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Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan
Topic Started: Mar 13 2012, 11:10 PM (556 Views)
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There has been lots of confusion, arguments, and anger about the the Revan book, as well as The Old Republic game. Some people like them, and some hate them. Many are hurt by what they believe to be a contradiction of everything the KOTOR games built up to. Well don't worry, I'm here to bring help. I am here to bring you a review on the book Revan and later on The Old Republic. Let's begin, shall we?

WARNING: This review contains MAJOR spoilers regarding the Revan book. You have been warned.

1. The Story
So the book is split into 2 parts, and while the Exile (Now named Meetra Surik) has a large role in part to, the book is really about 2 other characters: Revan, and a Sith pureblood named Darth Scourge. Revan is having more and more of his memories return, and he is seeing visions of a dark planet covered by eternal storms. If you've played the Old Republic, you'll know this is Dromund Kaas. The first part of the book I actually really enjoyed. It showed how Revan was a bit of an outsider to the Jedi. He was married to Bastila, and he has views that greatly differ from those of the Order. It shows how some Jedi respect him as the savior of the galaxy, but others fear him because of his role as a Sith. Revan doesn't even fully trust himself or the Jedi. Eventually he decides to leave and go to a planet Nathema to find out what his dreams mean, just as Bastila reveals she is pregnant, and thus cannot travel with him. Here we have our fist mistake. He leaves Bastila out of concern for his son, not so much for her. Anyway, several times in part one, it switches over to Darth Scourge's story. He is a Sith who obviously has great distastes for the Sith Emperor, who plans to invade the Republic, and likely bring about the fall of the Sith Empire which has been hiding since the end of the Great Hyperspace war. While serving his new master, he ends up finding and capturing Revan on Nathema. T3 escapes with the Ebon Hawk but is pursued by sith ships (the same ones that suposedly attacked it shortly before KOTOR 2 begins). Then Part 2 picks up after KOTOR 2. Meetra(remember this is the exile) ends up getting sent by Bastila to look for Revan. Here there is a sort of “love-triangle” hinted at, since Bastila seems jealous, T3 helped Meetra fight Nihilus and Kreia, and not find her like she ordered him. She also is upset that Revan seemed to trust Meetra over her. But Meetra still does as Bastila asks, and ends up on Dromund Kaas. Here, she persuades Scorge to free Revan and the three of them attempt to kill the emperor. Bu slowly, we see Revan begin to fall to the dark side, as he only thought seems to be on killing the Emperor. Meetra does not voice her concern, however. In the fight, T3 dies, Scourge, who has visions of the Jedi Knight in The Old Republic defeating the Emperor, stabs Meetra in the back, killing her. Revan is captured again, and a mental war between Revan and the Emperor begins. Eventually, Revan is able to place doubts in the emperors mind, and stops the Sith invasion for 300 years.

2. Good and Bad
I really liked the first half of the book, and hoe they presented Revan. But when we got to the second half, the whole story of Revan went down hill, until it ends in one of the worst ways possible. Meetra no longer seems to have any significance other than she used to be one of Revan's generals. In fact if KOTOR 2 never happened, it really would have almost no impact on the book. So the messed up Meetra. Another thing is that in the Old Republic, not every one in the Sith Empire is completely evil. In the book, only the slaves arn't evil. Also, Revan goes from being the balanced character who supposedly became Sith to protect the galaxy from the Sith Empire, to a messed up Jedi who falls to the dark side as soon as he takes a look at his old mask. Apart from these two the other characters seemed pretty solid. Canderous and Bastila feel like the characters we used to know. Atris is still struggles with emotions and is very spiteful of Revan and Meetra. The problem is that Revan and Meetra are so central to the story, that messing them up brought the whole thing to a painful crash.

3. The Verdict
So in the end, although it's structured well, Revan did not live up any where near to the expectations of the KOTOR fans. It changed the very purpose of the central characters and had a very anti-climactic, very poorly done ending that was only amplified in the Old Republic. If you are not a fan of the KOTOR games you may enjoy this book. But if you are, you will not. Painful, but true. Final Verdict: 4/10.

My review on the Old Republic will come soon enough.
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There's already a topic for it, and this is the wrong forum anyway. Locked.
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