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[color=#0066FF][b]SUBVERSION[/b][/color] [color=#fff]E32[/color]; Tauron Arena | 12.27.2017
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Location: Kraków, Poland
Venue: Tauron Arena
Network: TNT

The official theme song for SubVersion, "Warrior Inside" by Leader opens the show, ending with the official SubVersion logo

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The audience pops huge as Levi Chambers appears on their screen. He’s walking the halls, not dressed in his wrestling gear as it’s still too early in the show, smiling as he looks around at the others. However, when he turns the corner, he stops, spotting none other than the Subversion GM, Jensen Banks.

LEVI CHAMBERS: Jensen! How’s it going, buddy?

Jensen doesn’t seem to be in the best mood as he looks at Levi, who immediately notices it and raises his hands up in innocence.

LEVI CHAMBERS: Look, I know you’ve heard a lot of rumors about me diving in the Peruvian waters in your office, but I swear Danielle and I are innocent.

He then mumbles the next part.

LEVI CHAMBERS: But we did try...

JENSEN BANKS: No, this isn’t about that. Though you might want to consider just keeping that thing away from work. Just because Sean damn near got caught with Flavia a few times doesn’t mean you have to test this out either. Especially not in my damn office because I’ll suspend you.

The Canadian races his hands up in innocence.

LEVI CHAMBERS: Sorry, boss. It’s just a joke. I know you have to be on edge with some of these people around here, but you can chill out with me, pal.

Jensen shakes his head.

JENSEN BANKS: No, I can’t, because every time I turn around, Kol’s either beating you up or you’re beating up Kol. Then I got the others in the match always getting involved and turning it into utter chaos. I need you and Kol as far apart from each other as possible. I do not need you two getting into a fight before the match. So I’m going to make sure that security is around at all times for you.

LEVI CHAMBERS: I’m not exactly too happy about that, but I understand. I’m not even going to say that he started it, because that would be childish of me to do so. I’m just going to give him a wet willy and a purple nurple when we meet in the ring.

Levi grins, clearly trying to pass that off as a joke. Jensen tries not to smirk, but ultimately fails.

JENSEN BANKS: I’m glad you understand. I won’t have them be breathing on your neck, but I do want them in the vicinity of you and all of the others too if we’re being honest. Hopefully you guys just fight it out in the ring.

Chambers nods.

LEVI CHAMBERS: I was on Santa’s nice list this year, so I’m trying to keep that going. I can promise you you won’t have any problems from me. But Kol and The Baroness are in this match and they just seem to enjoy stirring shit up.

JENSEN BANKS: I’m well aware. Just worry about yourself tonight. I’ll make sure the troublemaking is kept to a minimum.

Levi shrugs before he and Jensen shake hands and he walks off, leaving Banks behind to let out a sigh.

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In the back we see the ITV Champion Lyza Reyes walking the halls of the Tauron Arena. She has a smile on her face and is waving to the people backstage as she makes her way to her destination. When she finally arrives we see it is at the locker room area and she walks inside where we then see Ashley Marie Chase at her locker. Lyza takes a breath and walks over to her.

LYZA REYES: “Hey there, Ashley. First off, I arrive with good intentions. Just want you to know that I am here to work with you, all business and no nonsense. I’m hoping you’re on the same page as me in wanting to leave Kraków with a win tonight?”

Ashley doesn’t say anything and has not even acknowledged that Lyza is even in the room. Lyza waits a few moments for a response

LYZA REYES: “Uh...hello, Earth to Ashley. Are you listening to me?”

Ashley finally turns toward Lyza.

AMC: “I heard you. The last time we were in the same ring I got jumped from behind. However since it was obvious you were not working with the perpetrator the answer is yes. We are on the same page tonight and tonight You and me are going to make a statement.”

Ashley gets up and is now face to face with Lyza. The ITV Champion stands firmly on the ground, keeping her cool as usual.

LYZA REYES: “Groovy. I’m glad you see it that way. Looking forward to making that statement and I know you are more than capable of it.”

Ashley looks at ITV title over Lyza’s shoulder and taps it with her finger.

AMC: “I am definitely capable of making that statement and tonight the two of us will make that statement at the expense of Chambers and Redmayne but don’t for one minute think i have forgotten about that ITV championship.”

Taps the title again

AMC: “Tonight we are partners but very soon I am going to get my rematch and when i do i will be taking that title from you.”

LYZA REYES: “Nothing wrong with believing in yourself! I haven’t forgotten about a round two, trust me. The competition is what keeps me going, along with a successful defense.”

She gives the title a pat, keeping it over her shoulder.

AMC: “Confidence in your ability. I like it but like i said that belt is coming with me in due time but tonight it’s all about girl power and kicking the asses of our opponents.”

Ashley holds out her fist toward Lyza who reciprocates the gesture for a fist bump. The Queens bred wrestler pulls back, nodding her head.

LYZA REYES: “Girl Power, that’s what’s up. I’ll see you out there, Chase.”

And with that, Lyza makes her way out of the locker room, letting Ashley be as the scene fades.

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A camera is backstage as Hybrid Champion Ashley Sullivan walks out from an office door. Looking extremely confident and proud of herself, the champion adjusts the title belt on her shoulder with one hand while holding a packet of paperwork the other. Turning to look at the camera, Sullivan smirks as she holds up the papers and aims them at the watching audience.

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: This is it. This is what she’s been harping on and asking for a month now. This is a contract for a match at the Hybrid Championship, MY title, at Divine Supremacy. If you really want this shot, Ashley Maldano, all you have to do is repeat what you did before our first match and come out to the ring. All it’ll take after that is your scribly little signature on the dotted line. So if you really want this and go through hell just to get close to the title again, come on down. If you don’t, I’ll just have to find someone else to defend the Hybrid title against.

Hitting the papers into her open hand, Ashley walks off camera as the scene fades out.

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"Rusty Halo" by The Script begins to play and the fans start to cheer as Ace Watson then steps out onto the stage. The reaction brings a smile to Watson's face as he starts to walk down the ramp, exchanging banter with the fans at the sides of the ramp as he makes his way down.

Ace climbs the nearest ring steps after slapping a few high fives to some fans. Standing on the apron, Ace turns to the crowd and waves his arm upward to bring out a louder cheer from the audience. Pleased with the reaction, Ace steps between the ropes and walks across to the bottom corner of the ring, where he climbs the turnbuckle and raises an arm into the air, prompting another loud cheer from the fans. Ace then removes his Shootcamp t-shirt (which causes a few female crowd members to audibly react) and throws it into a sea of outstretched arms. Ace then turns and hops down into the ring again, where he then waits for/watches his opponent.

CLARA MARTINS: From London England, weighing in at two hundred and twenty five pounds, ACE WATSOOOOON!!!

WILLIAM BURKE: Welcome to Subversion! We are starting this show off with another Brand Wars match!

EL CABRON MALO: And we definitely need a win here tonight for the blue brand.

As the riveting beat of DJ Snake’s “Ocho Cinco” remix blasts, the energizing flow pushes forth Tristan Martinez as his red jacket glows from the lights that shines down upon him on the stage. The fans roar, cheering him on first sight. His head pops up, hoodie pops off, he unzip out of his jacket, tossing it to the side before his bare-chested self zooms down the ramp, slapping as many fans hands as he can slap before sliding with flare underneath the bottom ropes.

Popping up onto his feet, he jumps up and down, throwing up his hands with the heart shape to the fans as he finishes with a quick prayer before heading to his corner to which the music fades out.

CLARA MARTINS: “Introducing to the ring, from Calabasas, California ... Standing six feet, one inch and weighing in at one hundred and eighty-two pounds, TRISTAN.....MAAARTTTINEEZZZ!!!!”

WILLIAM BURKE: Subversion's own Tristan Martinez is carrying our hopes into that ring with him tonight.

EL CABRON MALO: I have much more than hope that Martinez will secure a victory here tonight, I have faith that he will!

WILLIAM BURKE: Isn't that basically the same thing?




Ace Watson vs. Tristan Martinez


Tristan and Ace lock up at the sound of the bell. They match strength for a moment until the bigger Ace shoves Tristan back a step. Watson tries to follow up with a roundhouse right hand, but Tristan side steps while bringing a knee up into Ace’s gut. Tristan goes for a DDT when Watson is doubled over, however Ace blocks it and counters with a back body drop. Tristan kips up to his feet a split second later and throws a spinning kick Ace’s way. Watson absorbs the impact and stumbles to the side. Tristan rushes forward with a fist. Ace ducks it and forces all five of his knuckles into the gut of Martinez, just under the rib. Another shot immediately follows from Ace. A left, a right, all aimed at the ribs and keeping Tristan off balance while forcing him back toward the ropes.

WILLIAM BURKE: Ace is getting the upper hand here because of his size advantage.

EL CABRON MALO: He's also spending a lot of energy with those hard strikes.

Martinez bumps into the ropes. He keeps his arms up to deflect Ace’s punches and when there is a brief opening, Tristan kicks Ace’s shin. It throws Watson's rhythm off enough for Martinez to sneak in a quick jab, then shove him back a couple steps. However Ace is quickly stepping right back up. Tristan acts fast with a backflip kick! The toe of his boot connects with Watson's jaw causing him to go wheeling backward off balance. Martinez handsprings of the ropes he bumps into after the backflip and lunges forward through the air to bring Ace down to the mat with a springboard clothesline!

WILLIAM BURKE: Excellent timing from Martinez!

EL CABRON MALO: What a glorious combination of moves!

Tristan hypes the crowd and hits a moonsault leg drop onto Ace. He then drags Watson to the corner. Martinez stomps down on him a few times before climbing to the second turnbuckle. He jumps off and lands hard on Ace’s chest with a double foot stomp. Martinez reaches down and pulls Ace to his feet. He grabs Ace’s neck and hops up, looking for a double knee facebreaker, but Watson uses his strength to “catch” Martinez. Ace spins around immediately and throws Tristan, back first, into the turnbuckle!

WILLIAM BURKE: Good thing that turnbuckle wasn't exposed, I could hear Tristan’s spine snap against the corner from here.

EL CABRON MALO: It definitely could have lead to an undeserved win for Defiance.

Martinez clutches at his back, groaning in pain. Ace takes a moment to gather his wits. He then approaches Tristan and tosses a boot into his back to keep him on the mat. He delivers another, harder stomp on Tristan’s back before pulling him up and hitting an Alabama slam. The crowd boos the Defiance star as he circles Tristan.

Ace then locks in the Watson Lock!

WILLIAM BURKE: Tristan reaching for those ropes immediately!

EL CABRON MALO: Come on Martinez! Don't go out to that puta by a submission!

Tristan manages the grab the bottom rope after a couple minutes of struggle. The ref counts to 3 when Ace releases the hold. Martinez slowly gets up to his feet as the ref instructs Ace to step back from the ropes. But once Martinez is vertical, Watson moves in passing the ref and throwing another roundhouse right.

Tristan catches it on the side of his head as he tries to duck. Ace is stunned and shakes off the pain as he didn't expect to hit rock hard skull. Tristan uses the opening to kick him high in the mid section, using the ropes for leverage. He delivers another kick, same spot, which doubles Watson over again.

Martinez hits a jumping neckbreaker to the delight of the crowd! He then hits a springboard moonsault and goes for the cover!




WILLIAM BURKE: Watson with a solid kick out!


Tristan whips Watson to the ropes and leapfrogs over him on the rebound before running to the ropes himself on the opposite side. The crowd goes crazy and Tristan SMASHES Ace with a flying spinning heel kick! Another cover is made…




WILLIAM BURKE: Impossible!

EL CABRON MALO: I don't even know how, but Ace kicked out at the very last second.

Martinez pulls Ace up with him. He strikes Watson with a couple forearms. Ace suddenly answers back with a huge European uppercut. The spit goes flying out of Tristan as he falls back and tumbles over the top rope to the floor!

Ace climbs out after him as Martinez is crawling toward the steel stairs. Watson grabs a fistful of hair as Tristan reaches the stairs and attempts to slam his head into him. Martinez blocks the attempt with his arms, keeping them stiff against the stairs. Watson yanks back to give it one more try, but this time Tristan drops his weight and counters with a jawbreaker.

Watson stumbles back holding his mouth, when Tristan grabs him and Irish whips him right into the steel stairs! The ref shouts a warning and also reaches a count of eight.

WILLIAM BURKE: Tristan is getting back into the ring and Watson is gingerly following suit.

EL CABRON MALO: This fight can't go on for much longer here.

Tristan comes around as Watson enters the ring. He grabs his head with a ¾ facelock and then hits the Last Breath! A cover is made!




WILLIAM BURKE: And with that, Subversion picks up a much needed win!

EL CABRON MALO: Thank you Tristan!

Tristan’s theme plays as the crowd cheer. Martinez celebrates by climbing the turnbuckle and acknowledging the fans.


Ace is shown headed back up the ramp and shaking his head as he takes one look back at the ring before disappearing backstage. The show fades out as Tristan makes his way out of the ring.

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The Cameras cut to backstage, where Tiffany Jay is waiting. She brings the microphone towards her mouth, but before a single word can escape her lips, JZ Crowns runs into her grabbing her shoulder as he tries to catch his breath.


Tiffany takes a step back, removing JZ’s hand from her shoulder. She frowns and shakes her head at the Self-Proclaimed hero.

TIFFANY JAY: I don’t know what youre talking about…

JZ stands up straight still breathing heavily. He snatches the microphone out of Tiffany’s hand and stares at her before speaking, a look of agitation plastered on his face.

JZ CROWNS: Are you serious? ‘Idontknowwhatyouretalkingabout’ Shutup bruh! You know what I’m talking about. Everybody Knows what im talking about. I been running around on twitter and backstage for weeks letting everybody know Tommy aint who he says he is! But yall dont wanna listen to Ya Boy. This mans has now committed a crime dawg. Hes a criminal. But I dont call 12. On my mom thats a dub. Ill just take care of it myself. So you need to tell me if you know where he at.

JZ’s eyes widen and he steps closer to Tiffany.

TIFFANY JAY: I dont know wh-

JZ throws his arms up and screams. The Hero Punches a crate beside him before yelling and facing Tiffany again.

JZ CROWNS: See here yall go. Trying to protect this man, and I’m telling you straight up hes a monster. Tommy is an evil mastermind and yall dont see it! This man is probably capable of destroying this whole company but he has yall under his poorly manicured thumbs. Its whatever tho. Cuz I see through his facade. I peeped the costume. He a scrub in fake yeezys. And I can spot em a mile away. See Im willing to bet that this goes further than the ring. I bet that This no good dirty evil doer is using FOUR as his coverup. I bet Hes sooooo Despicable and Diabloical that hes The REAL Villian in the movie. I see through it all. I see through Everything Tommy! And I know youre watching. Youve already sealed your fate bruh. You better return my property before you make things worse!

Crowns throws the microphone down and storms off leaving Tiffany standing there looking baffled. A few seconds later JZ appears back on the screen his phone in hand.

JZ CROWNS: Hey, Tiff baby. You not seeing anybody are you?

Tiffany walks off without responding, her turn to leave Crowns alone.


The former Rise Wrestler walks off talking to himself as he scrolls on his phone.

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The cameras go to the backstage area, where Lyza Reyes is spotted getting ready for her upcoming tag team match. The warmup, however, is stopped when she spots someone not too far away, getting a small glare from her. The camera then pans over to reveal none other than former RISE champion, Cedric Chambers. Cedric has a big smirk on his face as the audience boos him, but he pays them no mind as he stares at Lyza. She seems to tense up, almost as if preparing for a fight, but Cedric raises his hands up in innocence.

CEDRIC CHAMBERS: Calm down there, champ. I come in peace.

Chambers then proceeds to do the Spock peace sign, mocking Reyes.

CEDRIC CHAMBERS: I just came here to gauge your thoughts on that title of yours...and on Divine Supremacy too while we’re at it.

She keeps her guard up, despite his approach.

LYZA REYES: Oh yeah? I believe I've been transparent the last few weeks, while others...not so much. As I've previously stated to Ashley Chase, I want to prove that I am a fighting champion. I want the best of the best to step up, the hungrier, the better.

CEDRIC CHAMBERS: If you want the best of the best, then Ashley Chase isn’t that answer. Hunter Werth isn’t the answer. My own tag team partner tonight isn’t the answer. The only person who can take that title away from you is me...and you know it.

Cedric smiles...but his smile fades when he sees Ashley Chase step into the shot.

CEDRIC CHAMBERS: Oh, I sure hope you heard what I just said.

Ashley ignores Lyza and steps up to Cedric

AMC: November 12, 2017. That was the day you stuck your nose in my business because you knew you could not beat me for that ITV title.

Lyza shakes her head.

AMC: Tonight I pay you back for that and then I become the person to take that ITV championship back to Subversion where it belongs.

The ITV champion makes screeching sound effects of car tires skidding on a highway to interject.

LYZA REYES: Pause. The ITV Championship is staying in Defiance where it has found a new home since bringing it there this past spring.

AMC glances over at Lyza and the ITV title but leaves without saying another word.

CEDRIC CHAMBERS: Well, that was just...idiotic. I don’t know why she even bothered to come in here and run her mouth. It’s all for nothing because, well, I’m your #1 contender, right?

Lyza watches AMC walk away, looking confused by what just happened. She then looks at Chambers.

LYZA REYES: You could be. There’s no denying you’ve proven yourself in the ring whether on a RISE show or wherever. But hey, let’s see if someone with pull can make it official.

There's a moment of silence, Lyza and Cedric both waiting for...something, anything to happen, one of them to make a move, before another voice pipes up.

???: How...perfunctory.

The camera pans across the backstage area...where Elijah Redmayne is sitting half obscured in the dark, Indian-style, on top of an equipment box in the midst of what could only be considered hostile territory for the native of the Underground. He seems unconcerned, however, running a hand through his hair before continuing without interruption.

ELIJAH REDMAYNE: It’s all so perfunctory. Necessary, but...dull. Recitation always is. You play the parts made for you, and you play them to the hilt. The embattled champion. The hungry challenger. Lines designed and spoken by rote. More grist for the mill. Shame.

