reaction from the audience in attendance once more.

After hopping into the ring Kane runs across to the diagonally opposite turnbuckle before blowing a mocking kiss into the crowd as high pitched jeers rain out from a large contingent of the die-hard Hard Knox Wrestling faithful. As the music slowly fades, Kane jumps down backwards into the ring and struts to his corner. He leans over the rope, discussing strategy with Tony Carmine beside him, as Big Mike and Nyx wait on outside the ring. There's a brief pause as they await their opponents.


The opening chords of “Low Self Opinion” begins to play throughout the arena as the some of crowd begin to boo, while others cheer (although this seems to be balancing). After ten seconds or so, Dom Harter steps out from behind the curtain. He throws his arms out to either side, the ever familiar crooked grin plastered on his face as he begins to stride down the aisle, soaking in the reaction that is coming from the fans.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: And their opponents, first, hailing from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. Weighing in at 225 pounds, he is the "Tenacious Little Bastard", DOM HARTER!

Harter climbs up the ring steps and climbs in through the middle rope, ignoring his opponents as he does so. Once inside the squared circle, Harter climbs up to the middle rope, posing for the fans as he keeps an eye on his crafty opponents and awaits his partner for the night.

The wavy entrance to “Paper Planes” plays over the PA system, while green-and-blue strobes dance throughout the crowd. As the song finally bombards the arena, the HKW Bloodlust Champion, Ashlyn De Luca, emerges through the curtains, black hoodie pulled up over her head and championship wrapped around her waist; a casual stride to her step as she looks out into the audience. She walks down the ramp at a leisurely pace, but pauses before breaking into a half-jog, running toward the barrier closest to the hard-camera. She leaps onto the barricade, motioning for the camera to “catch her good side”, flashing THE MOST MARKETABLE SMILE to the audience at home before slapping the hands of those closest to her in the front row.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: And introducing his partner, hailing from ASH-Lanta. Weighing in at 138 pounds, she is the HKW Bloodlust Champion, ASHLYN DE LUUUUCA!

She finally hops down from the barricade and pivots, sliding into the ring. She hits the ropes just once before coming to a stop in the center, smirking back out to the crowd as she removes her title belt and pulls her hoodie off, handing them over to a nearby ring attendant as her music fades. With all four competitors in the ring, the bell sounds for the match to begin.

Ashlyn De Luca & Dom Harter vs Christian Kane & Sunshine Scandalous Tony Carmine


The opening two competitors take center stage as their partners move to their respective corners. The fans are excited to see Dom Harter and Scandalous Tony Carmine finally square it off, but after teasing a lock-up with both Dom and the crowd, Tony suddenly turns around and tags himself out of the match. Both Dom and Christian give him a dirty look as Tony holds his hands up and tells his opponent to back off.

✦BRIAN MASON: Not exactly the start I was expecting.

✦JACK WARREN: Tony doesn’t have to put his good looks on the line like this!

Reluctantly Kane steps in to take over, and after circling each other, Kane and Dom finally lock up. Dom slips into a side headlock, and as he pushes Kane into the ropes, Kane bites back with a shoulder block. Kane hits the ropes again, hops over the prone Harter and hits him with another shoulder block. Kane signals for another one; this time Harter pops up and leapfrogs over Kane, only to fall victim to another shoulder block. This time however, as Kane mocks the crowd for a moment, Harter springs back to his feet and stares his opponent down. The crowd pops for this display of athleticism.

Pretending to be impressed, Christian sarcastically congratulates Dom for his kick-up, only to be shut up with a stiff closed fist to the face.

✦BRIAN MASON: Ouch! CK may not be clapping anymore after that!

✦JACK WARREN: CK is almost as good looking as me. ALMOST.

Appalled by this, Christian charges at Dom, who sidesteps and boots him in the gut. As Kane bends down holding his gut, Dom bounces off the ropes and delivers a brutal running knee to the side of the head. He goes for a quick cover...

✦BRIAN MASON: What a running knee to the side of CK’s head! Harter with the cover!




✦JACK WARREN: Not enough! Never gonna be enough!

Not even close to a three count as Dom, noticing the cheers from the crowd, urges them to cheer louder. This moment allows Kane to pull himself back up in the corner, but it's here where he gets hit with several stinging knife-edge chops. Dom pulls his opponent to his corner by the hair and tags in the Bloodlust Champion, who then proceeds to deliver several European uppercuts in the corner. She tries to whip Kane into the ropes. Kane seizes the opportunity to attempt a springboard roundhouse kick back in her face, but Ashlyn manages to counter it into an ankle lock. Before any damage can be done however, Kane quickly scrambles to the ropes, forcing Ashlyn to release at the five-count. This gives Kane enough time to fend off his opponent with a blatant thumb to the eye, followed by a running bulldog.

✦BRIAN MASON: What a cheap tactic by Christian!

✦JACK WARREN: What a SMART tactic by Christian!

Kane attempts a quick pinfall, but he doesn't even muster a one count as the temporarily blinded Ashlyn tries to defend herself. Kane just laughs as Ashlyn sits up and swipes into the air, but as he attempts to lock in the Canadian Maple Leaf, Ashlyn catches him with several stiff kicks to the shoulder. Attempting a quick recovery, Ashlyn hops back to her feet, but her spinning heel kick attempt is blocked with a leg-hook belly to back suplex. Ashlyn is dropped hard on her head as the crowd winces in unison.

✦BRIAN MASON: Alright, that was impressive! A leg-hook belly to back suplex!

Christian attempts another pinfall...

✦JACK WARREN: That’s game!




Ashlyn gets the shoulder up, but she is still clutching at her neck. Finally Christian remembers his partner, who's been watching all this unfold. Kane drags Ashlyn into their corner by the hair and tags in Tony Carmine, who quickly steps in to give Ashlyn a bunch of mudhole stomps. After a five-count worth of stomps, Tony then turns around to taunt Dom, who is visibly enraged by Tony's arrogance. Tony is in firm control as he pulls Ashlyn up, snapmares her and traps her in a reverse chinlock.

✦BRIAN MASON: Looks like after that weird early start, Kane and Carmine are on the same page.

✦JACK WARREN: They’re about to tag team Ashlyn in this ring and probably out of it too!

The crowd tries to motivate Ashlyn to fight back, only for Tony to turn the chinlock into a grounded headlock. Tony trash-talks as Ashlyn struggles to escape, but once she found her second wind, things finally started to turn around. Ashlyn slips out of Tony's grip, and before Tony can chase her, she delivers a stiff dropkick to the back of his head. Holding onto his head, Tony climbs back up, only to walk into furious flurry of slaps and jabs. Ashlyn turns to bounce off the ropes, only to run into a discus elbow smash. Miraculously Ashlyn stays on her feet, and in disbelief, Tony himself bounces off the ropes, only to be hit with a roundhouse kick that floors him instantly. Ashlyn then finally collapses.

✦BRIAN MASON: De Luca with the roundhouse kick!

✦JACK WARREN: Get your ass up and get Christian back in this match, Tony!

Ashlyn tries crawling to her partner, but Tony manages to grab her by the ankle, preventing her from reaching Dom. However as both competitors got back to their feet, Tony loses his grip as Ashlyn launches herself into the tag. Dom Harter storms into the ring, but wanting nothing to do with him yet, Carmine panics and tags himself back out of the match. He can't escape the ring as Dom grabs him by the tights, but before Dom can make him pay, he is caught in the face with a Busaiku Knee Kick from Christian Kane.

✦BRIAN MASON: Kane with the save!

✦JACK WARREN: He just kneed Dom so hard, he probably thinks he’s Puerto Rican now!

Realizing what just happened, Tony thanks Kane for making the save, and after seeing Dom struggle back to his feet, the cocky duo arrange a plan. Hoping to combine Kane's Shot Through the Heart and Tony's Bedazzler, the two took aim at the unaware Harter, but as they pulled the trigger, Dom ducked under the stereo superkicks just in time. Dom took advantage by booting Tony out of the ring with a Yakuza kick, but Kane immediately came in for the kill with a reverse STO followed into a Koji Clutch.

✦BRIAN MASON: Christian with the reverse STO into a Koji Clutch!

✦JACK WARREN: The Tenacious Little Bastard might drop the tenacious part of his name once he taps to this!

It takes an incredible effort, but after a long struggle, Harter finally reaches the bottom rope to break up the hold. Kane finally releases at the five-count, but he is now signalling for the end. Once again setting up for the Shot Through the Heart, unfortunately he feels a slap on the back. It was Tony Carmine, who tagged himself back into the match. Clearly upset by this, Kane and Tony get into a heated argument that allows Dom to recover. After blasting Tony off the apron, Dom furiously assaults Kane with a number of forearm smashes. He then Irish whips him into a pop-up powerbomb, but Dom is far from done as the crowd cheers him on.

✦BRIAN MASON: Pop-up powerbomb by Harter!

Dom signals for the Silent Machine, and as Kane stumbles back to his feet, he successfully connects. Unfortunately his pinfall doesn't count because Kane is not the legal man. Taking full advantage of this distraction, Tony slides back in and traps him in the Sprinkle Lock. As Kane rolls out of the ring, Dom screams in pain as Tony ruthlessly twists on the ankle.


Dom Harter, refusing to quit, desperately tries to crawl to the ropes, only to be pulled back to the center of the ring. Finally, almost with his final breath, Dom rolls out of the Sprinkle Lock and turns it into a single leg Boston crab, turning the tables on "Sunshine". Much fresher than his opponent however, Tony quickly crawls to the ropes, forcing the break-up. Dom simply collapses after releasing the hold; much to the delight of Tony, who climbs back up to his feet with new-found confidence. He yells to the crowd, telling him to look at the has-been, as he sets him up for #PimpShit.

✦BRIAN MASON: Tony Carmine being as classy as always!


Tony takes aim, but before he can connect, Dom hits him with a thunderous lariat; the collision could even be heard in the back row. Both athletes are down. Both men stirring, they start crawling to their corners to tag out. Unfortunately for Tony however, his partner is nowhere to be seen. Christian Kane, still hurt from Dom's onslaught, is being attended to by Nyx and Big Mike, oblivious to the peril that his partner is about to find himself in. Meanwhile, Dom manages to tag in Ashlyn De Luca, who has recovered from her own beating and is looking for retribution.

✦BRIAN MASON: Looks like Tony is in trouble!

✦JACK WARREN: Do something, Christian!

Tony immediately eats the Syxx Kick, and as he struggles to regain his bearings, Ashlyn climbs to the top rope and connects with a diving double knee strike. Feeding off the energy from the crowd, Ashlyn finally completes her comeback with the Flyleaf, spiking Tony hard on his face. Ashlyn immediately follows up with a cover...


✦JACK WARREN: I hate my life.





