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RISE | BREAKTHROUGH #040; 02/07/18
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Sean Sands
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13-21 in NABA
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Show Date & Time: February 7th, 2018 at 8PM EST on EVOLVE!
Location: RISE Gym in Detroit, Michigan
Commentators: Cyncity, Eli Zayn

The former Evolution Champion, Gio Amauri is seen exiting his locker room backstage at the RISE Gym ready for his upcoming match against CT Roessler, Kenni Killswitch, and Rebecca Webber. The camera follows him to where the production team is seen in the background preparing for Breakthrough 40. In a rare turn of events, Gio points at the cameraman to keep the lens on him, gesturing he wishes to address the viewers.

He goes on to express his dismay for the Janus sisters after betraying Team RISE at Divine Supremacy’s Brand Wars match against Team Underground. He comments on how turning on the team in that way goes without consequences, which will happen sooner or later.

He nods in assurance, pausing before proceeding.

His then continues his monologue with addressing his opponents for the night, acknowledging Kenni’s bravery and diss track, Rebecca’s heart and spirit, and of course, CT Roessler being an overall impressive competitor. He mentions their qualities and knows coming out as the victor will not be an easy feat, and making it to the main event would be far from a cakewalk.

A smirk escapes his chiseled features as he mentions the possibility of getting a fair match between one of his favorite peers, Brylee Brawler, or Josiah Weber, both individuals that were capable of making the main event maintain a “match of the night” status with nail-biting moments and the like. This is not to take away from Tiffany Tompkins possibly surprising everyone, including the Florida native. Last but not least, he cannot underestimate the current Evolution Champion, Zola Star, who he would love to get in the ring with one on one and see how the tables would turn.

Before stepping away from the frame, he says he is determined to give it his all in the fatal four way, to make it to the main event, and become the number one contender for the Rise Championship. Despite not retaining the Evolution Champion or leading his team to victory in Brand Wars, there’s still plenty of fight left in him, and he’s seeking to demonstrate that tonight.


CT Roessler vs Gio Amauri vs Kenni Killswitch vs Rebecca Webber

The match began with CT and Kenni fighting each other while Rebecca and Gio took it to one another. CT had early control, primarily taking it to Killswitch, but Gio was quick to take him down. Amauri quickly went after all three competitors before Kenni eventually caught him with a low blow, giving her control!

She continued to use the relaxed rules these fatal four ways had and nearly pinned Gio once, but Rebecca was there to break it up and take control! Webber was on fire, but could not capture the three count she was looking for, giving CT another shot!

Roessler was on fire as he took it to both Webber and Amauri, having both of them pretty much barely kicking out of the pin attempts! But the angered Killswitch eventually entered the ring and swung the chair at the Great Lakes champion, forcing him to duck...and for Webber to eat the chair shot!

CT then tackled Kenni out of the ring and Amauri came to and was first to his feet before he noticed the barely recovering Rebecca! He then grabbed her and proceeded to hit the vertical suplex side slam before covering her and getting the three count!

WINNER: Gio Amauri (14:49)
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Sean Sands
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13-21 in NABA
Cutting to the backstage area, we see the bright smile of Destiny Bogdani as she has a microphone in hand.

Destiny Bogdani: Tonight, I’m standing with Brylee Brawler who not only represented RISE at Divine Supremacy but is competing tonight to get one step closer to the RISE Championship.

The camera pans out to show Brylee standing beside Destiny as she turns to face the RISE star.

Destiny Bogdani: Now before we talk about the opportunity you have tonight, let’s discuss Divine Supremacy for a second. What are your thoughts about it now that you sort of had time to swallow the jagged pill so to speak.

Brylee gaze goes up in thought as she thinks about how the Sisters of Janus stabbed her, Gio, and Kenni in the back. She didn’t know if they did it for the shock factor or if that was the only way they knew how to tell RISE they didn’t need their services anymore but, there was one thing she did know, and it was kind of like swallowing a jagged pill.

Brylee Brawler: To be honest, I could be mad- Should be mad but, I’m not. We could only be as good as our team, and since The Daughters of Janus were willing to go against the very place that gave them a home, built them as a team, and make them what and who they are /shrugs/ Then we didn’t deserve to win. What they did was a big slap in the face. Not only to me, our team but, to every member of the RISE family who sacrificed, and put in their time to train and help them. Brett made it clear that we’re not going to waste any more time on them. We are going to move forward stronger and better. Without them.

