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Subversion 33 Aftermath
Topic Started: Feb 13 2018, 01:37 AM (104 Views)
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Catch up with the HKW superstars after SubVersion goes off the air only on Evolve! Watch as the action from SubVersion spews backstage after every show with comments from the HKW stars and officials. Maybe we'll even see a brawl break out!
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After Subversion had went off the air, their were three people in masks still seated in the stands. One with a Tiger Mask on, one with a black masks, and one in a white. The man in the white mask took the mask off revealing it was Paul Harris. He gave a smile to the camera while watching the ring being slowly torn down.

Paul Harris: I often wonder how easy it is to blend in here at HKW. To just become another one of the guys. To be nothing special at all, tonight as watched events unfold we found out just how easy it is. And just how heartless the HKW locker room is without us.

Paul sighs deeply his head drooping while he looks at the floor.

Paul Harris: I could sit here and tell you how incredibly talented everyone on this show was tonight. Watching the likes of Atwater versus XAD, tell you about the amazing contest in the lethal lottery tournament. I could bring up a ton of things that are on my mind. The reapers trying to reclaim their spot in HKW. All this is big news in hindsight, but what really gets to us. What really bugs the S.O.S is none of those things.

Sanskrit reaches up taking his dark black mask, revealing that it is actually him. Jackson Magnum leans back, running his hand over his scarred face.

Paul Harris: But you see, all of that is inconsequential in the long run. What truly matters is who you are as human beings. As we sat here tonight, we watched Levi Chamber’s father get assault. We watched Kol, take an older man and hit him with the Kol cutter. But what else did we see? We saw that not a single man came to Levi’s aid. Not a single woman, stood up for what was right. No one went after Kol, not a single soul. Sure he got suspended, but the rest of you were cool with an old man being assaulted in your arena.

Paul bites down on his lip hard almost tearing up.

Paul Harris: How can any of you claim to be decent human beings? We as members of the crowd tonight clearly couldn’t do anything. None of us belong to this show, not myself, not kyo, not Jackson. But the rest of you, where were you? Maybe the S.O.S is different from the rest of you. But we take care of our own, we try to be decent human beings, we do what we believe is right. The rest of you? You have no heart, no love of your fellow man, no guts whatsoever. No wonder every one of you wanted Jackson dead. He was the very soul of this place, he gave it a heart. He was someone the rest of you could be compared to. And it is hard to look in the mirror and realize that someone is not only better at this sport, not only better as an athlete, but just a better human being than the rest of you.

Paul stands up, shaking his head back and forth, Kyo still underneath the mask rises up.
Paul Harris: That must be difficult, but then again, it would difficult for most people to watch a man’s father get assaulted, and do nothing. But the rest of you did it with such ease. How very brave of you all. Yet, the Sanskrit hasn’t lost all hope, and nor has the S.O.S. We are trying to find redeeming qualities in any of you, but it is becoming clearer by the day that none of you have any. In time, the deity will judge you all. He will take from you all, and as the voice of the Sanskrit, I ask of you. No, I beg you all. Someone stand up for the righteous, for common decency, show your bravery and love of your fellow man. And do it soon, or you all will be judged. Hail the Sanskrit, long live the S.O.S .


Fear and Loathing Former

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SOS inc.

Paul Harris Manager-

Sanskrit (PPW Openweight Champion)
Brutus- (NKP Jr tag team champion, SCCW Champion, KW Showcase Champion)
Sons of Satan- (KW Commonwealth Cup Champions)
Sons of Sanskrit (J-R and Elijah Magnum)
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The Crimson Baroness

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Subversion cuts backstage to where a grinning Crimson Baroness can be seen strolling down the corridors. She seems content with the victory in tonight’s main event, no matter how tainted it may have been due to Elijah Carlson’s betrayal, her smile stretching from ear to ear as TCB knows she’s one step closer to once again becoming a champion here in HKW. Her journey, however, is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of Tiffany Jay.

TIFFANY JAY: Baroness! A big win for you and Bet--

But she’s cut off by TCB’s wagging finger; the former Bloodlust champion shakes her head as she starts talking.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: Don’t say her name, sweetie. I don’t need this moment to be ruined...

TIFFANY JAY: --ok. Well a big win for you and your partner tonight, but some might say you got lucky because of Eli Carlson.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: And they might be wrong, sweetie.

TIFFANY JAY: Or point out that you and Be--your partner weren’t exactly on the same page at all during that match.