Success! The HKW Bloodlust Champion earned the victory for her team. Christian Kane, after watching this unfold, shrugs off the loss as he and his employees head to the back, refusing to give his partner any attention. Back in the ring, Dom Harter joins Ashlyn De Luca, clearly showing signs of a potential ankle injury.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: Here are your winners, DOM HARTER and the HKW Bloodlust Champion, ASHLYN DE LUCA!

Ashlyn and Dom nod to each other, showing a brief sign of mutual respect, but before they can leave the ring, Dom is suddenly blasted with a brutal chop block from Scandalous Tony Carmine.

✦BRIAN MASON: Oh come on!

✦JACK WARREN: Payback is a bitch, isn’t it?!

Tony rolls out of the ring before Ashlyn can catch up, but the damage has already been done. Dom Harter is clutching at his ankle, wincing in agony. The Sprinkle Lock has clearly done more damage than anyone expected, and no one knows it more than Tony Carmine who, despite his loss, walks away with the last laugh.

✦BRIAN MASON: Can’t expect any better from a man like Tony Carmine!

✦JACK WARREN: Harter better make sure he’s healed up for Divine Supremacy, because Tony is gonna snap that ankle off! Enjoy the stupid tag win!

WINNERS: Ashlyn De Luca & Dom Harter (15:24)
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We see Jackson Magnum sitting in another locker room. His eyes focused on the entrance of it, his custom made suit slightly wrinkled, from leaning forward in the chair. His eyes almost have a look of sorrow in them. He taps his feet on the floor nervously awaiting her arrival.

✦JACKSON MAGNUM: Come on Fel, sheush ye takin yer fecking time gitting here.

Just as Magnum finishes his sentence, the HKW World champion pushes open the door. There’s surprisingly no one with her, Felicity looking in every which direction before she steps in.

✦FELICITY BANKS: I was out there for a good five minutes. I’m smarter than your average peacock, you know. Didn’t want to--

She hears footsteps behind her, causing the SUPREMAAAAAH to turn around. She gets in the defensive stance, but lowers her arms once she sees that it’s only a stagehand. Turning back around to face Magnum, she loosens up her shoulders and lets out a deep breath.

✦FELICITY BANKS: Didn’t want to get setup because I already know how important #Endgame is for you. Hell, you came into my club and brought the fight to the dance floor! That’s ballsy, fella.

That was her attempt at breaking the tension, but Magnum has almost no reaction. Felicity closes the locker room door and double checks to make sure Magnum’s Blue Irish partner isn’t hiding behind there and turns around just as Magnum begins to speak.

✦JACKSON MAGNUM: I am nae here ta fight, just wanted ta give ye a heads up. Remind ye tat while yer playing footsie wit Kai, I am still here. Just waiting fer thee moment ta take tat belt which is rightfully mine.

Felicity can’t hold back her laughter. She moves her championship from one shoulder over to the other, making sure to hold it directly in Magnum’s view as she does so.

✦FELICITY BANKS: Really? Seriously? This is what you asked me here for? To tell me that you hope I haven’t made a rookie mistake? Fella, you’re smarter than that. I’ve been in this business since I was a teenager, and watched since I was a mini-Fel.

Magnum goes to speak, but Felicity interrupts him.

✦FELICITY BANKS: Don’t. I know. I’m still a mini. I know, I know, I know. You know what I don’t know, though?

She bites down on the inside of her cheek.

✦FELICITY BANKS: What exactly is going on with you. Maybe you’re trying for the element of surprise, but I don’t think it’s that. I’ve pulled back on everything I can and want to say to you because I know there’s something off. I’m not going to apologize to you for the things I’ve said and the things I’m going to do, but I’ve known you long enough to know that this?

She points right at the Hybrid Hell legend.

✦FELICITY BANKS: This isn’t normal. You drinking isn’t normal. You getting arrested sure as hell isn’t normal. I don’t know if I’ve driven you crazy or what! But… that little tincy incy wincy little bit of me that still remembers you as a friend feels bad for you. Yah, I know. Don’t get soft, Fel. You’re just opening yourself up to be destroyed, Fel. I know. I’ve heard all these things before, but I can’t help it. Despite what people think and behind all that vengeance that fills my heart? There’s still a human being. So, go ahead, Jackson. Tell me what you need to tell me, I’ll fire back with something equally as snarky, and you can go and get your head checked or talk to someone like a freaking therapist, because after these last few months? I’ve realized you definitely need it.

Magnum rolls his eyes, as she speaks. Simply tolerating her long rambling speech. Crossing his arms as she finishes up, he walks up to her, looking down at her he smiles.

✦JACKSON MAGNUM: All ov wat ye just said is pretty much bullshit at this moment Fel. Maybe a year ago et would hafe been different. Maybe how ye described my responses would hafe been perfect. Hell, a few weeks ago tat might have all been right, but right now. Et is all wrong. I know ye are nae overlooking me. Er tinking tat I am going threaten ye. Not really my style.

Jackson takes a step back.

✦JACKSON MAGNUM: I am simply here because ye disrespected me. Ye do et all thee time, and tat is nae okay en my eyes. So, let me tell ye exactly wat yer dealing wit at Endgame. Someting is going ta die tat night, either yer HKW title reign er yer going ta hafe ta literally kill me. And I do nae say tat like most.

He stares straight into her eyes not flinching at all.

✦JACKSON MAGNUM: Yer going ta hafe ta pull thee trigger Fel. Cuz nothing less will stop me. This is all I hafe ever wanted, maybe my mind is going, but at Endgame. I hope yer ready ta finish this, because I sure as feck am. One way er thee other, Endgame is thee Endgame fer one ov us. I promise ye tat much.

A single tear runs down Jackson’s cheek, but he stops himself from breaking down by looking away from her.

✦JACKSON MAGNUM: Ye hafe no idea wat I would do fer tat belt, I will end ye Fel. I hope yer ready, I really do. I know I am, either way. This is me saying goodbye, ta ye. Cuz one ov us isnae making et out ov Endgame. And deep down, I do nae know which one ov us I want ta end more. Cuz ye either kill superman, er I will rip tat belt from yer cold dead hands. Goodbye Fel and Good luck.

Jackson turns away from Fel, putting his head down as he slowly walks away and out of the locker room. Felicity stares at her championship, a hint of sorrow in her own eyes before she looks up.

✦FELICITY BANKS: This business can really drive a person insane.

Felicity shakes her head and glances back at the chair Magnum was sitting on as Defiance returns to ringside.

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Recorded Earlier

The scene fades backstage in the select room where the second half of the HKW World Tag Team Championship match interviews were taking place. Lola J was seen sitting in front of the camera and smiles.

✦LOLA J: Hello and welcome. My name is Lola J and tonight I am joined by the speed demon duo of Upper Echelon...Emilio Vialpando & Jinzai!

The camera pans around to both UE members in their patented black suits. Emilio reaches over and daps with his friend Lola and then sits back next to Jinzai.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: Hola, hola. Thanks for having us, Lola.

Jinzai gives Lola a smile and holds up the peace sign.


Lola lets out a small laugh, before looking up at the duo.

✦LOLA J: First of all, thank the both of you for joining me here tonight. Now, earlier tonight during an interview with Eli, the match was made official that the two of you would be challenging The Swiss-Italian Connection for the HKW World Tag Team Championships after weeks of back and forth between both sides. What are your thoughts on your opponent's going into the match.

Jinzai and Emilio look at one another, then back at Lola

✦JINZAI: To put it bluntly… those two are in for a rude ass awakening when the bell rings.

Jinzai gives a small chuckle, before continuing.

✦JINZAI: The last few weeks haven’t exactly gone our way with these two, we get that. Between what happened in Italy and that ghoulish looking F*ck Flame showing up last show, they’re one of the few people in this company that can say they got one over on us after we drew first blood. Alright, cool. They can put that on their trophy wall with the rest of their accomplishments. But that’s all just the get back. All they did was pour fuel on the fire of us wanting those titles and now? We wanna show ‘em who it is they’re dealing with.

Jinzai gestures between himself and Emilio with a grin.

✦JINZAI: They’re still under the assumption that they’re going up against any other team, when they’re in the presence of The Godly and Divine between myself and Hebi.

Emilio chuckles to himself thinking about Angelo and Markus.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: I guess they’re expecting a pat on the back for actually getting up and doing something worth a damn in their careers. And that’s not stepping back from the challenge of facing the best. Now, I’m not gonna say these two haven’t went up against some of the best teams this company has had to offer in order for them to hold each tag team championship that is available...But I will say that they have yet to go up against thee best. Luckily for them we are here now and we’re ready to take what is rightfully ours.

Emilio shrugs his shoulders.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: They’ve done a good job on keeping the titles warm for us but I think it’s time to stop babysitting our belts and give them to the real World Tag Team Champions….Us. Jinzai should have never lost the titles but back then he didn’t have a partner capable of holding his own around here so that didn’t work out too well. We should’ve won Dynamic Duos y be the FGA World Tag Team Champions right about now but we got screwed over there...But that’s gonna be corrected soon enough.

Emilio shakes his head.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: We have to look around here and see teams we are ten--no a hundred times better than. Whether it be RISE, here en Defiance or over in Subversion (the brand i single handedly butil with my own two hands and carried on my f**king back). And quite frankly we’re just about disgusted with everyone of them. I mean not Max y Landon of course. That’s the homies. But these other niggas cuzz...C’mon now. Get the hell outta here. It’s pretty damn sad that we both stand at the top of the division and have yet to hold OUR championship belts.

Lola nods.

✦LOLA J: Don’t you think you’re underestimating both Angelo & Markus a little? I mean this is the sort of thing that led to you both even losing in the Dynamic Duos finals. You underestimated both Logan and Ashlyn.

Jinzai snorts, shaking his head as he looks at Emilio with a pout.

✦JINZAI: Why does everybody say that we underestimate people?

With a sigh, he turns his attention back to Lola

✦JINZAI: Lola, we always give props where props are due. We gave every team that had us in their brackets props during DDT 3. Blonde Ambition, Arty-Chan and Say-Chan, Shootcamp -F*ck those guys by the way. We let them know we know exactly what we’re up against… and proceeded to beat every single one of them except ONE TEAM. Are we flippant as f*ck with how we go about that? Yeah, but when you’re us, why wouldn’t you be? When you see the landscape of the tag team division and stack name against name, wouldn’t you OD on the arrogance just a little bit?

Jinzai sits up in his seat, his expression turning serious.

✦JINZAI: SI is good, maybe one in a million as far as Tag Teams go. Us? We’re above and beyond them and anyone they’ve faced thus far. They know it, you know it, everyone in this locker room knows it. And the fact that they’re walking around, popping hot sh*t and carrying the tag titles they KNOW should be ours? Titles that, let’s be honest, I would still be wearing if I wasn’t lugging a jealous, egomaniacal manchild the first time around? Seeing them wearing them right now makes me sick to my stomach.

