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[color=WHITE]DIVINE SUPREMACY:[/color] [COLOR=SILVER]NIGHT TWO[/COLOR] 👑; LIVE from the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England | January 28th, 2018
Topic Started: Jan 30 2018, 12:28 AM (415 Views)
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DATE: January 28th, 2018
VENUE: Manchester Arena in Manchester, England

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The sound of a woman's laughter fills the Manchester Arena...no, make that the sound of two women's laughter, and judging by the barely-concealed contempt contained within it's clear who those two women would be - but instead of an appearance from Silk & Cyanide, instead the opening bars of Lacuna Coil's "Our Truth" begin to play across the arena as a simple message forms upon the Knoxotron

The state or condition of being superior to all others in authority...

As the song begins to build we see black and white footage of Isaiah Jones, Akeem Burrows and Xavier Asher Daniels, the three members of The Black Delegation, stood on a podium with Isaiah silently addressing an unseen crowd as Xavier and Akeem stand behind him looking ready for the war that will come


Once the song begins in earnest we see Erin Mariani and Sara Mason, the two members of Silk & Cyanide, standing inside a darkened room lit only by the cluster of candles placed before them, the pair of them wearing knowingly malicious smiles upon their faces

...or status.

At the break we see the two teams standing face-to-face with one another from one of their many confrontations that led us to this match, with The Black Delegation ready to throw down as Mariani and Mason look upon them both bemused yet outwardly hostile

Clock is ticking while I'm killing time
Spinning all around
Nothing else that you can do
To turn it back

We see the moment where this all started, back at Subversion 29 when Silk & Cyanide flagrantly ignored company rules about invading other shows to confront The Black Delegation, and we see the moment where the seeds began to blossom as Xavier steps towards the two women to lay down the law - and as he does, Mariani places a firm hand on Mason's shoulder to let her know that now is not the time for things to get physical

Then we see TBD reciprocate in kind, appearing at Defiance LXV only for Silk & Cyanide to attempt to brush them off with Mason going so far as to give them a shooing gesture, but it doesn’t take long before Akeem says the exact right words that make them stop in their tracks and cause Mariani to flash an accusatory glare in their direction – and if that was not enough, the two women soon begin to advance upon the three of them, with TBD putting up their fists preparing to fight

Wicked partnership in this crime
Ripping off the best
Condescending smile

Soon we see Mariani & Mason invading Subversion 30, appearing at ringside during Xavier’s match against Tristan Martinez – with Isaiah and Akeem quickly jumping the crowd barrier to give chase – yet soon after Silk & Cyanide reappear at ringside as Xavier is all alone, brandishing a pair of chairs…yet instead they invite Xavier to have a conversation, only for Isaiah and Akeem to burst from the crowd to chase them off

Come Defiance LXVI when the three accept their invitation, rather than a pleasant conversation instead we see flared tempers and narrowing eyes – but more than anything else we see a large security team converging on the ring

Trying to forget
We're falling right through
Lying to forget
We're raising our truth

Moving forward to Subversion 31 we see Mariani laugh as she clicks her fingers, saying that’s all she had to do in order to get The Black Delegation to fall in line and do her bidding, and as The Black Delegation hit the ring the pair immediately swarm upon Isaiah – but are soon swamped by Akeem and Xavier evening the odds and, after a brief exchange, Mariani and Mason slip out of the ring

Far from finished, we see The Black Delegation appear at Defiance LXVII to surprise Silk & Cyanide, and as the two women get up to leave Isaiah calls after them and once again the pair of them turn and face them, giving them their final warning – only for Akeem to sprint towards them and tackle Mason to the floor

Go on and tease me
Backstage at Crowned Royalty it’s Silk & Cyanide’s time to attack, with Mason tackling Isaiah to the ground and unloading with a series of punches to the face, soon followed by Mariani digging her nails into Akeem’s eyes as Mason connects with a fierce kick to Xavier’s groin, all of which leads to Mason taking sadistic glee in assaulting Isaiah’s knee with a crowbar

We're raising our truth
Finally we’re left with the graphic to hype the showdown between The Black Delegation and Silk & Cyanide – up next!

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When the match began both ladies taunted the two members of The Black Delegation because of their missing stable member Akeem Burrows. Isaiah didn’t take this lightly and pledged to go first to face one of the two. Erin kicked things off for Silk & Cyanide and it was a pretty even match up until Erin began to show how much more well rounded she was in the ring than Jones. Jones tried his best to try and get XAD in but he was denied at every chance. He eventually was able to hit a Enziguri and get some separation from her before tagging him in.

Erin and XAD went at it for a while until Sara interfered leading to Erin hitting a Morning Spider Despair (headscissors driver into the turnbuckles). She tagged in Sara who took control of the match up. XAD managed to gone up Sara as the match went on and got Jones back into the match. Isaiah began to impose his will on Sara getting some payback for Akeem and even went to the lengths of telling her so.

As the match went on XAD and Jones took times on Sara showcasing their teamwork. Erin got tired of this and rushed over attacking XAD sending him through the ropes. The two fought outside the ring and Jones looked out wanting to help XAD but Sara was able to get up to her feet and hits Aphrodite’s Sweet Dreams (heel kick to the back of an opponent's head)! Sara goes for the pin and picks up the win for a shot at the World Tag Team Titles!

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The cameras cut to the backstage area where JZ Crowns is on Tinder. He’s seen walking down the hall swiping right on every girl that pops up. He glances up from his phone and sees Tiffany Jay the backstage interviewer.

JZ CROWNS: AYE YO TIFF BABY! Come get an interview with a hero before his match!

The unwanted hero of HKW runs over to her still swiping away. Before Tiffany can even get a word out crowns takes the mic from her hands and starts speaking.

JZ CROWNS: Fans gather round. Haters watch from afar. It is time! The night has finally come. And my moment is ready to be ceased. I’ve trained hard for these last few weeks. Been putting in that work. I’ve been straight up grinding for everyone in that arena. They’ve been wanting a hero Tiff they really have. And who am I to say no. I mean look at me. I’m the epitome of hero wouldn’t you say?

Tiffany rolls her eyes and reaches for her mic back. Only for Crowns to step back and continue talking.

JZ CROWNS: That’s why tonight I’m going to expose Thomas once and for all. Show everyone that Tommy has pulled the wool over their eyes. Show everyone that he’s a liar and a scrub. I’m destined for greatness and the greatness starts tonight when I show everyone what a hero is.

Tiffany nods halfheartedly and reaches for her mic again only for JZ to duck underneath her arm and keep talking.

JZ CROWNS: And no I’m not worried. No I’m not scared. I’m really good at what I do Tiff. In fact I’m one of the best at what I do. I’m the best newest addition to either of the main brands this year. Shoot maybe even HKW in whole. I’m one of the best fighters that these fans will ever get to see and no one else compares. And they love me for it.

The crowd comes to a deafening roar as the camera settles on a REAL fighter. Jason Jackson, who is here fresh off his number one contender win at CGFC 23. He’s dressed to the nines in an Armani 3 piece suit, with Bianca Reed on his arm.

It’s no secret that these two men share tons of bad blood, and although he suffered broken ribs at the hands of Katsumi Hoshiko just two days ago.. Jason looks ready to fight as he steps up tower over JZ.

JASON JACKSON: Real fighter? Son… you couldn’t fight a cold if I gave you a bottle of theraflu and the week off. Prove it. You’re a fighter? You said it was on sight right? Well here I am. Show me.

JZ turns to look at him handing the microphone back to Tiffany who now walks off wanting nothing to do with the situation in the first place. Crowns stares at Jason not moving a muscle as he talks, and Jason unbuttons his suit jacket... slipping it off quickly while looking over at Bianca for a second to offer it to her.

JASON JACKSON: Here babe. Hold this while I teach this little chihuahua not to bark at a pitbull unless he can back it up.

Bianca looks her ex-boyfriend up and down and smirks.

BIANCA REED: Nah, wait till your ribs are better. The last thing we need is this scrub catching a lucky strike and thinking he runs this ish now.

JZ steps back from Jackson and begins to say something but thinks twice about it realizing he has a match coming up. Instead he nods at the Samoan and walks off backwards not turning his back to Jason the entire way.

Jason just smirks and slips his jacket back on, adjusting his tie as he gives JZ a death glare.

JASON JACKSON: That’s right. At least you know your place son. I’m always ready whenever you find your balls. I’m not hard to find.

BIANCA REED: Oh, and just in case you forgot? He’s not the only one who’s got an axe to grind with you. I’d watch your back if I was you.

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The Knoxotron goes black and white as a shadows figure appears on the screen. He is seen walking down a hallway with his head down as a voiceover plays.

VOICEOVER: In times of defeat, the world's greatest warriors begin to shine. In times of need a chosen one always answers the call. When the world around you is slowly being devoured by darkness, A light will beam through. Everyday we encounter brave souls. Courageous people. Those who put themselves before others. This is the story of one of those individuals. One wrestler. One man. One hero.

Then man walking down the hallway stops and turns around revealing his face to be none other than Television/Radio personality Ryan Seacrest with a terrible wig on. He also has a fake beard and the ring gear of one JZ Crowns on.

VOICEOVER: This is how our story begins.

The Knoxotron goes blank and The Instrumental for Power by Kanye West comes on. A video clip of Ryan “Crowns” walking into the RISE training facilities is seen.

VOICEOVER: Not that long ago, in the City of Detroit. A young man dedicated his life to wrestling. He trained harder than anyone before him. He learned. He adapted. He honed his skills. He was the model citizen.

The JZ lookalike is seen running the ropes and taking bumps to the canvas. He’s also seen lifting weights and running on the treadmill. In the corner of the room you can see Ryan Seacrest again but this time he has dark short hair.

VOICEOVER: Everyone in this young man's life was proud of him. Supporting him all the way. He was the representation of what’s to come. But some people didn’t like it. Some people didn’t see it that way. Some people didn’t want him to succeed.

The darker hair Ryan Seacrest begins beating up the JZ crowns look alike. As he does, yet another Ryan Seacrest comes into the picture this one with long purple hair. The female Ryan Seacrest kisses the dark Hair Ryan Seacrest. The entire screen freezes, as the sound of glass shattering is heard and everything goes blank.

VOICEOVER: This is when it all began to click for our young hero. He began to realize that the world we live in wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Glitter didn’t pour down on us during thunderstorms. This sad wet rainy world needed an umbrella. A protective Raincoat to shield us all from the horrors of the world. But instead of looking for one. He became that one. He became Captain Crisco.

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CLARA MARTINS: Ladies and gentleman, the following contest is a SUPERHERO STREET FIGHT SCHEDULED FOR ONE FALL!

" I’m living in that 21st Century, doing something mean to it
Do it better than anybody you ever seen do it"

"Power” by Kanye West begins to play over the PA system as the lights in the arena go out. A streak of Fire is seen dropping from outer space down to earth on the knoxotron.

CLARA MARTINS: Introducing first...

The audience begins to boo but are quickly silenced by a loud whistling noise followed by an opening in the arena ceiling.


A moment later, a streak of red is seen dropping through the opening and down towards the ring. As the red streak hits the canvas, it explodes into a cloud of red smoke. The smoke clears and JZ Crowns is standing in the ring, sporting metallic looking Gucci ring gear with A flame plastered on his shirt. The letters CC are emblazoned on top of the flame. He has his hair braided and the ends are dyed red and orange to match his ring gear.
He moves from the center of the ring and paces around before Making his way over to the second rope of the nearest corner and raising a fist into the air.

JACK WARREN: Are we really about to watch two grown men battle it out to find out which one is the true hero? What the fuck do you guys have going on over there on Subversion?!

WILLIAM BURKE: What we have is people battling it out over things that they care about! Unlike on Defiance where people on battle it out for championships, our talent cares for more than gold.

JACK WARREN: Hah...losers.

WILLIAM BURKE: Interesting thing to say when our brand is in the finals of brand wars after eliminating Defiance.


WILLIAM BURKE: Anyway, this should be one hell of a contest. JZ and Tommy have been at each other's throats for months and it all culminates here tonight.

JZ continues to stare out at the crowd, a blankness on his visage as he sees the audience booing him and various signs that are pro-Tommy Evans. JZ turns away and stares up at the entrance ramp, patiently waiting for the arrival of his opponent.

CLARA MARTINS: And his opponent…

The arena then falls into darkness as the Knoxotron begins to play another video. This time it shows the streets of Manchester, adopting noire effects as the camera slowly moves through different aspects of street life in the city. Figures huddle around a burning barrel in one shot, a man picks his daughter up out of a stroller in another, and so on. Until finally there is a shot of one of the taller buildings in town, looking down on the streets below.

VOICE OVER: He never wanted to be a hero.

The camera angle, currently dangling over the side of the building as it shows the ground below, slowly pans to the right, revealing a figure standing precariously on the edge as well, squatting down and peering over.

VOICE OVER: But every city he visited was in desperate need of one.

The camera then moves at a quick pace, down the side of the building to the ground, but it doesn’t stop there. It pivots and continues to zoom, right into the arena, through the hallways and locker rooms, showing various heels.

VOICE OVER: This business is overrun with villains, but the worst kind of villain… is one that pretends like he’s anything else.

The camera moves back to the top of the roof, showing the back of the figure once more as he stands up and takes a deep breath. The camera slowly moves its angle, and we see ‘Suicidal’ Tommy Evans staring at the ground below with a frown as he shakes his head.

VOICE OVER: My brother never wanted to be a hero…

The crowd pops, finally realizing that the somewhat familiar voice belongs to none other than FOUR creator and producer Rex Evans.

VOICE OVER: But tonight, he’ll be exactly what Hard Knox Wrestling needs, because J.Z. Crowns… is not what this company deserves.

Just then a spotlight shines down on the ring, showing an irate J.Z. Crowns for a moment, before it begins to move around the arena, stopping on various fan entrances and other places of entry. After nearly a minute, the gunfire and exclamations leading into Tommy’s theme music echo around the arena, before it’s replaced instead by a steady, heavy drumbeat. And then…




And the crowd erupts into cheers at the sound of the classic Queen song “Flash.” As the superhero’s name rings out, all the lights flash on bright before pulsing for the following words and returning to darkness alongside the drumbeat. Then the process repeats…




This time, as we return to darkness and a steady drumbeat, the spotlight returns, scanning the arena much faster this time, before settling on the stage… but no one is there.




The lights do their thing again for the third rotation, but this time as the arena returns to darkness, there is a figure in the spotlight atop the stage, surrounded by thick smoke and dropped down to one knee, his head resting in his elbow atop the other knee. And then, as the song returns to its process…


The figure bursts to his feet with the flash of the lights.


The figure throws two high kicks in succession with the sounds.


He leaps up for back to back tornado kicks and then thrusts a fist into the air as Queen’s “Flash” continues to play, the crowd eating up every bit of it as we now look at the figure of Tommy Evans, dressed in an amalgamation of classic superhero costumes stitched together. Different patches of his tights look like the suits of Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Aquaman, Superman, even the Hulk’s purple shorts, among others. He wears an Evolve Network #FOUR t-shirt with the logo on the chest, a film-quality replica of the Flash’s mask, and a billowing black Batman cape. It’s also important to note that he has a Ghost Rider chain wrapped around his shoulder.

CLARA MARTINS: And now making his way to the ring, hailing from wherever the people need him… he is the Suicidal Supreme, Tommy Evans!

Tommy stares up at J.Z. in the ring, patting the chain wrapped around his chest with a smirk, before stepping towards one side of the ramp and slapping a few hands. He then charges to the other side and leaps up onto the barricade, sinking down into his suicide pose, slapping a few hands as he finishes. He then turns toward the ring and runs along the barricade and leaps across to the turnbuckle, climbing and flashing a very Superman-like pose, before sinking down into his Suicide pose. He finally hops off and stares at J.Z. as he removes the cape, chain and t-shirt.

WILLIAM BURKE: What an entrance!

JACK WARREN: Eh, it was all right. Hopefully we’re not just talking about the entrances by the time this one’s over.

WILLIAM BURKE: I have a feeling that entrances will be the last thing we remember from this one.

JZ takes off his own cape, neither man breaking eye contact as the referee gets to the middle of the ring and calls for the bell!

Posted Image


The second the opening bell tolls, JZ (also known as Captain Crisco) hits the floor and rolls out of the ring. Tommy moves toward the ropes but stops once he sees JZ close his eyes and reach both of his arms up to the sky. Tommy cocks his head to the side and watches as JZ starts pulling his arms down, the lights in the arena fading away until it was pitch black!

JACK WARREN: What the hell is this?! Did Captain Crisco just suck the power out of the arena?!

WILLIAM BURKE: ...I believe so…

The audience lets out a variety of noises, no one able to see anything until the lights return and JZ is standing right behind Tommy! The audience urges Tommy to turn around, finally getting him to do so only for JZ to blasts him with a double palm thrust straight into the chest while shouting out “HADOUKEN!”

Tommy drops to the mat, JZ immediately putting the boots to his downed opponent until he grabs him by the hair and rips him up to his feet. Crowns sends Evans into the corner, begins backing away and starts pushing the wings on the sides of his Jordan XII’s up and down. Once he’s finished, Crowns begins jumping up and down - getting higher with every jump - and charges forward for an attack, but Tommy explodes out of his corner and turns JZ inside out with a hellacious running single leg dropkick.

JZ rolls out onto the apron while grabbing at his face, but Tommy’s right there to reach over the ropes and rip JZ up to his feet! Tommy tries to suplex JZ back inside the ring, but JZ grabs a hold of Tommy’s head and delivers a stun gun using the ropes! With Tommy down, JZ reaches into the ring and grabs a hold of Tommy’s ankle, pulling him out of the ring and blasting with a vicious elbow shot the second Tommy’s feet hit the floor.

JZ holds Tommy up and goes for a second elbow, but Tommy ducks underneath it, makes his way behind JZ and lifts him up for a belly to back suplex…

...only to drop him straight onto the apron!

JACK WARREN: Ouch. That had to hurt.

WILLIAM BURKE: Do things like that make you miss competing, Jack?

JACK WARREN: Not one bit.

Tommy watches as JZ favors his back and rolls off the apron to hit the floor. Without any time wasted, Tommy begins pulling off the chain from his attire and looks at the crowd while doing so. The Manchester crowd lets their voices be heard as Tommy finally gets the chain off and moves in the direction of Crowns!

Crowns finally sits up, still reaching around his own body to touch his back, but Tommy’s right there to wrap the chain around JZ’s neck! Tommy keeps wrapping and wrapping the chain around JZ’s neck, not stopping until he only has a few inches of chain left! JZ tries to loosen the grip of the chain around his throat, but Tommy pulls back to add more pressure to the choke, JZ’s eyes nearly popping out of his head!