TCB shrugs her shoulders, still smirking as she says.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: I can’t help it if she’s not on my level, sweetie. But we succeeded in spite of her, Celeste lost a title, and now I get to look forward to being called Dom Harter’s former cumbucket. What could possibly ruin a moment like this...

On cue, The Warhound enters, not at all amused at what her partner has had to say.

BETH KEATON: You know, I don’t get you Mrs. The Baroness. I said before all this that we needed to put our differences aside and you didn’t want to, but now you want to take all the credit.

She shakes her head, and TCB just looks off to one side with an unamused expression on her face.

BETH KEATON: I pinned you fair and square in that chamber, and you’re the one who attacked me after you were already eliminated, but you’re the one who’s been acting like you got screwed over. I didn’t want to make excuses, but this is getting ridiculous.

Beth points at her own chest.

BETH KEATON: I didn’t do the best job keeping my cool tonight either, we got lucky, I’m honest enough to admit that. But you really could do the both of us some good by realizing you were close to getting finished off after you tagged yourself in. Me saying that isn’t about which one of us gets to take credit, it’s about us not making the same mistakes again. I want to win this just as bad as you, but we have to start acting like more of a team whether we want to or not. I’m willing to give it another try, but I need to know if you will or you’ll keep focusing on all the wrong things. My word, I’m willing to try my best to do better, are you?

The Warhound actually seems earnest in wanting to find out what TCB will say in response, for some reason. The former Bloodlust champion steps forward, looking Beth up and down before she speaks again.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: Focus on the wrong things, sweetie? Willing to try your best if I am? Do you even know who you’re talking to?

She lurches forward, trying to intimidate Beth. But The Warhound stands her ground. Just about. The slightest waver in her disposition may just be her attempt to avoid conflict, but it’s enough to cause TCB to smirk once more.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: I always do my best, sweetie. Every time I step into that ring. It’s why we won tonight…

Beth doesn’t look impressed at the hollow boast of her tag team partner.

THE CRIMSON BARONESS: ...and it’s why we’re going to win on the next Subversion too. You just try and keep up, sweetie.

With that, TCB turns on her heel and stomps away, leaving an annoyed looking Warhound behind. Tiffany Jay looks uncomfortable, and slinks away from the scene as Beth is left behind glaring as her partner leaves.

Dom Harter
2017 Destiny Cup Winner
2x FGA World Champion
1x FGA Pride Champion
1x FGA Mid-Atlantic Legacy Champion
1x FGA World Tag Team Champion (The Murder w/Malcolm Drake)
1x Dynamic Duos Winner
2x Gold Rush Rumble Winner
2x SCW Global Champion
1x SCW Vegas Champion
1x SCW Heritage Champion
1x SCW World Tag Team Champion (Gore & Glory w/Brytain Rollins)
1x UWL Tag Team Champions (w/Alex Castellanos)
1x SCCW Heritage Tag Team Champions (w/Constance Monroe)
1x SCCW Barbaric Champion
1x PDW Bloodshed Champion
1x AAA Champion
1x HKW Bloodlust Champion

Annie Zellor
1x GFP Jr. Tag Team Champion (Small Boob Wrecking Crew w/ The Crimson Baroness)
1x NKP Grand Champion
2x NKP Tag Team Champion (Small Boob Wrecking Crew, The New Murder w/ Molly Reid)
1x Titan of Trios Winner 2016 (Whitest Girls You Know w/Molly Reid & Emily Carter)
1x SSWA Trios Champions (WGYK)
2x FGA World Tag Team Champion (#sparklebuddies w/Laurel Anne Hardy)
2x FGA Mid-Atlantic Legacy Champion
1x HKW No Limits Champion
2x WCS Tag Team Champion (1x Small Boob Wrecking Crew, 1x Starbucks Wrecking Crew w/ Tyberius King)
1x SAP International Tag Team Champion (Small Boob Wrecking Crew)
1x AAA Champion

The Crimson Baroness
1x GFP Jr. Tag Team Champion (Small Boob Wrecking Crew w/ Annie Zellor)
1x NKP Tag Team Champion (Small Boob Wrecking Crew)
Winner of 2016 GFP Deathmatch Elimination Match
1x RISE Champion
1x LDFC Carolinas Cup Holder
1x LDFC Apex Tag Team Champion
2x HKW Bloodlust Champion
1x WCS Tag Team Champion (Small Boob Wrecking Crew)
1x SAP International Tag Team Champion (Small Boob Wrecking Crew)
2017 Defiance Speciality Wrestler of the Midyear
2017 Defiance Champion of the Midyear

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