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Meet The Family.
Topic Started: Feb 10 2018, 07:52 PM (51 Views)

Driving up the long driveway, J-R looks over at Gabi with a smile on his face. He is nervous, but also excited. He doesn't know how she will react to the mansion, or what lies within it. All he knows is that his wife will have to be exposed to this world at some point. They pull up to the old stone mansion, the isolated location might seem odd but the people walking around the grounds of the mansion make it seem warm and welcoming.

J-R parks the car, and looks over at Gabi, grabbing her hand. You good?

She nods her head slightly, biting her bottom lip as she looks over the grounds with a slight sigh.

Gabi Magnum: I’ve been ready for a while J-R, I just want to get this over with.

J-R nods,then shuts off the car. He does not remove the keys from the ignition. He just opens the door and steps out. The crowd of people outside stop what they are doing. The sound of hushed whispers in the distance can be heard. J-R walks over and opens his wifes door. The moment she steps out people begin to make their way over to her. One of the women with a red scarf speaks up.

Anna: You, you are Gabi Davenport right?

She says nervously.

Gabi: It’s Magnum now, actually…

She looks over the woman with a slightly puzzled expression, scanning the others she looks back to the woman who spoke up, leaning in close to J-R on instinct.

Gabi: How do you know my name?

Anna laughs.

Anna: You are famous silly. We watch tv.

She says with a huge smile on her face.

Anna: It is so nice to meet you. J-R it is nice to see you again.

J-R nods, as the other people just seem to look on.

J-R: We are heading inside everyone, we are just touring today. Thank you for the warm welcome.

Anna dips her head towards J-R, who waves at the crowd.

Anna: We understand.

Anna turns to Gabi with a smile.

Anna: If you need anything just tell us. We will help you with anything.

Anna turns around and heads the other way followed by the others in the groups. J-R shrugs to Gabi.

J-R: They are really nice, they just are excited because they watch us on tv. It happens here. I am sorry if it was a bit much.

Gabi gives him a slightly confused smile but shakes her head, leaning in close to him she sighs.

Gabi: It’s just… a little strange I suppose is all. What do you mean touring? Paul was not entirely clear with me what the plans were for tonight…

She kisses his cheek with an arm wrapped around his waist now.

Gabi: I just want to be as close to you as possible.

He turns his head to the side, looking down at her. He gives her a quick smile.

J-R: Well, you have therapy, group meetings, classes on specific subjects. But mainly it is a place for find peace and harmony with everyone else. Honestly, there is a lot to do here.

J-R approaches the front door, where a heavyset man stands. The man is wearing white sash around his next.

J-R: Hey Teddy.

J-R extends his hand out, Teddy gives a quick glance to the ring and nods.

Teddy: Good to go sir.

Gabi who was following him quietly and looking around with some confusion. She looks up at the man on the door and holds her hand up with her own ring on it, not sure if she needs to or not and still trying to take in what J-R said to her.

J-R smiles, watching her hold out her ring. Teddy starts looking over her ring carefully.

J-R: Teddy, I married her.

The moment J-R speaks Teddy steps to the side.

Teddy: By all means.

J-R extends his hand grabbing hers and leading her inside. Once they get inside the pure size of the area can be seen. The two of them are met immediately by Paul, who gives a gold sash to J-R.

Paul Harris: And I get to welcome you, and it is a great honor to give you this.

Paul reaches over grabbing her a gold sash and placing it around her neck.

Paul Harris: Now if you two need anything, just tell me. This place is an open book, but it is very nice to have you here Gabi.

Paul leans in giving Gabi a quick hug. Gabi hugs him back but still wears the same puzzled expression, looking around she sighs, a little louder than she means to, looking between Paul and J-R her face screws up into somewhat of a scowl.

Gabi: I still don’t… get it, what’s going on with this place and how everyone is all…

She waves her hand in front of her face as if to say there’s nothing there.

Gabi: Zoned out or something.

J-R places his arm around her shoulder, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

J-R: They aren’t zoned out, they just have a feeling a tranquility. They are here because we are a big family. Yes, we are based on rituals and working together. But overall our whole goal is to provide a loving community to those that do not have one.

Paul nods along with what J-R is saying.