Redmayne shakes his head, shifting off the equipment box he was perched on.

ELIJAH REDMAYNE: You do play the parts, and play them well. Even for sheep in wolves’ clothing, worthy of the faintest applause. But while you play the roles made for you in this grand narrative….The wolves are waiting. Tireless. Hungry. We play no part. We change the narrative. Turn it on it’s head. Alter the landscape right beneath your feet.

Redmayne takes a step, considering them both for a moment, lightly drumming his fingers on the wall nearby as his eyes flicker back and forth between Chambers and Reyes...before taking a step back.

ELIJAH REDMAYNE: You’ll play the parts, and play them well, but the story’s not meant for you. Sheep are to be sheared. Sheep are to be slaughtered. I have no love for baubles, but pride is a different matter. We are change. Ever moving, ever evolving. Its time for the narrative to collapse. It’s time that beacon, so tried and so true, found a new home….Beneath.

The hint of a smirk crosses Redmayne’s face, and he slowly backs down the hall, before turning and disappearing from sight, leaving a somewhat bewildered Chambers and Reyes. However, seconds later, Jensen makes his way onto the scene, looking at Cedric and Lyza for a second before he smiles.

JENSEN BANKS: So I managed to listen to a lot of that and while I’m very confused by what the hell Redmayne just said, I’ve decided that there’s only one way to settle this. At Divine Supremacy, Lyza will defend her title against Elijah Redmayne.

Boos from the audience and an eye roll from Cedric.

JENSEN BANKS: Ashley Marie Chase...

A solid reaction, but another eye roll from Cedric.

JENSEN BANKS: And Cedric Chambers in a fatal four way match!

A big grin appears on Cedric’s face as he stares at the title in Lyza’s possession, then begins backpedaling.

CEDRIC CHAMBERS: Good luck...champ.

Once Cedric disappears from the shot, Jensen looks over at Lyza.

JENSEN BANKS: So...Gage says hi. He also told me to give you this.

As the two continue a different conversation about Jensen’s adopted son, cameras go somewhere else.

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The scene fades backstage where former HKW Global Tag Team Champion Felix Vialpando is seen storming into the backstage area. He looks around to everyone who looked over at him wondering why he was there.

FELIX VIALPANDO: Stop looking at me! Get back to work you scoundrels! Don’t you have some notes to take, huh?!

Felix shakes his head and storms down the hall. The camera follows Felix all the way down the hall until he stops to sees a door with the nameplate “Zebra Lounge”. Felix smirks.


Felix storms into the locker room startling the referees inside the locker room.

FRED GARRISON: What the hell do you think you’re doing in here, Felix?!

FELIX VIALPANDO: Shut your ass up and mind your own business Gary!


Felix waves him off and looks over to see a duffle bag. He walks over to it and crouches down to open it. He smirks and pulls out a referee shirt.

FELIX VIALPANDO: Operations Zebra Print...Successful.

FRED GARRISON: Who are you talking to? And that’s not yours! Put that back!

Felix ignores Fred and walks out of the lounge as the scene fades away.

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The scene fades out at ringside where Clara Martins is seen ready to announce the next match.

CLARA MARTINS: Ladies and gentlemen the next match up is a tag team match set for one fall!!

Cheap pop.

The lights dim and a spotlight shines on the stage area and then “Glorious Domination” begins to play throughout the arena.




CLARA MARTINS: Hailing from Beverly Hills, California and weighing in at 120 lbs, ASHLEY MARIE CHASE!!!!!!

Ashley then rises up from under the stage and stretches her arms out to her side to a mixed reaction from the fans. She then makes her way down the mostly ignoring the crowd except for the a select few who she fist bumps. She climbs onto the announcers table and does some gyrating and hair whipping to the beat of her music before long she hops down. She then walks up the steps and onto the ring apron.

After she wipes her feet on the apron she steps through the ropes and seductively removes her robe and lets it slide off her body. She then leans forward before whipping her hair back and arching her body and stares into the crowd. She then goes to her corner and pulls on the ropes waiting for the bell to ring.

A black and white video vignette begins rolling on the screens, showing Lyza Reyes dressed as Charlie Chaplin on the moon. There is no dialogue, but simply piano music playing with the pace of the footage. She's caught in the middle of a tug of war match between a U.S. Spaceman, and a small group of miniature aliens. Before determining which side pulls Lyza once and for all, the venue goes pitch black, and "In Distress" by A$AP Rocky featuring Gesaffelstein begins to play.

"I'm something out this world, nothing like the rest..."

She makes her way down the ramp, tagging a few hands along the way.

CLARA MARTINS: And her partner, hailing from The Space Age, it's the HKW ITV Champion, Lyza Reyes!

She walks up the steel steps, and positions herself in the center of the ring to scope out the audience. She points at fans also known as "Lyzanites," in acknowledgment of their enthusiasm and admiration.

“Curl Of The Burl” by. Mastodon hit the PA System and Elijah Redmayne came walking out onto the stage.

CLARA MARTINS: And their opponent...Elijah Redmayne!

He stand there for a moment and walks down the ramp to the ring.

"Champion" by Epoch Failure hits the PA System now and Cedric comes walking down the ramp with authority.




Ashley Marie Chase & Lyza Reyes © vs. Cedric Chambers & Elijah Redmayne


After the bell rings the guys team are seen still arguing among one another on who would be stepping up to the plate to take on the reigning HKW ITV Champion, Lyza Reyes. The referee rolls his eyes and shouts out to the pair telling them to hurry it up. Both men looked back to the referee giving him a death stare. The referee backed off at this point and let the two just figure it out themselves. Lyza looked to be a bit bored with waiting. She even checked her imaginary watch on her wrist. Ashley Marie Chase watches the two fellas from RISE and UNDERGROUND argue. At the end of the arguing seemed to progress to the two shoving each other to the corner. Cedric acted as if he was going to let Elijah go ahead and take Reyes on but he then pulled Elijah back and tossed his ass out like he was in a damn Battle Royal! Chambers chuckles to himself and turns towards the ITV Champion waving her on. Lyza sighs in relief that she finally had an opponent and they could really get the match started. The two circled around the ring for a moment before they linked up in the middle of the ring. Instead of actually testing her strength against Chambers, the savvy veteran hopped up to her feet while placing her arm around Cedric’s neck only to spin around and hit a Tornado DDT. Reyes got back up to her feet and looked over to see Elijah was trying to climb back onto the apron, she sprints over and dropkicks him right off!

As she gets back up to her feet she looks to see Cedric getting back up to his knee while holding his head. She runs over to follow up the Tornado DDT with a Headscissors Takedown but no! Cedric had other plans as he grabbed a hold of her and Powerbombed the holy hell out of her to buy himself some time to recover. Cedric stumbled back to the ropes and shook off the cobwebs. He seen Reyes starting to stir and grunts. Cedric began to stalk Lyza until she completely got back up to her feet. Ashley tried her best to warn her partner but it was too late as Cedric wrapped his arms around her waist and hit a Snap German Suplex with a bridge to make a pin.



AMC leaps off the ropes hitting a Springboard Elbow Drop to break the count!

WILLIAM BURKE: Good work there by the former HKW Bloodlust Champion!

EL CABRON MALO: I think she should’ve let Lyza kick out herself. The more damage and stamina used by Lyza fine ass here the easier it’ll be for Ashley to bring the ITV Championship to Subversion.

WILLIAM BURKE: But the...The match won’t even be until the end of next month?

EL CABRON MALO: Doesn’t matter, Burke. You always gotta plan ahead in these sort of situations where there’s obstacles involved.

WILLIAM BURKE: You know I appreciate you trying to be methodical here but Lyza is going to have a whole month of recovery ti--


Chase rolls out of the ring and holds out her hand for Lyza to tag her in. Lyza slowly begins to stir and looks back to see Cedric holding his gut in pain. He too now begins to get back up to his knee and looks to see Ashley’s hand extended out to the ITV Champion who was getting back up to her feet. The fans cheer for Lyza as she began to inch closer towards Ashley but those cheers quickly turned to boos as Chambers got ahold of her pulling her back towards him. Lyza spun around and hit a Elbow Strike onto Cedric causing him to release his grasp of her and stumble back. Reyes had enough time to turn back over to Ashley and dive for the tag!

EL CABRON MALO: Bad idea, AMC! Bad idea!

WILLIAM BURKE: Shut up she’s tryna win a match here, Malo.

EL CABRON MALO: Yeah I’ll wait for her to tear a ACL or pull a Gordan Hayward.

WILLIAM BURKE: Seriously? Why...Just...Ugh. I just started to forget how bad that was. I hate you.

Ashley flies from out of the corner and runs towards Cedric who was recovering from the Elbow Strike. He looks up to see her running towards him. To try and deplete her momentum, Chambers goes for a Clothesline but no! Ashley ducks under and hits a Swinging Neckbreaker instead! The crowd pops as Ashley springs back up to her feet and waits for Cedric to get back up his feet. He instead gets back up to his knees and this leads to Ashley hitting several kicks to the chest until Chase catches one of the the kicks and slowly stands up while holding the leg. Ashley hopped up and down on her one leg and leaped up going for an Enziguri but no! Cedric ducked under and hit Ashley with a Snap German Suplex. With uber confidence in himself Cedric got up to his feet and began to laugh to himself for almost getting caught by AMC.

WILLIAM BURKE: Pretty good awareness there by Chambers.

EL CABRON MALO: Not good enough.

Before he knew it Cedric was being shoved by Elijah Redmayne who has just entered the ring! The two now began jawing off at each other. Cedric shoved Elijah back before this started turning into a shoving match. Lyza threw up her hands in disbelief that they were really doing this in the middle of a match. Elijah then hits a left jab making Cedric stumbled a back a few steps. Cedric then turns to favor by punching Elijah with a right hook which then quickly turned into the two men fighting one another. AMC slowly began to stir seeing the two fighting and was a bit confused. After dropping Chambers with a Northern Lights Suplex, Elijah turns his attentions over to AMC. He began to walk towards her and AMC got her hands up ready to fight until Cedric was right back up to his feet. He runs over to Elijah and going for a reverse clothesline but no! Elijah moves out of the way and causes Cedric to go running towards AMC instead. AMC didn’t have time to react as she and Cedric go flying over the ropes and fighting one another at ringside on the ground. Lyza looks down and at the scene and looks back to Elijah who was now running towards her. Avoiding a Running Big Boot, Lyza drops down to the ground and laughs at Elijah while pointing up at him. Next think you knew Cedric now dodged an Leg Lariat from Ashley only for it to hit Lyza instead. The referee done seen enough as he calls for the match to end.
Elijah wasn’t done though as he rolled out of the ring and took the fight to Cedric once more! Ashley tried to check on Lyza but Lyza didn’t take getting hit by the lariat lightly. The two now former tag team partners then began to fight amongst one another.


WILLIAM BURKE: We need to get some damn security out here dammit!

The fans popped as they watched the brawl ensue until security came running out from the back and down to ringside to restore some order.

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With a wide shot of the arena and the entrance in fully view, the fans come alive instantly a the opening guitar rift of "Going To Hell" by The Pretty Reckless begins to play over the sound system seconds before the Hybrid Champion Ashley Sullivan walks out onto the stage. What was announced before as the contract for a Hybrid Championship match now on a clipboard, Ashley taps it against the title belt laying draped over her shoulder as she walks confidently down to the ring. Instead of getting in the ring immediately, the champion walks around the ringside area, slapping the hands of fans reaching out before she reaches the other side to retrieve a microphone. Smiling as she climbs the steps, Ashley slips into the ring to stand in the center.

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: After Inception, I made it clear that I was going to be a fighting champion, defending this title against anyone and everyone that wanted a shot at it. All they had to do was step and claim the prize that’s mine right now. My goal being to have this seen on the same level as the main event level titles in this company. I wanted to make this “secondary” title be a contender to main event HKW’s biggest shows of the year.

Sullivan has a look of disdain on her face as she held up finger quote marks at the word “secondary”, obviously hating the idea that it was inferior.

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: And I’ve been working on that, not turning away anyone that wanted to take a shot at making that big step up. Even when other people say that said people don’t deserve any kind of spotlight. I’m not going to look down my nose at anyone. That’s the kind of crap that I’ve been fighting against for four damn years now.

Ashley pauses a moment, tapping thoughtfully at her head as if there was the hints of a headache brewing.

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: But you know, there’s been something bothering me for the last month. My first defense didn’t exactly go like it should’ve… a clear winner without some kind of crap ending. That’s the kind of thing that gets people wondering just who the real champ is when there shouldn’t be a doubt in anyone’s minds that this belt belongs to me and ONLY me. Which brings me to Divine Supremacy and Ashley Maldano. Now seeing as how a certain kind of cage is going to be getting used on Night One, I say that we get some extra use out of that cell and show my old Bloodlust division just how you have a Hell In A Cell match. And by the time the night’s over, tears having been shed and we’re all licking our wounds, the whole damn world will know just who the Hybrid champ is… me!

With that being said “Paint it Black” hits the P.A system and the fans and crowd turn to immediate boos. As the guitar strums the lights dim down low, a single white spotlight shining down on the ramp. As the fans boo and jeer, Ashley Maldano comes strutting out stomping her new black and gold studded combat boots on the ground, her waist leaning forward looking looking down at the ramp. Her black hoodie with silver studded hood covers her head as she walks down the ramp to the music not paying any attention to the crowd.

Ashley looks up as she gets about halfway down the ramp, shaking her hips as she walks, slapping her hand down on her black fishnet covered leg. As she makes her way closer to the ring she hops onto the apron crawling under the middle rope getting inside the ring. As she stands up looking at her setting, she smirks as she pulls out her own personal mic out from the back of her jean shorts pocket, unzipping her hoodie flashing off her #AoTW t shirt.

ASHLEY MALDANO: How sweet of you to have this self reflection time to go down about what’s upsetting you. Probably the only thing I actually gave a damn about in your entire petty speech was you admitting that the ending of our match wasn’t a proper ending. You my dear, did NOT pin me.. therefore I have never lost against you for that championship. The championship that should have been mine long ago.. LONG before you were even a THOUGHT in this division!

Ashley shouts, before shaking her head rolling her eyes. She scoffs in the ring at them watching as her music fades out low making her inch closer towards the champion.

ASHLEY MALDANO: It’s funny that you bring up your blood lust days like that’s something to intimidate me! You honestly think YOU intimidate ME? Ash, think your head has the upper hand going into this match. PLEASE DO. Because every shred of doubt you have in me, much like everyone else in this place, your doubts will all be laughable when I walk out Divine Supremacy finally the NEW Hybrid Champion! You haven’t been a good LEADER or FACE of anything since being champion! You’ve honestly been nothing but an absolute bore and gnat on SLASHVERSION!

The crowd jeers at Ashley as she shrugs, not really giving a care in the world at the words she was saying.

ASHLEY MALDANO: These people waste no time in hating on me and booing me but when have they ever stopped watching me? When have I EVER stopped turning their heads?? They SEE the walls I broke in RISE and they know they NEED that savior like myself to bless this show and turn it into something off the charts! And with someone like you representing us and being a face? You haven’t put us or this show on the market as much as I have... and I’m not even an HKW Champion yet...that’s more than anyone can say for you...

She smirks, looking into the eyes of the champion as she shrugs once more. Sullivan smiles and smirks as she listens to Maldano, letting her get it all out before speaking.

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: And some people say that I have an ego, but at least I never tried renaming the entire show after me. You really think it’s that easy? That you can just talk a big game and walk around like you own the place and everyone will just throw down rose petals for you to walk on because the floor isn’t worthy of your feet? Oh honey, it was never meant to be that simple. Trust me I know better than most. I’ve spent years clawing up against that cliff, fighting and doing my damndest to get even the slightest bit of respect from people, to make sure what I do every time I get in a ring is worth a damn, that every title I’ve held is better off than when I first won it. And it should have to be like that. It should be a lot more open and opportunities there for anyone that wants to reach up and grab them without having have some rubber arms.

Ashley looks down at the contract, flips a few pages over to the last one and scribbles at it with a pen before reaching to hand it to Maldano.

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: If you’re looking to make this all about your damn personal ego as you walk on some wacko road of personal glory then, bitch, you’ve already lost.

Instead of waiting for Maldano to take the contract, Sullivan tosses it the rest of the way to her chest for her to catch. Ashley smirks as she clutches the contract and stands there smiling wide. As she pulls out her own pen, she looks up in Ashley’s eyes, making sure she made eye contact with her as she spoke.

ASHLEY MALDANO: Oh honey, if you don’t understand SLASHVERSION and the meaning then you clearly don’t pay as much of attention to me as you should. But hey, that’s your loss!

She lets out a laugh before she looks down at the contract, sulking in each moment of it before she slowly signs down on the paper. As her name is written below Sullivan’s, she smiles to herself really taking in her second chance at this belt before looking up.

ASHLEY MALDANO: I’ve been blessed with a second chance and now it’s time for me to return the blessing as I finally capture the long deserved prize of the HYBRID CHAMPIONSHIP! No more SullyDays! No more bullshit!

She smiles as she looks up before licking her lips and lowers the contract down. As she lowers it, she looks up and locks eyes with her as she looks mischievously at Ashley looking to get one final blow in.

ASHLEY MALDANO: Now while you spend your days shivering in your boots about having to face off against me again and lose in your own game of a cage match and fret about how I’m about to make you my bitch, I’ll be off studying you. Learning your each and every move and piece of your mindset. Because Ashley you’re in for the biggest mind twist of your life come Divine Supremacy. You’re about to lose EVERYTHING you THOUGHT you had. And while I’m doing that? I’m going to be planning MY wedding... something I’m SURE you’ll never know the feeling of having, isn’t that right?

