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RISE | IT'S TIME 2; 01/03/18
Topic Started: Jan 3 2018, 09:18 PM (412 Views)
Sean Sands
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13-19 in NABA
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Show Date & Time: January 3rd, 2018 at 8PM EST on EVOLVE!
Location: UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Commentators: Cyncity, Eli Zayn

“The two of you have made a dire mistake,” the familiar voice of Trenton Rothschild, better known as Trent Easy, sounds out before the scene even fades in from black. When it finally does, we simply see a single light source in the darkness, shining on the back of a seated figure cloaked in a puffy, white fur coat. “We gave you a chance. A chance to walk away mostly unscathed. A chance to escape with your hopes and dreams still in tact. All you had to do was hand us the titles.”

He clears his throat, and shifts his weight, a quiet moan of pain escaping his lips as he does so. It now becomes apparent that a low, steady panting, almost growling can be heard not far off camera.

“You chose instead to let your hubris shine through. You were either too proud or too fucking stupid to take the obvious way out, and instead… you came dangerously close to ruining my chance to become the 2018 Young Gun Cup winner,” venom starts to seep into his tone as Trent slowly gets to his feet, swaying a bit in place, the growling growing in volume. “Now, simply removing the tag team championships from your waist won’t be enough.”

Trent finally turns toward the camera, taking a step forward revealing dramatically taped up ribs beneath the fur coat and a snarl the likes of which we haven’t seen before.

“We’re going to decimate you. We’re going to pick each of you apart, limb from limb, and leave you scattered across the ring. If you leave the arena with a bone that hasn’t been broken by Goliath,” he pauses as he says his partner’s name, allowing time for the growling monster to step into frame, only slightly illuminated by the light. He wears an expression much angrier and more intimidating than ever before, and his fists are clenched tightly. “You’ll be in luck. But I don’t see that happening.

“I hope you’re ready for a fight, nerds. Because the Hills are coming.”

“Too cold. Too fuckin’ cold!”

Lo Savea was shaking in his Timbs even inside the building. Si seemed to be handling it a lot better, telling his brother to “man up” and “stop being a bitch.” Lo continued by saying that he’s certain Si was adopted, to which Si replied with “we were born out the same womb!”

The two brothers continued to argue until Calvin Stevenson approached the RISE newcomers with a microphone in hand. He asked what the duo was doing there, to which they simultaneously replied with:

“We work here, cuh.”

Calvin nodded his head and went on to say that he knew that, but neither man was booked. Lo immediately blurted out “seem to be a normal thing. We won our contracts ‘bout two months ago and we already made more appearances on Defiance than we did on RISE.”

“Yeah we’re highly touted as the white guys would say. They recognize that Defiance needs real talent especially in that tag team division and who’s more real than us. We know, our Cuh knows it, and soon every last one these wastes of space in Rise will know it. Ain’t that right Lo?”

Lo nodded his head and let out a loud “MMMMMMHMMMMMM!”

Shrugging his shoulders, Lo turned to Si and whispered something to him that wasn’t picked up by the cameras. After getting the nod from his brother, Lo looked back over at Calvin Stevenson and told him: “Who knows? Maybe we’ll even fuck some shit up tonight? This waiting game foul, cuh. We should had a match even if it was against another couple o’ rednecks from MISSISSIPPI!”

Lo’s playful demeanour switched right up, the smile on his face fading away to something more serious. “Y’all gon realize real quick that lettin’ these two boys sit around and not do a thing a huge mistake. That’s when accidents happen…”

Lo pulled his arms out of his t-shirt and walked down the hall. Si remained with Calvin Stevenson to speak his final words.

“Let tonight serve as the warning to "Witch Hunter Robin” We ain’t fuckin round. We want what is ours and THAT is those belts they carry. And we don’t care who we gotta run through to get them. That is a fact!”

Si bumped past Calvin as he makes his way into the building catching up to his brother.

The cameras in the back as the show opens catch the current RISE Tag Team Champions, Alistair Hart and Robin Carnegie as they head out towards the ring for the opening match, belts securely around their waists over their leather gear. Alistair seems especially eager, talking with more animation than usual to Robin as they go over last minute plans for the match. Robin cautions that they’re going to have one hell of a time getting Trent in the ring at all, unless he thinks it’s time for the pin. Alistair nods, and tells her that he knows that, so maybe they just take Goliath out of the equation as fast as possible, even if it means resorting to methods more suitable for their opponents to use.

