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[color=#395361][B]CROWNED[/B][/COLOR] [B][color=#2f2635]ROYALTY[/color][/b] 👑; LIVE! From the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico in San Juan, Puerto Rico | 1.7.2018
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VENUE: José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum of Puerto Rico - SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO

The official theme song for Crowned Royalty, "Crown" by Camila Cabello ft. Grey opens the shows video package, ending with the Crowned Royalty 2018 poster.

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All proceeds made by tonight's merchandise sales will be donated to an endangered animal charity through R.E.A.F.E.R. To find out what charity you donated to, just look for a small endangered animal symbol on your purchase, and what ever animal is represented, that's what animal your money is going towards to help.

Just a few samples of what to look for:

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The cameras hit backstage where the Captain of Team Defiance remains, tightening his kickpads. She adjusts the helm of her military cap and gives a quick look to the mirror. Shadowboxing for a while seems to showcase that she’s primed for her battle with Alexa Corra. She gets close to the mirror, resting her hands against it. She looks into it and begins to speak to herself.

ARTEMIS KAISER: Everything is going according to plan. I’ve done exactly what I needed to do in order to---

Artemis stops mid-sentence and looks up towards the mirror in her locker room. As she does, the lights flicker and the glass breaks. The fragments of the now destroyed mirror fall into the sink with an eerie clatter. Artemis sighs, and turns her head to meet the person who made all the noise happen. As she did, the camera rounds about to her side, and she meets her sister, Sophie. Sophie looms over her with a haunting presence, and most of all, a wide grin. Artemis tips her hat back, her glare unyielding to her sister. She doesn’t even allow a smile to come on her face.

ARTEMIS KAISER: I see you’re here. Competing in Crowned Royalty again? A tournament you’re doomed to fail. Lose to Annie Zellor, and move onto nothing? Or your destruction again in Divine Supremacy. Pray tell, will you actually elicit words to me, dear sister?

Sophie tilts her head slowly, and continues to do so until an audible pop sounds out. Artemis squints at her sister, and starts to brush past her.

ARTEMIS KAISER: Your mind games serve no purpose to me. You allow the Raven to be your marionette, making you into a puppet in her image. It’s sad. It’s why I did what I did to you.

Artemis stops at the door.

ARTEMIS KAISER: What I did made you whole again.

She tries to move on, but the camera pans around to show Sophie at the doorway. Artemis takes a step back, falling for the game that Sophie plays with all. Once she does, Sophie takes an intrusive step towards Artemis. Her frame dwarfs Artemis more than before and it’s not until she’s fully impeding on Artemis’s personal space that the size difference is apparent. Artemis’s eyes show fury, but her body language shows apprehension.

Sophie stands there, motionless but relentless in stopping Artemis’ movement. Artemis stares at her sister with first a look of hesitation, but a head tilt of her own accompanies the intrigued expression that followed. Sophie’s grin is the only thing that moves, lessening down to a neutral frown. Artemis and the crowd doesn’t know what exactly to make out of Sophie’s movement. Yet, when Artemis makes the first step, Sophie sparks to aggressive life, charging Artemis into the nearby locker. The heavy metal clang registers the strength she put behind the action. She holds Artemis by the throat, choking the life out of her. Artemis squirms in her grip, unable to break free. Sophie looks at her sister and brings her fingers up. She brings them closer and closer to Artemis’ face, which brings the crowd to a growing cheer.

Instead of some innate violent action, a gentle gesture follows. Sophie draws a line across Artemis’s face, the red streak that she carries into war. A few daps here and there completes the marking, and Sophie let go out of Artemis. The Last Empress hits the ground, and she reaches slowly for her hat that fell by the wayside. She coughs softly, having regained full control of her breathing. She looks up at Sophie, who simply gives her a smile.

SOPHIE EL: Good luck, Big Sister.

With a cheerful hum contrasting the flickering lights, Artemis guards herself. Yet, when the lights stops, she finds her sister gone. Artemis gets back to her feet, and sighs.

ARTEMIS KAISER: Yeah, thanks. Same to you, I guess.

The camera then goes elsewhere.

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ARTHUR PRICE: The following match is set for one fall. Introducing first!

"I’m living in that 21st Century, doing something mean to it
Do it better than anybody you ever seen do it"

"Power” by Kanye West begins to play over the PA system as the lights in the arena go out A single spotlight at the top of the stage comes on as the song continues and a section of fans begin to boo.

"Screams from the haters, got a nice ring to it
I guess every superhero need his theme music"

A figure with a shawl on walks out backwards from the back and stands still with their arms held out to the side.

“No one man should have all that power
The clock’s ticking, I just count the hours
Stop tripping, I’m tripping off the power ”

The Figure turns around and removes the hood from his shawl to reveal himself as JZ Crowns. The crowd begins to boo together as a unit and JZ stands in a heroic pose as the instrumental of his theme plays for a minute and a half. HE then drops the shawl and walks down to the ring stopping to talk trash to a few fans in the front row. As he slides into the ring the lyrics come back in and he stands on the second rope of the nearest corner raising a fist into the air.

“No one man should have all that power
The clock’s ticking, I just count the hours
Stop tripping, I’m tripping off the power ”

ARTHUR PRICE: Coming to the ring at this time, “The Hero you didnt ask for but needed” J……. Z…….CROWNS!

A single dark purple light begins to swirl through the arena as the words “over and over” are repeated for the intro.

As the main riff kicks in the stage glows in a dark purple and a heavy fog begins to fill the stage. Slowly Tyberius King makes his way through the fog wearing a sleeveless long black jacket covered in black feathers.

Sometimes I feel like I'm dying at dawn
and sometimes I'm warm as fire
But lately I feel like I'm just gonna rain
and it goes over, and over, and over again, yeah

King makes his way down the ramp avoiding eye contact with the fans as his head faces the ground.

Too many flames, with too much to burn
and life's only made of paper
Oh, how I need to be free of this pain
but it goes over, and over, and over, and over again

He walks around the ring before climbing up onto the apron. King then scales to the top rope and looks out at the crowd. He jumps into the ring and then sits on the bottom turnbuckle waiting for the match to start.

ARTHUR PRICE: And his opponent from Baykalsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, he is “The High Exalted”, “El Corneja”, Tyberius King!

Tyberius King vs. JZ Crowns


The bell rings as Tyberius King and JZ Crowns circle each other as the beginning of Crowned Royalty is underway.

GARY PINSON: Crowned Royalty is here! My favorite time of the year! Could we be seeing the winner of this night right now between Tyberius and JZ? Stay tuned and find out!

INA INA: You really need to get out more.

Tyberius went to grab JZ but the “Hero” ducks it and rolls out of the ring. The crowd starts booing as JZ wags his finger at King. King yells at him to get back into the ring and face him like a man, but JZ shakes his head saying that a “real hero plans his attack accordingly.” King rolls out of the ring himself and starts to chase JZ.

GARY PINSON: JZ Crown high tailing it from Tyberius.

INA INA: A hero knows when a fight is not worth his time. A JZ Crown is the greatest hero ever.

GARY PINSON: The fact you can say that and not be struck by lightning might be the best argument against a god ever.

JZ runs to the opposite side of the ring and rolls in, King follows suit and JZ takes advantage and drops the boot to the back of King’s head. He does it a few times before dropping down to his knees and changing to punches to the head. The ref grabs JZ and pulls him off as JZ holds his hands up, smirking as King tries to pull himself up. JZ goes back and grabs King, whipping him into the corner.

GARY PINSON: JZ Crowns taking advantage of his run plan and has Tyberius on the ropes. Can he keep this momentum up?

JZ holds King back and lays an elbow to the head of King. He does it again and again hitting 5 elbows before the ref gets to the count of 5. JZ lets go of King to break the count but goes right back to him. But King counters and tosses JZ into the corner himself. With an explosion of adrenaline, King starts laying knees into JZ as the crowd counts each one. He pulls JZ forward and whips him into the ropes and on the rebound connects a hard scoopslam. King hooks the leg.




GARY PINSON: JZ kicks out and stays alive. Strong rebound by Tyberius King how will JZ respond?

King goes to pick up JZ and grabs his arm. He tries to roll him into an armbar, but JZ manages to sneak free. JZ gets up and trys to hit a side kick on King, but King catches it. JZ counters the counter by hitting a stepup enzuguri knocking King down to the mat! JZ grabs King’s legs and rolls him onto his stomach locking in a boston crab.

GARY PINSON: Boston crab from JZ! Looking to make the ever technical Tyberius king to tap out.

INA INA: That’s what heros do! They make the false heros tap and submit to their will!

GARY PINSON: Phrasing!

King cries out in pain as JZ sits on King’s back, wrenching his lower half backwards even more bending the spine. King tries this best to break free as he pulls himself across the ring. Every inch seems like an eternity. Eventually King gets to the bottom rope and grabs it, forcing the break. JZ lets go as King holds his lower back.

GARY PINSON: JZ may have done enough damage to Tyberius King’s back to start the beginning of the end.

INA INA: Wrap it up now so we can get to crowning Crowns! Yes I went there!

King rolls out of the ring onto the apron to give himself some breathing room. As he pulls himself up by the ropes, JZ goes and grabs him. JZ tries to hit a suplex into the ring, but King blocks it. Instead he counters it into a suplex of his own as he sends JZ and himself crashing onto the floor outside the ring! The crowd starts cheer as the fall knocked both men for a loop. The ref checks both and starts his count.






GARY PINSON: We could see a count out right here! If they get counted out, do they both go to the next round or does the person who faces the winner of this round get a bye?

INA INA: Who cares? We need to do something! JZ could be seriously hurt!

The two start to stir at ringside as they pull themselves up at the count of 7. At the count of 9, they manage to both get inside the ring as the ref stopped his count and resumed the match. JZ is the first back to his feet. King is slower to get up as his back is baring the brunt of the damage. King comes at JZ and tries to hit a running sambo suplex, but JZ counters into a Bankshot! The kick hits King right in the face as he falls back. JZ takes advantage and goes for the pin.



Thrrreeee….KICK OUT!

GARY PINSON: Tyberius King kicked out before the three!

INA INA: Only a villain would kick out

GARY PINSON: Just stop. It’s to early in the night for this.

JZ is shocked that he kicked out and shakes his head. Slapping the back of King’s head, JZ climbs the ropes to the top of the turnbuckle. He waits for King to stand back up. When King does JZ jumps off locking for his corkscrew stunner, Crowning Achievement, but King catches him! King grabbed JZ out of midair in a German Suplex before snapping him back. After the suplex, King keeps hold of JZ locking in a rear naked choke in the center of the ring for the Kingdom Come!

GARY PINSON: JZ is trapped in the center of the ring! I don’t know if he can break this hold!


King squeezes tighter on the choke as JZ tries to fight it off but soon can’t take the air restriction and is forced to tap out.


ARTHUR PRICE: Here it your winner by way of submission, Tyberius KING!

Over and Over by Pallbearer plays as Tyberius King lets the hold go as JZ catches his breath. King holds his arms up in victory as he advances to the next round of the tournament.

GARY PINSON: What a great match from these two. I can’t think of a better way to start the night off!

INA INA: Shut up. This is a robbery of crowning the Crowns!

King rolls out of the ring as JZ yells at the ref then the crowd that he was cheated out of a win.

WINNER: Tyberius King (13:59)
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The show cuts backstage to where Annie Zellor is psyching herself up for the biggest night of the year so far! Ready dressed in her ring attire and accompanying ‘Make Piledrivers Sexy Again’ t-shirt, Annie is pacing back and forth, tying up her wrist tape as she begins to speak.

ANNIE ZELLOR: It’s finally here!

She exclaims, excitedly. A wide grin spreading across her face as Annie looks upwards, away from her wrists.

ANNIE ZELLOR: Crowned Royalty; eight of the best wrestlers in HKW competing in a tournament to see who follows in the footsteps of Lyza Reyes or Fran. And, like, every day for the last two months I’ve looked at that poster ... and I’ve seen my face staring back at me, showing me how far I’ve come, and I know what I need to do to go further...

She nods her head as the pacing stops. With her wrist tape secured, Annie turns to the camera, smiling to herself as she takes a deep breath.

ANNIE ZELLOR: And, like, I don’t actually mind whether it’s Sophie, Ty, or JZ across the ring from me. I don’t mind who I’d meet in the final; I’ve been busting my butt to get ready for this show ever since I first arrived back here in HKW. I’ve doubled up since I actually got announced to represent Defiance in this tournament. Studying all seven possible opponents - monsters, heroes, kings, crows, falcons - all of them! And then there’s me.

Annie mouths the word “pow” as she pounds her fist into her palm.

ANNIE ZELLOR: ‘Cause ever since I signed back with HKW last year I’ve been ready for a chance like this. A chance to finally show the fans how much I’ve grown since I was first here. And how much better I’ve gotten. To show them why I’m ready to step up and become a champion again this year. And it starts now. It starts tonight!

She almost yells, pointing down at the ground for emphasis. Her breathing is becoming more labored as she continues, but Annie keeps that smile on her face as she gets ready to speak again.

ANNIE ZELLOR: And if that means I’ve gotta beat Sophie first, then I’ll hand her another L to add to that growing list. I’ll pop her POW!

Annie feigns a right hook.

ANNIE ZELLOR: Right in the kisser, and send her back to Subversion. Then it’s the hero of RISE, or--


A look of annoyance immediately washes over Annie’s face as the familiar barking of everyone’s least favorite Canadian can be heard before he so abruptly barges his way onto the scene in true Aries fashion. The blonde mad man gives the camera a passing glance, motioning toward it slightly before turning his attention to his adversary.

ARIES ARMADAIST: I’m sorry, did I interrupt your big triumphant promo for the big Crowned Royalty Tournament? The one where the mass that is your face is unfortunately plastered on 95% of the poster? My mistake. I know a thing or two about doing promos for Tournaments… I also know how disappointing it is when they don’t end like you want them to. But, I digress.

Aries almost rolls his eyes into the back of his head as he throws enough shade to encompass the darkside of the moon. Annie, in the meantime, showing the patience of a monk as she lets Armadaist ramble on, staring daggers through him all the while.