Destiny Bogdani: That’s completely understandable. So let’s do move forward with your situation here tonight. You are two matches away from earning a shot at Cedric Chambers for his RISE Championship but first, you have to get through Josiah Weber, Tiffany Tompkins, and the Evolution Champion Zola Star in a fatal four-way. How are you feeling about your chances of winning and progressing forward in the qualifier?

Brylee Brawler: I’m feeling good and looking forward to the competition. Just watching the matches from the last Breakthrough gave me an idea on what to look for and expect from my opponents. Josiah was very quick to act and he didn’t give Reed much time to think let alone act and defend himself. I believe they are calling it the most lopsided main event in RISE history. So not only is Josiah quick but he is also making history. I have a feeling he is going to be a hand full and hard to keep an eye on. As for Tiffany, I know she is a fighter. Even when you think you have her, don’t count her out, because she will get that second wind and destroy you. Just like she did against Aric.

Destiny Bogdani: And what about Zola Star. She claims that you screwed her out of an opportunity?

Just hearing those words made Brylee chuckle.

Brylee Brawler: I honestly don’t see how since she still got herself in the Evolution title match against me and Gio, and she is now the Evolution Champion. I didn’t screw her out of anything. All that tells me is that she is diluted and out of touch with reality.

Brylee can’t help but shake her head and let out a sigh.

Brylee Brawler: The sad thing about Zola is that she actually has talent. That by itself is hard to admit. She just doesn’t showcase it here. At RISE. Here It’s a different story. She has to beg and plead to get her way here. Use cheap tactics to pick up a single win. Apparently, to her, we’re not good enough for the full ”Star” treatment. It’s disrespectful, and it’s just another slap in the face.

Closing her eyes, a smile appears on her face as she scratches at the bridge of her nose before placing her hands on her hips.

Brylee Brawler: So tonight, I’m going to make sure that Zola doesn’t become just a spectator. I’m going to ensure her being a full-time participant in the fatal four-way. Whether that's with Josiah, Tiffany, or me. I don’t care. We’re all are going to have a dance partner tonight. Every single one of us. She isn’t going to be able to weasel herself out of this one.

Her tone was almost in warning or threatening. It was obvious that Destiny didn’t know how to react as she just seemingly allowed the Brawler to walk away without another word on the matter.

Zola Star is seen walking backstage holding onto her Evolution Title. She was stopped by a backstage interviewer and paparazzi who asked her a barrage of questions at one time and took a bunch of pictures. She flagged them off so that the pictures would stop and that she could focus.

REPORTER: Zola are you confident going into your qualifying match tonight?

ZOLA STAR: I don’t need to be confident, I’m a STAR. I’m the Evolution champion and tonight I have a chance to be your RISE PRO CHAMPION as well and show you what the REAL CHAMPS looks like!

Zola says raising her title smirking at the camera. The reporter then follows up with another question.

REPORTER: But what about Brylee?

Zola raises an eyebrow.

ZOLA STAR: What about her?

REPORTER: Are you at all worried about her potential in the match?

Zola rolls her eyes.

ZOLA STAR: Are you serious right now? I’m so SICK of hearing about BRYLEE. How many times do I have to beat that girl for her to leave me alone? She’s like a fucking FRUIT FLY!

Zola groans.

ZOLA STAR: All I know is that she better stay out my way tonight. If she costs me another opportunity she’ll be sorry. She needs to realize she doesn’t have what it takes to be a champion. She can’t and she never will win the big one as long as I’m still in RISE PRO! I'M THE CHAMP!

Zola walks off angrily and flips off the camera behind her.


Brylee Brawler vs Josiah Weber vs Tiffany Tompkins vs Zola Star

The match began with Brylee and Zola immediately trading blows with one another...and tackling each other through the ropes! Josiah and Tiffany watched in surprise as the two women began trading punches up the aisle, disappearing to the back eventually!

This left the match to be decided between Josiah and Tiffany. The two showed each other respect early, but did not hold back as Tiffany got control early and held it for a good four minutes, nearly getting the three count!