Paul Harris: Yes, we try to find each individual their best self. Many of these people had nowhere to go. But thankfully our great leader, brought them here. They adapt, learn, and find themselves at peace. There is very little turmoil here, But anyways, this is our class area. History studies, Sciences, and person growth are all found in this hallway. Upstairs is the gym, a basketball court, and some of the offices. On the third floor is the Sankrit’s office and the family area for all of us. Nothing is off limits for you, you are a member of the family.

She looks up to where he’s pointing and she sighs slightly, her eyes on the third floor where he pointed last, she doesn’t look to either of them, her eyes still on that third floor.

Gabi: I want to talk to him.

Her tone is assertive, not the more hesitant softness she usually uses, her hand on J-R’s arm squeezes softly, but her eyes don’t move.

Paul looks over at Gabi a bit surprised, then at J-R who nods towards her. He motions them to follow them up the stairs. Once they reach the third floor they see a line of people waiting outside of his office. The crowd makes a path for Paul who walks up to the door, and knocks.

J-R: Heads up, you may stay standing.

The door swings open, Jackson Magnum steps out, everyone besides J-R drops to one knee. His scarred face covered by a hood. Jackson sees Gabi and J-R noticing the gold sash, he raises his hand then motions for them to come forward. Then lifts his hand which immediately brings the kneeling people to their feet.

Gabi quickly turns to look at J-R and shakes her head, biting on her bottom lip she looks over his face before gently placing her hand on his chest and pushing him a step back.

Gabi: No. I want to talk to him. You can… go… I don’t know, get some enlightenment or something?

Her eyes almost plead with him as she looks into his face, looking back to Paul hoping for some kind of backup as she then looks back to her husband.

Gabi: I need to do this for myself and by myself, J-R.

J-R looks at her grabbing her hands, before leaning and giving her a quick kiss on the lips.

J-R: Paul has to go in unless you know sign language, because my brother can not speak.

She smiles softly and brings her hands up to sign something at Paul before shrugging at him slightly, leaning in close she kisses J-R’s cheek, resting her head on his shoulder as she presses her cheek to his, whispering in his ear.

Gabi: You forget I speak several languages? Because that would explain the obsession with the GED.

She stands back up straight and looks into his eyes with a reassuring smile and shrugs slightly, dropping her hands down to hold them behind her back as she keeps her focus solely on J-R.

Gabi: You trust him, right? Absolutely and implicitly, so I’ll be fine. Nothing to worry about.

J-R laughs before taking a step back and motioning towards Jackson’s office.

J-R: Of course.

Paul walks over to J-R and stands beside him as Gabi walks into the office. Jackson walks over to his seat, and sits down motioning to the seat across from him.

Gabi sits down in the seat he indicated to and takes a moment to look around the office, she doesn’t say anything for several minutes, finally bringing her eyes back on Jackson she inclines her head.

Gabi: Can you hear? Or lip read? Or do you need me sign too?

She signs the last part just in case that’s what he needs, her expression is completely blank and her tone cool, but measured.

He signs that he can hear her, before welcoming him to his office. He waits a moment, before pulling out a bottle of water and taking a sip. Before extending his hand out.

Jackson Magnum: What do you need?

She watches him quietly for a moment, her eyes never leaving hi,miss she studies his features and his movements, resting her hands in her lap she fiddles with her wedding ring like an anxious movement.

Gabi: I want to know what all of this is, I don’t want to hear it from them. They’re all… obedient and complacent, that isn’t my nature, I want to hear from you, what this is… why this is.

He pauses for a moment, holding a finger up. Then starts to sign to her.

Jackson Magnum: A home for those without one. It was created for people who need hope. Everyone needs to feel loved, needs a family. It started off small and got big. It is an alternative for people in need. Whether that need is love or if it is something more concert.

He stops again, leaning forward on his desk.

Jackson Magnum: This is a place where everyone is welcome, where family is the most important thing.

She frowns slightly and looks down at her ring, tapping her finger against it.

Gabi: What’s in it for you..? Why the adoration? The obedience? I don’t see love here Jackson, I see worship, those aren’t the same thing.

She looks up and meets his eyes, her own narrowing slightly as she keeps his gaze for a second.

