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[color=#0066FF][b]SUBVERSION[/b][/color] [color=#fff]E33[/color]; CenturyLink Center | 2.11.2018
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Location: Omaha, Nebraska
Venue: CenturyLink Center
Network: TNT

The official theme song for SubVersion, "Warrior Inside" by Leader opens the show, ending with the official SubVersion logo

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The show opens with the Knoxotron coming to life and Jensen Banks appearing on the screen. He is sitting behind his desk in the office, his right arm in a sling as he smiles.

JENSEN BANKS: Before the show begins, I’d like to clear one thing up. Demarcus Gresham is no longer part of Hard Knox Wrestling. Divine Supremacy was his last night as he let his contract expire just a few days after.

The audience goes quiet as Jensen clears his throat.

JENSEN BANKS: Which means that the Lionheart championship does not have a champion. So tonight, you will see two first round matches of the Heart of a Lion tournament. The winner of that tournament...will be your NEW HKW Lionheart champion!

The audience pops as Banks smiles.

JENSEN BANKS: With this new era of an new Lionheart Champion upon us the entire aspect of the division is getting a face lift. You no longer have to have a fighting background of any sorts just to be part of the division. All you have to have is heart and determination. You show how much heart and willing to fighting...You may just one day find yourself becoming the Lionheart Champion. With that said, Lionheart Rules have changed. For now on under Lionheart Rules there will be no rope breaks and no count outs. The winner who shows the most heart and desire to win...Wins.

Another pop.

JENSEN BANKS: Enjoy the show, folks.

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A video begins playing to show Ashley Sullivan sitting in a chair. The room around her looks to be normal in every respect. Judging from her surroundings along with the occasional clinking of steel dog tags, it appears to be at her home in New Jersey. The one thing that stands out about the former Hybrid Champion herself is the tightness of her jeans at her right knee, a sign that she is taking extra precautions in making sure it heals properly in the aftermath of Divine Supremacy.

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: When it rains, it pours. That’s how the saying goes. And there’s been bombshells on both the professional and personal fronts these last few weeks. From losing the Hybrid title to Angelo being arrested and banned from HKW for years, it’s just been one thing after another.

Ashley looks off camera for a second, a slight smile coming across her lips before refocusing on the camera in front of her.

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: And just like every kind of storm, there is always a break in the clouds and the sun shines on through again. And just like Angelo is working on making things right for what happened after Divine Supremacy, I’m going to fix the mistake I made AT the show. The way he’s been going about things lately, it’s proof that you can go about redeeming yourself in the eyes of the fans if you go about it right. I need to do the same thing for everyone that believed in me and what I wanted to do with a reign as Hybrid Champion. I want my title back, and I’m going to get it back.

Adjusting her position, Ashley sits up to look directly at the camera before she continues.

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: Revive, April 15th. Fitting date. When people all over the country are doing their last minute paperwork to pay the taxman, you’re going to be paying a bit of a tax yourself when I take the last few months of crap from you and take it out of your ass. The price tag is going to be when I take back the Hyrbid title from your grabbing clawing hands, screaming because the one thing you’ve fought and schemed for is finally taken away from you. This has to end. This NEEDS to end. At Divine Supremacy, I made a mistake and everyone that ever held the Hybrid Championship is having their names getting dragged down by the fact that you now have their former title. Hunter Werth, Jinzai, Sophie El, Kenshin Takamura.

Ashley pauses for a moment, she looks to be cringing at even mentioning the name she is thinking.

ASHLEY SULLIVAN: Jackson Magnum. Even Lady Magdalena. And now you. One of these is not like the others. This is almost as bad as John Blade being able to call himself a former Bloodlust Champion. This difference between you and him is that I don’t think he even realized he actually won a title. You did of course. Just had to shout it from a social media mountaintop as soon as you could. I’m still in a position to fix the mistake that I made though and take back the title I see only being dragged down by your egomaniac ass. I can’t fail. I WON’T fail.

The video slowly fades to black with Ashley sitting back in her chair, looking as serious as fans have seen her in a long time.

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The show fades in backstage. A pounding can be heard as the crowd sees HKW’s newly crowned Bloodlust Champion, Celeste, dressed in her ring gear and banging her fist against a closed door. As the camera gets closer, the nameplate reads ‘Elijah Carlson'. Celeste speaks as she continues to knock.

CELESTE: Come on Eli, open the door. Our match is coming up soon and we should go over last minute strategies. I know you don't like me and sure, the feeling is mutual, but a tag title shot is on the line. I have to win this Eli! Don't you want some gold around your waist too?!

Celeste yells at the door. She starts pounding on it again. As she does this, Subversion interviewer Gnarls Robinson walks up to her. He cautiously taps Celeste on the shoulder. The fiery teen spins around with a huff.

GNARLS ROBINSON:You got time to say a few words Ce-Ce?

After passing a glare over her shoulder and back at the door, she returns her eyes to Gnarls as she answers.

CELESTE: Of course.

She responds with a smile. Gnarls turns to the camera to begin.

GNARLS ROBINSON: What's goin on ladies and gents?! I'm standing here with Subversion starlette, Celeste and she looks ready for the main event tonight! Tell the people how ready you are!

Celeste grabs Gnarls' hand, pulling the mic over to her.

CELESTE: I am absolutely, totally, fantastically ready for this! I have been working my butt off. Watching tapes, eating healthy, working out…I mean check these abs!

She takes a step back, letting the mic go, and points to her exposed mid-riff. Gnarls nods enthusiastically.

CELESTE: This year is going to be just explosive for me! I may have gotten off to a rocky start, but then I came blazing into the Brand Supremacy Cup and nearly won it! Now THAT is the Celeste you are going to see from here on out. More passion. More power. More experience. More kicks. More high risks! Anyone who has been paying attention recently knows that I love to fly. I am like an angel who has just discovered her wings. Straight from heaven, I'm ready for hell!

Celeste points right at the camera with a grin.

GNARLS ROBINSON: Considering who your opponents are tonight, you better be. Its no secret there is no love lost between you and the Baroness and Bri is also a force to be reckoned with.

CELESTE: I faced Bri in my debut match here in HKW. We both had a lot to prove and that night I won. But we have both grown a lot since then. I look forward to facing her again with all that we've learned being applied in that ring tonight. As for TCB…

Celeste pauses. She looks at the camera and slowly covers her mouth with her hand. Stifling a laugh, she shakes her head, composes herself, then gets more serious as she speaks.

CELESTE: Yeah, you made it to the Elimination Chamber before me…only to be the FIRST ELIMINATION! All your talking. All your jabs and arrogance. Only to get knocked out before the fight really got interesting. So you don't have a leg to stand on TCB. Go ahead, call me out. Mention my loss at YGC. Yap about how I'm nothing to sweat. I KNEW we would meet again one day and this is it. The first round of the lethal lotto tag tournament. So how do you plan to cheat your way out of this one? Or have you also changed since we last met? Did facing all these superstars like Kol and winning change your attitude? Give you the confidence in your own skills enough to not resort to cheating? That remains to be seen. The only thing I'm certain of is that sure, you may have won some big matches, but when it mattered most, at Divine Supremacy, you CHOKED BIG TIME!

GNARLS ROBINSON: Now what about your tag partner Ce-Ce? I mean, it seems he doesn't even like you.

Celeste narrows her eyes at Gnarls. She jerks a thumb back at Eli Carlson's locker room door.

CELESTE: Don't let the closed and locked door and his refusal to respond to my voice fool you. Eli is a cold calculating machine! A wrestling machine. I bet you he is in there meditating over this match. Getting himself ready, with serious preparation, to do what needs to be done to win this thing despite the circumstances because that is who Eli Carlson is! Did you see what he did to Chris Night? I mean I feel bad for Chris and all, but this man is now my tag partner. We have to support each other if we are going to win the lethal lotto and get our shot at the Global tag championships.

She then turns around and shouts at the door.


With a sigh after no response, Celeste turns back around.

GNARLS ROBINSON: Well I did see what he did to Chris. Don't you think that will play into Bri's motivations going into the main event tonight?

CELESTE: Um, I'm sure it will. I mean if something like that happened to me and CJ I know I'd be livid and want to rip his heart out through his throat. But again, I stand behind my tag partner. He will deal with Bri as I'll deal with TCB. And don't you think for a second that Eli's apparent distain for me is a reason we won't walk away victorious tonight. I bet you we will shock the world with how well we work together. And by the end of this tournament, when he and I have a shot at tag gold, Eli will have a newfound respect for me.


Gnarls says unconvincingly while Celeste nods.

CELESTE: I'm tellin you Gnarls you are going to see me rise in the ranks here in HKW this year. I've been here long enough to know how things work in general. Who to talk to and who to avoid. I got eyes on me. I'm aiming to impress and show I not only belong here, but am capable of representing this brand and HKW as a whole as a champion. It's my sophomore year.

Celeste smiles. The smile is soon wiped off her face as she spots her tag partner.

ELI CARLSON: Come on, let's get this over with.

He says nonchalantly as possible while he walks right past Gnarls and Celeste. She looks back at his locker room door and then back at him. With a shake of her head, Celeste dutifully chases after her tag partner who doesn't break his stride.

CELESTE: Hey wait up!

The scene fades out.

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Akeem Burrows vs. Chance Frost vs. Tommy Evans

This was a pretty good way to kick the night off. It was clear that Tommy Evans was the one all the fans in the building was pulling for as none of them wanted to see a Reaper or member of The Black Delegation move on to become the number one contender for the ITV Championship and challenge Ashley Marie Chase for the title. Each man had their time to shine and control the match up as Burrows used his brute strength, Frost used his dirty tactics and Evans just about risked it all in order to survive the match up. After teaming up with Frost just to take Akeem out Evans countered Frost who was trying to hit a finisher on him only to turn the tables on him and lock in the Homicide [Octopus Stretch] forcing Frost to tap out!

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" I see you
I see you looking at me
Looking at me, so I ask”

"Am I A Psycho” by Texh N9ne begins to play over the PA system as the lights in the arena go out A single spotlight at the top of the stage comes on as the song continues and a section of fans begin to boo.

“Am I a psycho?
Am I a psycho?
Yeah I'm a psycho
I guess I'm a psycho"

A figure with a mask on and jacket draped over his shoulders walks out backwards from the back and stands still with their arms held out to the side.

“ You're crazy,
I like you, but you're crazy, my tours paid me
So I used that dough to allure ladies to whom bathe me
Never know that my minds for sure shady
Pure Hades, rev x steady they couldn't endure to save me”

The Figure turns around and removes the mask from his face to reveal himself as JZ Crowns. The crowd begins to boo together as a unit and JZ stands in a solemn pose as the instrumental of his theme plays for a minute and a half. He then drops the jacket and walks down to the ring stopping to stare at a few fans in the front row. As he slides into the ring the lyrics come back in and he stands on the second rope of the nearest corner and stares into the crowd eyes wide.