ARIES ARMADAIST: BUT, I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT! I’ve been a patient boy. Probably more patient than you deserve, and I’m tired of the constant dicking around when it comes to the question of this big grand stipulation that your going to tack onto our Divine Supremacy match. It’s already a Dog Collar Match, like I requested. It’s already a FUCKING TITLE MATCH thanks to the GREAT PEOPLE THAT SIGN MY PAYCHECK OVER ON UNDERGROUND, so what else could ya want Zellor? Starbucks on a pole match? Loser has to record a cover album of 90’s songs? Worse yet, if I lose will I actually have to eat one of those nasty, grease trap cheese sandwiches you’ve slapped my illustrious restaurant's name on?

The facetiousness is practically dripping out of his mouth as he speaks.

ANNIE ZELLOR: None of that.

She states, firmly, as Annie tries her hardest to not seem intimidated by the imposing Canadian figure before her. Aries stares daggers in her direction, but still Annie doesn’t back down.

ANNIE ZELLOR: Nah, see I realized something along the way, Aries. If you think I cost you the Cult Classic, there’s always gonna be another tournament you can enter. If I beat you for the HKW North American title, or the WCS International title, then there’s always more titles you can win. And even watching you drink Starbucks - instead of wearing it—

The jab about Endgame doesn’t go unnoticed as Aries grows angrier still.

ANNIE ZELLOR: —and even though you really should try a PHILLY CHEESEDEATHSTEAK, I’m not gonna force it as a punishment.


The two wrestlers stay silent for a moment, the tension building between them as Aries lurches forward, looming over his rival. For the slightest moment, Annie looks worried; she knows that getting attacked now will severely hamper her chances in Crowned Royalty. But she promised Aries she’d tell him what stipulation she wanted to add tonight.





ANNIE ZELLOR: I wanna make it so the loser can’t use the piledriver anymore! THAT’S WHAT I WANT, ARIES! I WANNA MAKE PILEDRIVERS SEXY AGAIN!

Aries’ head suddenly jolted backward, for once in his life the boisterous bully is at a loss for words. Instead of his usual loud diatribe, all Aries seems to be able to get out is stammers and sputters. His head darts back and forth, constantly looking back over his shoulder, and back to Annie, his sense of befuddlement seemingly unrelenting.


Aries actually began to shake his head slightly, much to the surprise of all those watching. He quickly caught his mistake though, letting that rage filled snarl take back over before lurching forward once again.


The Canuck began to stammer once again, the big man actually starting to retreat as he backed away from his opponent, any facade of overwhelming rage giving way to the simply fact that Aries Armadaist may actually been shaken at the thought of losing his beloved finisher. A defiant index finger was fired in Annie’s direction as he finally managed to blurt out.



She yells back as Aries slinks away, visibly shaken at the thought of possibly losing his piledriver. As soon as he disappears around the corner, Annie falls back against the wall, breathing heavily as she looks back to make sure Aries isn’t about to reappear. She wipes the sweat from her brow as the show cuts elsewhere.

Posted Image

ARTHUR PRICE: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a first Crowned Royalty tournament match!

The sounds of “Jager Yoga” by CSS begins to play throughout the arena as Annie Zellor steps out from behind the curtain; the fans in attendance begin to cheer as Zellor keeps her head down, bouncing from one foot to the other in time with the music. She raises her head, rocking out as she looks out across the crowd. Annie stands there with her feet apart, raising one hand up high with the devil horns, before finally heading down the aisle.

ARTHUR PRICE: Ladies and gentlemen, making her way to the ring from Staten Island, New York. Weighing in at 125 pounds … ANNIE ZELLOR!

Some HKW fans reach out for the high five, and for those fans Annie happily obliges. But she tries to drown out the small proportion of them who jeer her from a distance. Zellor climbs up the ring steps and stops on the apron, taking another moment to look out across the crowd before she flips backwards over the top rope to enter the ring. There, Annie heads to her corner and climbs a turnbuckle as she waits for this match to get started.

ARTHUR PRICE: And her opponent…

Left for ten seconds to their own mechanisms, the crowd can only communicate among themselves. Nothing happened within those ten seconds, causing fans to look among each other for answers. Without warning, all the lights in the arena die out, leaving only darkness over the audience. Lights from camera flashes illuminate the setting before a spotlight fades in. It focuses on the entrance way. The light sound of rain begins, accompanying fog seeping from underneath the stage. In a somber whisper, a voice calls out.

“The blackest night falls from the sky. The darkness grows as all light dies. She craves your hearts and your demise. By her black hand, the dead shall rise.”

Suddenly, obtuse instrumentals blast the audience. The source, “Machine Gun” by Portishead, infuses with the dreary atmosphere generating on the stage. Fog tinted by rich purple lighting starts to overwhelm the stage, but in the midst of it...a silhouette appears. Stepping out of the all-consuming fog, Sophie El hides her face behind a black veil and her body until a lacy black cloak. On her head, a crown of lilacs, a symbol of passing, offsets the funeral colors that she chooses to bear. She starts down the ramp, not giving a single look to any of the jeering audience.

ARTHUR PRICE: Coming from Paradise itself...weighing in at 157 pounds...she is the Undying...she is SOPHIE EEEEEEELLLLLL!

Sophie stands at the end of the ramp, standing with her hands interlaced. She continues to the stairs, to which she robotically climbs. Once on the ring apron, she slumps on the ropes, before quickly getting into the ring. The awkward pacing of her entrance shows some sort of discourse in the mind of Sophie El. When she gets to the center of the ring, she removes the veil and the crown. As she places it away, she leans onto her corner lazily, lolling her head side to side. As the lights come back from the baptism of deep purple, Sophie’s gaze is shown. Her eyes are glossed over as if none of the world around her matters.

Annie Zellor vs. Sophie El


The opening bell sounds and first-round Crowned Royalty action gets underway! The Puerto Rican crowd is heavily behind the #sparklebuddy Annie Zellor - fans chanting her name and some even yelling out “Break the Curse!” referring to the HKW posterboyorgirl curse.

The Sophie El fans in attendance remain quiet, captivated by the presence of the mysterious first daughter of Subversion. Zellor is the first to push out of her corner, but Sophie El slides right of the ring, keeping her eyes set on Zellor. Annie asks Sophie was she’s doing and goes out of the ring after her, only to catch a thrust kick from the Undying one!

Sophie doesn’t waste any time and rips Zellor up to her feet, only to send her head and shoulder first into the protective barricade!


Delayed, the referee finally starts his ten count, but Sophie El pays no mind to it. She puts the boots to Zellor’s back, stopping only to pick her up and drops her throat first onto the barricade!


Sophie pulls Zellor up and tries to do the same thing once more, but the former No Limits champion slides down Annie’s back and pushes her face first into steel ring post!


Favoring her throat, Zellor moves in the direction of the downed Sophie El and mounts over the top of her. Zellor begins pummeling away at every inch of Sophie’s face, the fans at ringside taking pictures and chanting “MAKE HER BLEED!”

GARY PINSON: Wow don Wowie. These fans here in Puerto Rico are some savages!


GARY PINSON: Ina! Sophie El was brutalized by her own flesh and blood not too long ago! Even you can’t be that heartless.

INA INA: I’m not, but this is Crowned Royalty and there needs to be blood! YOU BLEED FOR THE CROWN, HUN! THOSE ARE THE RULES!


Zellor pushes herself back to her feet and steps onto the apron. The referee encourages her to get back into the ring, but Annie has different ideas as she dives off the apron and connects with a diving knee attack straight to Sophie’s grill!


Zellor pops right up to her feet, momentarily favoring back and wincing before she tries to pump up the crowd even more. She reaches down and pulls Sophie up by her hair, but Sophie pushes Annie’s arms away, kicks her in the kneecap and spikes her head into the floor with a DDT!


GARY PINSON: Um...they’re getting awfully close to being counted out, Ina!

INA INA: It wouldn’t be Crowned Royalty if a match didn’t end in a draw, Gary.

Sophie looks up at the referee, her icy stare getting him to stop his ten count and back away. Sophie turns her attention back to Zellor, the referee popping his head out between the top two ropes while yelling for the competitors to bring it back to the ring.


Frustrated that the referee yelled right into her ear, Sophie turns around and mudders something to the referee. The referee stays in place while Sophie turns back to Zellor, watching as Annie charges her way!


Before the referee can get the full number out, Sophie pops Annie over her head, causing Annie to go head to head with the referee! The referee drops to the mat, Zellor holding onto the ropes while she rubs her head and asks the referee if he’s okay.

GARY PINSON: Look at that, Ina! One curse is broken already with the dreaded countout curse! Are we going to see the Starbucks Sovereign break another curse with the poster curse?!

INA INA: Oh my gawd, shut up about these curses! Only losers believe in curses! Either way, Sophie’s the one who broke the curse since she popped Annie up and made her bash heads with that stupid referee!

With Annie talking to the ref, Sophie takes advantage of the situation by ripping Annie’s outside foot down, forcing Annie to land hard on the apron! Sophie pulls Annie off the apron and proceeds to hammer away at Zellor’s back with double ax handle blows until Zellor drops to the floor!

Placing her boot on the back of Annie’s head, Sophie turns to the crowd, silencing those that believed she may have been still hurt. She pulls her boot off Zellor’s head, looks inside the ring and sees that the referee still hasn’t moved. With evil intentions in mind, Sophie circles around the ring and finally reaches underneath the apron. Once she pulls her hand back out, the crowd gaps at the sight of a crowbar, Sophie licking her lips as she brings it to closer to her face.



GARY PINSON: That maybe copyright infringement, Ina.


GARY PINSON: Mary and Joseph, Ina! Aren’t you FROM the Defiance brand?!

INA INA: So what, Gary?! I’m not there anymore, am I? I’m team HOP! And besides, who are you to question me?! People still don’t know how you’re supposed to act, including the person writing this right now!

GARY PINSON: W-w-what?!

Sophie inches closer and closer to her opponent, the crowbar still grasped in her right hand. The former Hybrid Champion looks to see the referee still lying motionless, turning her head to see Annie charging her way and connecting with a step up enziguri! Sophie keeps the crowbar clutched in her hand until Annie steps on Sophie's forearm and grabs the wrist!

Zellor shouts “I’ll break your wrist!” in an attempt to get Sophie to drop the crowbar, but the Undying one continues to hold on! Annie lets go of the wrist, stands upright and stomps on Sophie’s arm once again, this time forcing her to drop the crowbar!

Sophie drags herself across the floor and tries to reach out for the crowbar, but Annie catches her with a low dropkick to the face! Annie reaches down to pull Sophie up, not noticing that Sophie has grabbed the crowbar!

GARY PINSON: Oh no! Sophie has the crowbar!


Zellor slides Sophie into the ring and goes in right after her. Seeing that the referee is starting to stir, Annie turns her full attention to Sophie El. She waits for Sophie to get up and charges forward for a wheelbarrow bulldog attempt, but Sophie swings the crowbar wildly and blasts Annie in the midsection with the edge of it! Sophie sees the referee starting to turn her way and throws the crowbar out of the ring, spinning Zellor around to pick her up and slam her down to the canvas with the “Around the World” spiral bomb! Sophie presses her legs down against Zellor’s arms as the referee wobbles his way in position to make the count!




Zellor manages to get her shoulder out from underneath Sophie’s legs, breaking the pinfall! The referee stands back up to his feet and shows Sophie two fingers, wobbling back to the corner where he rubs his head. Sophie moves in his direction and whispers to him, the ref’s eyes going wide the second Sophie finishes.

The former Hybrid champion turns her attention back to Zellor, only to see Zellor back on her feet! Sophie pushes forward and goes to attack, but Annie catches her with a running thump that sends Sophie into the corner! Zellor takes a few steps back and runs full force toward Sophie, catching her with another running thump, this one knocking Sophie down!

With Sophie seated in the corner, Annie backs away and measures Sophie up. She pushes as forward as fast as he can, and hits her with a third thump, this one straight to the face!


INA INA: Ugh, shut up, Gary.

Annie pulls Sophie away from the ropes, hooks the outside leg on her way to a back press!




Sophie gets the shoulder up, Annie once again mounting Sophie and hammering away with rights and lefts. The referee steps in and starts his five count, but Annie pulls off at three and moves toward the free corner. She raises her arms in the air, the crowd knowing that Annie has the “All that Glitters!” satellite DDT in mind.

Sophie struggles up to her feet, Annie biding her time. The second Sophie stands up, Annie charges forward and goes for patented DDT, but Sophie catches her on her shoulder and delivers a running powerslam! Sophie remains on top of her, the referee sliding in position to make the count!




Sophie glares at the referee but keeps her focus on Zellor. She grabs her by the hair and rips her to her feet, pushing her against the nearest corner. Sophie sits Zellor up on the top turnbuckle and climbs up with her. Sophie locks her arms around Annie’s head and neck area, looking for an avalanche version of her “Blissful Intention” side effect.

Just as Sophie goes to lift, Annie uses the point of her elbow to repeatedly bash Sophie in the cheek again and again and again! After the fourth elbow, Sophie finally drops back inside the ring, Annie taking a moment to shake the cobwebs off while the crowd nearly blows the roof of the arena with a “Let’s go Annie!” chant.

GARY PINSON: This audience LOVES Annie Zellor tonight!

INA INA: And it’s all your fault! They should be cheering for Sophie!

GARY PINSON: How is it my fault?! Actually, don’t answer that.

INA INA: I wasn’t going to.

Watching as Sophie start to stand upright, Annie catches her balance on the top rope and squats down while she waits. Sophie finally rises and turns around, only to caught by a diving version of Annie’s 540 kick!!



After nearly beheading Sophie, Zellor crawls toward her opponent and makes the pin, this time hooking both legs!




Sophie just gets her shoulder up! Annie slides her left hand down her face and double checks the count with the referee, but unlike most wrestlers in HKW, she doesn’t argue with him. Instead, Zellor drags Sophie towards the ropes and pushes her opponent's throat on the one in the middle, the crowd on their feet for Annie’s signature maneuver.

GARY PINSON: Are you ready to Rough N Tumble, Ina?!