She smiles and winks her right eye, giggling at the boos and jeers from the low blow of Ashley Maldano. A slight twitch can be seen from one of Sullivan’s eyes, the only sign that the words had gotten to her as the Hyrbid Championship hitting the mat is picked up on both of their microphones after it falls from its place on Sullivan’s shoulder. The challenger was completely unprepared for what was coming, likely because she honestly did not expect this type of response from someone that was seeming to carry herself as a dignified champion. No one else there in the arena seems to have been expecting it either as an burst of exclamations and shouting erupted when a series of closed fist came from Sullivan to Maldano’s face. She falls to the ground as if she were just hit by a baseball bat but that did not mean the champion was going to let up in anyway. Her need to strike back had not been satisfied as she mounted the dazed Maldano. Grabbing her by the head and using her hair to pull on, Sullivan begins slamming the Maldano’s face against the Hybrid title belt as it lay on the mat, swearing and cursing loudly.

Ashley can be heard screaming “I’ve had enough of all of this shit!”as she reaches down and wraps her hands around Maldano’s neck. Squeezing as hard as she can, Sullivan looms over her challenger as she chokes her. Maldano tries to push her away, reaching her hands up and pushing at Ashley face who answers with resorting to biting an outstretched hand, a look of years of frustration and bent of anger finally boiling up to the surface.

It is other hands that finally manage to break Sullivan’s grip after a few agonizing seconds, multiple arms wrapping around her to pull her away and off of Maldano, still insisting on getting in a last kick or two on her foe. With Sullivan finally pulled away by security, another group of staff focus on pulling Maldano out of the ring who is still choking and gasping for air as the scene cuts out.

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The scene fades backstage inside the “Zebra Lounge” where all the referees were talking and Dani Sandström comes walking into the locker room to start getting ready for her match. As she walks over to her duffle bag she sees it was opened. As she looks up all the other referees look away not wanting to catch her glare.

DANI SANDSTROM: Who the hell was messing with my stuff?!

She looks around at them and shakes her head. She looks into her bag seeing her shirt was gone.

DANI SANDSTROM: UGH!!! Who the hell took my shirt?!

Dani stomps down on the ground.


Dani balls her hands into fists and storms out of the lounge in hot rage. But that ass though.

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The scene fades back out to ringside where Clara Martins was seen ready to announce the next match up.

CLARA MARTINS: Ladies and gentlemen this next match is a singles match set for one fall!

Cheap pop.

WILLIAM BURKE: Wait? Where the hell is the referee?

EL CABRON MALO: She probably got held up trying to get pretty for me, Burke. Don’t worry about it she’ll be--

With the lights still light there's a loud falcon cry that surrounds the arena before the lights dim to pitch black. Slowly "10 Toes" by. Nipsey Hussle hits the PA System as the letters LAX begin to pulsate on the Knoxtron. As the intro instrumental of the song comes to and end there's a pause....

"10 toes in these chuck t's
When it come down to it
Still getting more money, more bitches
More love than a nigga screaming fuck me"

After these words are spoken there's yet another loud falcon cry as eyes of a Falcon are seen in the background of the LAX lets. They lead into a video package of Felix's highlights of his career. The lights in the arena begin to flash white, pink and grey as Felix is seen standing there dressed like a referee on the top of the stage looking out to the crowd with a smirk on his face.


WILLIAM BURKE: What in the world? What is he doing here?! And why in the hell is he dressed like a referee!?

EL CABRON MALO: Isn’t it obvious, Burke? He’s going to save us and give a lesson on how to officiate a match correctly! I hope Christian Kane is watching, he might learn something he’s taking notes. Seen him bragging on Twitter about reffing at Endgame.

WILLIAM BURKE: Unbelievable.

Felix strolls down the ramp with confidence ignoring the Polish crowd. He slides into the ring and tells Clara to carry on.

Strobe begins to flicker in tandem with the techno intro of "We’re in This Together Now" by Nine Inch Nails. The words begin the screech over the arena as Celeste makes her way out.

I've become impossible
holding on to when
when everything seemed to matter more
the two of us…all used and beaten up
watching fate as it flows down the path
we have chose…

She walks down the ramp with her focus on the ring ahead.

CLARA MARTINS: Hailing from Miami, Florida…weighing 117lbs…CELESTE!

After jumping up onto the apron she heads over to the nearest turnbuckle and climbs it. When the chorus hits, Celeste raises both arms up and out to take in the sounds of the crowd as she closes her eyes and tilts her head skyward.

At the end of the chorus, Celeste hops into the ring from the turnbuckle and cracks her knuckles in preparation for the fight ahead while her theme fades out. She peers over to Felix annoyed that he was even there.

WILLIAM BURKE: I have a feeling this may not end well for Celeste knowing Felix’s track record when it comes to officiating a match with someone he doesn’t particularly like is involved.

EL CABRON MALO: And just what in the hell are you trying to insinuate, Burke? That Felix can’t call it match fair and square?

WILLIAM BURKE: Actually that’s exactly what I’m saying.

EL CABRON MALO: Oh shut up. You don’t know anything.

The lights darken and red pyro suddenly comes out of the entrance way and the lighting turns red, as 'Same Old War’ by Our Last Night blares onto the PA system, and out walks Chris Night.

CLARA MARTINS: Coming to the ring… weighing in at 200 pounds and hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada… CHRISSSSS NIGHTTTTT!!!

He raises his hands up in the air, as the fans began to cheer him on. Chris Night then runs down the entrance way and slides into the ring. He then jumps up onto the very top of the turnbuckle and raises his hands. Chris then backflips off the top, and lands on the apron on his feet as red pyro explodes out of all four turnbuckles. He then moves back into a corner and waits for the match to begin.

EL CABRON MALO: I know what you’re going to say Burke don’t worry. At least Chris doesn’t have any distractions to worry about.

WILLIAM BURKE: Wait, how did you know that?

EL CABRON MALO: I’ve been taking mind reading classes.


Before Felix could call for the bell….The lights around the arena go dim as the sounds of a guitar riff begin to reverberate from the speakers around the building. On the screens above the entrance way flash highlights of Elijah Carlson’s tenure in 4CW, with emphasis on his match against Jair and his title defense against Scott Stevens at All or Nothing, as well as his debut in the HKW Golden Opportunity Rumble. As the video clips begin to play on, the vocals of Rise Against's “From Heads Unworthy” begin.

”We are the children you reject and disregard
These aching cries come from the bottom of our hearts
You can't disown us now, we are your own flesh and blood
And we don't disappear just because your eyes are shut
Now tell me”

While the singer's voice drags on the final word of the opening verse, the stage is flooded with bright white lights as Elijah Carlson emerges from the backstage area wearing his usual trunks with his first name written across the back, a crown dotting the I, while a mixture of boo’s and cheers reigning down upon him. Paying little attention to the fans, Eli begins his walk down the ramp toward the ring as the lyrics to the song roll on.


EL CABRON MALO: You are officially a jinx Burke. Keep away from me….pinche gringo diablo.

WILLIAM BURKE: Wait...Is he coming over here?

Eli grins as he looks at both Celeste and Chris’ reactions knowing both don’t particularly like him very much with what’s been going on here on HKW and over in SAP. Eli walks over to the commentary desk and takes a seat putting his headphones in.

ELI CARLSON: Well good evening boys. I was told there’s a special olympics match about to happen here in just a few moments and I figured I’d come out to show my support. We’re in Poland, though, Malo. So don’t give us any of that Mexijibberish you like to rattle off from time to time.

WILLIAM BURKE: Err nice of you to join us Elijah. Not sure as to why you tho--

EL CABRON MALO: Shut your face Burke! Can’t you see the man is out here to enjoy the festivities in peace?! Lo siento amigo...Sorry. Sorry buddy, Burke isn’t the brightest.

ELI CARLSON: Uh… right. Grassy ass. Or however you say it where you come from, Malo. And for Christ’s sake, Burke, show a little bit of gratitude. Ungrateful bastard.

Felix shakes his head and calls for the bell.


Chris Night vs. Celeste


After the bell rings Celeste darts her eyes over to Felix dressed up like a referee. Across from here Chris Night was starring over at Elijah Carson not wanting to turn his back on him. The fans could feel the enormous amount of tension in the arena at this moment until Felix begins to yell at the two competitors for them to stop lollygagging around get to work. Both Celeste and Chris now stare at Felix who takes a step back innocently. They look at one another and begin to circle around the center of the ring. Night lunges towards Celeste to grab ahold of her but Celeste was quick on her feet as she steps to the side. Thinking she did enough to evade Night, she runs over going for a High Knee but no! Chris catches her leg and lifts her up to hit a Spinebuster. To follow up Chris gets up to his feet and hits a Standing Shooting Star Press! Instead of going for the pinfall early, Night gets up to his feet bringing Celeste along with him. He begins to hit connect with a kicking combination before hopping up onto Celeste’s shoulders to hit her with a Hurricanrana Driver! It connects and he goes for the pin!



Chris didn’t seem to be surprised that Celeste was able to kick out as he quickly got up to his feet and didn’t even argue the count with Felix. Felix yelled at Celeste to get back up to her feet after Chris got up. He even began to count her down as if she fallen and couldn’t get up. Celeste quickly got up to her feet still trying to recover as she looked over to Felix annoyed. Felix smirked and stepped back for them to get back to it. Chris shook his head and looked back to Celeste trying to be as annoyed by the officiating as Celeste was by it so far. Chris sprints over to her going for a Slingblade but no! She was able to shove him off of her as he was twisting around her neck in midair. She then goes to kick him in the midsection Chris catches it. He pushes her leg off to the side but Celeste leaps up and spins around to kick him down with a Dragon Whip!

ELI CARLSON: See, here’s the problem with Chris Night. All of this talk about how he’s going to make it up to the fans after he disappointed them in the Golden Opportunity Rumble and he can’t even put a child, literally a child, away with ease. Dude is legitimately a joke..

WILLIAM BURKE: Well to Celeste’s credit she’s a former champion and quite impressive with her in ring ability. You have to at least admit that, Eli.

EL CABRON MALO: Yes she has very impressive tatas, but that’s not the point Eli is trying to make Burke! He’s trying to say that Chris Night shouldn’t be training people when not even he can get the job done when it counts! Am I right right, Eli?

WILLIAM BURKE: You need some chapstick Malo? Lipstick? Lip gloss? All this puckering up, your lips must be parched.

ELI CARLSON: He doesn’t need any of that, Burke. That’s expert analysis right there. Celeste might be a former champion but Chris Night is a former champion himself and clearly that doesn’t mean anything at all. I’ve been in the ring with Celeste and wrestled circles around her. My wife picked her to pieces when they fought as well.

EL CABRON MALO: SEE! Shut up Burke, I can’t believe you actually think you know what you’re even talking about.

WILLIAM BURKE: ME?! You’re one to talk, Malo.

Celeste slowly gets back up to her feet and and looks to follow this up with a Slingblade of her own as she took a couple steps back sizing Night up. Before she could sprint over and do so Felix steps in the middle of them both and holds up a hand to stop her from doing so. He asks as if he was actually checking on Chris. The crowd boos as Celeste looks at him in disbelief. It looked as if she was about to say something to him but Chris looks at Felix like he was crazy and tells him to get the hell out of the way he was fine. Felix raised his arms in the air of course playing innocent as he backed away claiming that he was just trying to make sure he was good. The fans booed him as both Chris and Celeste shook their heads at him. THe two competitors look toward to one another and Chris waved her on to get the resume the match up. Again the two begin to circle around the center of the ring. Celeste was now the one to lunge towards Night who now steps to the side and hits a Axe Kick! When Celeste goes down stunned by the kick, Night turns around to hit the ropes. He comes back and hits a Rolling Thunder before Celeste to get back up.

Chris gets back up and pulls Celeste over to the nearest turnbuckle. He looks down at where she was and nods as if satisfied with where she was. He climbs up to the top turnbuckle and sizes Celeste up. Chris stands up straight looking as if he was prepared to leap and perform whatever ariel maneuver he was looking to hit Celeste with but no! Felix holds up his hand stopping Chris from doing so. Once again this is met with boos but Felix ignores that fans as he reaches into his pocket and takes out a….tape measure?

WILLIAM BURKE: Where the hell did he get that?!

EL CABRON MALO: Sometimes you gotta keep these sort of things handy Burke. You never know when you’ll need to measure something.

ELI CARLSON: Felix is just making sure this match between two idiots who spend the majority of their life drooling on themselves is wrestled in a safe environment.

WILLIAM BURKE: What? No this just utterly ridiculous. He’s clearly trying his best to screw Celeste over.

EL CABRON MALO: He’s just trying to keep this match safe, Burke. Nothing wrong with that.

Chris shakes his head asking what the hell Felix was doing but this just like the boos from the crowd is ignored as he measures the distance from the turnbuckle and Celeste. Satisfied with his measurements he walks over to Celeste and moves her up a tidge bit and gives Night the thumbs up to perform the maneuver. Chris shakes his head and goes to connect with the planned 450 Splash….NO! Celeste was able to get her knees up forcing Chris to land right on them as the distraction from Felix actually gave her time to recover!


WILLIAM BURKE: Nice reversal there by Celeste! But can she capitalize!

ELI CARLSON: Probably because Chris is utterly worthless. He calls himself the nightmare but what he subjects all of us to every time he gets into that ring is the stuff out of a horror film. Just an absolute dumpster fire.

Chris rolls around in pain holding his chest where he landed on her knees. Celeste gets up to her feet slowly with the motivation of Felix yelling at her to get up once again and even threaten to count her out even though she wasn’t the only one laying down on the mat. She shakes her head and steps out onto the ring apron. She calls for Chris to get back up to his feet. He slowly does and once he was actually able to get back up. Once he turns towards Celeste, he was brought right back down as she connects with a Meteora! Celeste quickly gets back up and waves Chris back up to his feet once more and sprints over successfully connecting with a Slingblade! Celeste hops up to her feet hyping up the crowd before stepping back into corner looking to continue her momentum with a Striking Spear once Night got back up his feet. Chris groggily gets back up and it looks as if Celeste was ready to shoot out the corner like a missile but no! Felix again steps in between them and walks over to “check” on Night. The fans boo once more and Celeste has just about had it!

WILLIAM BURKE: Here we go! Celeste is tired of Felix’s shenanigans and so am I!?

ELI CARLSON: You know, if I had to guess I’d say you probably have a Chris Night t-shirt in your wardrobe, don’t you Burke? You whine almost as much as he does. God only knows what else you two have in common. I feel bad for Malo.

EL CABRON MALO: I’ve been trying to tell people this, Eli! But they just won’t listen!

WILLIAM BURKE: I’m sorry I just don’t like crooked officiating!

She grabs Felix’s shoulder and spins him around which lead to the two arguing about how he was officiating. In the most Felix like fashion he reaches back into his backpocket and takes out a notepad. He points at it telling her that she needs to get back to taking notes and claiming as if he was the best wrestling official ever and that she should be honored to even have him as a referee here tonight. Of course annoyed by Celeste disputes this and this lead to Felix starting to write notes and tossing them at her like he was issuing tickets?! Celeste groans and snatches the notepad out of his hands and tosses it out into the crowd. Felix looked to be in shock in what Celeste just did.

ELI CARLSON: Now that was just uncalled for. This is what happens when you don’t spank your children. Just because they have an extra chromosome doesn’t mean you can let them just run amuck.

EL CABRON MALO: How dare she toss out the notes like that! She could use those damnit! She needs them and some damn flash cards!

WILLIAM BURKE: What is the matter with you two? Don’t you understand he’s trying to stop her from even winning us the Brand Supremacy Cup?!

EL CABRON MALO: Doesn’t negate the fact that she’s taken things too far by touching a man’s notepad!

Chris now fully recovered while they two were arguing like children. He looks to see the still going at it but Felix looking out to where Celeste tossed out his notepad. He shakes his head and runs over to Celeste and connects with a Lights Out (Diamond Cutter) from outta nowhere! Feeling the impact and hearing the reaction of the crowd Felix looks back to see Celeste down. He smirks as watches Night drag Celeste a little over to the left. Night points at Felix as he walks past telling him to stay the hell out of his way.

WILLIAM BURKE: What the...What just happened?!

EL CABRON MALO: Chris using the distraction to his advantage for once! Maybe he’s been reading up on Felix’s notes. Or even taking some things from ol Eli here! Aka, he’s actually using his brain for once!

ELI CARLSON: He should thank me. Must’ve picked that up from watching videos of my matches.

Felix with the devious smirk etched on his face nods and takes a step back allowing for him to do what he was going to do. Night now leaps off and connects with The Nightmare Splash (Five Star Frog Splash)! He holds his midsection for a moment and rolls back over to hook her legs for the pin!





The crowd pops as Chris’ theme hits the PA System. As he stands back up to his feet he looks over to the commentary desk where Elijah was now standing giving him a round of applause.

WILLIAM BURKE: I don’t know how to feel about this. If Felix wasn’t reffing tonight I believe Celeste might of had a fair chance.

EL CABRON MALO: A win is a win, Burke! There was nothing wrong with Felix’s officiating tonight!

ELI CARLSON: Nothing at all wrong with Felix’s officiating. Just two idiots fumbling through a wrestling match and forcing Felix to do everything in his power to keep them from hurting themselves. Clara is about to announce Chris as a winner, but really having watched this I think we can say nobody won tonight. We all just wasted our time.


Chris shakes his head and rolls out of the ring. Felix walks over to Celeste kneeling next to her smiling at her pain. Suddenly he snaps and begins to rain down some punches down on her before storming over to the turnbuckle his damn self. He takes off the referee shirt and stands up straight before leaping off hitting her with a Bird's Eye View (Double Rotation Moonsault).


ELI CARLSON: Not really, no. Hopefully she’ll realize this business isn’t for her and go find a street corner instead. That’s more suited toward her talents. Now that we’ve all suffered through this, you can look forward to seeing me in action later tonight. I guarantee you it will be better than this hot mess.

EL CABRON MALO: One can only hope, amigo! And maybe by then Burke won’t have his panties in a bunch but I won't count on that happening any time soon!

WILLIAM BURKE: I’m not going to miss you Eli.

ELI CARLSON: Fuck off, Burke.

The crowd boos the former Global Tag Team Champion as he points to himself saying that he was going to win the Brand Supremacy Cup and not anyone else but him. He reaches back to his other back pocket and takes out another notepad. He looks as if he was about to throwdown the notepad on her but he stops himself looking down at her and then back to the notepad. He shakes his head and places the notepad back into his back pocket. He mouths the words , “I’m Sorry” and rolls out of the ring to walk up the ramp. The scene fades away as he looks back at Celeste and sighs before turning back around and walking to the backstage area.