But Weber eventually took over and kept control for a good four minutes, not allowing Tompkins to breathe as he went right at her. He used his strength advantage throughout these few minutes, not wanting Tiffany to get any chance of mounting a comeback.

And yet she did, going right on the attack and nearly pinning Weber multiple times throughout the five minutes. It was obvious that her speed was above his, getting Josiah completely discombobulated at one point as the audience believed she could pull it off!

But that belief came to an end in the 13th minute when Josiah rocked Tiffany with Fire at Will (pop-up European uppercut) and went for the cover, getting the three count and advancing to the final!

After the match, the two shook hands out of respect before Josiah left the ring, disappearing to the back before the audience applauded Tiffany for her performance. She smiled as she thanked the audience....before the lights went out right afterwards!

When they came back on, Malyn Baron Sheppard was right behind Tiffany, knocking her to the ground with a boot to the back of the head! MBS then began unloading with lefts and rights, bloodying up the young woman as the audience watched on in horror as she began fading!

Juan and security then rushed down, forcing MBS off before Ramirez threatened to fire him if he didn’t leave the ring right now. Medics then checked on Tiffany as Malyn left with a smirk on his face.

WINNER: Josiah Weber (13:28)
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Sean Sands
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The cameras in the back as the show opens catch the current RISE Tag Team Champions, Alistair Hart and Robin Carnegie as they head out towards the ring for their upcoming match against WRESTLENIUM, belts securely around their waists over their leather gear. Robin seems a bit quiet, her fingers playing over the gold on the leather, humming lightly under her breath. Alistair halts them near the gorilla position, his look to her quite curious as he puts a finger under her chin to tip her head up so she'll look at him. He asks her what's wrong, isn't she excited to be wrestling against a team that's been around as long as WRESTLENIUM? She nods and says it's not that at all. It's just that she's been watching Twitter, watching the dirtsheets and blog sites, and she doesn't like this whole feeling that something is going to happen. She says that after the Witches betrayed RISE, it left the doors to hell open, so to speak. While they needed stopped and stopped hard, she can admit that there was some slight purpose that they held, with all their 'reaching for the dead'. A slight smirk comes to her lips though, and she says that she feels that they will be able to handle what comes next. After all they endured the Witches, they've endured Ninjas, and they flattened The Hills.

Alistair idly wonders as they wait, who will be the next challenge for them, for the titles. Robin asks if he's worried about this current match and he shakes his head. While it'll be good to test themselves against such an established name, he has no doubt that they will show the fans that they are good and proper champions. That while the sniping continues between the two places he knows that things aren't settled, but right now they have to do what they do best - wrestle, and protect the innocent. Robin nods, a smile on her lips, as she agrees. Those are two things that they do best, and the Werewolf Bobby Barabbas should remember how they are a pair that do what they say they will do. The pair exchange nods, and wait for their cue to go out for the match.

Witch Hunter Robin vs WRESTLENIUM

The match was basically Witch Hunter Robin the entire time, though WRESTLENIUM did have a moment or two where they nearly stunned the tag team champions.

After putting away WRESTLENIUM, The Hills attacked the two members (Trent catching Robin with a chair while Goliath manhandled Hart). After they laid waste to the champions, Trent grabbed a mic and told them both that they weren’t done with them yet, then walked out of the ring with Goliath in tow.

WINNER: Witch Hunter Robin (6:20)
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Sean Sands
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13-21 in NABA
“Tonight's a little big.”

Things pick up where Liona Ferris stands in front of a Rise backdrop. One of the newest trainees of RISE makes her debut tonight and she has a few choice words she would like to say.

“Oh man I’m so pumped for this tonight because I’m finally getting back chance to show what I’ve been learning over these few weeks.” with a smile Liona nods her head still showing how enthusiastic she is about tonight.

“Plus I know Helena is also very much ready to come out here and show what she can do and that’s just gonna make for one exciting match and I am absolutely ready you guys so wish me luck… and cheers for being here to see me make my debut to the world.”

Liona smiles and waves as the cameras start to fade out.

Helena York vs Liona Ferris

The two debuting women both brought it to one another as they showcased what they both bring to the table. While it wasn’t a phenomenal match, it did have a lot of back and forth, eventually leading to Liona getting a small package pin on Helena!