Gabi: And you know they’re not the same, you’re smarter than that, I thought J-R was, but maybe I was wrong, maybe you’ve got them all so tied up in this message that it’s like they don’t think for themselves anymore… is that the point for you? To be heralded as a savior?

Jackson shakes his head no. Taking another swig of his water he cocks his head to the sign before signing to her.

Jackson Magnum: I understand what you are telling me. I understand your concern. In the grand scheme we are here for acceptance. Your husband is not under me. He is not obedient, he follows my rules. Anyone that wants to leave can walk out at any time. I do not keep them here. They chose this path, and you might see it as obedience but most of the people here were orphans.

He stops shaking his head no.

Jackson Magnum: They want to be here, to know someone cares. I am not a dictator, most of them stay and follow me because this is a family, and that is what I get as well. You have been here minutes. I find your judgement fast, you have not seen someone need someone else yet. You have not seen the way we come together in times of need. I grew up apart from my brothers, from my father, and with a mother that hated me. Yes, we are different, but it is love that binds us. If you do not think so, you may leave. I do not ask for obedience. I ask for the same kindness that I give you.

Jackson stands up, walking over to the other side of the desk.

Jackson Magnum: The same love that you see in the older man (paul) and your husband, comes from use relying on each other. You are…. my sister, and I will treat you as such if that is okay?

She nods slightly and inhales, holding the bridge of her nose for a moment before she looks back to him.

Gabi:I know what it’s like to need, to not have a place. To feel alone. I know what it’s like to seek out love and I know how dangerous a prospect that can be for anyone who is vulnerable or… young or alone.

She nods her head slightly as she drops her hands back to her lap.

Gabi: And you’re right, I haven’t been here long, we don’t really know one another. That will come with time, I guess and perseverance. Anywhere my husband goes, I will go, he matters more than anything on this earth to me. But I am never going to be quiet, I speak my mind, I offer brevity and insight…

She keeps her eyes on him and her tone is soft, explanatory.

Gabi: I will never be the type who agrees blindly, but I think perhaps a little brevity in your sainthood is what you need. I want to believe in the greater love of it all, but for now that he believes is enough for me. So long as, obviously, that’s enough for you.

Jackson nods, then motions tentatively.

Jackson Magnum: Be you, and do not fear, you are family, and we take care of family here. I am here to help if you need anything. Thank you for visiting.

He walks back over his chair. He takes his seat and leans back closing his eyes. Gabi stands slowly and walks towards the door, she finds herself pausing to look back at him for a moment before exiting, she walks back out into the hallway and looks over at J-R who was still sitting where he was when she went in.

Gabi: Did you sit here and wait that whole time, babe?

He shrugs his shoulders, a smile appearing on his face.

J-R: Hey, this is our honeymoon, I am will to wait on you, but what did you think?

He asks cautiously, as he reaches up grabbing her hand. She shrugs slightly but puts on a smile, her hand squeezing his.

Gabi: I think we understand each other, he… accepted my assertion that I will always be honest and in turn I accept his that this is for love.

Her eyes meet his for a moment and smiles a little wider.

Gabi: I’m not saying I buy into all of this just yet, but… I feel less anxious about it, for now.

J-R stands up, looking into her eyes, he looks around.

J-R: Soooooo, I took off school, you want to do anything? Go anywhere, because we can come here anytime, and Paul is happy enough for the moment not to yell at me about skipping school.

She smiles and shrugs.

Gabi: Take me anywhere you want to go.

J-R thinks for a moment, then holds his index finger in the air. He lets go of her hand, turning around he opens up the door to the Sanskrit’s office. It only takes a moment for him to return.

J-R: How does Paris sound?

He asks with a shrug of his own. She looks to the door and then back at him with a half frown.

Gabi: What was that!?

J-R walks over to her.

J-R: I simply asked if we could borrow the private plane. Nothing more, nothing less, oh and I thanked him when he said yes. That is all, would you like to go?

He places his hands on her hips, pouting a little as he gives her his sad eyes. She immediately softens and leans in to wrap her arms around his waist with a sigh.

Gabi: When you look at me like that, I’ll go anywhere with you.

J-R leans down kissing her on the forehead.

J-R: Good,because Paris seems like fun.

He says excited by the prospect of a get away with her.


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