Jinzai leans forward a bit, his expression still deathly serious.

✦JINZAI: But we get to rectify that, don’t we? They wanna say they’re the best tag team HKW has to offer? We’ll give them a glimpse of what greatness really f*cking looks like when the bell rings and they’re in there with THEE best tag team not just in The Land of Hard Knox, but in the business today.

Emilio looks over to Jinzai.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: Damn hermano, that nearly brought tears to m eyes.

He acts as if he was going to wipe away his tears from under his eyes. Emilio then looks back to Lola.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: Just like Jinzai said, we’ve never really underestimate anyone. I’m sorry we’re just brutally honest when it comes to addressing other’s capabilities y worth. I’m sorry for knowing that no other team has what it takes to be mi y Drago. I am so sorry that it takes one helluva lucky night like Ashlyn y that old f**k did to beat us. Hell I’ll even apologize in advance and say I’m sorry that to every poor man or woman that is going to fall at the hands of us whenever they even try to take World Tag Team Championship belts from us after we win them at Divine Supremacy. Is that me being cocky and overlooking Angel y Markus a bit too early? No. That’s me telling you the f**king future.

Emilio smirks.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: It’s just how this cookie is gonna crumble, Lola. Nothing more.

Jinzai snickers, nodding in agreement.

✦JINZAI: Let it be known that Hebi never told a lie. It took someone being in the middle of the roll of their career to scrounge up the effort to stop us in DDT 3. You think for one second that Markus and Angel-Chan are gonna get that kinda play? No, not a chance. We don’t say that we’re the best tag team in the world because we think it. We say it because we know we are, and deep down? They do too. All the little quips, the jokes, their partially lobotomized cousin that helped them setup that ambush aside, they know what they’re in for. They know they’ll have to bring their absolute BEST when we get going and pray to whatever Gods above that they pray to that we can be caught slipping.

Jin leans back in his seat, an arrogant smirk plastered on his features.

✦JINZAI: But uh, spoiler alerts? We won’t be listening.

Emilio nods.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: You want a preview of what’s gonna happen at Divine Supremacy, Lola? Listen up, open them ears up a little I know you be hard of hearing sometimes.

Lola rolls her eyes at this.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: “And neeewww…..HKW World Tag Team Champions….Emilio Vialpando & Jinzai….UPPER ECHELON!”

Emilio smirks.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: It’s Showtime, Lola. And I just gave you a sneak peak to the new year. Merry Christmas.

The two men stand up and rip off their microphones before walking off of the set with their bodyguards close behind. Lola watches the two men leave and shakes her head.

✦LOLA J: Well...Good luck guys?

The scene begins to fade away as Lola looks at the direction UE left.

Posted Image

Cutting to a more somber setting, and the usually jovial sight of Jackie Fowler is instead replaced by the Brit Brat Pack star, clad in his traditional Manchester City polo shirt and torn jeans, looking solemn and serious. He has his trust e-cigarette in his hands, taped up ready for a fight even though he isn’t booked, and he speaks in jest with a slight dash of melancholy.

✦JACKIE FOWLER: Look at me right here, all somber and shit, eh? One of those moments where everything you planned out, everything you fought didn’t mean nothin’ but toss all, right? I mean, look at the year I’ve had. Win loss record ain’t all that bad, considering the random bollocks of interference that has plagued me and all that, every digger trying to get a frig of the rig and all that jazz. But there ain’t really been that defining moment, yanno? Everything I’ve done over the past year has had this little label of selflessness. Had all me plans for meself put aside for the ol’ greater good, innit?

He stretches his arms out for a second before continuing on.

✦JACKIE FOWLER: Spent the better part of the beginning trying to rid Defiance of the Reapers, whether that cost me more or whatever. I stood up for what I believed in… And whether what I fought for was right or not, I did what I believed in. And I fought, fuck me I thought, but success was just a frickin’ pen stroke and a move in the draft, rendering everything I did, everything I risked meaningless.

Fowler shrugs, taking a drag on his powder blue vaporiser before billowing out the bluey grey water vapour.

✦JACKIE FOWLER: And so I continued on, as you do, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. “Don’t bugger off an’ chase the fuckers, Jack,” was said, with a bit of different phrasing. So I didn’t. I stuck to the brand, I stuck to the game, I stuck with those that I trusted… Bollocks, I shouldn’t have trusted them, as the motorcycles I were chasing were replaced by a marching army playing a tribute act to the bullshit that leather clad Judas Priest shit, but all clad in Felicity Banks cast off undergarments than a studded jacket.

Fowler shrugs, taking his first look up at the camera.

✦JACKIE FOWLER: Be funny if it weren’t so sad… Another knife in the back, another veiled apology, another set of who gives a crack, you’re a stepping stone. Nothing more. Get used to it, son. It’s all you’ll ever be.

Fowler wags his finger at the camera before taking a deep sigh.

✦JACKIE FOWLER: Career wise, me only other highlight was me run in the Young Guns. Fuckin’ tournament that is. And I might get some flack from upper management seeing as it ain’t all HKW branded and that, but they should give me some slack on this one, eVolve Network and all that good shit and all. They have a good relationship with the Brit company that wants to be an International, so I’ll say me peace and you can suck me penis.

The Bastard of Bowland flips the bird at the camera lens as he begins to fire his words out with power and precision.

✦JACKIE FOWLER: The Young Guns Cup means more to me than anyone can ever know. That were me breakthrough in this sport, it’s what got me name out there. I’ve had two good… great appearances in it, set nearly every record… But I didn’t win it. Not yet. And at the age of twenty four, it’s one of me last chances to enter again… And get what I always wanted. I mean, I hooked up with me wife during that tournament. I got all the respect in the world in that tournament. I gave the best performances of me entire frickin’ career during it. I dressed up as Freddie Mercury an’ gave the best press conference performance there has ever, and will ever be...

The Englishman shakes his head as he rubs his nose then his forehead, the brash Lancashire lad giving his explanation for the unexpected news that was given tonight as the 64 entrants were announced, and the record setter was not amongst them.

✦JACKIE FOWLER: But I ain’t entered this year… Coz my focus, my career focus is 100% on something else, and whether I love, adore that tournament more than any other… I will get what I want. Jackie Fuckin’ Fowler always gets what he wants...

Fowler peers into the camera once more, speaking lower and more intense than anyone thought possible.

✦JACKIE FOWLER: And what I want… What I need… And the sole reason I am not entering the Young Guns Cup this year… Is because I am going to take that Dynasty title from around Jaxon Queen’s waist and I’m going to make it my own. And I’m going to make him my bitch.

And with that, the feed cuts to a commercial for eVolve’s new show, Four.

Posted Image

The show cuts backstage to where Eli Zayn is standing by.

✦ELI ZAYN: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time: Annie Zellor!

He gestures off to one side as Annie walks into shot. She’s obviously not dressed to wrestle, since she isn’t booked on tonight’s show. Wearing her ‘Make Piledrivers Sexy Again’ t-shirt and a pair of jeans, the former No Limits champion is all smiles tonight as she stands next to Eli.


✦ELI ZAYN: Annie, it must have been a long two weeks for you since we last saw you here on Defiance.

✦ANNIE ZELLOR: The tag match?

Eli nods; the smile on Annie’s face wavers for a second, but she just grins and bears it, despite a shake of the head.

✦ANNIE ZELLOR: Yeah. But, like, I’m tryna not focus on that too much until I have to, you know. It’ll just - it’ll ruin my day if I think about what Aries tried to do…

✦ELI ZAYN: Good thing Dom was there to make the save then. But the two of you worked well as a team--

✦ANNIE ZELLOR: Thank you.

✦ELI ZAYN: --will we be seeing #Donnie team together again in the future?

Annie laughs.

✦ANNIE ZELLOR: I dunno, probably not. We’re both tryna focus on what we’re doing at the moment. Like, Dom’s busy with Tony Carmine and then the rest of UE. And I’ve got this match with Aries coming up at Divine Supremacy--


What could only be described as a roar off screen immediately garnered the attention of both Eli and his guest. A commotion soon followed; a thunderous stomping quickly approaching, followed by the clatter of something being knocked to the floor. Eli quickly made his exit, passing by Annie, who elected to stand her ground instead, and in entered the man mentioned himself: Aries Armadaist.

He had hit the ground running today. The veins already bulging from his temples as his eyes were as wide as could be, his teeth bared and his shoulder heaved as he breathed heavily. Unexpectedly though, his enraged snarl suddenly gave way to something of a toothy grin as he let out a gravelly chortle, wagging an index finger at his adversary.

✦ARIES ARMADAIST: Yoooou did it. You did it, you little SHIT! Yooou fucking cost me the whole god-DAMNED-CULT-FUCKING-CLASSIC! Does that make us even now? For the Rumble? For the iTV Title? Does this make it all better? Are we all squared away n--WE’RE NOT FUCKING EVEN!

His grin was washed away by the return of his snarl, the usual Aries anger seeming to be on a whole other level this go around. His entire body was beginning to tremble at this point, muttering to himself as well as his eyes were quickly darting between Annie’s face and her shirt, every glance downward just seeming to agitate him even further.

✦ARIES ARMADAIST: Just tell me, Annie, what are you gonna take from me next? You gonna cost me my North American Title Friday, hm? Gonna try and spoil my title match against Sydney Christiansen too? I want you too, you little gremlin FUCK! I WANT YOU TO TRY IT! I WANT YOU TO GIVE ME EVERY BIT OF REASON TO TEAR INTO YOU AT DIVINE SUPREMACY AS YOU CAN!

✦ANNIE ZELLOR: ...that wasn’t me.

Her voice trembles slightly as she tries her best to stand up against Aries. The Canadian towering over her by a good eight inches or so, with over a hundred pounds in weight advantage. The exclamation causes Aries to blink repeatedly as he tries to comprehend what was said, but Annie expands.

✦ANNIE ZELLOR: That belt on your shoulder should tell you I didn’t take anything from you in the Cult Classic, Aries. And I’m not gonna cost you your match against Sydney--

She shrugs her shoulders, but Aries just snarls at her again.

✦ANNIE ZELLOR: Win it for all I care. Go to HELL, or a Global Frontier show and become the WCS International Champion, Aries. Do it. ‘Cause it’ll be so much sweeter to take that belt from you after you’ve held it, than to make sure you never hold it…

Annie steps forward, moving closer to the pissed off Canadian as they glare into each other’s eyes. The pair of them are breathing heavily, nostrils flared, lips pressed tightly together as Annie speaks again.

✦ANNIE ZELLOR: ‘Cause after last Defiance? We’re nowhere near even. You tried to take my life, Aries! TO KILL ME! You tried to choke me like a little bitch! YOU HUNG ME OVER THE TOP ROPE! AND YOU’RE UPSET AT ME?!