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LEVI CHAMBERS: Alright, look. Tonight’s a big night for both of us. We team up together for the first time to take on basically everyone else we’ll see inside of that chamber.

Levi seems to be right outside of Beth’s locker room, the Warhound blinking at him as he speaks, not showing any emotion just yet.

LEVI CHAMBERS: We both lost our triple threat matches. We were on the wrong side of that pinfall and that match is going to start with you and I. Obviously, I respect you as a competitor and know that getting you first out of everyone isn’t going to be an easy task.

He puts his hands together.

LEVI CHAMBERS: But that’s then and this is now. And I think that now, we can gel better than any of the other two pairings in this match. After all, TCB hit Black with a low blow just a few weeks ago. Kol and Lady M sure as hell don’t like each other. I think we’ve got the best chance. So what do you say? Let’s go out there and kick everyone’s ass.

Beth listens intently and then nods her head.

BETH KEATON: Uh, first thanks for having my back when they ran out to ruin my match with Lady Marmalade a few weeks ago. That’s what the Warhound spirit is all about-- awoo.

She cups her hands to her mouth for a moment before remembering to stay on track.

BETH KEATON: But I can talk about maybe making you an honorary hound of justice later. This match of ours, it’s pretty simple to me. I go out there every time to compete and do my best. Gonna do that tonight and gonna do that in the Elimination Chamber. Like, I know the second one is a lot bigger match on paper, but every match is important to me. I love doing what I do.

A pause.

BETH KEATON: Maybe you’re right and the other teams won’t get along. I kind of hope they do because I think we can beat them no matter what, but if they don’t, that’s not gonna change what I do.

Giving a short nod of her head, she emphatically informs Levi.

BETH KEATON: I’m ready! Let’s do this-- awoo.

Levi raises his hands up before throwing out the timeout sign.

LEVI CHAMBERS: WAIT. Did you say you were going to make me an honorary hound of justice later? OH MY GOOOOOODDDD, MY DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE!

Chambers looks absolutely giddy while Keaton smiles, kind of enjoying the fact that her partner seems to find the news as a good thing.

LEVI CHAMBERS: Alright, then we gotta do this.

Levi extends his closed fist out, looking for a fist bump. Beth stares at his hand before shrugging and fist bumping him, getting a huge grin from Levi.


Chambers then exits out of the shot, leaving his partner behind to ponder what just happened. After a moment, she smiles and goes to start some light stretching as the cameras cut away.

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After the announcement made for the cage match for the Hybrid Championship on Divine Supremacy, the scene shows challenger Ashley Maldano stumbling backstage with a giant grin on her beaten up face. Just a little time after her full out brawl with champion Ashley Sullivan, a scratched up Ashley can’t help but smile after getting her way this evening.

ASHLEY MALDANO: Little bitch thinks some claws and choking is really gonna get me away from MY destiny to be Hybrid Champion, FINALLY? Helllll NAH!

She laughs as she walks, looking down at her ripped up and shredded up #AoTW T-shirt, she shakes her head in disapproval at the champions work. Letting out a scoff, she stops in her tracks and notices a gash on her cheek starting to swell up and trickle light blood down her cheek.

ASHLEY MALDANO: Well this is unfortunate…

She rolls her eyes as she takes her hand blotting her face. The camera pans down to show a pair of legs walking up behind her but purposely ignores to pan up to show the face and upper body of the person behind her. As she stands there feeling the presence of another, she doesn’t even bother in scanning up to see who it is and shakes her head, scoffing out before smirking.

ASHLEY MALDANO: Sneak up on me and I swear this will be the last night your ugly mutt self will EVER be on SLASHVERSION and that is a for sure PROMISE.

Ashley speaks out before looking up, still not looking back as the camera pans up.

BOAZ KENNEDY: Well, that certainly was not the hi I was expecting.

The camera shows the #AoTW t-shirt covering Boaz’s body until it finally goes all the way up. Cheers and jeers are heard from the crowd the second Boaz’s face appears, the RISE champion holding a couple of napkins and antibiotic cream in his hand.

BOAZ KENNEDY: I’m just going to leave these things here because I’m not sure if getting beat up before a match with Sophie El is the brightest idea...even if she’s half-dead.

Boaz goes to set the antibiotic cream and napkins down on the equipment crate, Ashley finally looking up.

BOAZ KENNEDY: First, you wipe the blood off your face, and then use the cream regularly to prevent scarring. It works.

Ashley’s expression changes entirely as she looks up at not only her stablemate but brother, The RISE Champion Boaz. She watches him place the items on the crate before smiling.

ASHLEY MALDANO: Odd now this feels like a blast from the past but how comfortable this is. Also odd you’re telling me how to heal up.

She smiles wide and turns to give him a slight weak hug. As she pulls away she steps back and looks up at him.

ASHLEY MALDANO: Sorry about the hostility. Guess you could say I haven’t been very much of a people person since getting here. But I’m sure you know the feeling..

She raises an eyebrow before smirking out at him. She takes the napkin and blots the blood from her cheek, smirking at the sting of it.

ASHLEY MALDANO: I’m glad you’re here. For once it actually doesn’t feel like I’m an alien on my own planet here. Enjoying your stay?

Boaz shrugs his shoulders and takes a gander down the hall.

BOAZ KENNEDY: Well, aside from watching my back all night long, it hasn’t been horrible. Poland isn’t the place where I wanted to spend to the end of December, but the Chicago weather has definitely prepared me for this…frigid shit.

Boaz moves the antibiotic cream to the side and takes a seat on the crate. Unlike at the RISE show, Boaz seems fully there this time around, his hair properly groomed and his stubble shaved off his face.

BOAZ KENNEDY: And why is it strange that I’m telling you how to heal up? It’s the least I can do. I mean, you did let me stay at your Chicago abode when I felt like I was at the lowest point of my life. That, and I’ve learned a couple of things from my sister's bloody wars. I’m basically like a nurse without the title.

Boaz pops his collar to show how proud of himself he is.

BOAZ KENNEDY: But, is there anything else you need help with? Want me to help you beatdown Ashley Sullivan for old times sake? I have…

Boaz turns his attention to the imaginary watch on his wrist.

BOAZ KENNEDY: Thirty or so minutes before go time.

Ashley smiles and shakes her head as he offers and looks up to him.

ASHLEY MALDANO: No thanks Brobro, I think I got it. After all, we saw how easy it is for me to get under that skin of hers after tonight. I can handle her on my own..

She shrugs and laughs before looking at him before adjusting her ripped shirts, holding on to it tightly.

ASHLEY MALDANO: I am glad to see you here.. which makes me think of when we’re finally going to complete our task for 2018... you know.. before you know it 2018 will be here...

She says, putting a hand on his shoulder looking in his eyes pulling the cloth from her face.

ASHLEY MALDANO: I know I’m ready.. I just hope you are. These last couple of weeks had me thinking.. itching.. I don’t know. I just feel the time is right. The time is now.

She says looking up, before picking up the antibiotic cream.

ASHLEY MALDANO: Thanks for the tip..

Boaz looks ready to give a long answer, but he’s stopped by a stagehand who tells him that his match is coming up next.

BOAZ KENNEDY: So much for thirty minutes.

Boaz shrugs nonchalantly.

BOAZ KENNEDY: You don’t have to worry about me. I’m ready. Been ready, actually. I beat a former top-level champion on Defiance and tonight? I put Subversion’s first daughter down. If you have any doubts? Watch what I do to another former champion in this establishment.

Boaz gives Ashley a small hug before he turns around and heads toward the gorilla. Ashley nods her head and picks up the stuff Boaz brought for her before she takes off in the opposite direction.

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CLARA MARTINS: The following is set for one fall! Introducing first!

Gunshots are heard over the speakers before “Bang Bang” by Cher takes over the sound system. Bullet Holes cover the small entrance ramp and the tron to the left of the ramp while the tron on right shows the face of Boaz Kennedy Astor to a chorus of cheers from the crowd. Baaaang baaaang. You shot me down. Baaaang baaaang. I hit the ground. Baaaang baaaang. That awful sound. Baaaang baaaang. My baaaaaaby shot me…. Down! The pattern repeats for another full minute before BKA emerges out from the back with his arms extended out to his sides, his “thriller” jacket designed in the colors of the flag of Syria and a black skull face bandanna wrapped around his neck. The cheers grow louder as the lights in the arena begin coming in and out with the beat of the music, BKA casually making his way down to the ring with his BANG STYLE mouthguard hanging out of his mouth.

CLARA MARTINS: On his way to the ring… Representing Team Defiance…. HE IS THE CHAMPS! BOAZ! KENNEDY!

Left for ten seconds to their own mechanisms, the crowd can only communicate among themselves. Nothing happened within those ten seconds, causing fans to look among each other for answers. Without warning, all the lights in the arena die out, leaving only darkness over the audience. Lights from camera flashes illuminate the setting before a spotlight fades in. It focuses on the entrance way. The light sound of rain begins, accompanying fog seeping from underneath the stage. In a somber whisper, a voice calls out.

“The blackest night falls from the sky. The darkness grows as all light dies. She craves your hearts and your demise. By her black hand, the dead shall rise.”

Suddenly, obtuse instrumentals blast the audience. The source, “Machine Gun” by Portishead, infuses with the dreary atmosphere generating on the stage. Fog tinted by rich purple lighting starts to overwhelm the stage, but in the midst of it...a silhouette appears. Stepping out of the all-consuming fog, Sophie El hides her face behind a black veil and her body until a lacy black cloak. On her head, a crown of lilacs, a symbol of passing, offsets the funeral colors that she chooses to bear. She starts down the ramp, not giving a single look to any of the jeering audience.

CLARA MARTINS: Introducing first...coming from Paradise itself...weighing in at 157 pounds...she is the Undying...she is SOPHIE EEEEEEELLLLLL!

Sophie stands at the end of the ramp, standing with her hands interlaced. She continues to the stairs, to which she robotically climbs. Once on the ring apron, she slumps on the ropes, before quickly getting into the ring. The awkward pacing of her entrance shows some sort of discourse in the mind of Sophie El. When she gets to the center of the ring, she removes the veil and the crown. As she places it away, she leans onto her corner lazily, lolling her head side to side. As the lights come back from the baptism of deep purple, Sophie’s gaze is shown. Her eyes are glossed over as if none of the world around her matters.



Boaz Kennedy © vs. Sophie El


The bell rings as Boaz and Sophie circle the ring. Boaz goes right for Sophie and looks for a headlock. Sophie pushes Boaz away as she shakes her head. She lightly smacks herself to wake herself up in a way to stay focus.

WILLIAM BURKE: Sophie has to still be feeling the effects from the horrible attack last show from the captain of Defiance. It was a despicable act all the way around and I don’t understand how anyone on that brand could cadone it.

EL CARBON MALO: Would you be saying that if Alexa Corra was attacking Ace Watson?

WILLIAM BURKE: Yes, Yes I would. This match is more than just bragging rights. Plus, I know Alexa wouldn’t go that far. She’s not that twisted and deranged.

EL CARBON MALO: Yeah sure.

WILLIAM BURKE: I thought you were on Subversion’s side!

EL CARBON MALO: I am, just don’t get on a high horse!

Boaz grabs Sophie’s arm and twists it around, dragging the former Hybrid Champion into the center of the ring. He yanks on it a few times trying to dislocate her shoulder it seems as she tries to free herself. He yanks down hard one final time as Sophie holds her shoulder in pain checking to see if it was still in place. Boaz grabs the same arm again and whips Sophie into the ropes, bending down for a back body drop. Sophie counters though with a rolling neckbreaker that takes the King of Bang Style down but also seems to affect Sophie as she seems dazed for a moment.

WILLIAM BURKE: You got to wonder how much Sophie has managed to recover. Boaz obviously is gonna try and capitalize on that and manage to steal a win here which would be huge.

EL CARBON MALO: I won’t let the little punk leave Poland if he manages to win on our turf!

Sophie grabs Boaz and pulls him into a schoolboy pin, trying to seal a win early.



Boaz kicks out early and sends the message that it’s gonna take more than just a neckbreaker to beat him. He sits up and grabs Sophie by the hair as he pulls her up and hits a right hooks. Sophie counters back with a left hook of her own. They trade blows as the crowd chants “YES!” for Sophie and “No!” for Boaz on each hit. Sophie manages to get the upper hand and hits Boaz into into the ropes. Sophie lifts Boaz up and bounces him off the top rope, slingshotting him back for the slingshot suplex. Boaz hits the mat and rolls away a few times as Sophie groans her chance to pin him escaped. She gets back up as Boaz pulls himself up on the apron. Sophie grabs him, but Boaz counters by dropping Sophie throat first across the ropes. Sophie flys back holding her throat and gasping for air as Boaz slides into the ring and pins Sophie back.




WILLIAM BURKE: Sophie almost got caught there. Boaz has scouted Sophie very well.

EL CARBON MALO: It’s gonna take more than that to beat the First Daughter of Subversion!

Sophie sits up for a moment as she catches her breath and Boaz gets her in a side headlock. Sophie struggles and fights as Boaz squeezes down. The ref asks if Sophie wants to give up but she says no. She hears the cheers of the crowd as she starts to hulk up. She manages to get back to a vertical base and soon lifts Boaz and hits a back suplex that takes them both out. The ref checks them both as he starts his count of 10.

WILLIAM BURKE: Smart move by the veteran Sophie El. But you have to think the longer this match goes, the more it benefits the younger, fresher Boaz.

EL CARBON MALO: You can’t stop Bang Style!

WILLIAM BURKE: I thought you were on Subversion’s side!

EL CARBON MALO: El Carbon does, but El Carbon can’t deny it’s funny yelling Bang Style when busting on my lady.

WILLIAM BURKE: Dude….we are on tv….


The ref has gotten to 6 as both Sophie and Boaz are sitting up. Sophie has to use the ropes to pull herself to her feet as Boaz steadies himself as the ref stops the count at 9. The two nod their heads when he checks if they want to continue. He waves them off to resume the match as Sophie ducks a clothesline attempt from Boaz and counters by bouncing off the ropes and hitting the Death Dealer Lariat! Boaz gets turned inside out as he is flipped from momentum. Instead of going for a pin Sophie gets in the corner and yells at Boaz to get to his feet. Boaz gets up to his feet as Sophie charges and spinns for the discus big boot!


Boaz stumbles back as he falls out of the ring and topples to the floor. Sophie goes out of the ring and grabs Boaz and tosses him back into the ring. She rolls in after him and hooks the leg.




WILLIAM BURKE: Boaz kicked out of the Splitting Sky! You have to thing falling out of the ring saved him as he managed to recover just enough to kick out.

Sophie argues with the ref a moment that it’s a slow count and that it was three, but he says Boaz kicked out. Boaz goes and grabs Sophie flipping her back onto the mat and pulling her neck and head back Boazconstrictor! Sophie is trapped in the middle of the ring. She tries to push herself forward towards the closest ropes. She is inches from the ropes as her finger tips are almost there. But it’s not enough as she is forced to submit and tap out, causing the ref to call for the bell.

CLARA MARTINS: Here is your winner, by by submission! Boaz KENNEDY!

WILLIAM BURKE: What a match. Sophie gave it her all, but in the end Boaz managed to get the win for Defiance. This is a big deal for both the brand and for Boaz beating a former Hybrid champion.


Boaz rolls out of the ring and raises his arm in victory as Sophie is left in the ring, smacking her hand on the mat in frustration.
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ELI CARLSON: “My patience is starting to wear thin…”

The voice of Elijah Carlson cut through the silence half of a moment before the scene came alive. There’s nothing fancy about it, just a man sitting in the locker room preparing for a match while thousands of miles away his wife would soon be doing the same thing. This isn’t the jovial, sarcastic and arrogant Eli that the Subversion fans have grown accustomed to seeing. It’s not the Eli with all the swagger and confidence in the world. The one sitting before the audience now is one fed up, all patience worn away. One ready to hurt whoever gets in is path.

ELI CARLSON: “And you can’t say that I haven’t been patient. I have been. Day after day. Week after week. Show after show I’ve been waiting for Chris Night to crawl back into whatever hole it was he crawled out of. But he just doesn’t seem to want to learn. He’d rather play to a mass of people who close their eyes to the injustices that I’m being subjected to while chanting the name of a man who has never been all that impressive in the first place.”

Slowly his upper lip curled into a snarl as his head tilted slightly upward, his eyes gazing menacingly into the camera.

ELI CARLSON: “I’m tired of it. I was tired of it two weeks ago. I was tired of it a month ago. Not because I have any desire to hear the fans chant my name. I don’t need their appreciation, their love or their support. They don’t deserve it. I don’t need the adoration of mindless insects. But I DEMAND their respect just as I demand the respect of Chris Night. Just as I demand the respect of that idiot general manager. And if they’re not going to give it to me willingly…”

The snarl melted into a sneer as he laughed to himself softly.

ELI CARLSON: Then I’ll take it by force. Tonight, it’s little more than a stepping stone to me. It’s an opportunity to take someone that Chris cares about and make her pay for his sins. Bianca Reed has done nothing wrong. She’s just a woman who has found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. In the long run, however, what happens tonight doesn’t matter. What I do to Chris Night at Crowned Royalty doesn’t even matter. Why? Because none of this has ever been anything more than a stepping stone to me. While Chris squanders opportunity after opportunity, this is the moment that I get my foot in the door and move on to bigger and better things. That’s all this was ever meant to be. But now…”

Shaking his head, Eli sighed and the look in his eyes that had been filled with annoyance, irritation and intolerance now shifted toward pity.

ELI CARLSON: “Now, Chris. Now you’ll have to sit at ringside and describe to the world every single moment that unfolds before your very eyes. When I take your precious Bri and break her spirit and her pride.”

Chuckling to himself, he stood up and began to head toward the exit of the room.

ELI CARLSON: “And when you leave the arena tonight, and when you wake up in the morning. And in the days and weeks to follow when you stare into that mirror and gaze upon your reflection. You’ll know one thing and one thing alone. That you’re responsible for the hell on earth that I’m about to bring right to the doorstep of you, and everyone you care about.”