JACK WARREN: What kind of superhero tries to choke the life out of their opposition?!

WILLIAM BURKE: I’m the wrong person to ask. I gave up on superheros when Adam West’s Batman TV show stopped airing.

JACK WARREN: Who the hell is Adam West?!

JZ’s face starts to turn a bright red, Tommy pulling his opponent to the side of the ring closest to the commentary tables. Using his free hand, he begins to clear off one of the tables, but JZ grabs one of the monitors and bashes it straight off of Tommy’s face, finally getting him to let go of the chain! Tommy drops to the mat, JZ unwrapping the chain from his throat and sucking in deep breaths as he rests his hand on his knees and tries to get as much oxygen back to his brain as possible.

Standing himself upright, JZ turns around and sees Tommy starting to slowly pick himself back up. JZ grabs the monitor he used previously, waits for Tommy to stand up, and blasts him straight to the back of the head, sending Tommy onto the announce table! The second JZ notices Tommy’s position on the table, his eyes go wide as he turns to look at the turnbuckle post. A grin begins to form on JZ’s features as he drops the monitor and gets up to the apron, only looking back to make sure Tommy hasn’t moved.

WILLIAM BURKE: What’s JZ thinking here?!

EL CABRON MALO: He is going to fly, Burke! Like a real superhero, not a fake one like this pendejo laying in front of us. Should we move?!

WILLIAM BURKE: I believe so, Malo!

Slowly but surely, JZ climbs all the way to the top and holds his balance. He stares at Tommy before taking two side steps onto the ropes -- springing off for a huge guillotine leg drop…


JZ goes crashing through the announce desk, immediately favoring his tailbone as he rolls around the rubble in agonizing pain. Tommy stares at the destruction, a smirk on his face as he moves back toward his chain and picks it back up.

Tommy steps in the direction of JZ Crowns, sliding his chain into the ring as he gets closer to the fallen Captain Crisco. Tommy steps over the broken pieces of table, doubles down and pulls JZ up to his feet by gripping his hair. Not wasting any time, Tommy ferociously whips JZ into the ring apron and charges forward for the follow-up attack, but JZ stops him with a boot to the face! Tommy stumbles back, giving JZ the time to hop up onto the apron and dive off to land a diving knee strike straight into Tommy’s face! Tommy falls back, nearly tripping over the broken pieces of the table as he falls hard into the protective barricade.

WILLIAM BURKE: How in the bloody hell is JZ able to move after going through our announce desk?!

JACK WARREN: He’s not a regular man, Burke. He’s a hero!

JZ scatters up to his feet, still favoring his lower back as he measures Tommy up and delivers a running big boot that sends Tommy over the barricade and into the crowd! JZ grabs a steel chair and hops over the barricade himself, screaming at the fans to get of the way as he holds the chair over his head! The fans scatter away, security holding them back as JZ moves toward Tommy. Patiently waiting for Tommy to get on all fours, JZ brings the chair over his head and brings it down to smash it against Tommy’s lower spine! Tommy drops right down onto his stomach, JZ stepping over Tommy to set up a camel clutch.

With the chair in his hand, JZ wraps Tommy’s arms around his legs, then pulls up on the chin only to wedge the chair underneath Tommy’s throat! The audience within reachable distance covers their eyes and mouths as JZ digs the side of the chair underneath Tommy’s throat and wrenches back on the pressure with a modified version of a camel clutch.


JACK WARREN: Can’t take away from his creativity, though. Don’t think I’ve ever seen this before.

JZ holds the hold in for another few seconds, finally pulling away and letting Tommy’s face hit the floor. JZ looks around at the audience and shouts out “HE IS NO HERO!” as he uses his foot to press down on Tommy’s face. Tossing the chair over the barricade, JZ grabs a hold of Tommy’s hair and pulls him to his feet. He hits Tommy with a left and a right, then launches him over the barricade, causing Tommy to land in the wreckage that was once a table.

JZ hops over the barricade himself, stomping down at Tommy’s midsection as he moves toward the ring. JZ pulls up the ring apron up and reaches underneath, pulling out a trash can that seems to filled with weapons! JZ sits the table on its ass end, reaching inside to grab two kendo sticks that he throws in the ring, a baseball bat and…

JACK WARREN: What the hell are those, Burke?!

WILLIAM BURKE: They’re...they’re...lightsabers!

The crowd pops at the sight of two lightsabers, JZ throwing them into the ring along with everything else and the trash can last. He turns his attention to Tommy Evans, walking toward him only to get the edge of a steel chair driven straight into his midsection! JZ drops to his knees, giving Tommy the clear shot to bring the chair back and knock JZ’s head off of his shoulders like a baseball!

As JZ lays motionless on the floor, a small bit of blood comes out of his forehead and runs down his face while Tommy takes a second to shake off whatever cobwebs are left. Tommy drops the chair to the floor, standing upright as he moves toward JZ and looks inside the ring. He immediately spots all the weapons, looks down at JZ and shrugs his shoulders before he moves toward the ring apron and begins searching for weapons himself!

WILLIAM BURKE: Looks like Tommy wants to involve some furniture as well!

JACK WARREN: What kind of superhero uses weapons?! You don’t see Batman swinging a chair like a madman when he’s fighting villains, do you?!

WILLIAM BURKE: Well...he does have gadgets.

JACK WARREN: Your mom has gadgets, Burke. Shut up.

WILLIAM BURKE: No, you SHUT UP! I’m doing my job here and your constant disparaging words about the talents that make this plan run are beginning to grind my gears!

JACK WARREN: I call it like I see it, Burke. You might have a hard one for every single person who works for this company, but THE MAN is not an easy MAN to impress.

The first thing Tommy pulls out is a ten-foot ladder that gets a thunderous reaction from the crowd! The second thing gets even a bigger pop - a table! Tommy slides both items in the ring and looks to pull JZ up to his feet, only for JZ to deliver a swift uppercut right to Tommy’s DC’s! JZ marvels at the sight, a huge grin on his face as he grabs Tommy by the neck and rolls him into the ring!

JZ goes in after Tommy, grabbing one of the kendo sticks that he slid in earlier. He moves toward Tommy and raises the kendo stick over his head, his eyes going wide once Tommy rolls onto his knees and pulls out…

JACK WARREN: Are you kidding me?

A lightsaber!

JZ drops the kendo stick, slowly backing away as the lightsaber illuminates a bright green light. JZ stops near the barrage of weapons, looking at the table, the ladder, and finally…

WILLIAM BURKE: Mates, we have a duel!

His own lightsaber! JZ’s shines off a metallic red color as he moves toward the center of the ring and gestures for Tommy to bring on the duel! Tommy doesn’t hesitate and charges straight at JZ, both men locking lightsabers in the middle of the ring! They come face to face and exchange some words, only for JZ to pull away and swing the lightsaber down by Tommy’s legs -- but Tommy jumps over it!

They block one another’s strikes with the lightsabers, Tommy managing to bring JZ’s close to his neck as he pushes him back against the corner! Tommy looks ready to take full advantage, but JZ stomps on Tommy’s foot and then blasts him in the midsection with the lightsaber! JZ tosses his saber to the floor, picking up a kendo stick and BREAKS it over Tommy’s back!

Throwing the broken kendo stick out of the ring, JZ turns his attention to the table brought into the ring by Tommy Evans. He sets the table up and kicks Tommy in the head before moving toward the ladder, his eyes filled with joy!

JACK WARREN: Don’t do it, JZ! Just finish this off because high flying doesn’t mesh well with you!

Tommy crawls toward the table and uses it to pull himself up to his feet. Meanwhile, JZ sets the ladder up and stares at the top before he moves over toward Tommy and starts pummeling away at his face with stiff right hands! He gets Tommy and punches him a few more times for good measure, proceeding to move toward the ladder and climb up it!

Slowly but surely, JZ makes his way to the top of the ladder, but adrenaline takes over Tommy’s body and gets him up to his feet! He starts climbing up the ladder with JZ looking on in shock, but Captain Crisco blasts him with a solid right hand the second he’s able to! Tommy fires back with a right of his own, but JZ smashes Tommy’s face off the top of the ladder and attempts a somersault powerbomb!

...but Tommy holds on! JZ tries to pull Tommy off, finally quitting and realizing he’s close enough to the floor to leap down. He hops down and tries to rip Tommy off the ladder, but Tommy catches with three big kicks to the face, the last one visibly knocking JZ out as he stumbles back and lands on the table! Tommy peers over his shoulder and sees the position in, slowly turning around as he stares down at JZ and begins climbing up to the very top rung!

WILLIAM BURKE: My word, what is he doing?!

Tommy takes in a deep breath, then dives off the ladder with the corkscrew 630 senton, landing right on top of JZ and crashing through the tables!



WILLIAM BURKE: That’s the name of the move, Jack!

The crowd starts chanting “Holy Shit” -- the referee holding the sides of his face until he sees Tommy draping one arm across JZ’s chest! He slides in position and gets as close as possible to make the count!






“Warning Shot” fills the arena speakers, the crowd standing on their feet while the referee checks in on both JZ and Tommy. Nobody moves a muscle until Tommy somehow throws one arm up in the air, the crowds cheering increasing once he does so.

WILLIAM BURKE: There was only one pinfall in that entire match, and that was all that was needed. Tommy Evans wins...Tommy Evans is the hero!

JACK WARREN: With a broken freakin neck!

Tommy somehow manages to get up to his feet, the referee holding his arm up in the air as the crowd chants…


JZ slowly starts to come to - enough to at least hear the crowds chants directed at Tommy Evans. Tommy drops back down to a knee, the on-site EMT’s rushing down the entrance ramp to check on both men.

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Backstage of Divine Supremacy night 2. The locker room of Team Subversion is full of the wrestlers as they are all sitting down looking at a white board that is covered in Xs and Os. Team Captain Alexa Corra is completely disinterested as she is busy in her own world, staring almost blankly ahead at the wall. Brian Stryker is pacing in front of the board, a visor on his head.

BRIAN STRYKER: Team Subversion. Tonight is the night. The night we spent all week preparing for. The finals of Brand Supremacy. Only thing standing between us and being called the better brand, is a little group called Underground.

Brian slaps a picture of Team Underground onto the whiteboard, Alexa finally turning her head to stare at the picture with rage building in her eyes.

BRIAN STRYKER: And while our team captain is a woman of few words, I am not. In fact I’m long winded. We are NOT gonna let these fools take that title home tonight! We are the superior brand! WE are the better wrestlers! WE are the supreme ones!

Alexa continues to stare at the Underground picture, her mind running back all the wrongs that the Underground brand had done to her.

ALEXA CORRA: Fate genuinely works in mysterious ways…

Alexa stands up and moves toward the whiteboard, grabbing the photo of Team Underground. She stares at it for a moment, then slides her hand into her front pocket to grab a lighter.

ALEXA CORRA: To think...it was a little over a year ago when the Underground was introduced and I was the one to offer them a top-tier championship of their own. Then, of course, I was screwed out of that same championship by the director of the brand himself.

The former Global champion extends her left arm and holds the picture out, synging the bottom of it with the lighter flame until it all erupted into a ball of flames.

ALEXA CORRA: Now we are the ones standing in front of them and their desire to be viewed as an equal brand. Underground is nowhere near equal to us. They are fifteen rungs below, and tonight we prove that - and we prove that Subversion is, was and will always be the A show within this promotion. No excuses. No chance for anyone from Underground to bark on the social media sphere like they all love to do. Tonight? We break them, but most importantly…

Alexa drops the flaming photo, stepping on it on her way back to her seat. Tiffany Jay comes into the picture and dumps her bottle of Aquafina onto the picture, knocking out the flames before giving each member of Subversion a thumbs up. Tiffany goes back to hiding behind the whiteboard, Alexa watching her until she gets in place.

ALEXA CORRA: Tonight we break the Underground’s backbone and spirit.

BRIAN STRYKER: I could have said it better myself! Maybe with less fire though but that’s what makes her her. Underground thinks they can get in our head. The whole black sheep thing, but they don’t realize we are the black sheeps! We got Sophie El the daughter of Subversion everyone always counts out but always manages to get it done. Tristen Martinez, product of Rise. Shane Atwater 3 time HKW world champion! Myself, not supposed to live past 25 with my drinking and drug problems comes back and is better than ever. Finally the head sheep herself. No one does it better than her. We are the black sheep. We are the dark horses. WE are the future. WE REIGN SUPREME! Now let’s get out there and kick some ass!

Everyone cheers as they stand up and start heading out of the locker room to prepare. Brian turns to Corra and shrugs.

BRIAN STRYKER: Think that went well. We’re ready boss.

Corra nods her head and for the first time ever in her career, she reaches her arm around behind Stryker and gives him a friendly pat on the back. Corra immediately takes off afterward, exiting the locker room while Brian looks at where Corra was

BRIAN STRYKER: This is gonna be fun on the bun!

He takes his visor off and tosses it onto the chair as he leaves the room closing the door behind him.

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WILLIAM BURKE: Are you ready for some violence Jack?

JACK WARREN: Why did they put me here with you? Why?

CLARA MARTINS: The following contest is for the Lionheart Championship!! Lionheart Rules win by knockout or submission!!

The lights dim slightly as “Out of My Mind” by B.O.B feat Nicki Minaj starts to play throughout Manchester Arena. The crowd starts to cheer heavy as Navorro Williams begins his slow stroll out onto the stage. His cocky walk wearing his Hannibal Lecter mask without the straightjacket on that he’s known for walking to the cage with. Wearing his THRONE MMA Darth Grippa t-shirt the spotlight stay on him as he continues walking toward the ring looking left to right wildly and hype.

CLARA MARTINS: Coming to the ring originally from Washington D.C and fighting out of Las Vegas, Nevada! He is a submissionist grappler and a former CGFC Imperial Champion. NAVARRROOOOO "SOVOOOOOOOO" WILLLIAAAAAAAAAAMS!!!!!

Reaching ringside he stands for a while looking at the new surroundings that he’s not quite used to his head cocks to the left a little before he starts taking the straps of his Lecter mask off. No games at that point his face is a full vision of seriousness as he takes off the mask followed by his shirt. He rushes up the stairs before entering the ring and a wide demented smile crosses his face as he walks to the middle. He looks out toward the crowd hearing more cheers than boos which throws him off but he soaks it in making his smile even wider enjoying the moment. He hypes them up even more throwing his hands up in the air and bouncing around warming up and getting ready.

WILLIAM BURKE: This guy is the real deal!! I’m excited to see how DeMarcus will fare in this.

JACK WARREN: The MAN deems Enlightenment.



Full darkness...

”They say form follows function….And if you just function properly then things will form themselves”

The crowd starts to rile up as soon as Lupe Fiasco’s voice comes through the speakers. Immediately following a spotlight hits the stage with DeMarcus Gresham there standing with his back to the crowd so the ‘Gifted’ along is black jacket is clear for all to see. The HKW Lionheart title belt is wrapped around his right shoulder in a way to make sure the words on his jacket are clearly seen by all. He points downward to the “Gifted” emblem from both sides before turning around and moving to the side showing his manager Y’layna Bryant. As she shows support clapping and pointing at Gresham he stands there for a moment allowing the spotlight to engulf him as the crowd boos to high heaven against him. The HKW Lionheart Champion basks a little while longer taking his sweet time for he knows he’s earned it. Moving back toward the middle of the stage he offers up free left arm in a gentleman fashion to Y’layna gesturing they walk down the ramp. She smiles taking his arm and they walk down the rampway holding conversation between one another as DeMarcus points out toward the crowd in front of them declaring them all unenlightened and subservient. Both of them gesturing toward the championship belt on his shoulder affirming his stance he is in fact better than everyone watching.

CLARA MARTINS: On his way to the ring, accompanied by Y’layna Bryant...From Seattle, Washington. Your epicenter. Your beacon. Your Enlightenment. HE IS...THE REIGNING HKW LIONHEART CHAMPION!!! “Gifted” DEEEEMarccuuussss GRREEESSSHHAAAMMMM!!

Every step they take the rampway beneath them lights up in a Michael Jackson Billie Jean music video kind of way. The house lights slowly lighting up a little more and more with each step. When they reach ringside all the lights are fully on and the spotlight and illuminating floors stop. He stands there for a moment rolling his shoulders while Y’layna releases his arm to let everyone in the vicinity know who is truly Gifted. He then walks forward and jumps from the ground floor to the ring apron impressively. He enters the ring pointing to his temple taunting the crowd a bit as they boo him. He then sits on the middle rope to assist Y’layna Bryant into the ring. She takes the stairs and climbs through the ropes he opens for her. When she enters DeMarcus walks over toward the nearest turnbuckle, standing on the second and turns around completely to give the HKW fans his back showing only the white “Gifted” lettering of his jacket. The boos ring louder as he stands tall undeterred taunting them further by unhooking the Lionheart belt from his shoulder and cocky raising it in the air slowly. Still with his back turned before jumping down off the turnbuckle to take off his jacket. In a ceremonious (and extra) fashion he lays the jacket on that top turnbuckle with the ‘Gifted’ laid out for all to see. Turning around he hands his Championship belt over to Y’layna giving her a quick nod preparing to administer Enlightenment once again.

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Navorro known for his quick starts in the cage darts straight toward the larger Gresham looking to catch him off guard. Surprisingly he does exactly that starting with a low kick and follows that with a jab that knocks DeMarcus back. Williams keeps the pressure going stepping forward and landing a front kick to Gresham’s midsection giving the bigger man something to think about in the very early seconds of the match. DeMarcus responds quickly getting into a lower posture to match up with Navorro’s height attempting to be able to counter or adjust to Vo’s quickness. Vo’s footwork comes into play quickly with Gresham looking for a punch of his own and Williams sidestepping his way out of it and returns fire going low again on Gresham first with a straight to the stomach followed by a hook with his other hand that gives Gresham a good reason to grimace before backing up.

WILLIAM BURKE: DeMarcus showing discomfort for the first time in awhile.

JACK WARREN: He killed his old his tag partner. Nobody knows it but the MAN does.

JACK WARREN: For Goodness sake focus on the fight!!

Realizing quickly this would require more than may had originally expected Gresham circles out allowing some time for the sting in his midsection to subside. At this point Williams does as many MLC and CGFC fans around the world know he’s good for...talking shit. While Gresham backs away Williams smiles at him and immediately starts pointing at him yelling “Look at this Doogie Howser ass dude! Running for his life already!” Williams laughs at his own joke making his way back in toward Gresham attempting to cut him off using the corners of the ring almost in the same fashion he would in a cage. The movement works for him as he catches the Lionheart champion cornered up and already going for blood the CGFC representative looks for flash jumping and bringing up his knee looking to land. The fact Gresham holds such a height advantage works in his favor weaving his head back while catching the body of Williams mid air. Here Navorro quickly realizing getting caught was not the right idea, its quickly verified by DeMarcus straightening Navorro’s leg out bouncing them off the top rope and throwing him right down to the with a slingshot backbreaker.