INA INA: I’m ready to rip your ears off and put them on Mr. Potatohead. Mmmm. Potatoes.

With Sophie in perfect position, Annie bounces off the ropes and comes back to hit her with her Tiger Feint Kick -- but Sophie pulls her head out of the way! Annie ends up on the apron, Sophie catching Zellor with a shoulder block that sends Zellor to the floor! Not wanting the action to end up on the outside again, the referee tries to block Sophie from exiting the ring, but Sophie moves her out of the way and goes right after Zellor!

Sophie stomps her way toward Zellor, watching as she struggles to get to her feet. Sophie decides to help her out, grabbing at the hair and ripping Annie up to her feet, but Annie stops her in her tracks with a jawbreaker! Sophie stumbles back, holding her jaw as she does so. Annie, on the other hand, spots the crowbar right next to her foot and picks it up!


INA INA: Yaaaas! Get DQ’d you shrimp!

The referee steps in front of Annie and pleads with her to drop the crowbar, but Annie only stares at it. The referee continues his begging, Annie raising the crowbar over her head! Knowing she’d get disqualified, Annie finally hands the crowbar over to the referee! The referee runs around the ring to move it as far away as possible, Annie moving towards Sophie to pick up where she left off, until…


Sophie blasts Annie on the chin with a second crowbar! Annie’s body goes limp, dropping straight to the floor. Sophie, however, didn’t want to win via countout and rips the unconscious Zellor to her feet. She slides her into the ring, follows in after her and pulls Annie up to her feet. Sophie watches as the referee slides into the ring, immediately connecting with her “Red Javelin” koppu kick! Sophie hooks the leg, the referee sliding in position to make the count.





ARTHUR PRICE: Here is your winner… SOPHIE EL!

Sophie’s icy glare remains on Zellor, immediately pulling her hand away from the referee as he tries to raise it high in the air. Sophie exits the ring, kicking the crowbar underneath the apron before she walks up the entrance ramp while the referee checks on Zellor.

WINNER: Sophie El via Pinfall (19:27)
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We open up at ringside, the camera fixed firmly on the commentary team of Gary Pinson and Ina Ina as they smile into the lens and try to ignore the screaming fans clamoring behind them to get into the shot. Gary looks over at his broadcast partner, and smiles even wider.

GARY PINSON: Welcome back to ringside, everybody! We're here in beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico, and the Crowned Royalty is officially underway! Ina, give us an idea of what we should be looking for as this tournament progresses.

Ina Ina glances at Gary but then stares straight down the barrel of the camera with a wide smile of her own.

INA INA: Well, for starters, in the first round of the tournament we'll get to see the likes of Annie Zellor and Tommy Evans fight for their right to advance, and if they're smart they might strategize to-

Before Ina Ina can articulate the rest of her thought there's a flicker in the arena lighting grid and the tron lights up with the images of two wrestling legends hurling their competition around the ring over the years, each flashing a cocky smile to the fans before a shot of them fist-bumping is shown and their images are replaced by the words "THE TRIBE". The intro to "TAKE YOUR PLACE" by the Underachievers begins, and the two men make their way out from backstage to the top of the ramp armed with microphones.

LAWD... LAWD..."

GARY PINSON: It's James Raven and Aidan Collins! What are The Tribe doing here?

INA INA: I don't know. Neither of them is even booked tonight, Gary...

GARY PINSON: An astute observation.

"AK the illest, bring faith to your villages
Pass me the cake and an eighth of that killer
Your brain is at stake, breakaway or be dinner plate
Smoking on broccoli, help her hyperventilate"

The fans cheer as the music plays and the two men make their way down the ramp, both looking somber and serious as they barely acknowledge the crowd along the way. As soon as they reach the ring steps Aidan lifts his good arm and motions to cut the music, a request the production crew obliges. The two men climb through the ropes and into the ring, but they don't pose or even speak to each other. They're here with purpose.

JAMES RAVEN: Ladies and gentlemen, by now you're all aware of the passing of Jackson Magnum.

As soon as the name leaves his lips the air is sucked out of the arena. The fans fall into a dead silence, trying to recover from the punch in the gut of losing one of their icons.

AIDAN COLLINS: His death is tragic, a major loss to our sport. His years in MMA had prepared his body to take one hell of a beating, and his ridiculous accent made any trash talk that he hurled our way exponentially funnier.

The crowd is clearly uneasy, thanks to these remarks, and James steps towards Aidan with a stern look on his face.

JAMES RAVEN: Hey, Blizz! We talked about this, it's not the time or place to bash the guy no matter what happened before. He was a good man. Well, not to me, he was kind of a dick to me... but to others, I hear he was a good man. Maybe not Tyberius King, leaving him in a handicap match against us at Divine Supremacy is super shitty...

AIDAN COLLINS: What, and leaving his children fatherless was cool?

There's a tension in the crowd as many fans try to figure out if this is serious, or part of something bigger, but many more don't waste the time processing and begin to outright boo the members of The Tribe. Aidan and James look around, and realize that this is beginning to get out of hand.

JAMES RAVEN: Look, let me start over. We respect Jackson Magnum, and we mourn his loss to the industry and more specifically to HKW. It's unfortunate that we ended up aligned against each other right off the bat, because in another scenario Aidan and I could have aligned with our Irish brother... but in THIS scenario... well...

AIDAN COLLINS: In a show of good will, we sat down and put together a small video package of some of our favorite Jackson Magnum moments, to honor his memory, and pay tribute to "Superman Prime".

The arena lights dim and the Tron lights up once more with a slow-motion close-up of Jackson Magnum as he bobs and weaves inside an HKW ring. There's a murmur in the crowd as they move past the comments made by The Tribe, and become enamored with the visage of their fallen friend as he shadowboxes. Jackson demonstrates the skill that made him a MMA champion, throwing strikes seamlessly in succession.

Suddenly, a fist flies into the shot from the right and connects hard with Jackson’s jaw, wobbling him noticeably as the clip speeds up to its regular pace. The fist belongs to none other than Aidan Collins, who rushes Jackson and quickly hurls him with a snap suplex.

INA INA: What the hell…

A black title card on the video package reads: “Jackson Magnum, In Memoriam”, in a dull white font. In the ring, Aidan and James try to hush the crowd with a finger over their mouths, as if they are offended that people aren’t respecting their homage.

The title card fades and the video package transitions to clips of the Tribe beating up Magnum, as Chopin’s Nocturne in E-Flat Major plays tenderly. First, we get treated to the Tribe’s debut at the Golden Opportunity Rumble, where the group assaulted Jackson and Tyberius King. Jackson is held by T-Money as Aidan punches him in the stomach; he crumbles to the ground when released. When he finally fights his way back to a standing position, he is planted by an elevated Flight of the Raven, as James springboards off of Aidan’s back.

We then cut to Jackson standing in front of a large crowd at his live New York performance. He is knocked off his feet as Aidan attacks him, eventually ramming him face first into the podium. The camera slowly zooms in, revealing that two of his front teeth are wedged into the wooden surface of the dais.

The package transitions to Jackson being beaten up during the course of his career in HKW. There are plenty of clips of him being leveled by the finishers of other superstars, being hit with various weapons, and being dropped with blows to the head. The package concludes as Felicity Banks hits Jackson with a low-blow at EndGame. Jackson lies in the ring defeated, as the camera looks on from above, slowly panning out and spinning away.

Another black title card reads: “Jackson Magnum, Punching Bag. Rest in pieces.”

The crowd let’s out nothing but boos and they hurl insults at The Tribe. The crowd looks hostile as they continue to voice their opinion.

JAMES RAVEN: I honestly thought this was going to go better...

AIDAN COLLINS: HEY! HEY! Don't boo us! We wanted to make a video honoring the guy, it's not our fault he didn't look good against us! We're good guys, fuck you!

Suddenly the crowd lets out a pop which causes The Tribe to turn around. Tyberius King has made his way onto the ramp and doesn't look anywhere close to being happy. He calls for someone to toss him a microphone.

TYBERIUS KING:There’s nothing good about either of you two assholes.

The crowd cheers for Ty who looks as angry as he can be as he stares at the two with a look of hate in his eyes.

TYBERIUS KING:You two could have come out here and made fun of me and that would have been alright. You could have made a video package about you guys handing my ass to me on a silver platter. Instead you two showed the world you’re the biggest scumbags on the roster. You two wish you were a quarter of the man Jackson Magnum was! So now you come out here and try to defile his legacy to make yourselves feel a little bit better. Well I’m not going to stand for it!

The crowd is fired up from King’s words and a “Wad-jet-hotep” chant breaks out.

TYBERIUS KING:I don’t care that I’m going into our match alone. I don’t care that you have the advantage, because you’re going to need it. When I’m in the ring with you two douchebags I’m going to make you regret this exact moment. You can think I don’t have anyone on my side but soon I will show you just how wrong you really are. So for now how about you just get the hell out of that ring and go back to your hotel room and finish jerking each other off.

King drops the mic to another pop and then just heads backstage. The Tribe are left alone in the ring looking frustrated as the crowd starts to throw trash at them.

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ARTHUR PRICE: The following is a Crowned Royalty first round match! The match has a 30 minute time limit and is scheduled for ONE FALL!

Charlie Valentine walks out on stage and stops mid-ramp. The opening to Deftones' "Cherry Waves" plays as a small screen of smoke cover the ground of the stage. As the first rift blasts through the venue, Nest walks through the curtain breathing heavily, keeping his head down. Valentine walks around to ringside. Nest looks out to the crowd briefly before eyeing the ring ahead, making his way down the ramp with an alarming sense of urgency. Nest stops right before he gets to the apron and gives a loud roar. He rolls in the ring and starts cracking his knuckles as the music dies down.

ARTHUR PRICE: Introducing first, representing Defiance, accompanied to the ring by Charlie Valentine....NEST!!!

A loud noise echoes throughout the arena as the fog machines kick on, spewing slow-moving smoke up on the stage and all down the ramp. As the smoke begins to rise and spread out, the sounds of gunfire accompanied by loud exclamations echo throughout the arena as the intro of Machine Gun Kelly’s “Warning Shot” blares over the sound system. As MGK yells “Let’s Go!”, Tommy Evans rushes onto the stage to a loud pop. Then as the first verse kicks in, Tommy charges forwards and leaps up onto the barricade, squatting down into his signature Suicide Pose.

ARTHUR PRICE: And his opponent, representing Subversion, he is TOMMY EVANS!!!

Tommy hops down from the barricade into the crowd, pushing his way through as different fans slap his back and offer him drinks of beer. As his name bursts out through the PA System, he hops back up onto the barricade, this time at ringside, holding a fist into the air. In one fluid motion, he hops from the barricade to the middle rope of the turnbuckle, climbing up to point at the other side of the crowd with his Suicide Pose again. He then drops down into the ring, removing his hoodie and handing it to the referee.

Nest vs Tommy Evans


Tommy stares at Nest for a few seconds, clearly not knowing exactly how to attack his latest opponent. The NKP Grand champion then attempts a straight up head-on approach, but Nest catches him with a nasty chop that drops the young man and forces him to roll away! As Tommy tries to not feel the pain in his chest, his gigantic opponent closes in on him, lifting him up before tossing him across the ring to lots of groans.

GARY PINSON: I think it’s safe to say that Nest is manhandling Tommy Evans right now!

INA INA: Looks like an ass whooping and a half happening right now and we’ve barely started!

Evans slowly helps himself up using the ropes before turning around, only to run right into a running crossbody block from Nest! The wind seems to be knocked out of Tommy after that while the audience can all be seen wincing in pain at that move. Nest does not go for the cover though, opting to pick up Tommy and sling him over his shoulder before running around a bit, then planting him with a running powerslam! The #1 contender to the No Limits championship then covers his opponent!

GARY PINSON: Good lord, Nest might crush Tommy’s ribs at this point!

INA INA: If he hasn’t already!




The audience cheers as Tommy powers out, but the young man rolls onto all fours afterwards and begins to cough, clearly feeling overwhelmed at the start of this match. Nest slowly gets up, not showing any signs of emotion as he picks his young opponent up and irish whips him into a corner. Evans leans up against the corner before Nest runs forward and crushes him with a corner splash! The Wisconsin native falls to a seated position after that, allowing Nest to charge to the opposite corner, hit the turnbuckles there, then run back and hit a cannonball senton! The audience groans in pain once again as Nest drags Tommy away from the ropes and covers him again, hooking no leg as she does so!

GARY PINSON: Nest might be looking to murder Tommy Evans at this point!

INA INA: If he hasn’t already! It’s already over, Gary!




Tommy throws his shoulder up once more, though this seems to surprise the audience more than Nest himself! Instead, the big man from North Carolina rises to his feet and looks over at Valentine, who begins calling for the end. Nest then picks up Tommy and looks to go for his patent tombstone piledriver, only for Evans to realize the danger he’s in and slip behind him! The young man then kicks the back of Nest’s knee, forcing him to drop on it, before he hooks his head and plants him with a DDT to cheers from the audience!

GARY PINSON: What a smart move there by Tommy! He’s just bought himself at least a few seconds to recover!

INA INA: A few seconds is right. Nest is already up on all fours after that. That didn’t even hurt him. That tickled him!

Nest seems to get to his feet first, but Tommy is up seconds later. The big man then charges at his opponent, but Evans is too quick, pulling down the ropes and forcing Nest to fall to the outside! Tommicide then waits for his opponent to get up on the outside before he sails through the ropes and hits a suicide dive, sending Nest crashing into the barricade, but still standing on his feet! So Tommy gets right back in the ring and does the same thing he did two seconds ago, this time connecting with an elbow suicida that drops his opponent after he hits the barricade again!

GARY PINSON: Tommy is giving Nest a fight right now!

INA INA: And it’s going to end with him getting dropped right on his head in the end!

The Oshkosh native looks at the fallen Nest, then back at the ring, before taking one last look at his opponent and letting out a sigh, knowing getting him in the ring was a challenge itself. So Tommy went to work, picking up the former LDFC champion and eventually rolling him back into the ring. He takes a few deep breaths, clearly exhausted, before he hops on the apron. He then jumps onto the top rope before leaping off and catching Nest with a springboard 450! Tommy eventually turns him over and goes for the cover, barely hooking one of his meaty legs!