After the match, the two women shook hands before York pulled Ferris in closer and asked for one more match! Liona agreed to it, nodding in response.

WINNER: Liona Ferris (9:55)
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Sean Sands
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The Sav Bros vs The Scat Bros

Yeah, you know damn well The Scat Bros were no match and The Sav Bros were not in the mood to play around, absolutely obliterating these guys in under a minute.

Post-match, they asked who’s next before heading to the back.

WINNER: The Sav Bros (0:51)
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Backstage the Rise camera crew was catching up with the Sav Brothers on another victory. Confidence is the word as they are hooting and hollering with each other to anyone who walked by. After the resounding beating of the Scat Brothers, they are on cloud nine. Si sees the camera and grabs it. He pulls the camera and the cameraman towards them.

“Is that all Rise has to offer? Some stupid pieces of actual shit as a tag team? I mean is this what the brand has to offer? No wonder they lost at DS! Look we’ve been the realist mother fuckers in this company since day one of signing. We’ve been the best damn crew in this whole company and yet we continue to get disrespected by lame ass wrestlers who think they can hang.”

Lo grabs the camera next and faces it towards himself.

“That’s right. All goddamn day we keep asking... naw, BEGGING RISE to give us a real challenge. I mean why would you not want to groom your next tag team champions with a real challenge? So RISE... you got one more chance. At Breakthrough #41, you have one more chance to give us a real team to fight!”

Si stands next to his brother and holds up his hand in a sign.

“Keepin’ it 100. And when we beat those lame as pusses into dust no one can claim we ain’t beat anyone real yet. And then when we take the tag team gold? Well, you’ll finally have a real pair of fellas in charge. So try not to disappoint us again, like the rest of the talent routinely does.”

Si lets go of the camera, but Lo seems to have more to say.

“This tag team scene here been filled with gimmicks. A team named Witch Hunter Robin...and NOBODY know which one Witch Hunter and which one Robin! Slaves, little girls who are no different than the other cookie-cutter broads who just wanna prove themselves and make their trainers happy!”

Lo forces a smirk.

“That’s done. It’s time RISE Wrestling get some REAL atop the tag division, homie. Shit, we’ll take on the entire roster if we have to! WEARE---”

Before Lo can finish, Brett Sands walks into the picture and both brothers turn their attention to him. Brett crosses his arms while Lo turns the camera on Brett.

“You’ll face the entire tag team roster…?” Brett begins as he scratches his chin, “You know, that might not be a bad idea.”

Without anything left to say, Brett makes his leave while Lo slaps Si in the arm repeatedly.

“He’s not serious, right…”

No answer as Si continues to stare down Brett.

“Who cares if he is?”

Si begins to head off, Lo setting the camera on the nearest equipment crate before RISE cuts to another part of the building.


Gio Amauri vs Josiah Weber

The match began with Gio catching Josiah off guard with a lariat, going for the cover afterwards and getting a two count! Amauri then kept on the attack for the next three minutes, the audience split between the two men as he hit move after move!

Josiah would not stay down for long though, connecting with a spear and going for the pin himself, but picking up a two count! He then continued to hit various moves throughout five minutes, looking to put Gio away, but unable to get more than a two count!

Amauri got back on the attack for about five minutes of his own, connecting with some stiff shots as he looked to put Weber away, but the young man would not stay down!

Weber then got right back on the attack, taking control for a full five minutes of his own as he continued to attempt pin after pin right after hitting move after move! Josiah then hit “Silver Bullet” (roundhouse kick) in the 18th minute, quickly picking up another two count, much to his disappointment!

He went for Fire At Will a minute later, but Amauri came back down with a Superman punch! Gio then grabbed the groggy Josiah and hit a vertical side suplex slam, covering him right after and getting the three count! Gio Amauri was the new #1 contender!

After the bell rang, Gio and Josiah shook hands out of respect before Weber left the ring and headed to the back, letting Amauri celebrate.

However, that celebration was cut short as Cedric Chambers’ theme hit and he made his way out from the back, mockingly clapping. Gio then climbed the turnbuckles and motioned around his waist while Cedric raised the title high, the show coming to a close.

WINNER: Gio Amauri (19:18)
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