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This section contains everything you need to know about the society of the undead and the city itself. A recommended reading, specially if you're new to Vampire: The Masquerade.
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North Chicago

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Far North Side
A little more sedate than Northeast Side. It acts as a social and economic barrier between the high-priced lifestyles of the neighborhoods there, and the poorer places. It has a significant oriental population, many of whom moved there from old chinatown - A home in Lakeview is a sign of achievement for residents of Old Chinatown. The farthets up the north one goes, the easier it is to see the social strata break down. A staggeringly large number of the city's poor and destitute make their home there. Because of the Lakefront property, however, the area also attracts the well-to-do, and sometimes the opposite ends of the scale lie within blocks of each other. These neighborhoods serve as a feeding ground for the Kindred of Northen Chicago. The poor neighborhoods breed violence among both Kindred and kine. Domestic violence is high in some places - among the worst in Chicago. Most Cainites believe that the mortals here do not need an excuse to attack each other - and since they are going to kill each other anyway, the Kindred might as well make some use of their Vitae.
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Northwest Side
A quiet zone with abundant green areas and historical houses toward Irving Park, Old Irving and Forest Glen. In the Jefferson Park, Norwood Park, Edison Park, Edgebrook, Dunning and Portage Park we will find also little old theatres that are still active, with a special charm, besides of enjoying different artistic festivals on a yearly basis. This region isn't very populated, and night life is centered around little beacons of leisure. In this district are include two Polish neighborhoods that remain on the sidelines with the rest of the neighborhoods without provoking significant frictions. None of the most important buildings of the city are here, no historical fact of interest happened here, the only thing this area has to offer are the small and quiet treasures than the habitants are used to keep for themselves: Little Italian restaurants, good local shops, genuine American hotdogs, and the under-appreciated experience of walking inside a little fragment of Poland, instead of walking down towards the over-esteemed Chinatown. It's a good place to enjoy of the small things and keep a low profile.
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Northeast Side
A mixture of styles, it possesses several up-and-coming areas with upper-middle-class residences, young, affluent and fashionable. Many anarchs come to such places to feed, for no one would notice the presence of a Vampire in the crowd of blood dolls and gothics. Other parts have been compared to San Francisco, both because of its diverse mixture of nationalities, and because of it's large gay community.
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Regular Forum Near North Side
The area that is considered The Rack in Chicago center primarily on Rush Street. Within these six or eight streets, over a hundred different bars, clubs, and restaurants are spread out. This variety makes the Rush Street area the most popular night spot in the city despite its dangerous atmosphere. Further to the west, in the Old Town area, the pimps, drug dealers, and gangs have sensed fresh prey. People are flocking again towards the new clubs opening in the Old Town Triangle area, and so are those who see them as prey. Overall, the Rush Street neighborhood is a very rough place. The singles are just a little more desperate, the hookers just a little more brazen, and the regulars just a little more weird. There are a large number of transvestites, punks and blood dolls found here. Gangs walk the streets with impunity and the bands tend more to punk than Jazz or Blues. Most outsiders just laugh at the swaggering punks and claim the gangs are part of what gives the area its atmosphere.
More information on the Blue Velvet Jul 13 2015, 07:01 PM, By Red Moon
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Subforums: The Cave, The Succubus Club, The Blue Velvet