JACK WARREN: And now he’s in Gifted’s world.

WILLIAM BURKE: The Champion with the opening he desperately needed!

SoVo lands on the mat hard taking the first real damage of his match. DeMarcus follows up smoothly after that pulling him up by his head keeping him close not allowing Williams to get the space he wants gives him two quick elbows before locking his arms in and flipping Vo with a textbook butterfly suplex. SoVo lands hard once again with DeMarcus slowly coming to his feet giving Manchester a quick friendly bow to which they boo heavily in response. Gifted walks right back over to where Vo is attempting to find his way but isn’t given enough time as Gifted easily pulls the smaller fighter up again. Gifted makes sure Vo looks at him before a left hand nearly knocks the taste out of Vo’s mouth to pause him as Gifted points toward Williams saying “You don’t belong here.” Gresham follows that with a quick kick to the body and steps giving Vo his back linking his arms and pulls him up to drop him with a huge vertebreaker making Williams go limp.

JACK WARREN: The MAN approves that message.

WILLIAM BURKE: They are checking with the ref!

DeMarcus waits out to see if he’s out. Ref sees motion and tells him Williams still has life in him which DeMarcus smiles at looking at his opponents struggle.

The fighter quickly realizing he’s in trouble as Gresham looks down on him while getting up with a humored smile. Gresham seeming pleased that the MMA fighter does have the “fight” in him. Gresham comes stalks his prey as Williams slowly gets to his feet. Before Gresham can close in Williams throws a perfectly timed jumping roundhouse kick that Gresham wasn’t expecting at all. The kick lands flush to the side of Gresham’s head and has him completely reeling. The crowd losing its mind at the perfect timing and desperate kick but it gives Navorro the opening he’s been pray for after being thrown around for awhile. Gresham staggers back Williams comes in full force firing on all cylinders firing off a right cross, left hook, and a front kick that pushing back Gresham even more making him fold over a bit toward his already slightly hurt midsection. Seeing the reaction from the kick Williams surprisingly doesn’t go for the head again he actually pulls DeMarcus in and throws two hard knees into Gifted’s midsection. Finally with the opportunity open he looks to do what he does best knocking Gifted all the way back damn near the ropes while he staggers Williams shoots going for the double leg takedown and succeeds getting DeMarcus on his back. The crowd starts to blow up seeing the takedown and most of them being CGFC fans are well aware that the ground game is Navorro’s wheelhouse.

WILLIAM BURKE: And the momentum shifts perfectly in Navorro’s favor!!

JACK WARREN: If DeMarcus loses this I will never forgive him.

Navorro’s work is slick and smooth and much more advanced than DeMarcus’ beginning stages in his BJJ. The advantage is noticeable as Williams transitions from his guard to attempt a triangle choke...shortly after realizing that wasn’t meant to be due to the struggle Gifted is giving him he quickly switches and gets hold of the arm getting the full extension of DeMarcus’ left arm damn near tries to rip it from the shoulder getting the armbar locked in full. The volume of the crowd rises even more now once DeMarcus yells out in pain realizing he’s caught by one of the most fluid ground practitioners in MMA today.

JACK WARREN: I will renounce my enlightenment I promise.

WILLIAM BURKE: Navorro has the lock in deep.

JACK WARREN: I will shave my hair completely bald and become a monk that makes German beer.

DeMarcus cries out but refuses to tap all eyes on the ref as Navorro puts a little more on yelling “Yeah yous fucked!” at him while threatening to break his shit. The ref keeps eyes on DeMarcus as the struggle continues. Vo starts to get upset realizing his victory hasn’t been come yet and yells before reaching all the way back and putting all his might into the submission which does exactly what he was not expecting. DeMarcus pounds the mat with his fist yelling to high heaven before he basically goes forward into Vo working toward getting to his knees and in one adrenaline filled motion rises to his feet. Williams looks on in shock trying to take the arm off still but Gifted has already gotten a grip and lifts him from the mat all the way up above his own height and drives him into the mat like lightning from Zeus himself making Williams’ body bounce off the mat landing with so much power.

WILLIAM BURKE: DeMarcus with the willpower!!

JACK WARREN: It’s called Enlightenment! I take everything I said back!!!

The crowd goes off applauding the will of Gifted as his left arm basically hangs at his side. He tries to lift it looking down at it in anger and he can only move it slightly...lifting it being impossible. The fire lights in his eyes as he looks at the downed Williams still pretty out of it not moving just breathing. DeMarcus looks at the ref and tells him “He’s done” gesturing him to raise his hand. The ref points at Navorro trying to get his attention as Navorro still shows life moving on the mat attempting to turn to his front and get up. DeMarcus huffs at the fact the is still not knocked out and with his messed up arm he walks over toward the corner over on the other side of the ring. He stands there huffing like a bull in wait...waiting...waiting until Navorro barely reaches his feet.

Gresham doesn’t even give Vo the chance to realize running full speed like Usain and with full leg extension barrells completely through him with the Determination Yakuza Kick to the back of Vo’s head. The way he falls is almost inhumane with the ref coming right in after he lands knowing he’s out waving off the match and calling the knockout.


JACK WARREN: Do not curse in the house of Enlightenment Burke!!!


DeMarcus stands after turning around looking at the damage he had done and then looks down at his limp arm. He grumbles to himself while walking toward the edge of the ring where they hand him his defended HKW Lionheart Championship belt. The boos ring out wildly at this point and he looks around the Manchester Arena with the belt on his shoulder. The ref doesn’t even move to raise Gresham’s arm in victory more worried about the status of the fallen MMA star but Clara picks up the mic.


DeMarcus continues walking around the ring looking at the mass of people booing him. He smiles at the reaction of everyone hating him. He stands in the middle of the ring for while before carefully moving to exit the ring making sure the arm is good. Adjusting the belt back onto his shoulder he walks up the ramp slowly continuing to look left and right saying nothing in the chorus of boos drinking it in.

WINNER: DeMarcus Gresham via Knockout (11:49)
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Our scene cuts backstage where we see none other than former 4CW Champion Elijah Carlson with his back to the lens. Already he’s ready to go, knowing that his match with Chris Night would be up shortly. But it appears that he’s already deep in conversation with someone else, just by the way his body moves and the gestures he’s making with his hands. Sound comes in a little while after.

ELIJAH CARLSON: I know.. I know. You don’t like it when I leave you. But I have to. Just for a little while. And you can’t be biting people while I’m gone.

A few moments of silence pass as Eli cocks his head sideways and then takes a big, deep breath of air into his lungs that could reasonably be called a gasp. Slowly, his hand raises to his mouth before he speaks a moment later.

ELIJAH CARLSON: Don’t you use that kind of language, young man. I expect better out of you.

Young man? Uh what? The camera man clears his throat drawing Eli’s attention and he turns to face the direction that the noise had come from. As he does so, on the table that had been in front of him, a tiny baby duck rests. As though it knows it’s on camera and wants to draw the love and adoration of the fans to him, the baby duck quacks.

ELIJAH CARLSON: Of course. OF COURSE! Jensen probably sent you in here didn’t he? Is that f-word even here tonight? Or is he back home nursing his little titty baby elbow injury? Either way I’m sure it’s his fault somehow. He always finds a way to sabotage things that are important to me. He’s the one to blame for my elimination from the Young Guns Cup, he’s the reason for the interruption of this private family moment I was having with my duck, Louie, that Genie got for me for my birthday. I have no doubt he’s the reason that I have to face Chris Night in this I Quit match tonight after I made it quite clear I think these kinds of matches are a disgrace to wrestling.

Clenching his jaw, Eli turned back to the duck and held his hand out for the little creature to hop up into his hand. Gently Eli stroked the top of his head to soothe the baby duck as he turned back to face the camera.

ELIJAH CARLSON: But you know what? YOU KNOW WHAT? I’ll do it because England is my home away from home. I am wrestling royalty. They called me the prince in 4CW when I made my debut on the Adrenaline roster. And a little over a year ago they called me a king when I came to this country and I beat Jair Hopkins ass all over this damn country in a falls count anywhere match. It was there that I walked out with the 4CW Championship. It was there that I guided that company into the golden age that it’s now enjoying. I, Elijah Carlson, am the one responsible for that. And tonight… well… there’s no gold on the line. There’s no championship to be had. No accolade to attach to my resume. Tonight I won’t be leading Hard Knox Wrestling and the Subversion brand into a new, golden age.

Smiling arrogantly, Eli shook his head before holding up the little duck in front of him, changing the nature of his conversation from one that was directed at the little animal right before his face.

ELIJAH CARLSON: Tell them what I’m going to do, Louie. Is it true that I’m going to take out the trash that has been littering this company for far too long?

The little duck quacked, seemingly in affirmation.

ELIJAH CARLSON: Is it true that tonight I’ll once again prove myself to be the superior wrestler to Chris Night?

Again, the little duck quacked in seeming affirmation.

ELIJAH CARLSON: And is it not true that tonight, Chris Night will cry out to the world to make it stop. To make it all go away. And proclaim to the world that he quits?

A third time the little duck quacked and Eli nodded his head with a smile.

ELIJAH CARLSON: You’re goddamn right he is.

As Eli finished talking the little duck turned around and faced the camera, and the creature quacked once more right as the scene momentarily went black, and then switched to another location.

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CLARA MARTINS: The following contest is a singles match and will be held under I Quit stipulation, meaning that the match can not and will not end until one of the competitors verbally tells the referee that they quit! Introducing first...

The lights darken and red pyro suddenly comes out of the entrance way and the lighting turns red, as 'Same Old War’ by Our Last Night blares onto the PA system, and out walks Chris Night. He raises his hands up in the air, as the fans begin to cheer him on. Chris Night then runs down the entrance way and slides into the ring. He then jumps up onto the very top of the turnbuckle and raises his hands. Chris then back flips off the top, and lands on the apron on his feet as red pyro explodes out of all four turnbuckles. He then moves back into a corner and waits for the match to begin.

CLARA MARTINS: Coming to the ring… weighing in at 200 pounds and hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada… CHRISSSSS NIGHTTTTT!!!

WILLIAM BURKE: The hero of the hour, Chris Night!

JACK WARREN: The fans certainly approve of him.

WILLIAM BURKE: This is his night, no pun intended. After weeks upon weeks of Elijah Carlson being a thorn in his side, tonight he plucks it out and casts it aside.

JACK WARREN: And what a way to cast that thorn aside it would be. Getting a former 4CW Champion to say he quits right in the middle of the ring. Sounds like justice to me. But we know that things are never quite that easy. In this business, fairytale endings just don’t happen.

The lights around the arena go dim as the sounds of a guitar riff begin to reverberate from the speakers around the building. On the screens above the entrance way flash highlights of Elijah Carlson’s tenure in 4CW, with emphasis on his match against Jair and his title defense against Scott Stevens at All or Nothing, as well as his debut in the HKW Golden Opportunity Rumble. As the video clips begin to play on, the vocals of Rise Against's “From Heads Unworthy” begin.

We are the children you reject and disregard
These aching cries come from the bottom of our hearts
You can't disown us now, we are your own flesh and blood
And we don't disappear just because your eyes are shut
Now tell me

While the singer's voice drags on the final word of the opening verse, the stage is flooded with bright white lights as Elijah Carlson emerges from the backstage area wearing his usual trunks with his first name written across the back, a crown dotting the I, while a mixture of boo’s and cheers reigning down upon him. Paying little attention to the fans, Eli begins his walk down the ramp toward the ring as the lyrics to the song roll on.

Love, loss
Like a bullet's path
Tear through
The cavity of my chest
Lights out
Because the fuse has blown

CLARA MARTINS: ”Making his way to the ring standing six feet one inch tall and weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds… he is.... ELIJAH CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!”

As their castles crumble slowly
We watch them fall
Their crown slips from heads unworthy
As we gain control

At the bottom of the ramp he looks to his left and spots a young kid reaching out to try and slap hands with him. Eli reaches out to slap hands with the kid only to pull away at the last second, laughing at him before turning his attention back to the ring. With ease he ascended the steel ring steps, stepping through the middle and top ropes. As he enters the ring he moves to the far turnbuckle and steps up to the middle rope as the chorus of boo’s once more erupt around the arena. Unphased by it, Eli points at his chest before hopping down back to the mat.

WILLIAM BURKE: I legitimately cannot stand this man. If Malo were here he’d be verbally sucking his dick. But the arrogance, the smug smirk. Fuck this dude, Jack.

JACK WARREN: Well you can’t deny that he’s earned it, Burke. He’s been to the top of the mountain elsewhere and he carries himself with the swagger of a man who believes there’s nobody in the world better than him.

WILLIAM BURKE: Talented as he is, he’s also a nightmare to be around. Again, no pun intended. But Chris is going to wipe the floor with this asshole.

JACK WARREN: Let’s find out, shall we?

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The bell sounds and there’s no early gamesmanship. No early shit talk back and forth. The moment the bell rang Chris and Eli were out of their corners in a flash, meeting in the middle of the ring where they drove their fists into each others foreheads. Back and forth in a seemingly endless seesaw manner that would never see one get the advantage over the other. Just two men fed up with each other, trying to beat the living shit out of the other. However, it’s Chris who breaks the string of punches by ducking under one from Eli and taking off toward the opposite ropes. When Eli spun to met him he was quickly flattened by a springboard back elbow.

With absolutely no love lost between the two, Chris popped up quickly and began driving his boot over and over again into the sternum and torso of the other man and the crowd ignites at the sudden beatdown as Eli does his damndest to roll away. There’s no stopping the assault of Christ Night, however, as even after Eli rolls himself out of the ring to try and get some separation, Night slingshots himself over the top rope and comes crashing down into his nemesis with a big cross body. On any other night, against any other opponent, Chris might have fired right back up to his feet and tried to draw the crowd even more into the match by hyping them up. Not tonight. He was determined to put a halt to Eli constantly running his mouth and degrading him. So instead of hopping up and getting the fans involved, Chris wrapped his arm around Eli’s neck, trapping him and leaving him helpless to defend against the rapid fire fists that were finding their mark over and over again.

WILLIAM BURKE: ATTA BOY CHRIS! Make him pay! Months of this guy running his mouth non stop. It’s about time someone came to cash the checks his mouth wrote!

Finally, Chris stops his attack and pushes himself back up to his feet and it’s at that moment that the crowd explodes for him. For good measure, Chris plants one more boot into the side of Eli before stalking off in search of a microphone. Marching over to the timekeepers booth, Chris quickly retrieves the object he was looking for before storming back over to Eli. As he draws near, bending down to shove the microphone in Eli’s face and demand he quit, Eli brings his right foot up between Chris’s legs and the veteran fan favorites eyes go crossed on impact.

JACK WARREN: Most of the time we’d lament that strategy from Eli as being an illegal move and having no place in a match. But it’s anything goes here tonight and that was what he needed to do to get himself back into things.

The microphone tumbles to the ground and Eli slowly crawls away from Chris, over to the security barrier, where he pulls himself back up so that he’s leaning against the barrier. A few fans slap him on the back, excited to be that close to a wrestler. Jerking himself away from them, Eli brings a hand to his head to check to see if Chris had busted him open with those punches. He then shouted at the fans not to touch him before his attention returned to Chris, belting him across the side of the head with a vicious kick. As Chris flips over onto his back, Eli bends down and points right in his face telling Chris not to ever touch him again either, before slapping him across the face with an open palm.

The open palmed slap seems to draw Chris out of the haze that had taken over by being kicked in the groin, returning fire with a kick to Eli’s temple that sent him sprawling over against the security barrier once more. Scrambling back to his feet, Chris launched himself in Eli’s direction but at the last second Eli moved out of the way and let Chris crash into the barrier himself. More trash talk came from Eli as he looked at the fallen body of his opponent and called him trash, before retrieving the microphone for his own uses. Unlike Chris, Eli didn’t bother asking the man if he quit. Instead he just fired the microphone at Chris’s temple, a loud thud echoing around the arena over the public address system.

Dragging Chris back up by his hair, Eli lifted him up into the air and then dropped him stomach first across the top of the barrier. A moment later Eli was standing on the barrier leaping into the air and dropping a leg drop down across the back of Chris Nights head, sending them both crashing into the row of fans that was lined up against the barrier along the entrance way. Security rushed in to give the two men space to fight as Eli rolled back to his feet, laughing at the fallen body of Chris Night before grabbing one of the folding chairs that had been scattered out of the way. With one swift movement, a loud crack echoed as Eli brought the chair down directly onto Chris’s head!

WILLIAM BURKE: And of course Eli is the first one to bring outside objects into the match. He can’t hang with Chris on his own.

JACK WARREN: You can’t blame him though, really. It’s all legal. It’s part of the game. Hurt your opponent until they can’t take anymore.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! Three more times Eli brings the chair down onto Chris’s head before shouting at the fans who were starting to close in around them. Annoyance evident on his face, Eli tossed the chair off to the side and grabbed Chris by his arm, dragging him slowly over to the barrier before tossing him back over to the other side. With one fluid motion Eli swung both of his legs over and stalked Night as he rolled over onto his stomach and then pushed himself up to his hands and and knees, crawling away from Eli and over to the ramp where he began to pull himself up. Pointing and laughing, Eli then raised his arms in the air like the match was already in the bag.

He continued to follow Chris a few steps behind as Night rolled over onto the ramp and then began crawling up towards the stage. Placing his boot on Chris’s backside, Eli shoved him down and then stood over him, slapping him on either side of his head, boxing his ears garnering himself earnest disapproval from the crowd. Raising both hands in the air, Eli gives the entire Manchester crowd a bronx salute before reaching down and dragging Chris back up to his feet. Standing him there, Eli follows up with two quick strikes to the head and a stiff kick to the leg that sends Chris tumbling and stumbling up the ramp to where he reaches the top of the stage.

Following closely behind, Eli locks onto Chris’s arm once they’re at the top of the stage and goes to irish whip him toward the edge. Before he can release the whip, however, Chris reverses it much to the delight of the crowd as Eli is sent sprinting toward the edge of the stage. Out of desperation, Eli slams on the brakes just before he can go tumbling off the edge. A relieved expression crosses his face before an arrogant smirk forms, holding up his index finger and waving it at the crowd as if to tell them there’s no chance in hell that that would happen to him.

WILLIAM BURKE: Close call there! Eli has the devil’s own luck, I swear.

JACK WARREN: Certainly was a close call but WAIT WAIT WAIT!