Robin shakes her head a tiny bit but then she nods, a light coming up in her eyes it seems as she adds that while they strive to always do the right thing, to be the example, that if it means they’ve protected the innocents, the fans of RISE, then it’s worth the cost. They slap hands, and move to wait for their music to play, Alistair showing more of that energy by restlessly pacing near the curtains. He says that he wouldn’t be surprised if Trent hijacked a microphone once his team hits the ring and rants, and Robin laughs softly. She says to him that if he does, that’s fine - it will make shutting him up far sweeter. He’s skated through everything in life because his family is rich, and that’s his destiny, he’ll never become anything under his own merit and if they are defeated tonight, it’ll be because of Goliath. Alistair tells her to keep her eyes on the prize, and that together they’ve proven they can take out Goliath. Trent can pay the piper afterward, just like before if it comes to that.

The pair turn towards the curtains and in unison drop their hands, gently lacing their fingers in a show of solidarity before they move closer.


The Hills vs Witch Hunter Robin ©

The match began with Goliath and Alistair, Goliath instantly gaining control with a nasty powerslam before hitting an elbow drop and going for the cover, getting a two count!

In the 2nd minute of the match, Goliath hit a sitout powerbomb and went for the cover, but was only able to pick up a two count! Around a minute later, he hit a release German suplex before covering his opponent again and getting another two count! He then connected with a piledriver in the 4th minute before going for the pin once more, only to pick up a two count again!

Alistair was able to plant Goliath with a DDT a minute later before tagging out to his partner, allowing her to hit a diving elbow drop before covering him and getting a two count!

This offense didn’t last long as Goliath, in the 6th minute, took Robin out with a lariat! He covered her, but only got a two count! A minute after that, he hit a spinning crucifix toss before going for the pin once more and picking up another two count! In the 8th minute, he hit a gorilla press drop, then went for the pin yet again, but Robin kicked out at two again! Trent was tagged in a minute following that, wanting in the match, before he connected with a sitting meteora, covering Carnagie once more, only for Alistair to break up the pin!

Goliath then tried going after Alistair, but he pulled down the ropes close to him, sending the big man out of the ring! Trent then clipped the bad knee of Alistair before he turned his attention back to Robin, going to pick her up...only for the young woman to surprise with a small package pin! The ref slid down and made the count as they got the ONE...TWO...THREE!!!

The bell rang and Witch Hunter Robin quickly bailed the ring, picking up a shocking defense over The Hills! They were given their titles back as Trent watched from the ring before he began throwing a fit, knowing he had been caught with a similar trick as in the past. But WHR didn’t care as they raised their titles high.

WINNERS (and STILL champions): Witch Hunter Robin (10:21)
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Sean Sands
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13-19 in NABA
In the back, C.T. Roessler is sitting in front of a table. The table seems mostly bare, almost out of place, but sitting atop it, evenly spaced out from one another, are three different tools of Constantine’s other trade, including a deck of cards. He stares at them with a longing expression, his shoulders slumped.

“A lot of people keeping saying that there’s no place for me in this business.That I should go back to doing magic, or focus solely on wrestling. As if my magic is somehow detracting away from my abilities,” he sighs, reaching out and touching one of the items. “Am I the only person in this business with other hobbies? I’m pretty sure there are several people in the industry that are working for multiple television shows or movies in addition to their wrestling. Some people own gyms or clubs or other companies. What’s the difference between what they do and what I do?”

C.T. stood up and paced in a circle for a moment, before retaking his chair and reaching out to touch the deck of cards.

“I might not be able to magic my way out of a sleeper hold, but I’m going to keep doing what I love. And there are only two things in this world that I love, wrestling and magic. So, make fun of me all you want. Mock my tricks and call me a fraud. I don’t care. Tonight, I’m walking out of this building the Great Lakes Champion.”

C.T. finally stands up once more, this time turning toward the camera with confidence and a smirk.

“And it won’t be an illusion.”


Ace Watson (Defiance) vs Kenni Killswitch (RISE)

The match started off with Ace taking quick control over the match with a hip toss that got the audience on his side immediately!

Watson kept on the attack in the 2nd minute, hitting a bulldog before quickly turning Killswitch over and making the cover, only to get a two count! A minute after that, Ace connected with an Alabama slam before going for the pin once more, only for his opponent to kickout at two!