INA INA: Well, you got excited for nothing.

Tommy looks at Nest in disbelief after the quick kickout, realizing he didn’t even get a two count! He gets to his feet and screams for Nest to get up as he stomps away at the mat, the audience getting behind him with clapping in rhythm to that. Once the big man does get up, Evans goes for the flying head kick, but Nest shows some of that unreal quickness and ducks the kick at the last second! Tommy then sharply turns around and eats a shocking leg lariat from his huge opponent!

GARY PINSON: OH WOW! A leg lariat from Nest!

INA INA: Imagine if Tommy wins this match somehow! His next opponent would be having slim pickings! But we all know Nest is about to put this match away in a bit!

Nest slowly picks Tommy up with one hand before he asks him if he likes suicide dives, then tosses him over the top rope and out of the ring! Evans hits the ground hard as Nest watches him, waiting for the Wisconsin native to rise to his feet. Once he does do that, the North Carolina native bounces off of the opposite ropes before sailing through the ropes in front of him and hitting a suicide dive on Tommy Evans! Nest then throws him back into the ring before sliding in and making the cover, forearm to the face and a leg hooked lazily!

GARY PINSON: My god, Nest has some phenomenal athleticism!




INA INA: At this point, Tommy is just being a stubborn idiot! Let the man pin you and he won’t keep putting you through hell!

Nest shakes his head after the kickout before he gets up and walks over to the corner, exiting out onto the apron before climbing all the way to the top turnbuckle! The #1 contender to the No Limits championship then waits for Tommy to rise to his feet before diving off and hitting a flying clothesline! Nest then goes for the cover again, hooking a leg once more!

GARY PINSON: Flying clothesline by Nest! Tommy is in trouble!




The big man shakes his head once more after the kickout before he gets up and grabs one of Tommy’s arms, forcing him up as well before performing an arm wrench, than hitting a hook kick, flooring his opponent again! Nest goes for the cover again, screaming at Evans to stay down!

INA INA: If I was Tommy, I’d listen to Nest!




The audience pops again as Nest shakes his head, getting to his feet again. He looks at the hurting Tommy and shakes his head before looking over at Valentine, who tells him to finish the match already. Nest then picks up Tommy with ease before throwing him into a corner. As Evans leans up against the corner, Nest comes charging in and hits a corner yakuza kick! The monster then backs up, allowing his young opponent to stumble forward and faceplant the mat! Nest, seemingly fine with the damage he’s caused, turns Tommy over and goes for the cover!


INA INA: Good night, Tommy Evans! I hope everyone else is watching this massacre right now!






Nest looks at the ref with a scowl after he’s told that it was only a two count! The big man then gets to his feet and calls for the end before he pulls Tommy up by his hair, then slings him over his shoulder. As he marches around with a half unconscious Evans, the audience begins to boo as JAXON QUEEN makes his way over the barricade!

GARY PINSON: That’s- that’s Jaxon Queen!!

The NC native spots Jaxon, but Valentine doesn’t as he’s spun around and dropped with a jumping cutter! Charlie is out and Queen is grinning, the audience half cheering him for this! Nest drops Tommy to the mat and goes over towards the ropes to threaten Jaxon, who just backs away, heading over the ramp once more and racing off!

INA INA: He just pissed Nest off some more! Don’t do this, you beautiful bastard!

As Nest is shouting after Jaxon, Tommy is slowly recovering and realizes he needs to take advantage! So he gets close enough before connecting with his flying head kick, stunning Nest and forcing him to stumble backwards into a schoolboy pin!







ARTHUR PRICE: Here is your winner...and advancing to the next round...TOMMY EVANSSSSSSSSSS!!!!

Tommy releases Nest and quickly rolls out of the ring, clutching his ribs in pain as the ref comes around and raises his arm in victory. Meanwhile, Nest glares at Tommy, who pretty much hightails it out of there afterwards, knowing damn well Nest is not in a good mood.

GARY PINSON: Tommy picks up the big first round win!

INA INA: Give the assist to Jaxon, please!

GARY PINSON: Well, while that may not have been the way Tommy would’ve liked to win, he took advantage of an opportunity!

INA INA: Oh, but if someone you and these people didn’t like did that, we’d never hear the end of it!

Nest goes to check on Valentine afterwards, glaring in the direction Queen raced off to.

WINNER: Tommy Evans (14:52)
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We cut to the backstage area where Eli Zayn can be seen, microphone in-hand, standing in someone’s dressing room. He wastes no time diving into his introduction.

ELI ZAYN: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time… the HKW Bloodlust Champion, Ashlyn De Luca.

The audience in Puerto Rico pops as De Luca nods to Zayn, appearing as the camera pans out, though she doesn’t appear dressed to compete.


ELI ZAYN: That’s what I wanted to ask you. As we know, you were in New Jersey just twenty-four hours ago and had no obligation to come to San Juan for Crowned Royalty. Sooo, what brings you here?

The beltless champion shrugs a little.

ASHLYN DE LUCA: I wanted a chance to see it all go down up close. It doesn’t necessarily involve me, but it’s still history, right? So I wanna see the winner. I wanna see the action.

Ashlyn narrows her eyes a little.

ASHLYN DE LUCA: And if Flame is here, I wanna see if I can finish what Em and I started a few weeks back and put his creepy ass down-- snatch my goddamn belt back. It’s been too long, Eli. Pisses me off every day that goes by and I don’t have the hardware to go with the title, you know?

ELI ZAYN: I understand. And it’s clear to me and others that you’re even willing to fight alongside Emilio Vialpando for a shot at getting that done.

There is a mixed reaction-- mainly a resounding chorus of boos-- at the mention of Vialpando. Ashlyn smirks slightly, hands now on her hips as she nods a little.

ASHLYN DE LUCA: Ahhh, I mean… I’m not proud of it. But you do what you gotta do, right?

ELI ZAYN: And you can trust him?

The audience boos again, clearly deciding for the champion. De Luca looks off into the distance for a moment, considering the question before she glances back to Zayn.

ASHLYN DE LUCA: Flame came back and no one asked his ass back, alright? I want my title. Emilio wants his dignity. And the both of us want peace of mind. Reality is, we get rid of Flame, and we get all that. We have to go through Hell’s Asylum to do it, and that’s not something we just skirt through-- y’know? It’s not… it’s not something you walk out of the same way you walked into. But we need to get it done. For different reasons, we both need to get in there… and get this thing done, man. So-- I can’t say what happens after Divine Supremacy. But right now, we’re each other’s best shot.

Eli nods a little, taking it all in.


The interviewer seems conflicted on whether to comment or not, but he shakes his head a little as if dismissing the thought.

ELI ZAYN: Best of luck then. Hope you enjoy the show, Ashlyn.

ASHLYN DE LUCA: Word. Later, Eli.

Zayn turns and walks out of the room while Ashlyn pushes the door closed… though she lingers in the doorway, the camera catching her expression as she sighs to herself. Biting her lip, Ashlyn’s gaze is downcast before she shoots a glance in the direction Zayn left, considering the implication made by the interviewer. Exhaling, De Luca finally closes the door and we fade away.

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ARTHUR PRICE: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a singles match with a thirty minute time limit! Introducing first...

As the riveting beat of DJ Snake’s Ocho Cinco remix blasts, the energizing flow pushes forth Tristan Martinez as his red jacket glows from the lights that shines down upon him on the stage. The fans roar, cheering him on first sight. His head pops up, hoodie pops off, he unzip out of his jacket, tossing it to the side before his bare-chested self zooms down the ramp, slapping as many fans hands as he can slap before sliding with flare underneath the bottom ropes.

Popping up onto his feet, he jumps up and down, throwing up his hands with the heart shape to the fans as he finishes with a quick prayer before heading to his corner to which the music fades out.

ARTHUR PRICE: ...from Calabasas, California ... Standing six feet, one inch and weighing in at one hundred and eighty-two pounds, TRISTAN.....MAAARTTTINEEZZZ!!!!

GARY PINSON: eek plah

INA INA: beek plah

ARTHUR PRICE: And his opponent...

With the lights still light there's a loud falcon cry that surrounds the arena before the lights dim to pitch black. Slowly 10 Toes by. Nipsey Hussle hits the PA System as the letters LAX begin to pulsate on the Knoxtron. As the intro instrumental of the song comes to and end there's a pause....

10 toes in these chuck t's
When it come down to it
Still getting more money, more bitches
More love than a nigga screaming fuck me

After these words are spoken there's yet another loud falcon cry as eyes of a Falcon are seen in the background of the LAX lets. They lead into a video package of Felix's highlights of his career. The lights in the arena begin to flash white, pink and grey as Felix is seen standing there on the top of the stage looking out to the crowd with a smirk on his face.

ARTHUR PRICE: Making his way to the ring...From Compton-Los Angeles, CA...Weighing in at 200 lbs. and standing at 6 feet tall...Representing LAX...EL HALCóN.....FELIX VIALPANDO!!!

Felix then begins to make his way down the ramp ignoring the fans on the way down to the ring. Making it to the ring he slides and and looks around before popping up to his feet. He sprints over to a turnbuckle hopping on the second rope and looks around for a moment before holding up LA with his fingers. Felix then hops down and waits for the match to begin.

GARY PINSON: There’s Tristan with a show of sportsmanship, offering to shake Felix’s hand. That’s nice to see.

INA INA: Ha ha so is Felix’s loud and proud middle finger, get the hell out of here with that fake respect Martinez!

Felix gives a smirk at the look on Tristan’s face before he lowers his hand and pretends to listen to the referee giving a quick rundown of the rules of the match. He gives Martinez a more serious look then and mimes the taking of notes, definitely implying that he knows all there is to know about Tristan in the ring. Tristan continues to look unimpressed at this point though he gives the referee a quick nod to let him know he’s paying attention. As satisfied as he can be at this point, the referee calls for the bell to start the match.

Felix Vialpando vs Tristan Martinez


The match starts with an abruptly interrupted feeling out period, where the pair circle each other looking for any opening, but Felix aggressively bulls in and goes chest to chest with Tristan, using his frame to shove him back a few steps towards the near corner! Tristan clearly dislikes this and shoves him with both palms in the chest only to have Felix actually pieface him ala the Three Stooges and then with Felix’s fingers gripping his face Vialpando leads Martinez around in a circle laughing at him mockingly until Tristan gets heated and bursts into a flurry of kicks at Felix’s legs! Felix falls to a knee and Tristan runs, hopping up the turnbuckles to the top but as he turns to set up for a Rope-walking Hurricanrana here’s Felix and he kicks the ropes and Martinez loses his balance and crotches himself on the turnbuckles as the men in the front row recoil in sympathy. Felix is quick to capitalize and leaps up to capture Tristan’s head and sets him up for an elevated Cradle DDT, his Falcon Warning DDT! He’s quick to float Tristan over and hook the leg attempting to end this match right out of the gates!




GARY PINSON: Tristan is obviously in trouble here after that spill from the top, but can you blame him!

INA INA: He’s a grown man he should have worn a cup Gary!

GARY PINSON: That’s the most heartless thing I think I’ve ever heard you say, Ina that’s just awful.

INA INA: Coach says walk it off Gary! Come on, get with the program.

Felix clearly intends to keep control of the match as after the kickout he comes up off the mat with young Tristan still in pocket, yanking him up for a Sidewalk Slam! Martinez arches up off the mat and writhes a bit but he manages to avoid the stomps that Felix is sending his way by rolling towards the ropes! He rolls right out to the apron and weathers a kick to the ribs as the ropes prevent Vialpando from getting full on contact. He ducks through the top and second rope then just as Tristan sits up and grabs the second strand to help him to his feet and he ends up headbutting Felix unintentionally! Felix reels back and holds his head as he staggers, and Tristan takes a moment to gather himself before he slides back into the ring.

He stalks Vialpando as he recovers and hits a Handstand Headscissors Takedown! He scrambles up for a cover but before the referee can drop to count Felix jams his fingers into Tristan’s mouth and Fishhooks him! He grins widely as they come off the mat and the referee warns him so he lets go, though he seems a touch surprised that Martinez didn’t try to bite him. He throws up the LAX then and laughs uproariously at the look on Tristan’s face, right up until Martinez catches him right on the button with a Superkick! He topples hard and Tristan drops to pin, though he fails to hook the leg.




GARY PINSON: And a close call there for Felix! He took a moment to gloat and it almost cost him the match!

INA INA: I don’t know what you’re watching but from where I’m sitting I think that Felix is just luring him into a trap! Lulling him into a false sense of security!

GARY PINSON: Are you mental? Wait, don’t answer that. Frankly while I could see Felix plotting for things to be a certain way, he’s not the most methodical man in the world, even you can admit that.

INA INA: I ain’t got to admit shit if I don’t want to. What are you new? Felix is a fantastic wrestler and you best start putting some respect on his name!

Tristan realizes his mistake and shakes his head, frustrated at himself for such a basic thing being skipped but he reigns it in and comes up to his feet, a game Felix staring at him after he kips up and squares off again. The pair circle and then shoot the ropes, a couple pass exchanges go on as Felix leapfrogs Tristan and Tristan does the same on the rebound and then as they’ve gathered the momentum they want both men come back at each other with huge Lariats and lay each other out! They hit the mat hard and are still, the referee going to check each man as the fans yell some support out for both wrestlers. The referee begins a count, but at about five Felix flops over to his side and props himself up on his elbow. Tristan rolls onto his stomach and the referee backs off. Martinez uses his hands to push up off the mat until he’s coiled up on his feet, crouched, and he waits for Vialpando to get to his feet.

He does and then turns looking for Tristan, who rockets up off his crouch and takes him down hard with a huge Fisherman’s Buster! He goes for another pin, this time securing it far better by stacking Vialpando up on his neck and putting his full weight on him!




The fans explode into a loud mix of cheers for Tristan’s efforts and boos for Felix breaking free of the pin! Tristan takes a huge breath and focuses, he moves to catch Felix up under the arms to lift him off the mat but Felix grabs him into a fast inside cradle!