Central and West Chicago

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Central Chicago
Typical in the USA, poverty and stunning splendor coexist within mere streets of distance. The loop is near the South of Chicago and is the most known and magnificent place of the city. It has everything, even a beach. This, after Manhattan, is the second most important zone of commerce and business in the United States. From the Home Insurance Building, considered the first skyscraper, to the Willis Tower -the highest in the United States- the Loop can write its history in the verticality of the walls of its buildings. From the current ones, and those still in stages of design, development and construction. The name "The Loop" appeared more specifically to describe a little section of Chicago's Downtown traversed by the elevated tram, also known as "the elevated", its circuit goes through the Lake Street in the North, Wabash Avenue in the East, street Van Buren in the South, and Wells Street at the West. The elevated has connections to all lines of subways and electrical trains in the area of Chicago. As if this wasn't enough, this zone has the best museums and green areas, such as the Park Grant, that regularly hosts festivals of music in the open.
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) West Side
An area of black majority which began its fascinating history as a crucible of cultures, when in the 19 century it opened there the first house to receive European immigrants. The main beneficiated were the Greeks, Czechs and Italians, whose businesses and homes soon began to flourish around this foundation. Together but never mingled, each one of these groups of immigrants made their own neighborhood, giving origin to the current neighborhoods of West Side Currently the main commercial areas of the zone match with the old ones that were focused here (Little Italy, Greek District and Maxwel Street) The Greek Neighborhood only remains Greek in name; the Greek population was assimilated quickly, most achieved an accommodated economical sphere and mixed with the rest of the population emigrating towards richer areas. The population of the Greek Neighborhood is not distinguished by anything from that of the rest of the city. Its houses and shops have no particularity. The Italians were notably harder to assimilate than the Greeks; maybe because of that Little Italy still maintains its authentic touch. The neighborhood is curdled of commercial activity, pizza shops, people who talk too much and flags of Italy on the balconies. The neighborhood of Pilsen is the biggest and most poor area. It was funded by Czechs immigrants. The presence of Americans with Czech origin in Pilsen is still high; however, an immense amount of the population is now black, followed closely by a growing Mexican population. Pilsen is also known by street art.
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Subforums: Little Italy, Greek Neighborhood, Pilsen

South Chicago

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Southwest Side
One of the subdivisions of the South district, formed mainly by the annexation of small cities to the great orb of Chicago in the 89. The Southwest includes almost all the territory to the South of the River Chicago, except the Loop. It is an industrial and residential area, with the major percentage of unifamiliar homes in the city. This place hosts a great ethnical variety, in which african-americans and latins discretely stand out. Besides its reputation of being a depressed area with a high crime rate, the reality of Southwest is more diverse. The population varies; from the so called "Blue collars" (impoverished workers, dedicated to manual labor of low qualification, normally in adjacent industries) that populate the neighborhoods of Armor Square, Back of the Yards, Bridgeport and Pullman, to the small concentration of middle-high class that inhabits Jackson Park Highland District, Kenwood.
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Subforums: The Levee
Regular Forum South Side
The most violent and poor part of Chicago, the crib of the biggest gangs in the city in activity, with possible ramifications in almost all the cities of the state. Few remember now the native Americans that originally settled in the south shore of the lake. The huge majority of the population is african-american, although currently there is a growing number of Mexican immigrants. This region has suffered continuous racist attacks from supremacist groups to immigrants or, more frequently, from ethnical groups assimilated in the city against newly arrived groups.
He who sows winds [All Sabbat] Jan 18 2015, 05:44 PM, By Frank Bowen
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Far Southwest Side
Yesteryear poor, now middle class The Far Southwest Side is one of the main touristic attractive of the city. In this place is found most of the Irish community. The authentic Irish pubs, and not those commercial imitations, are in this district. This district even counts a reproduction of an Irish castle. The Far Southwest side celebrates the biggest parade for the day of Saint Patrick in the USA, and the second one biggest in the world (Just behind Dublin's parade) Cultural life in the neighborhood remains very active thanks to a little centre of modern art, the Beverly Arts Center.
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Far Southeast Side
A huge residential portion of Chicago for those of middle-high class, and almost a city bedroom, with two attractions for tourists: The modernist architecture and the historical district of Pullman. It was a working neighborhood created, officially, with good intentions towards the newborn railroad, and afterwards became the main epicenter of socialist activity in Chicago. Currently the real workers have moved away and the city has passed on to the hands of middle class white people, attracted by the beautiful natural environment and modernist architecture. It's one of the less populated districts of Chicago, and so removed from the Metropolis than it sees itself as one big, quiet, and almost independent, post-industrial city that has lost almost all its character.
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Windy City

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Wires and numbers
Forum for calls, e-mails or letters your character might do, send, or recieve.
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