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Very Serious Work Related Site

Regular Forum The Conch Shell
All things political
National Security Adviser McMaster Out Today, 6:23 PM, By Walternate
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Very Serious Work Related Site
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Hot Topic Another school shooting.
greenbean 34 1,053
Today, 3:33 PM
Last Post By: OR rainy
Hot Topic
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Hockey Talk!
Stimpy 658 14,580
Today, 3:12 PM
Last Post By: jeni_4
Regular Experience and Hints Welcome
arthroscopic surgery
just hanging around 23 486
Today, 3:05 PM
Last Post By: jeni_4
Hot Topic Anyone here use the sleep tracker on their AppleWatch, Garmin, Fitbit, etc?
Kitty Kat Mom 2.0 29 416
Today, 2:22 PM
Last Post By: RitaK
Hot Topic How do you post pictures from your phone?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 45 563
Today, 2:02 PM
Last Post By: DarlingDewey
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Poll: S/O Bras: how many matching pairs of underwear?
Gaping Maw 63 775
Today, 12:47 PM
Last Post By: soxgirl
Regular I Won an Instant Pot!
Raging Thespian 21 426
Today, 11:35 AM
Last Post By: Time Lord
Regular Wedding Vent
Fitzchivalry 4 435
Today, 10:31 AM
Last Post By: velma88
Regular things that make you go hmmmmm!
TAZ 26 1,165
Today, 10:28 AM
Last Post By: velma88
Regular Need movie help fast! Suitable for 5th grade... g or very light pg rated ideas
velma88 14 257
Today, 9:38 AM
Last Post By: velma88
Hot Topic One Week in the US Healthcare System
Everything that's wrong in one week
jeni_4 30 1,259
Today, 9:31 AM
Last Post By: jeni_4
Regular s/o of the furniture showcase thread
my tastes are bigger than my pocketbook
Millicat 3 212
Today, 8:56 AM
Last Post By: Walternate
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Fort Blanket 2.0
Trying to get away from the pop-up
CraftyK 2,437 55,432
Today, 8:46 AM
Last Post By: Lady Wolf
Regular iluvsuomi1989 - Drop everything and buy it!
The Ordinary Peeling Solution
Terabethia 16 848
Today, 12:40 AM
Last Post By: Walternate
Hot Topic Carolyn Hax: jilted bride, put out relatives
I thought id heard all the wedding drama under the sun...
Ladybugging 30 1,338
Yesterday, 10:17 PM
Last Post By: Stimpy
Regular Toys R Us founder Charles Lazarus dies at 94
Terabethia 1 155
Yesterday, 10:17 PM
Last Post By: TulipWorthy
Regular TVs
What is it that I DON'T want?
Millicat 3 190
Yesterday, 9:32 PM
Last Post By: Millicat
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Updates - Farm pics added 1/11
Bunny video added post #251
CraftyK 260 10,092
Yesterday, 9:23 PM
Last Post By: Terabethia
Hot Topic Thursday AKA Pre-Friday
UFS.2 32 376
Yesterday, 8:25 PM
Last Post By: Designing Craft Maven
Regular My girlfriend of 3.5 years is spending vast amounts of money on dog pshychics.
From reddit
shantroy 22 779
Yesterday, 8:00 PM
Last Post By: Kanye West
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Let's brag about our children/pets
allycat 103 2,167
Yesterday, 7:50 PM
Last Post By: Sew Birdy
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2018 Book Thread
What is everyone reading?
Pebs 279 4,707
Yesterday, 7:29 PM
Last Post By: LapisLazuli
Regular Crazy Plant Ladies
Gaping Maw 2 241
Yesterday, 6:00 PM
Last Post By: TulipWorthy
Regular Thursday Vent
Feel free to join in!
Nikki 11 402
Yesterday, 4:58 PM
Last Post By: blkcat
Regular Amazon sale
20% off today only on Alexa-enabled products
FlutieCutie 0 66
Yesterday, 3:56 PM
Last Post By: FlutieCutie
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