GARY PINSON: WOW! You just can’t give Felix Vialpando any wiggle room at all, he’ll get you!

INA INA: What have I been telling you, fool? I thought you were a fan of Tristy though, it’s nice to see you on the right side of things. For once.

GARY PINSON: Are you being serious right now? Both of these young men are incredible in the ring!

INA INA: You are softer than a stack of pancakes Gary. Jesus.

Tristan looks shocked after he breaks free, he knows that Felix almost had him and he certainly doesn’t want that to happen again, he’s much more cautious now that both men are back on their feet. As they circle waiting for an opening, there’s chanting going on and for a split second Felix looks away towards the fans. During that instant of distraction here comes Tristan with a huge Jumping Neckbreaker! Down goes Felix again like a sack of bricks, and Tristan is really feeling it now as the fans cheer him on. He goes for a Standing Shooting Star Press but NO! As he flips up come Vialpando’s knees and he crashes into them hard!

GARY PINSON: He wiped out on that! His ribs are going to feel that for awhile!

INA INA: Could have been worse, could have been off the top rope!

Tristan rolls around holding his ribs which were still sore from earlier and up comes Felix, pulling him up to his feet and putting him into place for his Omega Driver, Falcon Call! Tristan tries to escape but Felix has him right where he wants him and BOOM! He quickly floats Tristan over, hooking both legs deep as the referee slides in to count.





ARTHUR PRICE: Here is your winner via pinfall... FELIX VIALPANDO!!!

GARY PINSON: Just like that the tide has turned and Felix has won with his Falcon Call!

INA INA: WITH AUTHORITY, Gary. With authority!

10 Toes by Nipsey Hussle plays again as Felix gets to his feet, mocking the out cold Tristan and his fans with middle fingers before the referee stops him to lift his hand in victory. He leaves the ring and continues to celebrate up the ramp towards the back.

GARY PINSON: Unsurprisingly Felix is all about Felix here tonight, though that was a good match between these two.

INA INA: Can’t give the man his due, can you? Come on.

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The scene cut backstage to the locker room of Chris and Bri Night as they prepared for their respective matches. Bri looked especially focused as Chris walked over to her and placed his hands on her shoulders.

CHRIS NIGHT: Hey you, how’re you feeling? You good?

Bri half smiles as she nods, placing her hands on his she lets out a long exhale.

BRI NIGHT: I’m just ready for all of this to be over with, that bumbling idiot and his little gang have cost me enough already; I don’t want to waste anymore time on him, you know?

Chris smiles and nods.

CHRIS NIGHT: I know exactly how you feel. I’m pretty over Eli harassing me as well and saying that I’m not any good. Tonight? I end this and prove him and anyone else wrong you doubts me. Tonight I show that I still got it.

She inclines her head slightly and meets his eyes with an agreeable nod.

BRI NIGHT: No more Empire, no more letting other people set the tone… I am sick to death of dealing with idiots in this business and I meant what I said before, we didn’t come here to play games and dance around like circus animals. This is about the wrestling and tonight we remind everyone of that.

He takes a seat down next to her and grabs her hand with his and smiles.

CHRIS NIGHT: You know what? That sounds perfect to me. How did I get so lucky to find someone as smart as you by the way?

He says with a laugh. She smirks a little and shrugs.

BRI NIGHT: I just wanted a good teacher remember? You corrupted me Mr. Night, the rest is all your fault!

Her tone is playful as she leans into him with a laugh.

BRI NIGHT: And I’m glad you did.

Chris smirks and shrugs innocently.

CHRIS NIGHT: I can’t help it, I guess I’m not as nice as they say with all this corruption I’ve got!

He lets out a laugh before placing a hand on Bri’s cheek as he gazes into her eyes.

CHRIS NIGHT: Hey, you know that no matter what happens tonight though, I’m going to be proud of you know matter what, right?

She smiles and nods her head, leaning in to sneak a quick kiss.

BRI NIGHT: And no matter what happens, you’re always going to be the best in the world in mine AND CJ’s eyes, I have it on pretty good authority you’re somewhat of a hero in our house.

He gives her a quick kiss before standing up.

CHRIS NIGHT: Alright, I’m going to go get in the zone for this match. I’ll see you before yours though, okay?

She nods in agreement, standing up herself she quickly hugs him before nodding towards the door.

BRI NIGHT: I’ll see you after you show the world the man and the wrestler I know you to be.

As he leaves she turns to face herself in the mirror, starting to center herself in preparation for her match.

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It would be easy to say that things haven’t gone the way that Eli Carlson had expected them to. Or, perhaps, he’d simply lost sight of what the end goal was. There was the Golden Opportunity Rumble, designed to help him knock off some of the rust that comes anytime anyone gets shelved with an injury for months at a time. Then, he’d been given a showcase match with Alexa Corra right before Thanksgiving. Anyone with a brain and a family would say fuck all that noise. Things with Chris Night had unfolded after that. It was supposed to be quick, easy work. But the little bastard just wouldn’t go away. We won’t even mention his week of roll up hell that he had suffered through in recent times. Needless to say, the Elijah Carlson that stood before the camera now was not the same one that had come in full of swagger. It wasn’t the same one that had shown up two weeks earlier and promised to make an example out of Bri Davenport. Instead, he was a bit more reserved.

ELIJAH CARLSON: You know.. Tonight was supposed to be the night I crushed Chris Night and moved onto bigger and better things. That was what I had promised myself weeks ago when I first confronted him. But as I sat here getting ready for our match tonight I realized something else entirely..

Shrugging his shoulders, Eli laughed softly to himself.

ELIJAH CARLSON: I’ve already proved my point. I’ve already made my statement. The world already knows what I’ve known all along. This isn’t about proving that I’m a bigger star, or a better star. It’s not about proving that Chris Night is pure gutter trash. That’s already been proven. I’m already onto bigger and better things. I walk into Spirit and Pride wrestling and carrying it on my back. They don’t even know who the hell Chris Night is there. I walk into the Young Guns Cup and walk out with a first round victory in under two minutes. Chris Nights old, broken down ass isn’t even thought of in one of the most hotly contested tournaments of the year. Even now, nobody wants anything to do with Chris. Tristan Ambrose didn’t. Nobody does.

Rubbing his hands together his laughter faded and the serious expression returned.

ELIJAH CARLSON: The Artemis Kaisers of this world. The Christian Kanes of this world. The Kol’s of this world. Chris Night isn’t on there radar. But you know who is? Me. I’ve made a name for myself in a company that is noted for its immense amount of talent that rivals that of the Subversion and Defiance brands. I was at the forefront of that company for months. What has Chris Night been at the forefront of in the past five years aside from disappointing result after disappointing result? Hmm? Someone tell me? I’ll wait.

Pushing himself up from his locker where he sat, alone, Eli began to walk out of the shot of the camera. Silence filled the scene for a few long moments before Eli spoke up from off camera one more time.

ELIJAH CARLSON: Better yet, why don’t I just go remind Chris, and every single one of you watching at home, just how big of a star I am. And just how out classed Chris Night is. Regardless of what happens I guarantee that the person being talked about at the end of the night won’t be Chris. It will be me. Like always.


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ARTHUR PRICE: This following contest is a singles match with a thirty minute time limit! Introducing first…

The lights around the arena go dim as the sounds of a guitar riff begin to reverberate from the speakers around the building. On the screens above the entrance way flash highlights of Elijah Carlson’s tenure in 4CW, with emphasis on his match against Jair and his title defense against Scott Stevens at All or Nothing, as well as his debut in the HKW Golden Opportunity Rumble. As the video clips begin to play on, the vocals of Rise Against's “From Heads Unworthy” begin.

”We are the children you reject and disregard
These aching cries come from the bottom of our hearts
You can't disown us now, we are your own flesh and blood
And we don't disappear just because your eyes are shut
Now tell me”

ARTHUR PRICE: Making his way to the ring standing six feet and one inch tall an weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds...

While the singer's voice drags on the final word of the opening verse, the stage is flooded with bright white lights as Elijah Carlson emerges from the backstage area wearing his usual trunks with his first name written across the back, a crown dotting the I, while a mixture of boo’s and cheers reigning down upon him. Paying little attention to the fans, Eli begins his walk down the ramp toward the ring as the lyrics to the song roll on.


At the bottom of the ramp he looks to his left and spots a young kid reaching out to try and slap hands with him. Eli reaches out to slap hands with the kid only to pull away at the last second, laughing at him before turning his attention back to the ring. With ease he ascended the steel ring steps, stepping through the middle and top ropes. As he enters the ring he moves to the far turnbuckle and steps up to the middle rope as the chorus of boo’s once more erupt around the arena. Unphased by it, Eli points at his chest before hopping down back to the mat.

INA INA: Well here he is, the man that’s going to make Chris Night’s life a living hell!!

GARY PINSON: Trust me, Night can handle himself!!

ARTHUR PRICE: ...And his opponent

The lights darken and red pyro suddenly comes out of the entrance way and the lighting turns red, as 'Same Old War’ by Our Last Night blares onto the PA system, and out walks Chris Night.

ARTHUR PRICE: Coming to the ring… weighing in at 200 pounds and hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada… CHRISSSSS NIGHTTTTT!!!

He raises his hands up in the air, as the fans begin to cheer him on. Chris Night then runs down the entrance way and slides into the ring. He then jumps up onto the very top of the turnbuckle and raises his hands. Chris then back flips off the top, and lands on the apron on his feet as red pyro explodes out of all four turnbuckles. He then moves back into a corner and waits for the match to begin.

GARY PINSON: The time for talking is over. It’s time to put up or shut up for these two men!

Both men stare each other down as the official looks at each of them for a moment before calling for the bell.



As soon as the official moves out of Elijah Carlson’s way, Chris Night rushes forward and drives a knee into his ribs, causing him to slump back first into the corner. Night continues the onslaught with a few knees to the stomach before dropping down and grabbing Carlson by both wrists, monkey flipping him from the corner to the canvas. With Elijah down Night goes to run forward but the official quickly steps in the way due to Night’s aggression starting the match. Night ducks under the official and continues the assault, hopping into the air and landing a double foot stomp on Eli’s stomach. Carlson rolls over onto his stomach and tries to catch his breath as the wind was just taken from him… but this doesn’t stop Chris Night’s assault. Night reaches down and pulls Carlson to his feet, Irish whipping him back into the corner.

INA INA: Chris Night is wasting no time getting right to it. Elijah Carlson had some choice words for Chris a couple of weeks ago!!

GARY PINSON: Right now Chris Night is clinging onto those words and using it fuel this attack!

The official tries to talk some sense into Chris Night causing him to back off on the assault for just a moment, but the arena goes crazy when Night waves it off and charges forward again. He begins to pound on Elijah Carlson in the corner, but giving that little cushion to talk to the official helped Carlson recover enough to give Night a rake to both eyes. As Night reaches for eyes blinded, Elijah smirks. He runs forward and clotheslines Chris Night down to the mat and begins to stomp him out with several boots. Reaching down, Elijah lifts Night up and locks him in a sleeper hold beginning to talk trash as he cranks upon Night’s neck. Night reaches back to attempt a jawbreaker, but Elijah releases the hold to drive an elbow into his cranium. With Night stumbling forward, Carlson sprints forward and hops into the air, locking his arm over Chris’s head and planting him face first on the mat with a bulldog. Reaching down, Elijah lifts Night up and tosses him from the ring. Elijah begins to slap his hands together with a taunt as if he had just gotten rid of the garbage, drawing a massive amount of heat to himself from the HKW audience.

GARY PINSON: What an asshole, I can assure you that Chris Night is not going to be finished that easily!

INA INA: I’m pretty sure Carlson knows that, but a little taunting and trash talk never hurt nobody!!

Night begins to make it to his feet and as he does, Carlson rushes forward and jumps into the air, catching wind and clears the ropes, landing onto Night with a suicide senton over the top rope. Both men crash against the barricade and roll around in pain. The audience begins to get hyped from the high risk move, even if it was Elijah Carlson who executed it. The official looks on and begins to count as both men roll onto their stomach and start a climb to their feet.



Elijah is us first and reaches down to pick Chris Night up to standing position from all fours, but Night delivers an elbow into Elijah’s ribs and tosses him against the barricade stomach first. Carlson hits the barricade and lands stomach first over with his upper body hanging in the crowd. Night clubs him in the back before rolling Carlson onto his back, still leaving him draped upon the barricade. Night then climbs onto the apron and looks around as the audience goes bonkers.



Night hops from the apron and rotates himself to drop a leg on Elijah’s neck, causing them both to land into the audience. With both men down and the audience in a frenzy the official continues to count.


GARY PINSON: The audience is getting up close and personal with Elijah Carlson and Chris Night tonight!

INA INA: Nah, ya think…

The two start using the barricade as a crutch to make their way to their feet simultaneously. As they stand to their feet, Night throws a shot at Elijah, but Elijah uses his forearm to block it off and with his free hand punches Night hard enough to make him hit the barricade and fall over it back to ringside. Elijah follows behind him and reaches down, lifting him up by the wrist. He Irish whips Chris Night into the steps, causing him to crash against them shoulder first.




INA INA: I can tell where this one is going already!

GARY PINSON: Did you expect less?? these two don’t care about anything else but getting their hands on one another tonight!!

Elijah reaches down and lifts Night to his feet. He fires a right hand connecting to the side of Chris’s face, but Night answers back with a right hand of his own. Before you know it the two are tussling with one another going shot for shot like two men possessed with rage.




The official rolls from the ring as the bell continues to ring, trying to break both men apart. Carlson and Night continue to fire hands back and forth and as the referee gets in the middle of them, he gets knocked to the floor. Carlson fires another shot and Night ducks it wrapping his arms around Elijah and running him back first into the apron. Elijah Carlson begins drilling elbows into Chris Night’s back as a swarm of officials rush down the ramp and begin breaking the brawl up. The two stay persistent trying to lunge over the officials and continue to strike at one another.

GARY PINTON: You can bet this is far from over. There might not be a winner tonight, but I can assure you these two men will meet again!

INA INA: Yeah, and when they do Elijah Carlson is going to crush him!