Armadaist suddenly lurched forward slightly, the two almost nose to nose at this point.


His fingers curled to form a gangly claw, moving toward Annie’s throat before catching his own wrist with the opposite hand. His fist gripped as Armadaist now inhaled deeply through his nostrils, almost literally reeling himself back as he pulled away from Annie, who’s taken a step back.

✦ARIES ARMADAIST: But, I'm glad he did it. I'm glad he was there to stop me then. Because, now I get to do what I promised on the biggest stage I can. I get to mutilate you on your brand. I get to break you on your show. And, it's all by YOUR doing! I'm going to make you wish that Defiance was the end. That it could have just been that quick. But, now I get to drag it out. I get to put you down like the dog you are. I’m going to get to be the one that puts you on that leash.

✦ANNIE ZELLOR: You can stop calling me a bitch anytime now…

✦ARIES ARMADAIST: BUT, WHY SHOULD I, ANNIE?! IT FITS YOU SO WELL! You’ve been the filthy mongrel snapping at my heels every step of the way since we started...THIS! Always got me looking over my shoulder! NEVER KNOW WHEN ANNIE FUCKING ZELLOR MIGHT SHOW UP TO SPOIL ANOTHER MATCH FOR ME! OR WHEN SHE MAY “HELP” ME DEFEND ANOTHER CHAMPIONSHIP!

✦ANNIE ZELLOR: YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHEN THAT’LL HAPPEN! Divine Supremacy, when you and me step into that ring together...when I get to spoil your night the best way I know how.

✦ARIES ARMADAIST: NONSENSE, ANNIE, YOU’RE GOING TO MAKE MY NIGHT! Because, that’ll be the night I get to see you bloodied, battered, and broken at my feet, and by my hand.

Aries now moved forward once again, not quite as erratic as he was before. Annie could be seen tensing up slightly in response, possibly preparing for the worst as Aries brought his index finger up to meet her gaze.

✦ARIES ARMADAIST: I’m going to embarrass you. I want to see you with a collar around your neck, on the end of a fucking chain like you deserve to be--like you NEED TO BE!

Aries now begins to poke his smaller opponent in the forehead, jabbing her with every word spoken.


✦ANNIE ZELLOR: Stop. Calling. Me. A. BITCH!

She swats his hand, scowling up at Aries Armadaist as he just grins at her. Annie’s breathing heavily now, her shoulders heaving up and down as the two continue to stare each other down.

✦ANNIE ZELLOR: ...a dog collar match? That’s what you want, huh?

Aries’ twisted grin only seems to grow wider as she speaks, slowly nodding his head.

✦ARIES ARMADAIST: You catch on real quick, I’ll give you that.


✦ANNIE ZELLOR: Ok, you’re on! But...I’m gonna face you in a dog collar match, but I’ve got some conditions of my own...later. I’ll add them later.

Aries continues staring at his rival as Annie back away, never once taking her eyes off the Canadian. As she rounds the corner, Aries finally looks away, turning to Eli briefly, before feigning a lunge. The interviewer flinches, and Aries just laughs as he walks away in the opposite direction to Annie.


Posted Image

The scene fades back out to ringside where Whisper Viperi was standing in the ring ready to announce the next match up.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: Ladies and gentlemen the next match is out Co-Main Event and is set for one fall!

Cheap pop.

Gunshots are heard over the speakers before “Bang Bang” by Cher takes over the sound system. Bullet Holes cover the small entrance ramp and the tron to the left of the ramp while the tron on right shows the face of Boaz Kennedy Astor to a chorus of cheers from the crowd.

Baaaang baaaang. You shot me down.
Baaaang baaaang. I hit the ground.
Baaaang baaaang. That awful sound.
Baaaang baaaang. My baaaaaaby shot me….


The pattern repeats for another full minute before BKA emerges out from the back with his arms extended out to his sides, his “thriller” jacket designed in the colors of the flag of Syria and a black skull face bandana wrapped around his neck. The cheers grow louder as the lights in the arena begin coming in and out with the beat of the music, BKA casually making his way down to the ring with his BANG STYLE mouthguard hanging out of his mouth.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: On his way to the ring… now residing in Birmingham, Michigan…. HE IS THE CHAMPS! BOAZ! KENNEDY!

The young man pulls his mouthguard out of his mouth and slaps the hands of some fans at ringside but eventually brings his attention back to the ring. He continues his steady pace up the steps and climbs up the second turnbuckle to stare out at the crowd. The cockiest of grins forms on his face as he begins to shoot different members in the audience with his finger gun (sniper style) and waits for his match to begin.

The arena goes nearly dark and the screen goes grayscale as ravens begin calling over the sounds of "The Raven" by HKW Music Group signaling the arrival of Alexa Corra. When the calling ravens stop, the beat to the song kicks in heavily, the arena now completely dark. Fog starts to pollute the stage, but over time, a plume of fire starts to ascend from the stage.

When the music kicks in more, a jet of fire starts from the center of the stage; it being the only illumination in the arena. Inside of the flames, a silhouette of the Raven appears, lifting up from the ground like a undead entity. Her arms are out in the infamous crucifix position, only accented by the fiery effect that surrounds her. When it fades, she disappears into darkness again, only to step into the proceeding spotlight. She stands there, a mask on her face, purple in nature. With the shadows cast from the light, it only does well to imbue Alexa in further darkness. When she steps out past the stage, the arena fills with the accents of flames and ravens. The flames are the only thing colored, giving a glistening gradient of reds and oranges.


Alexa slowly walks up the steps and to the apron, walking along it for a second as she looks out toward the sea of fans. She then grabs a hold of the top rope and uses it to slide herself underneath the bottom, crawling toward a free corner once she gets into the ring. The camera focuses on the eyes past the mask for a moment before it cuts to her next movement. She makes her way to one of the free corners, then leans her head back against the bottom turnbuckle before licking her lips and humming "laalaa" over and over again she waits for the match to begin.

When the bell rang Boaz stared across the ring at his polar opposite of a sister. He didn’t seem to be afraid of her as most would be when going up against her but he didn’t seem at ease either. The RISE Champion began to circle around the ring keeping his eyes on Alexa who stood there motionless. Boaz shook his head and lunged towards Alexa going for a surprise lariat but no! Alexa steps to the side and takes Boaz’s arm to twist it. She twists all the way to his back and seems to lean in close and whisper something in her brother’s ear. Boaz tried to jerk his head back to hit Alexa with a headbutt but she knew he was going to try this as she once again moved out of the way and kicked his feet right from under him!

✦BRIAN MASON: Alexa knows Boaz too well to fall for his tricks.

✦JACK WARREN: Part of being a older sibling, Mase.

Boaz tries to spring back up to his feet but before he could do so his skull was driven into the canvas thanks to a sudden Frankensteiner from Corra! Alexa stands back up to her feet and stares down at her little brother not saying a word as she waits for him to begin to stir. As he does so he holds his head wondering where she was. He was about to get his answer as he was starting to get back up to a knee..NO! Boaz is sent right back down after an Elbow Drop to the back of the neck! Corra now locks in a Koji Clutch submission hold attempting to put Boaz away early!

✦JACK WARREN: Goddamnit what is up with this kid?! I thought he had this sh*t?! He was supposed to be our secret weapon against this bitch?!

✦BRIAN MASON: Calm down, Jack. The match is only just getting started.

✦JACK WARREN: No screw that!? He’s getting his ass handed to him?!

The referee was there asking Boaz whether or not he wanted to quit but it was obvious that he was going to refuse. Not just because it was too early in the match up to quit but because he wasn’t going to dare give up to his sister of all people! Alexa said nothing as she tightened up the hold. Boaz looked as if he was about to fade away but no! He rolled into Alexa and got out of the submission hold! Rather than stand up with his sister, Boaz hopped out of the ring to recalculate his approach.

✦JACK WARREN: Finally, he’s doing something smart for once.

✦BRIAN MASON: C’mon Jack lay off em.

✦JACK WARREN: You can’t be The Man by taking it easy cool breezy out here, Mase! I don’t care if he is the RISE Champion, that doesn't mean not a damn thing to me! This is Defiance and this is where the big boys play! He wants to take it easy and get a cake walk he can stay down in RISE or take his punk ass to Subversion with that c**t!

Alexa shoots a look over to Jack Warren.

✦JACK WARREN: Sh*t...You think she heard me?

✦BRIAN MASON: I don’t know why don’t you ask her?

✦JACK WARREN: So how about this weather huh? Crazy right?

Boaz sees his sister was distracted by something and hops up onto the ring apron. He hops up onto the rope and dives for Alexa going for a European Uppercut. The Uppercut connects and causes Alexa to stumble back. Kennedy gets back up to his feet real quick and sprints towards Alexa hoping to connect with s Stinger Splash as she stumbled into the turnbuckle. No! Corra managed to move out of the way just in the knick of time.

✦JACK WARREN: Great?! Just great! Who the hell is in there with her? Prince MacRear?!

Boaz hold his chest trying to catch his breath as he stumbles back but he backed into a Back Stabber! Alexa doesn’t waste any time as she springs up to her feet and quickly climbs up to the top rope. She hopes up and hits a BME (Best Moonsault Ever) and goes for the pin!




The fans pop as Boaz was able to kick out. Alexa didn’t seem to be as amused as them as she got up to her feet. She darts her eyes over to the referee and back to Boaz who was trying to climb back up to his feet by using her legs for assistance.

✦BRIAN MASON: Boaz is still in this somehow? !

✦JACK WARREN: I’m sensing it’s pure luck, Mase.

Catching the former Global Champion off guard, Boaz jumps up driving his knee into Alexa’s midsection. He then lifts her up and hits a surprise Falcon Arrow and goes for a quick pin hoping it would be enough!



Boaz looks to the referee making sure the count was right which the referee reassured him that it was. Boaz sighed then looked over in shock when Alexa sat up staring at him.

✦JACK WARREN: What the f---

Alexa slapped the taste out of Boaz’s mouth and then lunged over to mount herself on top of him. Alexa began to hit several punches before leaning over and biting his forehead. The referee began to count her down until she let go while Boaz cried out in pain. She eventually let go and stood up to her feet.

✦JACK WARREN: Crazy bitch. It don’t even matter if that’s her brother. She’s gonna try to kill him just like anybody else.

Alexa looks over to Jack.

✦JACK WARREN: So how about them Colts?

✦BRIAN MASON: You’re unbelievable.

Alexa now looks back over to Boaz and looks to do more damage before she stops herself, not wanting to hurt him anymore. But that's when Boaz strikes, pulling her right into a small package pin!






Boaz quickly releases Alexa and exits the ring, celebrating the shocking victory! Meanwhile, in the ring, Alexa stares at him blankly, stunned. The audience doesn't even know how to react after this, allowing Boaz to really be the loudest in the arena as he celebrated, still hurting from the match itself.