“ Am I a psycho?
Am I a psycho?
Yeah I'm a psycho
I guess I'm a psycho”

The music fades out and JZ asks for a microphone. After receiving one he raises it up to his mouth and laughs into it.

JZ CROWNS: For those of you who are not familiar with the skin cells coming together on my face. I am the living breathing entity formerly known by the name of JZ.

At the sound of his name, the crowd erupts into boos. Chants of you suck begin and JZ nods his head.

JZ CROWNS: Yes. I am aware that JZ was not a fan favorite. I’m aware that you all never really accepted him. You all looked down on him. Didn’t approve of the way he did things. Made fun of him. Defecated on his attempts of being a hero. And it killed him. It tore him up inside. It hurt him. He cares about your opinion he cared about protecting you. Though the world needed saving. Thought he was the one who as going to save you. But then he faced off against someone else you put before him. Someone else you gave the mantle of hero to. And again he cared so much about your opinion. But then the match happened. He put his body on the line. PERFORMED LIKE HE HAD NEVER PERFORMED BEFORE! And yet you still shunned him. Praised everyone but him and he couldn’t take it so he did what he had to do. He left. He walked away to never be heard from again. But don’t worry I am here now. You all are in need of something but it’s not saving. These labels that we use. Good and evil. Manmade. It doesn’t exist in a realm of straight honesty. And you all need to learn that. Insert. Me. My Name is Cold Crowns. And the difference between me and JZ? I don’t give a [Explicit] about what any of you think.

And with that, Cold Crowns Throws the microphone towards the Timekeepers area hops down from the ropes and spits on the canvas before rolling out of the ring and right up the ramp.

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We shift to the backstage area where Tiffany Jay is standing by

TIFFANY JAY: “Joining me at this time is the ITV Champion Ashley Marie Chase.”

AMC walks into frame wearing a dress and high heels with her title draped over her shoulder.

TIFFANY JAY: “Well Champ just a short time ago we found out that Tommy Evans is the new number one contender to the ITV title and your next challenger.”

AMC smacks the title on her shoulder

AMC: “First off let me be the first to congratulate Tommy on his win. It seems just like yesterday that me and him were beating the hell out of the resistance and arguing about that hot girlfriend of his. Now today we become opponents for MY ITV title.”

AMC adjusts the title on her shoulder

AMC: “Its funny how things go round isn't it. However Tommy may be the contender but i have no intentions of letting my baby here go anytime soon”

Pats the title

TIFFANY JAY: “When you were going after Lyza for the title you took a by any means attitude. Is that the same way you will be going at Tommy now?”

AMC laughs

AMC: “Tiffany i will be the first to admit I was wrong with the way i initially went after Lyza and it did me no good at all. When i decided to be myself and not some KR knock off i won this belt. So to answer your question I will be simply AMC and go out there and do what i do best and that is wow the crowd and kick butt. This title is not going anywhere but not because i plan on hiding or cheating, The belt is staying with me because i refuse to lose it. Lyza set the stage of how this belt should be defended and I plan on continuing what she started.”

TIFFANY JAY: “What challenges do you think Tommy brings to the table? Do you consider him a threat to the title you hold?”

AMC smirks as she shakes her head

AMC: “I see what you're doing Tiffany. You are not going to get me to say what you want. However i will say if you saw Tommy’s match tonight you know what he brings to the table. Do i think he is a threat? Sweetie everybody in this business is a threat or they would not be here in HKW. Anybody who says their opponent is not a threat is a idiot or a liar! Now Tommy may be a threat but i will neutralize that threat and continue on as YOUR ITV CHAMPION!!!”

AMC holds the title on the air

AMC: “The Champ Is Here and Tommy you want my title then come and try to take it. Just be prepared because you will have to damn near kill me to take this title from me after all i went through to win it!”

AMC walks off

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The scene fades back into the arena where Clara Martins is set to announce the next match of the night.

CLARA MARTINS: The following match is a singles match set for one fall! Introducing first.

“Rock Box” by Run DMC just the instrumental begins to play and the crowd let's off an assortment of cheers and jeers, but not for long as Chanson Webster’s voice interrupts through the microphone.

CHANSON WEBSTER: Don't even play the music… cos I was listening and when that glorious of a theme hit how many of you were cheering? How many of you actually cared that The Skateboard Thrilla was back in a HKW ring Tonight?

Shaking his head The Wallzster couldn't do anything but stare out into the crowd. Scanning with his eyes feeling somewhat in his feelings. With his skateboard to the side of him he drops it to the ground, steps on it and begins skating his way to the ring.

CHANSON WEBSTER: And you know that… that… that's wrong. Especially when I tried to change who I am for you all. Ha, and this is the ovation I get… and they say that the ones who buy the tickets, who watch weekly, who people like me try and honor…(shrugs) really don't matter.

There is jeer inside the CenturyLink Center as Chanson Webster steps his way up the steel steps and into the ring.

CHANSON WEBSTER: But do you think I think that? No I don't. Cos I actually think you all are a big reason why wrestling is still going today. Why? Cos you tune in and watch these sewer trash products. These Twitter celebrity superstars of a wrestler. You purchase their merchandise that was prolly made by five year old Chinese kids. You..(points to people in the crowd) yes you all are the people who keep this train choo-chooing and you're slowly running it into the ground.

Faces look around with confused looks not knowing how to react.

CHANSON WEBSTER: Think about. I want you to think about your top three favorite wrestlers in HKW, better yet anywhere and I want you to think long and hard on this… K, three minutes… anddd go.

The Center goes silent. Only thing being heard is chatter between people in the crowd. Wally didn't give them three minutes to think of their favorites though because…

CHANSON WEBSTER: Stop it, you don't need three minutes to think of three half jass wrestlers that’ll easily get chewed and maneuvered out fudging wit me… I should be in your top three (holds up three fingers) three times. I’m Entertaining, Trendworthy, and ICONIC already and I’m sick of people like you all not noticing me. Sick of my peers acting like I’m not the inventor of swave in wrestling. I’ve birthed zamn near a whole new class of fudging trendwits...and...and

He pauses momentarily.

CHANSON WEBSTER: This year it's really the year of theee trendddd bay-be and thats on my soul. But(a finger comes up) I do know there are some WallyHeadz out here tonight who can appreciate the finer things in wrestling… and for that I show them my gratitude… but fudge all of this I'm ready to kick some jass tonight. Get that boy Ambrose out here.

Chanson throws the mic along with his vest he was wearing into the crowd.

CLARA MARTINS: And his opponent. From Seattle, Washington, weighting in at 221 Pounds, representing The Resistance, Tristan Ambrose!

The riff from Terror Metal's "Dead and Gone" blare out through the speakers of the INSERT ARENA as the lights go out. Scenes of plaque doctors and men in gas masks flash across the screen. Riots and anarchy soon follow as white spotlights are the only other source of light as the go through the crowd. Soon the spot light catches someone in the crowd, a figure in a gas mask walking before the spotlight cuts to another figure also making his way thru the crowd, this one wearing a plaque doctor mask.

As the Spotlights alternate between the two men, each getting closer to the ringside area each time they are showed, Looking at the crowd others are seen with gas masks, seemingly following the men's movements, Tristan hops over the rail, walking around the ringside area, as the man that also came through the crowd hops over, they both stop and stare at each of the men in masks, before slowly turning to the ring.

He begins to enter the ring, standing firmly inside before putting his head down as he removes the hood and mask at the same time. Tossing the mask and the jacket into the corner, The other man in the gas mask somberly exits the ring, looking at Tristan as his music fades out.



Chanson Webster vs. Tristan Ambrose


The bell rings as Chanson and Tristan get underways of this first round match.

WILLIAM BURKE: Remember the new rules of the Lionheart folks. No rope breaks or count outs. This will truly add some interesting moments to HKW with rules like that.

EL CARBON MALO: Subversion gonna show how the best brand does titles. And we got these two kicking it off!

Tristan and Chanson circle each other as the crowd is firmly behind the Trend God as he gets the crowd pumping. Tristan yells at the crowd to shut up and let him wrestle in peace. The crowd boos as Chanson grabs Tristan by the shoulder and spins him around and cold cocks him. Tristan backs up into the ropes as Chanson grabs him and whips him into the opposite ropes. Tristan comes into the rebound as Chanson leap frogs over him. Tristan bounces off the ropes again as Chanson hits a back leaping elbow that knocks Tristan down. Chanson fires the crowd up more as Tristan rolls out of the ring onto the apron.

WILLIAM BURKE: Chanson with some serious offense in the early goings of this match. He wants that Lionheart title as much as anyone.

EL CARBON MALO: He wants that champions check. That’s the best part. He wants them greenbacks.

Chanson grabs Tristan and pulls him back to his feet on the apron and starts laying clubbing forearms to the chest. The ref has no choice but let them go as there are no ring breaks. Chanson lays one final forearm as Tristan falls forward out of the ring. Chanson climbs out of the ring onto the apron and waits for Tristan to get back up. As Tristan gets to a vertical base, Chanson threw himself off the apron for a crossbody, but Tristan caught him! Tristan falls back and throws Chanson back first into the barricade for a fallaway slam.

WILLIAM BURKE: That was a serious momentum changer there. Tristan now in firm control. And with no count outs, things can get seriously dangerous now.

EL CARBON MALO: Time for the men to be seperate from the boys!

Tristan pills Chanson back up and hits a European uppercut and knocks Chanson back into the corner barricade. Tristan grabs him and lifts him up, dropping him face first across the top of the barricade. Tristan rolls Chanson back into the ring, knowing he can’t win outside the ring even if there’s no count out. He hooks the leg and goes for a pin.




WILLIAM BURKE: Chanson keeps his hopes alive. He has to get back into things.

Chanson starts pushing himself up as Tristan measures him up and hits a roundhouse kick to the side of the head. Chanson falls to the mat as Tristan backs up a few steps, taking a short hop into the air, driving his knee into Chanson’s back. Chanson holds the small of his back as Tristan pulls him up and pulls him into a powerbomb, throwing him back first into the turnbuckle. He bounces off gets hit with a T-Bone suplex! Tristan hits the suplex and hooks Chanson’s leg again.




Tristan looks at the ref and says it was three but the ref says it was two. Tristan shakes his head as he goes and grabs Chanson and pulls him up. Chanson suddenly blocks Tristan and starts hitting him with rights. The crowd cheers each punch as Chanson whips Tristan into the ropes. Chanson runs at him and ducks under a clothesline attempt from Tristan. Chanson springboards off the ropes and hits Tristan with a moonsault inverted DDT! Both men are laid out as the ref starts to count to 10.







WILLIAM BURKE: Could we see a double count out? That would be interesting to see how that affects the brackets!


WILLIAM BURKE: Do you have to shout?

EL CARBON MALO: In the words of Samuel L Jackson. YES MUTHER FU-


The ref is up to 8 as the two men are back on their feet. Chanson grins at Tristan and motions for him to bring it. Tristan runs at him, but Chanson ducks and makes Tristan run chest first into the turnbuckles. Chanson hits spinning heel kick that then lays Tristan out in the middle of the ring. Taking advantage, Chanson hits the ropes for another springboard and moonsaults off for the Wallbreaker!