Shoving his hand outward toward the camera, the scene suddenly went black.

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Backstage the cameras begin to roll with Gnarls Robinson standing backstage in front of the illustrious Subversion blue banner behind him. Bringing the mic up the rotund interviewer gives the Poland fanbase a light salute as he hears some cheers in response to his presence.

GNARLS ROBINSON: Ladies and gentlemen…

A slight sigh.

GNARLS ROBINSON: DeMarcus Gresham and damn…

The cameras pan out a little more as two figures shadows are seen approaching for a short time before the HKW Lionheart Champion, DeMarcus Gresham and his newly reappointed manager Y’layna Bryant steps into view. The crowd boos at the sight of DeMarcus and as usual he pays them no mind at all. Gresham is already wearing his full gear with his “Gifted” leather jacket pristine against the spotlights. His HKW Lionheart title upon his shoulder proudly. Y’layna dressed to impress in her business attire entering with a genuine smile while DeMarcus’ eyes says nothing but focus. Gnarls stops paying nearly as much attention to Gresham moving a bit so that Y’layna is more in his eyesight around the bigger frame of Gifted.

GNARLS ROBINSON: It seems you haven’t been properly introduced to Subversion. Care to tell us your connection in full with…

The microphone is immediately snatched out of the hands of Gnarls as DeMarcus looks down upon him almost on the verge of snarling and gritting his teeth in frustration. Y’layna watches on taken a bit off guard.

DEMARCUS GRESHAM: Your disrespect is noted Mr. Robinson. It would behoove you to make space before I respond in making you a warmup to the main course of Enlightenment this evening. You are well aware of my status here on this show and this company. You clearly see the belt before you in spite of your diminutive stature. Never do that again. I am your epicenter and you will respect me as such or you will become one with the catering table. I mean this not in your standard way of inhaling all of the provisions.

Gnarls notices the tense nature of Gresham and slowly puts his hands up and backs a bit completely out of camera view. The crowd boos at the treatment of Gnarls while Gresham quickly changes his demeanor to his more calm and pleasant norm. Turning toward his manager Y’layna he gives a respectful nod before bringing the microphone up.

DEMARCUS GRESHAM: My apologies Miss Bryant. Normally he is much more respectful but the dwarf makes a fair point. Introductions is indeed a must.

Gresham turns more forward now toward the camera view.

DEMARCUS GRESHAM: My dear unenlightened ones, this woman is the reason my career began in such a polished manner. From KWI she was enlightened enough to see my talents and assisted me to expand on them from in the ring to upon countless magazine covers and centerfolds. My opportunities have continued to grow in thanks to her and in her return she’s responsible for the Legacy of Lionheart that I am currently undertaking at a time when no one seemed to answer the call of Gifted. She is sharp in business and tactful in movement and I am very glad to have her return by my side. Y’layna Bryant, one of the best in this business.

Gresham nods respectfully toward his longtime friend and moves the microphone toward her.

Y’LAYNA BRYANT: And with me beside Gifted know from jump that it will be exactly as it was before. Professionally and stylistically done. One of the best talents in wrestling today you are looking right at him. What am I here for? To make sure that the best in wrestling today gets exactly what he deserves. Greatness, admiration, and acclaim. He’s taking the Lionheart Championship to newer heights. Learning from the past and ushering in the future. Who better than the Gift? Not a soul. The Legacy continues tonight.

Gresham nods emphatically with a smirk before bringing the mic back to his taller frame. He shoulders his belt and listens to the boos of Poland for a moment.

DEMARCUS GRESHAM: The Legacy continues with this…

He points to the HKW Lionheart Championship.

DEMARCUS GRESHAM: Remaining in my hands. The returning XPJ will come to Enlightenment as AMC did. I will introduce him to the new coming of age in HKW. It is not the same as it was when he left to be as the ruffians and mongrels of today’s society. There are new challengers, new pedestals, and greater talent than those days of old. That is why this Legacy is so important. I am here to show you all, from the old to the new and the upcoming that the Gift remains constant. A mere few days removed from Christmas you Gift comes...to give you what you all are due once again. Another successful defense, another dominating display…

He walks forward his body taking up more and more of the view.

DEMARCUS GRESHAM: Another...exhibition of educated efficiency. Poland, we gift you.

Camera cuts immediately on the view of the large nameplate of the Lionheart Championship.

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Deep within the Tauron Arena Kraków we find Elijah Black marauding through the corridors hidden behind the entranceway and he looks singularly focused as he marches through the corridor, with the rhythmic stomp of his footsteps echoing all around him

After some time he finally comes to a stop, and after taking a moment to forcibly brush a handful of his hair out of his eyes he pounds on the door a couple of times with the hammer of his fist before he takes a step back. The door swings opens to reveal the former Bloodlust champion, The Crimson Baroness, standing there her arms extended outwards to block the doorway. A smirk appears on her face as she sees Elijah standing before her.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: Hello, sweetie...

Faced with his partner for tonight - who happens to be both one of his opponents at Divine Supremacy and, most recently, the person who kicked him square in the nuts on a recent edition of Subversion - Black can’t even be bothered to mask the hostility he’s feeling right now

ELIJAH BLACK: We should talk.

Looking down towards the floor, then bringing his eyes back up to meet TCB’s glance, Black isn't going to let what happened at the last show lie

ELIJAH BLACK: In case you were thinking of trying something stupid - again - I’m going to point out that I’m out of range.

Noting the obvious hostility in her temporary partner’s words...and actions...and general demanour, TCB shifts her body weight, stepping backwards to put some distance between herself and Elijah.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: Oh, sweetie, don’t be so paranoid. I’m not about to apologise for what’s happened between us, but for the next hour or so you’re not my enemy. Your crown jewels are safe…

She smirks again, but this doesn’t make Black budge an inch as he continues to be outwardly hostile - much as he's been ever since KOL dicked him out of a title win a few shows back


Black shakes his head as he mutters darkly under his breath, momentarily taking his eyes away from TCB as he runs his tongue over his lip ring before he bites down hard on his lip, at which point he returns his focus to the conversation

ELIJAH BLACK: As far as I see it, there’s going to be a weasley little f*ck standing across the ring from me tonight, or as you likely see it he's stood across the ring from us . The thing is that I don’t want him stood across the ring from anybody , I want to see his battered body have to be carried out of the arena and left to rot where nobody would bother to look for him for the shit he’s pulled, because just pinning him isn't enough.

Narrowing his eyes, Black begins to speak with a gravelly tone

ELIJAH BLACK: That means anyone else in the match who has the gall to put themselves between my hands and his neck is an enemy, because I want to hurt the motherf*cker and I want the motherf*cker hurt bad .

Tilting his head ever so slightly to the side, Black peers through narrowed eyes in TCB’s direction to gauge her response. The smirk on her face remains, her expression unwavering, unmoving as she stares into the eyes of the (former) All or Nothing Series winner.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: Strange, I was just going to say that about that blasted Warhound that’s been patrolling these halls as of late. Or about Levi Chambers, considering I finally have the chance to gain a measure of revenge for that brutal cage match a year ago…

TCB shakes her head in dismay, scoffing to herself before she gently exhales.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: Poor little manchild got his ego bruised, you see. As for Kol? He has the title I want, but before Divine Supremacy...you can have him if you want, sweetie. I’m sure I’ll have my hands full with the Lady and the Warhound. Much like you, they’re not always fond of my…methods.

There’s the merest hint of a smirk on the corner of Black’s mouth, although while his lips may be attempting a smile his eyes remain fixed, as if he’s peering into TCB’s soul

ELIJAH BLACK: Feel free to try and kick them in the nuts anytime.

The pretense of Black playing nice drops the second he finishes speaking

ELIJAH BLACK: If we have to co-exist, that shit’s fine with me, because nobody believes we’ll suddenly start acting nice because of one match. But no matter what, I want to make sure that son of a bitch has to be carried into the chamber - let alone out of it.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: Co-exist is the operative word, sweetie. Until that bell rings to end the match, then the gloves come off if they need to. But two weeks ago I left France without a victory, and that left a bitter...bitter taste in my mouth…

The smirk fades from her face, finding itself replaced by a determined scowl.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: I don’t want Levi & Beth to get another victory over me. Ever. So if that means I have to control myself, and hold off on kicking you square between the legs...again...so be it. Because, sweetie, when we walk into that chamber at Divine Supremacy - especially now I’m not entering last - I want every last one of you to let that anger consume you. I don’t want you broken, sweetie. I want you unfocused. Uncontrolled. Weak.

Pause.TCB bites her bottom lip gently, her gaze drifting down to the floor as that smirk reappears on her face once more. Elijah continues glaring at her, that same hint of a smirk returning to his own face.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: So nobody can doubt me when I walk out as the new HKW Global Champion…

For a moment Black appears to be listening to what TCB is saying

Then he snorts with derision at her last comment…

ELIJAH BLACK: I’m sure every last one of you think you have a chance of walking out of there with the title, but I’m letting you know that won’t be happening - because I’m the only one who’ll be walking out of the Chamber.

Yet in spite of his talking down to his partner, Black finally lets his eyes return to normal after spending an inordinate amount of time narrowing his eyes in TCB’s direction

ELIJAH BLACK: You, Magdalena, Beth, maybe even Levi, that’ll just be for the sake of winning. As for that piece of shit, I’ll be doing that because it’s about goddamn time somebody did.

Black nonchalantly shrugs one of his shoulders

ELIJAH BLACK: But I’m sure we can keep things civil for this evening.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: Until that final bell, sweetie. Then all bets are off…

With the two appearing to reach a mutual understanding, Black gives an abrupt nod in TCB’s direction and promptly turns and walks away without so much as a word or even gesture of gratitude. She watches him leave, peering around the door before she slams it shut once he’s out of sight. With that, the show cuts elsewhere.

Posted Image

As the scene fades back out to ringside, Clara Martins is seen ready to announce the next match.

CLARA MARTINS: Ladies and gentlemen the next match up is a Singles Match set for one fall and it is for the HKW Lionheart Championship!!!!

Cheap pop.

The lights go out, chilling beat of "Multiply" (Kid Indigo Remix) by A$AP Rocky ft. Juicy J plays as the lights shine blood red. XPJ slowly comes through the dark red haze of lights. He walks down the ramp, his eyes in a frantic motion.

CLARA MARTINS: From the Red Hook district of Brooklyn, New York; Weighing in at two hundred and forty-seven pounds; HE IS "THEEEEEEEE INFAMOUS" X....P....J!!!!!!!

He gets close to the camera, taking a swipe at it, causing the cameraman to move out of the way. He walks to the front of the ring and stands on the apron. A white spotlight shines on him as he pounds on his chest rapidly. He gets close to the camera, taking a swipe at it, causing the cameraman to move out of the way. He walks to the front of the ring and stands on the apron. A white spotlight shines on him as he pounds on his chest rapidly. He tears the black ski mask from his head as a camera gets a good look into his eyes, a crazed glance shining through them. He forms a cryptic smile on his face. He gets into the ring, pacing it as the spotlight continues to shine through this gory shade of red. X stands in the middle of the ring, continuing to pound his chest rapidly in a primal frenzy. He lets out a roar and stops, his eyes scanning the crowd in a methodical gaze. He goes to his corner, squats down and stays there, almost like a savage dog ready to get into a fight.

WILLIAM BURKE: I still can’t believe he’s back...XPJ is back!

EL CABRON MALO: But can he come out and win back the Lionheart Championship in his first match back? Who knows. I personally think he’s in store for some enlightenment.

WILLIAM BURKE: You could sure use some of that…

The lights dim to full darkness...

”They say form follows function….And if you just function properly then things will form themselves’

The crowd starts to rile up as soon as Lupe Fiasco’s voice comes through the speakers. Immediately following a spotlight hits the stage with DeMarcus Gresham there standing with his back to the crowd so the ‘Gifted’ along is black jacket is clear for all to see. The HKW Lionheart Championship title belt is wrapped around his right shoulder in a way to make sure the words on his jacket are clearly seen by all. He points downward to the “Gifted” emblem from both sides before turning around and moving to the side showing his manager Y’layna Bryant. As she shows support clapping and pointing at Gresham he stands there for a moment allowing the spotlight to engulf him as the crowd boos to high heaven against him. The HKW Lionheart Champion basks a little while longer taking his sweet time for he knows he’s earned it. Moving back toward the middle of the stage he offers up free left arm in a gentleman fashion to Y’layna gesturing they walk down the ramp. She smiles taking his arm and they walk down the rampway holding conversation between one another as DeMarcus points out toward the crowd in front of them declaring them all unenlightened and subservient. Both of them gesturing toward the championship belt on his shoulder affirming his stance he is in fact better than everyone watching.

CLARA MARTINS: On his way to the ring, accompanied by Y’layna Bryant...From Seattle, Washington. Your epicenter. Your beacon. Your Enlightenment. HE IS...THE REIGNING HKW LIONHEART CHAMPION!!! “Gifted” DEEEEMarccuuussss GRREEESSSHHAAAMMMM!!

Every step they take the rampway beneath them lights up in a Michael Jackson Billie Jean music video kind of way. The house lights slowly lighting up a little more and more with each step. When they reach ringside all the lights are fully on and the spotlight and illuminating floors stop. He stands there for a moment rolling his shoulders while Y’layna releases his arm to let everyone in the vicinity know who is truly Gifted. He then walks forward and jumps from the ground floor to the ring apron impressively. He enters the ring pointing to his temple taunting the crowd a bit as they boo him. He then sits on the middle rope to assist Y’layna Bryant into the ring. She takes the stairs and climbs through the ropes he opens for her. When she enters DeMarcus walks over toward the nearest turnbuckle, standing on the second and turns around completely to give the HKW fans his back showing only the white “Gifted” lettering of his jacket. The boos ring louder as he stands tall undeterred taunting them further by unhooking the Lionheart Championship belt from his shoulder and cocky raising it in the air slowly. Still with his back turned before jumping down off the turnbuckle to take off his jacket. In a ceremonious (and extra) fashion he lays the jacket on that top turnbuckle with the ‘Gifted’ laid out for all to see. Turning around he hands his Championship belt over to Y’layna giving her a quick nod preparing to administer Enlightenment once again.


WILLIAM BURKE: It is surely a big fight feel here tonight in Poland! I’m excited for this match up. Who know DeMarcus would be going up against a former champion such as XPJ in his tenure as champion!?

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DeMarcus Gresham © vs. XPJ


The bell rings to signal the start of the match and both men come out of their corners and circle the ring. They stare each other down like two hungry wolves looking for blood as both wait to pounce. Finally after what seems like an eternity, the two clash in the middle of the squared circle with violent force.

XPJ starts unloading with forearms to the face and DeMarcus fires back tit-for-tat with huge right hands over the top. Gresham seems to be getting the upper hand, using sheer size to muscle the former champion towards the corner… but XPJ, thinks quickly, and rakes the champs eyes to free himself from his grasp.

WILLIAM BURKE: Cheap move by XPJ. Underhanded tactics within the first few minutes? I guess we can already see how this match is gonna go.

EL CABRON MALO: Cheap?! He's a man on a mission! He's the infamous! He's gonna do whatever it takes to put Demarcus away and get that Lionheart championship back around his waist.

Ducking under a wild, half blind clothesline attempt by Gresham; XPJ sprints across the ring and positions himself in the opposite corner. A wicked grin spreads across his lips as he taunts DeMarcus, twirling his finger as if to tell the champ to “turn around.”

Almost on cue, DeMarcus spins around to face the challenger… but by this time “Darth Fader” is already halfway across the ring. XPJ comes flying through the air with a thunderous running dropkick to the chest that folds DeMarcus Gresham… as he hits the turnbuckles hard and crumples to a seated position!!

The Infamous XPJ circles back to the corner he'd just departed from, and taunts the crowd… roaring and banging at his chest

EL CARBON MALO: That dropkick was NASTY, vato. You hear me? Absolutely NASTY. XPJ is gonna be looking to bring the pain with that cannonball here and try to put this away.

WILLIAM BURKE: it's been all XPJ here, thanks to that dirty eye rake. You wanna talk about nasty? That eye rake was disgusting.

EL CABRON MALO: Double entendre amigo.

XPJ bounces a few times on the balls of his feet, before sprinting out of the corner again... faster this time. He gathers a full head of steam, leaving the ground once again to crash into DeMarcus hard with a Cannonball Senton!

The Champion looks pretty banged up, as XPJ drags him toward the center of the ring to cover for the first pin attempt of the match.




“Gifted” keeps his championship reign alive, digging deep to kick out before the ref can bring his hand down for the three. This gets XPJ mad as hell, and the former Lionheart Champion stands up to get in the ref’s face! He's screaming at him for counting too slow as Demarcus makes his way back to his feet slowly.

Stalking forward, he waits until the right opportune moment… then wraps XPJ up quickly in the Cobra Clutch position! Gresham pulls him back a few steps, away from the ref, before dropping him to the mat hard with KOS!!!

Not wasting any time, the Champ immediately goes for the cover!




It's XPJ’s turn to show heart now, as he gets a shoulder up to keep the dream alive! DeMarcus shakes his head and gets back to his feet calmly, but before he can grab the challenger… XPJ rolls to the outside to buy himself some time to recover.

WILLIAM BURKE: They are looking to end this thing early! Look at XPJ though… that’s the coward's way out. We all know Demarcus isn't the nicest guy on the roster. He's arrogant, and deceitful… but at least he will stand and fight.

EL CABRON MALO: Oh, so you mean he didn't do the exact same thing against chica bonita AMC last time out? Boy, you're hella hypo… uh… hypochondriac? No… hyper..

WILLIAM BURKE: Hypocritical?

EL CABRON MALO: YEAH! SEE… YOU ALREADY KNOW! Lucky for you, admitting you have a problem is the first step. Either way, smart move by my boy XPJ here. Catch your wind homie.