In the 4th minute of the match, Kenni finally took over and hit a shoulder jawbreaker before she attempted a pin, only getting a two count! A minute later, she performed a kick combo, going for the cover right after and getting another two count! Killswitch then hit a jumping neckbreaker in the 6th minute, going for the pin again and picking up another two count!

Ace took back over a minute following that, connecting with an enzuigiri before going for the pin and picking up a two count! In the 8th minute, he hit a rope elevated DDT, covering Kenni afterwards and managing to get another two count!

Around a minute after that, Killswitch caught Watson before she went for the pin and picked up another two count! Kenni then dropped Ace with a bicycle kick in the 10th minute, going for the cover again and getting another two count! A minute later, she hit a backstabber, covering him once more, only to pick up another two count!

In the 12th minute, Kenni went for a lariat, but Ace caught her arm and quickly turned it into The Replay (full nelson backstabber)! He went for the cover after, getting the ONE...TWO...THREE!!!

After the match, Ace was presented the HKW vs RISE Cup, raising it high while Kenni watched from outside of the ring, annoyed.

WINNER: Ace Watson (12:49)
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Sean Sands
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13-19 in NABA
Zola Star walks backstage with the Evolution title on her shoulder. She has a serious look on her face as she weaves through people before stopping in front of the true Evolution Champion, Gio Amauri. Zola scoffs at Gio before he speaks to her.

Gio says, “it’s great to see that the Evolution Championship has been brought back to RISE territory unharmed.”

Zola rolls her eyes holding the title tight. She goes on to respond in an irritated tone.

“The only reason I’m here to return this title is because I’m contractually obligated, otherwise you’d be entering and leaving without your championship tonight,” Zola says with her eyes squinted.

He raises his hands and shrugs his shoulders slightly to respond with, “It’s the right thing to do, Zola. You need to earn the Evolution title. Anyone can buy a replica belt online and hang it on their mantle or do as they wish. As good as you are, you don’t need to pull these stunts to get your point across.”

Zola sizes him up with his eyes and took the title off her shoulders before reluctantly extending the title to him. “Yeah, you’re right….” She said nodding her head slowly watching him closely as she waited for him to take the title.

He looks at her before carefully reaching for the title wanting to end the transaction without hostility. “Thank you,” he says, nodding back.

Zola lets him have the title and even gives him a warm smile. “May the best person win tonight Gio…” Zola says sincerely before starting to walk out of frame.

Gio takes the title and places it over his forearm, agreeing with Zola he says, “Absolutely. May the best person win.” He watches her walk away for a second, before turning the opposite way as he turns away Zola rushes and knocks him down from behind!

“Psh….may the best person win.” She says in a mocking tone as she stands over him. “I AM the best person. The only STAR in this match and tonight I will be leaving as CHAMPION….DUH!” She says before kicking Gio down while he’s down. Before she can do any more damage Brylee comes to stare her down. Zola laughs and leaves the scene as Brylee checks on Gio making sure he was alright before helping him up to his feet.

“You want to know what’s funny?” she begins as she picks the Evolution title up from the ground and places it back on Gio’s shoulder. “All this proved was how much she is afraid of you. Well that, and the fact she thinks you are more of a threat than I am.” Brylee laughs a little finding humor in that. “I hope you are still going to be able to wrestle at a hundred percent, because if you do the math... she has two enemies in that ring. Not just one.”

Gio manages to get to his feet, giving Brylee reassurance that he was fine. He brushes himself off, adjusting the belt over his shoulder. “You try giving someone the benefit of a doubt, and this is how they do you? Alright...she’s about to find out tonight these games will not work in her favor. I’ll still bring it at one hundred percent, trust me.”

Brylee can’t help but smile, “Good. I wouldn’t have it any other way.” she holds out her fist to him. He returns the gesture for a fist bump as the scene began to fade.

Antoinette Sands & Rebecca Webber vs Hidden Leaf Clan

The Hidden Leaf Clan started things off well, separating Ant from her partner for nearly four minutes as they tagged in and out and just worked her over the entire time.

Ant eventually did tag her partner in and Rebecca took it to them for a good minute or two, showcasing her ability to the others. But it wasn’t enough as they got right back on the attack for the next couple of minutes, wearing Rebecca down.

Eventually, Antoinette got involved, taking Skeemer and Dooder, who were both outside of the ring, out with a diving crossbody! This allowed Rebecca to grab Pocoscole and plant him with a DDT before she hit a diving sitting senton from the second rope, covering him afterwards and getting the three count!