WILLIAM BURKE: Wallbreaker from Chanson! This is his big chance!

EL CARBON MALO: Greeeeeenbacks

Chanson gets into the corner and yells at Tristan to stand up. He drops to one knee and bounces on his heels a bit. Tristan is slow to get up but does as he is on a wobbly base. Chanson charges at Tristan and spears him hard for the Bedazzle You! Tristan is snap folded in half as Chanson hooks the leg and goes for the pin.






Rock Box plays as Chanson is to his feet as the fans cheer. His arm is raised high as he celebrates in the ring.

WILLIAM BURKE: Chanson Webster with a victory here in the first round of the Heart of a Lion tournament. Chanson set the tone early and now folks have to match this match.

Chanson rolls out of the ring and holds his arm up some more as he heads to the back.

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Sean Sands is seen backstage, looking through his phone as he leans back against the wall. Someone clearing their throat out of the shot gets him to look up from his phone and smile at the sight in front of him. The camera then pans over to show the new HKW Global champion, Levi Chambers, dressed in street clothes and a big smile on his face! The audience pops as the two men shake hands.

SEAN SANDS: Well, look who it is! Feeling a little heavier there, buddy?

Levi looks over at the title and begins grinning again.

LEVI CHAMBERS: Yeah, put on some weight while I was in the UK. Had to get my ass beat for about an hour, but I’d say it was worth it.

The two men chuckle as Sean responds.

SEAN SANDS: So, how does it feel? You’ve finally captured what you’ve been looking to capture for what, over a year?

LEVI CHAMBERS: It feels phenomenal. It barely hit me when it happened but now, everything’s changing. I’m the guy on this brand now...and I know that I’ve also likely got the biggest target on my back after what happened at the chamber.

Sands smiles.

SEAN SANDS: Good. Since I knew we would both here tonight, I decided to bring a little surprise for you.

The Ohioan then motions outside of the shot before Levi’s father walks into the shot, getting a big grin out of the Canadian, who hugs his father.

LEVI CHAMBERS: Dad! What the hell are you doing out here?

MR. CHAMBERS: Well, Sean invited me. Said I should see my son’s first show as a top champion in person.

Chambers continues to grin before an idea finally pops into his head as he turns to Sands.

LEVI CHAMBERS: Sean, is it possible I can have some time after the main event tonight to have a championship celebration?

He shrugs his shoulders.

SEAN SANDS: That is doable.

Levi then turns to his dad.

LEVI CHAMBERS: And you’ll join me in the ring, right?

His dad nods, getting a smile out of Levi before the two walk out of the shot, Chambers telling him his plans for the celebration while a chuckling Sands goes back to his phone.

Posted Image

In the locker room of the S.O.S, we see Paul Harris pacing back and forth in front of James Magnum JR, who is still in his wrestling gear. J-R has his head in his hands, disappointed over the loss earlier in the night. Knowing he had let not only himself, but Paul down.

PAUL HARRIS: How do you lose that match? To her of all people, not only did you fail to win, but you lost out on a golden opportunity to be a champion here. How many times do you believe you will actually get to tag with someone as talented as the Hybrid Champion. To be given a chance to coast to a tag team title opportunity. All you had to do is hold up your end of the bargain.

Paul is getting louder as his rant continues, getting red in the face.

J-R: I know.

The teenager said his head still focused on the ground, not even being able to look up at his managers.

PAUL HARRIS: You realise that you didn’t just leave me down, you left yourself down, hell this whole group full of people that believes in you. YOU FAILED THEM J-R, and now what opportunities do you think you will get? This might have been your only shot, and you of all people let us down.

CELESTE: Don't you think he is under enough pressure as it is Paully?

The camera pans back to show Celeste leaning against the doorframe with her arms crossed. She happened to be passing by and could hear the yelling all the way down the hall.

CELESTE: It's tough enough for stars like Jay and I to get a foothold in a company like HKW without having to listen to someone bitch and berate us at every little mistake.

Paul turns towards Celeste slowly, staring her down for a moment. He cross his own arms over his chest almost mocking her.

PAUL HARRIS: Who are you to question anything I do? In fact, didn’t I tell you to stay away from us. We do not need the stench of failure around here. Unlike you, we do not accept failure, we do not accept coming up short, I know that is the story of your life, and you have had to settle for a mediocre career, but I won’t accept that from people I am backing.

Paul looks over at J-R again, who lifted his head for a brief moment when Celeste had spoken, but put it down as soon as Paul responded.

CELESTE: You say career as if I've been wrestling for half my life. News flash, it is only my second professional year...three if you count training. To expect major success immediately is a fool's errand. Jay is fresh out of high school and recently married to boot. Better go easier on the kid unless you want him to crack and just walk out on you.

J-R stands up shaking his head at both of them, he walks directly past Paul and towards Celeste. He pats her on the shoulder.

J-R: Thank you for that.

Paul mumbles to himself quickly then lifts his voice.

PAUL HARRIS: Where do you think you’re going?

J-R turns back to Paul before shrugging at his manager.

J-R: I am going to go talk to my wife, you two can continue whatever this is if you want.

With that J-R exits the room leaving Celeste with Paul, who is now a bright shade of purple. He walks over to Celeste, clenching his fist hard.

PAUL HARRIS: I suggest you stay out of our business, before you end up on the wrong side of me. Which is the last place you want to be.

CELESTE: And miss the light show as your face turns all shades of embarrassment? Never.

Celeste smirks at him before turning around and walking down the hallway in the direction she was going. The scene fades on Paul's angry expression.

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CLARA MARTINS: The following Contest is a Lethal Lottery tag team match.

I told ya, baby
I told ya

The arena darkens as “Rockstar 101” by Rihanna begins to play before the camera takes us behind a woman with purple hair. She steps out onto the stage, raising her hand and making a fist as the camera looks over her shoulder. She tosses her sunglasses on her head out to the crowd as she heads towards the ring.

Rocking these diamonds
I'm rocking this chain
Make sure you get a picture
I'm rocking my fame

CLARA MARTINS: Introducing first, From Atlanta, Georgia, she is the Princess of House Reed… BIANCA REED!

Bianca climbs up onto the apron, drops into a split before sliding under the bottom rope to the inside. She brings her legs together and hops to her feet, already making eye contact with her opponent and running them down verbally while her music fades waiting for her tag team partner.

CLARA MARTINS: And her tag team partner…..

Bri's theme hits the speakers and she walks out onto the stage. She pauses and stares out over the crowd with a smile expression before posing for a moment with her hand on her hip, winking to the camera and walking down the ramp.

CLARA MARTINS: From Kimberly, South Africa, but representing Rochester, New York; Bri Davenport

She again pauses at the steel steps to survey the crowds before she climbs the steps and slips through the ropes, bouncing off to one side, rolling her shoulder back to warm up standing beside Bianca and waiting on her opponents.

CLARA MARTINS: And their opponents.

A Blacklight shines down like a beacon onto the stage, as the crowd goes silent the sound of “Nobodies” by Marilyn Manson starts to play over the speakers as the letters S.O.S flash across the Knox Tron. James Magnum Jr. walks onto the stage the white of his facepaint glows in the blacklight. Cocking his head to the side he stares at the ring with an hollow gaze.

CLARA MARTINS: From London, England weighing in at 215lbs, he is James Magnum Junior

He saunters towards the ring ignoring the crowd, his focus staying on the ring. Reaching the ring he turns walking over to the steps, he begins to climb them slowly, his focus never wavering. He reaches the ring post and spins around it, and steps between the ropes into the ring. Cocking his head to the side he looks out at the crowd, then backs his way into the corner, staring at Bianca and Bri.

CLARA MARTINS: And his tag team partner.

"Paint it Black" by The Rolling Stones hit and the fans immediately show mixed reactions to none other than the Southside Slugger herself, Ashley Maldano. Half of the fans are booing her like no other, while some others in the crowd cheer for her but are overpowered by the heat. Teasing the crowd a bit, she waits a few moments before the guitar hits as Ashley comes skipping and jumping out from the back, her custom made Docs slamming against the floor.

CLARA MARTINS: And from Chicago, IL….she is the HKW Hybrid Champion….ASSSHLEEEYYYY

Ashley smirks as she walks slowly around the fans, nodding her head as they boo and jeer, not long before getting in their faces taunting those who threaten and jeer at her. To the ones that cheer, she slaps their shoulders, but falls back into taunting those who boo. After minutes of this she slides herself in the ring, jumping up and down prepping herself for her opponent, usually giving the ref a hard time in the ring by shouting at him and laughing.

The competitors look each other over talking in their individual corners, deciding who is going to start the match. Ashley steps out of the ring and onto the apron, while Bianca steps to the outside for her team. The referee motions for the bell.



Bianca Reed & Bri Night vs. Ashley Maldano © & James Magnum Jr.


The match begins with Magnum and Night in the ring, engaged in a stare down from across the ring. Magnum makes his way towards Night, but immediately turns around tagging Maldano in to a chorus of boos.

WILLIAM BURKE: J-R wants no part of Bri here.

EL CARBRON MALO: To be fair, he might not want to fight a new family member.

The Hybrid Champion steps into the ring giving Magnum a quick glare before turning her attention to Night. The two lock up in a collar and elbow tie up, Night drops down taking Ashley over with an armdrag into an armbar. Wrenching on the hold for a moment, she keeps it on as Maldano makes her way onto one knee. Maldano strikes Night with a hard right to the midsection. Night manages to hold on, but this allows Maldano to make her way back to a vertical base, and throws a vicious forearm shot to the jaw of Night which not only causes Night to release the hold, but fall to one knee.

WILLIAM BURKE: A violent shot from Maldano that dropped Bri to one knee.

EL CARBRON MALO: Never did I think that violent would be an understatement, but after that brutal shot. It probably was.

Maldano waits on Night to get to her feet, when Night reaches her feet Maldano connects with a roundhouse kick that sends Night twisting to the ground, before rolling onto her back. The Hybrid champion places her foot on Night’s throat, only for Magnum to shout of the he wants the tag. Maldano steps off her opponent’s throat, she walks over to her corner tagging in Magnum who rushes into the ring. With Night still on her back Magnum begins to stomp a mudhole in Night while she is down.

WILLIAM BURKE: Suddenly, James is okay with fighting his sister-in-law.

EL CARBRON MALO: Maybe, he just realised at some point it way bound to happen.

Reaching down Magnum grabs Night by the arm and Irish whips her into his and Maldano’s corner. He follows Night in but Bri lifts her foot connecting with his jaw. Magnum takes a step back, but when Night charges out, the hybrid champion grabs her by the hair pulling Night back. Night turns and nails Maldano with a stiff elbow that knocks the champion off the apron. However, this gives Magnum time to recover, when Night turns around Magnum catches her with a clothesline that knocks her to the ground. Magnum then quickly tags Maldano who is just getting back onto the apron. Maldano gives Magnum a sideways look to her partner before climbing up the turnbuckle, to the top waiting on Night.

