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Very Serious Work Related Site
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Regular To my Mafia Peeps
AquarianGrandma 17 312
Yesterday, 11:26 PM
Last Post By: majjic
Hot Topic This morning
Allycat 33 864
Yesterday, 10:17 PM
Last Post By: jmfeldmann
Regular O.m.g.
wife-nurse-n-momof3 11 845
Yesterday, 9:39 PM
Last Post By: just hanging around
Regular Jury Duty
GuyIncognito 10 283
Yesterday, 9:22 PM
Last Post By: catwoman708
Regular #keepinitreal
Because I know you all love hashtags. :-)
Windy 8 352
Yesterday, 9:04 PM
Last Post By: Allycat
Regular This is the best thing I have ever seen.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 1 254
Yesterday, 9:00 PM
Last Post By: Allycat
Regular I need help with applying for a job
Calling out accounting peeps in particular
Raspberry Cheesecake 9 312
Yesterday, 8:39 PM
Last Post By: Allycat
Hot Topic Thinking of starting a business
Not sure...just tossing around ideas...
amazing1234 41 746
Yesterday, 8:36 PM
Last Post By: Potatochiplady
Hot Topic
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Need advice about our exchange student
Chutes Away 67 1,735
Yesterday, 8:00 PM
Last Post By: bballmom
Regular Registries
backpacker365 9 199
Yesterday, 7:59 PM
Last Post By: F5x of God
Regular Dragon Voice Recognition software
questions about it
alice underground 18 230
Yesterday, 7:41 PM
Last Post By: Mysti Fogg
Regular Very sweet video
hockey player helps fatherless kids
BlackOut 1 56
Yesterday, 7:13 PM
Last Post By: mamahutch
Regular Thursday Birthdays!
Danny Girl 8 31
Yesterday, 7:05 PM
Last Post By: Bets
Regular Fryer grease laundry help
I stink!
FWIFE 6 201
Yesterday, 6:18 PM
Last Post By: FWIFE
Regular More Progress!
Mamabear2four 0 182
Yesterday, 5:51 PM
Last Post By: Mamabear2four
Hot Topic
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He just doesn't get it
sort of spinoff on the thin privilege
Karaokemama 77 1,647
Yesterday, 5:35 PM
Last Post By: Karaokemama
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My Purple Hair! DRAMA FREE!
Terabethia 57 1,374
Yesterday, 5:23 PM
Last Post By: BrightEyez
Regular Aqua, did you get a new car?!?!
Cary On 4 347
Yesterday, 5:18 PM
Last Post By: ACK
Regular This is getting out of hand!
Calling cat fosters
3rd Times a Charm 15 444
Yesterday, 4:50 PM
Last Post By: 3rd Times a Charm
Locked Ask someone with a chronic illness
Ask Away
a1guitarist 1 101
Yesterday, 4:26 PM
Last Post By: Aqua
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Do we have any peeps in Ottawa?
Shots reported fired in Parliament
loomatic 58 879
Yesterday, 4:24 PM
Last Post By: Mukta
Regular insert many many swear words here
vent, rage,
speducator 22 972
Yesterday, 4:13 PM
Last Post By: DaniCalifornia
Regular Lesbian marriage/ wedding question
The REAL problem with gay marriage.
Koalabella 14 385
Yesterday, 4:10 PM
Last Post By: Ettiquack
Regular Waitresses are people!
just a vent...
DarlingDewey 19 611
Yesterday, 3:47 PM
Last Post By: KattyKatzz
Regular Bean brought me a gift!
reptiles involved
wife-nurse-n-momof3 15 330
Yesterday, 2:42 PM
Last Post By: bumble
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