DeMarcus shakes his head and slides out of the ring to cut the challenger off. XPJ takes a running start, turning the corner as he charges and spins… looking to nail “Gifted” with the holiday gift of a discus pimp slap! Gresham has it scouted though, and he grabs the arm to whip XPJ into the steel steps with a well timed arm drag!




The ref starts his count and Demarcus rolls back into the ring with a smug grin. Climbing up to the second turnbuckle, he stretches his arms out wide to taunt his opponent… as XPJ tries to make it back to his feet. The former champion takes a few steps toward the ring, but collapses to the floor again to hold his ribs. This gets a laugh from DeMarcus, who hops down and steps out of the ring to restart the count.

The ref warns Gresham to get the match back inside the ring, but the champ shakes his head and tells the official to shut the hell up as he stalks toward his downed opponent. Sizing XPJ up for a running knee, it’s DeMarcus’ turn to take off at a sprint… and he rounds the corner to be met with a huge European uppercut from a rising XPJ!



The impact stumbles DeMarcus, and as he takes a few steps back he's hit with a well timed spinning back fist that sends him stumbling back onto his ass against the barricade!

WILLIAM BURKE: The Champ is stunned!! He's on dream street!!

EL CABRON MALO: Get him in the ring!! You can't win the title by count out! Finish this!

XPJ turns to look at El Cabron Malo, and lifts a finger to his lips. shhh… he taunts the commentator, dusting his shoulder off, before running at DeMarcus to look for another cannonball against the barricade.



DeMarcus rolls away and XPJ puts on the brakes at the last minute, shaking his head while wagging his finger at Gresham, who makes a break for the ring.

Sliding inside himself, XPJ pops up to his feet as the champ comes barrelling towards him at full speed. Using the momentum, XPJ pops him into the air and looks to land Super Nappa Bomb but DeMarcus throws a few hard punches and slips back down with a slick swinging DDT that drops the challenger to the mat hard.

Dragging himself up with the help of the ropes, DeMarcus moves in to pick XPJ up off the ground, as he tells him to “get up and be a man.” pressing XPJ against the ropes, the champ unloads on him with some hard shots to his tender ribs, before whipping him toward the opposite cables…

XPJ rebounds with an exhausted clothesline attempt, but DeMarcus doesn't miss a beat as he ducks under it and hits the ropes himself…

The exasperated challenger turns around to face his opponent… and gets turned inside out by a vicious Yakuza kick!


DeMarcus goes for the pin, and puts his feet up on the ropes for good measure.






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Paul Harris is standing in the middle of a wrestling ring in a training facility. James Magnum Jr. is in the far corner pacing back and forth. Paul looks over at J-R who gives him a nod, Paul gives him a nod in return.

PAUL HARRIS: Introducing first, from Auburn California, he is the greatest wrestling prospect of all time, James Magnum Jr.

J-R takes a step forward giving a salute to the camera. He starts pacing once more looking a little bit worried about the match. Paul Harris looks directly into the camera.

PAUL HARRIS: And his opponent.

Paul Harris takes a deep breath, as J-R sits in the corner.

PAUL HARRIS: From Mexico City, Mexico, he is a thirteen time champion. Known for his physical style and power game. The mighty, all powerful, unbeatable Enano Entre Gigantes!

The Mexican national anthem begins to play as a four foot ten, one hundred and thirty pound wrestler makes his way down to the ring. J-R watches Gigantes as he makes his way up the steps. Paul Harris walks over to the official and says something to him.

PAUL HARRIS: And our official for this contest, to make sure things are called right down the middle. Antonio Garcia.

Enano Entre Gigantes gets into the ring staring a hole through J-R who seems gets up to his feet. Paul makes his way out of the ring, towards the commentary desk.

PAUL HARRIS: This is going to be quite a match, a difficult challenge for J-R, he is in the ring with a champion among champions. A man that has dominated in his particular brand of Mexican wrestling, and is different from anyone that J-R has seen.

Antonio motions for the bell, which Paul gets ready to ring it.

Enano Entre Gigantes vs James Magnum Jr.


Gigantes charges out of the corner straight towards James Magnum Jr. who lifts his right foot, landing a big boot to the side of Gigantes’ face dropping the Mexican to ground. Gigantes grabs his face rolling on the ground.

PAUL HARRIS: J-R connected with a huge big boot, what a smart move. Using his opponent’s momentum against him. Oh my god, what a man, what a man, what a mighty good man, is James Magnum Jr.

J-R reached down grabbed Gigantes’ by the mask and pulls him up to his feet. Leaning down J-R throws Gigantes’ over his neck. He grabs him by the by the pants and lifts him up into position for a vertical suplex. Holding him in the he walks around the ring with Gigantes in the air.

PAUL HARRIS: WHAT POWER BY J-R here. Gigantes has never been lifted into the air in active competition. But this young man who is incredible in every way is dominating a thirteen time champion here tonight, so far! And he has that laser focus, which is very hard to find in a professional athlete.

J-R finally falls back causing Gigantes to hit the canvas hard. Gigantes arches his back, screaming in pain. J-R stands up quickly looking down at Gigantes, before kicking him in the back of the head.

PAUL HARRIS: No wonder Kol has been begging to face this man.I mean sure he couldn’t J-R but it wouldn’t matter because if he got in any offense, he would look incredible. This match is just more proof that James Magnum Jr, may very well be the greatest wrestler in Subversion history.

J-R walks around Gigantes stomping on his left ankle, causing the masked superstar to grab his ankle in pain. J-R grabs Gigantes by the leg flipping him over onto his stomach. He raises the ankle up and them begins to turn it with an ankle lock.

PAUL HARRIS: Oh no it is the most devastating move in all of Subversion, the ankle lock by James Magnum Jr. I have never in my life seen a more expertly applied submission! This is absolutely perfectly done!.

J-R begins to torque on the hold causing Gigantes to bellow out in pain, Antonio drops down looking to see if Gigantes is submitting. Gigantes shakes his head no, causing J-R to drop down and grapevine the leg putting even more pressure on Gigantes ankle, forcing the masked wrestler to tap out.


Gabi stands up making the announcement, while J-R lets got of the hold as he stands up, Antonio walks over raising J-R’s hand in the air.

PAUL HARRIS: What an amazing performance. I feel that I must get an interview with this amazing wrestler after this performance.

Paul Harris walks over to the ring, making his way up the steps with a microphone in hand, he climbs into the ring with J-R. Who looks down at the fallen Gigantes. Paul Harris walks over to J-R.

PAUL HARRIS: Another wonderful outing for you tonight J-R. You dominated the match against a former thirteen time world champion. How does it feel.

J-R smiles at the question, he puts his head down then lifts it back up looking at Paul.

J-R: Well Paul, anytime you get in the ring with such a decorated champion like Gigantes, you know that you have to bring your A game. For me this shows just how talented I truly am. Think about it, how many people can say that they are an undefeated wrestler on the Subversion brand, and that you have a win over such a great champion. The truth is I can not think of any.

Paul brings the microphone back towards him, he takes a deep sigh before asking the question.

PAUL HARRIS: Now I know that you heard Kol, the Global champion on Subversion had challenged you to a one on one match. What are your thoughts on this? Also, do you accept the challenge.

J-R shrugs, putting his hands on his hips.

J-R: Normally, a guy in my position, would say that he would love a shot at the Global Champion. The problem for me is this, I am a vastly superior athlete to Kol, Ashley Sullivan, Elijah Black, Ashley Hamilton, honestly I can not think of a single person on Subversion that can compete with me. So, while a chance like that would be wonderful, I feel that with Kol having a set of huge matches recently and coming up, that he might be distracted going into our match. So no, not right now, not when Kol has excuses and is not focused on me. Not to mention the fact that it would cause an uproar in the back, and I do not want anyone on this brand to feel excluded. Or to think that I want to leapfrog them. For right now, I will continue on my path, of being the perfect wrestlers with the flawless singles record, and a ton of talent.

Paul’s eyes widen as he looks at the camera pretending to be shocked.

PAUL HARRIS: Did you hear that folks? This man is so modest, so humble, and such an amazing athlete that he will not accept anything but the very best from his opponents. Not only that but he WANTS to claw and scrap his way to the top. No shortcuts for this young superstar. I am awestruck by his vast amount talent and the humble nature of this future HKW legend. J-R it was an honor and a privilege to watch you compete, and I am even more impressed by your maturity and what a stellar example you are for everyone watching. Thank you for your time sir.

J-R reaches his hand out shaking Paul’s hand.

J-R: Thank you Paul, always a pleasure to talk to someone with you experience and knowledge.

Paul turns to the side looking directly at the camera.

PAUL HARRIS: Welp, we are done here, now back to ringside on Subversion!

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The cameras cut to backstage, where Bri Davenport stands, already dressed for her match in black and red tights that honor Chris Nights colors, her long dark hair is braided neatly down her back as she addresses the camera. A neutral expression sits on her face.

BRI DAVENPORT: A lot has happened for me since signing with Subversion, when I originally did so, I did it as a relatively unknown entity: with most if not all of my coworkers seeing me as nothing more than the girlfriend of Chris Night. Despite constantly working off my own merit, that is something that has continually been tacked onto my name.

Bri lets out a slight sigh as she shakes her head, her expression still somewhat neutral.

BRI DAVENPORT: Despite my best efforts, my work both here and in other companies is continually questioned and discounted… it sometimes feels as though there is nothing I can do, to escape the expectations and judgments that come along with the association. Nothing is truer in that than the matches I have had the last couple of shows, most noticeably my last match against Eli Carlson - or rather, the lack of a match due to emotions running high and the animosity between him and Chris spilling over into an attack that caused my match to be called off.

My own personal distractions and frustrations then causes me to do something I cannot undo. When I put my sister in harms way… my little sister who was here only to stand at my side and support me, was hurt at the hands of the most despicable and vile of men, in RIP.

Bri’s lips contort slightly into a scowl that reads across her entire face, her hands ball up at her sides as she speaks.

BRI DAVENPORT: I want nothing more than to avenge what happened that night, without the numbers game, without people holding me back as I am forced to watch what little family I have left fall apart around me. I got into this sport because I wanted a chance to prove myself as a fighter but time and time again, that chance has been taken away from me. Through no fault of my own, I have been forced to be little more than an accessory to the acts of others and that ends now.

I am not some young doe-eyes trainees fresh out of Nightfall with everything to prove. I have heard over and over, people referring to Chris as my trainer, making idiotic assumptions that before signing here. I had no experience in this industry at all. I have stood back and watched people make a mockery of this sport, an abundance of excuses thrown out by people like RIP and Eli as they flagrantly disregard the rules and sportsmanship that once ran like a backbone through this world; instead leaving in its place little game plays and giant egos that have no place inside that ring.

Bri nods her head slowly along with her words, the more she speaks the more apparent the passion behind her words become.

BRI DAVENPORT: Very soon I will have the opportunity to right the wrongs that have crossed Gabi and myself, I do not take this opportunity lightly, nor do I see it as an excuse to throw away everything I stand for and attack as they would. It’s time for RIP to be held accountable for their actions, it’s time for me to stop sitting back and simply watching as night after night the time we have in that ring is treated like a birthright and not something that needs to be earned.

Words like respect are thrown around too easily, used to appease the bruised egos of men who are more name than substance, used to salve the burn of mediocrity cast upon our audience by their very presence in that ring. Things need to change, things are going to change and this is my earning, not jut to my opponents here tonight, not just to the men who have made an enemy out of me by placing their hands on my sister…

This is a warning to ANYONE who thinks they can continue to make everything about their own power trip… this used to be a place where honor and respect were battled for and hard won. It will be that place again, if it takes the final breath of my career to return that dignity to this place then I will give it. Because the games, the egos, all of it…

Bri steps up closer to the camera with a single assertive nod.

BRI DAVENPORT: It all, ends now.

With those final words she turns on her heels and walks away.

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CLARA MARTINS: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a triple threat match set for one fall!

Bri's theme hits the speakers and she walks out onto the stage. She pauses and stares out over the crowd with a smile expression before posing for a moment with her hand on her hip, winking to the camera and walking down the ramp.

CLARA MARTINS: From Kimberly, South Africa, but representing Rochester, New York; Bri Davenport

She again pauses at the steel steps to survey the crowds before she climbs the steps and slips through the ropes, bouncing off to one side, rolling her shoulder back to warm up as she awaits her opponents.

CLARA MARTINS: And her opponent…

I told ya, baby
I told ya

The arena darkens as “Rockstar 101” by Rihanna begins to play before the camera takes us behind a woman with purple hair. She steps out onto the stage, raising her hand and making a fist as the camera looks over her shoulder. She tosses her sunglasses on her head out to the crowd as she heads towards the ring.

CLARA MARTINS: From Atlanta, Georgia, she is the Princess of House Reed… BIANCA REED!

Bianca climbs up onto the apron, drops into a split before sliding under the bottom rope to the inside. She brings her legs together and hops to her feet, already making eye contact with her opponent and running them down verbally while her music fades and before the bell even rings.

CLARA MARTINS: And their opponent!

The lights around the arena go dim as the sounds of a guitar riff begin to reverberate from the speakers around the building. On the screens above the entrance way flash highlights of Elijah Carlson’s tenure in 4CW, with emphasis on his match against Jair and his title defense against Scott Stevens at All or Nothing, as well as his debut in the HKW Golden Opportunity Rumble. As the video clips begin to play on, the vocals of Rise Against's “From Heads Unworthy” begin.

”We are the children you reject and disregard
These aching cries come from the bottom of our hearts
You can't disown us now, we are your own flesh and blood
And we don't disappear just because your eyes are shut
Now tell me”

While the singer's voice drags on the final word of the opening verse, the stage is flooded with bright white lights as Elijah Carlson emerges from the backstage area wearing his usual trunks with his first name written across the back, a crown dotting the I, while a mixture of boo’s and cheers reigning down upon him. Paying little attention to the fans, Eli begins his walk down the ramp toward the ring as the lyrics to the song roll on.

CLARA MARTINS: Making his way to the ring standing six feet one inch tall and weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds… he is.... ELIJAH CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!”

At the bottom of the ramp he looks to his left and spots a young kid reaching out to try and slap hands with him. Eli reaches out to slap hands with the kid only to pull away at the last second, laughing at him before turning his attention back to the ring. With ease he ascended the steel ring steps, stepping through the middle and top ropes. As he enters the ring he moves to the far turnbuckle and steps up to the middle rope as the chorus of boo’s once more erupt around the arena. Unphased by it, Eli points at his chest before hopping down back to the mat.

CLARA MARTINS: And now, the special guest commentator for this contest!

The comment alone gets everyone’s attention, the three competitors in the ring turning toward the entrance ramp.

EL CABRON MALO: We have a guest?! I hope she’s sexy.

WILLIAM BURKE: I don’t believe it’s a she, Malo.

The lights darken before red pyro shoots up from the entrance way. “Same Old War” by Our Last Night blares over the PA system and the fans begin to cheer as Chris Night appears at the top of the entrance way. Chris makes looks towards the ring with a smirk, his eyes are looking straight at Eli before he gives a small wave. He then makes his way to the announcers table and takes a seat.


Bri Davenport vs. Bianca Reed vs. Elijah Carlson

Immediately after the opening bell, Eli Carlson keeps his focus on the commentary table and continues ranting at Chris Night. Night tells Eli to pay attention to his opponents, to which Eli replies with an emphatic ‘FUCK THEM!”

WILLIAM BURKE: Well, he’s certainly not winning any popularity contests.

CHRIS NIGHT: Oh come on, we all know Eli Carlson is the most popular guy in the arena. Well, you would think he is since he claims to be the biggest star here.

Both Bianca and Bri Davenport both hear Carlson’s choice words and move in his direction, stopping just behind Eli. Eli flips Night the bird and finally turns around, only to catch an elbow to the jaw from Bianca and a savate kick from Davenport that knocks Eli right out of the ring! Bri continues by shouting something down toward Eli, but Bianca spins her around and rolls her up with a small package!




Bri just breaks out of the small package, rolling to her knees while keeping her eyes on Bianca. Bianca hold her index finger close to her thumb and tells Bri that she was that close to picking up the victory, but this only sparks the fire in Bri. Bri rises up to her feet, charges at Bianca and tackles her down to the mat! Both ladies begin exchanging fists until Bianca reaches up and gauges Bri’s eyes! Bri falls back unable to see, Bianca standing up to her feet and taking a second to play to Polish crowd.

Bianca starts to stalk Bri, patiently waiting for her to turn around until she catches a flying calf kick to the back of the head from Eli! Eli pushes Bianca out of the ring with his boots, turning his attention to the still blinded Bri Davenport. Eli smirks as he glances out toward the commentary table and positions himself just a few feet away from Davenport.

EL CABRON MALO: Uh oh. Looks like boo thing is about to get wrecked, amigo.

CHRIS NIGHT: I’m not worried about it, Bri can handle herself out there and I have the utmost belief in her.

Eli continues to stare down Night until Bri turns around and Eli charges forward to lock in a guillotine choke, immediately wrapping his legs around Bri’s body to apply extra pressure! Bri drops straight down to her knees, Eli wrenching back as much as he can without putting his shoulders back against the mat!

Bri lifts her right arm up and tries to fight her way out of the submission by hitting Carlson in the ribs with punches, but this only angers Eli and makes him tighten the grip even more!

CHRIS NIGHT: Come on Bri, you can get out of this!

BRIAN MASON: He sure has that guillotine locked in tight!

Eli makes sure to continue keeping his shoulders off the mat, but everything backfires once Bianca Reed climbs up to the middle rope and lands on Eli’s face with a double footstomp! Eli rolls out onto the apron, Bianca turning her attention to Bri Davenport who’s on both bended knees. Bianca shoots forward and tries to kick Bri’s head off, but Bri ducks underneath it, spins Bianca around and delivers a German suplex with the bridge!




Bianca manages to pop a shoulder up, but continues to the favor the back of her head and neck after the vicious German. Bri turns her attention to Eli Carlson and sees him pulling himself back to his feet on the apron. Bri rushes toward him and tries to shoulder thrust Eli off the apron, but Eli steps back and connects with a swift kick to Bri’s face the second her head pops out in between the ropes!