Ant and Rebecca celebrated after the match as Skeemer pulled the other man in the match from their team out of the ring and Dooder began yelling at the two of them for another failure.

WINNERS: Antoinette Sands & Rebecca Webber (10:45)
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Sean Sands
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13-19 in NABA

Bailey Kaitlin Huff © vs CT Roessler

Bailey started this match on offense right as the bell rang, catching CT off guard with a dropkick that sent him crashing into the turnbuckles! She quickly went for the cover, but he kicked out at two!

In the 2nd minute of the match, Huff grabbed a chair and set it on the mat before hitting a hip toss that sent Roessler’s back onto the chair! She covered him afterwards, but he kicked out at two! A minute later, she connected with a jumping knee drop that drove his head into the chair, covering him again and getting another two count! The champion then hit a jumping side kick in the 4th minute, going for the pin yet again and picking up another two count!

CT took over a minute later, hitting an overhead belly to belly suplex outside of the ring before rolling her back into the ring and getting a two count! In the 6th minute of the match, he hit a powerslam onto the chair and went for the pin again, but Bailey kicked out at two! Around a minute after that, he floored her with a lariat, then went for the cover and picked up another two count! Roessle then hit a Samoan Driver in the 8th minute, going for the pin right after and picking up a two count!

Bailey came back with some more weapon use a minute later, sending CT back first into the steel steps! In the 10th minute, she hit a standing axe kick and went for the pin, but he powered out at two! A minute following that, she connected with a double palm strike, going for the pin right after and picking up yet another two count! Huff then hit a snap release German suplex in the 12th minute, going for the cover again before picking up another two count!

A minute after that, she attempted to attack him with a kendo stick, but he dodged the attack, forcing the kendo stick to hit the top rope and bounce back, hitting her in the face! CT then lifted her up, spinned her around, and dropped her with a sitout powerbomb, performing the Dizzy Drop! The ref then made the count, getting the ONE...TWO...THREE!!!

The audience popped huge as CT got to his feet and was awarded the RISE Great Lakes championship before he raised it high to more cheers! Roessle continued to celebrate as Huff was checked on on the outside.

WINNER (and NEW champion): CT Roessler (13:23)
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13-19 in NABA
As the cameras pan to backstage, the audience is greeted by the familiar sight of a glowing green lantern shining brightly amongst the darkness. The logo of RISE is right there upon it, held by matching silhouettes of Gemini like figures. The flame within splinters into two, one dancing left and one dancing right as if drawn to each direction by a magnet. The lantern lifts in the air, two gloved hands holding onto it as mirror images stare into the camera. Athena Adler and Minerva Janus, the sisters unaffectionately known as Twin Tragic. Athena, as per usual, begins to speak first, speaking at length about Divine Supremacy, and how RISE is set to make their mark against the rest of Hard Knox Wrestling, and truly rise up from merely being known as developmental and the beginner’s brand. She states that the pair of them will stand beside Killswitch, Brylee and their captain, Gio, and they will take it to all comers. And it will all begin with Bobby B. Barabbas’ Underground.

Minerva looks distraught as Barabbas’ name is brought up, but composes herself to give a dire warning to Grimes, Findlay, Danvers, Hardaway and Sasso, but most of all, most of all to their former manager. She says that the most fatal mistake he ever made was turning his back on them, followed by costing them their match in the Underground at the Cult Classic Finals. She states that what they do at Divine Supremacy is not only for RISE, their home, the place that they flourished, but for themselves. They are after revenge and ‘by the Goddess’ they will get it.

Athena then takes over, turning the subject to the pair of Josiah Weber and Reed Buchanan, the recently formed team that egotistically believe they have what it takes to bring down the most dominant and successful team in RISE history. She scoffs at what they have been rumoured to have said in the gym, and states that the only future they have is under their boots. Athena then brags of her own recent success, reminding everyone how she defeated Inferno, that whining bitch Mylo Danvers and that forgetful whore Sophie El, and how the last person who truly pissed her off found themselves at the wrong side of a bulldozer in Miami. Adler repeats that her and her sister are going to use them to send a message, a message to the rest of the teams in RISE, to the teams all across Hard Knox, to those they are set to face in the Young Guns Cup and especially those in Team Underground.