WIILIAM BURKE: Is it just me or is James Jr. acting like a complete coward in this match?

EL CARBRON MALO: It’s just you, but either way call that match.

Night gets to feet, as she turns she sees the Hybrid Champion leap off, allowing Night to moves to the side and avoid the contact of Maldano’s missile dropkick. Causing the champion to hit the ground hard. Night leans against the ropes, watching the Hybrid champion get to her feet. When Maldano makes it to her feet, she is met with a high dropkick to the jaw that sends her onto the canvas.

WILLIAM BURKE: Ashley went for a high risk maneuver there, and she crashed and burned.

EL CARBRON MALO: Can Night make the tag here though. She desperately needs to at this point. Bianca has yet to enter this match.

Maldano is able to make the tag to Magnum. Who rushes over and grabs Night’s leg. Night makes her way up to on foot hopping on it. Magnum reaches over slapping Night in the face only for Night to return fire with an enziguri to the back of his head, dropping him face first to the canvas.

WILLIAM BURKE: Now is the time for Bri to make a tag.

EL CARBRON MALO: Stop your cheerleading(insert name)!

WILLIAM BURKE: I am not cheerleading I am stating the obvious.

Night crawls to her corner, as Magnum slowly begins to push himself up off the canvas and to his feet. Night makes the tag, as Reed jumps over the top rope and rushes Magnum, who staggers directly into a running superkick to the jaw and sending back first onto the ground. Reed waste no time racing across the ring and rebounding
off the ropes and connecting with a rolling senton splash. Then immediatly springing to her feet, and springboarding off the middle rope and connecting with a legdrop across the neck of J-R.

WILLIAM BURKE: Bianca is on fire right now, laying it in on James Magnum Jr. here.

Bianca floats over going for the cover.




Magnum manages to roll his shoulder off the mat even after the onslaught by Reed. Reed stands back up watching while Magnum slowly begins to rise up to his feet. Bianca once more springboards off the ropes this time connecting with a side kick to the jaw of James Magnum Jr. who falls to the floor in a heap. She drops down for another cover.

WILLIAM BURKE: That kick connected flush with J-R’s jaw.




Ashley Maldano comes into the ring pulling Bianca off the pin cover. Bri Night comes into the ring and levels Ashley with a high knee to the face which forces the Hybrid champion to roll out of the ring onto her feet using the apron to hold her up. Night runs over sliding under the bottom rope driving both feet into the Hybrid champion’s face, causing her to take a spill on the outside. Reed looks over at Night exchanging a nod, Reed see Maldano getting up to her feet. She takes off hitting the far ropes, as she jumps through the middle of the ropes Night slaps her on the shoulder for a tag, before Bianca connects with a suicide dive on Maldano, leaving both of them laying on the outside.

EL CARBRON MALO Bri got the tag there, what a move by the two.

WILLIAM BURKE: That was the first example of truly great teamwork there.

Night steps into the ring as Magnum starts to slowly get to his feet. Magnum stumbles slightly as he turns into a jumping complete shot, which drives him face first into the mat. Night rolls him and hooks the leg.

WILLIAM BURKE: Complete shot from Bri to Magnum.

EL CARBRON MALO: Beautifully executed.





CLARA MARTINS: The Winners of this match via pinfall: Bri Night and Bianca Reed

Reed gets back in the ring, as the referee raises Night’s arm in the air. The two women glance at each.

WILLIAM BURKE: Well, this is going to make it awkward at the Magnum and Night households, but we might have discovered a really good team here with Night and Reed.

EL CARBRON MALO: They were impressive, but it also seemed that J-R and Ashley were not a finely oiled machine. So pardon me if I do not think Bianca and Bri are the favorites. at least not yet.

On the outside, Ashley Maldano reaches her feet, shaking her head at J-R who is laid out in the ring. She yells at a ringside attendance to go get her the hybrid championship, before we take one last look in the ring at Night and Reed celebrating there win.

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The sound of some European rock band echoes through the hallways as Subversion interviewer Tiffany Jay is spotted making her way towards a locker room door. The music gets louder as Tiffany and the crew continue to inch closer, forcing Tiffany to pound on the door to make sure the people inside are able to hear. Suddenly, the music goes off and all you can hear is:





CYCKI NOWAK: Is not shit. To najlepsza muzyka na świecie.

Tiffany Jay can’t help but crack a smirk as she listens in to the conversation, moving a few steps back once she hears someone walking toward the door. She gets in position and the door flies open to reveal a potentially drunk Jozef Nowak with his hair slicked all the way back, a scowl on his face despite the scar from ear to ear revealing a grin.

CYCKI NOWAK: You are stripper we order? Why you have microphone?

The Global Tag Team champion turns to the left and sees the camera crew.

CYCKI NOWAK: Oh shite, i kamery? Listen, I have respect for you people in the Porno, but thees is not what we ask for. We want stripper for friend birthday after show, not make sextape. You can walk down hall and find any guy in locker room who is despereet enough to sleep with someone who sweats STD -- this is more power to you.

Nowak begins to slowly close the door.

CYCKI NOWAK: Come back when you have stripper, dzięki.

Just before Nowak can close the door, Tiffany pops her foot inside the locker room making Nowak stop before he crushes her leg in between the door and the frame.

TIFFANY JAY: Are you kidding me?! I’ve interviewed you before! I’m Tiffany Jay! The best interviewer the wrestling world has ever seen.

Confused, Nowak pulls open the door and holds it open. He waves Tiffany in and turns his attention to Volkov, pointing at Tiffany as he speaks up.

CYCKI NOWAK: She work here?

Viktor gets up, intrigued as he cocks an eyebrow. He moves towards her, stroking his chin for a moment.

VIKTOR VOLKOV: Wait one second...

He takes her by the shoulder, spinning her around to take a look at the back of her head before he begins to nod profusely.

VIKTOR VOLKOV: Yes, yes, I am recognise her from the Porn Hubs. Yes she is work here.

Tiffany spins back around and goes to open her mouth in protest, but The Last Tsar speaks over her.

VIKTOR VOLKOV: What you want glubokaya koroleva?

TIFFANY JAY: Well I...I don’t know what that means but I just wanted to grab a quick interview with you guys if I could? Just to get your thoughts on your championship win and what it means for the division?

Nowak laughs out loud as he goes to sit back down in his seat, throwing his legs up on the table.


A cheer goes up from the rest of the International Reaper contingent in the locker room as Tiffany shakes her head and looks to Volkov now instead.

VIKTOR VOLKOV: Why you are looking to me? You heard the man. F**k the division. We say we kill the Mario and look what happen...you see this video games around here?

He mockingly looks left and right.

VIKTOR VOLKOV: Now they are gone. We make this happen. So maybe Wisia disappear, Joey no longer GM, maybe Lance lose the title long time ago now and people are say...the Reapers are gone forever. Let me tell you something. The Reaper never dies. You can beat us down but we will stay quiet and we will regroup, and then we will destroy everything you love.


VIKTOR VOLKOV: The Reapers have gold once more...normal f**ken’ order is restore in the HKW.

Nowak smirks as he walks toward the locker room door and pulls it open.

CYCKI NOWAK: And this is only beginning. Now you see why Reapers are first and only group to become Hall of Fame.

Pulling the door open, Nowak points toward to gesture to Tiffany to get out. The spunky Subversion interviewer does so, leaving the new Tag Team Champions to continue watching the show.


Tiffany jumps as something gets slammed off the locker room door, Tiffany gesturing for the camera to follow her as she takes her leave.

Posted Image

In the backstage area, we spot none other than the now former HKW Global champion, Kol. He is staring at a poster that has Levi Chambers’ smiling face on it, the Global championship in his possession. The casually dressed New Yorker’s jaw clenches as he stares at the poster before Tiffany Jay walks into the shot.


Kol sharply turns towards her, the scowl still on his face.

TIFFANY JAY: I know you’re probably not in the best mood here tonight.

KOL: Well, I guess you can state the obvious easily. Congratulations.

Tiffany rolls her eyes.

TIFFANY JAY: Anyway, I was wondering if you had any words about what happened two weeks ago?

The former Global champion blinks twice, but doesn’t respond, the interviewer getting the idea and moving on to another question.

TIFFANY JAY: What about Levi’s championship celebration tonight? What do you think about that?

Kol once again doesn’t respond, getting an annoyed sigh out of Tiffany.

TIFFANY JAY: Will you answer any questions I ask?

KOL: Sure, I’ll answer this one.

He clears his throat before speaking into the microphone.

KOL: I will let you and everyone else just exactly how I feel about things soon. Until then, I do not want to see you anywhere near me. Now leave me be and go ask someone who craves the attention some questions.

Tiffany folds her arms, then sharply turns around and walks off. Kol then goes back to staring at the poster before ripping it down with one hand, rolling it up into a ball, and tossing it aside as we fade out.

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Striding from the back to the tune of "Thrown into the Fire" by Trivium, Jo Nowak makes his presence known. He finishes the tape on his right arm, ripping it off with his teeth. He stands on the stage, giving a large look to the audience. Wiping his finger under his nose and sniffling, Nowak starts his trek down the ramp. The camera pans behind him, focusing on the RIP logo stitched into his jacket. It loosely bounces on his shoulders. The camera pans back around as the focus stays on his rugged features. He stands there for a moment, eyeing the ring with a deep anticipation.

CLARA MARTINS: Representing RIP International: Poland... Standing in six feet and one inches tall...representing half of the HKW Global Tag Team Champions...JO NOWAK

He continues down the ramp until he reaches the edge of the ring apron. He slides underneath it, rolling to his feet. He pauses on one knee, taking a grasp of his jacket. When he stands, he takes it off and proudly displays the RIP logo to the entire crowd, drawing in massive boos. He stands on top of the second rope to elevate the gang’s infamous brand. When he steps back down, he places the jacket neatly on the ground. He growls at a stagehand, telling them to take care of the jacket as they take it away. He turns to shadowbox a little before energizing himself for the match.

WILLIAM BURKE: RIP took down the SMWB at Divine Supremacy to become our Global Tag champions. It was a brutal display of power.

EL CABRON MALO: And tonight our esteem champion is fighting Graham tsh...tsh...what kinda name is that?!

WILLIAM BURKE: I don't know what ethnicity it may be and I don't have my notes on him at the moment…

EL CABRON MALO: You are a disgrace to our former Bloodlust champion…

WILLIAM BURKE: ...but he is in the ring right now and we are about to start!

The annoyance in Burke’s tone is apparent as the bell rings.


Jo Nowak © vs. Graham Tshabalala


Graham takes off from his corner and hits Nowak with a quick dropkick. It staggers the reaper and Graham springs back up to his feet. He gets behind Jo and hits a belly to back suplex. After a couple stomps on the tag champ, Graham begins to pull him back up to his feet. With an Irish whip to the ropes, he sets up for a back body drop, but realizes Nowak is heading at him with an arm outstretched. Graham quickly drops to the mat, allowing Jo to run past him and bounce off the opposite ropes. When he does this, Graham takes him down with a powerslam!