Bri stumbles back, Eli slingshotting himself into the ring to deliver a hellacious implant DDT to Davenport! Eli scatters back up to his feet and goes to shout something at Chris Night once again, but Bianca gets in his way and superkicks him in the midsection! Eli drops to one knee, Bianca delivering a second superkick straight to Eli’s face! Eli falls right on top of Bri, Bianca covering them both!




Both Eli and Bri kick out, sending Bianca halfway across the ring from the force. The Princess of House Reed scatters back up to her feet and notices Bri getting up faster than Eli. Bianca pushes toward Bri and rips her up by her hair, but Bri frees herself with a kick to the midsection, followed by a tiger driver in the center of the ring! Bri holds position and watches as the referee slides in position to make the count!




Carlson comes out of nowhere and breaks up the pin just as the referee’s hand was coming down for the three! Bri turns her attention to Eli and pulls herself away from Bianca, immediately pouncing on Carlson and delivering a fury of rights and lefts!

WILLIAM BURKE: Bri’s going HAM on Eli...as the kids say.

EL CABRON MALO: Nobody says that in the year 2017, pendejo.

CHRIS NIGHT: Oh? Because I agree with Wiliam, Bri is going ham as she hits Eli with lefts and rights!

Bri finally pulls herself off from Eli and stands up to her fight while Eli rolls toward the ropes with his mouth agape. Eli uses the ropes to pull himself up, Bri right there with a high dropkick! The dropkick knows Eli out onto the apron and Bri pushes forward to hit a stungun, but Eli pushes her away and connects with an apron enziguri! Bri stumbles back, but she falls into the arms of Bianca Reed who delivers a backslide driver! Eli tries to get into the ring, but Bianca dashes toward him and hits a dropkick to knock him off the apron! She turns back toward Bri, hooks the inside leg and makes the cover!




Davenport pops her shoulder up just before the three! Eli Carlson slithers back into the ring, but bides his time. He watches as Bianca Reed pulls Bri up to her feet, but that’s when Eli strikes! He spins her around and blasts her straight in the face with the Pelee kick, also known as “Your Coronation!” Bianca drops to the mat, and the tired Bri Davenport does the same. Eli smirks at the sight and turns around to shout some more obscenities Chris Night’s way.

WILLIAM BURKE: Looks like Mr. Carlson can’t take his eyes off you.

EL CABRON MALO: And he’s not the one who’s your girlfriend in this match!

CHRIS NIGHT: I’m pretty sure he has a crush on me and it’s going to be his downfall, because look who’s coming up behind him!

Eli continues badmouthing Night, not realizing that Bri’s back to her feet! She pushes forward and brings Eli down with an O’Connor roll!






Eli pops right up to his feet and tries to grab a hold of Bri, but she slides out of the ring just in time. “Most Girls” fills the arena speakers, Eli pitching a fit and kicking the bottom rope repeatedly.

EL CABRON MALO: That was cheap!

WILLIAM BURKE: It was smart!

CHRIS NIGHT: It was genius! Gotta go boys, it was nice!

Chris gets up from the announce table and makes his way towards Bri. The two celebrate her victory with a kiss before they look back over at Eli in the ring, who’s still berating them. Chris and Bri simply smile and wave as they back their way up the entrance way.

WINNER: Bri Davenport via pinfall (8:21)
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Cameras open in the back focused on Tommy Evans in his street clothes. He sighs as he watches a replay of J.Z.’s seg from earlier in the program, before lifting his hand up to look at it, revealing that J.Z.’s brass knuckles are on his fingers. He shakes his head, and exits the room, walking down the hallway.

The camera then switches angles, showing Tommy from the back a distance away. It then becomes apparent that someone is tailing them, as we see Crowns’ signature hairstyle poke up from behind an equipment box. He casts a glance over his shoulder, showing that he’s wearing some kind of superhero mask, before he duck and rolls across the hallway to hide behind a different stack. Down the hall, Tommy stops and looks backwards with a puzzled look, and J.Z. holds a finger in front of his lips towards the camera.

The angle switches again, back to in front of Tommy, and we see J.Z. creep out from behind his hiding place, quietly bear crawling closer to Evans as he rounds a corner. The camera changes once more, over J.Z.’s shoulder as he nears the corner. He places his fingers around the wall, and exaggeratedly starts to poke his head around so that he can see.


J.Z. topples to the ground, and the angle switches one last time to the one in front of Tommy, now over his shoulder as he looks down at the fallen J.Z. Crowns with an aghast, apologetic look at what he’s done. He holds up the hand with the knucks on it, staring at the unconscious Crowns. He shakes his head rapidly, peeling off the weapon and dropping it onto J.Z.

TOMMY EVANS: I-I’m sorry.

Tommy starts stepping away backwards, before turning and heading away from the scene of the crime.

Posted Image

We cut to the backstage area, where we see that Kol seems to be slowly getting ready for his main event match later tonight. He seems to be muttering to himself, clearly not having the best weekend after being defeated in FGA’s Frontier Lions Cup. The HKW Global champion tears away at the tape before beginning to wrap it around his wrists as he does so.

KOL: Embarrassing. Simply embarrassing. Un-f**king-believable.

He continues to mutter to himself, clearly unhappy with some of his performances as of late. There was the faint sound of heels, Kol not really paying attention to his surroundings as he was too focused on taping his wrists. Into view came the exquisite sight of Lady Magdalena. She looks beautiful, her midnight curls put up, and clad in the crimson and white of her family’s native Poland. Her pale features and rose red lips dazzle in the artificial light, as a smile curls up upon her delightful face.

LADY MAGDALENA:My, my, my Kol. Life has taken quite the unpleasant turn for you as of late. For the past year you have been quite untouchable, sat almost unopposed at the top of the mountain. But now everything seems to be quaking and shaking about you. That must be dreadfully awful for you.

Magdalena swings her hips as she makes a turn around the reigning champion, placing a gentle silk gloved hand on his shoulder for a moment.

LADY MAGDALENA: I do so hope it isn’t so troubling as to have a detrimental effect on you this fine evening. I would so enjoy having a tag team partner who is at their best, rather than one clutching at straws in the mud.

She takes a seat across from him, crossing her legs as she places her hands softly into her lap, before placing one hand on her heart.

LADY MAGDALENA:I would ever so enjoy to achieve victory tonight, dear Champion. In such mess and chaos, as all seems to be at this time, a victory over our fellow opponents would be such a shining light amongst all this darkness. Wouldn’t you say?

Kol’s jaw clenches as he stares daggers at Lady Magdalena.

KOL: I’ll be ready for tonight. After all, I was ready last Subversion and look what happened. I earned one of the last two spots in the elimination chamber...just like you did.

He smirks.

KOL: They messed up tonight because out of all of the competitors in that chamber, we might be the only two that can put personal feelings aside when there’s a common goal. We all had the goal of walking out as winners last Subversion, but only you and I did that. So I say, we repeat what we did two weeks ago, and we walk out with another win.

The Black Swan smiles sweetly, like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. She stands elegantly, holding out a hand. But not like she often did in the past, demanding it to be kissed, but in a handshake.

LADY MAGDALENA: I believe we have reached an accord, dear Kol. I have no issues with teaming with you on this evening. Let us work together towards a common goal.

She smiles again, though there is a wicked glint in her eyes.

LADY MAGDALENA: But after the match, we simply walk away, and then we leave our competitive goals against each other lie until Divine Supremacy. Do you not agree?

Kol stares at her for a second, before offering up a half smile, clearly not having the same idea in his head. However, he still reaches forward and shakes her hand.

KOL: I do not need an upper hand against anyone. Attacking you so close to our match after we’ve already had one would mean I fear you.

The HKW Global champion then rises to his feet, slinging his title over his shoulder and tapping it.

KOL: After all, I wouldn’t have held this title for so long if I did fear anyone, huh?

Lady tuts a couple of times, wagging her finger in the reigning champion’s direction.

LADY MAGDALENA:Now, now Kol. I would certainly not say that.

And with that, the sultry Frenchwoman turns on her heels, strutting out of the room as if she owned the place, before the feed cut to an advertisement for Divine Supremacy.

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CLARA MARTINS: The following is a singles match scheduled for one fall!

The current RISE Evolution champion, Gio Amauri, is already in the ring, warming up as the audience cheers at the sight of him.

CLARA MARTINS: Introducing first, he is the RISE Evolution champion and the team leader of Team RISE....GIO AMAURI!!!

The audience pops once more as Gio nods his head, clearly letting them know that he hears them all.

WILLIAM BURKE: This young man would certainly strike a huge blow to the ego of our very own team if he wins tonight!

EL CABRON MALO: Young man? This guy is older than me, pendejo!

The arena goes nearly dark and the screen goes grayscale as ravens begin calling over the sounds of "The Raven" by HKW Music Group signaling the arrival of Alexa Corra. When the calling ravens stop, the beat to the song kicks in heavily, the arena now completely dark. Fog starts to pollute the stage, but over time, a plume of fire starts to ascend from the stage.

When the music kicks in more, a jet of fire starts from the center of the stage; it being the only illumination in the arena. Inside of the flames, a silhouette of the Raven appears, lifting up from the ground like a undead entity. Her arms are out in the infamous crucifix position, only accented by the fiery effect that surrounds her. When it fades, she disappears into darkness again, only to step into the proceeding spotlight. She stands there, a mask on her face, purple in nature. With the shadows cast from the light, it only does well to imbue Alexa in further darkness. When she steps out past the stage, the arena fills with the accents of flames and ravens. The flames are the only thing colored, giving a glistening gradient of reds and oranges.

CLARA MARTINS: And his opponent, making her way to the ring... THE TEAM LAEADER OF, ALEXAAA CORRRRRRAAAAA!

Alexa slowly walks up the steps and to the apron, walking along it for a second as she looks out toward the sea of fans. She then grabs a hold of the top rope and uses it to slide herself underneath the bottom, crawling toward a free corner once she gets into the ring. The camera focuses on the eyes past the mask for a moment before it cuts to her next movement. She makes her way to one of the free corners, then leans her head back against the bottom turnbuckle before licking her lips and humming "laalaa" over and over again she waits for the match to begin.


Alexa Corra vs Gio Amauri


Gio stares at Alexa for a second, Corra waiting for him to make a move. The RISE wrestle moves forward and looks for a lockup, which the Subversion wrestler gives him. After they do so, she puts him in a headlock, which actually seems to work for Gio as he lifts her up and plants her with a back suplex! Gio rolls to his feet and Alexa rolls to a knee, the two looking at one another as the audience cheers them both on.

WILLIAM BURKE: This is smart by Gio Amauri. He needs to show Alexa that he’s not afraid of her or she’ll eat him alive.

EL CABRON MALO: Magnum wishes she’d eat alive! Hey-ooooooooo!

The RISE Evolution champion then charges right at his opponent, but she moves out of the way, forcing him to hit the ropes and bounce back. When he does bounce back, Corra drops him with a spinning wheel kick to cheers from the audience! But Alexa isn’t done there as she waits for him to rise once more before bringing him down with a spinning neckbreaker! Alexa then goes for the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: Spinning wheel kick followed by a spinning neckbreaker! Gio is in trouble!




EL CABRON MALO: Alexa may not have gotten that three count, but I doubt this match has much more left! Gio’s probably about to be a stain on the mat in like 2 minutes!

Alexa slowly picks Gio up by his hair as the audience seems more on her side than his. She fires off with a chop, sending him stumbling backwards into a corner before she charges in and catches him with a chop to the chest, forcing him to stumble out of the corner and land on his knees, holding his chest in pain. Corra then exits out onto the apron and climbs all the way to the top, waiting for Amauri to turn around before she leaps off, looking to hit a missile dropkick...only for Gio to move out of the way at the last second!

WILLIAM BURKE: Nobody’s home! Gio may be in a developmental territory, but he’s actually very developed!

EL CABRON MALO: You’re supposed to add a “no homo” after that, Burke!

The Floridian looks at the former HKW Global champion and waits for her to get to her feet before he turns her inside out with a clothesline! The audience seems to be shocked as Gio goes for the cover, looking to pick up a huge upset!

WILLIAM BURKE: What a clothesline! Alexa is down!




EL CABRON MALO: Dios mio, I thought that was it!

Gio knows he can’t let Alexa get any time to breathe, so he keeps on the attack afterwards, getting to his feet and land a plethora of elbow drops. When he’s back up again, he picks his opponent up as well before irish whipping her into the corner. Once he does that, he charges in and eats a boot, sending him stumbling backwards! Corra then runs towards him, but she’s caught by surprise as he picks her up, then plants her with a spinebuster! Gio then goes for the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: Spinebuster from Gio Amauri!

EL CABRON MALO: This guy is impressing me more than he should! I’m never bringing him around my prost- ahem, I mean my friends!




The RISE wrestler looks at the ref after the kickout, wanting to make sure it was only a two count! He gets to his feet again and looks out at the audience, some of them cheering him on as they do so. Gio nods his head afterwards before turning around and waiting for Alexa to get up. When she does so, he attempts another clothesline, but she ducks underneath this one before using her surprising speed and catching Amauri with a backstabber! Corra then crawls over and makes the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: The tide has turned once more! Alexa with the backstabber! Gio is down! A nice momentum win for Subversion coming up!




EL CABRON MALO: Well, I’ll give Gio one thing! He’s not giving up...yet!

Alexa rises to her feet and scouts the RISE wrestler, clearly wanting to put him away and end tonight on a high note for her brand. She waits for Gio to get to his feet before grabbing him from behind and hitting a falling reverse DDT! Corra then turns Amauri over and makes the cover again!

WILLIAM BURKE: Alexa believes she’s got the match!




EL CABRON MALO: This guy is in developmental?! I call bull poopoo, Billy!

The former HKW Global champion shakes her head after the kickout, clearly knowing that it would take a lot more to keep RISE’s team captain down. She waits for him to get to his feet before she runs right at him, only to eat a high knee that stuns her! Gio takes advantage from there, hooking her head and driving it right into the mat with a DDT before turning her over and making the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: Gio Amauri with a DDT and the match’s momentum has shifted once more!

EL CABRON MALO: No way in hell that he beats her right now!




The audience cheers after the kickout, clearly enjoying the match between the two competitors. And while Gio enjoys competition, he’s currently thinking about just what to do next as he watches Alexa roll over onto all fours. Eventually a light bulb goes off and Amauri quickly rushes over and picks up the former 5150 member, hooking both of her arms before performing a double underhook suplex! The audience and Gio both believe this is it as he goes for the cover, hooking both legs!

WILLIAM BURKE: Double underhook suplex by the RISE Evolution champion! Gio Amauri is looking to pick up the upset!





Alexa powers out again, getting a bewildered look from Gio, who quickly shakes it off of his face before he gets to his feet. The RISE Evo champion then picks up the team captain of Team Subversion and looks to hit his vertical suplex side slam, only for Alexa to slip behind him! He sharply turns around and eats a jumping cutter to a round of cheers!


Corra then slowly picks Amauri up, hooking his head before planting him with a corkscrew neckbreaker!

EL CABRON MALO: American Horror Story!

She then goes for the cover as the audience counts along with the ref!

WILLIAM BURKE: Gio is out cold!

EL CABRON MALO: Thanks for coming, pretty boy!





CLARA MARTINS: Here is your winner...ALEXA CORRA!!!

Alexa gets to her feet and the ref raises her arm in victory before he goes to check on Gio.

WILLIAM BURKE: That’s our captain! However, Gio definitely brought the fight to her tonight!

EL CABRON MALO: Sure, but that won’t matter in the end, will it?!

Corra then looks over at Amauri...and nods at him before she exits the ring, letting him get checked to make sure he’s fine.

WINNER: Alexa Corra (10:28)
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Cameras return to the ringside area and showcase the various signs held by members of the audience. The camera pans back to the commentators, William Burke with a grin plastered on his face and El Cabron Malo checking out the females in the audience.

WILLIAM BURKE: An eventful night of action thus far, and we still have so much left to go, Malo!

EL CABRON MALO: Si, but let’s speed things up! I have a date with a couple Polish mamacitas after the show!

WILLIAM BURKE: Always thinking with your head, Malo? Haha, get it?

EL CABRON MALO: No, pendejo.

WILLIAM BURKE: Anywho, still to come we have---

Suddenly, the lyrics to one of the most intimidating theme songs in HKW history begins playing over the arena speakers, getting the attention of the Polish fans.


Just about every person in attendance turns their eyes to the entrance ramp where Viktor Volkov and Cycki Nowak come out to a warm welcome, mostly for the fans fellow countryman. Nowak takes a bow as the two Reapers reach the top of the entrance ramp, Volkov telling his tag partner “they love you here” as the duo walks down the entrance ramp. Neither man bothers slapping the fans hands or even acknowledging them as they circle around the ring, stopping right in front of the commentators table.

WILLIAM BURKE: Um… what are they doing?!

EL CABRON MALO: They’re sick of you running your mouth, Burke!

WILLIAM BURKE: Wait, hold on, now! I’m an old man!

The two Reapers say something to Burke, but it isn’t picked up by the cameras. It is however enough to make the longtime Subversion play-by-play mans eyes go wide as the two RIP members back themselves toward the apron and slide into the ring, Viktor Volkov snatching a microphone before he does so. He walks into the center of the ring, instantly raising the microphone to his mouth as he points at the Knoxtron.

VIKTOR VOLKOV: Super Mario Wrestling Brothers. This is your future. Watch.

Posted Image


A video begins to play showing a large contingent of Reapers in Pride members standing outside of a building. All of them wearing balaclavas and armed with metal baseball bats, we see two men with their faces covered step off their bikes and slowly walk towards their brothers. One of them points forward, nodding, and just before he does that the camera pans up slightly to reveal the sign over the building... “TRI CITY WRESTLING TRAINING FACILITY”.

The camera quickly pans back down as the glass front to the building is smashed, the Reapers charging into the building, neutralising literally anyone and anything in their path! Trainers are beaten back with the bats, as well as students, the unarmed wrestlers no match for RIP’s strength as they storm through the building. A man in one of the rings in the facility begins to scream at the top of his lungs as the attack takes place, dodging debris being thrown about the facility as the biker gang are sweeping through the facility like a hurricane, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake! The screaming man makes a beeline for the two masked orchestrators of the attack, but is taken down before he can get there by another masked Reaper. The two leaders take note of this, and one of them taps the other on the arm.