As order is close to getting restored, the camera footage cuts to backstage....

WINNER: No Contest Via Double Count Out
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The camera opens up with a dressed to the nines HKW Lionheart Champion DeMarcus Gresham standing right in front of the camera with the title upon his shoulder with the normal deadpan look upon his face. His manager Y’Layna Bryant stands beside him also dressed to impress for this Crowned Royalty night. The Puerto Rican crowd boos at his presence and as usual he pays them no mind at all as he waits for a short time before addressing the masses.

DEMARCUS GRESHAM: As there are those tonight looking to Crown themselves as Royalty there are those who already are exactly that, Royalty. I will be brief of course. Why waste my time in such a place as this. One of the things this belt has always represented is in its name...heart. The heart of the ones in battle. The Lionheart stronger than all others. At this point I feel the Legacy of Lionheart has proven itself to be fruitful in highlighting that. Showing that no matter who comes before me they will fight, they will show heart, and they will be Enlightened. At Divine Supremacy we will introduce the days of old with this championship. Still the need to show the fighters spirit and what better way to do this than with...a fighter. Introducing my next challenger..

The fading of the camera screen leads to the HKW faithful looking at the Knoxtron illuminating. It begins with a words scrolling across the screen…


Suddenly the boom of the PA system begins to play as “Out of My Mind” By B.O.B/Nicki Minaj begins to play as highlights of the former MMA champion, Navorro Williams, begins to play most of it showing his elite grappling ability and highlight submissions. The crowd cheers at the choosing of the wild MMA Star and some do boo knowing what he’s about. After the highlights on the tron ends and fades on the text DEMARCUS GRESHAM vs NAVORRO WILLIAMS. The view returns to DeMarcus who is now showing a slight smirk at his upcoming challenge.

DEMARCUS GRESHAM: Once again. I gift you.

Posted Image

The scene fades at ringside where Arthur Price was ready to announced the next match.

ARTHUR PRICE: Ladies and gentlemen this Crowned Royalty second round matchup is set for one fall!

Cheap pop.

Left for ten seconds to their own mechanisms, the crowd can only communicate among themselves. Nothing happened within those ten seconds, causing fans to look among each other for answers. Without warning, all the lights in the arena die out, leaving only darkness over the audience. Lights from camera flashes illuminate the setting before a spotlight fades in. It focuses on the entrance way. The light sound of rain begins, accompanying fog seeping from underneath the stage. In a somber whisper, a voice calls out.

“The blackest night falls from the sky. The darkness grows as all light dies. She craves your hearts and your demise. By her black hand, the dead shall rise.”

Suddenly, obtuse instrumentals blast the audience. The source, “Machine Gun” by Portishead, infuses with the dreary atmosphere generating on the stage. Fog tinted by rich purple lighting starts to overwhelm the stage, but in the midst of it...a silhouette appears. Stepping out of the all-consuming fog, Sophie El hides her face behind a black veil and her body until a lacy black cloak. On her head, a crown of lilacs, a symbol of passing, offsets the funeral colors that she chooses to bear. She starts down the ramp, not giving a single look to any of the jeering audience.

ARTHUR PRICE: Introducing first...coming from Paradise itself...weighing in at 157 pounds...she is the Undying...she is SOPHIE EEEEEEELLLLLL!

Sophie stands at the end of the ramp, standing with her hands interlaced. She continues to the stairs, to which she robotically climbs. Once on the ring apron, she slumps on the ropes, before quickly getting into the ring. The awkward pacing of her entrance shows some sort of discourse in the mind of Sophie El. When she gets to the center of the ring, she removes the veil and the crown. As she places it away, she leans onto her corner lazily, lolling her head side to side. As the lights come back from the baptism of deep purple, Sophie’s gaze is shown. Her eyes are glossed over as if none of the world around her matters.

A single dark purple light begins to swirl through the arena as the words “over and over” are repeated for the intro.

As the main riff kicks in the stage glows in a dark purple and a heavy fog begins to fill the stage. Slowly Tyberius King makes his way through the fog wearing a sleeveless long black jacket covered in black feathers.

Sometimes I feel like I'm dying at dawn
and sometimes I'm warm as fire
But lately I feel like I'm just gonna rain
and it goes over, and over, and over again, yeah

ARTHUR PRICE: From Baykalsk, Irkutsk Oblast, Russia, he is “The High Exalted”, “El Corneja”, Tyberius King!

King makes his way down the ramp avoiding eye contact with the fans as his head faces the ground.

Too many flames, with too much to burn
and life's only made of paper
Oh, how I need to be free of this pain
but it goes over, and over, and over, and over again

He walks around the ring before climbing up onto the apron. King then scales to the top rope and looks out at the crowd. He jumps into the ring and then sits on the bottom turnbuckle waiting for the match to start.

Tyberius King vs. Sophie El


When the the bell rang it was pretty evident that Sophie looked as if she was still feeling the effects of her earlier first round match up against Annie Zellor. She tried her best to keep her pain at bay as she looked over to the Hall of Famed wrestler in Tyberius King. King on the other hand had a had a bit of an easier path on his way to this second round match up when he went up against JZ Crowns including that it was the very first match of the night so he had more time to recuperate. It was pretty clear that Sophie though as talented as she is was in a bit of an disadvantage. The fans were still hype to see this Defiance versus Subversion match up though with their cheers going towards their respective wrestlers they was going for. The two circled around the center of the ring trying best not to show their hands too early. King lunged towards Sophie attempting to lockup with her but no! Sophie moved out of the way just in time and then followed up with a High Knee the moment King turned around to face him. King went down in an instant and Sophie was there all over him! Along with her mounted punches she scratched and clawed at Ty until the referee pulled her off and gave her a warning. The now deranged Daughter of Subversion laughed this off as she began to walk around the ring waiting for King to get back up to his feet.

As he done so, Sophie sprinted over connecting with a Running Yakuza kick to take him right back down onto the mat. The fans who were on Tyberius’ side booed Sophie as she wore a smirk on her face. One of the reasons for her approach towards this match as of right now was to keep King down as much as possible to try and gather herself more. So far, this plan was working.Ty slowly began to stir only to be dealt with a stiff kick to his ribs. When he went back down Sophie dropped a elbow to his spine. She now got up to her feet and stomped down on his legs a couple times before locking in a Boston Crab. Ty cried out in pain the moment the submission was locked in and stretched out his arms for the ropes.

GARY PINSON: The former Hybrid Champion seems to know exactly what she’s gonna need to do to win this match and advance to the next round.

INA INA: And what’s that, GarBear?

GARY PINSON: Isn’t it obvious? Survive at any cost. Don’t let King get any momentum going because we know just how dangerous this sonofabitch can be with a little bit of momentum!

INA INA: He’s probably too worried about making funeral arrangements for Ma--

GARY PINSON: Shut your mouth Ina. There will be no Jackson Magnum slander tonight damnit!

The fans cheer loud for Ty as he crawls closer and closer to the ropes. Sophie not being as strong as Ty was forced to let go and dropped an elbow to the back to Ty’s neck to stop him from reaching the bottom rope. She looked around to the crowd and placed her finger in front of her lips to shush them, but this only made them boo her even more. Sophie shook her head as she looked back down to King who was holding the back of his neck now in pain. She seemed to be satisfied with her handy work here and placed her boot on the back of his neck. The referee began to count her down until the count of five when let up on him. She took a couple steps back and laughed.

Sophie taunted the crowd as she waited for Ty to get back up. When Ty finally got up to his feet Sophie sprinted over going for a Running Bulldog but no! Ty shoved her off. When she turned around to try and counter this, she was taken down by a stiff lariat. The crowd popped as Ty stumbled back into some ropes and caught his breath.

From that point on King took control of this match up. Sophie tried her best to counter his maneuver when the opportunity presented itself but she was every bit of what she was tryna refrain from being, exhausted. With no energy to fully counter King’s maneuvers Sophie wasn’t able to land her strikes as well as she wanted nor was she able to pull him down with a Judo throw to bring him down!

As the match went on Sophie was able to escape the Wadjethotep Special (Flying Armbar). She thought she was safe on the ring apron but nope! King was there pulling her over the ropes and onto his shoulders as he set up his finishing maneuver...Kingdom Come! It connected and he went for the pin to win the hard fought match up.

WINNER: Tyberius King via Pinfall (14:43)
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The scene cut backstage to Gavin Grimes’ locker room where he’s already in his ring gear. He’s also wearing the armband on his arm that says “UG Captain” on it, representing the Underground.

GAVIN GRIMES: So tonight is one of the biggest nights of the year for me. I come into this match, representing Underground and going up against RISE’s captain, Gio Amauri. Do I think I’m going to win this match? Fuck yeah I do… Now don’t get me wrong, I take RISE as serious as a heart attack, especially considering the folks who’ve come from there… But Gio isn’t me. He’s just getting used to big matches like this but me? I’ve been doing this shit for two years.

Gavin nods his head confidently.

GAVIN GRIMES: I know what big matches are like, hell, I fucking won the Cult Classic. I’ve been killing right now and honestly, who in all of HKW has had a better year than me? Because if I’m going to be honest, I gotta say, the Cult Classic is the biggest deal to of happened in HKW in 2017 and I won that. Me. So, do ya’ll think Gio has got this? You think he’s gonna pull out the clutch match and beat me?

Gavin shrugs.

GAVIN GRIMES: Who knows, maybe the dude will but I can tell you one thing I know for sure, and that’s that I’m as focused as I can possibly be. This match isn’t just about me, it’s about HKW Underground, it’s about bleeding for this fucking brand. Honestly, Underground has given me more than any other place ever has and then some. It’s given me new life even and I’m ready to put it all on the line for the UG. Can you say the same, Gio? Can you? I don’t think you can.

Gavin shakes his head.

GAVIN GRIMES: So tonight… You and me go one on one in a battle for brand supremacy… And I’m not going to be the one lying down in that ring tonight. Nah, you’re gonna get hit by The Crowning from the King of the Underground. Trust that.

He nods and walks off from the scene as it fades out.

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ARTHUR PRICE: The following is a Crowned Royalty semifinal match, scheduled for one fall!!!

With the lights still light there's a loud falcon cry that surrounds the arena before the lights dim to pitch black. Slowly "10 Toes" by. Nipsey Hussle hits the PA System as the letters LAX begin to pulsate on the Knoxtron. As the intro instrumental of the song comes to and end there's a pause....

After words are spoken there's yet another loud falcon cry as eyes of a Falcon are seen in the background of the LAX lets. They lead into a video package of Felix's highlights of his career. The lights in the arena begin to flash white, pink and grey as Felix is seen standing there on the top of the stage looking out to the crowd with a smirk on his face.

ARTHUR PRICE: Making his way to the ring...From Compton-Los Angeles, CA...Weighing in at 200 lbs. and standing at 6 feet tall...Representing LAX...EL HALCóN.....FELIX VIALPANDO!!!

Felix then begins to make his way down the ramp ignoring the fans on the way down to the ring. Making it to the ring he slides and and looks around before popping up to his feet. He sprints over to a turnbuckle hopping on the second rope and looks around for a moment before holding up LA with his fingers. Felix then hops down and waits for the match to begin.

A loud noise echoes throughout the arena as the fog machines kick on, spewing slow-moving smoke up on the stage and all down the ramp. As the smoke begins to rise and spread out, the sounds of gunfire accompanied by loud exclamations echo throughout the arena as the intro of Machine Gun Kelly’s “Warning Shot” blares over the sound system. As MGK yells “Let’s Go!”, Tommy Evans rushes onto the stage to a loud pop. Then as the first verse kicks in, Tommy charges forwards and leaps up onto the barricade, squatting down into his signature Suicide Pose.

ARTHUR PRICE: Making his way to the ring hailing from Oshkosh, Wisconsin, now residing in Hamburg, Germany… Suicidal… Tommy… EVANS!

Tommy hops down from the barricade into the crowd, pushing his way through as different fans slap his back and offer him drinks of beer. As his name bursts out through the PA System, he hops back up onto the barricade, this time at ringside, holding a fist into the air. In one fluid motion, he hops from the barricade to the middle rope of the turnbuckle, climbing up to point at the other side of the crowd with his Suicide Pose again. He then drops down into the ring, removing his hoodie and handing it to the referee.

Felix Vialpando vs Tommy Evans


The two competitors slowly circle the ring as the bell rings, the audience heavily behind Tommy Evans as the two men eventually lockup. Felix gets the quick upper hand with a knee to the gut, forcing his opponent to drop to a knee. Vialpando then hits the ropes to the right of Evans, but when he bounces back, the young Wisconsin native catches him with a hip toss to cheers from the audience!

GARY PINSON: Felix thought he had Tommy right where he wanted him, but Tommy got him with that hip toss!

INA INA: But you can tell Tommy’s still not fully recovered from taking a beating from Nest!

Tommy waits for Felix to get to his feet, catching him with a dropkick that sends him through the ropes and out of the ring! Evans then waits for Vialpando to get to his feet on the outside before he hits the ropes opposite to where he’s at, then sails through the other ropes, taking the king of note taking down with a suicide dive! The audience is fully behind the NKP Grand champion before he rolls his opponent back into the ring, then slides in himself and goes for the cover!

GARY PINSON: Looks like it’s all Tommy Evans right now!




INA INA: Not even close to a three count!

The babyface sighs after the kickout, but knows he has to do more to keep his disliked opponent down. Tommy slowly gets to his feet, clutching at his ribs for a second before shaking it off and picking up his opponent. He then irish whips Felix into a corner before he charges in and catches the Project Continuum member with a high knee, throwing him to the mat afterwards! Evans then exits out onto the apron before climbing all the way to the top turnbuckle. He then takes a deep breath before and hitting a 450 splash! The audience pops as the Subversion wrestler covers the Defiance wrestler, looking to advance to the finals!

GARY PINSON: 450 by Evans! He might just be advancing to the finals!




INA INA: Not enough! Maybe Tommy should’ve paid attention and taken some more notes on how to beat Felix!

The Oshkosh native clutches his ribs in pain after the 450, shaking his head as he gets to his feet afterwards. He begins to back away from his opponent, smiling as he motions for his opponent to get to his feet. Once Tommy watches Felix roll to his knees before charging forward, looking to hit a Shining Wizard, only for Vialpando to slide out of the ring instead, avoiding the attack!