✦BRIAN MASON: She’s gonna come back and kill you if you don’t stop.

✦JACK WARREN: So how bout them Pacers?

WINNER: Boaz Kennedy (11:36)
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The scene opens up inside of the ring, to show a smiling Eli Zayn standing near the center as the fans cheer loudly. In the ring right next to him was a long wooden table, along with several seats and a contract placed right in the middle. Zayn looks around for a brief moment, before jumping right into things.

✦ELI ZAYN: Ladies and gentlemen! After a meeting The HKW Board of Directors and General Manager Romeo Prince due to the actions of both Felicity Banks and Kai over the last few weeks, it’s been decided that tonight the two will make the match for Divine Supremacy official and The Board and our General Manager have appointed me the moderator for the signing!

The fans cheer loudly, causing Eli to give a bright grin as he continues to speak.

✦ELI ZAYN: Due to the...er… combustible nature of both competitors, several precautions have been taken in order to make sure that this contract signing goes on smoothly…

Eli motions, abit uneasily, to the row of Security around the ring as a precaution. He’d seen enough of what both could do first hand to be worried about this being enough to stop them if things got physical. The interviewer quickly shakes himself out of his thoughts with a smile.

✦ELI ZAYN: I doubt things will go south, but without further adieu, let’s get this underway! I would like to invite both “The SUPREEEEEEMAH” -

Zayn, along with a good chunk of the fans, called out her appropriate title.

✦ELI ZAYN: - And World Heavyweight Champion, Felicity Banks, and her Challenger, “The Silent Warrior”, Kai, down to the ring so we can make this matchup official!

The lights dim and the arena is bathed in an eerie blue light as a white fog began to roll in and covered the stage, causing the crowd to cheer as it signals the arrival of The Silent Warrior. The Intro to Motionless in White’s “Reincarnate” begins to play over the PA System.

You pull the trigger just for fun
Forgetting I'm a loaded gun
So hate me for the things I've done
And not for what I've now become

Right in the center of the stage as the first verse kicks in, a figure clad in all black rose from the fog. The cheering grows louder as Kai comes into view, the white and black grease paint looking demonic underneath the lighting and his face blank and expressionless as always. Kai looks around at the sea of fans all around, before making his way down to the ring.

Kai ignores the fans on either side of the isle and stays completely focused on the ring as he stops on a dime at the foot of the ramp. He doesn't move for a few moments, just simply staring at the ring as if analyzing it in his mind. Kai breaks from his trance like state and quickly walked up the steel steps, entering through the ropes as he walks around. The Silent Warrior walks toward the table, Eli Zayn stunned silent by the presence of the number one contender.

What's that metronome I hear,
Perhaps the end is drawing near,
You never hear the shot that takes you down.

Upon the stage, a plume of smoke starts to gather. The arena is baptized in darkness, with only the light illuminating the collection of smoke to give the fans any indication that someone was coming out. The light guitar strums of “All Mine” break the silence of the anticipating crowd, giving a sense of mysticism to the whole affair.

Stepping onto the stage, Felicity Banks stands resolute. Clutched in her hand, hanging by only its strap, the camera catches the HKW World Championship. Felicity doesn’t offer the same lively mannerisms as she has done before. Instead, her eyes narrow as the smoke tickles her skin. The strobing white light hesitantly lights her calm features. She raises her championship only a degree to give it a glance. She cracks her jaw before lowering it once more.

Out of time, so say goodbye,
What is yours, now is miiiiiiiine

When the guitar picks up and the vocals intensify, Felicity takes her first steps down the ramp. Her hazel eyes brightened by the sweeping light stays narrow. She doesn’t respond to the pleasantries of the crowd, continuing her serious trek. She radiates intensity and graveness while she casually drags her championship’s strap against the ground. She stops momentarily, hearing the call of the announcer come through the PA.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: From Jersey City, New Jersey....weighing tonight at 115 pounds...she is the SUPREMAAAAAAAAH and the HKW WORLD CHAMPION...FELICITTTTTTTTTY BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANKS!

Felicity ascends the nearest turnbuckle, having reached the ring apron and properly climbed it. Standing there, she scans the audience finally. Capturing the stillness of the arena in the spectacle of her presence, she raises her championship high into the air, dropping down seconds later.

The HKW World Champion’s music dies down, only leaving the cheers from the crowd as Felicity and Kai stare down one another from across the table, the tension already suffocating as it looks like the two could come to blows at any second. Zayn senses this and tries to cut in before fists - and security, knowing how both are - started flying.

✦ELI ZAYN: Take a seat guys… please

Eli adds the “please” hesitantly at the end, eyes darting between Kai and Felicity nervously. Neither Champion or Challenger take their eyes off of one another as they take their seats, the electricity and intensity palpable as the fans cheer the two of them on.

✦ELI ZAYN: Before we get down to the signing, I’ve been asked by the HKW Board of Directors to remind both of you that this is a civil contract signing. No sneak attacks, no mind games. Just the two of you amidst the HKW Fans as we all make this match official for Divine -

Eli Zayne is cut off as Kai, having finally ripped his eyes away from Felicity’s, grabs the nearest microphone and gives him a dark glare.

✦KAI: As lovely and endearing as this show of ceremony is…

The silky, sibilant tone did next to nothing to hide the sarcasm behind his words.

✦KAI: …I think we both would appreciate getting to the point.

Eli flinches slightly, before quickly regaining his composure.

✦ELI ZAYN: U-um, right… Both of you as well as several representatives have read over before being finalized and been approved of by the both of you. All that’s left to do is for the both of you to sign the contract and everything’s set for Divine Supremacy.

Felicity’s gaze lowers down to the contracts before it moves to the HKW World championship slung over her shoulder. Not wasting any time, Felicity grabs her pen and immediately signs her name on the dotted line. She moves the contract across the table and watches as Eli looks ready to speak, but Felicity slaps the microphone out of his hand and forces it down onto the table.

✦FELICITY BANKS: Nothing at all can go wrong here, right?

She lets out a sarcastic laugh as she sets the HKW World championship down on the table and focuses her attention on the contract itself.


Some cheers come from the German audience, but a lot of boos follow. Felicity casually takes a seat in the chair directly in front of her and kicks her feet up onto the actual desk. She leans forward to simply wipe some dirt off the front end of her all white JXI’s and leans right back in her chair with a grin on her face as she looks at her opponent.

✦FELICITY BANKS: We’re reaaaaally not giving Jackson Magnum a shot at #Endgame, are we? Ha! Smart people. Really, he has no chance and the World knows that because I’ve ran through his face once, and I’ll have absolutely no issue doing it again. Jackson Magnum isn’t one of the wrestlers that I have trouble with. Hell, there’s maybe three total on this brand that I’d probably have an issue with inside my domain---this wrestling ring. It’s not some long-winded broads who like to use words no one knows the meaning of--and from their use of the words? Neither do they. It’s not a peasant who likes to speak on my sexuality and fantasize about what I do or don’t do in the bedroom. Nope!

Felicity pauses, staring out at the crowd to view their various signs.

✦FELICITY BANKS: It’s my stablemate -- Emilio Vialpando -- who I’ve only faced one time at a live event in a match that went to a draw. It’s Onyx Perello -- who I just can’t seem to figure out.

She turns her head in the direction of Kai.

✦FELICITY BANKS: And it’s you -- Kai -- someone who should’ve sat on the throne multiple times, but he constantly finds himself in these meaningless blood wars. Blood wars that have more than likely took years off of your career, and have done abso-fucking-lutely nothing for you but made you look like...well… a spot monkey.

The champion shrugs her shoulders before leaning forward to grab her championship. She moves it onto her lap and locks eyes with Kai.

✦FELICITY BANKS: But the same can be said for most of those curtain jerkers in the back, can’t it? THEY BLEED BUCKETS OF BLOOD BELIEVING THAT THAT WILL MAKE THEM STAND OUT! But the reality is? All of that blood just blurred them all together to the point that most of these people do not give a shit. It’s easy as hell to get a strong following on social media -- hell -- I built my career off of having a strong following on social media, but you know what I did? I grew. Granted, I’ve been in some of the most messed up situations this company has ever seen, but no one in their right mind would ever call me a spot monkey. You, Kai?

She takes in a deep breath, her next words hard for her to release.

✦FELICITY BANKS: You’re a lot like me in more ways than one and people who know our history can vouch for that. Hell, you can even admit that I would say, but one thing you never cared about is your presence on the social web. One thing that never swayed in your favor was your presence on the worldwide web, but you still have accomplished more than most of those monkey’s back there who think they have a claim to the best wrestler alive. That?

Another nonchalant shrug from the champion.

✦FELICITY BANKS: That I can respect. You never compromised your identity to appeal to anyone, and sometimes it hurt you, but other times? MOST times? It made you stronger, and I would say that that’s what brought you to this point. The main event of the second biggest show of the year -- in a match against the person that many would call the standard of Hard Knox Wrestling. You know who else was a lot like you, Kai?

She pauses, letting her words sink in to both Kai and the audience.

✦FELICITY BANKS: Onyx Payne Perello. She is who she is and she never made an excuse for it. She never tried to become something that she wasn’t, and I always loved that about her. She - like you - wanted to snatch this-

The champion holds the HKW World championship.

✦FELICITY BANKS: - away from me, and she managed to do it. But what has Onyx Payne Perello become after that? A stay at home mother and a loving wife. You see, Kai, there’s something I don’t think you quite get. It takes a lot -- and I mean A LOT to sit on the throne here in Hard Knox Wrestling, and most people? They just aren’t cut out for it. Beating me? It’s just the first step in a long and grueling process of becoming THEE star of this company, and you -- like Onyx -- just don’t have it in you. Is there a slim chance that you might beat me at Divine Supremacy?

Felicity reluctantly nods.

✦FELICITY BANKS: Of course there is. But if you manage to do that? I’m going to constantly be breathing down on your neck. I’m gonna wait in the shadows for my time to pounce and take back what belongs to ME. You’re looking at the fucking person who made the NO LIMITS CHAMPIONSHIP THE TOP LEVEL CHAMPIONSHIP OF OUR BRAND WHEN SHE HELD IT BECAUSE THE HKW WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP PICTURE GOT STALE! Maybe you can out-wrestle me, but do you actually think you can outshine me when the lights are their brightest? Looking at you right now? Behind the facepaint and behind the scars? I know that you know that you can’t. It’s the same thing that everyone who followed me had trouble doing when they held this. Many became content. Many were satisfied by just reaching the top of the mountain, and when I walk back there and look everyone in their eyes? I see many who will just do the same thing. That’s why this championship is my hostage, Kai. I promised myself and this company a long ago that no one who can’t surpass what I do would ever hold this title again, but with you?

She pulls her legs off the table and rests her elbows on it instead.

