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Onyx Payne Returning?
Topic Started: Jan 4 2018, 04:48 PM (157 Views)
Onyx Payne
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Rumors are spreading that Onyx Payne may be returning to HKW sooner than we think. As you all may know, she sustained multiple injuries when she went toe to toe with Annie Zellor in a no disqualifying match at War Ready on September 10th 2017. Since then we have been under the impression that she suffered a dislocated shoulder and broken collarbone. Even though that may have been true, apparently it may not be as bad as we all thought.

Onyx Payne has been going through physical therapy since the beginning of October 2017. During that time her physical therapist apparently had noticed how fast she has been recovering and began to wonder if her injury was as severe as her doctor lead on. So he requested that her prior x-rays be re-examined. Not only by her doctor but, also by another and the doctors down at Hardknox Wrestling.

With a thorough look and a few second opinions, it turns out that due to swelling there were some heavier shadows that may have made certain things look more severe than they were. Her shoulder apparently wasn’t completely dislocated and her collarbone was merely a hairline fracture. Just a little crack in the bone. So that would cut back on her healing time and she could return to the ring anytime with some sort of brace on for precaution.

I have to say we are looking forward to her return to the ring it’s just a matter of when and where. When and where do you think she will make her grand return, or do you think this news is too good to be true?
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