GARY PINSON: Oh, classic Felix Vialpando move there!

INA INA: What? He’s taking a breather!

But Tommy quickly follows him to the outside, grabbing him from behind. However, Felix seems to be ready for this as he turns the tables on Tommy and throws him into the steel steps instead, getting the audience to boo him! Vialpando then picks Evans up and rolls him back into the ring before sliding in himself. He then waits for the SSWA Pure champion to rise to his feet before catching him with an enzuigiri, going for the cover right after as he shoved a forearm in his face!

GARY PINSON: And Felix takes advantage with his little breather!

INA INA: What a smart guy! He has been taking notes every single day!




Felix shakes his head after the kickout, arguing with the ref about it for a few seconds before turning back around and going right after his opponent. He picks him up and throws him back into the corner before working out some boxing combos, primarily targeting the ribs as he did this, though Tommy did his best to cover up. This annoyed Vialpando, who pulled his opponent away from the corner before hitting a snap suplex and went for the cover right after!

GARY PINSON: Did you see Felix going after the ribs?!

INA INA: Yeah, so what?! You gonna say that that’s illegal now or something? Shut up, Gary!




Tommy powers out at two, forcing the match to continue! Felix lets out a groan before he gets to his feet and begins stomping away at his opponent, throwing in some shots at the Subversion brand as well! He then picks Evans up and throws him into the ropes, waiting for him to bounce back, only for the young man to hold onto the ropes! This forces Vialpando to rush over and try something, only for Evans to lower a shoulder, sending his opponent falling out of the ring and to the ground!

GARY PINSON: Felix just got sent to the outside!

Tommy then watches Felix slowly get up on the outside before running forward and sailing through the ropes, hitting an elbow suicida that sends the PC member crashing into the barricade! Evans then grabs him and rolls him back into the ring before sliding and going for the cover!

INA INA: Oh my god! Felix, do something!




Felix kicks out, getting a sigh out of Tommy before he grabs his opponent’s legs and quickly locks in a sharpshooter after turning Felix onto his chest! The Defiance wrestler screams out in pain as he tries his best to crawl towards the ropes...only for the Subversion wrestler to drag him back into the center of the ring!

GARY PINSON: Tommy has Felix right where he wants him! Felix may tap out!

INA INA: Shut up, Gary!

But Vialpando seems to refuse to give up to Evans, crawling back over to the ropes and grabbing a hold of them, forcing the ref to come in and tell Tommy he needs to release him! Tommy doesn’t let the ref even start a count, releasing Felix, who slowly rolls to the outside. But the Oshkosh native rolls to the outside as well before running around the ring, reaching his Californian opponent before hitting a snap German suplex on the outside! The audience lets out a groan before Evans rolls him back into the ring, going for the cover once he slides in!

GARY PINSON: Good lord, he may have just destroyed Felix’s neck!

INA INA: I sure as hell believe he might have! My god!




Tommy sighs after the kickout, knowing that it was a legit two count. He gets to his feet and looks at Felix before slowly picking the young man up. Evans then looks ready to go for a shiranui, but Vialpando shoves him forward and drops to the mat again, trying to roll away. But Tommy runs and grabs him, picking him up again before firing off with chops to the chest! However, Felix eventually rakes Tommy’s eyes, forcing him to stumble backwards and allowing Felix to hit a crucifix driver!

GARY PINSON: Come on, ref! He raked the eyes!

INA INA: And the ref gave him a warning! Relax there, Gary!

Vialpando then picks Evans up and hook his head before charging forward, dropping him with a bulldog! He then turns him over and goes for the cover, screaming at the ref to make the count!

GARY PINSON: And Felix connects with a bulldog after that dirty eye rake!

INA INA: Quiet, you!




Felix gets to his feet after the kickout, screaming at the ref that it was a three count, but the ref tells him that it was only a two count! The two argue for a bit before Vialpando finally waves him off and turns around into a shiranui, which gets transitioned into a double knee backbreaker! The audience pops huge as Tommy goes for the cover, hooking both legs as the ref counts along with the audience!






Tommy looks absolutely stunned that Felix kicked out, but he quickly shakes it off and rises to his feet once more, screaming at his opponent to get up yet again. Once he sees Felix slowly roll onto all fours, an idea goes off in Tommy’s head as he exits out onto the apron instead. He gets all the way to the top turnbuckle, spotting that Felix has gotten onto all fours now. The Subversion wrestler then leaps off and hits a shooting star meteora onto the Defiance wrestler, going for the pin right after as the audience counts along with the ref!


INA INA: Kick out, Felix! KICK OUT!




GARY PINSON: I can’t believe it! Felix kicked out!

INA INA: I sure as hell can believe it! Go, Felix, go!

Evans cannot believe that he didn’t get the three count, clutching at his ribs as he stares over at the ref to make sure that it was only a two count. He then gets to his feet and calls for the end, but as Vialpando gets to his feet, he stumbles away from Evans. So Tommy follows after him, grabbing him by the head, only to get caught with a Pele kick from out of nowhere, dropping him to the mat!

GARY PINSON: Looks like Felix was playing possum!

INA INA: Ha! Such a smart guy!

Felix then rolls onto all fours and smiles as he realizes he’s stunned his opponent. He quickly gets to his feet and picks up his opponent into an electric chair before driving him right in the center of the ring with an Omega Driver! Tommy is out cold as Felix rolls around the mat a bit before he crawls over and makes the cover, screaming at the ref to count!

GARY PINSON: FALCON CALL! Tommy might be out cold!

INA INA: That Pele kick damn near knocked him out, but this might have just put him to sleep for the rest of the night!





ARTHUR PRICE: Here is your winner, and advancing to the Crowned Royalty finals.....FELIX VIALPANDOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Felix rolls out of the ring after picking up the three count, heading to the back and not caring to celebrate the victory as he told the fans in the front row to watch him win in the finals too.

GARY PINSON: Felix wins and advances to the final! I can’t believe it!

INA INA: Believe it! That’s your 2018 winner right there!

WINNER: Felix Vialpando (17:01)
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Backstage of Crowned Royalty, Tiffany Jay is seen looking around, hoping for a story. She thinks she found one as she grabs her mic. She jogs down the hall calling out for someone to stop. The person does finally stop and turns around to reveal it’s Subversion captain Alexa Corra.

TIFFANY JAY: Corra! Please, a moment? The past few shows Defiance has been getting an upper hand over you and the Subversion team. What are your plans from here to the Brand Wars match? Can Subversion find a way to disrupt the momentum Defiance is gaining with each week?

At first, Corra doesn’t say a word. She takes a moment to think about what Tiffany has said and flips her hair back over her shoulder.

ALEXA CORRA: Being two people down has not helped matters. Showing the weaknesses that I have when it comes to my brother and the few people that I can stomach in this promotion has not helped either. More than that, being down two people for weeks has not been beneficial to the superior brand either…

Corra’s demeanor remains blank as she shifts her focus from one wall to the ceiling.

ALEXA CORRA: But this all changes at Divine Supremacy. Despite what they believe, everything that has happened with Defiance, Underground and RISE only hurts them. We on Subversion have something that no one on the other shows seems to have. Patience…

Corra stares right at Tiffany.

ALEXA CORRA: They have gotten their licks in, while we continue to wait for the perfect time to strike. That isn’t on an episode of Defiance. It is not on an episode of Underground or RISE. It’s Divine Supremacy. These trivial bouts that no one will remember in a few weeks have favored every other brand, but when all is said and done...Subversion will prove to be thee superior brand in this company. That, I promise you.

Soon Tiffany’s eyes go wide. Corra turns around and sees most of Team Defiance standing there. Even Defiance Interviewer Eli Zayn is there.

ARTEMIS KAISER: Hello lovely. Out for a stroll I see?

Alexa rolls her eyes (not in the back of her head, thankfully) and looks at every individual surrounding her.

ALEXA CORRA: This...again? You’ve all become too predictable.

Before the Defiance team can strike, Tiffany Jay pushes forward and blasts Eli Zayn with an elbow to the chin!


Eli takes another shot to the face from Tiffany, this one dropping him. Tiffany goes to stand side by side with Corra, a smirk forming on the former Global champions face.

ALEXA CORRA: Wonderful. The element of surprise. None of you were expecting that, were you?

Corra cocks her head to the right.

ALEXA CORRA: I doubt you were expecting this as well…

Suddenly the snap of bamboo is heard as Ace Watson hits the ground holding his back. Team Defiance turns around to see Brian Stryker, fresh of his MIA, standing there holding a singapore cane. Standing next to him are Sophie El, Tristan Martinez, and Shane Atwater, the rest of Team Subversion.

BRIAN STRYKER: Well howdy there. Hope ya’ll didn’t forget about little ole me.

Artemis looks pissed as she looks at the numbers game. Being down 1 full member with Boaz out of commission for a while and Ace still holding his back, she looks at Corra and snarls.

ARTEMIS KAISER: I’m gonna enjoy busting you open Corra! You can’t escape me!

Team Defiance picks up their two fallen members and quickly disperse leaving Team Subversion all looking at Tiffany Jay.

TIFFANY JAY: What? I can’t stand that guy sometimes?

Brian can’t help but laugh loudly as he shakes his head. Corra on the other hand remains the statue of no emotions.

ALEXA CORRA: You’re expecting a thank you?

BRIAN STRYKER: From you? I know that’s not in the cards. But you’re welcome nevertheless.

ALEXA CORRA: FIne then. Come all of you, we must plan properly. We have much to prepare for this coming month.

With that, Corra turned tail and walked off down the hall. Brian nodded his head to the other wrestlers as all the all followed suit, following their captain.

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When Bri Night came walking out onto the stage as she made her entrance she was blindsided by a running bull...A Polish Bull to be exact! The crowd who was once cheering the for newly wed was now booing Jason Boyarski as he held up his arms roaring to the crowd. Jason stared out to the crowd as they booed him. The Reaper brute then looked down at Bri and reached down to drag her by the air down the ramp. As they reached the ring he lifted her up and threw her over the ropes and into the ring. Boyarski hopped up onto the ring apron and entered the ring. He looked to the ref and demanded that he ring the bell and start the match.

After the bell rang and the match officially began Jason stomped the holy hell out of Bri Night until the referee pushes him back and went to check on Bri to make sure she was okay and still wanted to go on. Jason didn’t give a damn about this and pushed the referee aside as he lifted her up to her feet. He begins to punch her repeatedly until wrapping his arms around her neck. He lifts her up off the ground choking the life out of her. Bri’s face was all red and the referee was standing by asking if she wanted to quit. Bri was then able reach down and poke Jason in his eye to force him to release her. After being released, Bri dropped to the mat and rolled out of the ring to catch her breath.

By the time Jason regained his vision, Bri was no longer crouched down on the floor trying to catch her breath. While he was looking around for her she leaped off the top rope and hit a High Dropkick to take the big man down! The crowd cheers for her as she got back up to her feet pumping up the crowd. As she waited for Boyarski to get back up watched him closely. She sprinted over to him and hit a Spinning Neckbreaker to bring him right back down. The fans continued to cheer for her.

This continued for a while until Boyarski caught her in mid air when she was trying to go for a crossbody. He tossed her over his head leaving her to crash down hard onto the canvas. Jason tried took back control of the match but it wasn’t until a fatal mistake when he slapped her across her face that sent her flying into the ropes just to come back to him. She went for a Pendulum Lariat but no! It wasn’t enough to take the big man down. She looked around knowing she had Boyarski stunned. She nods to herself with the fans encouragement to follow it up. She leaps up and hits a Leaping Complete Shot! Would it be enough? Nope! Boyarski kicked out at two and a half!

Bri exhausted knew if she was able to hit just one more Leaping Complete Shot, she would be able to leave this horrible nightmare of dealing with the reapers. She waited for Jason to get back up just enough for her to do so and she did just that! Hit the finishing maneuver and won the match!

WINNER: Bri Night via Pinfall (16:58)
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FELICITY BANKS: Alright, fellas. Stay close, but not too close. You never know what may--

The overhead light flickered on and off, causing Felicity’s eyes to narrow as she comes to a stop. All three of the men behind her looked at her in confusion and went to ask why she stopped, only to be cut off by Felicity raising her hand as she braces herself. The lights continue to flicker more erratically, causing the glare on the face of the World Champion to darken considerably. A few moments later, the entire hallway is enveloped in darkness as each light shuts off, one by one.

FELICITY BANKS: No! Fuck this! This wasn’t supposed to happen! I shouldn’t even be here tonight! SELENA! YOU GOT SOME SPLAINEN TO DO!

The seemingly innocuous power outage doesn’t last long as they come back on a few minutes later. Felicity had turned around in the dark and faced the opposite end of the hallway, fully expecting to come face to face with… something popping out at her from behind, looking to scare her. To her surprise, there was nothing there. No ghouls, no ghostly images… nothing out of the ordinary.

FELICITY BANKS: ...I think we’re good?

Felicity peers down the hall curiously, before giving a shrug and turning around ...

… only to be stopped dead in her tracks as she finds herself face to face with the very individual she’d been expecting, standing right in front of her.


Kai’s face remained blank as he gives her and UE’s security detail a once over, but Felicity could see the dark amusement clear as day in his eyes at her attempt to not be caught off guard. Before he can get out a word, Jorgo steps forward, towering over Kai as he looks down at the much smaller man with a snarl while Benny and Max move in front of Felicity. Kai doesn’t back down, peering up at the giant with an arched eyebrow.

KAI: If I wanted to cause harm, do you really think I’d let you see me coming?

The pint-sized Banks steps in front of Jorgo, Max and Benny chuckling at the amazing size difference between the two. Felicity never breaks eye-contact with Kai, doing her best to push the gigantic Jorgo back. Jorgo finally takes two full steps back on his own, Felicity tilting her head to right before she speaks up.

FELICITY BANKS: What do you want now, Scarecrow? I’m trying to enjoy a show here! It’s the night where someone wins a crown and actually believes they’re royalty when the World knows who the royal one around these parts really is!