WILLIAM BURKE: And a cover! Graham looking to end this quickly.

EL CABRON MALO: Doesn't make up for the fact he was dumb enough to get into the ring with Nowak in the first place.



WILLIAM BURKE: A solid kick out by the champ!

Nowak pushes Graham off and away from him while getting up. The gristled reaper stares a blank hole into his opponent's heart. Graham mounts another offense. With punches to the ribs he tries to drive Jo into the corner. Nowak steps back a few, but then blasts Graham with a roundhouse right hand when an opening appears. Graham wobbles backwards and Nowak chops at his chest rapidly. Chop after chop to Graham’s chest rocks him further back until he is in the corner.

WILLIAM BURKE: Those machine gun like chops are brutal.

EL CABRON MALO: Graham was a good lad…

Nowak headbutts Graham while. he is stuck in the corner. Then grabs him, turns him around and then slams his head off the turnbuckle pad ten times as the crowd counts along. Nowak takes a step back. A wicked grin is on his face. Graham turns around, still leaning on the turnbuckle pads for support. Jo’s grin then turns to a snarl as he steps forward, throwing a devastating heart punch!

WILLIAM BURKE: Listen to the echo of that hit!

EL CABRON MALO: This reminds me of that scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

Graham crumbles to the mat, holding his chest. Jo takes a moment to enjoy the boos hurled at him from the crowd. He then scoops Graham up and heads to the middle rope. After a mere moment of preparation, Nowak hits the Meet Your Maker! Pile driver off the middle rope. He goes for the pin.




WILLIAM BURKE: How did Graham kick out of that?!

EL CABRON MALO: He has the dumb, amigo.

Nowak is not phased, though the crowd cheers the short setback. Jo drags him back to the ropes and hits an inverted suplex near them which gut wrenches Graham at the same time as his body hits the top rope! The tag champ leaves him hanging there as he climbs up. The crowd buzzes as he gets to the top rope.


Nowak then executes the Super Meet Your Maker!

EL CABRON MALO: Holy sheeeeet, Senor!

Jo rolls Graham’s lifeless body back into the ring and makes the cover. This time there is no kicking out…


WILLIAM BURKE: Well there you have it, a display of domination from one half of our global tag team champions.

The crowd boos as Jo’s theme plays. He raises his title up in the air as the ref holds his other arm up.

EL CABRON MALO: As if there would be any other outcome.

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The scene opens up backstage with The Black Delegation conversing with one another over Xavier Asher Daniels' match later in the evening against Shane Atwater. The camera lingered on the largest member of the group, Akeem Burrows, showing him still wearing a soft brace and bandages over the knee that was damaged by Silk & Cyanide last month. As it looked like the group had come up with a game plan and were ready to go Tiffany Jay slid into frame cautiously, still remembering the last few times that she'd had the "pleasure" of interviewing the group.

TIFFANY JAY: Um, Xavier, following a hard loss to Defiance's Silk & Cyanide at Divine Supremacy and losing out on a chance at the Global Tag Team Titles -

Tiffany Jay missed the group looking at her quizzically, then at each other as she continues speaking.

TIFFANY JAY: - you find yourself landing on your feet as you take on Shane Atwater for the chance to... wait, wh-what are you three doing?

Tiffany had finally taken notice that the three a murmuring among themselves once again. XAD finally answers her question with a hard glare.

XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: Oh, don't mind us Tiffany. We were just trying to figure out who gave you permission to be in our presence once again after you showed your true colors in thinking myself and Brother 'Zay were one and the same.

At the three accusing glares she got, Tiffany blushed in embarrassment at the memory.

TIFFANY JAY: C'mon Xavier, really? I apologized for that months ago -

Tiffany Jay is cut off as all three members of TBD raise a hand to silence her. Daniels very carefully slips the mic from her hands and she's essentially trapped between the three members as Daniels goes to speak.

XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: Now, what were you asking about? My match with Shane "Had a Spark when he started, but now he's just garbage" Atwater, my opponent for the first round of the tournament? You wanted my thoughts on him, right? Like always, I guess My Brothers and I will give you the gift of an interview so you can at least look like you're doing your job correctly.

Daniels brushes himself off and holds up the mic, so that he may speak a little more clearly.

XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: My thoughts on Atwater are as much as we have lambasted the likes of The Super Mario Brothers, The Reapers In Pride and Silk & Cyanide... Shane Atwater is tragic. Tragic in a sense that unlike those others, he's someone that reached the top of the mountain. I watched along with the rest of the world as Shane let himself get carried ever since off the back of whatever alleged "Reputation" he's gained and quickly become a man without a cause. He's been cashed in on, played the fool and made to say I Quit by another man on the world stage and has looked very funny in a light. In a way, that success Shane garnered here? It ruined that man something serious.

Xavier wags a finger at the camera.

XAIVER ASHER DANIELS: But tonight, I'll give Mr. Atwater a little reprieve. He won't have to worry about trying to get back the bite that everybody remembers him having. He won't have to cut those long, passionate little monologues to his opponents or the long, arduous road to winning this Heart of A Lion's Tournament after tonight.

Daniels motions between himself, Isaiah Jones & Akeem Burrows with a smirk.

XAVIER ASHER DANIELS: Because Brother Xavier and The Black Delegation will do that, Shane. So hopefully you won't have to go through that.

Daniels intentionally drops the mic as the trio walk off, leaving Tiffany Jay behind as the screen fades to black.

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THE CRIMSON BARONESS: I can’t believe this…

The former Bloodlust champion fumes as she walks down the corridor of the CenturyLink Center. Dressed in her ring attire ahead of her main event match later tonight, with a scowl on her face and her fists clenched, TCB look towards the cameraman as she continues speaking.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: After what happened at Divine Supremacy, they just...expect me to co-exist with her? To get along with her? To team with HER?!

Her voice rises for a moment as the usually calm and collected Crimson Baroness tries to collect her thoughts. She inhales deeply through the nose, her eyes closed as she tries desperately to calm down, before exhaling through pursed lips as she continues.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: That woman cost me my shot at the HKW Global Championship. And to those of you who’ve never had that chance, let me tell you something - it means something. Divine Supremacy was supposed to be the night that I ascended to my rightful place at the top of HKW…

She says, with an accompanying hand gesture. Her horizontal hand held at head height as a smirk flickers onto TCB’s face, if only for a second.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: ...instead it’ll be forever known as the night The Warhound stole my opportunity. As the night Levi Chambers achieved the unthinkable, the unfathomable, and ushered us into a new era of hellish reality. That’s why this is probably fitting to some of you. That’s why some of you probably laughed when you saw that card. When you saw my name next to hers. But I ask you, sweeties, I ask you: is there really any other team as mismatched in this Lethal Lottery tournament as mine?

Suddenly the camera turns as the sound of a man clearing his throat responds to TCB’s query. A moment later, Elijah Carlson steps into view of the camera.

ELIJAH CARLSON: Let me answer that question for you with a resounding YES! See, I’ve spent the better part of the last three months exposing Chris Night for the fraud that he truly is. He’s a man that thinks he can say whatever he wants to with impunity. Nobody would ever question the hero of the world that is Chris Night, right? Yet every time Subversion would hit the air there I would be desperately trying to prove to all of those idiot fans out there that he was lying to their faces and they were eating it up. Finally, on the second evening of Divine Supremacy, I made my final point. My closing argument. And Chris Night announced to the world that I, Elijah Carlson, had broken his will and made him quit.

There was no pride or swagger in anything that Eli was saying, he simply spoke matter of factly about the truth as he saw it. The Crimson Baroness can be seen smirking as Eli describes the events.

ELIJAH CARLSON: And here I was thinking that the Lethal Lotto was going to be a chance for me to get a few steps closer to climbing to the top of the mountain in a second, world renown company. And then…. Well then I looked at the card for this evening’s show and saw who I was teamed with. TCB, sweetheart, I’m here to tell you that if you think your team is mismatched, all you need to do is look at the last few months of mine in Spirit and Pride Wrestling where my wife and I literally ran circles around MY tag team partner for the night and her idiot boyfriend.

Rolling his eyes Eli huffed with frustration. He had plead his case with the general manager of Subversion, but that had fallen of deaf ears. Of course it had. Jensen had had it out from him from the moment he signed his contract in Eli’s eyes.

ELIJAH CARLSON: See, Celeste didn’t cost me a title shot. She didn’t really cost me anything except for my fame. But for months I’ve had to deal with her piggy backing off of my success. And after my resounding victory over Chris Night, just when I was ready to step forward and move onto something worthy of my time, I’m strapped with this backpack that can’t seem to stop riding my coattails. So yes. There is a team more mismatched than yours and it’s that of your opponent in the main event this evening.

During the last part of Eli’s impassioned speech, the camera drifted ever so slightly to the right to show his aforementioned tag partner standing behind him. Celeste rolled her eyes, then lifted her hand up and mimicked the quacking of a duck until Eli finished. She steps out from behind Eli to speak up, while her eyes darted between TCB and Eli.

CELESTE: You are both so deluded. Oh and thanks for waiting up.

Celeste lightly backhands Eli’s shoulder.

CELESTE: Anyway, egos aside, despite my partner’s whining we are going to win this tournament. Mark my words TCB, I've beaten both you and YOUR partner before. So tonight is going to be more of the same. Last time we faced each other I was new to HKW. I had only been six months out of training. But now I'm a heck of a lot better. I made it until the end of the infamous Tower match, made the quarter finals of the Rookie X Cup, and nearly won the Brand Supremacy Cup! This time though? This time I am going all the way! I will make it to the end of the lethal lotto even if I have to drag Eli kicking and screaming through it! What Eli will fail to tell you is his wife did most of the work anyway in SAP. So just who is saddled with who is up for debate here.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: He’s saddled with you, sweetie.

She states, matter-of-factly. Celeste rolls her eyes again as TCB folds her arms across her chest, stepping closer to Celeste and Eli, staring from side to side as the two tag partners stare at each other.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: At least neither of you two gave your partner a concussion - or might have given her a concussion. Who would really be able to tell with a woman who goes--


Neither Celeste nor Eli respond to the howl, but TCB jerks her head to the side. She swears she heard something, even if the other didn’t. But she’ll be damned if she can tell from which direction it came.

CELESTE: Are you going to finish that sentence?

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: Neither of you heard that?

ELIJAH CARLSON: Heard what? Did Old Man Bond bounce your head off the headboard too many times last night?

TCB looks around, but she can’t see neither hide nor hair of Beth Keaton.


Nope, there’s still nothing as she glances around.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: ...I’ve got to go…

With that, The Crimson Baroness scurries away, leaving Eli and Celeste behind to continue their impromptu staring contest.