As Eli turns back around he does so to see Chris Night running at him and by that point it’s far too late as Night leaps into the air, throwing both of his feet out in front of him where he catches Eli flush in the chest with a front drop kick sending the former 4CW Champion tumbling off the edge of the stage and crashing down through a mass of tables and wires and other random accessories that had been set off to the side in case any of the production crew needed to quickly replace something. Surveying what his opponent had just gone through, Chris Night drops to a knee and shakes his head free of the stars and cobwebs that had formed from the chair shots that Eli had doled out to him a few minutes earlier.


WILLIAM BURKE: I hope Eli’s okay. You don’t ever want to see anyone get legitimately hurt. But I’ll also say this… SERVES HIM RIGHT! HAHA!

Rolling himself off the side of the stage, Chris lands on both of his feet comfortably. He still grasps the back of his head with one hand, feeling the effects of the chair shots. Still, it doesn’t stop him from going back to work after having taken a pretty damn good shot from Eli. Grabbing his opponent by his legs, Chris slowly drags Eli over and then props him up against the side of the stage. Returning the favor from earlier, Chris slaps Eli across his face with an open palm and then holds his arms out at his sides, drawing a big pop from the crowd before going in search of something else. It doesn’t take him long to find what he’s looking for. A steel chair is found not too far away and Chris happily retrieves it and then opens it up and sets it down, the legs straddling either side of Eli’s waist with the back of the chair pressed gently against the side of his head.

JACK WARREN: What do you think Chris is doing here, Burke?

WILLIAM BURKE: I don’t know, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be very good for Eli, that’s for sure.

Taking a few steps back after lining Eli up, Chris rapidly moves forward, throwing his foot up toward the back of the chair. SWEET DREAMS! Chris Night superkicks the steel chair straight into the side of Eli’s head, making a sandwich out of Eli’s head with the chair and the side of the stage. All around the arena the crowd stands on their feet, recognizing that something that makes that kind of sound is never a good thing for someones health and the way Eli slouches over after the impact seems to confirm that. Camera’s quickly show shots of fans around the arena who stare on more in shock than in awe this time, their hands brought up to their mouths covering them. Another camera gives a shot of Eli laying on his side, a trickle of red starting to form on his head, his body not moving at all.

JACK WARREN: Jesus Christ! I think he just killed him. I think Chris Night just committed sanctioned murder! Someone get out there and check on him.

But checking on Eli’s well being was not what Chris had in mind, shouting at the referee to bring him a microphone and it’s only a moment later before the referee retrieves the mic that had been spiked off of Nights head by Eli a little while earlier. Kneeling down, Chris asks Eli if he quits and then shoves the microphone in his face. Woozily, Eli shakes his head no and half heartedly waves his hand at Chris, trying to bat the microphone away. In response to Eli’s answer, Chris turns the microphone upside down and begins to hammer it off of Eli’s forehead, opening the small cut up to be a decent sized gash and blood begins to streak down his face instead of simply trickle as it had been. Again, Chris asks Eli if he wants to quit but Eli swats at him again, shaking his head no.

Frustrated, Chris pulls Eli back up to his feet and quickly whips him into the side of the stage. On impact Eli groans and reaches for his back, taking a few steps forward only to eat a running high knee from Night that flattens him. NIGHT DRIVER! Completely unaware of what’s going on, Eli instinctively gets back to his feet but his legs are clearly shakey and ready to give out at any moment. Turning around, he eats a second NIGHT DRIVER in a row from Chris Night. After the second knee connects, Chris turns and positions himself for the third one, knowing that if he hit it everything would be over and done with. Nobody had ever kicked out of a Triple Night Driver. Nobody ever would. And surely it would bring Eli to the point of saying that he just didn’t want to take anymore. Gesturing with his hands, Chris beckoned Eli back to his feet and slowly the former 4CW Champion obliges, pushing himself up to his hands and knees first. Then up to a one knee. And then he stood. And as he stood Chris moved toward him, ready to put the match away, but before he could connect with a third consecutive knee, Eli’s legs gave out from under him and he collapsed down to the floor.

WILLIAM BURKE: Okay… okay. Someone may need to stop Chris Night. For the sake of Eli’s physical well being they need to stop this. It doesn’t even look like he’s knows where he is, let alone know enough to tell the referee and the fans that he quits.

Taking his time now, Chris raised his arms up and down rapidly to get the fans behind him as he went in search of a table. It didn’t take him long to find one that had other things stored on it, shoving those objects off and down the the floor before dragging the table over to near where Eli was laying. After a few moments had passed, Chris seemed satisfied with where he had set up the table and then grabbed Eli by his hair and rolled him over onto the table, landing a number of quick strikes to his forehead and his chest to try and keep him in place while he went in search of something else.

Ooooh’s and ahhh’s bounced off the walls of the arena as Chris found the other thing that he was looking for shortly after. A big, steel ladder was retrieved from out of view of the camera and brought out into the live arena where Night slid it up onto the stage. All of the fans in attendance could sense where this was going and started to buzz. It didn’t take long for him to get the ladder set up on the stage where he wanted it, and as the crowd got louder and seemed to urge him to climb the ladder, he obliged and quickly climbed the rungs of the ladder, steadying himself at the top as he looked down at Eli.

JACK WARREN: Holy shit! Christ don’t do this! Don’t even think about doing thi-AHHHH!

Leaping from the top of the ladder, the fans watched in amazement as Chris Night plummeted down from the ladder, beyond the edge of the stage, toward the table where he had placed Elijah Carlson. It was a Nightmare Splash unlike anything they had ever seen before. Camera flashes burst to life around the arena as everything seemed to suddenly go in slow motion. Folding his legs and arms in underneath him before thrusting them outward just before reaching his desired location, the fans faces slowly morphed. Awe, amazement and wonder melted into desperation and horror as the body of Elijah Carlson rolled off of the edge of the table at the last moment.



JACK WARREN: Dear God in Heaven! Chris Night just dove from the top of a ladder down a good twenty five feet trying to hit a Nightmare Driver on Elijah Carlson through a table and HE MISSED! Somehow Eli rolled out of the way at the last second.

WILLIAM BURKE: I….. I….. I have no words.

JACK WARREN: Through a damn table, Burke! I’ve never seen anything like it before! These two men are legitimately trying to kill each other.

Pushing himself back on his backside, Eli’s eyes look take in the scene before him. Destruction evident everywhere, he stares wide eyed at the surely broken body of Chris Night, and then up to the top of the ladder, and then back down at Chris Night. Slowly his face contorts from one of shock to one of pure rage. Blood covers the left side of his face, making Eli look like a madman as he pushed himself back up to his feet, clutching everything that he could, groaning before he began to shout at Chris. What exactly the conversation that he was having with the fallen man didn’t get picked up by the camera crew. But his gestures said it all, he was beyond incensed that Chris had thought to make a highlight reel finish out of their match by hitting a move from a ladder off the side of the stage and down onto him through a table.

What the camera crew did finally pick up Eli saying was that he would show Chris how things were done, moments before Eli rolled himself up onto the side of the stage. Pushing himself up, Eli willed himself to get to the ladder and then slowly, one foot at a time, began to climb the ladder himself.

WILLIAM BURKE: What’s he doing? Jack what’s he doing?!

JACK WARREN: I don’t know, Burke! I don’t fucking know! I told you these two are out of their damn minds. He’s climbing the GODDAMN LADDER, BURKE!

When Eli gets near the top of the ladder he looks off of the side, down at the wreckage where Chris Night had fallen. Almost providentially, Night had rolled over from his stomach and onto his back. Gazing down at Night, Eli flips him off and then steps the rest of the way up to the top of the ladder as once again the crowd is buzzing. Before he can leap, though, Eli stops himself and thinks better of it. Shaking his head as he begins to step back down the ladder.

WILLIAM BURKE: Thank God. Finally, Elijah Carlson makes a good decision.

JACK WARREN: You have to wonder if Eli was thinking back to his match with Bronx Valescence almost a year ago now, where he took a death defying leap and it didn’t pay off. It was that move that put Eli on the shelf for months.

WILLIAM BURKE: Well no shit, Jack. Who would have guessed that jumping almost thirty feet down onto the body of another human being might be a bad idea.


In spite of what the commentators seemed to think, the fans didn’t agree with their assessment and reigned their harassment down on Eli, whose face became a mask of rage mixed with blood once more. Shouting back at them, Eli screams that he’s not a pussy before turning back and quickly ascending back up the remaining three rungs of the ladder before leaping off without thought. Flipping and twisting through the air, Eli crashes down violently onto the body of Chris Night.


WILLIAM BURKE: They’re both dead. They have to be dead. Jack they have to be dead.

The medical personnel seemed to agree that this might, indeed, be a possibility as they rushed out from the backstage area, hopping down off the side of the stage to get to the wreckage where both men were laying motionless. Quickly, they medics began separating the two bodies to check on their well being.

WILLIAM BURKE: I.. I don’t know what to say right now, Jack.

JACK WARREN: These are proud men, Burke. They never should have been allowed to have this match. Did anyone really expect anything less?

WILLIAM BURKE: They have families to think about, Burke. What has any of this proved to us?

JACK WARREN: I’m not sure, other than both of these men are willing to risk it all, and there’s not even a championship on the line.

Quickly the camera’s zoom in on movement, as Eli’s voice is heard shouting at the medics and he’s seen shoving them away. In the same moment, Chris begins to roll off of the backboard the emergency medical technicians had laid him out on, tearing at the neck brace that they had strapped onto him.


Nearby, as Eli pushes himself up to his feet and then stumbles backward to lean against the stage, the camera crew tries to get close enough to catch the action up close and personal. Angrily, Eli snatches the camera out of the camera mans hands and turns it back around so that the view is just a close up of his face.

ELIJAH CARLSON: This one’s for you, Bri.

A moment later the camera was turned around and caught a quick glimpse of Chris Night getting back to his feet before the scene came rushing forward and then went to static as Eli slammed the camera straight into Chris’s forehead. Kneeling down, Eli quickly grabbed the cord that had been plugged into the back of the camera and tore it free before stepping over Chris and wrapping it tightly around the mans throat, jerking back on it to choke the life out of him.

JACK WARREN: This has got to stop. It’s got to stop right now. Someone has to stop Eli!

Pulling on the cord, tightening it down even further, Eli screams at the referee to ask him. Grabbing the microphone, the referee asks Chris if he wants to quit before holding the microphone close enough for him to speak into it, but Chris shakes his head, fighting up to his knees and bringing one hand up to try and pull the cord away from his throat that he might get some air. The usually tan face of Chris Night was rapidly becoming a bright shade of red, his eyes bulging somewhat as he fought for every ounce of air that he could get.

WILLIAM BURKE: I can’t watch this. I’m going to be sick.

Kicking Chris’s knees out from under him, bringing him back down to a flattened position on his stomach, Eli again screams at the referee to ask Chris if he wanted to quit, pulling even harder on the cord. With his facial coloring changing from red to purple, and the world around him beginning to slowly go black, the referee asked Chris yet again if he wanted to quit. Once more his hand reached up to pull at the cord, but it was to no avail. And finally, with all will to fight strangled out of him, Chris spoke with his voice just barely above a rasp.

CHRIS NIGHT: I…… quit….


Even after the bell rings, Eli continues to pull as tightly as he can on the cord that was wrapped around Chris’s throat. Desperately the referee dropped the microphone and tried to get Eli to let go, with some of the medics coming over to pull on Eli’s arms trying to get him to let go.

WILLIAM BURKE: Jesus! Someone stop him!

Finally they manage to get Eli to let go, releasing the cord. Quickly they worked to unwrap it from around Chris’s neck as Eli collapsed back and folded his knees up, his arms resting on the top of them as a few other medics came to tend to the cut on his head. Meanwhile, Clara Martins made the official announcement of the result of the match.

CLARA MARTINS: Ladies and gentlemen… the winner of this match after making his opponent speak the words I Quit….. ELLLLIIIIJJJJJAAAAAHHHHHHH CARRRRLLLSSSOOONNNNN!!”

Boo’s reigned down heavily upon him but Eli didn’t even bother to raise his arms in the air in victory, staring bitterly at his fallen opponent while being checked on. Moments later the scene switched to the two commentators for their final words before the fans would get a glimpse of something going on backstage.

WILLIAM BURKE: Not the result that most of the fans of Subversion wanted but...

JACK WARREN: But what a war. What an ungodly, unholy war.

WILLIAM BURKE: That has to be the finale between these two, right? I don’t think my heart can take another one of these.

JACK WARREN: The hell should I know, Burke? I don’t work for Subversion. But I’ll tell you this… letting these two try and kill each other for a few more weeks wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world for those mediocre ratings you guys get.

WILLIAM BURKE: Our ratings are doing just fine, thank you very much. I don’t see anyone from Defiance topping what we just saw over the past thirty minutes or so.

JACK WARREN: We’ll be right back, folks. Jason Mentez and Asha Astor are next and I believe they’ll be bringing their own weapons to ringside. Don’t worry Burke, we’ll show you how we do things over on the Defiance side of things.

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The cameras come to life to a fully dressed and ready Jason Mentez. The Manchester crowd going purely berserk at the sight of him. Wearing a Phoenix Quagliaterre exclusive, his black long sleeve compression that is normally clear of anything has the biblical image of Samson in chains with two pillars on each side of him in the midst of trying to knock them down. Instead of Samson being the visual it’s Jason knocking them down. The camera gets the full view of him sitting in a metal folding chair looking up at the ceiling deep in thought. His tights are a concrete type color all showing cracks similar to ground but not crumbling a very big contrast to what he normally wears to the ring. The camera actually does a full 360 around him getting a view of his Adidas ‘Wreckless’ Wrestling shoes matching the overall color scheme of black, concrete gray, and white. The back of his compression is slightly seen with the words “A nuevos capítulos” on back in white. The facial expression on the Hall Of Famer is oddly unreadable as he has noticed them already giving a couple looks the camera's way before coming to sit up in the chair. The “A nuevos capítulos” much more clearly seen at this point. A white sleeveless t-shirt is hanging off the back of the chair but before grabbing it Jason sits up more in the chair looking into the camera.

JASON MENTEZ: I just want to start by uhhh to my fans man. I’ll be out there soon but for me to say dis shit I know its best for me to do it back here, with my thoughts clear n emotions less influenced if you get what I’m saying.

He nods up and points right toward the camera.

JASON MENTEZ: Thank every single one a you dat has really been behind me from jump. Even after my falls, after my accident, n after anything n everything I have done to disappoint you. I had to do my work but it wouldn’t come to shit if yall aint embraced me. I know dat. I will always know dat I will never forget dat. It’s why I’m coming to yall first no one else. No news captions, no inbetween. Yall deserve to hear dis from me.

He nods and scratches his head a little bit.

JASON MENTEZ: One of Cassius Reed’s last meetings before stepping down was with me. A lot of things been needing to change n guess best way dat starts for me is wit me. Tonight will be my last match in Hard Knox Wrestling.


(No, not that traditional “what?”. A real life WTF??!?!)

Jason hears them loud and clear from even where he’s sitting. The crowd begins a heavy chant of “No No No No No No!!!” and other wild obscenities. Mentez holds his head up and listens for a minute nodding his head somewhat somber.

JASON MENTEZ: Yeah dis it for me. I did what I was suppose to do, be a foundation to the best of ability. I am one of the main reasons Hard Knox is Hard Knox. I stand by dat. I stand by my accomplishments even stand by my failures. It made me. I want to focus on my family. Build n be dat same foundation there for awhile. 4 kids under the age of 2…

He chuckles.

JASON MENTEZ: What can I say, I do work there too.

He winks a bit causing a lot of females to scream as he gives a cocky smile.

JASON MENTEZ: I know I’ve done well here n gettin complacent aint never been my deal. I thought I would live n die Hard Knox but shit don’t always go as you plan to. Shit fuck it. Is what it is. All the ones dat have moved outside n expanded shit n for me outside of a tournament a two I’ve never really moved. Not for lack of motivation just when I said dat word Pillar I meant it. To my core. Pride, Love, all dat.

He shakes his head.

JASON MENTEZ: It’s changes doe n dats ok. A nuevos capítulos. I’m ready for it. Yall out there got me here doe. Yall got me to a place where I can take care of my family doing some shit I love to do. Dats a blessed life can’t too many do it. I’ma stay paying yall back just keep up wit me. Send me a line whatever you know it’s love. You see me in the street you know it’s love.

He smiles coming to a stand grabbing his sleeveless shirt. Every single person in his family and those that helped get him where he is written in gray color cursive all over it. He puts it on and points to it.

JASON MENTEZ: I love yall. I do for yall. Mom, Wifey, Kids, Famiglia, Bros, n Friends. My legit people. Kia, you told me I’d get in a Hall if I stayed focused. Good call yo. Damn good call.

He moves over behind the chair on the equipment crate grabbing his NY Yankees fitted putting it on his head.

JASON MENTEZ: Asha you get the honor of getting the last Jefe ass whippin in Hard Knox. A story for your rockin chair in front of your grandkids. I’m going all out n no matter what a vato going wit a smile. New pages, new journeys...it been time yall. It’s been time. Thank you doe fans. For all of it. Outside a dat, everyone else gets the usual fuck you. If you wondering you probably under the fuck you too.

He throws up his “M1” sign, chucks a deuce, and turns the hat on his head confidently walking away to the crowd cheering and saying “Jason, Jason, Jason.”

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WHISPER VIPERI: The next match is a Bring Your Own Weapons Match scheduled for One Fall!!!

The flatline begins…


Line continues across the screen indicating death.


The redline starts and keeps a slow but steady wave indicating life. The crowd blows up with life as the lights dim to black bringing out their cell phones and long neon lights with his hazardous signs on them.

“I gave you fair warning, beware (beware beware)
I gave you fair warning, beware (beware beware)”

The dark brooding intro of “Beware” by Big Pun from his classic Capital Punishment album waves through the speakers causing hip hop heads to nod as the crowd to go into a full frenzy with the familiar NY Yankees hat starting the entrance video of the Pillar of HKW.

WHISPER VIPERI: Now coming to the ring from Queens, New York. He is one of the Class of 2017 HKW Hall of Fame. He’s THE HKW Pillar, El Jefe y El Irrompible. Wreckless...Hardest….Malicious… JAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSOOOOOONNNNNN MENTTTEEEEZZZZZ!!!

WILLIAM BURKE: This can’t be his last match.

JACK WARREN: Good riddance to trash.

WILLIAM BURKE: The last thing you’ll ever give is credit due Jack.