Minerva then steps forward, claiming to have seen the future, and this message is a warning shot, and very soon they will drop a bomb that will devastate and annihilate this entire company. Because they are the true risen, and 'It's Time' to not only #ReachForTheDead, but 'It's Time' to #RiseForTheDead. And with that, they blow out the flame, and all turns to darkness.

Daughters of Janus vs Josiah Weber & Reed Buchanan

Reed and Josiah actually seemed to work well to start things off, taking control of the match for the first four minutes or so. It seemed like they were closing in on victory, but a distraction from Minerva allowed Athena to low blow Josiah and give them control.

And control is what they had for a good four minutes of their own, cornering Josiah and making sure to look over at Reed every time they attacked him, especially when putting a boot to his throat. The Janus were in full control, but Weber fought back, taking both of them down before he crawled to his partner and looked to make the tag....

....only for Reed to hop down from the apron, pulling his hand away at the last second! Josiah looked at him in shock before Reed feigned some shock, then grinned! Weber realized this was a setup as he got to his feet before he turned around and ate a leg lariat from Minerva! She then tagged in her sister and the two hit the Downfall of Janus before covering Josiah and getting the three count!

After the two left the ring, Reed entered it and picked the bones, lifting Josiah up before planting him in the center of the ring with a brainbuster! He then mockingly gave him a thumbs up before exiting the ring, the audience booing him heavily.

WINNERS: Daughters of Janus (9:33)
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Sean Sands
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13-19 in NABA

Brylee Brawler vs Gio Amauri © vs Zola Star

The match started with Brylee and Gio instantly going after Zola, forcing her into a corner and stomping away at her before they throw her out of the ring and went right after each other, Gio getting the upper hand early with a clothesline!

In the 2nd minute of the match, Amauri connected with a DDT before going for the cover and getting a two count out of Brawler! Star then tried to go after him a minute later, but he dropped her with a spinebuster before going for the cover and getting a two count!

Brylee took over in the 4th minute, hitting a swinging neckbreaker on Gio before going for the cover and getting a two count! A minute after that, she grabbed Zola and hit a double underhook suplex before going for the pin and getting another two count! Brawler then hit a reverse STO on Amauri in the 6th minute, covering him afterwards and getting yet another two count!

Zola finally found herself on offense a minute later, catching Brylee with a hurricanrana before racing over to make the cover, getting a two count! In the 8th minute, she caught Gio with a double underhook facebuster before going for the pin and getting another two count!

Brawler took control of the match back a minute later, catching Star with repeated shoot kicks before landing a roundhouse kick and going for the pin, picking up a two count! The young woman continued being on offense in the 10th minute, locking in a fujiwara armbar on Amauri, forcing him to grab the ropes and force the break! Around a minute following that, she locked in a Cloverleaf on Zola, forcing the young woman to scream out before she grabbed the ropes and forced the break!

Gio finally found himself back on offense in the 12th minute, flooring Brylee with another clothesline before going for the cover and getting a two count! A minute after that, he hit an elbow drop on Zola and covered her, but she kicked out at two! In the 14th minute, Amauri caught Brawler with a rebound clothesline after she caught him with a high knee, turning her inside out before he went for the cover and got another two count! The champion then focused on his least favorite challenger, grabbing the Chicagoan a minute later and hitting a double underhook suplex before covering her, only to get a two count!

Zola rolled out of the ring after that, forcing Gio to turn his focus on Brylee. He went for the vertical suplex side slam, but when he lifted her up, she slipped behind him! Gio then spun around, but Brylee was ready to strike, catching him with B.A.M. (Diamond Cutter)! She then crawled over to try and make the cover, but Star snuck back in and grabbed her before throwing her out of the ring, then covering Amauri herself! The audience booed as Zola got the ONE....TWO....THREE!!!

The bell rang and the boos got even louder as Zola quickly raced out of the ring after Brylee slid back in to go after her, grabbing the Evolution title and quickly scrambling away, celebrating. Brawler stared daggers at her as she raised the title high, believing she had earned it this time for real.

WINNER (and NEW champion): Zola Star (16:37)
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13-19 in NABA
Just before the Hell in a Cell main event, a video package highlights the long rivalry between Cedric Chambers, and the current RISE Champion, Boaz Kennedy. The first highlight of the video showcases Boaz and Cedric teaming up in their first match with the Hard Knox Wrestling brand, Boaz’s voice coming through to say:

“We’ve been tied to one another from the very beginning.”