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Shane Atwater vs. Xavier Asher Daniels

This match was so good that it could've been the main even of the night. Helluva way to begin this Heart Of A Lion Tournament. For the majority of the match it would seem that Atwater would be the one to win this match as he had complete control in this match. Knowing Xavier's injury history, Shane focused on his legs placing XAD in several submissions as well as striking the knees to break him down. This strategy was working after a while but not until XAD landed a Blood On The Dance Floor [MJ Kick feint, spun into a short Buzzsaw kick] from outta no where! This gave XAD time to recover. He tried to capitalize but again Shane took control! Seeing their fellow bretheran in trouble the other two members of The Black Delegation come out running to the ring. Isaiah Jones gets the attention of the referee while Akeem Burrows slide into the ring and hits Muhammad’s Sacrifice (Rain Maker)! He then goes over and wakes Xavier up. Xavier nods and gets up seeing what has been set up and ready for him. XAD climbd up to the top rope and hit Ebon Starr Press [Imploding Shooting Star Press] for the win!

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The familiar tune of “How Soon Is Now” by Paradise Lost rang out to a hideous reaction from the Subversion faithful, Director Bobby B. Barabbas stepping out from behind the curtain and onto the stage, the Artist Once Known as The Isaac Bongartz taking a vast and dramatic bow as he made his presence known upon the stage. The fans, many of whom detested him for his words and actions against RISE, doubly hated him for his assault of Lady Magdalena during the Elimination Chamber match at Divine Supremacy.

Barabbas twirling his cane, pretending he was playing a violin for a second, the former Silent Symphony clearly revelling in the negative reaction he was receiving. He took a few steps out, dressed in black on black as was his tradition, with the logo of the Underground on the heart of his blazer. By his side came Mora Findlay, his lover and partner, and truly his second in command in all things. The Wicked Witch of Scotland laughed at the reaction they were receiving, the boos and jeers growing ever louder now she was here by his side. There was a hush though, as the Underground’s Head of Security, the monstrous Ramsay Bodach appeared. Bobby’s dog walked obediently by their side. As they reached the ring, Ramsay lifted Mora up onto the apron, while Bobby strolled up the ring steps into the ring, giving an over the top bow like he was the Phantom of the Opera himself, before climbing through the ropes. Ramsay stayed on the outside. Barabbas was handed a microphone, and even the commentator’s remained silent throughout the entrance, clearly disgusted by Barabbas and his recent actions.

BOBBY B. BARABBAS: Ladies, Gentlemen and Members of the Jury...

The boos and jeers were wild and hateful, Bobby revelling in the spite as Mora cried out “Bobby B BAYBAY” to only encourage more hideous jeering.

BOBBY B. BARABBAS: My name is Bobby B. Barabbas, though you all may remember these eyes… the eyes of THE Isaac Bongartz. What is dead may never die, or so the famous show says, and the show must simply go on.

The pair laugh maniacally as Barabbas sang the last line, his face wild and crazed.

BOBBY B. BARABBAS: Now you are more than aware of what I stated last Friday on the premier brand of Hard Knox Wrestling, in regards to Divine Supremacy, who really was the true victor in regards to Brand Supremacy and my actions alongside the new Hard Knox Wrestling Tornado Tag Team Champions, the Daughters of Janus. And yet, while I discussed so, so much on Friday, there was still one matter left unaddressed, one matter in which I did not discuss one matter in which I did not reveal why I did what I did.

The Subversion crowd made it difficult for him to speak, but he continued on, wild and lustful with his words, his rich and decadent Germanic accent ringing out true, powerful and sophisticated.

BOBBY B. BARABBAS: Lady Magdalena.

There was a cheer for Lady’s name, Mora breaking into laughter as the Blue Brand’s fans cheer for one of their own, while even Ramsay grins on the outside.

BOBBY B. BARABBAS: Lady, I know you are back there. You know… you know why I did what I did. You know why I took away your opportunity. You know, don’t you? I gave you everything, Little Lady Lyne. I gave you the world. I gave you a way back into the wrestling world after all the mess you left in San Diego. I gave you the platform to get back onto the world stage. I gave you two Hybrid Championship reigns. I gave you the chance to become one of the biggest names in the sport once more. And I gave you the chance, I made you the offer of becoming the face of the Underground… And what did you do? You threw in back in my face for the loyalty of a brand that only wants to drain your name to fill their wallets.

The tron lights up to reveal that Magdalena is in fact in attendance, showing her backstage gazing upon the monitor. She looked like she was dressed for a funeral, her complexion pale as death itself and looking hauntingly beautiful, but tragic and distraught.

BOBBY B. BARABBAS: For the third time… you turned your back on me. For the third time you betrayed me. For the third time you gave up everything I ever gave you. The greatest of gifts. There will not be a fourth time. For long, long ago, we were closer than close. We were the darlings of the European wrestling scene. The Golden Couple. Nothing could touch us… And then you threw it all away.

Barabbas looks up at the screen, pointing an accusing finger up at the image of the Black Swan upon the screen. Mora herself only laughed harder and wilder.

BOBBY B. BARABBAS: For you see, before there was RISE, before that shambles of a green brand existed and the half assed, manufactured, straight off the conveyor mockeries claiming to be the students of Andreas Lasiewicz came. There were the Eagles. Sure, there are some that have proven their worth, the likes of Mitchell, TCB, Bianca, even Ashley who may hold some potential to be one of his… But not like the Eagles, the true students of the Morning Star. And I was the first, before even his dear, sweet sister… The woman who once loved me.

Barabbas then turned to Mora, kissing her passionately, much to the disgust of the audience.

BOBBY B. BARABBAS: But it’s not about that. I got an upgrade.

Mora wrapped her arms around Barabbas as she made cruel hand gestures towards the screen at Magdalena, the Pied Piper of Portland then continuing on with his less than merry tune.

BOBBY B. BARABBAS: I learned everything, more so than any of the others. In fact, I in turn became the one to guide the others, as I guided dear Little Lady Lyne. And everything I gave her, and everything I gave them was thrown right back in my face… This face, and my old face. All of them together casting me out like jealous rodents. All of them betraying me. ME. THE Isaac Bongartz… But with his death came life. The Life of Barabbas.

He then looked up at the screen, clearly taking pleasure in the fact that Magdalena was shedding tears on the screen, her hand covering her mouth as she shook her head.

BOBBY B. BARABBAS: I gave you life as well, Little Lady Lyne, didn’t I? I gave you the most precious life of them all. I gave you a Daughter.

Magdalena started to break upon the screen, taking a step back away from watching the footage, before she started crumbling under the weight of it all, a black river of tears streaming down her elfin face.

BOBBY B. BARABBAS: And even then… Even then you shunned her for years upon years as I searched for her… I gave you everything, Magdalena. I gave you the whole world and you betray me. Not once, not twice, but three times and…

Barabbas suddenly stops, seeing Magdalena turn and flee, unable to see and take anymore of his abuse, the crowd sympathising with her, as many hurled trash in the ring at the Underground power couple.

BOBBY B. BARABBAS: Look at her run. Look at her walk away like she has so many times before. Look at the woman you cheered, the woman I MADE you cheer. All of this was because of me. And if you--if you think I am done, if you think that Barabbas is through with you, you have ano--

Barabbas froze as he heard the music play, turning to the entrance way as his face began to go pale. Mora’s mouth dropped open as well, as she turned to Barabbas asking if this was some kind of joke, and even Ramsay unfolded his arms and turned back to Barabbas as he awaited instruction. There were loud “Holy Shit” chants breaking out amongst the crowd, and even the commentators dropped their headsets and were seen standing as they looked on towards the curtain. “Time”, the Instrumental Core Remix rang out loud and powerful, the classical theme with the modern twist blasting out, choirs of angels accompanying every note.

And then the roof almost came off of the place.

Stepping out onto the stage came the infamous greying figure, arms tense and a look of absolute hatred in his eyes. The fans roared as the man stepped out, in thick brown boots, torn jeans and a t-shirt bearing his family name and motto. He paused as he looked out towards the ring, breathing heavily with anger and fury painted on his grizzled and war torn face. The man. The Man…

Andreas Lasiewicz

The crowd continued their chants, in complete disbelief that the Thirteen Time World Champion was not only here, but out in front of them in a Subversion arena, his eyes set on his former student as he began marching his way down to the ring, clearly out her to defend his little sister’s name. Ramsay snarled and charged him, throwing clubbing blows at the Head Coach of RISE, but Andreas was in a wild fury, hammering away as the 6”8 behemoth was sent staggering back before he was planted into the barricade with authority. Mora looked at Barabbas, before she unexpectedly dove out of the ring at the oncoming Morning Star, but was swatted out of the air with the most vicious of Polish Hammers by the Krakow Native. The audience were on their feet, astounded that the multi time champion had carved his way through to Barabbas as if he was cutting a cake. He climbed onto the apron, staring at the Pied Piper, before stepping through the ropes, glaring at Barabbas with such an icy look that it could have stabbed him right through the heart. And just when it looked like they were going to come to blows…

Barabbas ran.

He sprinted out of the ring, grabbing the downed Mora as he did so, helping her up as he ordered, pleaded, begged Ramsay to go in after him. The shaken monster sprinted to the ring after the Polish Spirit, only to be booted in the midsection, then hoisted up into an Argentine Backbreaker position. The crowd were in awe at the display of strength as the near 300 pounder was lifted with relative ease before being drilled down into the mat with a Falling Reverse DDT, completing the Unforgettable Fire, his most famous of innovated moves. The crowd were on their feet chanting his name, as Andreas ripped open his shirt, demanding Barabbas to come back down to the ring, but the Pied Piper merely laughed in the face of fear, backing his way back up the curtain as he escaped with Mora. The audience were left in shock, the commentators still unable to say a word as the footage cut away to elsewhere.

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Deep within the bowels of the CenturyLink Center is a man who was told to be at tonight's show in spite of the fact he doesn't have a match and, more than anything else, he simply does not want to be here - no, instead Elijah Black is sat against a wall in a part of the arena so far away from anyone else he may as well not be here, and as he sits with his knees pulled up to his chest he bangs the back of his head against the wall behind him a couple of times while he thousand-yard stares as the opposite wall that's a couple of feet in front of him

A moment later and, knowing that a snooping camera crew has wandered into his vicinity, Elijah rolls his head to one side and gives fixes the camera crew with a look that is plain to understand: do not f**cking mess - a looks he holds in the camera's direction for a few seconds, without even blinking, before he slowly shakes his head and drags himself to his feet, walking away from the camera crew...that is until he pauses in his tracks and looks over his shoulder, and based on the look in his eye that we glimpse as he looks back, Black is in a particularly foul mood this evening

ELIJAH BLACK: I'll say my piece when I say my f**king piece. So f**k off.

Without saying another word Black continues to walk away in search of somewhere to have some peace and goddamn quiet, while the camera crew take the crushingly unsubtle hint and decide it's best to not try their luck by continuing to follow him

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The scene fades back out to ringside where Clara Martins was set to announce the next match.

CLARA MARTINS: Ladies and gentlemen the next match is thee main event!

Cheap pop.

CLARA MARTINS: And it is the first round of the Lethal Lotto!

Another cheap pop.

As the arena goes dark, the Knoxotron lights up with a panoramic view of the Miami Skyline.