As the attack goes on around them, the two leaders drag the man into the back office, the bigger of the two throwing him over the desk whilst the other shuts the door after allowing the cameraman to enter with them. With the blinds drawn, away from peering eyes, the two men remove their masks to reveal themselves to be Viktor Volkov and Jo Nowak! Nowak pats the camera man on the arm, telling him to “get this” before pointing to Volkov who hops over the desk, pulling the man up by his shirt. He positions him facing the camera, laughing.

VIKTOR VOLKOV: Now we are know who are you...and some very special people who are going to make watch this know are you...

JO NOWAK: Super Mario Wrestling Bitch mentor...you reeesponsible for these bitch come onto our show.

Volkov pats the mentor on the head before violently gripping his hair, pulling him up.

VIKTOR VOLKOV: Training those two...it will be the biggest mistake of your life. Trust me for this.

Viktor pushes SMWB’s mentor towards Nowak, who delivers a jaw spinning punch to the man. He stumbles back towards Viktor Volkov who almost takes his head off with a Red Hammer, crumpling the mentor to the floor. The big Russian laughs, lightly poking him with his boot a couple of times before he picks the man up again. Once more, he positions him facing the camera, and we can now see the effects of the two punches, the mentor now sporting two wicked cuts on his face. Volkov looks into the camera, a look of disgust on his face.

VIKTOR VOLKOV: You think we are want to waste time? Come to this shithole? Just to send message? No. We f**ken’ don’t want this shit. But you have force us to this. You make us do this. You want to be two big heroes, want to save everybody and make everybody are love to you. Well I want to see the look on your faces when you see that you cannot save the most important man in your careers.

Just as Viktor finishes his words, the mentor of the Super Mario Wrestling brothers catches a swift boot straight to the nose! Jo Nowak leans down, stares at the older gentleman and cracks a smirk.

JO NOWAK: No one will ever touch thee Reaper bikes ever again, you understand this?

Nowak grabs the man’s head and bashes it off the floor repeatedly.

JO NOWAK: I say… do you understand this?

Nowak reaches into his cut, pulls out a switchblade and flips out the knife.

JO NOWAK: We will get answer...but we do that off camera.

Nowak turns to the camera and pushes it to ground. The visual picks up Viktor Volkov’s boots, followed by the mentor of the Super Mario Wrestling brothers screaming at the top of his lungs until the camera turns into static.

Posted Image

With the cameras returning to ringside, the cheers that were are heard earlier had all turned into boos. Nowak looks over at his partner with confusion in his eyes, but Jo only shrugs his shoulders and grabs the microphone out of Volkov’s hands.


Volkov grabs the microphone and throws up a balled up fist.

VIKTOR VOLKOV: And happy f**ken’ New Year.

Volkov drops the microphone as “Dance with Devil” fills the speakers. Both of the foreign Reapers bring their hands to their waist, gesturing that the tag team titles were coming with them as Subversion went to an abrupt adbreak.
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CLARA MARTINS: The following is a triple threat tag team match scheduled for one fall!

Purple lights pulse around the arena as the intro to "Smash The Control Machine" thunders through the arena speakers

At that moment we see Elijah Black appear high up in the arena as he removes the hood that was hiding his face, standing at the top of a flight of steps looking down upon the ring before he shakes some of the excess water from out of his hair with a self-satisfied expression on his face

Black begins to walk down the stairs at a deliberate pace, focusing his attention on the ring instead of the members of the crowd that surround him from all sides

Once Black reaches the bottom of the stairs he unzips his hoodie, as he keeps walking towards the ring

Once he's reached the crowd barrier Black climbs onto it and perches there for a moment, side-eyeing the camera as he does so and a smirk crosses the corner of his mouth, and when he's good and ready Black steps from the crowd barrier directly onto the ring steps

Black climbs from the ring steps to the ring apron before quickly scaling the ropes from the outside of the ring, where he stands on the ropes with a fist raised in defiance as he looks out over the whole arena

Black jumps off the top rope into the ring, and when he lands in the ring he immediately removes his hoodie and tosses it into the corner in one swift movement

Once he's in the ring Black walks in a wide circle as he surveys the crowd around him with a condescending look upon his face, and once he's finished he drops to a knee in the centre of the ring and raises a fist while looking straight down the camera lens with a malicious glint in his eye

With the pageantry out of the way Black gets to his feet and walks to the corner where he tossed his hoodie, where he slouches against the turnbuckles while exchanging a few choice words with pretty much anyone in earshot

CLARA MARTINS: Introducing first, he is the former ALL OR NOTHING SERIES WINNER...ELIJAH BLACK!!!

The opening chords of 'The Devil's Bleeding Crown' by Volbeat begins to play throughout the arena as The Crimson Baroness steps out from behind the curtain; her top hat is tipped forward, covering her eyes slightly as she poses, resting both hands on the head of her cane. The crowd immediately begin booing and jeering, letting The Baroness know exactly what they think of her. She begins her slow walk to the ring, shrugging off the hatred with a sense of non-chalance. She climbs up the ring steps, urging the referee to hold the ropes open for her before she steps in under the middle ropes; The Crimson Baroness removes her hat and places it delicately in the corner next to her cane before she waits for the match to begin.

CLARA MARTINS: And his partner, she is....THE CRIMSON BARONESS!!!

As the arena goes dark, the Knoxotron lights up with a panaromic view of the Miami Skyline.


Lights start strobing, as Beth Keaton makes her way out onto the stage. She looks around, appreciative of the ovation she's receiving from the HKW fans in attendance, before beginning her trek to the ring. Keeping a brisk but controlled pace, she zigs and zags, taking her time to high five as many fans as possible. She slides under the bottom rope once she reaches the ring, then pops up to her feet. After climbing the nearest turnbuckle, playing to the fans, she performs a backflip and lands on her feet. The lights come back on, and she takes her corner to await the start of the match.

CLARA MARTINS: And their opponent, she is THE WARHOUND....BETH KEATON!!!

“Into the Unknown” by Starset plays throughout the arena and the audience cheers as Levi steps out from behind the curtain and beats his chest twice before looking at the audience and pumping them up. Smiling, Levi begins jogging down to the ring, fist bumping with the fans before sliding into the ring.

Once in the ring, Levi runs the ropes a bit before he stops in the center and removes his jacket and tosses it out of the ring towards one of the stagehands. Chambers then points to a corner and climbs to the middle turnbuckle before slapping the top turnbuckle and pumping up the audience some more, telling them “let’s go”! He asks them to get louder as he cups his hand around his ear, getting them to get louder and getting a smile out of him before he drops down and waits in his corner for the match to start.

CLARA MARTINS: And her partner, he is...LEVI CHAMBERS!!!

The lights begin to dim before flashing out in brilliant reds and greens as the haunting ‘Ahhhh Ah. Ahhhh Ah’ sounds out from the P.A system. The bright lights dance seductively to the classic Annie Lennox tune ‘Little Bird’, glittering strobe effects accompanying it. A tall feminine figure slowly slides out from behind the curtain, all wrapped up in long feather boa that complements her outfit perfectly. She pauses, simply standing there at the top of the ramp with her head bowed. Her only movement is her impatiently tapping her left foot to the beat of the music. She lifts her head slightly, revealing the sly smile of wrestling’s ‘Black Swan’, Lady Magdalena.

The music kicks into high gear as Magdalena begins strutting down the ramp as if she was upon a Parisian catwalk, stretching out the feather boa over her shoulders as if she was carrying a cross. The hesitation she had before seems to be slowly fading away as she swings her hips down towards the ring, her head tilted back in some form of religious ecstasy. She reaches the ring apron and with a move taken right from the royal ballet, pivots on the spot then struts up the stairs towards the ropes. She uses her long legs to climb through the middle ropes, pausing for a second to flash her smile and give a cheeky wink to the cameras. Her sense of doubt is seemingly subsiding as she enters the ring. She climbs up one of the turnbuckles, wrapping herself up in her feather boa once more as she flutters her eyelashes at the camera. She then drops her boa to the ground, letting out a maniacal laugh that resembles the wail of a banshee as she drops down from the turnbuckle and begins to ready herself for her match.

CLARA MARTINS: And their opponent...she is LADY MAGDALENA!!!

"Tear Away" by Drowning Pool plays throughout the arena as the audience boos loudly! Once the beat kicks in, the man formerly known as Colton Sterling steps out from behind the curtain, a smirk on his face as he looks out at the audience, the Global championship around his waist. He listens to them boo him before he nods and begins to make his way down to the ring.

CLARA MARTINS: And her partner, he is the current HKW GLOBAL CHAMPION....KOL!!!!

Kol doesn't pay attention to any of the fans as he makes it to ringside before he slowly circles the ring, keeping his eyes locked on the squared circle. Once he's circled the ring fully, Kol hops on the apron and wipes his feet on it before entering the ring. The current Global champion then finds the nearest corner and climbs to the middle turnbuckle, a small smile appearing on his face as he raises the title to some boos. Kol hops off and hands his title to the ref after he kisses it before he removes his jacket. He then slowly makes it to his corner and stretches there as he waits for the match to start.


Beth Keaton & Levi Chambers vs Elijah Black & The Crimson Baroness vs Kol & Lady Magdalena


The match begins with Lady Magdalena, Beth Keaton, and The Crimson Baroness. TCB goes right after Beth, but the young woman sidesteps her, forcing her to pump the brakes. When The Baroness turns around, she eats a chop to the chest from Beth, but before Keaton can do anything else, Lady Magdalena grabs her from behind and spins her around. The Frenchwoman then rocks her with a spinning elbow, sending her through the ropes and out of the ring! TCB then attempts to strike Lady M next, but the Lady is far too quick for her as she catches her with a sweeping hip throw!

WILLIAM BURKE: It looks like the Lady has gained control for her team right off the bat!

EL CABRON MALO: Now she can tag in Kol and he can do all this damage!

But the Lady doesn’t tag the current Global champion in, instead taking a look at him before she grabs The Baroness once more, lifting her up before hitting an elevated gutbuster that has her writhing around the mat, clearly in pain! The former Hybrid champion then goes for the cover, wanting to pick up another big win!

WILLIAM BURKE: What an elevated gutbuster by Lady M! She goes for the cover!




EL CABRON MALO: I can smell the chaos that’s about to happen soon, Billy!

Magdalena gets to her feet and looks over at Kol before she tags him in to a chorus of boos. Kol drops down from the apron and quickly drops Beth with a clothesline before sliding back into the ring and going right after TCB. He picks her up and looks right at Black before hitting a snap suplex! He picks TCB up again and looks over at Levi before hitting another snap suplex! Kol then gets one of his future challengers up again but instead of hitting a third snap suplex, he drops TCB right on her head and goes for the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: Kol and Lady M doing a good number on TCB right now!

EL CABRON MALO: Smart play by the champion and his tag-along tonight!




Kol chuckles after the kickout, but he gets to his feet, not bothering to argue with the ref. Instead, he lands a knee drop to the face of The Baroness, who rolls around the mat, holding her face in pain. The HKW Global champion then looks over at his partner and tags her back in. The two then show some teamwork as they pick TCB up and hit a double team suplex before he rolls out of the ring.

WILLIAM BURKE: Well, I’m a little surprised! Lady Magdalena and Kol are actually working together!

EL CABRON MALO: If our champion wanted, he’d win tag team titles with your ugly ass wife, Burke!

Lady M looks down at TCB, then sees Beth try to make her way back into the ring, but she quickly drops her with a spinning heel kick to cheers from the audience! But while The Lady was distracted by that, TCB was able to make a quick tag out to Elijah, who quickly clips the knee of Magdalena to boos from the audience!

WILLIAM BURKE: And just like that, the match’s momentum shifts in the blink of an eye!

EL CABRON MALO: And you’re loco if you don’t think Elijah is looking to wear some people down before the match at the end of January!

Black gets to his feet and stomps away at the knee he just clipped, clearly trying to injure Lady M. But Kol sees this and not wanting his partner to be a wounded animal, gets Black’s attention from the apron. Elijah then shoots forward and tries to grab Kol but the Global champion hops down. Beth then attempts to get back into the match with a springboard crossbody...but nobody’s home as Elijah ducks at the last second! The former AONS holder then waits for his opponent to get to her feet before he drops her with a running calf kick! He then goes for the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: Black may have just taken Beth’s head off with that! Is the team of Elijah and TCB walking out victorious tonight?!




EL CABRON MALO: Not enough!

But Elijah doesn’t stop there as he looks at his next target, none other than the former Hybrid champion, Lady Magdalena. She gets to her feet, but she is instantly dropped with a superkick that nearly sends her falling out of the ring, only for the former Lionheart champion to drag her back in before covering her!

WILLIAM BURKE: Black is on fire and that superkick caught Lady M right in the jaw!

EL CABRON MALO: This would be huge if he picks up the win here!




The Michigander shakes his head in annoyance after the kickout, but he proceeds to take his frustrations out on the Lady, tossing her out of the ring before grabbing Keaton and throwing her in his corner. At this point, Elijah and TCB continuously tag one another out as they stomp away at Beth, then pull her out of the corner and hit a legsweep/clothesline combo before the legal competitor (TCB) goes for the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: Elijah and TCB are a surprising well-oiled machine too!

EL CABRON MALO: No surprise! Their both eeeeeeeviiiiiillllll!




TCB shakes her head after the kickout, clearly believing she deserved the three count there. So the young woman out of Philadelphia picks up her rival and looks ready hit Dom’d, but Lady M trying to re-enter the ring forces TCB to drop Beth to the mat! The former Bloodlust champion then runs forward and catches Lady M with a dropkick, sending her falling right back out of the ring!

WILLIAM BURKE: Arguably a smart move there by The Baroness!

However, when TCB turns around, she is absolutely rocked with a European uppercut!

EL CABRON MALO: Beth just bought herself an opening with that European uppercut! She might let Levi into this match!

Keaton then crawls over and eventually jumps, tagging in Chambers to a huge pop from the audience! Levi hits the ring and quickly takes TCB down with a big boot! Elijah then enters the ring, but he eats a discus clothesline to another huge pop! Kol then thinks about entering the ring, but before he can even make his decision, Levi grabs him and drags him back into the ring before catching him with a double underhook suplex! Chambers gets to his feet afterwards and pumps up the audience, who all love it!

WILLIAM BURKE: Levi is laying everyone out right now!

EL CABRON MALO: I hate this guy.

Lady Magdalena then re-enters the ring and both her and Levi took at one another. Lady M is the first to make a move, going for a spinning heel kick, allowing Chambers to grab her from behind and hit a snap German suplex before he goes for the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: Chambers with a CRISP snap German right there! Might be enough to secure his team victory!




Levi’s attention turns back to The Baroness, who is slowly helping herself up using the ropes. So he watches her turn and face him before he motions for her to make a move, which she does, allowing him to catch her with a snap scoop powerslam! The Canadian then goes for the cover!

EL CABRON MALO: Dios mio, don’t let blondie win over here!




Chambers looks over at the recovering Beth and tags her back in to cheers from the audience! She then enters the ring and waits for TCB to get to her feet before she catches her with a snapmare, forcing her into a seated position! Keaton then hits the ropes in front of TCB before catching her with a sliding forearm smash! Beth then quickly goes for the cover, believing she’s got the victory here!

WILLIAM BURKE: Beth with the sliding forearm smash! She’s got the cover! She might have the win!




EL CABRON MALO: Not enough, pendejos!

Beth rolls back over to her corner and tags Levi back in to another round of cheers! Levi then settles himself into a corner and watches TCB like a hawk, allowing Lady M to go unscathed as she crawls over to Kol! Right before she tags in Kol, Levi damn near breaks TCB in half with a spear! He goes for the cover as Lady M tags Kol in!






Keaton races into the ring, looking to defend her partner, but not before Black blindsides her with a lariat! He grabs her and tosses her out of the ring before following her out of there! As Kol and Levi begin trading punches in the ring, Beth catches Elijah with a spinning heel kick! But as she turns around, she eats a spinning bicycle kick from Lady Magdalena!

WILLIAM BURKE: Looks like all hell is breaking loose again!

Levi, after catching Kol with a back elbow to the face that sent the Global champion falling back into a corner holding his nose, quickly runs and sails through the ropes, hitting a suicide dive that gets everyone on their feet!

EL CABRON MALO: Since when the hell can Canadians hit suicide dives?!

Kol shakes off the elbow and looks at everyone outside of the ring, so he smiles and walks over to a corner, climbing all the way to the top turnbuckle and looking to hit a dive...only for TCB to pull at his legs, forcing him to come crashing down head first onto the top turnbuckle!


The Global champion then stumbles right into a kick to the gut, allowing TCB to hook both of his arms and drive him right near the center of the ring with a double underhook DDT! She turns him over and goes for the cover, the audience gone silent!







The audience remains silent, shocked that TCB managed to just pin the Global champion. However, after the ref raises her hand while she flashes a huge grin, she tells a ringside worker to grab the title and hand it to her, which he does.

WILLIAM BURKE: I can’t believe it! Our final show of 2017 ends with the longest reigning Global champion falling to The Crimson Baroness!

EL CABRON MALO: Say what you want about her, but TCB is phenomenal at finding ways to beat you and she just proved she can find a way to beat the Global champion!

As TCB celebrates with the title to boos, Lady Magdalena slides back into the ring, gone unnoticed by The Baroness at the moment. Once the winner of tonight’s match turns around, she eats a spinning bicycle kick that drops her to the mat and sends the title out of her hands!

WILLIAM BURKE: Well, have a good night TCB!


As we hear Malo drop his headset, Lady Magdalena looks at the Global championship before picking it up and looking at her reflection, then raising it high to a huge pop! Levi, Beth, and Elijah all watched from outside of the ring, all three shaking their heads. Meanwhile, Kol stares daggers at Lady Magdalena, clearly annoyed that she’s raising his title high as the show comes to an end.

WINNER: Elijah Black & The Crimson Baroness (17:01)
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