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FOUR: Episode 003; Fish out of Water
Topic Started: Jan 12 2018, 06:00 PM (257 Views)
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Season 1 | Episode 3
Fish Out of Water
Directed By: Leliana Saint-Clair | Written By: Leliana Saint-Clair

[1-2] The screen fades to black after a series of recap scenes from previous episodes, and it fades back in as the early-morning sun shines down onto a New York City beach. The water subtly washes further onto the beach before being pulled back in, rinse and repeat. There is a young couple laying atop a pair of sandy towels, holding each other with bright smiles, but then something a bit large washes ashore with the tide. We hear the woman ask what that is, and the guy sits up with a jolt, muttering oh my god. They both quickly jump to their feet realizing it’s a person, and their skin has begun turning blue, so they rush over to see if they can help. But as they get closer, they realize their skin hasn’t turned blue from lack of oxygen or from the cold temperatures of the water. This isn’t an ordinary human body. Its skin looks as though it was always a pale blue hue, and its ears are somewhat pointy, but even more interesting is that the corpse has two sets of gills on either side of its neck. Its eyes have glossed over just like a human corpse, and its chest bears a wound resembling a gunshot. The woman turns and buries her face in the man’s chest, sobbing while the man looks on appalled, wrapping an arm around her while pulling out his cell phone with the other.

[3] Opening Credits Sequence

[4-5] As the credits fade and we fade into a new scene, a news headline is displayed at the bottom of the screen: “UNDERWATER HUMANOID CORPSE WASHES ASHORE” and Aimee James is standing near the left side of the screen with a solemn expression. In the background, we can see the numerous emergency personnel on the beach, surrounded by a wide berth before caution tape separates a gradually-increasing crowd. The corpse lies in the middle of the beach, with a few people standing or kneeling around it analyzing it quite closely. Aimee James explains the situation, stating that a local couple discovered a body they thought to be drowning or freezing wash ashore, but when they got close they realized not only that it was already deceased but also no normal body. As she says, “While it’s still too early to speculate…” a bloodcurdling scream echoes from the beach, and the reporter quickly whips her head around.

[6-8] It’s at this time that figures begin to emerge from beneath the surface. Each one has the same blue-toned skin as the corpse, alongside pointed ears and gills. They’re each wearing some sort of device around their face, the technology looking extremely advanced. A few of them brandish sharp-tipped golden spears, while a couple wield lavish tridents, their eyes flickering around the beach as they slowly approach the corpse. The police on the beach quickly turn their guns on the figures emerging from the water, many of them shouting for the strange people to drop their weapons. One officer fires a warning shot into the water, and like a flash of lightning one of the blue men tosses their spear right through his chest. The scream echoes again, this time accompanied by many more, as everyone begins to panic. Shots ring out, but another police officer gets skewered.

[9] The shot then pans out, realizing that this newsfeed was being watched on a television screen. An alarm is echoing as hands type frantically on a keyboard below the monitor. The voice of H.E.R.B.I.E. rings out from off screen, telling Reed exactly how long it will take to get to the beach and that the others have been notified. Reed says thank you as he turns, and suddenly increases in height to climb out the hole in the ceiling.

[10-13] On the beach, most of the crowd has dispersed. Five heavily armored police officers remain, shoulder to shoulder in a tight line. The two on either side of the man in the middle are still pointing their guns, switching from target to target as they all slowly begin backing up. But the man in the middle has dropped his gun and is holding his hands up, pleading. The strange men are pressing forward, but two of them now stand guard over the corpse of their fallen number. No other foreign bodies seem to have been taken out during the combat. Just then, a flaming ball of fire rockets onto the beach, landing between the armed officers and the underwater humanoids. But as it lands it becomes obvious that it’s not just any ball of fire, it’s Johnny Storm. He holds up his fiery hands, shouting “whoa, whoa, whoa, let’s talk about this, gentlemen. Nobody wants to eat charred fish people for breakfast, am I right?” The foreigners look startled, taking quick steps back and clenching tighter to their weapons, eyes being drawn up a bit further into the sky as Sue floats into view above in one of her forcefields, conveniently carrying an obviously uneasy Thing. She drops him to the beach, and without hesitation the underwater creatures hurl their spears at his monstrous form. They all simply bounce off, and he says that wasn’t nice, before lunging forward and lowering a shoulder, sending one of them flying backwards, back into the water.

