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Very Serious Work Related Site
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Hot Topic I am beyond mortified. I just died & my ghost is writing this.
Don't stop at your neighbors house unannounced!
Charlicksalot 37 1,329
Today, 7:29 PM
Last Post By: Ellinida
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Am I being a twat?
Roor 70 1,948
Today, 7:11 PM
Last Post By: Roor
Regular Ah, quiet...
wife-nurse-n-momof3 5 459
Today, 7:01 PM
Last Post By: SafeT
Regular My new carol
You may sing along.
BlueBox 10 247
Today, 6:00 PM
Last Post By: Lady Wolf
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Adults, Locals, or Just Me?
Making Plans
akdevs 54 1,137
Today, 5:06 PM
Last Post By: backpacker365
Hot Topic Free Drinks
BeerNutz 6,300 50,852
Today, 4:53 PM
Last Post By: Stimpy
Hot Topic Frustrated with my dad
small update
SweetMisery 33 1,507
Today, 4:21 PM
Last Post By: Kangaroo Poo
Regular Jingle!
Excellent Flashmob
Nautilus 8 191
Today, 3:47 PM
Last Post By: Bets
Regular Has anyone ever sold used textbooks?
Scooby 18 290
Today, 3:22 PM
Last Post By: notstillme
Regular Random cooking question
clownface 10 200
Today, 2:48 PM
Last Post By: GCGirl
Regular I got my SS box!
oh no, reindeer gonna poop on my head!
FrootLoop 16 363
Today, 2:42 PM
Last Post By: FrootLoop
Regular A peep has been holding out on us
I found your love child with Vlad
loomatic 1 224
Today, 2:40 PM
Last Post By: FrootLoop
Regular Genetic study reveals surprising ancestry of many Americans
Used data from 400,000 23andme genomes
Lori1961 20 709
Today, 2:17 PM
Last Post By: Scrathack
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Friday Funnies
loomatic 101 2,637
Today, 1:41 PM
Last Post By: MrsPott
Hot Topic Well I may have started a FB fight.
Cary On 33 965
Today, 1:03 PM
Last Post By: Ellinida
Regular Cold cut platters
What is your version?
catwoman708 17 451
Today, 1:02 PM
Last Post By: catwoman708
Regular Anyone done Rusty Wallace driving experience
bballmom 22 359
Today, 1:01 PM
Last Post By: Auntie Aunt
Hot Topic Rest in peace Grumpy Old Man
Bridge is gone
yamahanessa 32 735
Today, 12:03 PM
Last Post By: yamahanessa
Regular To the Wonderful Chocoholic
Who sent me wonderful chocolate
tarynwithat 2 86
Today, 11:37 AM
Last Post By: Chocoholic
Regular It's the little things, that stress me out at Christmas
kittykathy 8 338
Today, 11:36 AM
Last Post By: candygirl11
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Things you wish you knew how to do
Silly stuff
Elephino 61 1,041
Today, 11:09 AM
Last Post By: Elephino
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The Truth!
Oh My Stars 201 2,807
Today, 10:46 AM
Last Post By: Allycat
Regular Feeling the love
Angel Farts 2.0 6 452
Today, 9:44 AM
Last Post By: Lady Wolf
Regular My SS Is Awesome!
Faedra 8 306
Today, 7:57 AM
Last Post By: Avalanche
Regular Digital Media
Commercial delivery methods
LapisLazuli 3 97
Today, 12:53 AM
Last Post By: LapisLazuli
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