Lights start strobing, as Beth Keaton makes her way out onto the stage. She looks around, appreciative of the ovation she's receiving from the HKW fans in attendance, before beginning her trek to the ring.

CLARA MARTINS: Introducing first...Making her way to the ring, hailing from Coconut Creek, Florida, this is Beth Keeaaatonnn!!!

Keeping a brisk but controlled pace, she zigs and zags, taking her time to high five as many fans as possible. She slides under the bottom rope once she reaches the ring, then pops up to her feet. After climbing the nearest turnbuckle, playing to the fans, she performs a backflip and lands on her feet. The lights come back on, and she takes her corner to await the start of the match.




EL CABRON MALO: What? You started it.

The opening chords of 'The Devil's Bleeding Crown' by Volbeat begins to play throughout the arena as The Crimson Baroness steps out from behind the curtain; her top hat is tipped forward, covering her eyes slightly as she poses, resting both hands on the head of her cane.

CLARA MARTINS: And her partner...Ladies and gentlemen, hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 124 pounds ... THE CRIMSON BARONESS!

The crowd immediately begin booing and jeering, letting The Baroness know exactly what they think of her. She begins her slow walk to the ring, shrugging off the hatred with a sense of nonchalance. She climbs up the ring steps, urging the referee to hold the ropes open for her before she steps in under the middle ropes; The Crimson Baroness removes her hat and places it delicately in the corner next to her cane before she waits for the match to begin.


WILLIAM BURKE: I have a feeling she's gonna be the reason this team fails in this tournament.

EL CABRON MALO: How dare you say such a thing!

WILLIAM BURKE: It’s the truth, Malo.

EL CABRON MALO: Far from it!

Strobe begins to flicker in tandem with the techno intro of "We’re in This Together Now" by Nine Inch Nails. The words begin the screech over the arena as Celeste makes her way out.

I've become impossible
holding on to when
when everything seemed to matter more
the two of us…all used and beaten up
watching fate as it flows down the path
we have chose…

She walks down the ramp with her focus on the ring ahead.

CLARA MARTINS: Hailing from Miami, Florida…weighing 117lbs…She is the HKW Bloodlust Champion….CELESTE!

After jumping up onto the apron she heads over to the nearest turnbuckle and climbs it. When the chorus hits, Celeste raises both arms up and out to take in the sounds of the crowd as she closes her eyes and tilts her head skyward.

you and me
we're in this together now
none of them can stop us now
we will make it through somehow
you and me
if the world should break in two
until the very end of me
until the very end of you

At the end of the chorus, Celeste hops into the ring from the turnbuckle and cracks her knuckles in preparation for the fight ahead while her theme fades out.

EL CABRON MALO: Now you wanna talk about being the reason a team not making it--

WILLIAM BURKE: Don’t you start.

EL CABRON MALO: Oh yes, how did could I forget? AYIYIYIYIYI!!!!

WILLIAM BURKE: Damnit Malo?!

The lights around the arena go dim as the sounds of a guitar riff begin to reverberate from the speakers around the building. On the screens above the entrance way flash highlights of Elijah Carlson’s tenure in 4CW, with emphasis on his match against Jair and his title defense against Scott Stevens at All or Nothing, as well as his debut in the HKW Golden Opportunity Rumble. As the video clips begin to play on, the vocals of Rise Against “From Heads Unworthy” begin.

”We are the children you reject and disregard
These aching cries come from the bottom of our hearts
You can't disown us now, we are your own flesh and blood
And we don't disappear just because your eyes are shut
Now tell me”

While the singer's voice drags on the final word of the opening verse, the stage is flooded with bright white lights as Elijah Carlson emerges from the backstage area wearing his usual trunks with his first name written across the back, a crown dotting the I, while a mixture of boo’s and cheers reigning down upon him. Paying little attention to the fans, Eli begins his walk down the ramp toward the ring as the lyrics to the song roll on.

”Love, loss
Like a bullet's path
Tear through
The cavity of my chest
Lights out
Because the fuse has blown”

CLARA MARTINS: Making his way to the ring standing six feet one inch tall and weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds… he is.... ELIJAH CCAARRLLSSOONN!!!

”As their castles crumble slowly
We watch them fall
Their crown slips from heads unworthy
As we gain control”

At the bottom of the ramp he looks to his left and spots a young kid reaching out to try and slap hands with him. Eli reaches out to slap hands with the kid only to pull away at the last second, laughing at him before turning his attention back to the ring. With ease he ascended the steel ring steps, stepping through the middle and top ropes. As he enters the ring he moves to the far turnbuckle and steps up to the middle rope as the chorus of boo’s once more erupt around the arena. Unphased by it, Eli points at his chest before hopping down back to the mat.

EL CABRON MALO: Stand up, Burke! Show some appreciation to this man!

WILLIAM BURKE: Um..I’m good thanks.

EL CABRON MALO: You’re worse than Jensen Banks bullying Eli!

WILLIAM BURKE: How the hell is he bullying Eli for doing his job!


WILLIAM BURKE: Yeah..They also said that he should suck it up.



Beth Keaton & The Crimson Baroness vs. Elijah Carlson & Celeste


After the bell rings both teams--no surprise here--argue over who was going to start the match.Beth steps out of the corner after making her point known that she was going to kick this match off. In the opposite corner Eli just places his hand in Celeste telling her to talk to the hand. Really? Okay, anyways. The referee already annoyed about dealing with these lethal lottery teams and knew there was more coming from this. Beth begins to yell out “WAAAHHHOOOOO” getting the crowd pumped up and behind her. Eli rolls his eyes and begins to circle around the ring sizing the former ITV Champion up. Beth skips around the ring mocking Eli as he side steps around the ring. The two lunge towards each other to test one another’s strength. Bad idea for Beth as Eli drives her back in the corner and shoves his elbow into her throat. The referee begins to count Eli down until he let go and allow for Beth to breathe. He made it all the way down to the count of five until Carlson threw up his hands acting as if he was innocent knowing damn well he was far from it. After taking a couple steps back Eli slaps the living hell out of Keaton! The crowd roars in boos and the referee gets all up in his face warning him not to do that again. Eli waves the referee off and walks back over to Beth. He began to hit her with striking combinations that target her vulnerable points. Eli then pulls her out of the corner and sends her flying across the ring with a Release Belly To Belly Suplex!

Eli stands up to his feet with a cocky smile as he watches Beth slowly get up to a knee. He then runs over and goes for a Running Calf Kick...NO! The WARHOUND rolls out of the ring dodging the maneuver. Eli hangs over the ropes telling her to get her ass back in the ring. He shakes his head and starts to get out of the and just standing on the ring apron demanding that Beth gets back in the ring and fight him. Beth looks up at him and grabs his leg out of nowhere causing the former 4CW Champion to fall on the apron and down on the ground. The fans pop as Beth stomps down a couple times before pulling him up to her feet. She hits a couple elbow strikes and tosses him back into the ring. Keaton rolls back in the ring and waits for Eli to get up. As he starts to get up to a knee Beth sprints over and hits a Running Swinging Neckbreaker! The crowd pops once again as Beth gets back up to her feet. As she goes over to bounce off the ropes her tag team partner The Crimson Baroness slaps her on the back as hard as she could to tag herself in!

EL CABRON MALO: That looked like it stung. But thank goodness for The Roja Baroness!

WILLIAM BURKE: What do you mean? She just about attacked her own partner!

EL CABRON MALO: Nothing wrong with switching things up to keep it fresh, Burke. Sounds like my sex life.

WILLIAM BURKE: I...I..I didn’t want to know that.

Beth turns to TCB angry about her tagging in even writhing in pain from that hard slap on her back. TCB rolls her eyes and steps into the ring telling her to shut up and watch her work. She brushes past Beth hitting her shoulder as she walks over to the recovering Carlson. TCB kicks him a couple times in the ribs before locking in a Fujiwara Armbar! Eli cries out in pain after the submission is locked in. For some reason he starts cussing out the referee asking why he let this happen to him. Weird. TCB applies more pressure on the hold and Eli starts to crawl over to the ropes. He was fingertips away until TCB let go and mounted herself on top of him to land some punches. She gets up now and starts calling out to the crowd making them boo her. She stops as she looks over at Celeste. She points over to the Bloodlust Championship saying she was going to take it away from her. Celeste dared her to try which just made TCB laugh. As TCB turned around Eli was seen getting back up to his feet. She sprints over to him going for a Scissors Kick but no! Eli was up in time to lift her up and throw her down with a hard Spinebuster! Eli holds his arm and gets back up to his feet backing up into the ropes.

Eli looks over to Celeste and rolls his eyes in annoyance when she offers her hand for a tag. He turns his back to her and goes over to TCB. He jumps up in the air and comes down with a Double Foot Stomp! Carlson reaches down and pulls TCB up to her feet only to Irish Whip her into his corner. Eli looks over to Celeste staring at her before tagging her in. The crowd pops as Eli flashes a fake smile before stepping out onto the apron. Celeste happily steps into the ring and begins to hit several knife edge chops. TCB stumbles out of the corner over to Celeste who then hits a Japanese Arm Drag! The crowd cheers for the Bloodlust Champion as she gets up to her feet

WILLIAM BURKE: Surprisingly Celeste and Elijah Carlson are working well together. A lot more than TCB and The Warhound.

EL CABRON MALO: Pssshhh, Eli just needs a breather. So Ms. Hardy Har Nipz can check in off the bench for a minute.

WILLIAM BURKE: If she’s such a bench player Malo, maybe you should try purging for the Bloodlust Championship again.

EL CABRON MALO: I thought we agreed not to talk about it.

Celeste waits for TCB to get back up to her feet. As she does Celeste runs over and hits a Slingblade! Celeste now goes for a pin.



Celeste gets up to her feet and steps back into the corner waiting for TCB to get back up to her feet so she could hit a Striking Spear….WHAT THE FUCK?!

Elijah Carlson got into the ring and sprinted over to the corner where Celeste was crouched and ready to explode out of to hit her with a Red Light Special (Sick Kick)!!! The crowd boos as Eli smirks and pins her. Knowing that this was a purge, the referee made the count.




Elijah rolls out of the ring and snatches away the HKW Bloodlust Championship from the crew worker who was holding on to it. Before he could gloat about being the new Bloodlust Champion, Chris Night is seen hopping over the barricade and charging toward Carlson?!


The fans pop as they watch Eli run and hop over the barricade into the crowd to get away from him. TCB stirring looks up to see Celeste knocked out. She shakes her head getting the cobwebs out and goes for the pin herself.




The referee calls for the bell reluctantly and TCB’s theme hits. Beth frowns as she gets in the ring looking over to Celeste wanting to check on her. TCB climbs up on the ropes taunting the crowd saying she was going to be the next Global Tag Team Champion as she show fades and goes to commercial break.

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“Feed The Wolf” by Breaking Benjamin blares throughout the arena as Levi Chambers makes his way out from the back, the audience popping huge for this! He raises the HKW Global championship high as his father makes his way out from the back as well. Levi puts an arm around his father’s shoulders before making it down to the ring.