[14-22] Finally, Reed rolls onto the beach like a large tire, un-stretching himself and doubling over to take a few heavy breaths. When he composes himself, his eyes grow wide as he sees the men on the beach. He begins mumbling to himself as, completely forgetting the danger of the situation, he walks forward to get a better look at the devices covering the creatures’ mouths. Ben tries to warn him, but one of the attackers lunges forward with a trident. Reed, however, simply stretches his body sideways, narrowly evading the stab. A fight ensues between the Fantastic Four and the 9 remaining humanoids, until they suddenly stop, casting glances over their shoulders, and carefully retreating slowly towards the water, weapons still outstretched. The four look around confused, still ready to continue fighting, but then they see a new figure emerging from the water.

[23] The sun is hanging at a point that completely silhouettes the figure as he slowly emerges from the water, dripping wet. As he begins to eclipse the sun, he flips his hair back and runs a hand through it with a devilish grin (Christian Kane). He pauses for only a moment, before immediately stepping forward towards Susan and extending his hand. “Hi,” he mutters, and Sue actually blushes, a bit confused as she takes his hand. “I am Namor the First, Prince of Atlantis… Emperor of the Deep… Lord of the Seven Seas… and Supreme Commander of the Undersea Legions,” he states as he shakes her hand, but as he finishes he takes it up and leans forward, kissing the back of her hand as he stares into her eyes. “And you are?” “S-Susan Storm, the Invisible Woman.” “Invisible? Nonsense, no one could ever miss you.”

[24-25] “Alright, then,” Reed interjects as Sue blushes again. Reed steps forward, extending his hand with a smile as he covers up his obvious jealousy. “And I’m Doctor Reed Richards, also known as Mr. Fantastic.” Namor casts an annoyed glance at him, “bit full of yourself, huh?” Johnny and Ben both snicker, before coughing and clearing their throats to hide it. “And you?” He asks, casting quick glances in their direction as he finally stands up straight. “Uh, Johnny Storm, the Human Torch.” Namor cocks his head, “Her husband?” Johnny gags, explaining that he’s her little brother, which brings the smile and light back to Namor’s face. Finally, his gaze turns to Ben and his head jolts back a bit as his eyes narrow. He actually turns away from Sue and takes a few steps closer, inspecting his massive, rocky form. “And I’m the Thing. Tell me why I shouldn’t put this here fist right through your pretty mouth.” Namor laughs breathily, his eyes lingering on the Thing for a moment, before he takes a deep breath and turns around.

[26-28] He explains that it’s a true tragedy these men had to die here today, but the surface attacked first. He steps to the corpse of his fallen man as he says so. He drops to a knee, rubbing his fingers over the man’s wound before stepping back to his feet to look at Sue. “I did not mean for it to come to war this morning, but it seems that’s all your people are capable of. Always shooting first and asking questions later. Despite decades of peace between the surface and Atlantis-” in the background, Johnny makes note that that’s the second time this dude has said Atlantis and nobody is asking any questions as he picks his arms up and drops them in a huff. “-the surface has committed treason against our treaty, and we will not stand for it. Do the four of you act as ambassadors for the surface?” Johnny and Ben mumble, acting like that’s a pretty big responsibility and trying to distance themselves from this. Reed steps forward, explaining that they are indeed ambassadors to the surface, and that they will personally help Prince Namor figure out what happened. Namor seems to ponder this, spending most of the time staring at Susan with a subtle smile. Eventually, he turns back towards the water and says, “Fine. You will join me in Atlantis, and there we can discuss what will be done.”

[29-31] As he begins stepping towards the water, the Fantastic Four have a mixed flurry of emotions. Ben claims that they can’t trust this guy, and asks why they’re all acting happy-go-lucky when these guys just killed a bunch of NYPD cops. Johnny seems frightened at the idea of an entire underwater culture, but more so at the fact that he’s now expected to go down there where he'll likely be powerless. Sue barely hides the fact that she seems somewhat enamored with the underwater royal, and says that she’d be happy to go under and deal with things. Reed says that he will join her, and asks Ben and Johnny to smooth things over with the police. They don’t seem happy with that, but aren’t given much choice as Reed very obviously grabs Sue’s hand and begins marching towards Namor. He pulls out two smaller, slightly different versions of the technology around his men’s mouths and Sue and Reed put them on, following Namor underwater as the scene fades.

[32-37] The scene transitions away from the beach to the inside of Damon Walthers’ classroom. The students are gathering their things and leaving the room. Wyatt asks Nate what he wants for lunch, and Nate says he’ll catch up with him at the campus cafeteria. Wyatt nods and leaves, Nate being the last person in the classroom. The younger Richards brother approaches his professor, stating that he realizes Prof. Walthers is a history teacher and not a science teacher, but wonders if he has any thoughts on time travel and the impact it could have on the present. Damon explains that while he is currently a history professor, he has also always been an avid proponent of the classic sciences, and the combination of history and science has often led him to ponder the ramifications and practicalities of time travel. But he tells Nate that many scientists far smarter than even Reed Richards have tried and failed, so it would be impossible. Damon asks what Nate would do if he could travel to the past, and Nate ponders the question a moment, before simply saying he would save the world.