The music continues a neon yellow hazardous sign shines on the stage entrance. As the dark bass continues “El Jefe” Jason Mentez takes a slow step from the dark into the light dead in the middle of the hazardous sign on the stage. The fans brings the roof off as his short cut hair is shown with him looking down at the stage. Suddenly he looks forward and on cue the gray smoke and vapor emits from the stage and down the rampway. The camera zooms in on the glow from a new color silver paint covering the long scar on the left side of his face with his brooding expression adding to the mood. His weapon of choice, La Pena, hangs around his neck moving forward. A number of more cell phone lights are held up with the neon bars merch by many fans taking in what will be his last HKW entrance. Jason nods with his focused face as he vibes to the music and stands at the end of the ramp. He walks forward the hazardous sign moving over him to fall inside the middle of the ring as he slides in.

He takes his time bending to a knee and just staying there a moment on that knee in the middle of the ring as the lights start to come back on and the lights from the fans are cutting off. He gets to his feet as the fans continue to cheer as he takes off the sleeveless t-shirt putting La Pena back around him leaving his “Samson” compression wear on underneath. He throws the shirt into the crowd and throws up an ‘M1’ with an intense look on his face. He takes the moment in looking around and starts bowing around in a circle showing the same love they are giving him right back. “Jason, Jason, Jason, Jason” continues to ring as through Manchester Arena music fades. Jason stands still in a corner waiting for his last time to go to work.

The arena goes black as the distorted melodies of Beyonce’s I’ve been on haunt the arena. The lights start flashing a bit before red smoke and lighting builds at the stage. As the operatic vocals begin the titantron lights up with images of fire burning as Asha Astor elevates up from under the stage as she reaches the surface she poses holding a single rose in her hand as she eyes the crowd. She does a simple slow spin basking in all of her own glory. Suddenly, her entire army surrounds her looking to be her weapon of choice until she starts down the ramp and stops. She turns around toward her minions telling each of them to head back. The army looks confused but go with their leader’s orders handing her a single black bat. She drops the rose taking the bat and moves forward without the army beside her.

WHISPER VIPERI: Making her way to the ring, from Parts Unknown...Asha Astorrrr!!!!

The fans boo her as she walks in time with the music her long robe drags behind her as she looks around stalking the crowd. She twirls the bat in the hand as she stops at the bottom of the ramp. She hisses at the audience before walking over to the ring apron. She climbs on the apron and spreads her arms wanting the fans to admire her.

WILLIAM BURKE: Anyone just get the creeps seeing those things?

JACK WARREN: And her for that matter. That whole family is unstable.

WILLIAM BURKE: Riley isn’t their family.


After she enters through the lower rope she lets her robe slowly drag over the rope behind her as she makes her way to the center of the ring. She slides out of her robe slowly and puts her hands on her hips looking around at the crowd with disgust.

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The Manchester crowd already on a full tilt from the previous action only gets louder and louder once the bell rings as Asha Astor stands with bat in hand while Jason Mentez keeps his La Pena chain wrapped between both his hands. The referee takes a look at both of them as they stand in opposite sides of the ring keeping the wide berth of one another yet circles around each other taking further steps inward along the way. Asha Astor keeping his calm yet unreadable expression while Jason looks at her with hellfire in his eyes. Finally the meeting in the middle commences with Asha swinging away as if she’s aiming to hit the Green Monster in Boston, Jason’s industrial chain works as a shield for the first time making the metal bat hit the metal links making Asha backup still with the bat in her hand.

JACK WARREN: Stop the jousting and hit him!!

WILLIAM BURKE: This isn’t Victorian times Jack.

JACK WARREN: Coulda fuckin fooled me.

A slight smirk hits her face as she comes forward again this time swinging a little lower toward Jason’s midsection with the bigger man taking the shot and wincing a bit before backing up and smiling. He nods in response to the shot walking forward with the chain in his hand ushering her to “do it again”. Asha obliges him completely swinging the bat again giving yet another direct hit on the side below the ribs making him wince a lot more this time. The smile is still on his face soon after nodding even more at the shot and once again he steps forward imploring her to hit him again. “Put something on it this time” the cameras catch him say and Asha has no problem at all going for it again, this time toward his head. Jason blocks once again using his chain but wraps the chain around the bat and quickly maneuvers behind Asha with her still holding the bat it becomes close to her chest while Jason uses the chain to pull her into him wraps it around her neck while she still holds the bat and drives her into the mat forcefully making the bat hit her in the face upon collision. The crowd cheers the odd improvisation as Jason gets back to his feet and Asha has the bat next to her on the ground. She sits up with the same smirk she had as when she came forward toward Jason grabbing the bat first before coming to her feet. She actually gets up and oddly taunts Jason with a smile and wink before gripping the bat in one hand and coming forward looking almost unfazed.


WILLIAM BURKE: It’s like she didn’t feel that at all.

The fact she isn’t that affected does surprise Jason but doesn’t shake him as he wraps the chain around his hand and sizes her up while Astor twirls her bat closing in. Asha moves forward swinging for the fences again and this time Jason is able to get low from the high swing rushing forward to tackle her with the double leg. The crowd cheers before as the bat goes flying toward the corner of the ring. Jason mounts her and wastes no time taking the chain wrapped hand and knocks to shots to her face immediately causing blood to flow from her forehead. He follows with his bare left and then another right causing the crowd to “Oooohhh” at the clean shots given. Asha in response actually shows damage but thinking fast she spits blood that as quickly accumulated in her mouth from the last few shots getting a direct hit near and in Jason’s eyes causing him to seize up and stop just long enough for her to scramble back and attempt to gather herself while Jason wipes at his face. Getting to his feet Jason looks over at Asha who comes to a knee sporting a bloody smile liking what she’s gotten out of the Queens native. The crowd boos seeing her get back to her feet and she wavers a little using the ropes at her balance before looking over toward her bat near her side of the mat. She rushes towards it Jason sprints to cut her off but the kick to his gut makes him come to a halt Astor quickly following that up with sitout facebuster. Turning him over Astor quickly pins pulling Mentez leg up.

WILLIAM BURKE: We got our first pin attempt.




WILLIAM BURKE: You know it’s too early for that.

JACK WARREN: I want him gone.

The crowds boos continue as Asha moves to her feet wiping at the blood trickling down her head. She smirks at the sight looking over at the bat walking over and grabbing and turning around as Jason is getting back to his feet. La Pena hangs from his hand as he prepares for another swing but Asha fakes the swing making Jason back up in attempt to dodge and all that brings is a tilt of her head as if questioning what he’s doing completely physicing Mentez the hell out. Jason grims her for that not liking the games she’s playing and flicks her off from the distance in response before coming forward and swings a wild left the speed of Asha dodges that and fires with a hard low kick and another and another chopping at the taller Jason’s legs topping it off with a swing to head from the bat that knocks Jason square in the temple and crumples him to the mat. Astor rushes her fingers through her hair looking down at Jason for a moment she throws the bat down in satisfaction and turns to size herself up over Jason’s body the standing moonsault is perfection with the following pin.


TWWOOOO----Jason throws his shoulder up!

Astor gives a little time for play at this point rubbing over the blood on her face and lightly caressing Jason’s cheek even as he tries to move to collect himself on the mat. Her motion brings Jason up to speed much faster as he slaps her hand away from his face kicking away from her. All of this amuses her as she gets to her feet Jason leaving La Pena on the mat as he gets to his. Asha looks back at the bat she put down before the moonsault and Jason calls out to her getting her attention. He wipes at the small prints off his face then raises his fist telling her to “Scrap bitch” to which Asha looks back at the bat and at him again. She nods so very slowly before putting hands up and moving toward Jason just as he’s coming toward her.

WILLIAM BURKE: This might not be the greatest idea for Asha.

JACK WARREN: It’s the best idea. She can handle it.

A full out fight takes off in the middle of the ring getting the Manchester crowd to its feet. Asha standing toe to toe trading shots with Jason but not for long as the stronger man gets the better of the exchange. His two to one...three to one. Finally he throws her into the ropes and on her return she is easily pop’ed up into the air and he jumps up as gravity brings her down knocking her dead with the meanest elbow right to her jaw. Her body doesn’t even have the ability to collect from such a move as Jason springs forward to pin.




WILLIAM BURKE: Wasn’t the best idea after all was it?


Jason comes to his feet taking a few breaths and zeroing in on Asha as she comes to her feet. Jason rushes for her and she ducks the clothesline Jason hits the ropes and on the return she hits the floor. Jason hops over her keeping his momentum hitting the ropes and coming right back right to a dropkick that throws him completely off and over the top ropes to the floor. The crowd booing as she puts her arms out and does a slow spin taunting out to all of Manchester. Jason is slow getting up and Asha takes advantage hopping and bit inside of the ring and comes to a sprint before flying over the top getting great air hitting a senton landing on Jason bringing him right back to the floor.

Asha gives an odd smirk happy with her work before grabbing Jason up. Wiping some of the blood from her face she keeps on the offensive whipping Jason to the guardrail and Jason yells out as his back hits it. Astor’s odd smirk grows a little more as she grabs the Hall of Famer by the head and violently throws him head first into the ringpost, metal vs bone...metal wins everytime. The crowd “ooohs” at the echo of the sound as Jason crumbles the head shot always taking more out of him than any other body part.

JACK WARREN: He’s dead. YES! Month late Christmas for the MAN!!!

WILLIAM BURKE: Oh he is not!! He’s not doing too well though after that shot I’m sure.

The Princess of Darkness walks around him looking down with the smirk grows and grows over time but still no life showing in her cold eyes as she sees him stir she kicks him while down. Moving back she sizes him up as the crowd chants “Jefe, Jefe, Jefe” over and over trying to bring life back into the fan favorite. He starts finding a way to his feet using the guardrail as an assist and once he gets to his feet he turns around looking for balance. Asha runs from the opposite side jumping on the stairs along the way getting a great amount of air to close in on Mentez looking for hurricanra---and Mentez with a powerbomb using all that force to drop her dead on the floor!!


JACK WARREN: No, not sexy creepy!!

The crowd loses it at the quick change of momentum desperation showing in the need to slow down the faster Astor. Jason hits his knees after throwing Astor to the hard floor holding his head in a pausing moment as if trying to get the marbles set back inside. He looks over at Asha the camera’s catching him say “fucking bitch” breathlessly working back toward his feet. Looking at Asha he nods toward the crowd realizing he has opportunity and picks her back up to roll her into the ring.

He rolls her in and follows in after her kicking her bat to the side of the ring and seeing La Pena on the other side doesn’t even bother with it getting her up to her feet quickly. He brings her body in and kicks the leg up...NEW YORK MINUTE! Jason holds the pin after his Ranhei move packaging the smaller Astor tight!!

WILLIAM BURKE: NYM!! He’s got it won!!


JACK WARREN: No fucking way.


...the referee stops count? Because of a mammoth pulling him out of the ring by the name of Mason Astor!!

The crowd erupts with boos as the save is made. Jason quickly getting up and realizing caused the interruption. The ref even yells at him pointing at Mason telling him to get out of here. Jason doesn’t even think about it sliding out of the ring and throwing right after right after right all over Mason. Yelling and screaming as he continues to beat on him madly.

Asha getting the time she needs as Jason is busy with Mason, the bigger man eating a majority of the punches until he finally reaches back and headbutts the hell out of Jason striking a pause into him like Bernie Mac described on Kings of Comedy. The ref stomps in reply to that telling Mason once again to get out of here. Mason can tell Jason is almost out on his feet and shrugs before unceremoniously throwing Jason back into the ring with Asha coming to a stand bat in hand. The smirk has since blown into a full blown smile the likes of Wednesday Addams before she strikes...and strikes...and strikes again. Three shots to the head splitting Jason wide open. The last one dropping him completely as the crowd boos not wanting it to go like this. Mason starts making his way toward the ramp seeing his job is done as the ref focuses Asha going for the pin.



JACK WARREN: Fucking!!


JACK WARREN: Riddance!!


JACK WARREN: You have got to be…

WILLIAM BURKE: Mentez is still alive!!!

Manchester Arena EXPLODES!! Everyone thinking it was over and done with right then and there. “JEFE!! JEFE!! JEFE!!” chants begin all over the place as Asha’s smile has completely dropped. Mason Astor turns around from the stage looking shocked himself. Asha heads for the bat again picking it up while all Mentez can do is turn his body and bleed. The mat turning crimson more and more as he lays there. He comes to a crawl picking himself up getting to his knees and Asha takes a few practice swings in wait. She pushes back her bloody damp hair waiting with no remorse or care in her eyes. Finally he gets to his feet and can barely stand but his two middle fingers to her face lets her know he’s still there. She grits her teeth angrily and knocks him right upside the temple he buckles but he doesn’t fall. Just leans over with his off equilibrium and once again sticks his two middle fingers up in her face again. She yells this time and literally hits him like Aaron Judge going long...Jason wobbles all the way to the ropes bounces off of them with his crimson mask and eyes looking like they are about to roll back. He can’t get his arms up as high but all of Manchester sees...another two fingered salute directed at Asha Astor. The cheers are loud but worried seeing Jason on his way to falling. Asha doesn’t allow it though grabbing him by his compression shirt and giving him a kiss on the cheek before pushing him back in front of him...she spits a purple mist to his eyes...hits him in the midsection with the bat...followed by a spike DDT as soon as he crouched over. The crowd falls to near silence as she licks her lips covering him.





JACK WARREN: Jesus Christ..

JACK WARREN: God has nothing to do with this Burke!! NNNOOOOTTTHINGGG!! HAHAAA!!!


Beyonce’s “I’ve Been On” starts playing with Asha’s calm coming right back over her. Her eyes cold and expression dead coming to her feet over Jason’s body. The referee looks toward her as if he’s ready to raise her hand but decides against it just looking at her.


Astor comes to raising her own arms grabbing the bat nearby and licking the blood off of it before pointing it toward the body of Jason who is now only slightly moving. “My first of many sacrifices” she says to the Manchester crowd all who are booing her immensely. She celebrates a little more before taking her leave of the ring walking toward Mason who is clapping her success at the top of the stage. She looks left to right at all the boos and smiles with Mason as they turn around to face the crowd and the damage done in the ring. Mentez is seen on the mat slowly flipping over like a 93 year old as the music fades with Asha and Mason heading backstage.

JACK WARREN: *clapping heard* What are you doing? Why are you clapping Burke?

WILLIAM BURKE: Because it’s deserved Burke.

A small “Thank you Jefe *clap clap clapclapclap* Thank you Jefe” chant begins and grows and grows overtime. The cameras not able to see his face because his blood covers it. The chants get louder and louder and louder and suddenly the cameras zoom in on a blood smile on his face. His teeth being the only reason you can tell even with blood somewhat on his teeth. The crowd cheers at that with him still not opening his eyes. Just heavy breathing and bleeding. Doctors and medical slide into the ring at this point looking to make sure Jason isn’t badly hurt. He just lays there in the pool of his own blood and smiles. He doesn’t allow the medical staff to move him. He sits up on his own still completely worn out. Turns and looks at one of the cameras nearest him and throws up yet again another middle finger at the lens still with a smile on his face. The crowd cheers and he keeps his smile. “This…..w-was….fun.” He says in a satisfied yet exhausted tone putting the finger down and laying right back out comfortably on the mat. The smile never fades.

WINNER: Asha Astor By Pinfall (15:11)
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The show cuts backstage to where ‘The Tenacious Little Bastard’ Dom Harter can be found. His back is currently turned to the camera as he puts on his leather jacket, specially emblazoned with his own name and ‘Divine Supremacy 2018’ on the back.

DOM HARTER: It seems like forever ago that this challenge was made. Since Tony Carmine decided he wanted to go one more round with me…

Harter slowly turns to face the camera; he’s wearing that familiar crooked grin as he runs one hand down his stubbled jaw.

DOM HARTER: …and try to inflict more damage than he did that night at War Ready. And I’m not going to lie: that wasn’t my greatest night. We all got played like fools in Japan, trusting the wrong people, believing what we were told. Taking things at face value.

He shakes his head and wags his finger at the camera.

DOM HARTER: I should’ve known better. But things…things have changed since that night. Now Emilio’s got the Bloodlust title. He’s got a shot with Jinzai at the tag titles. But Felicity? She’s lost that World title to Kai of all people. And as bad as Divine Supremacy: Night One was for me, I bet you hers was worse…

Dom falls silent for a moment, losing his smile at the thought of the gruelling match he had to watch his girlfriend go through on that night. But he recovers quickly enough, running a hand through his hair as he speaks again.

DOM HARTER: And tonight? I’m going to strike a blow against UE. And exact a modicum of revenge for what happened at War Ready. Prove that our previous encounters haven’t been flukes, Tony. Because I know you’re tough. I know you’re devious, crafty, and whatever other word you want to use – lets say ‘resourceful’. But tonight you’re going to learn, once again, that Harter Hits Harder!

With that, Dom pops the collar on his jacket and walks away, presumably towards the ring as the show cuts elsewhere.

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WHISPER VIPERI: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match is a GRUDGE MATCH… and is scheduled for ONE fall.


The opening chords of “Low Self Opinion” begins to play throughout the arena as some of the crowd begin to boo, while others cheer. After ten seconds or so, Dom Harter steps out from behind the curtain. He throws his arms out to either side, the ever familiar crooked grin plastered on his face… but as he begins to stride down the aisle, Whisper doesn’t even get the chance to introduce him before he's hit with a brutal chair shot to the back, courtesy of Sunshine Scandalous Tony Carmine!!

The crowd erupts in boos as Harter hits the GROUND harder, and rolls down the ramp clutching his spine.

WILLIAM BURKE: OH COME ON NOW! That’s absolutely cheap!

JACK WARREN: Hey, You gotta do what you gotta do to win. The bell hasn’t rung yet. This is perfectly legal…

Dom fights his way back to his feet, using the ring as support; But Tony isn’t finished yet by a long shot.

As Harter turns to face his opponent, “Sunshine Scandalous” is already in full stride… and a picture perfect dropkick to the chest sends Dom’s back crashing into the ring apron hard! The boos grow louder and Tony seems to enjoy them, blowing kisses to the crowd as he jerks Harter up by his hair. Harter attempts to fight back, unloading with a forearm to the jaw of Carmine, but he’s whipped into the steel steps for his trouble. The loud CLANG echoes out in the arena, and Harter writhes in pain… holding his back as Tony climbs up onto the apron to size him up for a dive.

WILLIAM BURKE: This is just despicable Jack. Tony Carmine is a goddamn animal. He doesn’t want a fair fight… he just wants an easy win!

JACK WARREN: You’re absolutely right. He is an animal. He’s a shark that smells blood in the water. This is a grudge match Burke… did you expect any less?

“Sunshine scandalous” finally sprints across the apron and takes flight as Dom makes his way up to his feet again. Clearing the steps completely, Tony wraps his legs around Dom’s neck and spins… tossing him into the barricade violently with a beautiful hurricanrana. Popping back up to his feet, Carmine slips his hand into his trunks.. almost looking like he’s grabbing his junk.. but instead reemerges with a pair of brass knucks on his hand with a sinister grin.
WILLIAM BURKE: Someone has gotta stop this! he’s going to crack Dom Harter’s head open like an egg with those!