WILLIAM BURKE: And as promised, we are about to be joined by our brand new HKW Global champion to end the show!

EL CABRON MALO: I watched that match, Billy. This guy busted his ass to get here. It’s just unfortunate Kol is going to take that title back next chance he gets!

Levi and his father both eventually make it down to the ring, the champion allowing his father to enter the ring before he enters it himself. Once both men are in the ring, Chambers asks for a mic and his music begins to fade away.

LEVI CHAMBERS: First things first....thank you!

The audience pops.

LEVI CHAMBERS: You guys believed in me when you had no reason to. When I went to war with Sophie El, you stood behind me, whether I was standing tall or laying bloodied. When I entered at an early number in the gauntlet, you believed that I could make it to the end. When I had to start off as one of the first two entrants in the chamber, you guys believed that I could survive until the end and hold this at the end of the night!

He raises his title high, getting another round of cheers.

LEVI CHAMBERS: So thank you, HKW Universe, for believing in me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Levi now begins pacing, raising up two fingers.

LEVI CHAMBERS: Secondly, I want to let you all know that as the HKW Global champion, title defenses are going to go a bit differently around here. No longer will you see someone bending the rules to help themselves retain this title. You will see a fighting champion that plays by the rules!

The audience cheers again.

LEVI CHAMBERS: And lastly, to the man who I’m sure will likely cash in his rematch clause soon....Kol.

Chambers moves towards the ropes and looks at one of the cameras.

LEVI CHAMBERS: When you do cash in that rematch clause....realize that I’m going to beat you....for the 3rd time.

He smiles before backing away and looking over at his father.

LEVI CHAMBERS: But tonight, I’d like to close out this show with family...and that’s why my father is out here tonight.

Levi’s dad then steps forward and asks for the mic, Levi handing it over to him.

MR. CHAMBERS: Thank you, son. First off, you didn’t have to invite me out here tonight. This is your moment and I’m glad that you have finally achieved this big accomplishment. But you deserve to be celebrating with not just only me, but all the family that’s close by. So....I decided to invite someone else to the party.

The audience then begins to boo as out from the back comes the RISE champion, Cedric Chambers. He’s dressed in street clothes, the RISE title around his waist as he makes his way down the ramp.

WILLIAM BURKE: Well, last time we heard, these two weren’t really on speaking terms!

EL CABRON MALO: I have it on good authority that it’s because Levi ate the last pudding cup!

Once Cedric enters the ring, he and Levi stare at one another....then walk towards one another before hugging each other to a huge pop! The two speak to each other away from the mic but you can visibly see Cedric say “I forgive you”. Mr. Chambers then raises both of his sons’ arms in the air to another round of cheers!

WILLIAM BURKE: This is wonderful! Hand me the tissues, Malo!

EL CABRON MALO: I already used them all. Don’t ask how or why, pendejo!

After this is finished, Levi grabs his mic again and turns his back on his family as he speaks to the audience.

LEVI CHAMBERS: You see, this is exa-

Before the Global champion can finish his statement, he drops the mic and falls to his knees as his own brother just caught him with a kick between the legs! The audience boos as the father of both men stares at Cedric in disbelief while the RISE champion stares at his brother with a sneer!

WILLIAM BURKE: What the hell, Cedric?!


The Quebec native then grabs his half brother and quickly lifts him up before planting him in the center of the ring with Plummet From The Sky (lifting double underhook piledriver)! The Global champion is out cold while the RISE champion stands tall.

WILLIAM BURKE: Why is he attacking his own brother?!


Cedric then drops down and screams at the unconscious Levi.


The younger Chambers then gets to his feet and looks over at his father before his father steps to him and asks him what the hell that was...only to get headbutted, dropping him to the mat and forcing him to bleed out of his nose! Cedric then proceeds to remove the title from around his waist and waits for his father to get back to his feet before he decks him with his title, laying his own father out!

WILLIAM BURKE: We might need security out here!

EL CABRON MALO: I think that was probably it, Burke.

Cedric spits on his knocked out father before setting the RISE championship down and grabbing a pair of handcuffs out. He grabs his brother and drags him by the nearest corner before proceeding to cuff his hands around the steel post! Levi is slowly coming to before he looks over at Cedric, who punches him once before grabbing his title and exiting the ring, leaving his brother handcuffed and his father out cold.

WILLIAM BURKE: What the hell just happened here tonight?!

EL CABRON MALO: I have no-

Before Malo can finish speaking, “Tear Away” hits the speakers and the audience begins to boo as Kol makes his way out and for the first time...a big smile is on his face. He and Cedric stare at each other as Cedric reaches the ramp....before the young man smiles and shakes the hand of his brother’s biggest rival!


EL CABRON MALO: Don’t have a heart attack there, Burke!

After Cedric disappears to the back, Kol makes his way down to the ring, grabbing a chair from ringside, then entering it before grabbing the mic Levi dropped and tapping it a few times as his theme fades out.

KOL: My, my, my. What an interesting night this has been. And what an interesting ending this show is going to have.

The smiling Kol looks over at his tied up opponent.

KOL: Before we get to giving Levi a choice, I’m going to answer the question through his mind. Yes, your brother agreed to come to this meeting because I told him to. Yes, I told him to attack you, because that is what he wanted to do. After all, you’ve been keeping some secrets from him for a long, long time and it was only fair he got to beat you up...and your stupid father too!

Levi is trying to break through the cuffs, but it’s no use, getting a laugh out of the former Global champion, who proceeds to get within inches of Chambers.

KOL: And yes, I told him to make sure you were restrained too for this, because it would only make this ultimatum easier. You see, at Divine Supremacy....you STOLE that HKW Global championship away from me!

The audience boos.

KOL: But tonight, I intend on righting a wrong. So you have one of two choices. You either speak very clearly onto this mic and you VERY CLEARLY state that you FORFEIT your HKW Global championship back to its rightful owner, Kol!

The audience boos even louder as Levi shakes his head.

KOL: OR....I put your father in the hospital with more than just a belt shot concussion.

Levi stares at Kol in disbelief, but just to show that he’s not bluffing, Kol drags him closer to Levi and lets him down onto the mat again, then puts a boot to his throat.

KOL: Levi, the choice is very simple here! If you’re a man who loves his family so much, you will do the right thing and GIVE ME MY CHAMPIONSHIP BACK! If you’re still the same piece of shit that I know you are...you’ll let your father suffer.

WILLIAM BURKE: Oh, this is disgusting!

EL CABRON MALO: Yeah, I cannot even defend this.

Chambers stares right at Kol, pure hatred in his eyes for the man threatening to hurt his father. However, before he give a response, his father begins saying something. Kol looks at Mr. Chambers, then speaks into the microphone again.

KOL: Looks like your father has something to say. Let’s see what wisdom ol’ dad has for his stupid son?

The former champion lowers the mic to Levi’s father’s lips, before he speaks into it with a strained voice.

MR. CHAMBERS: Say....no. Let this son of a bitch do whatever he wants....and beat his ass as soon as possible!

The audience pops from this as Kol rolls his eyes before he looks over at Levi, who seems to be nodding his head as he looks at his dad before looking over at Kol and screaming “no deal”!


EL CABRON MALO: This isn’t going to end well.

Kol looks at the two men before he finally speaks back.

KOL: Well, I guess you’ve made your choice....and you’ve left me with no choice!

He drops the mic and quickly yanks Levi’s dad up, hooking him up in a three quarter facelock as Levi screams at him to not do it...before another voice comes up over the mic. The voice of GM Jensen Banks!


Everyone’s head turns towards the ramp and the audience cheers as Jensen makes his way all the way down to ringside before stopping once Kol told him to not take another step.

JENSEN BANKS: Kol, you have done enough! Let go of Mr. Chambers right now and you might be able to not get suspended indefinitely!

Kol begins to weigh his options before he finally drops Mr. Chambers to the mat, getting a sigh of relief from the one-armed Jensen, his other arm in a sling. The New Yorker then grabs the mic he dropped and looks over at the Subversion GM.

KOL: You’re right about one thing, Jensen. If I do let him go right now, I might not be suspended....

A smirk then appears of his face.

KOL: But maybe I need the time off anyway!

Kol then drops the mic and quickly grabs Mr. Chambers again, Jensen yelling out “no” along with Levi before Kol proceeds to hit the Kol Kutter on Mr. Chambers, driving his head into the steel chair! Levi watches on in shock, while Jensen waves with his good arm for security to come down!


EL CABRON MALO: He just cost himself his rematch....and possibly his goddamn wrestling career.

The Buffalo born wrestler stands over Levi’s father as he stares right at Levi, telling him that he probably broke his neck. Chambers’ expression begins to change from shock to absolute hate as he stares at Kol, who slithers over to the Global championship lying on the ground. Kol then picks up the title and gets to his feet before he walks over to Levi and drops the title right next to him.


He begins cackling.

KOL: Have a good night, champ!

The Triple Crown winner then rolls out of the ring and begins to walk towards Jensen as security finally makes it down to the ring. Kol and Banks stare at one another before Jensen finally gets on the mic.

JENSEN BANKS: I’m so sick and tired of people thinking they can do whatever the hell they want! KOL.....YOU’RE SUSPENDED INDEFINITELY!

The audience pops as Jensen looks over at security.


Kol’s laughter begins getting even more maniacal as security grabs him and begins escorting him out while Banks slides in the ring and begins checking on Mr. Chambers, Levi fuming as he remains tied up.


EL CABRON MALO: What the hell does this suspension mean for the Global championship now, Billy?!

Kol continues to laugh as he and security stop at the sight of Sean Sands at the top of the ramp. The two men come within centimeters of one another before Kol, finally controlling his laughter, stares right at him.

KOL: What?! You got something to say?! Or does being retired mean you also gave up your balls like you gave up on your first marriage?!

Sean’s jaw clenches before he looks over at security and motions for them to get rid of Kol, who begins maniacally laughing again as he’s escorted to the back. Sands begins to make his way down to the ring as Jensen and medics check on Mr. Chambers while Levi is being freed from the cuffs by someone else.

WILLIAM BURKE: This may be the most disgraceful act I’ve ever seen end a show. A man’s father was put in jeopardy. A man who is over 50 years old was attacked and possibly had his damn neck broken by a maniac! Shame on Kol and shame of Cedric Chambers too! BOTH OF THEM! They’re both assholes!

EL CABRON MALO: Let’s just close the show out. I’m not in the mood to even crack any more jokes, pendejos. Good night, everyone.

You can hear two headsets being dropped as Malo and Burke both leave the commentary booth. William enters the ring to go and check on Mr. Chambers, who Levi is now right next to, while Malo stands outside the ring, letting out a huge sigh and a shake of the head.

The show comes to a close with Levi looking over at Sean and Jensen and letting one thing be known.

LEVI CHAMBERS: I’m going to kill him! Even if it’s the last thing I f***ing do! You hear me?! HE’S DEAD! DEAD!!!

We then fade out.

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