✦FELICITY BANKS: I just don’t know. It’s no secret that I long stopped caring about being viewed as the top dog around these parts and I’ve just been waiting. Waiting for someone to take HKW into the next decade as the standard bearer, but no one - and I fucking mean NO ONE has come remotely close. Onyx Payne Perello? She was by far the closest. Everyone else? Fail Mary.

She leans back in her chair, no concern or emotion on her face whatsoever.

✦FELICITY BANKS: By the sound of my words, it may seem like I’m just ready to hand this over, but that’s not the case. I’m ready to watch this company continue to grow, and I’m ready to watch someone else accomplish what me and my brothers in UE have managed to accomplish, but none of us ready to let go. You have to beat us. You -- specifically YOU -- have to beat me when the lights shine their brightest. Now, the question is… will you melt like I believe you will, or will you take that first step in becoming the standard here in Hard Knox. I won’t make that choice for you, Kai. In a perfect world, I’ll continue to hold this title for another calendar year and run through everyone’s fucking face on my way to my second hall of fame induction with the rest of the UE…

She cocks her head to the left.

✦FELICITY BANKS: But the world? It’s just not perfect, is it, Kai? There’s a lot of rumors out there stating that I’m as good as gone from HKW once Destiny comes and goes, but I’m here to tell you that the rumors of my HKW demise have been greatly exaggerated, but I have the power to make you and the rest of the peasants in this building believe every little word that comes out of my mouth.. I’m not going anywhere for a long, long, looooooong time, and when I do go?

Felicity places the HKW World championship right on the table, making sure Kai is able to see it.

✦FELICITY BANKS: I’m taking my hostage with me. Maybe the second time wasn’t as great as the first. Maybe I care a little less, but the beyond all of that? I still care enough to hold that title, travel around the World, and be the Michael Jackson of this company while the rest of you play the Jackson 5.

She picks her championship back up and moves it to her lap. Kai’s eyes narrow as he stares a hole into Felicity, having kept silent and not so much as moved a muscle as she spoke. Not wasting any more time he pulls the contract towards him and flips towards the final page, signing right on the dotted line and making their clash official. Before Eli can speak up, Kai calmly picks up a mic and asks a question to his opponent for Divine Supremacy.

✦KAI: Do you want to know what drives me, Felicity..?

There’s an eerie calmness to his tone as he looks down at her from across the table.

✦KAI: What’s fueled me to get to this point, made me drag myself through two matches I had a virtually nonexistent chance of winning, that everyone said I should’ve have won, to earn this shot against you?

Kai leans back into his chair, dragging a gloved hand through his long raven colored hair.

✦KAI: It’s not a fear of losing to you. It’s not even the excitement… the idea of facing perhaps the best in the world, someone I’ve watched grow into this business since she was a teenager, gleaming every piece of knowledge that came her way and turning herself into a force of nature in this ring. No, that isn’t what drives me.

The admittance of how great she’d become and what he knew he’d be up against is hard to spit out for Kai, but one look at him shows he meant it as his eyes harden considerably

✦KAI: It’s Anger. Anger at the madness of knowing I’m damned to repeating this all over again if I lose to you at Divine Supremacy. Knowing that instead of slinking away and breaking the cycle, I’ll pull myself back up and do this all over again. The grind, the struggle as a drag my broken, beaten down body back to the same spot that I’ve fallen from so many times over the last decade plus. That I can’t take any solace in what I’ve done up until this point because these four corners… this ring, it’s no longer the escape for me that it was when I started. It’s an obsession. A prison of my own design that I can never really escape from until I either break through and finally, FINALLY claim the World Title as my own, or my body can no longer go. There’s no other alternative… no other way out for me.

He peers up into her eyes curiously.

✦KAI: You know the feeling all too well, don’t you. Having to jump through hoop after hoop, watching the prize at the end dangled right in front of you then being ripped away when you’re a fingertip length away from finally ending the chase. I want you to imagine going through that day after day… year after year while the very business you’ve poured your everything into seemingly passes you by. While your own mind throws into question whether or not you’re fighting a losing battle in continuing on.

He paused for a moment, letting his words sink in.

✦KAI: That World Title you have in your lap, and every struggle and challenge that comes with wearing it, ends that. Every championship I’ve won and lost along the way, every drop of blood I’ve spilled, every second I’ve spent in agonizing pain due to an injury or breaking myself down in training til’ skin split, blood spilled and my body begged in protest to stop, it’ll have been worth it for The HKW World Championship.

His eyes linger on the title for a few seconds, the edges of desperation and longing making their way into his expression before he reverts back to the stoic mask.

✦KAI: Maybe I outshine you and finally lift that albatross you’ve placed on yourself in being the engine that runs Hard Knox Wrestling, finally giving you the peace of mind you seek on what remains when you’re reign is over. Maybe I fall short. I won’t profess to know. But what I do know is I said to you in front of millions that no one on this roster - not Jackson Magnum, not Dom Harter, not Christian Kane - is allowed to dethrone you. That only I get that honor. And I’ll do everything in my power to see it through.

Kai places the mic down, sliding the contract back towards her. Felicity glares at Kai heatedly and stands up, causing the fans to cheer loudly in response as she brings her title up across her shoulder. Eli quickly tries to defuse the situation and pleads with Felicity to sit back down, only for the cheering to grow louder as Kai kicks the chair back and stands up as well, popping his neck as he gets ready for a fight!

Security around the ringside area look as though they’re about to get inside the ring and get involved as Felicity and Kai stare down, just waiting for one of them to make the first move. Before they could slide into the ring however, the crowd erupts into a chorus of boos as the camera switches to the Aisleway. The cameras show Upper Echelon’s Security team, lead by the monster of a man known as Jorgo, making their way down to the ring with purpose.

The three security members chase the security at ringside away and surround the ring, all leering up at Kai as they look ready to pounce at a moment’s notice…

...Only to pause as Felicity Banks holds up a hand, shaking her head.

✦FELICITY BANKS: No, you three stay put. He’s mine…

The trio look uneasily at her, before doing as told and stepping off of the ring apron, leaving her inside of the ring as she and Kai face off. Felicity sizes Kai up as she strolls around the table towards his side and is now face to face with her challenger. Time seems to stop as champion and challenger stare down one another, before Felicity slowly raises her World Title up into the air, almost challengingly as she glares up at Kai.

Kai returns her stare defiantly, and the scene ends with the two facing off as their clash that has been nearly four years in the making at Divine Supremacy looms overhead.

Posted Image

The scene fades backstage inside the parking lot where Emilio Vialpando is seen walking out surprisingly without security. He seems to be speaking to someone on his cell phone as he walks out.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: Yeah I talked to her. She’s in...I’m still not sure how it’ll all work out though.

He nods.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: Yeah I’m sure I don’t need them right now. I just want some time to myself...I need some time to think. Just make sure I’m back home for Kobe’s jersey retirement. I told em I wasn’t gonna miss it.

Suddenly the lights begin to flicker inside the parking lot that causes Emilio to pause.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: Hey...I’ll call you back alright? Alright. Yeah, adios.

Emilio slides his phone back into his pocket and looks to the lights that were flickering.


Before he knew it a dark figure was seen standing behind Emilio.

✦???: The Asylum awaits, Emilio…

Emilio tries to turn around but he gets blasted in the back of the head knocking him down to the ground.


Emilio stops himself as he looks up to see none other than Flame standing above him.

✦FLAME: Embrace it, Emilio…

Flame reaches down picking Emilio up to his feet. As he does so Emilio manages to slip out of his grasp. Emilio now connects with a few punches but Flame quickly dodges a right hook and lands a Neckbreaker on the hard concrete. Flame gets up to his feet and whips his hair to his back only to start stomping down on Emilio.


Flame kneels down and picks up Emilio’s head forcing him to look at him.

✦FLAME: You will not succeed unless you embrace the darkness, Emilio...I’m trying to help you!

Flame now begins to punch Emilio repeatedly before pulling him up to his feet. He looks over to a pillar and sprints over to try and throw Emilio into it...No! Emilio reverses and throws Flame into the pillar instead! Emilio goes to follow up with a Single Leg Dropkick! It connects! Emilio scrambles up to his feet.

✦EMILIO VIALPANDO: I’m gonna f**king kill you!

Emilio grunts and begins to deliver his own set of stomps before pulling Flame back up to his feet. He hits a couple punches and tries to lift Flame up to slam him right back down on the concrete with a Spinebuster, but no! Flame is able to hit several elbows to the back of the head forcing Emilio to let go of him. Flame now kicks him in the midsection and takes Emilio by the back of his head and drives his head into a SUV’s passenger side mirror! The mirror breaks causing Emilio to drop down on the ground.

✦FLAME: Then do it….Embrace the darkness...AND DO IT!!!

Flame grabs him by the back of the head and now looks to send Emilio face first into the passenger side window...

Suddenly, ringing through the distance is a loud, clear voice.


The live audience pops before the owner of the voice even strolls into frame-- and Flame stops, allowing Emilio to fall to the ground in a heap beside him. He slowly turns in the direction of the voice… and a second camera picks up the still belt-less HKW Bloodlust Champion. Still in her wrestling gear, though now sporting a black “Shmurda” hoodie, De Luca glares at Flame from afar while Emilio rolls onto his back at his side. Ashlyn begins a slow stroll toward the two.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: What were you gonna do-- take him out before he even gets to the Asylum? Gonna give him the easy way out?

Ashlyn shakes her head, continuing toward them.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: That’s lame, man. You asked for this match. You started all this. Don’t end this like a bitch-- end it in the Asylum like you said.

Flame looks to Ashlyn and begins to laugh at her.

✦FLAME: Ashlyn….This ends when I say it ends! You two need to learn...Learn to embrace the pain...Embrace the pain and unleash the darkness inside you both!

Ashlyn stops, roughly twenty feet away from Flame. She shakes her head a little and throws her hands up, as if at a loss for words. A moment later she speaks, hands moving to her hips.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: You say embracing it and surviving it are the same thing, but like… I feel I disagree with that.

She begins moving toward Flame in a roundabout way, beginning a semi-circle as she keeps her eyes on him, closing the distance.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: Being a good Bloodlust Champion-- or the best goddamn Bloodlust Champion doesn’t require some BS turn to the dark side or whatever you’ve over here trying to sell me. It…

She stops, looking at Flame as she nears him, giving her larger adversary a once-over before she continues.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: ...it’s about surviving these f**king psychopaths in the business like you, one way or another. And if that means sinking to the level you always wanna sink to in order to survive, then so be it. And if doing cruel sh*t keeps my career in tact, gets my title back around my waist and gets you the hell out of my face-- out of my life-- then imma do some cruel sh*t. But I’m not gonna embrace whatever the f**k you did. I know Em isn’t tryin to. And I’m never gonna let all this turn me into… you.