JACK WARREN: Well you know what they say… if you wanna make an omelette..

Wasting no time, Tony sprints over and mounts Dom before he can get back up. Grabbing a handful of hair with his free hand, he begins to rain down shots to the forehead of Harter with the weapon… splitting him open before the match has even officially began!! Dom seems to go limp after the fourth punch, and “Sunshine Scandalous” simply shrugs, getting off him to toss the knucks aside and slide into the ring.

The medical staff rushes to ringside to check on Harter while Tony struts around in the ring, taunting the fans who are absolutely pissed at this point. it almost seems as if the match will be called off, and Tony Carmine looks absolutely pleased with that fact as he admires his work.. laying across the turnbuckles just to add insult to injury.

Suddenly, his expression changes completely. The confident smirk transforms into a look of pure bewilderment and fear…. as HARTER RISES TO HIS FEET!!! The crowd goes bananas as Dom pushes the training staff off of him and slides into the ring… ready to fight.

Posted Image


The bell rings to start the match with both men finally in the ring, and Tony Carmine looks absolutely shook. He had done everything he could to brutalize his opponent before the match but here the man stood.. looking sinister as hell with blood running down his face, ready to eat him alive. The intense staredown seems to last for an eternity, as the crowd comes unglued… but it comes to an abrupt end as Tony drops down and rolls out of the ring to escape the wrath of the battered Harter.

Boos ring out again through the arena as “sunshine scandalous” paces the outside.. trying to formulate a plan of attack. The ref has had enough of the shenanigans, so he begins his count immediately.





Tony doesn’t seem to care about being counted out, and he circles around to try to head up the ramp but he’s cut off by Dom… who slides out of the ring and gives chase. Harter closes the distance quickly, and Tony slides into the ring to try to get away! Following after him, Dom doesn’t see Carmine rebounding off the ropes and “Sunshine scandalous” turns him inside out with a vicious Bedazzler superkick!

Dom hits the canvas hard, and Tony wastes no time going for the first pin attempt of the night.


Dom Harter kicks out at two and a half unbelievably and Tony shakes his head as he pulls him back up onto his feet. The two begin trading blows in the center of the ring as Dom does his best to fight out of Carmine’s grasp.

WILLIAM BURKE: This is turning into a brawl here, and that’s just the name of Dom Harter’s game. I can’t believe he is still hanging here.. he’s lost a lot of blood.

JACK WARREN: Sunshine Scandalous needs to pull an ace from his sleeve here and put the nail in Dom Harter’s coffin. Look at him! the man can barely stand as it is!

Carmine lands some stiff punches, but Dom gets the better of the exchange… backing his opponent up against the ropes with a flurry of forearm strikes to the jaw. Whipping Tony back across the ring, Dom follows after him and narrowly ducks a big clothesline attempt on the rebound!

Hitting the ropes himself, Harter comes charging back and catches Tony Carmine to hit a gorgeous overhead Belly to Belly suplex!! “Sunshine scandalous” pops back to his feet quickly though and charges again, only to be hit with ANOTHER overhead Belly to Belly which seems to frustrate him as he smacks the canvas and throws an absolute fit.

Dom doesn’t give him any room to breathe though, and cuts the tantrum short as he pulls Tony back to his feet. Backing him into the corner, Harter begins to unload with brutal knife edge chops as the crowd comes alive again with each smack. The chops soon turn to a flurry of punches as Dom beats the hell out of Tony Carmine… slumping him to a seated position in the corner.

Turning his back on his opponent, Dom moves into the opposite corner and taunts the crowd to get them on their feet; but Tony pulls himself to his feet with the aid of the ropes and sizes up Harter while he showboats. Sprinting out of the corner, Tony looks to take Dom’s head off with a spinning discus elbow strike as Harter turns around to come across the ring… but Dom ducks at the last minute and cracks Tony in the ribs with a huge kick that bends him over in agony.

Not missing a beat, Dom rebounds off the ropes and comes back full force to nail him with his signature running knee lift!

WILLIAM BURKE: There’s the knee by Harter and he doesn’t look like he wants to go for the pin at all. I think Dom wants to make Tony Carmine suffer.

JACK WARREN: Yeah, I hope it comes back to bite him in the ass too. Pin him you idiot!

Shaking his head, Harter walks over to the downed Tony Carmine and begins stomping a mudhole in him as the blood continues to pour down his face. Flipping him over onto his back, Dom mounts “Sunshine Scandalous” much like Tony did to him with the knucks and begins violently pummelling him in the face as he talks shit to the semi-conscious man.

WILLIAM BURKE: I’m all for a little payback.. but now he’s just beating a dead horse here. He’s got this thing won… all he has to do is pin him!

Standing up only after Tony has been split open as well, Dom drags him to his feet by his hair and yells in his face.. blood spraying from his lips as he does. ”THIS IS OVER. SAY GOODNIGHT!”

Ducking under a last ditch punch from Carmine, Dom wraps him up from behind, and clutches a wrist. Spinning him around with the wristlock, Harter turns him inside out with a violent Lariat…


JACK WARREN: That’s gotta be all she wrote…

Both men hit the canvas and Harter crawls over toward Tony Carmine… both half dead at this point.

Draping an arm over Carmine’s chest, Harter goes for the pin attempt… passing out from the blood loss as soon as he does.




WHISPER VIPERI: And here is your winner...DOM HARTER!

Cheap pop as medical personnel are seen checking on both competitors.

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The Scene opens up backstage, showing the new HKW Bloodlust Champion, Upper Echelon’s Emilio Vialpando, sound asleep backstage in his locker room with the title resting in his lap. The HKW Hall of Famer is still showing the various injuries and battle wounds from the Hell’s Asylum Match just over a week ago with several bruises and bandages on his person. Em winces as he tries to shift, a flare of pain shooting through his side as he slowly sits up…

… just in time for Jinzai to bust through the door of their locker room, holding both of their duffel bags in hand with a bright grin on his face.


Emilio jumps up and out of his sleep looking around.

EMILIO VIALPANDO:I’m up! I’m up! Ah...Fuck…

He winces in pain holding himself as if it would help rid of the pain. He looks up to see Jinzai standing there.

EMILIO VIALPANDO:Breh, what time is it? It ain’t time yet is it? I must’ve...I must’ve dozed off or something.

Jinzai blinks, then peers down at Emilio in a concerned manner. He doesn’t answer right away, instead sitting down next to Em and giving him a once over.

JINZAI: Dude… you’ve been in and out of it all week.

Jin gives a small frown.

JINZAI: … That match took a lot out of you, didn’t it? A lot more than you told the docs, I mean.

It was a statement more than a question as Jinzai looks up at his “big brother” questioningly. The silence he got back in return was all the answer he needed, causing Jinzai to groan and flop back on the couch.

JINZAI: Really, Hebi!?

EMILIO VIALPANDO:I’m okay..I promise. All i need is rest. I’ll be fine. I can’t let you go out there alone. I can’t let you down...I can’t let the familia down. After Felicity went down I...I can’t let any of you down.

Emilio does his best not to look at Jinzai knowing he was looking at him with concerned eyes.

EMILIO VIALPANDO:We have history to make tonight, Drago. I’m not missing that for the world. I’m just not.

Jinzai stared at him, shakily running a hand through his hair as he tries to calm down. He knew what Emilio meant. Seeing the World Title Match and what Felicity went through and the grisly aftermath shook everyone in Upper Echelon to the core.

JINZAI: Hebi… Emilio. You’re not okay. You look like you’re about to fall over at any given moment and busted to shit right now. And all you’re thinking about is letting us down?

Jinzai shakes his head.

JINZAI: You brought the Bloodlust Title home to us Hebi. You’ll never let any of us down. You’re you, but I’m not about to let you go out there half cocked with those two shipdits and give them another little platitude that they can spout off at interviews at your expense. You deserve better.

Emilio looks over to Jinzai and sighs.

EMILIO VIALPANDO:But what if...What if I can’t do what I need to do to help you out there Drago. I don’t wanna be another “Mikey” on your conscious.

Emilio looks back down and winces as he tries to adjust.

EMILIO VIALPANDO:I don’t know...I don’t know how much I can manage. I should’ve advanced in YGC but look what happened. I fucking lost. Earlier than I should’ve. How can I really be much help for you out there and bring home the World Tag Titles if I couldn’t even win that?

Jinzai looked at Emilio in surprise. He’d never EVER seen Em this vulnerable before.

JINZAI: You… you think you’re gonna end up like Michael?

Even asking the question sounded silly to Jinzai’s ears as he looks down.

JINZAI: Hebi… Emilio, there’s nothing you could ever do to hurt me or disappoint me like that. But does that shit really bother you like that? Not getting as far into the Young Guns as you thought you should’ve?

Emilio doesn’t say anything for a moment.

EMILIO VIALPANDO:If I wasn’t as badly hurt as I am I would've went further and probably won it. I mean look at the final four, cuzz. I just think back to Rey Del Aire y Dynamic Duos. Coming up short. Now here I am. Teaming with you once again but...Beat to shit. Just feels like I’m gonna let you down worst than that kid out there just like I like I let myself down at YGC.

Emilio shakes his head and takes a deep breath.

EMILIO VIALPANDO:I know..I know what you’re gonna say. I can’t think like that but it’s too late. I want to push myself as much as I push others to their limits but I don’t know if I can even do that with how hurt I truly am. I know..I gotta fight through it. I wanted this title. I wanted that revenge for us and I got it. But…

He looks over to Jinzai now.

EMILIO VIALPANDO:We aren’t done yet….I just hope I ain’t the reason we don’t make it to the finish line like we couldn’t at Dynamic Duos.

Jinzai listened carefully to Emilio, not moving a muscle to interrupt or cut him off at any point. Finally, after it seemed as though Em got everything he needed to off of his chest, Jinzai rose his hand to speak.

JINZAI: Hebi… I want you to listen to me very carefully. Because I’m not gonna repeat this. It’s something I learned from Boss… from Kai… from you, all at some point that you need to hear right now.

Jinzai turns fully to Emilio after seeing that he’s got his partner’s full and undivided attention.

JINZAI: This world that you, me, Sai & Sasori-Chan are trying to take over? This world we’ve ALL vowed we’d be at the top of no matter what? It’s a mean, nasty place that hits you harder than anybody you’ll ever step into the ring with. It’s gonna beat you down and be a cruel, unforgiving bitch 99% of the time but it ain’t about that. It’s about how you roll with the punches and keep on moving, right? That’s how winners and legends are made!

Jinzai places a hand on Emilio’s shoulder.

JINZAI: We lost out on a few opportunities, but all the greats have that moment or two when they’ve gotta go through it. You? You’re gonna be one of the best this business has EVER seen. You’re arguably the biggest name this company ever produced, right? “Showtime” is what you go by because you are the damned show, right?

At the tentative nod he gets back, Jinzai stands up.

JINZAI: We’re not losing tonight, not to those two fucks. But if we do, it’s for damn sure not because of you. You banged up, barely able to walk to that ring is still more dangerous than most of this entire locker room and they know it, but I need you to get into that mentality. That System I talked about on Night One? I want you to bring that out in full force and take hits & keep moving through it. I don’t wanna hear you doing this… taking all the blame and putting it on your shoulders.

Jinzai turns and looks down at Emilio intensely.

JINZAI: We win this shit as the best tag team in the world today, we lose this shit as the best tag team in the world today. Bottom line, point blank, period. You’re better than that.

A grin makes it’s way onto Jinzai face as he sees his words hitting where they needed to.

JINZAI: So, ready to bring those belts home or not?

Before Emilio could reply the door opens to the locker room and there stands Tony Capone.

TONY CAPONE:Why aren’t you two ready? Hurry the hell up, it’s almost time. Serpe...Get your damn shit together. You boys want those titles or not? C’mon.

Capone slams the door behind him while saying something in italian to his men who were stationed outside the door. Emilio sighs and stands up.

EMILIO VIALPANDO:Yeah...Yeah I’m ready, hermano. Let’s go.

Posted Image

WHISPER VIPERI: The following is a tag team match scheduled for one fall....and it is for the HKW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

As the scene fades back at ringside, the lighting goes pitch black as “Upper Echelon” by. Travis Scott feat. T.I. & 2 Chainz fades in. On the titantron a series of animal faces flash on the screen. As the horn sounds the lights being to flash like strobe lights until the actual song hits.

Pull out the zip, pull out the ride (roll out)
We so high, upper echelon (Straight up)
We so fuckin' high, upper echelon

The camera pans down at the stage and there stood the (duo/trio/stable) of thee Upper Echelon, Emilio Vialpando and Jinzai! In the middle of them was their manager Tony Capone.

Pull out the zip, pull out the ride (roll out)
We so high, upper echelon (Straight up)
We so fuckin' high, upper echelon

The Upper Echelon looks out to the fans listening to their boos for a moment before they began to make their way down the ramp. Tony Capone fell back and followed behind them as they led the way. Jinzai laughed at the fans as they booed them while Emilio Vialpando was heard talking trash to the fans.

WHISPER VIPERI: Introducing first, they are the challengers! Weighing in at a combined weight of 395 lbs, they are the team of EMILIO VIALPANDO AND JINZAI....THE UPPER ECHELON!!!

The crowd boos them even more as they watch the elite team begin to make their way into the ring. Capone walks around to ringside giving his clients a round of applause. Emilio Vialpando and Jinzai climb up on opposite turnbuckles taunting towards the crowd mocking them even. Once they hop down to the mat they walk over to their corner and talk with Capone until the match begins.

"Stick Em Up Kid" by Zebrahead blares throughout the arena as Angelo Sands and Markus FK exit out from behind the curtains to a huge pop! The two fist bump at the stage before Angelo races down to the ring, slapping some hands, then sliding in. Markus takes a slower approach and walks down, slapping hands with the fans as well before he heads up the steel steps.

WHISPER VIPERI: And their opponents, they are the HKW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Weighing in at a combined weight of 440 pounds...ANGELO SANDS AND MARKUS FK....THE SWISS-ITALIAN CONNECTION!!!

Once both men are in the ring, they run the ropes some before running towards one another and hitting a chest bump, then turning to the audience and pumping them up some more! Once they are finished, they head back into their corner and the two go over any last minute gameplan as they remove the titles from around their waists and hand them over to the ref.

After the ref raises them high and hands them off to a ring crew member, he calls for the bell!

Posted Image


Jinzai tells Emilio to exit the ring so that he can start, knowing his partner isn’t anywhere close to 100%. Meanwhile, in the other corner, Angelo and Markus are playing a game of rock, paper, scissors, Angelo winning after he throws scissors and his partner throws paper. Once both Emilio and Markus are out of the ring, Angelo and Jinzai turn their attention to each other and slowly circle the ring. They lock up before Angelo quickly gets the upper hand, pulling Jinzai into a headlock before taking him down with a headlock takedown! However, Jinzai slips out of it, forcing both men to quickly get to their feet and lock up again, this time with Jinzai putting Sands in a headlock! But the Italian-American is ready for this as he lifts the Upper Echelon member and drops him with a back suplex!

WILLIAM BURKE: Great back and forth here at the start.


Angelo gets to his feet and waits for Jinzai to get to his before he charges forward and catches him with a European uppercut, sending him falling through the ropes and out of the ring! Sands then exits out onto the apron and runs across it before landing an elbow drop on the outside, catching Jin right on the chest! The smaller member of TSIC then picks up his opponent and proceeds to throw him into the barricade before finally rolling him back into the ring! He slides in as well and goes for the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: It’s all Angelo Sands to start this thing off!

JACK WARREN: Well, that’s not good at all!




Jinzai kicks out, getting a shake of the head from Angelo, who gets to his feet and tags in his partner Markus. The two then proceed to place Jinzai in a corner before stepping away from him. FK then irish whips Sands into that corner, leading to Angelo catching Jinzai with a forearm before moving out of the way to let Markus crush him with a corner splash! The Swiss born wrestler then pulls the half Japanese wrestler out of the corner and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex!

WILLIAM BURKE: TSIC in full control right now!

JACK WARREN: For fuck’s sake, do something, Emilio!

Markus quickly walks over to the laid out Jinzai, slowly lifting him in a gutwrench and walking around with him for a bit as he stares over at Emilio before hitting a gutwrench suplex! FK then goes for the cover, putting his hands onto Jinzai’s chest as the ref counts!

WILLIAM BURKE: Look at the strength of FK!





Markus looks down at Jinzai after he manages to kick out. The Swiss looks back over to Emilio who watches and smirks. He then unleashes a fury of mounted punches on Jinzai before getting up to his feet only to drop an elbow across Jinzai’s throat. After hitting the Elbow Drop, Markus straphs his arm around Jinzai’s neck locking in a side headlock. He calls out for Jinzai to just give up, he isn’t the “God” he portrays himself to be. Jinzai ignores him as he listens to the voices of Emilio and Capone calling for him to get back up to his feet. Markus shakes his head and lets go of the side headlock before pulling Jinzai back up to his feet.

When back on his feet Markus connects with several Knife Edge Chops before lifting Jinzai up in a suplex. Instead of going ahead and dropping him to perform a regular suplex, Markus hold’s Jinzai up in the air for a moment allowing for the blood to rush to his head. Markus eventually comes down with the suplex as he successfully performs the Stalling Suplex. Markus quickly gets back up to his feet and jumps up in the air to perform a Jumping Knee Drops...It connects! Jinzai rolls to his side holding his head as FK gets back up to his feet and stomps down on Jinzai a couple times. Markus looks back at Emilio and points down at Jinzai who was in pain. Emilio looked as if he wanted to get into the ring to wipe the smile right off of Markus’ face but he was held back by the referee. Emilio steps back onto the ring apron and tells the referee to get his dirty hands off of him. Markus shakes his head and laughs as he walks over to his corner to tag Angelo back in.

JACK WARREN: How is this happening? How in the hell are these pipsqueeks having control of this match up against the Upper Echelon?!

WILLIAM BURKE: Well it’s pretty simple actually. Both Angelo and Ma--

JACK WARREN: Shut up nobody was asking you, Burke.

WILLIAM BURKE: But you as--

JACK WARREN: It was a rhetorical question you douche?! So shut up and don’t talk when The Man is asking rhetorical questions?!

WILLIAM BURKE: No you shut up! The reason they have control of his match up is because they’ve been teaming with each other longer than Emilio and Jinzai no matter how much chemistry they may have. Also Emilio is still feeling the effects of last weekend not to mention the two other matches he had to withstand during the week prior to tonight!