The video continues by showing Boaz and Cedric growing as professional wrestlers, Cedric nearly defeating Felicity Banks for the HKW vs. RISE Cup and Boaz going to war with the then GM of RISE, Brett Sands.

As the package continues, it shows Boaz and Cedric staring one another down, then transitions to the contest where Cedric outsmarted Boaz to become the RISE Champion, a huge grin on his face while Boaz looks disappointed.

The next highlight goes straight to Boaz choking Cedric out to become the new RISE Champion, a disappointed Cedric looking on while his voice shouts:


An angry Cedric Chambers takes over the video package, showing him defeating a number of opponents on his way to a rematch with Boaz Kennedy. Boaz’s face takes over the visual, the RISE Championship wrapped around his shoulder as he says:

“I am RISE Pro.”

The final visual highlights Boaz announcing the first ever Hell in a Cell match in RISE history with the champion and challenger staring one another down as the song dies down and cameras transition to ringside.


Boaz Kennedy © vs Cedric Chambers

The cell lowered before either entrant made their way out to the ring. First entrant to the ring was the challenger and former champion, Cedric Chambers, who seemed to be looking a little worried as he entered the cell. After that, the current RISE champion, Boaz Kennedy, made his way out from the back, handing his title off before entering the ring and quickly trying to get at Cedric, only for the ref to stop him and tell him to wait for the bell.

Once the bell rang, Boaz was all over Cedric like white on rice, tackling him to the ground and firing off with multiple punches afterwards that immediately busted Cedric open! The fight went to outside of the ring, leading to Boaz bashing Cedric’s head into the cage a few times.

The first actual wrestling move came in the 3rd minute, where Boaz hit a snap suplex that sent Cedric into the cage walls! But outside of that, it remained to be just a brawl for Kennedy, who drove Chambers’ head into the steel steps and even put his hand on the top of the steel steps before stomping on it.

Cedric finally found an opening in the 6th minute, catching Boaz with a belly to belly suplex before he attempted to go for the cover, getting a two count! A minute later, he locked in an armbar, but the RISE champion was able to find a way out of it! In the 8th minute, Chambers connected with a German suplex and went for the pin again, but only got a two count!

Boaz fired back on offense a minute later, hitting a reverse arm DDT before covering Cedric and getting a two count! Kennedy then pulled out some barbed wire in the 10th minute before he wrapped it around the top rope, then irish whipped Chambers into it, forcing his back to hit it and forcing him to scream out in pain! The RISE champion then sought out to continue punishing his opponent, pulling his arm backwards and forcing his back onto the barbed wire some more! He even grabbed a glass bottle from underneath the ring and slammed it over Cedric’s head, covering him afterwards and getting a two count!

The challenger managed to find a way to escape in the 12th minute, finding some powder underneath the ring and throwing it in Boaz’s face, blinding him! Cedric then kicked the door open and quickly exited before the bleeding Canadian began climbing the cage. But after regaining his sight and seeing this, he began to chase after him!

The two eventually met at the top around the 14th minute and that’s when Boaz attacked him some more, suplexing him onto the cage a handful of times! It was all Boaz on top of the cage as he damn near sent Cedric off of it, but Chambers managed to save himself a handful of times!

In the 18th minute, Chambers caught a charging Kennedy with a discus lariat, stopping him in his tracks! Still in pain, Cedric knew he had to do something, so he quickly picked Boaz up before hitting Plummet From The Sky (lifting double underhook piledriver)....FORCING THE CENTER OF THE CAGE TO BREAK THROUGH AND SEND BOTH MEN CRASHING BACK INTO THE RING!

The audience started a “Holy Shit” chant while the ref looked on in shock, believing both men to be done for! But somehow, Cedric managed to get an arm over Boaz’s chest, forcing the ref to count the ONE....TWO....THREE!!!

The bell rang and the audience booed heavily as a heavily damaged Cedric rolled onto his back, wincing. The cage rose and the ref was handed the RISE championship before he walked over to Cedric and set it down on his chest, not wanting to hurt him by raising his hand.

Medics entered the ring and checked on both men, believing that they were both hurt enough to be checked over. Boaz did eventually come to, and was definitely hurting, but the look on his face was more disappointment than anything else as he looked over and saw Cedric with his title.

The show came to a close at the sight of the brutalized Cedric, cackling as the medics looked him over, the RISE championship back into his clutches once more.

WINNER (and NEW champion): Cedric Chambers (20:26)
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