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Boundaries; w/ Brylee Brawler
Topic Started: Jan 8 2018, 10:28 PM (112 Views)
Onyx Payne
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Brylee stared across the table at her sister Onyx as she slowly shifted through the salad that was sitting in front of her with her fork. It was obvious that something was bothering her, and Brylee couldn’t help but sigh heavily as she rubbed her forehead a bit. This was a time that they could spend time together. Something Onyx has wanted back ever since she started at RISE. Now, instead of enjoying each others company and shooting the shit, apparently, there was something they needed to discuss.

Brylee May: What’s wrong?

She asked as she leaned back in her seat. Folding her arms as she watched her older sister give her a simple shrug as a response. This reaction to her question caused Brylee to scoot her chair, take her coat from the back of her chair, and begin to put it on.

Brylee May: You know what? Just forget it.

Onyx watched as her sister began to stand up and started taking out some cash to pay her bill.

Onyx Perello: You’re leaving?

Brylee May: I’ve been having a bad week, and I tried to put that aside so I can have fun with you but, you just want to sit there like someone pissed in your cornflakes this morning.

Brylee sat the money on the table and began to leave, leaving Onyx beside herself for a moment before she rushed to pay her tab and chased after her.

Onyx Perello: Brylee wait…

It was hard to keep up with Brylee but, by the time she did they were both standing out in the cold.

Onyx Perello: What’s going on?

Brylee couldn’t help but scoff.

Brylee May: Now you want to talk?

Onyx may have been upset towards Brylee at the moment but, that didn’t change how much she cared about her and her well being. It was obvious she was distraught and she wanted to help her out in any way she could.

Brylee May: I do everything I can to get better, BE better in the ring. I still go to the RISE gym every day. I don’t have to but, I do. It just doesn’t seem to be enough. I lost against Zola of all people, and then I go and lose against Mora where I was supposed to represent RISE. Heh, what a great example I was.

Onyx Perello: Brylee...

The two sisters began to walk down the sidewalk as Onyx had to work to keep up with Brylee.

Onyx Perello: You have to stop focusing on the negative here. I mean look at how they had to beat you. Zola had to eliminate you from the ring entirely just to pin Gio after you finished him off. Mora had to beat you by using the ropes, and don’t think you’re the only one who saw her pulling your tights by the time the referee got to three.

Brylee stopped and looked over at Onyx.

Onyx Perello: It’s not so much about winning and losing in the industry or how. At the end of the day, you have to be happy with what you are doing and how you are doing it. You can drive yourself crazy focusing on what others do. You just have to accept that what may work for you, doesn’t work for everyone. Not everyone can defeat someone by following the rules. They have to think outside the box. People have to play to their strengths. You just have to figure out a way to outsmart them. Away that follows your rules.

Exhaling deeply, Brylee heavily sighs.

Brylee May: Is that your experience talking or did your sister mode kick in and you’re just trying to make me feel better?

Onyx Perello: A little bit of both. Did it help any?

Brylee shrugged.

Brylee May: Maybe a little. Doesn’t mean it still isn’t frustrating. You’re right though. I guess it could be worse.

Onyx Perello: Trust me. I know.

The two share a chuckle and begin to walk again as the awkward silence that plagued them in the beginning of the evening seemed to return.

Brylee May: So what the hell is your problem?

Onyx put her arms around her sister’s more so trying to keep warm as she let out a sigh.

Onyx Perello: You and Jozef. You made fun of Joseph and me.

Brylee took a moment to think of a time that she ever made fun of Onyx let alone Joey with Jo and nothing came to mind.

Brylee May: We. Made… Fun. Of. You?”

Onyx Perello: Yes. You and Jozef.

Brylee May: When?

Rolling her eyes, Onyx wrapped one of her arms away from Brylee so she could completely express herself since she was one of those people who tend to speak with their hands.

Onyx Perello: You guys were making fun of me getting on Joseph about publicising our… our… Private lives.

Nodding her head for a moment, Brylee finally began to laugh at the incident her sister was referring to as it revealed itself to her.

Brylee May: We weren’t making fun of you. We were teasing you because the situation was funny.

Onyx Perello: Funny? Funny how exactly?

Brylee May: Ok listen. Many people have this idea that when you get married the sex ends and the romance dies-

Brylee's voice carried and Onyx could tell some people who were walking by took a moment to look over at them which caused Onyx to blush lightly as she pulled her sister closer to her.

Onyx Perello: Keep your voice down.

She whispered, which caused Brylee to raise an eyebrow before she began to talk louder.

Brylee May: SEX IS NOT A BAD WORD. Stop acting like you need ear muffs. You’re an adult and you have a kid. Everyone knows you have had sex. People have probably pictured you and Joey having sex just for curiosity sake.

Onyx was speechless, her mouth agape.

Onyx Perello: People...People do that?

Brylee May: Yes, people do that. I’ve done it when I saw a really large man holding hands with a really tiny woman once. All I could envision was her lying there waving her arms in the air screaming. I CAN’T BREATHE!

Brylee laughs.

Brylee May: You and Joey are still having sex and keeping the romance alive. That is something to brag about, and you may not know this but, guys like to brag about having sex. And Joey - a man who is about as private as you - decides to brag about having sex with you. His wife. ENJOYING having sex with you I might add, and what do you do?

Onyx grew quiet as she began to think the situation over. Perhaps she was being too harsh with Joseph. It could have been worse she supposed. He could have been saying it was horrible

Soon she silently admitted:

Onyx Perello: I slept on the couch.

Brylee couldn’t believe her ears.

Brylee May: Seriously?

Onyx Perello: When I’m upset I sleep on the couch. That's how it’s always been. You can’t tell me you don’t do the same or have Jozef sleep on the couch.

Brylee May: The only trouble I have with Jo is trying to get him off the couch.

This news seemed to confuse Onyx.

Onyx Perello: I don’t understand. I thought when he got the divorce things would change.

Brylee May: Things did change. He just has morals which I respect, and in all honesty, it just added another reason why I find him so ruggedly handsome.

Onyx couldn’t help but smile at her sister now seemingly realizing how happy that Jozef made her.

Onyx Perello: You really like him don’t you?

Brylee May: Yeah. I do. He’s very thoughtful, funny, and I can really count on him. Especially when it comes to a good kick in the ass.

Seeing the expression on Onyx’s face, it was obvious she needed to clarify what she meant.

Brylee May: Reality check. Not an actual ass kicking.

Onyx Perello: And if he publicized your guys se-- sexcapades. Wouldn’t you be mad?

Brylee couldn’t help but look shocked.

Brylee May: I’m impressed. You said sex /she laughs/ There’s no reason to be mad. It’s as much my life as it is his. So if he wants to share it he is more than welcome to. I’ll even support it.

Onyx couldn’t help but look at her sister in somewhat of admiration. She was so free-spirited and was able to let Jozef be, well, Jozef. Be a man. Perhaps it was her turn to allow Joseph to do the same, let go a bit, and not be so in control. That’s just one of the things she took from this, the other is that maybe Joseph wasn’t the only good Reaper.
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