Ashlyn moves toward the trunk of the car, now about a yard away from Flame. The two gaze uneasily at one another, tension filling the parking garage while Emilio tries to stir in the background. Flame shakes his head and begins to walk towards De Luca.

✦FLAME: You can not be this foolish, Ashlyn. You can’t possibly believe that you can be the champion you are capable of being without letting the darkness consume you. You can’t possibly think you will be able to defeat me and survive the asylum without...the darkness.

He says as he gets closer.

✦FLAME: It’s inside of you Ashlyn. We both know this to be true...Why must you fight it? Why must you deny it? You make me out to be this...This monster but truthfully, Ashlyn. The three of us...We are all the same. We share this link...The darkness inside of us.

He reaches out, inches from De Luca, who reaches into the front pocket of her hoodie, retrieving a plastic bag. She rips the bag open-- and throws a handful of powdered drywall right into the eyes of Flame! The Blazin’ One makes an indistinguishable sound, throwing a hand over his face! The live audience roars, watching the events unfold on the Knoxtron. Ashlyn places her foot on the bumper of the car, reaching into her boot to retrieve the chain she’d “borrowed” from the gym earlier.

✦BRIAN MASON: Things are breaking down back in the parking garage!

✦JACK WARREN: Ashlyn’s been collecting weapons all goddamn night! She wanted this to go down!

Ashlyn climbs onto the trunk of the car and then the roof, wrapping the chain around her fist and forearm.

✦ASHLYN DE LUCA: Open your eyes, you son of a bitch…

Flame swings blindly, avoiding punching right through the window by centimeters. Ashlyn dives off of the roof of the car with double knees to the chest of Flame, taking him down to the cement! Mounting him, she smashes her chain-wrapped fist into his face once… twice… three, four, five times! The audience grows louder with each shot and Ashlyn roars out, going for a sixth, but Flame gets both hands around her throat! He manages to get one eye open, seething as he squeezes!

✦BRIAN MASON: Good lord!

✦JACK WARREN: He’s going to kill her!

Ashlyn’s face begins to turn red. Blood pours from Flame’s bottom lip, but he sits upright and begins making his way to his feet, both hands around De Luca’s throat as she gags, chain falling from her wrist and to the ground. Flame turns, throwing Ashlyn roughly against the side of the car. She gasps for air, legs shaking. Flame rushes forward, trying to punch Ashlyn’s head right through the passenger window-- but she drops down, possibly collapsing from pain! Flame’s fist goes into the window and he grunts violently, recoiling, pulling his bloodied hand free!

✦JACK WARREN: Does security not know how to get to the parking garage?!

Flame pulls a shard of glass from his hand, throwing it aside before he glares down at De Luca. He reaches down for her, grabbing a handful of hair-- but Ashlyn hits a European Uppercut! Flame’s head snaps back and Emilio rises up to a knee and then both feet, using the chain Ashlyn had dropped to choke Flame out from behind! Flame pulls at the chain, leaving his ribs exposed for Ashlyn to deliver a vicious thrust kick… and then a second!

✦BRIAN MASON: Look at this!

✦JACK WARREN: I’ll be damned. Emilio and Ashlyn, working together to take down the Blazin’ One!

Ashlyn cries out and blasts Flame with a roundhouse kick while Emilio continues to choke him with the chain! Emilio lets go and Flame staggers… but doesn’t go down! Emilio mutters under his breath while Ash glares at Flame, still unable to speak from the choke. Emilio wraps the chain around his fist and yells out as he sprints forward--

--and darkness.

✦BRIAN MASON: Not again!

The audience boos as the Knoxtron goes black for several seconds. An emergency light comes on in the parking garage, allowing us to see the silhouettes of Ashlyn De Luca and Emilio Vialpando as they stand in front of the destroyed car. Emilio lets the chain fall to the ground and sighs, falling to a knee. Ashlyn shakes her head as she looks around… but lowering her head, she sinks to her knees in front of Emilio, the two facing each other, breathing heavily from the encounter as we slowly fade.

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In the backstage area, we see Jaxon Queen warming up before his main event match for the No Limits championship. As he finishes up, he picks up his title off of the equipment crate and slings it over his shoulder, but sighs when he sees Lola enter the shot.

✦JAXON QUEEN: What can I do for you tonight, Lola?

✦LOLA J: Just came around, looking to ask a couple of questions before your title match.

Jaxon shrugs before he takes a seat on top of the equipment crate, motioning to Lola that she can continue with her questions.

✦LOLA J: Why did you decide to have an open challenge tonight? Why not just let Jackie and Nest battle it out and face the winner at Divine Supremacy?

✦JAXON QUEEN: Why not?

Queen chuckles.

✦JAXON QUEEN: I’m Upper Echelon. That means I can do what I want whenever I want. I want Jackie Fowler to stop getting opportunities at my title when I’ve beaten him countless times. I want Nest to actually not have someone else speak for him for once and maybe I’d consider him worthy of challenging for my title. But right now, neither of them deserve a shot at this beautiful gold.

The Erie born wrestler removes the title off of his shoulder and looks at it with a smile as he looks back over at Lola.

✦JAXON QUEEN: As for why I’m having an open challenge tonight that forces ANYONE but Jackie or Nest to challenge? Because I f**king can and I f**king will. Anybody has a shot to LOSE TO ME tonight and help add their name to my defenses and this historic reign.

✦LOLA J: Okay, so let’s say you defend tonight. Any plans to defend at Divine Supremacy?

Jaxon laughs.

✦JAXON QUEEN: Absolutely not. This defense will allow me to sit down and keep this title past Divine Supremacy, which was going to happen even if I did have to defend at DS. Because, when you look back at this reign, you’ll see that nobody, and I mean NOBODY can beat me for this title.

✦LOLA J: Okay, I have one more question.

✦JAXON QUEEN: Can’t believe you ONLY have one more.

She rolls her eyes before asking her final question.

✦LOLA J: What happens if you lose tonight?

The Dynasty champion grins.

✦JAXON QUEEN: I won’t.

He then gets off of the equipment crate and walks off, leaving Lola behind as we cut elsewhere.
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✦WHISPER VIPERI: The following is your main event for the evening and it is an open challenge match for the HKW DYNASTY CHAMPIONSHIP! The match is scheduled for one fall and the title does not change hands via disqualification or countouts!

The beat kicks in and out steps Jaxon Queen, his championship slung over his shoulder. Queen cups his ear as he listens to the audience booing him, getting them to boo him even louder, which just gets a grin out of them. He then begins to make his way down to the ring, showing off his title to the fans, who just roll their eyes at him.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: Introducing first, from Erie, Pennsylvania; weighing in at 230 pounds, he is the REIGNING AND DEFENDING HKW DYNASTY CHAMPION....JAXON QUEEN!!!

Once he's ringside, Jaxon heads up the steel steps slowly, pointing at members of the audience and finding words to insult them with. He raises his title as he stands on the apron before entering the ring. Queen then makes his way towards the center of the ring and raises his title once more, smirking at the boos the audience gives him, before he finally removes his jacket and hands both that and the title over to a stagehand, warning them to not mess either thing up. He then goes to insulting the fans as per usual before he walks over and grabs the mic from Whisper’s hands as he calls for his music to be cut.

✦JAXON QUEEN: Alright, motherf**kers. Let’s see who has the balls to step up and try and take this damn title away from me! Come on out and I promise you I’ll try to make this quick.

Queen then drops the mic and begins warming up before...the flatline begins...


Line continues across the screen indicating death.


The redline starts and keeps a slow but steady wave indicating life. The crowd blows up with life as the lights dim to black bringing out their cell phones and long neon lights with his hazardous signs on them.

✦BRIAN MASON: Oooooooh my gooooooodddddd.


“I gave you fair warning, beware (beware beware)
I gave you fair warning, beware (beware beware)”

The dark brooding intro of “Beware” by Big Pun from his classic Capital Punishment album waves through the speakers causing hip hop heads to nod as the crowd to go into a full frenzy with the familiar NY Yankees hat starting the entrance video of the Pillar of HKW.

The music continues a neon yellow hazardous sign shine on the stage entrance. As the dark bass continues “El Jefe” Jason Mentez takes a slow step from the dark into the light dead in the middle of the hazardous sign on the stage. The fans brings the roof off as his short cut hair is shown with him looking down at the stage. Suddenly he looks forward and on cue the yellow smoke and vapor emits from the stage and down the rampway. The camera zooms in on the glow from the neon yellow paint covering the long scar on the left side of his face with his brooding expression adding to the mood. A number of more cell phone lights are held up with the neon bars by many fans giving a unique aura to his new entrance. Jason nods with his focused face as he vibes to the music and stands at the end of the ramp. He walks forward the hazardous sign moving over him to fall inside the middle of the ring as he slides in.

✦WHISPER VIPERI: And his challenger! From Queens, New York! He is a member of the 2017 HKW Hall of Fame class! He’s THE HKW Pillar, El Jefe y El Irrompible. Wreckless...Hardest...Malicious....JASON MENTEZ!!!!

He takes his time bending to a knee and just staying there a moment on that knee in the middle of the ring as the lights start to come back on and the neon lights from the fans are cutting off. He gets to his feet as the fans continue to cheer as he takes off the t-shirt he comes into the ring with leaving his compression wear on underneath. He throws the shirt into the crowd and throws up an ‘M1’ with a half smirk on his face. The music fades as Jason stands still in a corner waiting for the time to go to work while Jaxon watches on from the other corner, stunned.

✦BRIAN MASON: I don’t think Jaxon Queen was expecting that!

✦JACK WARREN: Well, he better be prepared, because Mentez seems ready to capture another title!

Posted Image
Posted Image
Jason Mentez vs Jaxon Queen ©


Jaxon charges right out of the corner after the bell rings, but Jason is ready, dropping him with a quick double leg takedown before getting on top of him and firing off with rabid punches! Queen eventually gets him off and rolls underneath the bottom rope, slapping the apron in frustration as he takes a walk on the outside area while Mentez remains in the ring, hyped up.

✦BRIAN MASON: Looks like Jaxon’s going to need to be a lot quicker than that!

✦JACK WARREN: Yeah, no s**t.

Jason steps back and allows Jaxon to enter the ring again. The two stare at one another before locking up, allowing Jax to pull his challenger into a headlock. Queen begins talking crap to the fans, but he forgets that Mentez is strong, as the former World and Global champion lifts him up and drops him with a back suplex to cheers from the audience! The New Yorker rolls to his feet and waits for the Dynasty champ to roll to his before he drops him back to the mat with an STO! Jason then goes for the cover, hooking both legs!

✦BRIAN MASON: Mentez with a back suplex and an STO! He goes for the cover!




✦JACK WARREN: Sure as hell wasn’t enough right there!

