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The Free Camera; for the PC notes
Topic Started: Jun 23 2010, 08:51 PM (992 Views)
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I decided to investigate the free camera for KotOR II, if it exists on the PC version. So far I've found nothing, but my search continues. However, here's what I've found so far. I've e-mailed and asked the following:

* Digital Foundry (who worked with Prima Games on the DvD guide).
* Prima Games
* Chris Jones, the CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Obsidian Entertainment.


"Wow, that's a blast from the past.

Basically the guide author, David Hodgson went to the developer and took the footage directly. He had direct access to debug builds of the game.

Yes, I remember that guide fairly well. It had plenty of exclusive voiceover taken directly for the guide. All we really did at DF was to assemble each video to David's guidelines, attach the voiceover and then put it all together in the DVD authoring system. Getting approval from the developer and publisher and David himself was the real problem in terms of time.

I seem to recall that the amount of menus and what-have- you was pretty insane. There was also a menu-driven easter egg or two, but I'm sure you probably know more about them than I can remember (which is next to nothing). I do recall doing some quite creative coding to hide the easter eggs so people with PC player software couldn't find them so easily.

We did a few of these guides: I remember doing God of War, JakX and The Getaway: Black Monday. Crazy menu systems, stupidly large amounts of video... we were very creative in the compression scheme in order to make it all fit onto a single layer DVD.

The DVD experiment didn't last long, alas. The cost of the DVD was about the same as the cost of the book in terms of basic production costs (paying DF for editing, authoring, paying the voiceover man etc) and Prima are nothing if not cheap. But we put our hearts and souls into those guides and I'm still quite proud of them.

They'd be quite good to do as iPhone/iPad downloads but again, I'm not sure Prima would want to sink that much cash in to be honest.


Unfortunately, I'm not sure what I have will help you much. This title was created years ago, and I asked people who worked directly on this. They just can't remember exactly what was done. We generally have multiple people who may do portions of the tech elements, including the Project Manager, the author, the editor, design and sometimes the licensor supplies us.

What I can tell you, generally, is that Prima Games has some very special equipment that allows us to access the game build and take images and process the game in a very early state of production. We have debug units that allow us to access problematic early game builds and dig deeper into the build of the games normal information. We also use multiple builds from early ALPHAs to middle level Betas to the final GOLD versions, and some of the elements may appear differently along the production phases.

Our equipment here has been in change often, we try to get better options, including now shooting some of our Video via High Def screens. However, we have some of these sent to us from the licensors or from outside Authoring sources sometimes, which may not be as good a quality, or in the case of items from production, their quality may be better than what we can do here, since it comes direct from Source.


It's been too long for me to remember how this worked. A quick glance through the code shows a lot of stuff going on with freelook on the PC, but I honestly do not remember how you would enable it and exactly how it worked.



So for all you newbies it means the free camera is almost as good as dead for KotOR II, but I won't give up... yet. Prima Games and Digital Foundry, mostly Prima Games, confirm that they used special equipment, and special builds (Alpha and Beta) to do their DvD guide for KotOR II.

Meanwhile, Obsidian themselves say that there's much going on, maybe mess - as it's buggy in the game (xbox version). If it's available for the PC it's probably going to behave the same as the Xbox one does (you can only zoom in/out above your head).
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Darth Varkor

Edit from Sith Holocron: snipped quote as it wasn't relevant to your response.

Well, good luck! Searching it would be sure handy to get our hands on that free camera.
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JC Edit: Removed for being off topic. Please actually read the topic before posting in the future.
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is this mod has finally been realised for K1 and K2 ?
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If the free camera tweak is still available in the PC version we have not found it, nor any way to activate it... It applies to both games. I also doubt it's in the Mac version.

It was probably rendered useless as they started to get the final PC version ready and they didn't care to fix it as it wasn't necessary. The digital guide people used it before it broke down or something...

However, the free camera is working for the Xbox versions. It's just screwy for Kotor2.
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Sith Holocron
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Feb 25 2012, 07:00 PM
It's just screwy for Kotor2.

Might I suggest posting a video so we can visualize how it is screwy?
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