Kai’s eyes travel from the giant of a man down to Felicity, the dark, almost mocking amusement in his eyes earlier was still there as he

KAI: And you assume I’m not here to do the same, Felicity? That I’ve come here just to pick and poke and prod at your mind? You wound me so.

He places a hand over his heart, feigning hurt before becoming serious.

KAI: I come here with honest intentions. I merely wish to know where your head lies, all things considered…

Knowing exactly what Kai’s referring to, Felicity forces a bright smile and leans her shoulder against the hallway wall.

FELICITY BANKS: I am fine. Always fine. Just because someone off themselves because they couldn’t beat me doesn’t mean that I’m gonna dwell about it. I mean, look!

Felicity turns around to show a giant airbrushed face of Jackson Magnum on the back of her UE t-shirt with ‘IN MEMORY OF THE LAD’ written above and below it. She spins back around and points at the UE logo on the front, a more genuine smile beginning to form.

FELICITY BANKS: I’m doing my part! When people buy this shirt, all proceeds go to Jackson’s kid and some sudoku charity and stuff, and you already know people are gonna buy it with the UE logo on the front. At least he died knowing that he was a small piece of the reason as to why people cared about a live event match for the first time in company history. Like a really really small piece, but you know...teamwork and such.

Gesturing for one of the UE security guards to bring her a drink, the HKW World champion never looks away from her Divine Supremacy opponent, even keeping her eyes on him as she sips on her can of Sprite. Kai’s expression is unreadable as he peers down at her, almost as if he’s trying to look right into her very soul. After a few minutes of silence, he shakes his head.

KAI: It’s funny… you’ve made your career off of how well you not only do in the ring, but how you control what goes on around you. How good you are at letting the masses see what you wish them to see, hearing what you want them to hear to the point where if you tell one lie or half truth enough, people are bound to believe it so. It’s admirable in a way.

Kai draws himself up and crosses his arms as something flashes through his eyes. Something familiar: Understanding.

KAI: This situation and how you’ve reacted so far is the first time in a long time where the lie can’t quite reach your eyes, Felicity. The pain… that glimmer of grief and guilt pooling beneath the surface is too steep to hide from those who know what to look for. Who have been there often enough to know what to search for.

Appalled, Felicity takes two short steps back and closes her eyes.

FELICITY BANKS: Well now you can’t see a frickin’ thing, can you? Nope. Not. A. Thing!

The SUPREEEEEMAH waves her arm forward for Max and Benny to step in front of her to make sure Kai couldn’t see her behind the much taller men.

FELICITY BANKS: Stop worrying about where my head’s at. No matter how much this situation may or may not be bugging me --- it won’t matter come Divine Supremacy because I DON’T LOSE AT THE PAY PER VIEW NAMED AFTER ME! Even if MY CONTRACT RUNS OUT SOON, IT’S NOT UNTIL I MAIN EVENT DESTINY ONE LAST TIME, AND THE ONLY WAY I CAN ASSURE THAT…

Pushing through Max and Benny, Felicity reappears with the HKW World championship in her grasp.

FELICITY BANKS: Is by keeping my hostage here. You know what I’ve also made a career of, Kai? By blocking out my emotions and all the outside static that constantly surrounds my life. By burying every little thing that could drive a regular simpleton nuts and focusing on the tasks in front of me. Right now?

Felicity points right at Kai.

FELICITY BANKS: You’re in front of me...both literally and figuratively. Jackson Magnum is in the past, and that guilt that you think I feel? It’ll be six feet under just like he is come go-time. As a Russian peasant once said...how did that go?

She places her thumb and index finger on her chin and begins to ponder.

FELICITY BANKS: OH! That’s right! Do not worry for this.

Kai tilts his head as he looks down at Felicity, his eyes never leaving hers.

KAI: I merely worry about which Felicity Banks I’ll get when the moment comes. The world beater, the self proclaimed Queen and Supreme. The woman who some would call the best Wrestler on the planet at the moment... Or the young woman standing right before me, putting on a mask of confidence, puffing her chest out and trying to convince herself of everything she says while shouldering the weight of being this company’s standard bearer as well as the guilt of recent tragedy.

He takes a step forward, now face to face with Felicity as the two stare down briefly.

KAI: You’ll show up regardless of what state of mind you’re in and I’ll do the same. I’ve been denied of this for far… far too long, and you’re the last obstacle, the last insurmountable wall I’ve got to climb to silence those voices that have screamed within my own mind for nearly 12 years. That very title you so lovingly call your hostage.

Reaching a hand forward, he brushes a finger along the faceplate.

KAI: … And taking with it your miseries as well. Taking away the burden you placed upon yourself here and making it my own, allowing you the reprieve that you so desperately desire in defeat.

It took a little while for everything to gesture, but once it does, all Felicity lets out is a scoff.

...and a second.

...and a third.


Siding between the UE security, Felicity disappears down the hallway while dragging the HKW World title off the floor. Kai stares after Felicity for a moment, before turning his attention back towards the UE Security. They glower down at the “Silent Warrior” threateningly but do nothing more as they quickly go to catch up to the World Champion.

Kai watches them leave, a determined look etched onto his features as Felicity’s words replay in his mind. His fists clench at his sides briefly before he schools his features. He wouldn’t let her get to him… not now. Not when he’s so painfully close...

After a few moments of silence, he turns around and begins to make his exit as the scene fades to black.

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ARTHUR PRICE: This match is scheduled for one fall!

The instrumental to Joey Bada$$’s “Survival Tactics” plays as Gio Amauri makes his way out. He stands on the stage, looking confident in himself. He starts down the ramp with a fire in his eyes. The former Evolution Champion claps his hands together, feeling the energy of the hot crowd.

ARTHUR PRICE: Introducing first...from Kissimmee, Florida...weighing in at 205 pounds...he is the Captain of Team RISE...GIO AMAURI!

He hits the ring, and goes to the top rope. He points out to the crowd before lowering down. He clasps his hands together and rests in his corner, waiting for Gavin to come out.
The opening beat to "Throne" begins to blare over the PA system and flashing white lights illuminate the arena, going along with the beat of the song and it causes the fans to cheer. Gavin Grimes is now standing at the top of the entrance way, a black hoodie on with the hoodie up on his head, while also wearing a pair of black jeans, black gloves with the fingertips cut off and a pair of white high-top Jordan's. Gavin's has his hands crossed as he looks down at the ground under him, his head nodding up and down to the beat of the music.

♫ Remember the moment you left me alone and
Broke every promise you ever made
I was an ocean, lost in the open
Nothing could take the pain away ♫

ARTHUR PRICE: Introducing his opponent...from Las Vegas, Nevada...weighing in at 180 pounds...he is the Captain of Team Underground...GAVIN GRIMES!

♫ So you can throw me to the wolves
Tomorrow I will come back
Leader of the whole pack
Beat me black and blue
Every wound will shape me
Every scar will build my

As the word throne begins to blare over the PA system, Gavin pulls off the hoodie from his head and begins to walk confidently down the ramp. Once he makes it to the ring, Gavin slides through the ropes. Gavin now takes off his pullover jacket and throws it into the crowd and it now reveals that he was wearing a white tank top under the pullover. Gavin then walks up to the ropes and stands up on the bottom rope while raising up one hand to the crowd as they cheer him on.

Gio Amauri (Team RISE) vs. Gavin Grimes (Team Underground)


The two approach the center of the ring, and both offer the other a handshake. The crowd cheers for them to do so, which leads to the successful exchange of respect. The two break away quickly after that, and the match starts off with an immediate collar-and-elbow tie up. Gio takes control by shoving the lighter man back into the corner. He opts for the clean break, taking a healthy step back. Gavin steps forward, and the two lock up once more. Gavin steps through and shoves Gio into a headlock. Gio backs up onto the ropes, causing a clean break. Gavin gives it easily, but when Gio comes out, Gavin snaps to him and send him over with a takedown. He reapplies the headlock, wrenching it slowly to ensure his control over the RISE Team Captain. Gio throws his legs up and plants him, making his way back to a vertical base. He goes for the ropes again, but Gavin shuffles around him and plants him onto the bottom rope. He jumps over the top rope and comes down, whipping Gio’s neck against the middle rope.

Gio falls backward, holding his neck, but he starts to get his feet. Gavin hops onto the ring apron, and springboards off. He catches Gio with a flying knee, and goes for the quick over.

INA INA: That knee might have taken the kid out already. Oh, well, I’m still getting my money’s worth.

GARY PINSON: You work here.

INA INA: Pinson, you don’t understand humor, I swear.




Gavin doesn’t stop, heading for the opposite corner. Gio gets up, and Gavin goes for a dropkick, but Gio shoves him out of the way. The impact on the mat gives Gio enough time to take control. He hits a knee drop, but he rushes the ropes. He comes off the ropes and hits another knee drop for good measure. When he gets to his feet, the crowd riles up as he goes for another one, getting some wonderful hangtime on the jump. He crashes down on Gavin and goes for his first cover of the night.




Gio secures a headlock, but Gavin rolls himself backward to get Gio into a makeshift pinning predicament. Gio immediately kicks out, but he has to get his feet. Gavin’s quicker on the uptake, and meets Gio with a kick to the side. He alternates feet, hitting all places on Gio’s body, but Gio withstands it. A head kick attempt gets captured, and Gio rallies back with a clothesline! Gavin hits the mat hard, and Gio reaches down to bring him back up. Gavin, perhaps out of instinct, pulls Gio into the Rollup of Doom!


INA INA: You didn’t just say that.




The crowd is relieved that Gio got out of the move that put away many talented names. Gio gets up, startled that he was almost put away. Gavin kip-ups and gives Gavin a smirk. He puts one finger, indicating how close he was to victory. A smirk, a rare expression out of Gio, creeps onto his features as he stands back up. He puts his finger as well, in defiance to Gavin’s teasing. Gavin nods and claps his hands, asking for the match to continue. Gio runs forward, trying to take Gavin down. In exchange, he is sent into the ropes, but he comes back. Gavin leapfrogs over him, then rolls backward. Gio jumps over him, and he slides out of the ring. Gavin gets up, and turns around surprised by Gio’s absence. He turns around, and narrowly avoids a clothesline attempt. He turns around, but Gio had stopped on a dime. Gavin goes up and down into the mat from a thunderous spinebuster by Gio Amauri!

INA INA: I felt that all the way over here. Goddamn!

GARY PINSON: The momentum shifts once again!

Gio beckons for Gavin to get up, who does at his own pace. Gio kicks him in the gut and ties his arms up for his double underhook suplex. Gavin spins out of it, then returns the kick to Gio. Gio doubles over, and Gavin tries for a sunset flip powerbomb. Gio sends him up and over into the mat. Gavin gets up, holding his back wearily. Gio takes Gavin into a DDT clutch, but Gavin stops the hold by dropping down to the mat. Gio cannot brute force the Underground Captain up and gets sent into the opposing turnbuckle by a surprising show of strength. Before he can recover, Gavin charges in and hits a corner shining wizard! Gio collapses in the corner, favoring the bottom rope. Gavin hits the ropes, and comes back with a flying knee that shoves Gio into the bottom rope. Gavin draws Gio out before hitting the ropes. The running Shooting Star Press is a hit, and Gavin hooks the leg.




Gavin shows a hint of frustration, but it subsides. Instead, he waits for Gio to get up, taking aim for his head. When Gio gets up, a buzzsaw kick almost takes him out, but he ducks to the mat. He tries again for the double underhook suplex, but Gavin falls to a knee again. Gio breaks the hold, knowing that he could face another shining wizard if he wasn’t careful. Gavin snaps to life and makes him pay with a Sac Town Superkick!

Gio falls into the ropes, and comes back with a rebound lariat. Gavin ducks underneath it and hits a Pele Kick!

Gio show some intense fighting spirit as he falls into the ropes and comes backs with a full charge Rebound Lariat! Gavin corkscrews into the mat and Gio goes for the pin!




GARY PINSON: Close match here, more than what some were expecting out of the RISE Captain.

INA INA: Gavin’s testing him beyond anything that he might have gotten in RISE. This is what it means to be on the big stage.

Gio hits the mat next to Gavin, which inspires the crowd to clap for their efforts. Gio and Gavin both start to get up, but once again, Gavin is quicker to his feet. With a disoriented Gio making it up slowly, Gavin sees his chance.


It strikes true and Gio falls back to the mat with a lifeless plop. Gavin goes for the cover.




Gavin mirrors Gio’s reaction, merely falling to the side with a similar grace. Gio starts to get to his feet, but he falls back over, shaken still from the damage. Gavin starts to get up, favoring his back a little more. He uses the ropes for assistance. He sees Gio stumbling and nods. He goes over to Gio, snatching him into the King’s Crossface. Gio smartly reaches for the ropes, but Gavin secures that arm into the clutch. He tries to fall back, but Gio forces his weight backward, planting Gavin’s shoulders!


GARY PINSON: Beautiful counter by Gio! Gavin took away every option, though! That was a hair away!

Gavin releases the hold, but when he gets up, Gio’s able to double him over with a boot. This time, the double underhook suplex takes him down! Gio lies there on the mat for a moment before seizing his crowning opportunity.

He flips over and transitions the suplex into a vertical one instead!


Gio hooks the leg with confidence!





ARTHUR PRICE: Here is your winner...GIO AMAURI!

GARY PINSON: If that’s not momentum for Team RISE, I don’t know what is!

INA INA: It’s a message. But Divine Supremacy is a group effort, not an one on one. Things change. Gavin has more options now that he knows for sure what he’s up against. That makes him more dangerous.

Gio gets up, knowing he had that one chance. He clutches his hand and pumps it to the roar of the crowd. Gavin’s already starting to make it to his feet. He doesn’t waste time, heading over to Gio. He shoves him, which catches the attention of his opponent and the crowd. Gio turns, still ready to go, but Gavin simply nods and sticks out his hand. Gio looks down, and with a nod, shakes Gavin’s hand. Gavin tells him that “it won’t be like this at Divine Supremacy.”

After he leaves, Gio proceeds to celebrate.

WINNER: Gio Amauri by pinfall (13:11)
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