Angelo steps into the ring and stalks Jinzai as he slowly stirs. As Jinzai starts to stir Angelo sprints over and lands a Running Knee Lift to the side of the former Hybrid Champion’s head. Angelo doesn’t waste time to taunt over to Emilio as he goes to stomp down on Jinzai multiple times before picking him back up to his feet. He pulls him Jinzai into a clinch leading to him landing several knees to the head before hitting a Snap DDT. As Angelo gets up to his feet he stares down at Jinzai for a moment before staring across the ring to Emilio. He then hits the ropes to the right of Jinzai and proceeds to land a knee drop to the back of Jinzai’s head before he turns him over and goes for the cover!

WILLIAM BURKE: Knee drop by Sands! He might have enough to put Jinzai away!




JACK WARREN: Not nearly enough!

Angelo gets to his feet again and grabs Jinzai by the hair before pulling him over to his corner and tagging in his partner. Markus enters the ring and both he and Angelo throw Jinzai towards the ropes. When the Dragon of UE bounces off of them, he runs right into a double team flapjack, getting driven into the mat! FK makes the cover as Sands rolls out of the ring!

WILLIAM BURKE: Double team flapjack by the tag team champions!





Markus stares daggers at Emilio (who just booted him in the head), who is all smiles as he backs up into his corner and makes his way out onto the apron again. FK gets to his feet and immediately walks up to Vialpando, getting right in his face about trying that again. The former HKW Global and World champion mocks the larger half of the current World Tag Team champions, telling him he talks too much. FK snarls before he turns back around to Jinzai...only to eat a dropkick for his troubles!

WILLIAM BURKE: Looks like while Emilio may not physically be 100%, he’s still top notch mentally!

JACK WARREN: The best are always good at getting in your head. That’s why I’M THE MAN.

Jinzai finally crawls over to his partner and tags him in, leading to boos from the audience as the still hurting Emilio enters the ring and immediately puts the boots to his opponent! The audience continues to boo him as Vialpando then begins landing elbow drops onto the chest of FK, making sure to stare over at Sands as he did this. Emilio then waits for Markus to get to all fours before landing a dropkick flush to the head! Serpiente then turns the larger man over and covers him!

WILLIAM BURKE: Emilio really enjoying this, isn’t he?!

JACK WARREN: Why shouldn’t he?!




Markus powers out, sending Emilio flying off of him with that freak strength of his! Emilio can’t believe it as he watches Markus then attempt to crawl over to his partner, only for Emilio to cut him off with an elbow to the back! Vialpando then quickly locks in an STF, forcing FK to scream out in pain! However, Emilio being much lighter and hurting, it takes only a few seconds for Markus to get to the ropes, forcing the ref to come in and count until four before Emilio finally releases him.

WILLIAM BURKE: Emilio using all of that count, no surprise there.

JACK WARREN: That’s what elite athletes do, Burke, you old fuck!

Emilio gingerly gets back up to his feet and looks up to Angelo who was trying to give some words of encouragement to his partner. Emilio takes a step towards him and between he and Markus. Angelo annoyingly looks at Emilio as the Bloodlust Champion just laughs in his face and turns around. Before he knew it Angelo was struck down with a Rolling Discuss Elbow from Emilio the sent him off the ring apron! The crowd boos as Emilio looks out to them and acts as if he was rubbing his eyes and sobbing, mocking them all. Maybe he shouldn’t have been too cocky as Markus rolls Emilio up for a quick pin!




Emilio rolls up to a knee real quick looking over to Markus who was also on his knee. The former World Champion didn’t seem to be as amused as he was before and slowly gets up to his feet. Markus stands along with him and waves him over. Emilio shakes his head and circles around the ring not in a rush to mix it up with the young man. When he does, Markus thinks that he’ll be able to test the strength of Emilio but no! Emilio fakes him out and jumps up hitting a Knee Lift. Markus stumbles back and Emilio runs over to him. Emilio then leaps up and hits a Double Knee Facebreaker. Still feeling the effects from last weakened he winces in pain as he gets back up to his feet. He looks over to Markus who was stirring and he runs over to bounce off the ropes. As he comes back he drops FK with a Dropkick to the face! Emilio springs up and calls out to the fans that he was ‘The Show”.

WILLIAM BURKE: Emilio gaining some momentum and that is dangerous for the World Tag Team Champions.

JACK WARREN: This is a blessing from the skies, Burke. Upper Echelon is truly blessed and they are blessing Defiance and this company by ridding this two punks of these titles.

WILLIAM BURKE: I rather consider UE a bit cancerous but that’s just me.

JACK WARREN: How dare you say such a thing?!

Vialpando looks over to FK as he was starting to get back up and stalks him until he is able to get back up to his feet. As he does so, Emilio sprints over and hops up only to hit a Kotaro Krusher! He quickly gets back up to his feet and kicks Markus over onto his back before running over to the ropes and leap off to go for a Lionsault...No! Markus gets a knee up causing Emilio to crash and burn! Emilio rolls around in pain, more so because of how hurt he was. Markus slowly begins to stir using the ropes to get up to his feet. As he does so Angelo was seen starting to get up as well. The crowd noticed this as well and began to cheer.

WILLIAM BURKE: If Angelo can get back in this and give Markus a break we may witness yet again a momentum shift!

JACK WARREN: Not so fast Burke!

Jinzai begins to distract the referee for some reason but no one but Jack notices until….


UE’s manager Tony Capone strikes Angelo in the back with a steel chair and quickly tosses the chair down while walking back over to his team's corner. The crowd boos as Markus was there to witness the whole thing as he stirred. Emilio was not back up to his feet and pulled Markus up to his feet by his hair before lifting him up in an Electric Chair Drop like position. He holds him there for a moment before tossing him up in the air and coming down with spiked German Suplex completing Croyt's Wrath! He bridges the German Suplex going for a pin.




Emilio sits on his knee checking with the referee if the count was correct and Tony Capone can be seen pissed at ringside about the count as well. Emilio shakes his head and climbs up to his feet annoyed. He stomps down on Markus a couple of times before bringing Markus up to his feet. After getting him up to his feet Emilio begins connecting with a striking combination before Irish Whipping him into a set of ropes. As he comes back Emilio drops him with a High Knee Strike. Vialpando doesn’t waste any time getting Markus back up to his feet and punches him a few times before dropping him with a Snap DDT.

WILLIAM BURKE: After that failed attempt at trying to steal this victory away, Emilio is trying his damndest to keep Markus down.

JACK WARREN: What? Failed attempt? That was damn good work by Capone if you ask me! Damn good managing!

WILLIAM BURKE: Attacking people behind the referees back is far from good managing, Jack.


Emilio gets back up to his feet now and waits for Markus gets back up to his feet. After Markus does Emilio runs over going for yet another High Knee Strike but no! Markus catches him and hits a Sitout Spinbuster! The crowd pops as both men now lay down on the mat motionless. Angelo slowly is now seen pulling himself onto the apron and looks to be pretty pissed thanks to that chair shot to the back. As he makes it up to the apron he looks to see both Emilio and Markus were out. Jinzai and Capone are heard yelling at Emilio get up and Angelo begins to yell out at Markus while holding out his hand for the tag.



Markus slowly begins to stir with the help of the fans’ support. He begins to slowly crawl over to the corner hoping to reach Angelo in time.


WILLIAM BURKE: WIll Markus make it in time!?

Emilio also begins to stir holding his back. The fans cheer more wanting Marus to make it. Once Emilio gets up and notices what was going on it was too late! Markus leaps over and tags Angelo in!


Angelo quickly hits the ring and drops Emilio with a double axe handle! Emilio gets up again and eats another one! He gets up once more and Angelo dropkicks him, sending him stumbling back to Jinzai, who tags himself back in!


Jinzai hops over the ropes and runs right at Angelo, only to get caught with a hip toss! The young New Yorker gets to his feet again, but Sands begins catching him with knife edge chops that backs Jin into a corner! The young man from North Carolina then throws his opponent to the mat before beginning to land a series of elbow drops, the audience really getting hyped up for it! He goes for the cover afterwards!

WILLIAM BURKE: Angelo is letting Jinzai have it right now!

JACK WARREN: Do something, you fuck!




The Italian-American lets out a sigh before he gets to his feet and waits for the Japanese-American to do the same. When Jinzai does get to his feet, Angelo grabs him from behind and pulls him into a full nelson before hitting a full nelson facebuster! Sands then turns the UE member over and goes for the cover, hooking both legs!






Emilio stomps the back of Angelo’s head, but is quickly taken off his feet a few seconds later as Markus comes in and catches him with a lariat that turns him inside out! Vialpando rolls out of the ring and FK gets to his feet! He grabs Jinzai and lifts him up into a powerbomb position...only for Jinzai to reverse it into a frankensteiner, driving FK’s head into the mat!

WILLIAM BURKE: Jinzai reversed that!

JACK WARREN: Come on, Jinzai!

Jinzai quickly gets to his feet after that and turns right into a running European uppercut from Angelo! The UE member is out on the mat and Angelo looks around, realizing he’s got to do something he’s never done before! So he exits out onto the apron and begins climbing all the way to the top turnbuckle!

WILLIAM BURKE: Angelo is going up top!


Angelo stands at the top and pumps up the audience before leaping off!




Sands is out as Jinzai rolls over and makes the cover, Emilio and Markus both lying on the outside, the audience booing as the ref counts!






Jinzai rolls out of the ring and quickly picks his partner up before hugging him, Emilio almost surprised that they pulled off the win! The titles are then presented to the two of them and they each take one before they make their way up the ramp, raising the titles high as the audience boos them!

WILLIAM BURKE: Tough, tough loss for Angelo and Markus!

JACK WARREN: Who cares about those nerds?! Upper Echelon are your new champs!

As Upper Echelon celebrates with their manager, hugging one another at the top of the stage, Angelo comes to and sits up, looking absolutely devastated that he was the reason his team lost tonight. Markus slides into the ring and looks at his partner for a second before slowly picking him up and putting his arm around him. The two then exit the ring and begin heading to the back as well, Markus trying to assure his partner that he’s not all to blame for the loss, but Angelo doesn’t seem to be listening.

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The Knoxotron springs to life, revealing the face of GRENDEL, shadows playing over the contours of his face.

GRENDEL: We stand on the precipice of a new age.

He stares into the screen intently a few moments, eyes burning, before continuing.

GRENDEL: This stagnant and rotting industry we find ourselves endlessly trapped in finds itself on the verge of a new era, a true evolution from what we are, to what we could be. We stand here, prepared to step into a New Dawn, as removed from what we are now as we currently are from the fairgrounds and segregation that haunts our nascent years. And yet… we still find resistance.

There’s a slight, sad sigh, before he continues.

GRENDEL: In this future, superstition has no place. Nepotism has no place. Self-centeredness has no place. And those who grow fat off of these redundant mythologies now panic, as they see the golden goose plucked and ready for the oven.

A sinister grin plays over his lips.

GRENDEL: Monsters. Witches. Relics of a bygone age, one of fear and control. We say no more. We move on, and fight for the better future for us all. For those that will come. For Hope. And those who resist, who stand against the coming of the change… you will all be forced to make the choice. To embrace that which comes… or to be crushed beneath it’s heels.

The light cuts out suddenly, plunging the screen into darkness.

GRENDEL: Evolve or Die.

Posted Image

"I'll get you my pretty... and your little dog too!"

"There's no place like home!"

The funky drum beat and riff of 'Phenomena' by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs fills the arena and the quirky yet energetic Salem Cartier appears at the entrance wearing a hooded dark purple leather tailcoat with huge silver buttons, the hood pulled over her eyes. She carries a silver cane, the top a silver claw gripping a dark purple crystal that has a plasma globe effect. She's tapping her foot and bopping her head to the beat...

She raises both hands and motions for the fans to get hyped, swinging the cane, then bops her way toward the ring in time with the song, popping her shoulders up and down, swaying her arms around with a coy smile and wink to the audience.

"Hey! Don't touch, kid; sleep with the lights on
Touch, kid; how you surprise me
Now roll kid, rock your body off!"

She steps up the ring steps, throws her hood back, clutches the top rope and puts her feet on the bottom rope, gazing around and rocking up and down on the ropes...

"You're something like a phenomena
Something like an astronoma'
Now roll kid, rock your body off!"

She slides through the ropes, twirls off her jacket with a flourish and drops to a knee in the center of the ring, extending her arms out holding up the cane and playing to the crowd as the music fades. She takes the jacket and cane to the corner, ready for the match, as she is finally announced by Underground’s own Darcey Grove, the actress seemingly dressed like a giant peacock cover in gloriously colourful feathers.

Darcey Grove:: Currently residing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada... "Something Like a Phenomena"... Salem Kaiser!!!

The arena lights go dark as "Carrion Flowers" by Chelsea Wolfe begins to play and the large masked man as Harbinger pushes out through the curtain. He seems almost uncomfortable as he walks out onto the stage before he moves down the ramp at a frantic pace and rolls into the ring.

Once inside, he pounds at the leather of his mask with closed fists and moves down to his chest. He continues to do so before moving to a nearby turnbuckle and huddles against it as if he is trying to hide.

Darcey Grove: An his way to the ring, from Wilke-Barre, Pennsylvania.... Harbinger!

After Darcey announces the second challenger, who was accompanied as normal by Lamia, there is an eerie silence that takes over the arena… Until….


With this guttural shout, “Ain’t Like You” begins to blast out of the PA system, the lights dimming, as out from the back comes the monster known only as GRENDEL. He is highlighted by a single spotlight which follows him as he slowly marches upon the ring. His face painted in his trademark warpaint, the single light gives it extra dimensions and hidden shadows. On one shoulder sits the HKW Underworld Championship, with the WCS World Crown Championship over the other. He refuses to interact with the fans, or anyone, as he continues his sombre procession.

Darcey Grove: Weighing in at 300 lbs, and harking from Nowhere… he is both the HKW Underworld Champion, and the WCS World Crown Champion… he is GRENDEL!

He doesn’t register the announcement, as he pulls himself up onto the apron, before stepping over the top rope into the ring. As he does so, the lights return, and he moves to occupy the center of the ring. Removing his belts from his shoulders, he holds them out, the Underworld title to Harbinger, the World Crown title to Salem Kaiser, slowly looking between these two opponents, before dropping the belts to the mat. As the referee scoots around and collects the titles, he just stands there, not moving or flinching, as he stares down his two opponents. The camera switches to a different commentary booth, painted in silver as the Underground’s commentary team of Hitch Hiroshima and Summerlyn-Shae greet the audience.

Hitch Hiroshima: Good Evening, my name is Hitachi Hiroshima, and this is my broadcast colleague Summerlyn-Shae, and we will be taking over commentary duties for this monumental Underworld Championship match here at Divine Supremacy.

Summerlyn-Shae: Hi guys, I’m Shae and I have a sex toy named after my broadcast partner.

Hitch Hiroshima: And every woman should...

Summerlyn-Shae: But we are really excited to be here, for what could potentially turn into a handicap match, but this was something our champion GRENDEL demanded. The reigning King of the Underworld facing off against the biggest monster of Defiance and the Wicked Witch of the Red Brand.

Hitch Hiroshima: The face painted warrior has faced many, many challenges over his time in Underground, but this one could be his biggest yet, with the threat of both of his opponents and Lamia herself at ringside. It has crossed my mind that our top prize could end up in the hands of Defiance, and the odds are firmly stacked against our Champion.

There was an extremely uneasy stand off after the introductions, the referee, the infamous Head Ref of the Underground, Barry, taking the Underworld title from the towering GRENDEL to show to both of Defiance’s stars, Salem and Harbinger. He then rose it above his head for all the crowd to see before handing it to the timekeeper. Each competitor stood in a separate corner, Salem keeping a close eye on the troublesome Lamia who was at ringside, grinning maniacally. GRENDEL didn’t show any emotion at all, while Harbinger looked fierce and determined.

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GRENDEL took one step forward as the bell rung, proclaiming his mantra loud and proud. “Evolve or Die.”

And that made him the target.

Hitch Hiroshima: and as I thought, GRENDEL has become the target.

Summerlyn-Shae: I think he was asking for that one, but Salem and Harbinger working together like this is a surprise. I mean, they despise each other.

Salem and Harbinger went straight for him, battering him with fists and kicks, Salem keeping a hit and run tactic whilst the massive Harbinger resorted to hit and hit. They peppered the champion with shots as they backed him into a corner, GRENDEL able to shove Salem off several times, but she kept popping back up to come for more, but every time she was pushed away, GRENDEL managed to get a couple of fierce strikes in on Harbinger. Salem dived in with a front dropkick that rocked GRENDEL, then Harbinger pounded away at his skull with a closed fist. GRENDEL dropped to a knee, but this was partially because Lamia had sneaked around and yanked his leg through the ropes, causing him to fall.

Hitch Hiroshima: The X Factor of the match has struck!

Summerlyn-Shae: Barry is going to need to do something about this. There is No Disqualifications in this match, but right now it may as well be three on one!

Barry gave Lamia a warning, but this didn’t really have any effect on the crazed zombie, and Salem and Harbinger stomped away at the reigning Underworld Champion. Harbinger pulled him up, slamming him down hard with a Belly-to-belly Suplex. GRENDEL tried to pull himself up, but Salem drove his head into the mat with a Somersault Cutter as he got to his knees. Harbinger then astounded the crowd with an amazing display of strength, deadlifting GRENDEL up before planting him down with a Front Powerslam, Salem hopping onto the second rope before driving BOTH of her feet right into GRENDEL’s painted face. The pair then rolled GRENDEL out of the ring, and a staredown was had between the two of them.

Hitch Hiroshima: Amazing power. Absolutely amazing from Harbinger.

Summerlyn-Shae: And I think it’s clear what their game plan is. Keep GRENDEL out and battle amongst themselves. Brand Supremacy is still very clearly the mindset of this show!

Salem kept up with her guerilla tactics, hitting and running as Harbinger swung clumsily. She aimed for the legs, trying to chop the giant down, and got him to a knee at one stage before she sprinted in with a low enzuigiri. She made the first cover of the match.



But Harbinger powered out, with such force that Salem went flying through the ropes and to the outside.

Summerlyn-Shae: Gawwwd. How strong is Harbinger? Salem was sent flying out just then.

Hitch Hiroshima: And now she is right at Lamia’s feet. Is there no honour in this company?

She fell right at Lamia’s feet, who immediately began stomping away at the fallen Witch. The crowd booed and jeered, as Barry gave yet another warning, but he was shoved out of the way by Harbinger who exited the ring to deliver more punishment, and the pair hammered Salem with clubbing blows. The Jury cried foul over the assault, with Salem being hurled into the barricade by the monstrous Harbinger. Lamia is on her again like a rabid dog, punching away at her table with madness in her eyes. But the crowd then explodes…

Summerlyn-Shae: OH SH--!!