Mentez nods after the kickout, knowing that Queen is a tougher challenge than most. He slowly picks him up and shoves him backs into a corner before he fires off with chops to the chest of the 21 year old! Jason then pulls him out of the corner and irish whips him hard into the opposite corner, forcing Jaxon to stumble out afterwards and get rocked with a lifting knee strike! Queen crumples down onto the mat and Mentez is quick to drag him off of the ropes and go for the cover!

✦BRIAN MASON: Mentez with a nasty lifting knee strike! Queen is in trouble!

✦JACK WARREN: He’ll be fine...hopefully!




Jaxon powers out once more, getting groans of disappointment from the audience. Jason, however, does not seem to be bothered by it too much, almost realizing that it would take more to keep his opponent down. The HKW Pillar then picks up his opponent and irish whips him hard into a corner, forcing the Killer of Fuckboys to lean up against it. He then charged in, hitting a corner clothesline before hooking Jaxon’s head and looking to hit a running bulldog! But Queen manages to slip out at the last second, forcing Mentez to land on his back on the mat!

✦BRIAN MASON: Looks like Jaxon had that move scouted!

✦JACK WARREN: Or maybe Jason took too goddamn long trying to get the move off.

Mentez slowly gets to his feet after landing on his back, but when he turns around, he is met with a rolling elbow from Queen! The Dynasty champion then shoots the half after his challenger falls face down onto the mat, hooking both legs as the ref counts and the audience boos!

✦BRIAN MASON: Rolling elbow by Queen! Mentez might be counting sheep right now!




✦JACK WARREN: Damn, I thought that would be enough!

Queen looks over at the ref after the kickout, shaking his head before he grabs Mentez’s legs and quickly wraps them around his, turning him over to apply the sharpshooter! Jason screams out in pain as the audience begs for him to hold on, clearly wanting him to survive this match and be the man to take the title off of Jaxon! The Dynasty champion yells at his challenger to tap out, but the challenger shakes his head in response.

✦BRIAN MASON: Queen has that sharpshooter locked in tight!

✦JACK WARREN: Be smart and submit already, Mentez! Save the rest of your washed up career!

However, Jason does not listen to what Jack Warren is saying and begins crawling towards the ropes, grabbing a hold of the bottom one eventually to force the break! The audience cheers as Jaxon holds on until the four count before he releases his opponent and backs away, trying to claim he is innocent. Queen then begins measuring up Mentez, who is using the ropes to slowly help himself up. Once he is up, the UE member runs right at him, only for the HKW Pillar to lower his shoulder and send him flying over the top rope and out of the ring!

✦BRIAN MASON: That just backfired on Jaxon!

✦JACK WARREN: Good lord, Mase, say something we don’t know!

Mentez, realizing the opportunity he has now, quickly hurries over to a corner, scaling up the turnbuckles until he reaches the top. Jason then waits for Jaxon to get to his feet before he leaps off of the top rope, flooring Queen with a flying clothesline to a huge pop from the audience! The New York native then gets to his feet and picks up the Erie native before rolling him back into the ring and slides back into the ring himself, quickly going for the cover!

✦BRIAN MASON: Jason throwing it all out there tonight! What a flying clothesline! And the cover!




✦JACK WARREN: Still not enough, D-Rose!

The audience groans after Queen throws his shoulder up again, forcing the title match to continue. The former HKW World champion then gets to his feet and looks at the current HKW Dynasty champion. He quickly hurries over when a new thought comes into his head, picking Jaxon up before hooking his head and lifting him up in a vertical suplex position, then dropping him right on his head with a brainbuster! The audience pops again as Jason quickly goes for the cover, the fans counting along with the ref!


✦JACK WARREN: Holy s**t, he might actually pull it off!




Jaxon kicks out again, getting a collective sigh from the audience. But Jason once again doesn’t seem to be bothered by it as he slowly begins to pick Jaxon up once more. However, Queen begins fighting back, punching Mentez in the gut and forcing him back onto the ropes before he runs towards the opposite ones. Jaxon bounces off of those ropes, but he bounces right into a bullhammer elbow, flooring him to a huge pop! Jason then quickly crawls over and makes the cover, the audience counting along with the ref again!


✦JACK WARREN: Oh my f**king god, he’s going to become champion!




✦BRIAN MASON: Not enough! Jaxon is somehow still alive in this match!

✦JACK WARREN: Come on, Jaxon! LeBron didn’t let Derrick Rose ever beat him in a playoff series! Jaxon Queen shouldn’t let Jason Mentez end his Dynasty title reign!

Mentez is feeding off of these near falls, rising to his feet once more as he backs up into a corner, waiting for Queen to slowly roll to a knee. Once the Dynasty champ does do that, his challenger charges forward and attempts a Shining Wizard on him, only for the UE member to move out of the way at the last second! Jaxon gets to his feet and Jason runs right at him, only for Queen to catch him with a flapjack, forcing Mentez to faceplant the mat to boos from the audience!

✦BRIAN MASON: Jaxon may have just bought himself enough time in this match to recover!

✦JACK WARREN: And that’s exactly why Jaxon Queen is still our UNDISPUTED Dynasty champion!

Jaxon slowly helps himself up and takes a quick breather before he moves forward, hooking his arms around Jason’s waist and slowly deadlifting the HKW Pillar! He then hits a bridging German suplex, looking to pick up another defense as the ref starts another count!

✦BRIAN MASON: Look at the strength of Queen! Deadlift German suplex!




✦JACK WARREN: Don’t let up on him, Jaxon!

The Pennsylvanian gets to his feet after the kickout and immediately begins arguing with the ref before going back on the attack on his New York opponent. Jaxon begins stomping away at Jason, making sure to stomp both legs, both arms, the chest and the midsection, and even the head. Once he’s done with that, Queen picks Mentez up and throws him into a corner. Jaxon then shoots forward, only for Jason to catch him with a boot to the face that sends him stumbling backwards. The challenger then attempts to hit the champion with another M Train, only for Jaxon to dodge it at the last second! Jason then spins around and is damn near knocked out of his Timbs as his opponent takes his head off with a discus lariat! Jaxon, exhausted, quickly tries to go for the cover, screaming at the ref to count!


✦JACK WARREN: Will you stop screaming?!




✦BRIAN MASON: Not enough! Not enough!

✦JACK WARREN: Don’t sound too excited there, big fella!

Queen shakes his head after the kickout before he rises once more. The Dynasty champion then grabs his opponent and slowly hoists him onto his shoulders to boos from the audience. But Mentez begins fighting it off, elbowing Queen right in the face repeatedly before he finds a way to land in front of him, hooking his head before planting him with a DDT!

✦BRIAN MASON: Jason Mentez showing signs of life!

✦JACK WARREN: Stay down, Mentez! Stay down!

Mentez quickly rolls to his feet after the kickout and takes a few steps back as he watches Queen slowly roll to his knees. This then allows the New Yorker to move forward and drop his Pennsylvania born opponent with a Shining Wizard! The audience cheers as Jason turns him right back over and goes for the cover, hooking both legs!

✦BRIAN MASON: Shining wizard by Jason Mentez! Jaxon might be out cold!




✦JACK WARREN: Thank god!

The audience sighs as Jaxon finds a way to kickout once again. But Jason seems to be now getting annoyed at Queen repeatedly kicking out, so he quickly picks him up and kicks him in the gut. Mentez then hooks both arms before lifting him up and dropping him with a double underhook sitout powerbomb! He goes for the cover right after, the ref sliding down to make the cover once more!


✦JACK WARREN: Are we seriously about to see a goddamn title change?!




Jaxon powers out once more, but this just gets Jason to rise to his feet once more, calling for the end as he picks Queen up and hoists him on his shoulders! Mentez marches around the ring with the Dynasty champion on his shoulders before he proceeds to plant him with a fireman’s carry spinebuster! Jason then goes for the cover, the audience counting along with the ref once more!


✦JACK WARREN: This can’t be happening!






The audience groans in disappointment, but this kickout just seems to feed Mentez even more confidence, getting to his feet and getting the audience to hype him up as he seems ready to set up for the QB Cripple. But then...the tron comes to life, managing to grab Jason’s attention as he watches his children on the tron with him, enjoying their birthday. They seem to be rather happy before it transitions to Jason and his significant other. They seem happy as well, but that video disappears and a cold laugh then begins before Asha appears on the tron, pissing Jason off!

✦BRIAN MASON: What the hell is Asha doing?!

✦JACK WARREN: She’s doing the Dynasty championship a favor!

Asha then pulls out pictures of all of Jason’s loved ones before pulling out a match, slowly setting the pictures on fire and pissing Mentez even more off! But the distraction seems to work as Quen sneaks up behind Jason and rolls him up, the ref counting as the audience boos!

✦BRIAN MASON: Queen with the rollup!







Jaxon releases Jason and quickly rolls to the outside while Jason looks around stunned before turning towards the tron, Asha no longer there. Meanwhile, Jaxon snatches his title away from the timekeeper and begins walking away from the ring, raising it high while Mentez looks around, absolutely annoyed at the loss he just suffered.

✦BRIAN MASON: Jaxon Queen just stole one!

✦JACK WARREN: Jaxon Queen did what he had to do to retain that title! That’s defense #4 now!

As Jaxon begins to make his way up the ramp, he turns back around and taunts the fans by raising his title high once more, only for JACKIE FOWLER to come in from out of nowhere and tackle Queen to the ground! Jackie begins firing off with punches before Jaxon manages to shove him off! Queen quickly stumbles to his feet, only for Fowler to boot him so hard in the face, he sends him falling off the stage and hard to the ground!



Fowler gives the laid out Queen the double bird before he picks the Dynasty title up and stares at his face, only to turn around and eat a big boot from Nest, laying him smooth the hell out! Banahan, Cole then comes in and picks the title up before it looks like he and Nest are about to leave with it!

✦BRIAN MASON: Nest! Is he about to leave with the title?!

✦JACK WARREN: Looks like it!

However, Cole and Nest both stop in their tracks when Romeo Price makes his way out. He steps right up to Cole, taking the title out of his hands and tossing it over to the slowly recovering Queen, who catches it. He then speaks into the mic in his hand as Jackie slowly comes to, looking over at him as well.

✦ROMEO PRICE: I’m sick of this. At Divine Supremacy, Queen will defend again!

Huge pop.

✦ROMEO PRICE: Against Nest!

A round of boos.

✦ROMEO PRICE: AND JACKIE FOWLER, in a triple threat match!!!

The audience pops huge again as Price drops the mic and walks out while Queen clutches the title, shaking his head, furious! Nest looks over at Jaxon and lets him know he’s coming for him while Jackie can be seen slowly helping himself up, chuckling as he flips off everyone that will be involved in.


✦BRIAN MASON: This is brilliant! Everything just backfired on Jaxon!

The show comes to a close with Queen backpedaling away, screaming that no one will take this title away from him.

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