[38-41] It’s extremely quiet, which is quite strange for the inside of an NYPD precinct, where the next scene takes place. Johnny and Ben are standing in the corner of the room, looking out at a sea of officers with a range of emotions written across their faces. Some are crying, some look furious, and the commanding officer is pacing back and forth in the middle of the bullpen. Ben nudges Johnny, telling him to say something, and Johnny nudges him back telling him to do it. Ben sighs before stepping forward. He explains that what happened this morning was a tragedy. Those five men and women did not deserve to die, and he wishes that there was revenge to be had. But this situation is much bigger than a simple cop killer roaming the streets. Someone shouts about terrorism, and Ben shakes his head with a sigh. “I didn’t know nothing about no Atlantis. I thought it was a myth, just like you probably did. But it’s clear now that there was some sort o’ diplomatic incident, and retaliating now would likely lead to a war that we’re ill-equipped to handle. We don’t know nothing about how many fish people are down there. And they showed their skills on the beach this morning. All we can do now is remember your fallen brothers and sisters, and go out and celebrate their lives. We have to count on Reed and Sue to handle this situation. We have to believe that they will make it right, and give us some closure on these deaths.” The mood changes subtly. People are still upset, they’re still mourning, but they get it. The CO shakes Ben’s hand, and Johnny nods at his friend, telling him he did good.”

[42-45] The next scene opens on the interior of Alicia Masters’ apartment. There is a fresh sculpture in the middle of the room, looking as though she just got through working on it. She is not far away, standing in front of an open window with a mug of coffee held between both hands as she looks out over the town. Her eyes are closed, but she has a smile on her face, and then there is a knock at the door. She says coming, as she turns and sets down the mug, carefully feeling her way through her apartment. When she reaches the door, she undoes a trio of locks before opening the door with a smile, asking who’s there. The camera switches to over her shoulder, showing an older man standing in the doorway with a smile and a tear beneath his eye (Brad Jackson). “Hi, sweetie.” Alicia gasps as the scene transitions away abruptly.

[46-50] We find ourselves inside a small, hole-in-the-wall diner. Ben sits on one side of a booth, trying his best to hide himself beneath an oversized hat and trench coat. On the other side of the booth sit Johnny and Frankie. No one seems to be in a bright mood after the events of the morning. They talk about how worried they are about Sue and Reed journeying to the unknown, Johnny seems especially worried about his sister, while they munch on their food. Eventually the conversation somehow turns to Frankie’s fear of fire, which Ben gets a kick out of. He asks how she can stand to be with Johnny, to which she immediately responds by saying it’s not like he’s always on fire. Johnny turns toward her in silence, and she blushes realizing that for the first time she didn’t deny they were together.

[51-53] Finally we see the group of this morning’s warriors swimming through the ocean depths, trailing close behind a dolphin which both Reed and Sue are holding onto, amazement in their eyes. Several yards in front of the dolphin is Namor, leading the charge, and as the camera continues to pan, we can see the beautiful cityscape of Atlantis in the distance. Golden arches, pearls everywhere, and thousands of underwater creatures seemingly working alongside and living in harmony with the Atlanteans. Sue and Reed look at each other and smile through their rebreathers as the scene fades to the credits.

[54] Credits

[55] The scene comes back to life on two slices of pizza, face down on a concrete floor. A couple feet away, we can see the bottom of bars, and then a hand shoots out, stretching for the food… but it’s just out of reach. A primal scream echoes throughout the room as Victor pushes to his feet, slamming his fist into the bars as he yells Reed’s name.

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Cast (In Order of Appearance)
Rebecca “Becky San Clemente” Santiago as Aimee James
J.Z. Crowns (voice) as H.E.R.B.I.E.
Zack Jones as Reed Richards, Mr. Fantastic
Hunter Werth as Johnny Storm, The Human Torch
Heather Lasiewicz as Susan Storm, The Invisible Woman
Brian Stryker as Benjamin Grimm, The Thing
Christian Kane as Namor the First, Prince of Atlantis
Ralph Knite as Damon Walthers
Chino Hills as Wyatt Wingfoot
Tommy Evans as Nate Richards
Annie Zellor as Alicia Masters
Brad Jackson as Phillip Masters
Molly Reid as Frankie Raye
Jackie Fowler as Victor Von Doom

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