… And GRENDEL spears Lamia right through the barricade! The customary “Holy Shit” chants break out amongst the crowd for the sight, and GRENDEL is right up with a twisted look upon his face, meeting the oncoming Harbinger and matching him blow for blow, beating him to the punch as he backed him into the ring post. With reckless abandon he pounds away, until he gripped Harbinger by the throat and chokeslammed him hard and fast onto the ring steps!

Hitch Hiroshima: A huge, huge, steel shattering chokeslam from the Underworld and World Crown Champion!

Summerlyn-Shae: There is nothing that can keep GRENDEL down for long, and he is now taking advantage of the situation while the medical crew take Lamia out.

He took one look at the battered Salem and shook his head, before showing incredible strength to scoop up Harbinger and roll him back into the ring. He slid in afterwards, drawing a thumb across his neck as he picked Harbinger up and whipped him towards the ropes. As Harbinger came back, he popped right up and was slammed down with the Extinction Event Release Powerbomb! He made the cover…




But Salem broke the pin!

Hitch Hiroshima: Kaiser there in the nick of time.

Summerlyn-Shae: If she hadn’t made it, that would undoubtedly been all she wrote.

Hitch Hiroshima: Pretty sure a guy wrote this, and you’re just confused by the name.

GRENDEL did not look impressed at all, and came at the witch swinging, but she ran around the ring, dodging his strikes. She nailed a few shots to his legs that almost made the monster stumble. She took advantage with a Buzzsaw Kick that dropped GRENDEL down, as the big behemoth tried to shake the cobwebs away. Taking the opportunity, she leapt up and drove GRENDEL down with a Standing Monkeyflip DDT to the shock of the audience. She knew that wasn’t enough to put GRENDEL down, and after taking a glance at the downed Harbinger, she began to wind her arm up, signifying for the New Hampshire Handshake.

Hitch Hiroshima: I think everyone knows what is coming. I’ve seen this before and it doesn’t end well.

Summerlyn-Shae: She tends to hit this out of nowhere, but looks well prepared for this shot!

As GRENDEL pulled himself up, Salem bounced the ropes, then came back and clocked GRENDEL with the force of an atomic bomb… But GRENDEL didn’t go down. Instead, he stumbled backwards into the ropes, his arms getting trapped up in them.

Hitch Hiroshima: He’s trapped! The champion is trapped.

Summerlyn-Shae: This is not good at all. Barry is trying to help free him, but he needs to keep control of the full match. And GRENDEL is locked in tight.

GRENDEL, groggy, still realised how much trouble he was in, and Salem knew that as well. She turned her attention to Harbinger instead, knowing that GRENDEL would be struggling to get out of the ropes for a while. Harbinger had managed to pull himself up into the corner, and Kaiser came at him with a beautiful Corner cartwheel leaping hip attack to the delight of the fans, the popular Witch having a strong following in Manchester. She began chopping the groggy monster as hard as she could, keeping one eye on GRENDEL to ensure he was yet to escape. She then took a few steps back, before running in with the New Hampshire Handshake…

Hitch Hiroshima: Here it comes… NO!

Summerlyn-Shae: Harbinger gripped her before she connected!

But Harbinger caught her by the throat, chokeslamming her down hard. Harbinger was still feeling the effects of the powerbomb, but let out a roar as he seemed to get his second wind, picking up Salem and slamming her down over and over again. A silence grew over the audience as he tossed her around like a ragdoll, and he looked to be in a position of pure dominance. He then scooped her up like she was nothing, before driving her down with the Death Nail Driver…

Hitch Hiroshima: The thud on the canvas!

Summerlyn-Shae: I don’t think I’ve hea-- FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING THAT IS HOLY!!?

… GRENDEL roared and there was an almighty snap! He pulled and pulled on the ropes he was trapped in, ripping them from the turnbuckles themselves as the ring shook. The crowd were absolutely astonished as he yanked the ropes away, freeing himself. As Harbinger had gone for the pin, he wrapped the coil like ropes around the monster’s neck, and began choking out the 351 pounder with them! Harbinger’s face began to turn purple as the crowd began to roar out “Evolve Or Die” at the top of their lungs!

Hitch Hiroshima: He literally ripped the ropes away! I have never in all my years seen something like that before.

Summerlyn-Shae: I know GRENDEL is strong, but that takes the cake and slaps you in the face with it. And Harbinger is fading, and fading fast!

Harbinger was fading and fading fast, GRENDEL placing a boot on Harbinger’s back as he pulled away from the ropes. Salem began to awaken, rolling away to try and pull herself up, but struggled with the lack of ropes to help her. Barry was checking on Harbinger to see if he would give up, or whether he was even still conscious. Salem crawled up, diving over to try and break the fall…

Hitch Hiroshima: The referee has called it!

Summerlyn-Shae: Harbinger is out! He is out!

GRENDEL lets out a roar as he let’s go of the ropes, snatching his titles away from the startled Barry and lifting them up high, roaring out the word “Hope” at the top of his lungs as he does so. Salem sits there dejected, knowing she was inches away from breaking the hold. The camera focuses on GRENDEL war painted face before cutting to a commercial for the Evolve Network’s Four.

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The scene opens backstage, the camera focusing near the ground where the top of a baseball bat can be seen. It starts swinging from side to side as the camera pans up, catching the red legs of the bat’s owner in the background.

As the camera reaches waist height the bat is spun upright, being gripped tightly by the right hand of none other than The Crimson Baroness. The camera zooming out to reveal the former Bloodlust champion; she’s in her locker room ahead of her main event match later tonight, ready dressed in her ring attire with the bat in hand, and a smirk on her face.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: Ever since I first stepped foot into a wrestling ring, I have dreamt of this day. Since that day nearly three years ago, when I went up against Butcher…

The mention of the name causes TCB to giggle softly, almost innocently.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: A name you don’t hear all that much anymore. And I remember what people said to me before that night; the whispers that I was merely a lamb to the slaughter, that I wasn’t cut out for this business, that I wouldn’t last a week. But here I am.

The smirk widens as TCB eyes up the bat in her hand. She twirls it around until it’s upright again, at which point her fingers whiten as her grip tightens once again.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: I remember that day back in September 2015 when I walked into GFP for the first time. Thrown together in a tag team match that nobody expected us to survive, let alone win. But that was the night I got my first taste of wrestling gold. The team that would later go on to be known as the Small Boob Wrecking Crew, defeating Bella Brooks-Robinson and Kyoko Kawashima to become the GFP Jr Tag Team Champions…

She pauses again, smirking to herself at the memory of that night in Japan. The years of friendship with Annie Zellor culminating in their tag team debut together, in a team that’s still going strong to this day. Albeit not in HKW.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: The came the Carolinas Cup, the APEX Tag Team titles, the RISE Championship. And the list grew, and grew. I went on to become the greatest HKW Bloodlust Champion in history, the greatest RISE Champion in history. And soon, I shall become the greatest HKW Global Champion in history!

The innocent giggle is gone now, replaced by a wicked chuckle as TCB spins the bat around once again.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: And Kol, sweetie, you haven’t made that an easy task. But if I wanted easy I wouldn’t have gone through Brian Stryker, Celeste, and Tommy Evans to secure this spot. I wouldn’t have spent the last four months battling for superiority against five of the best wrestlers on Subversion. A constant game of one-upmanship against Lady Magdalena, Elijah Black, Levi Chambers, Beth Keaton, and Kol himself.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: If I wanted easy, I wouldn’t be stepping foot into that Elimination Chamber. Knowing Kol has secured himself the last entry position…

She inhales sharply through gritted teeth, knowing that’s her own fault. And it’s stuck in her craw to this day still.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: But throughout the years, across the companies, with each day, each victory … I’ve only gotten better. Smarter. And it’s all built to this day. Divine Supremacy – one of the biggest shows of the year – and my first shot at the Global Championship. But once we’re in that … structure … once that bell rings. Sweetie, you’ll need to run. Because I remember the cheap shots. The snide remarks. The beatings and losses I’ve suffered along the way. I remember them all. They’re stored away up there, just waiting to be … vented…

TCB smirks again.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: To be released. Tenfold. And that cold, unforgiving steel will become your worst enemy. That chamber will strike fear into your heart. And I will become your nightmare. And I will become your new HKW Global Champion!

She cackles again, tilting her head back as the laughter rings throughout the locker room. TCB snaps her gaze back towards the camera, that same smirk on her face as she adds.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: Soon, the fun begins…

And with that, the scene fades out as the show cuts elsewhere.

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Charlie Valentine walks out on stage with the championship in hand and stops mid-ramp. The opening to Deftones' "Cherry Waves" plays as a small screen of smoke cover the ground of the stage. As the first rift blasts through the venue, Nest walks through the curtain breathing heavily, keeping his head down. Valentine walks up the steps into the ring, holding the belt over his shoulders. Nest looks out to the crowd briefly before eyeing the ring ahead, making his way down the ramp with an alarming sense of urgency. Nest stops right before he gets to the apron and gives a loud roar. He rolls in the ring and stares right at the belt Charlie holds before him. Nest starts cracking his knuckles as the music dies down and Charlie hands the belt off to the timekeeper.

Whisper Viperi: Making his way down to HIS ring, weighing in at 287lbs. From up above, NEST!

We put this festival on you bastards, with a lotta love.
We worked one year for you pigs
And you want to break our walls down?
And you want to destroy us?
Well you go to hell!!

The crowd gets rowdier by the moment as “Fucking in the Bushes” by Oasis begins to play. The theme belongs to only one man. Jackie walks out from the back of the crowd, his eyes scanning the rambunctious crowd. He heads for one of the ledges, standing up on it with a latent pride. A cheery but cocky grin spawns on his face as he amps the crowd up, screaming for them to get the fuck up! The crowd gleefully obliges him as he makes his way down the stairs.

However, much to the shock and joy of the crowd, Fowler takes an immediate dive into the crowd, surfing the wave for a moment, before allowing them to drop him off near the middle of the walkway down. From there, he looks around the arena, seeing the fans, seemingly possessed by the gritty and hooligan nature that he bears. It brings a smile to his face, furthermore he whips a false tear from his eye as he continues his way down the stairs.

His rowdy antics, including him flicking out some fans and playfully arguing with them, only gets them even more behind him. He slaps the hands of more fans on his way down, before reaching the barricade. It takes him a moment, but he ascends it and stands upon it with ninja-like ease. He scans the arena once more, roaring expletive, but uplifting words for the crowd to hear. He then gets down and rushes underneath the bottom rope. He smacks the mat as he gets up.

As he does, he points at the referee, harping at him for a moment, before heading to his corner. There, he shadow-boxes, punching the turnbuckle pad with fast blows. He then rests his head there for a moment. He then turns his back to the turnbuckle, proceeding to rest on it. His eyes wander around the arena. Jackie simply nods his head as he awaits for the bell to ring.

Whisper Viperi: Hailing from Manchester, England…

There is an absolutely deafening roar from the Manchester crowd at the mention of the city’s name.

Whisper Viperi: Weighing in at fifteen and a half stone… He is a complete bellend and known as the “Bastard of Bowland”... JACKIE FOWLER!

The audience is in massive support for the “Bastard of Bowland”, before the cheers turn into boos as the beat kicks in and out steps Jaxon Queen, his championship slung over his shoulder. Queen cups his ear as he listens to the audience booing him, getting them to boo him even louder, which just gets a grin out of them. He then begins to make his way down to the ring, showing off his title to the fans, who just roll their eyes at him.

Whisper Viperi: And their opponent, from Erie, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 230 pounds, he is the current reigning and defending Dynasty Champion...JAXON QUEEN!!

Once he's ringside, Jaxon heads up the steel steps slowly, pointing at members of the audience and finding words to insult them with. He raises his title as he stands on the apron before entering the ring. Queen then makes his way towards the center of the ring and raises his title once more, smirking at the boos the audience gives him, before he finally removes his jacket and hands both that and the title over to a stagehand, warning them to not mess either thing up. He then goes to insulting the fans as per usual as he waits for the match to start.

William Burke: Huge, huge matchup here tonight and the crowd is 100% behind England’s own Jackie Fowler.

Jack Warren: They can be behind him as much as they like, Will, but Jackie Fowler has shown nothing to me this past year other than being a choke artist. He did not hold any gold in 2017, he failed taking down the Reapers in Pride, he was dubbed helping Felicity Banks and both Upper Echelon and especially Jaxon Queen have been his kryptonite since this past Summer. A hometown crowd is always supportive, but that doesn’t change results. And if there is any risk to Queen’s reign as champion, that will be the big man Nest. Fowler shouldn’t even be in this match as he’s failed two times over already.

The crowd are SOLIDLY behind Jackie Fowler, who while looking focused, is clearly loving the adoration of his hometown fans, bouncing on the spot as he shadow boxes. Nest doesn’t seem to let it get to him, but Jaxon Queen seems a little distracted by the loud chants, keeping his eye on the curtain as if expecting something. “He gets what he wants, he gets what he wants. Oh Jackie Fowler, he gets what he wants.” Fowler a big grin on his face as he begins to pump up the already rabid crowd, pointing to a sign in the front row which reads “If Fowler gets screwed, We Riot!”

William Burke: This ovation for Britain’s newest M.B.E…. It’s unreal.

Jack Warren: Cheer all they want, but cheers don’t equal pinfalls, Burke.

The bell finally rings as the crowd reach fever pitch, but no one makes a move, all three simply staring each other down, until Fowler roars out, telling his opponents to suck his dick as the crowd cheers him on. This, however, makes him the target and both Queen and Nest come at him with clubbing blows. The crowd boo religiously, until Fowler starts firing back with ferocious boxing body shots to both of them. Queen rolled out of the ring after a nasty kidney shot, before The Bastard of Bowland knocked the gigantic Nest down with the smoothest of Southpaw shots to the jaw. “Get your tits out, get your tits out, get your tits out for The Lad!” the crowd began cheering.

Jack Warren: These chants are just disrespectful.

Once Nest gets up to battle Fowler once more, Queen trips Jackie from through the ropes, bringing a huge amount of boos from the audience. Nest is right on it, Cannonballing Jackie in the corner as Jaxon stands on the outside laughing. Nest takes complete control, lifting Jackie up before planting him in the corner. He then charged in and squashed him with a splash. Then another. Then another. The crowd jeered Nest, who really didn’t seem to care, giving him a Corner Yakuza Kick as Fowler flipped the bird, then fell flat on his face. Queen applauded at ringside, but that seemed to only attract Nest’s attention.

William Burke: And Nest isn’t looking for a cheerleader. But he is looking to dish out some pain!

Jack Warren: Focus on the weak link, Nest, not the defending champ! This is a mistake.

Nest rolled out after the Dynasty Champion and gave chase around the ring, but Queen was much,much quicker. He slid back into the squared circle, stomping down desperately on the big man. He sprints to the ropes and hits a series of low dropkicks on Nest as his manager roars on his support. Queen is frantic, dropping elbows and fists upon the big man, then waits for him to get up. With one eye of Fowler, he takes Nest down with the Jaxed 2.0!!!

He made the cover!



But Jackie broke it up to a huge ovation. Queen screamed at Fowler, who responded in kind by informing Jaxon that he had a mangina, then headbutting him. Queen stumbled backwards, as Fowler began to get into a rhythm of boxing body blows and short, sharp jabs.

William Burke: Jackie Fowler with that famous fisting of his. He throws body blows like he’s RIcky Hatton and head shots like he’s Lennox Lewis!

Jackie clocks Queen with a fierce hook, sending him through the ropes, but he grabs his head. “He’s one of our own, he’s one of our own, that Blue Bellend Bastard, he’s one of our own” the audience roar, as Jackie plants Queen into the mat with the #SMD (Jumping Rope Assisted Piledriver). The audience were on their feet as Jackie made the cover.




Jack Warren: Close, but this will need more in a triple threat!

But Nest broke up the pin with a Diving Headbutt to the loudest boos of the night! He hammered down on Fowler, before scooping him up and giving him a powerslam for his troubles. He made the cover.



But Fowler kicked out as the audience cheered. Nest was not done though, picking Fowler up and slamming him down with a Fallaway Slam. He went for another cover.



But Fowler kicked out again. “You’re our favourite bastard, you’re our favourite bastard, na nah nah na, na nah nah na” the Manchester crowd screamed. But Fowler was a mess, and Nest had complete control. He hit Fowler with the Shining Black, as the audience winced. He had not had enough though, scooping Fowler up and drilling him hard into the mat with the Tree Plant Driver. The crowd booed as it looked all over and he made the cover.




Jack Warren: Another near fall, but Queen is still the King!

But Jaxon Queen kept his title reign alive by breaking up the pin, and getting the only cheers he had received in months. He grabbed Jackie, planting him with the Fuckboy Killer - Powerbomb into a Double Knee Backbreaker! He went for the pin.




But Nest broke it up. Queen began hammering at Nest, looking towards the curtain as he did so. He then pulled Nest up as Jackie rolled away, sprinting towards the ropes as he got up and clocking him with a Running Forearm. Nest did not go down though, so he gave him another. Then another. Nest dropped to a knee, and with that Queen snapped his neck down with the Jaxed 2.0!

William Burke: What a cutter! That has won him so many matches!

Jack Warren: Make the cover… DON’T GLOAT, QUEEN! Make the cover!

But he stood for a second to gloat, and before he went for the pin, he found himself in a ripcord, yanked in for a straight knock out punch by Jackie Fowler!





And the bell sounded as the audience leapt to their feet, Nest letting out an extend arm to break the pin too late by a millisecond! Fowler, dazed, rolled out of the ring stumbling to the floor as he began laughing. He stumbled to the barricade, his wife Sabrina in the front row gripping him tightly as the referee came over with his newly won Dynasty Championship.

William Burke: The crowd are on their feet! After months on the chase, after giving up a chance to re-enter the Young Guns Cup to focus on this match, Jackie Fowler has conquered his demons in his hometown, snatching the only gold in Upper Echelon and making it his own. Jackie Fowler puts the disappointment of 2017 behind him and wins HKW Gold!

Jack Warren: That was luck! Pure luck! And Nest almost broke that pin right at the end! This is not right! It’s not right at all!

William Burke: Will it be right if Felicity Banks goes through with her forfeit and eats her own ass with a spork?

Jack Warren: That is not going to happen! It’s not… It might… Queen might be in a world of trouble with his team mates over this!

Fowler propped himself on the barricade, kissing his wife, before he raised the belt upon high, roaring out at the top of his lungs. He dives into the crowd, his hometown fans going absolutely wild as they begin singing “Blue Moon” at the top of their lungs.

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